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3 1833 01276 7213 


A Quarterly Magazine of Genealogical, Antiquarian, 
Topographical, and Heraldic Research. 



Of the Middle Temple, Barritter-at-Law. 







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The thoughts of Englishmen, and indeed of all the sons 
and daughters of the British Empire, have been occupied 
during this year with the present and the future rather 
than the past, and as The Genealogist deals only with 
the past this volume is likely to be consulted in quieter 
and, we have good reason to hope, in happier times 
than when the articles comprised in it were penned. The 
task of editing an antiquarian magazine during the greatest 
war known to history has not been an easy one, but 
my labours have been lightened by the kind assistance of 
many tried and valued friends, and 1 trust that their help 
may be continued in the year which is before us, and 
that other genealogists who can spare the time will do 
their utmost to maintain the reputation of The Genealogist. 

Mr. W. H. B. Bird, in his article ou Osbert the Sheriff, 
has with much success carried down the descendants of a 
Domesday tenant to the middle of the fourteenth century, 
and incidentally raises questions of some complexity which 
will in the future be sure to attract attention. I desire 
to express my thanks to Mr. J. Paul Kylands for the 
interesting old Pedigree Rolls which he has contributed, 
and for the Mardale Inscriptions. Mr. Bower Marsh's short 
paper on the Admission Register of the Freemen of London 
will interest all students of the City Records. Mr. Herbert 
Campbell, who is engaged in military duties, has been 
obliged to suspend for the present his series of articles 
on the Campbells of Duntroon. Mr. Reginald Boucher, 
notwithstanding that he is much occupied in war service, 
has most kindly undertaken to continue the Salisbury 
Marriage Licences, which, owing to absence from England, 

Mr. Nevill has been obliged to abandon. My grateful 
thanks are also due to Mr. W. F. Carter, who has promised 
to compile the Index to the second volume of Mr. 
Gleucross' transcript of Administrations in the Prerogative 
Court of Canterbury. 

The frontispiece to this volume is a reproduction of a 
fine portrait, in the possession of the College of Arms, of 
Sir John Dugdale, the eldest son of the famous herald 
and antiquary. Sir John, who was born 1 June 1630, was 
appointed Windsor Herald in 1675 and Norroy in 1666, in 
which year he was knighted. On 8 December 1684 he was 
Deputy Garter to his father, and again at the Coronation 
of James II. He died at his house in Coventry, 31 August, 
and was buried at Shustoke, co. Warwick, 4 September 
1700. The portrait shows him wearing the badge of Norroy 
and in the right-hand corner are the arms of Norroy 
impaled with those of Dugdale ; it must therefore have been 
painted between 1686-1700. 



G7 3$48 


Osbert the Sheriff. By W. H. B. Bikd . . 1, 73, 153, 227 

A Pedigree Roll of the Family of Danyors, alias Danyell, of the 

County of Chester. Contributed by J. Paul Rylands, F.S.A. . . 7 

Further Notes on the Campbells of Duntroon. By Herbert Camfbell 20,91 

Dugdale's Visitation of Yorkshire, with Additions. Edited by J. W. 

Clay, F.S.A. .. .. 31, 102, 176, 246 

Extracts from Register of Deaths at the Cape of Good Hope, 

1816-1826. Contributed by C. Graham Botha .. .. 47 

Extracts from a Seventeenth Century Note Book. Contributed by 

Keith W. Murray, F.S.A., Portcullis Pursuivant of Arms 54, 121, 196, 273 

Marriage Licences of Salisbury. Edited by the Rev. Edmund R. 

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The Barony of Malpas. By Sir Alexander Swettenham, K.C.M.G. 83 

A Pedigree of the Families of Dukinfield of Dukinlield, co. Chester, 
and Holland of Denton, co. Lancaster, drawn in the year 1622. 
Contributed by J. Paul Rylands, F.S.A. .. .. 85 

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An Illuminated Patent of Nobility, dated 1st March, 1621, by which 
Sir Henry Power was created Viscount Valentia, co. Kerry. 
Contributed by J. Paul Rylands, F.S.A. .. .. 171 

The Huguenot Refugee Family of llareuc. Contributed by Henry 

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A London Manuscript. By Bower Marsh . . . . 217 

Origin of tho Titlo of tho Knights Templars to tho Sito of tho Now 
Tomplo and of the Earls of Leicester and Lancaster as Over- 
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Monumental and other Inscriptions in the Church and Churchyard 
of Mardale, in the County of Westmorland. Copied in August, 
1896. Contributed by J. Paul Rylands, F.S.A. .. 222 

Notices of Books : — page. 

A Calendar of Norwich Deeds enrolled in the Court Rolls of 

that City. Edited by Walter Rye . . . . 70 

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Notes and Queries : — 

Beverley and Lay ton Families of co. York 

Durnford of Durnford, co. Wilts 

Dethick of Norfolk 

Coterel, Cotterell, Cottrell, Cottrill, and other variants 

Monceux Family 

Rev. Thomas Wilson 

Highgate Grammar School 

Rev. Robert Dent 

Lord Redesdale and the Harleian Manuscripts 




Illustrations : — 

Portrait of Sir John Dugdalo, Norroy King of Arms Frontispiece 

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Illustrations — continued. page. 

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JUministrations in the Jkerogatibe donrt of (Jumterbnrg. 
Abstracted by Rkginai.d M. Glbncross, M.A., LL.B. 

Index of Persons . . . . . . . . 289 

Index op Plages . . . . . . • . . 306 


p. 2, lino 15, for "2 Richard I," road "2 Richard II." 

Cljr (Genealogist 

By \V. H. B. Bird. 


, Thk Half Century after Domesday. 

Among the early Sheriffs of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, of whom 
Mr. Fairer gave a sun hut account in a recent issue of the English 
Historical Review, 1 was Osbert, who, as lie lias shewn, held office under 
William 11 and Henry I, in Lincolnshire circn 1096-1114, and in 
Yorkshire circa 1100-1114. This Osbert may be certainly identified 
with Osbcrn the priest, a Domesday tenant in chief in Faldingworth 
and Binbrook, and, jointly with one Ralph dnpifcr, in Marston, with 
soke in Barkston ; also an under tenant of the Archbishop of York 2 
in Benniworlh. It is equally certain that lie was the Osbert who held 
three borates in Marston of the fee of Creon, and the Osbcrn William's 
man, who was tenant of William de Percy in Wiekenby, with 
soke in Westlaby, Beckering, Reasby, Snelland and again Reasby, 
also at Reston and Carleton (Great and Little) near Louth in Lincoln- 
shire, and at Scoreby in Yorkshire. The survey also shews an Osborn 
the Archbishop's man holding under the Archbishop in Eastern, Osbcrn 
the Bishop's clerk under the Bishop of Lincoln in Southrey, Osbcrn 
the Rail's vassal under Earl Hugh in Stainton by Langwith, Well and 
Ncwbold, and an Osbern under the Countess Judith in Staplcford ; 
but these holdings cannot, I think, be traced to the Sheriff or his 
representatives. Of Rufforth in the West Riding of Yorkshire, held 
under Osbern de Arches by Osbern his man, the same may be said ; 
but Mr. Lurer, I notice, is inclined to identify the Sheriff with Osbern 
legatns Regis, claimant of Thurlby under the Countess Judith in the 
('[union's in Kesteven, where the context, it seems to me, points rather 
to Osbern de A iris. 

Besides the lands mentioned in Domesday, Osbert presumably 
had a residence in the city of Lincoln, for in a Lincoln chartulary 3 
he is styled Osbert of Lincoln, and his son elsewhere Richard of Lincoln. 4 
In the Testa de Nevill 5 is found the statement that he held three 
carucates in Cadcby (soke of Wahham), which were assigned in Domes- 
day to Count A km of Brittany ; and in another place, that the Bishop 
of Lincoln 1,'iivi' him to fee farm one carucate in Wickcnby and Westlaby, 
and Reginald de Orevequer two carucates in Snelland, Swinthorp 

1 April, 1915. The Sheriffs of Lincolnshire and Yorkshire, 1000— 1130, pp. 
279-281, 1284. 

2 Archbishop Thomas of Bayeux, it is said, wus himself tho son of Osbern, 
a priest . 

K xvi. f, ;".. 


ii MS. 

W - 1 >u -iai 


til Sun 

//, cil. (ii 







and Reasby, still held in both cases by bis descendants at the date 
of that return. Mr. Eyton has observed 7 that so far as Reginald 
is concerned, the statement must be inaccurate, for it contains a palpable 
anachronism. We have evidence also that gilts were made by him 
to the Church of lands not hitherto mentioned. But these benefactions 
raise new difficulties. 

First there is the gift, of eleven bovates in Binbrook to form a 
prebend of Lincoln, for which licence was given 8 by William II. As 
to that I observe that the carucate in Binbrook assigned to Osbert 
in Domesday is among the lauds still held by William his son at the 
time of the Lindsey survey. The text of another gift to Lincoln m the 
same chartiilarj 9 is corrupt. It runs: //. rex AngV .... Sciatis 

me concessive (Vo el Rob'' to ep'o S'c'e Margarete ct eccVxam 

de Barsebi quas OsVtus vicecomes dedit A better text, from 

an Tnspeximus of 'J Richard J, 10 reads: Ecclesiam Sancta Margarete 
et ecclesiam de Halsebi, and Mr. Farrcr (following Mr. Eyton) suggests 
that the churches of St. Margaret in Lincoln and llaceby are meant, 
dating the King's confirmation shortly after Easter 11 Hi. Lastly, in 
the Coucher Book of Selby 11 may be" found charters of Stephen and 
several succeeding kings confirming gifts made to the abbey, including 
Gunncby cum pertinenciis ct terram de Duffcbl el Acaslram cam 
pcrUnenciis quam Osbertus vicecomes dedit et Kogerus de Mulbray 
carta sun confirmavit. Now Osbert's descendants certainly had, 
or claimed to have, a mesne lordship in North Duilield, under 
the Bishop of Durham, with which Moubrav had nothing to do, 
though 1 do not know that they had anything in (iunby, but there 
is no charter of Osbert's among the Duilield records 12 in the Coucher The word quam (in the singular) therefore may be taken to 
limit his gii'f and ttoger's confirmation to Acaster. Tin; difficulty 
remains that, the words of his charter 13 (no. Dlv) by which, styling him- 
self Osbertus vicecomes de Everwtjbcscira, he gives Acaslr' et qutcquid 
habchim in eadem villa .... sicul melius habit i- de rege, seem to imply 
that Osbeii was tenant m chief there, while the two charters of Roger 
de Moitbray, 11 both dated .some half a century later, make no reference 
to Osbert's charier, but appear, so far as the form goes, to be an inde- 
pendent gift of all the land iu Acaster of Moubiay's fee. 

A charter of Henry 1 to Lincoln, 15 dated by Mr. Eyton about May 
II 11, shews thai Osbert was dead, and that he had been rector of All 
Saints (Lincoln ?) and Grimsby at the time of Ins death. Mr. Fairer 

' See British Museum, Add. .MS. 31,930, IV. 02-6-i. It is interesting to note 
Air. Eyton's methods, and the patient industry with which lie pieced together the 
framework of a pedigree, before, lie became aware of the record to ho cited 

« Loc. cit. There was a prebend of Binbrook, valued at 10/. a year. Valor 
9 f. 7. Printed in Mon. Angl., vol. vi, p. 1273. 
lu Bat. part i, »i. 4 ; see Mon. Amjl., vol. vi, p. 1275. 
11 Printed by the Vurkshiro Arelueologioal Association. 

» Vol. ii, pp. sir.. 
l » Vol. i, p :$2o. 

11 JMvii, Dlvni, vol. i, p. 321. 

"- Mon. Amjl., vol. vi, p. 127. r >, printed from the inspcrimus above mentionod 


thinks i( probable that lie died before 1 1 16. His death certainly took 
l>]ii< c before the dale of the Lindsey Survey, which Mr. Eyton gives 
.u 1 1 1 1, .Mr. Parrel as I I |f> — 1 1 is. This survey shews Osbcrt's lands) 
in Limber in possession of his two sons, for, priest though he was, at 
that time, the strict rule of celibacy was not yet enforced in regard to 
the siviilar clergy; Richard of Lincoln, whom 1 take to he tin: eldest, 
iiuw holds Wickcnby, 18 Benniworth, Reston and Carlton ; another sen, 
William Torniaut or Turniant, holds Faldingworth and Binbrook. 
Unt Richard holds besides in Elsham a carucate under Hugh de Vallo, 
successor of Illicit [dc Lacy] the Domesday tenant, and three bovateS 
in addition; in VVelton in the .Marsh two carucatcs under Gilbert, 
Hon and successor of (lozelin; a small mesne lordship in Ifuttoft; 
and seven bovates in Torrington under Geoffrey fit/. Payn. William 
nUo holds five bovates in Nettleton, five bovates in Grasby, three 
I'ovates in Newton by Toft, and a mesne lordship in Aisthorp. 
Marston is in Kcsteven. Two other members of the family now 
appear on the scene : Ralph the Canon, brother of Osbcrt, with 
11 considerable holding in Dunholm under Alfreii de Chancy, successor 
then- and elsewhere of Odo balistarius of Domesday, and William 
nephew (or grandson ?) of Osbert in Croxby. 

ll had occurred to me that Ralph the Canon was perhaps the Ralph 
tlnjiifer of whose joint tenure in Marston Domesday supplies tin; only 
record. Mr. Kyton, however, believed the latter to be sewer to Gilbert 
of Cant, and an ancestor of the family of Kyme. 17 To this suggestion 
we shall have, occasion to recur later. His eationry was porh sips not 
unconnected with certain covenants made by the Bishop with Osbert 
at the time of his gift of Binbrook already mentioned, the observance 
i»l which the King enjoined upon the Bishop by his charter of confirma- 
tion. ()l William the: nephew and his holding in Croxby I have no 
dirt her knowledge. 

The next record with which we have to (leal is the Pipe Roll of 
31 Henry 1 (1130-31). In the interval Richard of Lincoln has died, 
.mi William Toruiant (as his heir) is responsible' for money* due from 
him to the king, lie also owes a large sum of the old farm of Lincoln- 
shir*.!, having recently served as Sheriff of that county, it would seem ; 
and li'K) marks for the land of Adam, another brother, of whom nothing 
more seems to be known, and to whose possessions, large as they must 
have been, we have no clue. It appears also that several chief lords — 
Alan de Percy, Robert de Insula, and Walter de (hint in Yorkshire, 
.Maude ( 'icon in Lincolnshire— -have lined with the King in considerable 
miius in order to have again their lands held by William Torniaut. 
Here Mr. Eyton's acumen seems for once to have failed him. He 
overlooks the obvious probability that these lands were in the King's 
hand for William's debts, and suggests that, in thus reclaiming his 
hinds during his life time, the object of the chief lords was to oust him 
upon the failure of his heirs male, in order to prevent the succession 

" Misread l>y Mr. Greenstreet as " Virhenibi." 

" Sec his MS. already cited, f. 59, where i he descent of the Barons Kyme is 
diii -iiv-rd at length. 


of an heir general. Surely an arbitrary measure, which would never 
have been sanctioned by English law. 

Not long after this, between 1130 and 1135, William Torniant must 
have died ; lor it tell to Henry I to dispose of his hinds and his heir. 
The male issue of Osbcrt was then extinct, and (he representation 
passed to his granddaughter Melisent. Mr. Eyton, too hastily a^'ain, 
assumes that she was "evidently" the daughter of Itichard ; but it was, 
in fact, through Maud her mother, daughter of Osbcrt, that the in- 
heritance of her three uncles came to her. The proof of this, however, 
belongs rat 1km- to the next stage of my narrative. Her father's name I 
have not discovered. 

Thus we arrive at the following pedigree : — 

Osbert of Lincoln priest 1080, =p Ralph the Canon, 

Sheriff of Lincoln and York, I livinge. 1110. 

d. eirca 1111-10. 

, , 1 

Richard of Lincoln, William Torniant, c. 11 IG, Adam, Maud, 

c. 1110, dead 1131, 1130; died before 1135, dead 1131, =f 

S.p. S.p. B.p. 

I ' 

Melisent, heir to her uncles, c. 1135. 

I may here mention, by way of caution, that an Osbcrt Vescunt, 
Sireve or le Sirgreve, and Ralph his son, occur at a later date in deeds 
of Welton le Wold. 18 I have also met with an A vice sister of Osbert 
the Sheriff, in a Register of the Sacristy of St. Ncots, 19 but her 
probable date seems to be about 1230. 



It has long been known that Osbert was represented by the Cham- 
berlains of Wickcnby, lor among the miscellaneous contents of the 
Abbrerlatio Placifonim 20 happens to be the record of a suit of Blaster 
term II John (PJ09), in which the descent was pleaded. Simon de 
Kyme having sued Uoberl Chamberlain for the land of Marston, 
the defendant produced a charter of Henry I, giving Herbert the 
Chamberlain to wife Melisent niece of William Turniant, with all the 
land of William, Richard his brother and Osbert the Sheriff their father, 
including Marston, to hold in chief. He also produced charters of the 
Empress Maud and Henry II, and writs in pursuance thereof, and 
finally appealed to the evidence of Domesday (rotulum Wyntonie). 
On this, Mr. Eyton's observation is 21 : 

It is my belief thai, the appeal to Domesday will have shewn the equal right 
ol' Simon de Kyme. For .... there is great reason to believe that. Kyme, if not 
tho lineal descendant of Ituduifus tin pi fur, was i.he heir of U.tiliilfus, and inherited 
from him not only land IniL his otlice of steward to the Barons de Claud. 

18 Kirkstead Chartulary : Cotton MS. Vespasian E xviii, Gaytoh, nos. 70, SI, 91. 

19 British Museum, Stowe MS. 1)11, f. 10. 

20 Page 05. See Curia Regis roll 21 (m. 0). The suit was begun years before ; 
see Itotulus Cuitcellurie, 3 John, p. 187. 

21 Additional M.S. 31,930, f. 62 (see also f. CO) ft will be remembered that 
Osbert and Ralph iLipifcr were joint tenants of Marston in Domesday. 


Mr. Evton's argument may be summarised thus. In a charter of 
Gilbert de Cant, reported in the Abingdon Chronicle-- and there dated 
about 1086, the first witness is said to have been Roddphtu dapifer 

(idberti. Turning to Domesday, he found three manors of Gant's 
fee in which the under tenant is a Ralph, namely Aswardby, Croft 
and Hale. Two of these manors were afterwards held by the family 
of Kvme, in which the office of dapifer to Cant is said to have been 
at later periods hereditary- 3 ; but Hide was not. It is natural therefore 
to infer that the tenant of Aswardby and Croft was Ralph the dapifer, 
and that he was an ancestor, if not the direct ancestor of Kyme. On the 
other hand no Ralph was Domesday tenant of a manor in either Kime. 
The part of South Kime in Ashwardhurn Wapentake which belonged 
to Cant's fee was held by one Egbriht ; and though it came afterwards 
to the Kymes, Mr. Eyton found no record of this tenure before 1275. 
Within twenty years from Domesday , M however, the other part of 
South Kime in Vlaxwell Wapentake came to be held by Ralph de 
Kyme (or Ralph dapifer) under Robert Fitz llamon. 

Now in regard to Cant's under tenant the case is certainly a strong 
one ; and it was no doubt tempting to go further, and identify the joint 
tenant of Marston as Gilbert's dapifer. But other households, no 
doubt, maintained a dapifer, and the name Ralph was not uncommon. 
If we are to suppose that Kyme's claim to Marston was founded upon 
the. identity of this Ralph dapifer with some ancestor of his, all one 
cm say is that he was very ill informed in regard to his supposed 
title. ' Kor instead of setting up the tenure in chief recorded in Domes- 
day, he produced a charter of William Karl of Gloucester, rendering 
to Philip de Kime his land of Kime and Merston, as Ralph de Kime 
held it of Robert son of llamon the Earl's grandfather, and of Robert 
the Karl's father ; and a charter of Henry II, confirming to Philip 
all the lands he held of Gilbert [de Gaunt] Earl of Lincoln, and the 
hmd of Marston held by gift of William Earl of Gloucester. 25 At any 
iui", the plaint it! did not succeed, for Marston continued to be held 
by Chamberlain ami his descendants. 

Two Yorkshire suits give the pedigree more fully.- 6 The same Robert 
Chamberlain in 1223, suing Thomas de Anesterne for a carucate of 
hmd in Ronton,- 7 pleads that William le Turneaunt at his death was 
seised thereof, that his right descended successively to Maud his sister, 
Mil»s[ent] her daughter, Stephen her son, and the plaintiff his son and 

-'•' Rolls Series. Woo vol. ii, p. 16. lu the (second your of Abbot Roinald. 

*-' lie cites a charter of Kurt Gilbert to Rufford, circa 1 1 is, witnessed l>y Philip 
[ill- Kyme] as Philip dapifer. See. Mou. Anyi., vol. v, p. 518. 

:l i.e., before the death of Robert Fitz Ramon in H<.>7. I am not clear on 
uli.u Mr. Kyton relied lor tin; statement following. If it was only the alleged 
i-Urters oHlenrv II and the 1'larl of Gloucester mentioned below, the evidence 
f„r il u , fact is not beyond suspicion. His further dilliculty that Ralph of 
Aswurdh) was n priest need not detain us. 

1:1 There were several lordships in Marston, but I have seen no oilier evidence 
that any part was hold of the hou.-ur of Gloucester. The only Marston found 
in early impositions of that honour seems to bo Marston Meyay in Wiltshire. 

14 Curia Regis rolls S3 (mi. I0u\),87 (mi. 1(5). 

11 Is this Houghton in Sancton in the Kast Hiding, llurthill Wapentake r 


heir. A year later, suing Roger dc Rodestem (Rudstane) for a carucate 
in llcitoii, 28 lie pleads that Mcliscut Ins grand mother wan seised thereoi 
in the lime ol' Henry II, and traces his descent from her. Whether 
he stici ceded iii either ease is doubtful, for il is morcdiHicuh to ascertain 
wlial land Osbert and I lie < 'liaiuberlaius held in Yorkshire than in 
Lincolnshire. I have tailed, for instance, to find any due to the Lands 
in Yorkshire held by William Torniant <d' Robert de Insula and Walter 
de (iant. 

Who then was Herbert the Chamberlain? Some years ago I con- 
tributed to The Genealogist several papers shewing the value of the 
Kirkslead Chartulary as a record of Lincolnshire history in the twelfth 
century; and once more that Chartulary supplies the answer to my 
question, describing Herbert as Chamberlain ol the King of Scotland. 29 
In his introduction to the second volume of the Exchequer Rolls of 
Scotland, Dr. Burnett has given a list, of the Scottish Chamberlains, 
in which he shews 150 that: a Herbert held ollice under David I and 
Malcolm iY, circa 1130 to INK), with a short interval circa 1138-9, 
during which one Philip occurs as Chamberlain. There may therefore 
have been two chamberlains named Herbert, perhaps father and sou, 
though the ollice had not yet become hereditary, as it did before the 
end of that century. Or we may suppose a change of ministry, or 
simply that Herbert was absent in England for a time, on business 
perhaps connected with his wife's inheritance, and that Philip was 
his snbst it nt e or depiri y. We have seen already t hat I [erbert's marriage 
to Melisent took place not long alter I Pit), but 1 won Id suggest a doubt 
whether I lb'O is the correct date ol a charter ol Malcolm witnessed by 
Herbert his Chamberlain, to which Dr. Burnett refers; fur the deed 
of Stephen his son, from which my information is derived, bears date 
the last day of January 11")!) (1 1G0), and f take it to imply that 
Herbert was already dead. 

Unfortunately the Chartulary docs not enlighten us in regard to 
Herbert's parentage. It is a very remarkable coincidence, if merely 
a coincidence, that at this lime Stephen son of Herbert was Chamber- 
lain tit the English King in succession to Herbert his brother; but I 
cannot identify the Scottish Chamberlain with any known member 
of that family. Again, one Herbert son of Aubri was a neighbour 
in Lincolnshire of Osbert and his sons, both in 108(5 and at the time 
of the Lindsey survey : it would be tempting to conjecture that the 
Chamberlain was a descendant of his, and perhaps akin to the Veres. 
But if a descendant, he was certainly not the representative of that 
Domesday tenant. I find mention about this time in Lincolnshire 
and Yorkshire of a Herbert son of Dudeman and a Herbert son of 
Winiund, but nothing to suggest that either of them was identical 
with Melisent's husband. 

(To be continued.) 

■ H No doubt Hay ton in Harthill Wapentake. Compare Kirby's Quest. 
-° CuLtou MS. VoBpasian K xviii ; SSnelluslund, 7. 

3U I'a''e cxviii. 


This roll consists of a number of skins of vellum, fastened together 
with cement, and measures 14 feet 8 inches in length by 1 foot 10 inches 
in width. The coloured shields of arms, including the seven shields 
in Daiesbury Church, number in all fifty-three, and beside these there 
are several pen-and-ink sketches of armorial seals and a large achieve- 
ment ol Danyers, mentioned below, which measures, over all, 1 foot 
U.i inches in height by 11 inches in width. The arms are well drawn 
and painted throughout. Among the earlier descents there are a number 
of abstracts ol documents, in neat seventeenth century handwriting, 
intended as evidences in support of the pedigree ; some of these are 
curious and interesting, especially the undated challenge which Thomas 
Danyers, or Daniell, sent to Piers Legh of Lyme. This was the Piers 
Legh who was executed at Chester, by Henry IV, on the 10th August, 
l.i'J'J, as a loyal adherent of Richard II. 1 It would have been in- 
Lonvcnient to print these abstracts in the body of the pedigree ; they 
are, therefore, printed below. 

The original pedigree appears to have been drawn for Peter Daniell, 
of Tabley, the son and heir of Peter Daniell who died in 1575, and it 
was continued, in the early part of the eighteenth century, and brought 
down, through the family of Parker of Mobberley, to the children 
of Sir Charles Dukinfield, baronet, and his second wife, Sarah, the only 
child of Uewit Parker. 2 

The roll was copied in 187G when it was lent to me by the late Mr. 
J. I'. Earwaker. 

J. Paul Rylands. 

I. Anno gre 1:290 Will'mus filius WilPi de Tabley dedit Adamo 
lilio Rogeri de Tabley totam tedium ptem suatn aque de Agist anient 
aque ilc Hlakebroke & de Slodehurstbrookc in Tabley. Test: Duo 
Richaido ile Mascy, VViU'o de Moburley, Ayirope de Mylinton, Will'mo 
de Meare, Thorn, de Legh. 

II. Hugo de Mascy dedit Ade de Tabley & Beatrici vxoris eius ocs 
tor in Tabley & Sladehurst quas tiuit de do no p'dci Ade h'end eis 
pro tcr 'no vit' suar', Rem Ade lilio pd Ade & hcredib} de corpore suo, 
Rem Hugoi fr'i suo & hered' de corp'e suo Rent Will'o fr'i suo et hered' 
de corp'e suo. Rem Thorn' f'ri suo & hered' de corpore suo. Dat. 
'J E. 2 [1315-16]. 

III. Original apud Swynshed Com' Cest' in Custodia Mathei Leigh, 
gen. a 1618. Omnibus xpi iidelibus hoc scriptu visur' vT auditur' 
Aug" ij til. Tho. Danyers sal'm in Duo sempit'nam nou'itLs me relaxasse 
et iinppctu quiet elamasse de me et heredibus mcis Ric' de Sworton 

1 See Eurwaker's History of East Clieshire, vol. ii, pp. 292, 303. 
* See G.E.G.'s Complete Baronetage, vol. iv, p. 17. 


et heredil)} v'l assign' suis totum ius meu et clameu (|'d h'ui sen aliquo 
modo h're p. et | in]omib3 illis terris et ten cu suis ptin' &c. Dat. apud 
Ccstria die mercui p'x post ton Sci Botolphi Anno Regni Regis Edwardi 
tertij a conquest' vudcsiino [1337]. Drawing of a seal inscribed, 
►p SIGILLVM . AVGVSTINI . PIL . Tho . DaNYEKS. Anns : Quarterly, 
over all on a bend three martlets. 

IV. Adam filius Rogcri de Tabley et Beatrix vxor eius deder' 
Hugoni filio suo oines ter' suas in Bexton quas h'ui ex dono Joh'is 
filij Mathei dc Bexton rem' Will'o filio suo h'nd [sic] Test' Robt de 
Mascy Joh'e de Legh &c. 

V. Sciant p'sentes &c. quod nos Joh'es filius Thonuc Danyers et 
Tunis de Martinscroft dcdini3 coiicessimj &c. Tho. Danyers seniori ct 
Margarete vxori terras et tenia lira et scruitia que ct quas fruim' ex 
dono et feofTamcnto ciusdem Thome Danyers in villis &c. Dat' apud 
Bradleigh die dfiica in Vigill. S'ci Bartholomei a° Dili, m. CCC° quadra- 
gesima nono. Sigilla nra apposuini}. Drawings of two seals, (1) on 
a pile 3 fusil!// a cross-crosslet fitcMe, {'!) a cross cowped ; both on 
heater-shaped shields. 

VI. Joh'es filius Hugh de Lega dedit Will'o Daniers et Agncta> 
de Lega vxori eius cert' ten' in Lega, dat' 1301. 

VII. A fyne 26 E. 1 1 1298] hit' Thomarn filiu Will'i Daniers quer' et 
Will'm Daniers deforc' de terr' in Lym. 

VIII. Petrus de Dutton diis de Warburto dedit Thome filio Will'i 
Daniers un' placea terr' que voc' Bradeley h'end' ei et hered'. Test. 
Will'o Trusscl, Justie' Cost'. Vide copiam antiijuam. 

IX. A fine 5 E. 2 [1311-12] hit' Thomas filius Will'i Daniers et 
Margaret' ux'eni eius quer' et Hen' Horsall et Margeriam vxorem 
eius defore' de terr' in Lym. Vide copiam. 

X. Will'mus Danyell dedit Marg'ie filie sue de Agneta de Legh 
p'creat' terr' in Wilmondismore in Lymme h'end' ei et hered' de corpore 
suo proereat'. Test. Dhis Joh'e de Boydell, Rico de Mascy, Petro de 
Dutton, militib}, Will'o de Mera, Ada de Tabley, Eytrop' de Mylynton, 

Will'o de Eicton, ltog'o de Toft. 

XI. Sciant presentes et futuri q'd Ego Thomas Dayers sen' dedi 
&c. Joh'i Danyers tilio meo et Tho. de M'tinseroft cl'ico terras et 
tenement a &c. in villis de Aj)letou, Thelwal, Lyme, Tableigh, Ayton, 
Torporley el Lach iuxta Cost'. &c. Ilijs Testily. Ada de Tableigh, 
Mathco de Meirc, Thoina de Leigh, Will'o filio .Joh'is de Leigh, Joh'e 
le Boydell et alijs. Sigill' men apposui. dat' apud Bradleigh die 
mareurij p'x p' festu assumptionis beatic Marian a Dni millimo CCC m0 
quadragesimo nono. Drawing of a seal, a heater-shaped shield, on 
a pile* /usi/l// a eross-erosslel filchec. 

XII. Thomas filius Will'i Daniers n qui sunt [sic] ten? in Apleton 

9 E. 3 [1335J. 

3 In the drawings of these seals, and, no doubt, in the actual seals, the pale 
fusilly of Danyers appears as a pile fusilly. 


XIII. Adam de Tabley dcdit Thome Daniel et Margarete vxori 
eiua in lib o maritag' trea burgagias in villa de Knottessed [sic]. Test : 
Robert de Mascy, Joh'e de Legh, Willo de Mascy, Will'o dc Mere, 
Kog^o de Tofte, Ric'o de Mascy, Thorn, de Legh. 

XIV. Henricus Horaall et Margeria vxor eius dcder' Thome Danyers 
et M get vxi eius oca ten' suas in Lymmc in Wilmondismore. Test : 
Rogero de Venablcs P'sona eccl'ie de Rosthornc, Robertus de Mascy, 
Gilb'to de Lyin, W'mo de Mura, Tho. de 

XV. Johannes filius Thome Daniers sen r et Thomas M tinscroft 
iTicus deder' Tho. Daniers sen 1 ' et M gete vxori eius oes ten' quas 
h'niiu} ex done p'd' Thome in Lym, Thelwall, Apleton, Tabley, Ayton 
&c. h'end' eis et hercd' masculis int' cos legili'e p'ereat' Reman 1 ' W'"° 
filio Bastard p'd'ci Thorn' et Rogero de Roos Bastard s et heredib} inas- 
iiilis de corporib3 ipor' Rem. Joh'e filio p'dc'i Thome, Rem. rectis 
hered' p'dc'i Thome. Dat. in vigil S'ci Barlholomei 1349, 23 E. 3. 

XVI. Will'ms filius et heres Henr' dc Horsall relaxauit Thome 
auunculo suo oes terr' in Wilmondesmore in Lym quas p r d' Tho : et 
M get' h'uer' de dono Henrici p'ris mei et M* gie matris mei. Dat. 
a 1335. Vide copia. 

XVII. Original apnd Swynshed Com. Cest. in custodia Mathei 
Leigh gen. 1618. 

A toutz eels q' cestes L'res verront ou orront Thorn. Danyers Salutz 
en deu sachez moy auer relece a John le hlz Hug' de Legh totez maner 
de actionis (j' Jee auats eontrc le dit John pre son dit plegiag Rie. de 
Sworton de deus q' le dit Rie. me last tenuz en tesmonance de quel 
chose a cestre l're patent ay mis inon seal dest a le Hogh le mekerdy 
p'uhain apres le leste de le Pasch la Ane del regne le Roy Edward 
terce apres le Conquest trisme [1329]. Drawing of a seal, a pile, 4 

XVIII. Ilec est conueneo fact' int' Margeria fil. Will. Dayn 8 ex 
vn' [>'te et ipm W. nrein. eins ex altera vizt. qnod j) r d' Margeria dimisit 
[> r deo Will'o tot' ten' sua' sup. Wilmondismore. Test : Diiis Retro 
de Dutton, Ric'o de Mascy militil>3, Thoma de Legh &c. 

XIX. Couenants of marriage to be solemnized betweene Thomas 
sone of Thomas Daniers & Katheiinc daughter of William sone & 
heire of the said Adam [de Tabley] vpon which marriage the said 
Adam coucnaneth to assure all those lands vnto them which to them 
descended after the death of Adam his father, dated 27 E. 3 [1353). 

XX. Edward Benested miles et Alic' vxor eius imp vxor Joh'is 
Daniers soluit I s tie exit' manor de Gropenhall, 8 R. 2 | 1381-5]. 

XXI. Thomas Daniers miles condidit testamentu su 1383 et legauit 
Rico f'ri suo mt chival et residuu honor' suor' Jonette filie sue et fecit 
Katherinam vxorem eius et Robertu Daniers son Cosin execiitores suos 
et obijt eod' a c 1383, 6 R. 2. 

* See note p. 8. 


XXII. IVtr' Shagli et alij Uapclli dcder' Joh'i Daniel militi et 
Alii:' vx'iciua quart' ptcm ville de Whitley h'eud' sibi et Itercd' mase'lis 
int' cos &c, lien i 1 ' Jtob'io filio Joh'is Darners miliiis ct lien cL i 1 »3 masu'lis 
de coi'pore suo, Lieni 1 ' Thome frlio VV ,nl Daniers de Daresbury et hered' 
siiis mase'lis, Rein 1 ' Alano fr'i ]>d' Thome et hered' mase'lis &e. Rem' 
hered' mase'lis pd' Joh'is Daniers. Dat. 13 Jv 3 [13G9J. 

XXIII. Katherina nuper vxor Thome Daniers miliiis obijt intestat' 
et admraco bonor' suor' coniissa est Thome Daniel lil : p r d' Thome 
Daniell milit' U17. Box willes A.b. 

XXIV. Carta Joh'is Danyers de Com. Cest. dat' a° 13 E. 3 [1339]. 
Ego Ricus de Baguleigh sen' dedi Thome Danyers militi et Isabelle 
vxori eius et herediL>3 de corporib.3 eor' terras in Halle, dat 11' apud 
Bradleigh Anno 

XXV. Thomas Danyell Ayell et Margaret feme Jeane de Sauage. 

XXVT. Edwardus fil Regis &c, vie' Cest.' sal'tem &c. Thome 
Danyers de Tableigh et Catherine ux' eius quod reddat Joh'i Satiate et 
Margareta vxor eius Maneriu de Net hcrtableigh apud Cest' 20 Octobris 
Anno Edw'i patris nri 1<S [1374], 

XXVII. Joh'es Daniers ch'r et Joh'a vxor eius conuayed the Manno r 
of Gropcuhall to ccrtaine Ghapleyns and others by line a 35 E. 3. 
John Daniel's ch'r leuied a I'yne de mauer de Gropenhall ad vsum 
ipius Johannis ct hered' masculor' de eorpore suo et de corpore Joh'e 
(jiie fuit vxor eius le^itti'e procreat'. Rem' vnius mediet' maner' 
p r d' ad vsum heredum ipsius Joh'is & alterius mediet' ad usu hered' 
p'dce Johanne. Anno 12 Ed. 3 [13(>8]. 

XX VI II. Ex Eeelesia de Daysbury in Com. Cest. Drawings of 
seven shields of arms : — 

1. A curious coat, which seems to be Argent, three bendlels sinister 

Sable, with an escutcheon of pretence Argent, a pale fusilly 
Sable [Danyers] ; or it may be Danyers differenced by a 

Lord arc Argent charged with three bendlets sinister Sable. 

2. Quarterly, Argent and Gules, in the second and third a fret 

Or, orer all a (esse Azure. [Norres.] 

3. Quarterly, Argent and Gules, in the second and third a fret Or. 


4. The same as 3 ; probably for Warburton. 

5. Argent, a chevron between three swans, Sable. These birds 

were probably intended for cormorants. [}\'arburton.] 
G. Argent, a pale fusilly, Sable. [Danyers.] 
7. Argent, two chctronels (Jules, on a canton of the last a mullet 

Or. [Orreby.] 

XXIX. Petr' Shawe et alij capelli deder' Joh'i Daniers ch'r et 
Alic vxi eius et hered' mase'lis de corpore p r d' Joh'is exeunt' Maner' 
de Bradeley et suas [terras] in Lym, Merc & Thclwall, Remaner' de 
oibz p'd' ten' except' Merc Thome lilio Thome Daniers et hercdib} 


1 I 

masc'lis &c, ct de tcn'is in Ah; re Rob'to filio Joneson Daniers inilit is 
Ct licM-ftl i 1>5 suis masc'lis &o. I^t, si Thomas filius Thome obierit wine 
hemic masc'lo tunc Rem* p r dco Rob'to filio Johnson Daniel! [sic] 
11 1 i lit i-s et hered' de corpore suo. Rem 1 ' Will'o Daniell de Daresbury 
et hered' masc'lis &c. Rem r Rob'to Daniers de Lym et hered' ma: c'Us Rem 1 ' Joh'i filio \V mi Daniers et hered' masc'lis. Rem* p r dco 
Joh'i Daniers et lici-cdil>3 suis &e. Dat. 42 E. 3 [1368]. 

XXX. Joh'es Daniers miles dedit om. bona sua in test' decollat' 
sci Joh'is baptiste 45 E. .'5 [1371]. Qropenhall, A. I. 

XXXI. A° 14 II. 4 [1412-13]. Marget' que fuit vx' Petri Legh 
[>et' verss' Thorn. Daniers milit' 40 mess : &c. in Apleton, Thelwall, 
Lym et Ouertabley que Jordaii3 p'soua de Lym dedit Thome Daniers 
senior et M gcte vxori eius et heredibus int' eos legitti'e procreat' 

Et (pie p l mortem p r dci Thome et M gete et Thome lilij eorum Thome 
et M gete p'fate Margarete que nunc petit ut lilie et hered' p'd' Thome 
filij Thome et M v gete descondere debet &c. 

XXXII. Omnibus &c. Margaruta quiu fuit vxor .Joh'is Sauage filia 
et lieres Tlionie Dauyers milit' eonlirnio Johauni de .Sauage filio meo 
primogenito terras sibi disecndcntes post mortem Thonuu Danyers 
pat ris mei et heredibus &c. Dat. ."5 II. 5 | 1415-16]. 

Drawing oi' a seal, on a shield a cross engrailed impeding a pule fusilly. 

XXXI II. Thomas Daniers condidit test'm a 28 E. 3 \ 1354] et dedit 
capello ad orand' p aia sua et aia Thome lilij sue 5 ideas et dedit MarPete 
lilie sue maritag' W"' lil. Ric'i de Buckley et Thome lil. suo custodia 
terrar' p'd' VV 1 "' in Chedlc et Henrico filio suo maritag' heredis \V U|1 
de Ouertabley et Joh'i filio suo Juuentu et M* gete lilie Joh'is lilij sui 
cert' reddit' in Cheadle et Katharine vx'i de Tabley [sic]. Et Margerie 
vxori W"' 1 de Tabley xx s et fecit Joh'am vx'em sua et Adam de Tabley 
exeeutores suos. Vide the box of willes. 

XXXIV. Thomas Daniell filius et hercs Thome filij Tho : Daniell 
milit' concessit Joh'i Leicester ar'o maritag' Thome Daniell filij et 
hered' ap'a'tem sui ad maritand' filia p'dci Joh'is, a u 18 H. G [1439-40]. 

XXX\ r . Jo'hes Daniers miles dedit Thome fil : Tho : Daniers f'ri 
meo de corpore Johanne le Norreys p'ereat' et hered' masc'lis de corp'e 
suo xx s reddit' in Lostock gralam. Dat. 26 E. 3 [1352]. Lostock, 
E. 5. 

XXXVI. Pl'ita torn. Ccst\ die intis px p l fest' sci Mich'is a 46 E. 3 
[1372], Thomas Iilius Thome Daniers pet' v'ss' Alic' que fuit vx' 
Joh'is Daniers milit' 7 mess : &c. in Apleton, Lym, et Thelwall que 
Johannes Iilius Thome Daniers et Thomas Martinscroft c Pic us deder' 
Thome Daniers sen r et M* ; gete vx'i eius et hered' ina-''Li< de corpore 

de bent fcc. 

XXXVH Will'uide L?o*t 


H4 vr: (jius 

vl. Tto-« 



Daniers concessit Thome Daniers ch'r filio p r de,'e Johanne tertian 
ptem Mancrij de Bradcley ct omniii terror' quas p'd' Joh'a tenet 

noie dotis in Apletou, Thelwal, Liegh, ou* Tabley, Dat. It 


XXXVIII. Cost endentnre tcsmoignc q' Mons* Thomas Danycrs 
est demorc ad lni \\e\ nobles home sire; Edward eisnoz Bis an noble 
Roy de engletcrre ct de France Prince de Gales Due de Cornewaile et 
Counte de Cestre pur la guerre vn an enticrc ct irra tout3 ptiz p* la 
guerre ou le Prince luy voira auir ausybien p de la la micr comeodeca 
[sic] od deux Esquiers a bouche a Courte quand les autres Bachelors 
mangeont en sale et si les autres Bachelors p r ignet [sic] vitailes ou 
gagemt p'dra [prendra] come vn scion son afferent. Et auerra la dit 
Mons 1- Thomas vn chamb'lein asgagc cestassauoir deux deniers la iour 
et dix cheualx a hen et aueines tant come les antres Seigneurs doivent 
indee et ferres ct clones accomptant quatre chiualx a vn denier pu 
ferrare et dis garceons as gages et p r dra le dit Mons 1- Thomas du dit 
Prince vinct liures pur son fee p an. a payer p les quartres selon ce 
quil ccra arme pur la guerre et quant il sera mande p. les Pros du dit 
Prince pur la guerre ou pur la pees il voura et const ages du dit Prince 
ct p'ndra ltob'ts [sic] de la liuree du dit Prince his come ccs autres 
Bachelors p'ndrent et in cas q'il alle pur la guerre in seruice du dit 
Prince et a sou mandement &c. don a londres le xviij iour de May Ian 
du regno le Roy Edward tierzapres le Conq 1 dengleterre vncime [ 1 337 J 
et de France septisme [sic]. 

XXXIX. Pl'ita Com. Cost, die nltis px p l fest, sci Ilillar' 24 11. 4 
[sic, ? 11 II. 4, 1413]. Margareta (|iie fuit vxor Petri de Legh pet' 
v ss. Thorn, iil. Thome Daniers militis decern Messuag' &c. ill Lym 
et Apletoji que Will' us Daniers dedit Thome Danycrs filio suo ct hcred' 

de corpore suo et (pie post mortem p'd. Thoni' iil. V\ '"' et Thome iil. 
eiusdem Thome iilij W ml ad M gete que nunc petit descendere debet 
vt iilie et hcred' p r d' Thome iilij Thome iil W 1 " 1 . 

XL. Thomas rilius Thome Daniell milit' concessit quod Thomas 
Daniell filius suus et hores aparens sponsabit Isabell Rixtoii [iil. Joh'is 
Rixton ?] et Joh'e vx'is eius. Dat. 1 Hen. 5 [1413-14]. 

XLI. Thomas filius Thome Daniell milit' fecit testm in festo see 
Kath'ine virgin 1432, 10 II. 6 et p. idem testm logauit Johanne iilie 
sue duas vaccas, et Johanni iilio ipiu.s Thome duas vacas, et Jo'hi 

fr'i ij)ius Thome xiij a iij a et eisdem honor' suor' Thome Iil. 

suo et heredi ad custodiendum Ricm Daniell, Henric', Rogm. et 
Laurenc', iilios p r dci testatoris. Et fecit pd' Thofn. Executor. 

XLI I. Thomas Daniell de Tabley sen 1 " et Isabella vx' eius dedcr. 
Thoni. Daniell iilio suo ct Matild' vx'i eius cert' terr' in Warrington' 
dat, 23 II. 6 [1444-5]. 

XLIII. Richard p la grace de dieu Roy dengleterre et de France 
et seign 1 ' dirland A lire amc clerc John do Woodhousc lire Chainb leyne 

de Cestre salu} come nre tre sch' seign' el Peure Edward iadis Prince 


daquitayne et de Galea Due de Cornewall ct Count de Cestre q' deux 
uscillo oust. j> bos Tics patteutcs grantez ;i John Danyell vn do ses 
arches pur lu bon seruice q' le dit John auoit fait & Eerroit a uro seign* 
et piere auant dit vne aituite do deux deniers le ioui a p'ndre a tout 
la vie tin dit Johan dea de la Cliamb'lein de Cestre et nous puis la inort 
de uro dit seigneur & piere quant nous esteiens Prince de Galez Duo de 
Cornewall et Conte de Cestre pur le bon seruice q' le dit Johan fait a 
inosmo nre seigneur & piere & a nous a [aire ensienns ratifiens et confirraes 
lo grant auandit si come en uoz I'res patentes eut fait3 est plus au plein 
oontonuz vous mandons q' ce quest arrere au dit Johan do los ditz deux 
deniers iournolx on iour de la mort de nre dit seigneur j et j piere tanq 
durea ct niesmes los deux deniers lo iour desort de temps in temps taut 
come vous scrrez in nre olFice durant la vie du dit Johan face3 paie 
a incsmc coluy John scion left'ect ct purpart do los Ties susditez Kocouant 
du dit John scs l'rcs Daquitainc en cello ptie p queles et p testes nous 
volous q' vous auaiez duo alloiuances on nre account. J)on souz nre 
priu ie scale a nre Manor dv Kemington le xix iour de Juyl Ian de nre 
Kegne primer [ 1377 J. 

XLIV. Anno 20 II. 6 [1447-8]. Couenants passed betweene 
Thomas Daniel and Henry Leigh for a marriage to be had betweene 
John Liegh sone of the said Henry and Elizabeth daughter of the said 
Thomas Daniell. 

XLV. Extracted out of a peticon 5 exhibited to Edward Prince of 
Wales Duke of Cornwall and Earle of Chester that whereas Kinge R. 
by his L'rcs Pattents vnder the Scale of his County Palatine dated the 
■l" 1 of January whear seinge the same that where Pcirs Leigh Esq r and 
Margaret his wile daughter and hcire unto Thomas Danyers Esq r 
then dead to him laid showed that whereas the most honourable Lord 
his fiathcr for the. good and free seruice that the s (l Thomas had done 
to his s d Father aswoll in the takcinge the Chamberline of Tankervile 
as in releiueing the banner of his said Father at the bataille of Crest v 
by his L'rcs pattents had granted to the said Thomas and his hcires 
10 markes yearly &c. of and in his Manno 1 ' of Fradesham in Com. 
Cost, imtill his said Father had prouided to grant unto the said Thomas 
his heires in place conuenient lands and Tenements to the yearly 
valew of 40 11 [sic] The which Thomas by force of the said L'res Pattents 
of 40 markes was seised as is afore rehearsed, and soe of the same died 
seised without any pulsion or grant to him made of lands, after whose 
decease the s d yearly rent descended to the s l1 Margaret as daught T 
& hcire to him. The which Margaret and Pcirce Leigh her husband 
in 2 1 yearc of II. 2 receiucd the said L'res Pattents to be cancelled in 
the Exchequer at Chester to the intent it would please Kinge R. 2 to 
grant unto the said Peine & Margaret a place of land called Handley 
lyinge in the Forrest of Ma[cc]lesfeild the which the said Kinge granted 

4 Heumont, in Ins "History of the House of Lyme," 187G, ]>. 44, 6tates that 
this petition was presented to the infant Prince of Walefl, son of Henry VI, who 
wns shun at Tewkesbury. 


to the .said Pierce & Margaret and the heircs males (if their two bodyes 
lawfully begotten, by force of which the > l1 Pici'ce and Margaret were 

seised of I lie said lands durcing |tlieir lives and] their heircs males 
each one after others decease without any iurruption or trouble lo theni 
or any of t hem made to now, late thai t here was a scire fae' directed to 
the Sherrife" of Cheshire commanding him to make leuy oi the goods 
& chattels of yo 1 ' s (1 suppliant to the valew of HO markes for theoccupacon 
of the said land and pasture to the great hurt of yo r said suppliant 
without yo r good and abundant grace to him be shewed beseechcinge 
yo 1 ' s (1 grace to get a [supersedeas | to surcease leuying of any some of t he 
goods and cattels of the said suppliant. 

&' Richard »S 7 George, Norroy. 

XLVI. Perkin of Legh. f Thomas Daniel! sone and heyre to S r 
Thomas Danyell say to thee that thou astoll and Margery thy wife 
bringen to writ againcs Dame Kathcrinc my modur and me sayinge 
he our writ that on Jordan psou of alle 3* Kirkc of Lyme sometyjue 
haf alle the landes and the tenement h y' he had into Towue[s] of ouer- 
tableigh Knottesfford and Apleton Thelwall Lyme & RyfHcton with 
thappurtenances to Thomas Danycll and Margaret his wile and the 
Ayres comeinge hetweene Thomas & Margaret in hole matrimony 
in the tale as hit p'portes to be the qwichc thou makes thee a right 
be thy wife as cosin and hcirc by the deed of the foresaid Jordan psou 
of the alle the Kirkc of Lymme 1 Thomas Danyell say to thee Perkin 
of Legh y l that Deede of Jordan of Lymme y 6 rjwiche thou claming 
my Loud by is false and thou in the sute. And that 1 Thomas offer 
my body to prone on thine Perkin before any Christen Kinge be hue 
of my lege Lord and in cas y' thou have the better of me in battaile 
1 shall deliuer thee the lond for euer more fro me and myne Ayres, 
and zif god fortune in my right that 1 have the best of thee in battaile 
let me be in peace for thee & thine heircs for euermore, and ouermore 
in prone of my matter. 1 shall linde my brother William & 2 Jcntcll 
comiMi of the line of Tho : and Margaret thai be possiblit man be 
Ayres to Margaret thy wife that so hue ollur \bhn>k\ lo prone yal decde 
oi Jordan forsaid false and not ail'eccuel be he bodyes other in any other 
wyse than if any Juge wilbc dome rightfully that is indifferent and yis 
1 Thomas and my Kreinds shalbe bounden to thee Perkin in 100" 
zif 1 i'aile in this to fulfill, and my frcinds vppon that condicon that thou 
Perkin and thy frcinds bene bounden to me and my frcinds in the same 
manner in a LOO 11 zif thou fades of thy dendr [sic\ And then let god 
deme the right that knowes all thy suttletyes. 

XLVII. Thomas Daniell dc Tabley ar. dedit Will'o filio suo cert' 
terr' in lioxton |.v/c| ad terminu vitc sue l_! E. 1 [l-172-.'JJ. 

XLV11I. Thomas Daniell, Esq: made his last will in 10 H. 7 
j 1494-5 J and thereby gaue to Ellen, Margy and M garet his daughters 
300 marks, and the residue of his goodes to Blanch his wife and to 
his children, and to Thomas and Richard his sonnes Annuities of vj 
inkes a peece. 



XL1X. indenture bctweeno Thomas Danicll of Tabley, Esq : and 
Tli< unas Danicll his cosen and lieirc apparcnl [of] thone ptic and Pires 
Warburtou of Alley, Knight, upon thoth* p lc whereby is eouuuantcd 
t hut the said Thomas yongcr shall marry Blanch daught' of the said 
S r Puts War bin ton. In this Indent me is excepted a demise of landes 
iundc to Maude Grosucuor which was wife * * 1 Thomas late his sone 
and hcire aparent. This Indenture dated 8 E. 1 [1468-9]. 

L. Pope S[ixtus] the 1"' in the 2 yeare of his Popery 1 1 1 7 *i ] granted 
a dispcnsacon for a mariage to be had betweene Thomas Daniel! and 
Planch Warblll'ton which were within the -I" 1 degree of kindred. 

LI. Katherina Willington in pura viduitate sua concessit Thome 

Daniell tli! Tabley aro. et \V"" J fr'i suo cert' terr' in Willingto. a" 3 If. 7 

LII. 15 11. 7 [1499-1500]. Couehants betweene S r John Warburton 
ifc others on thone pte and Piers Newton who had the wardship of 
Piers Daniell of Tabley on the other pte y L during the nonage of Piers 
Daniell Piers Newton should pay yerely x inks to the vse of Ellen 
Daniell M g r y and Margct sisters of the said Tiers. 

I. III. 12 II. 8 [1520-21]. Couenants betweene Piers Daniell and 
IV tor Newto for certcn landes giuen for mayntinance of Julian wief of 
Piers Daniell, and of Anne and Elizabeth their daughters. 

l.IV. Pet r Daniell de Tabley ar. dedit Thome Mascy et alijs cert' 
ttrr' in Warrington ad vsum ipsius Petri p. tcrio vitc sue Rem* Thorn 
Daniell lilio et hcred' aparen' suo et hered' mase'lis de corpore suo, 
Ki in' liob'to lilio ip'iua l'etri, et hered' mase'lis de corp'e suo 
U<-m r IVtro lilio p'dici Petri et hered' mase'lis &c. Dat. 5 li. 8 [ 1513-1-4]. 

I.Y. Piers Daniell Esq : made his will in 1522, 11 II. 8, and gaue 
Chei itivehitrst l.o Robert Daniell his sone for life, and to Piers Daniell 
l>ii 3 sonne xl a annuity, and xiij s ii'tj' 1 land in Stathom to John Daniell 
lih bastard for life, and ccrtaine land there to RafTe his bastard for 
lull, And .\iij s iiij' 1 land in Lym to Homfray his Bastard for lieff, And 
to Anne, Elizabeth, and Purnell eerten porcons, and to Julian his wife 
the third p l of his lands for lief, And to Thomas his sone and heire 
apparent his lands according to the Couenants betweene the s (l Piers 
and W"' Wilbram, And x nikes to Margaret his sister, And M v get, 
h.khcll & Anne his hastard daughters eerten porcons. 

(A I. 8Maij, 13 EI. 8 |1521|.\ [ This Thomas Daniell made line 
Piers Daniel couenanted with VV'"| | with the Kinge a" 1^(5 II. 8 
Wilbram that Thomas Daniell his 
I'iiiii and hcire apparcnl shold 
in.irrv Margaret daughter of the s' 1 
\\- Wilbram. 


I | 1534-5] and payed iij" vj s viij 1 ' 
| | to be discharged from takeinge 
the oriler of Knighthood as 
I appeareth vnder the hand of 
^.Thomas Cromwell. 

IVtr' Daniell ar' dodit liob'to Tatton ar'i 

tirr.i^ ii; Tabley • ' 
l>.»t. 6 E. G. [1552 J. 


A' alijs rertas 



rt N 

W t- 'S as 


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E-l m r-l „< (/J 

£ .5 _; 5 s. 

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55 ^ ^ u 

W ? ->! Eh 

E W 

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30 •- S 
CO > — 

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s 7. — **• 

r-l « Ml T-! « 


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o „ « £ a « -? • -* 

• wl e» -»_ «) Sr.^. ^ 

to H t- : - h^t! » 
.2 ao ^.^r-5 ^i^ojcl- 

« i ? "Ti i = 


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■r u z, u > g .-w 

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- 5 ~ c <u o 

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p.cb o 

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S ^ a ;c 

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a X. 

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Cm u m 

a s 

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> to O 

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i-s t/3 CL, 

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.3 a T 5a . 

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rt R =: 

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1) ^m u B 

"a :^ « * 

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^3 s" 

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•2 Cm "*! "—5 

Cm^ -* 

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« • " r" S 

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■2 3 S 
si M 

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O T3 ■• 

o os £ 

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a 03 ■- 

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a ci 

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rt C/J £i -^ 

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.2 § b s .J* 

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i-j CD -3 
rt in g u •— 

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a- ■*- J~ 


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■H ^ " * a 

'p. 3 

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a ci :^> 

.S3 5 £ ^ 


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-3 a .S o> , 

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bo 5 

? -. ~ -a 

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^ o ^ 

X '_ -, 

5: -p -h 


(Continued from Vol. XXXI, p. 213.) 

The documents belonging to Miss M. C. MaeLachlan now claim 
our attention. Their length (one of them covers nineteen folio pages) 
prohibits anything more than an abstract of their contents, which I 
shall, therefore, proceed to give, under the title " Duntroon Inventory." 
I have arranged them in order of date ; but it will be noticed that the 
originals from which Nos. 19, 14, 13 and 16 of the Raschoille Memoranda 10 
were culled are absent, and I regret to say I have been unable to dis- 
cover them, although I conclude that No. 13 is represented by the 
"loose paper" quoted by me in my former notes on the Campbells 
of Oib. 11 

Some of these documents, on the other hand, are not touched upon 
at all in the Raschoille Memoranda. To facilitate reference, where such 
correspondence does exist, I indicate the same at the end of each 

Duntroon Inventory. 

1. 26 July 1608. (Latin.) 

Sasine of Glasvar and Arnfad (2 merks 3s. id.) in the barony 
of Glasrie, sheriffdom of Argyll, by Alexander McEvir of Glasvar 
to his wife Anne Niclachlan in life-rent. Witnesses : Magistro 
Nigello Campbell Eigadie episcopo, Patricio Campbell de Stouk, 
Donaldo McLachlan capitano de Inchchonnell, Joanne Roy 
MeDoull VcArthor, Gillespich Mclntyre in Glasvar, Dugallo 
Mc Angus VcEan in Sochoche, Joanne McDonche Vcllmund 
in Chandlochlean. Done before Archibald Campbell, notary 
public, dork of the diocese of Argyll. 

2. At Strones, 4 March 1610. (Latin.) 

Charter of Achachrome (9 merks), Crenan (2 merks) and Strones 
(2 merks) in the bailiary of Ariskeodiush, sheriffdom of Argyll, 
by Donald Campbell of Duntroon to his wife Anne Lamont in 
liferent. Reddendo : one penny at Pentecost as blensch duty. 
Written by George Loudoun, notary. Witnesses : Archibaldo 
Maclachlan de Craiginterriff, Colino Campbell meo fratre germano 
(i.e., of the grantor), Patricio McArthur meo servitore, Jacobo 
Kincaid et Georgio Loudoun notariis publicis. 

(.1 ratification by Archibald, Lord Lome, is inscribed on the back of the 
■parchment by Oeonje Campbell, Clerk of the Sheriffdom of Argyll, but was 
not executed ; nor does the charter itself bear any evidence of having been staled 
by Duntroon.) 

" The Genealogist, N.S., vol. xxviii, pp. 100-108. 
11 Ibid., vol. xxviii, p. 31. 


3. At Duntroon, 19 October 1025. (Latin.) 

Charter of Raschoille (2 mcrks) in the bailliary of Ariskeodnish, 
sherilTdom of Argyll, by Donald Campbell <»1 Duntroon to Patrick 
Campbell, his lawful son, and to Margaret, lawful daughter of 
Donald Campbell, baillie of Rothesay, future wife of the said 
Patrick, in conjunct fee, and to their heirs mule, in implement 
of a Contract of Marriage of the same date. Also Charter by the 
same to his said son and his heirs male of the office of serjeandry 
or officiary of Ariskeodnish. Reddendo : amount not filled in. 
The lands and office to be held in fee. The precept of sasine is 
addressed to Niall Campbell of Oib. Written by John McGil- 
christ, son of Donald McGilchrist, notary public. Witnesses: 
Colitio Campbell feoditario de liarbrek, Joanne Campbell ballivo 
de Rothesay, Magistro Jacobo Campbell de Strones meo rilio 
(i.e., of the grantor), Roberto Campbell lilio dicti Donaldi Campbell 
ballivi antedicti, et prefatis Donaldo et Joanne McGilchristis. 

(The parchment has clearly borne Dunlrooiis seal, which is now, howevtr, 

•1. 25 October 1625. (Latin.) 

Sasine of Raschoille as above by Niall Campbell of Oib to Patrick 
Campbell, lawful son of Donald Campbell of Duntroon, and to 
John Campbell, baillie of Rothesay, as attorney for Margaret, 
lawful daughtei of Donald Campbell, baillie of Rothesay, future 
wife of the said Patrick. Also sasine of the office of serjeandry 
or officiary of Ariskeodnish (by the giving of a wand) by the 
said Niall to the said Patrick. The above charier (No. 'A) is fully 
quoted. Done before Donald McGilchrist, clerk of the diocese 
of the Isles. Witnesses : Donaldo Campbell ballivo antedicto, 

Roberto Campbell suo filio, Joanne McDonald Eog Vc 

et Duncano ofhciariis in Ardscoadncis. 

(The document is much perished at the end.) 

6. At Inveraray, 15 November 1G59. (English.) 

Charter of Raschoille and of the office of serjeandry or officiary 
of Ariskeodnish, as above, by Patrick Campbell of Duntroon, 
with consent of John Campbell, fiar of Duntroon, his eldest 
lawful son, to Alexander Campbell, second lawful son of the 
said Patrick and brother german of the said John, and to the 
lawful heirs male of the said Alexander — whom failing, to 
Alexander's younger brother german, Donald Campbell, and to 
his lawful heirs male — whom failing, to return to the grantor. 
The liferent of the lands is reserved to the said Patrick and to 
Margaret Campbell, his wife. To be held of the said Pat ink 
and John and their heirs male in blensch fee. Reddendo : 
one penny yearly. The precept of sasine is addressed to Colin 
Campbell, brother german to Alexander Campbell of Inverlevir. 
Written by Nicoll Yuill (?), servitor to George Campbell, sheriff 
depute of Argyll. Witnesses : James Campbell of Ardkinglass, 


Alexander Campbell of Inverlevir, Colin Campbell las brother 
german, the said George Campbell and Nicoll Vuill, and Hew 
McNeill servitor to (he said George Campbell. 

(Raschoille Memoranda, 1.) 
6. 30 January 1GG5. (Latin.) 

Sasine of Raschoille, as above, by Zachary McCallum of Pol- 
talloch to John Polleick in Kilmichael in Glassary as attorney 
lor Margaret, daughter of Colin Campbell of Blairintibbcrt, 
wife of Alexander Campbell of Raschoille, in liferent, narrating 
a precept of sasine addressed by Patrick Campbell of Duntroon 
and John Campbell, bar thereof, Alexander's immediate superiors, 
to the said Zachary, and dated on the same day as the sasine was 
granted. Done before Donald McCilchrist, notary public. 
Witnesses : Donald Campbell of Narrachan, Donald Campbell, 
son of the said Patrick ol Duntroon, and others. 

Registered? February 1665 on fols. 185 and IHG of the eleventh 
book of the General Register of Sasines by Sir .John Foulis, 
clerk to and keeper of the said Register, at the request of Mr. 
Alexander Campbell, writer in Edinburgh. 

(Raschoille Memoranda, 2.) 

7. At Kilmichael, Glassary, 13 June 16G7. (English.) 

Wadset of the lands and island of Ellamnackasken in the parish 
of Kilmartin, sheriffdom of Argyll, by John Campbell of Dun- 
troon, with consent of Margaret Campbell, " Lady Dountroone," 
his mother, liferentrix thereof, to Alexander Campbell, his brother 
german. The wadset price is £1,000 Scots. Warrandice: the 
•1 merkland of Ardiphurchastell in the said parish. To be held 
in free blenseh. Reddendo : one penny Scots at Whitsunday. 
The precept of sasine is addressed to John Campbell in Raschoille. 
Written by John Stewart, Commissary Clerk of Argyll. Wit- 
nesses : Captain Colin Campbell of Blairintibbert, John Thomson, 
merchant burgess of Glasgow, George Thomson his son, the said 
John Stewart, Robert Steill, tailor in Kilmichael in Glassary, 
John McGilchrist lawful son of Donald McGilchrist, notary in 
Kilmichael, and Colin Campbell, messenger. 

(Raschoille Memoranda, -1.) 

8. At Kilmichael, 25 February 1G68. (English.) 

Discharge by John Campbell of Duntroon to Alexander Camp- 
bell, his brother german, of all debts due by the said Alexander 
to the said John. Witnesses : Donald Campbell, brother german 
of the said John, John Stewart, Commissary Clerk of Argyll, 
the writer of the document, John Polleik, merchant in Kilmichael 
in Glassary, and John McCallum in Tilligar. 

(Raschoille Memoranda, 5.) 

9. (Place and dale, with much of the final part of the document missing. It begins : 

" Charles be the grace of God King," and towards the end one can distinguish 
the words : "and of our reigne. the twentie." The docket gives the war as 
1669.) (English.) 


Precept of poinding, narrating that, on 13 .January 1663, 
Patrick Campbell of Duntroon, as principal, and Alexander 
Campbell, liar of Raschoille, his second lawful son, as cautioner, 
granted a Bond for £100 Scots to Niall Campbell, lawful SOI] of 
the deceased Duncan Campbell, alias McOnile VcPhatrak, some- 
time in Kilmartin. On 10 August 1668 the said Niall assigned 
the Bond to Niall Campbell, late Provost of Inveraray. The 
said Patrick of Duntroon being now dead and the said Alexander 
refusing payment, the precept is issued against the latter. 

10. At Inveraray, 23 August 1670. (English.) 

Compt litted between Archibald, Kail of Argyll, and Alexander 
Campbell, brother to the Laird of Duntroon and Ofliciar of the 
Martayship of Ariskeodnish, for the year 1669-70. The total 
is £1,207. Therewith a discharge, dated as above, signed by the 
Earl' and the said Alexander. There is mention of Alexander 
Ritchie, receiver of his Lordship's " victuall cropt," 1669 and 
1670, and of one Robert Andrew, but without designation. 
Witnesses to the discharge : Niall Campbell, sheriff depute of 
Argyll, Hendrie Melis, servitor to Sir Colin Campbell of Aberuchill, 
and Donald Campbell, servitor to the said Niall Campbell. 

11. At Baltimore of Kilmichaelin Glassary, 27 January 1674. (English.) 

Assignation of the reversionary rights over the lands and estate 
of Duntroon by John Campbell of Duntroon in favour of his 
second lawful brother german, Alexander Campbell, narrating 
that Niall Campbell, sheriff depute of Argyll, now stands infeft 
and seised in the said lands by right ot apprisings, until a debt 
due to him (the amount of which is, however, omitted) be repaid. 
The assignor states that he is not himself able " at put to satislie 
and pay" the amount, and that, as "thair may be danger in 
delaying any longer the payment thairof and sicing that failzieing 
of aiiis male lawfullie to be gottin of my owin bodie " the said 
Alexander is kl nearest and aire male to me," he is prompted to 
take this step. If is stipulated that, if "it shall picas Cod I 
have air is male lawfullie procrcat of my owin bodie to suceeid 
to me," Alexander shall yield up to such heir these reversionary 
rights' the heir paying him whatever he may have paid to the 
said Niall in redemption of the property ; but if only daughteis 
are born to the assignor, Alexander shall pay to them (or her) 
the amount provided in their (or her) mother's marriage contract. 
Written by John Stewart, Commissary Clerk of Argyll. Wit- 
nesses : Donald Campbell, lawful brother german to the assignor, 
John Campbell, lawful son of Colin Campbell, uncle of the assignor, 

and the said John Stewart. 

{The reference to the mother's marriage contract probably quoted its date, 
but the document is badly torn at this point.) (Hasehoillc Memoranda, 3.) 

12. At Inveraray, 13 February 1675. (English.) 

Marriage Contract between Duncan Fisher, writer in Inveraray, 
and Mary, eldest lawful daughter of Walter Grahaiue. Wit- 


nesses : John Zuill of Darleith (?), and Niall Mo .... and 
Patrick Fishers, lawful brethren to the said Duncan Fisher, 
and Nicoll Zuill, brotbei to the said Juhn Zuill. 

(The attentat ion clause is much perished.) 

13. At Kihnichael in Classary, ( J November 1676. (English.) 

Testament of Eouine (Hugh) Gig McThavish in Airdphuire 
Castell and inventory of the goods and geir pertaining to him 
and Issobell nein Donill ohame, alias McLean, his wife, at the time 
of his death in 1675 ; given up by himself in his house at Aird- 
phuire on 9 November 1675. Witnesses : Ai' 1 : Campbell, 
son to the Laird of Duntroon, Duncan McLauchlau in Kilmichael 
in Inverlussay, Duncan McCaueis in Ardphuir Castell, and Allan 
McDougall in Killchoan. Creditors : Christine MeCallum, Chris- 
tine McThavish, Angus McLaine, Duntroon, Margaret McOlbryd, 
wife of John MeCallum, Marie MeCallum in Kilmartin, and 

Melllphadrick " for Iron." Legacies : to his wife a 

brown cow "called the pypar w l hir quey and the wholl sheip," 
also " the Cheist the queirnes the pott pan and tangs " during 
her life ; to Dougald McThaveis a two-year-old cow ; to his 
foster (son), Alexander Campbell of Raschoille (who is named 
executor), the residue, except for half the household goods, 
which are left to the wife. It is stated that the Testator could 
not write his signature. Confirmed at above place and date 
by John Stewart, Commissary depute of Argyll, who appends 
his signature with that of John McGilchrist, " my Clark of Court 
for the tyme." 

(Subsequently to his dispossession of the paternal estate, John Campbell 
of Duntroon is usually spoken of as " the Laird of Duntroon," while his sup- 
planter is always called " Niall Campbell of Duntroon." It is probable, 
therefore, that John is the laird whose son witnesses the above — especially as 
John's brother had been fostered by the Testator. It is unlikely that one. that 
had been connected by such intimate ties with the old family would hare hud 
any dealings with a member of the supplanter's family. As, however, we 
know (see No. 1 1) that John had no lawful issue on 27 January 11)74, Archibald 
must have been his natural son.) (Raschoille Memoranda, 7.) 

14. At Kilmartin, 28 January 1G86. (English.) 

Testament oi Alexander Campbell of Raschoille, who " deceist 
in the moneth of January or y'by 1685," given up by Margaret 
Campbell, his widow, in the name of Patrick, Niall, Duncan, 
Janet, Moir, Barbara and Margaret Campbell, their children. 
Debtors : Donald Campbell, sometime of Narrachan, as principal, 
and the Laird of Duntroon, as cautioner. Creditors : Archibald 
Maclachlan of Craiginterrive and Mr. William Maclachlan — the 
latter in respect of teinds. The Confirmation is signed by Zachary 
MeCallum of Poltalloch, Commissary depute to Mr. Alexander 
McLean (Commissary Principal of Argyll), and by the Clerk of 
Court, J. Aickman. 

(Raschoille Memoranda, 8.) 


15. At Dunad, 31 December 1692. (English.) 

Marriage Contract between Lachlan Maclachlan, brother of 
Allan Maclachlan of Dunad, and Janet Campbell, lawful sister 
of Patrick Campbell of Raschoille, with consent of her said brother 
and of Colin Campbell of Blairintibbert, her grandfather. The 

settlements on both sides are of some magnitude, considering 
the financial resources of Raschoille. Written by Mr. Dugald 

Campbell, sou of .John Campbell of Kildalloig. Witnesses : 
Archibald Maclachlan of Craiginterrive, Patrick Campbell of 

Hudill, John Pollick in Kilmichael, mid John McGilchrisl in 
Kilmichael (who inserted the date and names of witnesses). 

(Raschoille Memoranda, *J.) 

16. At Kilmichael in Glassary, 17 January 1095. (English.) 

Marriage Contract between Patrick Campbell of Raschoille 
and Barbara Campbell, lawful daughter of the deceased Archibald 
Campbell .... Campbell of Inverawe, with consent of John 
Campbell .... and Alexander Campbell of Kihnartin, her uncle. 
Patrick undertakes to infeft Barbara with an annual rent of £60 
Scots out of his lands of Ellanmackasken and Raschoille, Patrick 
Campbell of Duntroon being his cautioner. The liferent rights 
of Margaret Campbell, mother of the said Raschoille, are reserved. 
The usual provision is made for children. The said John Camp- 
bell (who is later spoken of as Barbara's brother) undertakes to 
settle 850 merks Scots by instalments, the said Alexander of Kil- 
martin being his cautioner. Written by John McGilchrist, 
writer in Kilmichael. Witnesses : Patrick Campbell of Rudill, 
. . . ., son of the said Alexander Campbell of Kilmartin, John 
Pollock in Kilmichael, the said John McGilchrist, . . . . 
McKay in Doungaiive (?), and Donald Campbell in Corrillich. 

(The document of which the above is an extract is not an original document, 
but appears to be a copy made from the original in 1S88. // is docketed : 
" Copy Contract of Marriage betwixt Patrick Campbell of Raschoylie and 
Barbara Campbell his spouse, 1GU5 " ; and the date " 1888 " is written beneath. 
The folio sheets on which it is written are joined along the margin in a manner 
usual with modern lawyers ; and the whole appearance is quite modern. 

The. internal evidence, however, leaves no doubt that it is a meticulously 
exact copy of the original, laboriously made by some person that had very little 
acquaintance with old documents. Thus, he more than once writes " tother "' 
for "tocher," and in one place he reads " yrto " (thereto) as " yato," which 
clearly puzzles him / The place Ellanmackasken, which would certainly 
have been described m the original as "the Isleand of Isleand Mackuiskcn," 
reduces the copyist to despair ; for he reads it " Isleand of Isle and Mac . . . ." 
—and there he gives it up. The whole copy is full of similar errors ; but it 
is noteworthy that, in each case, the error is due to a similarity between two 
letters, such as " c " and " t " followed by " h " — or else to some abbreviation 
or di/Jicult name. 

The signatures of the witnesses are given ; but among them we find " . . . . 
Campbell fcir of Islandrie" 

In several places there are small gaps in the body of the document, showing 
where the copyist had failed altogether to read the original.) 

(Raschoille Memoranda, 10.) 


17. At Ellanmackasken, 2 March 1702. (English.) 

Marriage Contract between Mr. Colin Campbell, minister of 
Ardchattan, and Margaret Campbell, widow of the deceased 
Donald Campbell of Barichcbcyan. The bride's share of the settle- 
ment consists of two separate annuities settled on her by the terms 
of her marriage contract with the said Donald, dated at Ellan- 
mackasken, 28 March 1689, and an additional annuity due to her 
by the said Donald's will, dated at Castle Craignish, February 
1697. Written by the said Mr. Colin Campbell, and a duplicate 
written by Donald Campbell, his son. Witnesses : Mr. John 
Darroch, minister at Craignish, Patrick Campbell of Haschoille, 
and the said Donald Campbell, son of the said Mr. Colin. 

(Haschoille Memoranda, 11.) 

18. At Edinchip, 11 March 1702. (English.) 

Assignation by Mr. William Campbell, minister of Knapdale, 
to Patrick Campbell, writer in Edinburgh, of debts due to him 
as follows: — £100 Scots from Mr. Dougall Campbell, late factor 
to the Laird of Auehiiibrcck ; £280 7s. Scots from Patrick 
Campbell in Inner neill, also late factor to Auckiubrcck ; 
£83 6s. 8d. Scots from the deceased Archibald Campbell of Danna ; 
and 300 merles, proportionally from these debtors, as " dam- 
madges." Witnesses : Patrick Campbell of Edinchip, Duncan 
Stewart in Monachullmor, and Duncan Mclntyre, officer to the 
Earl of Tullibardine. The docket on the back states that this 
assignation was presented (for registration ?) by John Pollick 
on 22 December 1702. 

19. At Inveraray, 9 July 1717. (English.) 

Precept of poinding, narrating that, on 17 September 1712, 
Archibald Campbell in Teynalein, as principal, and Patrick 
Campbell of Kudill, as cautioner, gave a Pond to Archibald 
Campbell, messenger in Kilmichael, for 40 mciks Scots. On 

26 1711 the messenger assigned the Bond to the said 

Patrick Campbell of Rudill, who has failed to secure payment 
from, Archibald Campbell in Teynalein, against whom, therefore, 
the precept is directed. It is issued in the name of John, Duke 
of Argyll, and signed by Archibald Campbell — presumably the 
sheriff clerk. The execution is indorsed by Duncan McPhune, 
sheriff officer, who states that he duly served it on 20 July 1717. 

20. At Dalavich, 15 January 1721. (English.) 

Assignation by Mr. Duncan Campbell, minister of Dalavich, 
narrating that his mother, Margaret Campbell, now wife of Mr. 
Colin Campbell, minister of Ardchattan, under date of 1 February 
1721, assigned certain goods to the deceased Patrick Campbell 
of Raschoille, brother german of the said Duncan, and to the 
said Duncan himself ; and in return the two brothers gave a 
discharge to the said Mr. Colin Campbell. Further, the brothers 
(presumably acting for their mother) assigned to the said Mr 
Colin a certain sum due to their mother in case she should survive 


her said husband ; in return lor which, the .said Mr. Colin Camp- 
hell, as principal, and Patrick Campbell, his eldest lawful son, 
as cautioner, gave a Bond for 5UO inerks Seats to the brothers. 
This Bond the said minister of Dalavich, in his own name and 
as acting for Archibald Campbell, now of Raschoille, or Other 
representatives of his said deceased brother, Patrick, now assigns 
to Duncan Campbell in Kilbride, husband of Margaret Campbell, 
sister of the said Patrick and Duncan, in return for a discharge 
cf what is due to their said brother-in-law as tocher. Written 
by Duncan Campbell, writer in Lome. Witnesses : Duncan 
Campbell, writer in Craig, and James Campbell, younger, of 

(Raschoille Memoranda, 12.) 

At Inveraray, 4 August 17:57. (English.) 

Testament of Mr. Duncan Campbell, minister of Kilmartin, 
signed by himself at his house at Uleiicharn (of which he held a 
tack) on 21 September 173G. Witnesses : Archibald McCallum, 
beadle in Kilmartin, and James Campbell of Lludill. James 
Campbell of Raschoille is named Executor, being nephew of the 
.Testator. Legatees: the Testator's wife, Henrietta Campbell; 
his nephew, Mr. Daniel Campbell, son of Mr. Niall Campbell, 
minister of Colonsay ; his nephew, John Stewart, son of the 
deceased Mr. Robert Stewart, minister of Lochaber (" modem 
pencil note adds (lie words ''ty Ann, my half sister") • the children 
of Daniel McGilchrist, writer in Kilmichael ; Alexander and John 
Campbell, sons of the said minister of Colonsay ; Duncan 
Campbell, son of Mr. James Campbell, minister in Seyle ; Dugald 
Campbell, brother to the said James Campbell of.' Raschoille ; 
Janet Campbell, sister of the said minister in Seyle ; Marion, 
Barbara, Mary and Margaret, daughters of the said minister of 
Colonsay- — Margaret getting more than her sisters ; and the said 
James Campbell of Raschoille (residuary). A large sum is left 
to his wife for her life and thereafter in trust for the benefit of 
the poor of Kilmartin, the trustees being Niall Campbell of 
Duntroon, Archibald Campbell of Inverlevir, the said Mr. Niall 
Campbell, minister of Colonsay, Archibald Campbell of Blairin- 
tibbert, the said Mr. James Campbell, minister in Seyle, James 
Campbell of lludill (who wrote the will), and the said James 
Campbell of Raschoille. A smaller sum is left to the poor of 
the parish of Dalavich and Kilchrennan, and another small 
sum each to Isobell and Ann, daughters of the deceased Niall 
Campbell, formerly Changekeeper in Slockvullin. The 'testator 
desires to be buried with his ancestors in Kilmartin churchyard. 

The test anient, was given up by Angus Campbell, writer in 
Inveraray, in presence of Mr. Archibald Campbell ol Siondield, 
advocate, sheriff depute of Argyll, at place and date as above. 
The document is stated to be a copy of the original, made by 
Peter Lindsay, Clerk Deputy, whose signature is added. 

(Raschoille Memoranda, 15.) 


22. At Inveraray, 19 December 17.T7. (English.) 

Precept of Clare Constat by Null Campbell of Duntroon to 
James Campbell of Raschoille, as Lawful and nearest heir to his 
grandfather, the deceased Alexander Campbell of Raschoille, 
in the 2 merkland of Raschoille and the office of serjeandry or 
officiary of Ariskeodnish. Witnesses: Angus Campbell of 
Asknish, James Campbell of (Jib, James Campbell and Duncan 
Fisher, writers in Inveraray, and James Campbell of Rudill, 
writer of the precept. The ducket states that James Campbell 
of Raschoille was son of Patrick, who was son o[ Alexander, 
who was son of Patrick Campbell of Duntroon. 

(Raschoille Memoranda, 17.) 

23. At Kilmartin, 14 February 1750. (English.) 

Marriage Contract between Mr. Donald Campbell, minister in 
North Knapdale, and Mary, lawful daughter of Archibald Camp- 
bell of Jura, constituting a Trust for the benefit <>f the wife and 
issue of I he marriage, the Trustees being the said Archibald Camp- 
bell, Duncan Campbell his son, and Archibald Campbell of Ken- 
more. Witnesses : Niall Campbell of Duntroon, the said Archi- 
bald Campbell of Kenmore, Alexander Campbell of Shirvan, 
Dugald MacTavish of Dunardery, James Campbell of Raschoille, 
and James Campbell of Rudill, writer of the contract. The bride 
signed at Ardlin in Jura on 8 March 1750. Witnesses : Mr. 
Archibald Lamby, minister of Kilmartin, and Niall MacNeill 
of Arichonan. A note at the foot, signed by the bridegroom 
at Inveraray, 4 August 1759, states that the tocher has been 
fully paid to him. 

(Raschoille Memoranda, 18.) 

24. At Inveraray, 3 April 1761. (English.) 

Unexecuted deed of taillie of all his lands by James 
Campbell of Raschoille, narrating that, as Captain Niall Campbell 
of Duntroon, by a deed of even date, constitutes the said James 
his heir immediately after the heirs male of his own body, the said 
James nominates his heirs in the following order of remainder : — 
(a) his eldest son (whose name is not filled in) and the heirs male 
of his body ; (b) the heirs male to be born to the said James 
by the present or any subsequent marriage, and the heirs male 
of their bodies ; (c) the said Captain Niall Campbell and the 
heirs male of his body ; (d) John Campbell, eldest son of the 
deceased Mr. Daniel Campbell, who was cousin german of the 
said James and formerly minister of Ardnamurchan, and the 
heirs male of his body ; (e) Alexander Campbell, brother of the 
said John, and the heirs male of his body ; (f) the nearest heirs 
whatsoever of the said James Campbell of Raschoille. Written 
by John Moir, apprentice to David Campbell, Writer to the 
Signet. Witnesses: John Campbell of Danna and John Clerk, 
writer in Inveraray. 


{The document is of great length, but, though the names of the witnesses 
are filled in, neither the;/ nor the principal have .signed. Probably Duntroon 
never fulfilled his part of the bargain ; or perhaps /{asrhuillc's cousins objected 
to being named after lJuntrooii. The deal is of considerable interest in that it 
makes the most extraordinary and intricate provision against the alienation 
or forfeiture of the estate ut any future date — such provision as ivould inevitably 
have ruined the estate, in lawsuits/ Raschoille later executed a more just and 
less litigious deed of taillie [see No. 27].) 

(h'aschoi/le Memoranda, 2o.) 

25. At Duntroon, 1 November 1761. (English.) 

Precept of ('hue Constat by Niall Campbell of Duntroon to 
James Campbell of Raschoille, as lieir to his grandfather, 
Alexander Campbell of Raschoille, who was sou of Patrick Camp- 
bell of Duntroon, in the lands and olUce as iu No. 22. Witnesses : 
Captain John Campbell, brother of Colin Campbell of Ederline, 
and John Davies, surgeon in Torblaren. 

{This precept is almost word for word identical with No. 22, except that the 
docket does not give James' descent. Possibly the older precept had been mislaid, 
and this was issued in its place.) 

{Raschoille Memoranda, unnumbered). 

26. At Achadashenag, 21 January 1762. (English.) 

Letter beginning "Dear Cousin," and terminating with the 
words : " I am, with the usual good wishes of the season to you, 
Mrs. Campbell & young folks, Dear Raschoillie, your affec. 
Cousin, John Stewart." From the contents we gather that the 
writer and addressee were guardians to the children of the deceased 
Mr. Donald Campbell, minister of Ardnamurchan, and that the 
former had just returned from that district, where he had been 
looking into some financial questions on behalf of the children. 
It appears, among other tilings, that the tenuis of Ardnamurchan 
had, during the incumbency of Donald's predecessor, " Mr. 
Lacldan," '- been accustomed to be paid at different dates 
from those in vogue in other parts : and owing to this t he children 
were likely to suffer much loss in respect of the annat. 13 There 
is mention of a Doctor Mclntyre, and of a debt due to Raschoille 
by Loclibuie, who is stated to be in Edinburgh with his family, 
"where your agent may easily manadge him." The writer also 
mentions that the Presbytery of Mull is due to meet iu Ardna- 
murchan cail\ in March. 

27. At Ellanmackasken, .'51 August 1767. (English.) 

Deed of taillie (duly executed) of all his property by James 
Campbell of Raschoille, nominating his successors in the following 
remainder : — (a) Alexander Campbell, his only son, and the heirs 
male of his body ; (b) the heirs female of his body ; (r) Barbara 
Campbell, only daughter of the said James, and the heirs mule 
of her body ; (</) the heirs female of her body ; (f) John Campbell, 

11 Lachlan Campbell, minister of Ardnamurchan, 1737-55. 

13 The ]>ortiun of tithe due to the heirs of a deceased minister. 


eldest sun of the deceased Mr. Daniel Campbell, minister of 
Axdnamurchan, and the heirs male of his body; (/) Alexander 
Campbell, youngest son of the said Mr. Daniel Campbell, and the 
heirs male of his body ; (g) the nearest heirs male of Raschoille 

himself. There is mention of a provision that had been made 
for Jean Fisher, wife of .James, and for his said daughter. Wit- 
nesses : Angus Fisher of Thornfield and Duncan Campbell, 
writer in Inveraray, who drew up the deed. 

(Raschoille Memoranda, 21.) 

28. 13 August 177(i. (English.) 

Sasine of Raschoille (2 merks) by .John Campbell, tailor in 
Raschoille, as baillic constituted by the precept of sasine, to 
Niall Campbell, tailor in Raschoille, as attorney for Niall Campbell 
of Rudill, narrating a sale of Raschoille by Alexander Campbell, 
only lawful son and heir of the deceased .lames Campbell of 
Raschoille, in favour of the said Niall Campbell of Rudill. dated 
the same day. Done before Claud Simson, notary public, clerk 
of the diocese of Glasgow. Witnesses : Duncan Stewart in Acha- 
dashenag in Mull and David Frigge, writer in Edinburgh. Regis- 
tered at Dumbarton in the eleventh book (fols. 260 and 261) 
of the Sasine Register by Niall Campbell, keeper of the said 
Register, at the request of John Cray, messenger in Dumbarton. 

29. At Dumbarton, 27 May 1783. (English.) 

Admission of Alexander Campbell of Raschoille as Burgess 
of Dumbarton, in the presence of Lord Frederick Campbell, 
Provost of the burgh, James Colquhoun and Niall Campbell 
..... baillies, Robert Gardner, dean of guild, and .John Gray, 
treasurer. The document purports to be extracted by John 
Mc An lay. 

30. At Inveraray, 17 June 1816. (English.) 

Marriage Contract between Duncan Rankin, minister of South 
Knapdale, and Jane, eldest lawful daughter of the deceased 
Alexander Campbell, late of Raschoille. The bride brings into 
settlement a Promissory Note, dated 15 May 181ti, by John Stewart 
at Achadashenaig for £326 sterling ; and it is stipulated that 
all action for implement of the provisions in Jane's favour " shall 
pass at the instance of Peter Campbell, writer- in Inveraray, 
Alexander Campbell, Lieutenant in the Royal Marines, Donald 
Campbell, Captain in the 17th regiment of foot, and Duncan 
Campbell, Lieutenant in the Royal Marines, her brothers german." 
Written by the said Peter Campbell. Witnesses : the Rev. 
Donald MacNicoll, minister of Killinan, and the said Peter 

IIerbekt Campbell. 


BngDale's Visitation of Thirksbire, 

(Continual from Vol. XXXI, p. 2C7.) 
Wilton Ukacok, Yorke, 13° Sept. 1G06. 



JFnll- Sutton. 

Akm.h: -Oules, three horses' heads erased Argent, bridled Sable. 

I. WILLIAM HORSLEY, of Skirpenbeck in the Wapentake of 
Buckrosc, mar. Elizabeth, daughter of .... They had 
issue — 

II. WILL' HI HORSLEY, of Skirpenbeck, in com. Eborum, living 
1584 ; mar. first Margery, dau. of William Thwaytes, of 
Marston. They had issue — 

1. William, eldest, son, 1581, mar. Dorothy, dan. of 

William Lakyn, of Easingwold. They had issue 

William, eldest son, tot. (i an. 1584. 
Elizabeth, mar. William Slater. 
Mary, mar. Thomas Bylbo rough. 
Margaret, mar. William Taylor. 

2. Richard 

Elizabeth, wife of William Dawtrey, of Full Sutton 
ill llarthill. 
Mar. secondly, Ellinor, dau. of ... . Smyth, of eo. Line. 
They had issue — 
Francis (III). 

Dorothy (or Katharine), wife of Francis Chamberlayn, 
of Thoraldby (Glover, p. 176). 
Mar. thirdly, Ellinor, dau. of ... . Buhner. They had 
issue — 

Robert, of Cropton. (See Horsley of Beckhouse.) 



III. FRANCIS HORSLEY, of Full Sulton, in com. Ebor., died in 

a" JJ530 or thereabouts, admon. 1 Sept. 1041 ; mar. Gartrude, 
daughter of . . . Wytham, of Wytham, admon. 29 Sept. 1641. 
They had issue — ■ 
/.' Francis (IV). 

2. Rtehard Hordey, died unmarried. 

3. Edward Ilorsley, of Stamford Iiriggs, in com. Ebor. 
Gartrude (? Dorothy), wife of Caleb Procter, of ... , 

lie. 1615 (Paver). 

IV. FRANCIS HORSLEY, of Skirpenbeck, in com. Ebor., died in 

his father's lifetime, \ admon. 7 Nov. 1638 ; mar. Isabell, 
daughter of James Fri/ar, or Frear, lie 1627 (Paver). They 
had issue — 

1. Francis (V). 

2. George. 

V. FRANCIS HORSLEY, of Full Sutton, at. 35 annor. 13 Sept. 
1065; mar. Mar//, daughter of John Spofurth, of Howsham 
in com. Ebor., widow of Francis Dawtre of Full Sutton. They 
had issue — 

Francis, at. JO an, 13 Sept. 1005. 

1. Triphena. 

2. Mary. 

Pickering Lith Wapkntakk 


M niton, 29° Sept. 1GG6. 




Amis : — Gules, throe horses' heads coupeci Argent, bridled Sable. 

I. WILLIAM HORSLEY, of Skirpenbeck, mar. thirdly, Ellinor, 
dau. to ... . Buhner. They had issue— 

1. Robert (II). 

2. Thomas. 

3. Jeremiah, 


II. ROBERT B0R8LEY, of Beckhouse, in com. Ebor., ? admon. 
10 May 1G17 ; mar. Elizabeth, daughter to ... . Gidney, of 
Ancaster in com. Lineolnuv. They had issue — 

III. WILLIAM HORSLEY, of Beckhouse, in com. Ebor., obijt 

a" 1037, admon. 17 May 1638; mar. Elizabeth, daughter to 
Richard Waynd, of Fontroyst, in com. Ebor., at St. Olave's, 
York, 6 May 1034 (C.B.N. ). They had issue— 

IV. WILLIAM HORSLEY, of Beckhouse, in co. Ebor., at. 28 

ann. 1666 ; mar. Anne, eldest dangh. to Roijer Wtlberfosse, of 
Wtlberfosse, in co. Ebor., 1 st icife. They had issue— 

Elizabeth, dyed young. 
Mar. Elizabeth, daughter and sole hcire to John Agard, of 
Stockton, in co. Ebor., second wife, 11 Dec. 1661, at Belfreys. 
They had issue — 

William, fetalis unius anni. 

1. Anne. 

2. Mary, dyed young. 

Tun Borough ok Kingston upon Hull. Hull, 4 Sept. a° 1605. 

9-tfnidt of Kingston super Hull. 

No proofe made of the urines. 

I. MICIIAELL BEWICK, of Appleby, in com. Line. He had 
issue — 

1. Anthony Deivick, of Winterton, in com. Line. He had 


2. Francis (II). 

3. Thomas Deivick, of Kingston upon Hull, cet. 70 ann. 

T' Sept. a" 1665, draper, bur. at Holy Trinity, 
Hull, 20 Feb. 1677-8. Will, 5 July 1675, pr. at 
York 19 June 1679 (vol. lviii, p. 401) ; mar. Rosamund, 

daughter of Thwayts of Doncaster. They 

had issue — 

Nicholas, of Hull, draper, bur. at Holy Trinity, 
Hull, 4 Oct. 1680. Will, 27 Dee. 1678, pr. 
at York 27 Jan. 1680-1 (vol. lviii, p. 209) ; 
mar. Frances Smith. They had issue — 
Thomas, named in his father's will. 
Rosamond, mar. John Lightfoote. 
Elizabeth, exix. of her father's will. 

> Named in their father's 



II. FRANCIS BEWICK, Alderman and Mayor of Kingston upon 
Hull, died in a" 1003, bur. at Trinity, Hull, 5 May 1663. 
M.I. Will, 21 Mar. 1662-3, pr. at York 25 June 1663 (Reg. 
Test., vol. xlv, p. 5-41) ; mar. Margaret, da. of ... . Mouncy, 
of Kingston sup. Hull, died 15 Feb. 1661, bur. at Trinity, 
Hull, M.I. (Gent's Hull.) They had issue — 
John (III). 

Mary, wife unto Hob' Raykes, of Kingston upon Hull, 
mar. lie. 1664 at Hessle or Trinity, Hull. 

III. JOHN DEWICK, of Kingston upon Hull, at. 3-J ann. 1 Sept. 
1665, merchant, bur. at Trinity, Hull, 26 Dec 1678. Will, 
15 Aug. 1078, pr. at York 12 Feb. 1678-9 (vol. Iviii, p. 352) ; 
mar. Margaret, daughter unto James Moxon, of Leedes in com. 
Ebor., 1 Jan. 1651-2 at Holbeck (Leeds' Keg.) They had issue — 

1. John, ai. 8 ann. a 1005, 4" Sept. 

2. Francis. \ 

3. Thomas. ( M , • ,, • f ., , .,, 
„, ■ Warned m their fathers will. 

Margaret. ' 

Rydale Wapentake. 

Malton, 28 Aii" 1665. 




Arms: — Sable, on a bend Ardent three lozenges of the field. 
Chest : — Out of a ducal coronet Or a unicorn's head Argent. 

I. WILLIAM CAR1UNGTON, of Spawnton, in com. Ebor., 
living a" 1612 (son of John Carrington, of Carrington, co. Cest., 
byhisthird wife, Ellen, dau. of William Brereton, of Brereton, 
see Ormerod's Cheshire, vol. i, p. Oil) ; mar. Anne, daughter of 

John lionvile, of ... . in com They had issue — 

1. William 1 Carrington, of Spawnton, a-t. 27, 1612 ; mar. 
.... They had issue — 

Anne, wife, of WiWm Medd,'of Lestingham, 
in com. Ebor., sole daughter and heire. 

1 William Carrington and ECltzabot ti Thompson mar. 1 .lime 1615, at St. 
Michael's, Ousobridge, York. Licence 1033 loi William Carrington, Ksq., of 

Spawnton, and Frances Legurd, wid., of Uawtry. Query, if either refer to the above. 

X 714827 

duudalk's visitation ok yokkshikk. 35 

2. John (II). 


Catherine. Glover's 

Ann. Visitation, 

Frances. 500. 


Isabell, wife of John Maddison, of Thorn- 
ton House. 

II. JOHN CARRINGTON, of Spawnton, at. 72 ann. 28 Aug. 

a" 1005. Will, 19 Feb. 1673-4, pr. at York, 1674 (vol. lv.) ; 

mar. Elizabeth, (hi tighter of Henry Synvpson, of Edston, in com. 

Ebor., al Bclfreys, York. 10 Jan. 1632-3. They had issue— 

/. J'amvs (111). 

2. Raphe. ) 

3. Francis. > Named in their father's will. 
Elizabeth. ) 

111. JAMES CARRINGTON, at. 30 ann. 28 Aug. a" 1665; mar. 

Judith, daughter of John Garforth, of Ryton in com. Ebor. They 

had issue — ■ 

/. Samuel I. 

2. Henri/. 

Haynton Beacon. 

Kilham, 31 Aug. 1665. 



Akms: — Argont, n liun rampant witliiu an orle of escallops Sable, a canton 

f! ulos. 
CftEST : — A cubit arm in armour Or, ihe gauntlet grasping a sword Argent 

hiltcd ut the first. 


...■■ - 


I. WILL* MAN BY, 1 of Elsham, in com. Line, died 5 March 
15 Eliz. (1573-4) ; mar. Alice, dau. of Thomas Gibthorpe, 
wid. of John Dacombe. They hud issue — 

/. Francis Manly, of Elsham, .son & heire, Sheriff of co. 
Jane, died 20 Aug. 2 ( J Eliz. [1587]; mar. Anne, 
dau. of Sir Francis Ayscough, of South Kelsey, 
Knt. They hud issue — 

Will'" Manby, of Cranswicke, in co. Ebor., 
living e a" 1012 ; inur. Anne, dau. of Robert 
Williamson. They hud issue. (See " Lin- 
colnshire Pedigrees," Hurl. Soc., p. GUI.) 
2. Robert (II). 

Mary, mar. Thomas Lodington. 

II. ROBERT MANBY, of Farlington, in com. Ebor., bur. 25 Jan. 
1(501-2 at Bainton (C.B.N.) ; mar.. Isabel, dau. of ... . Smith 
(Clover, 024). They hud issue — 
Richard (III). 

Robert Manby, of Beverley, draper. Will, 7 July 
1646, pr. at York 17 Apr. 1047 (unregistered) ; 
mar. Elizabeth, dau. of Wm. Johnson, of Beverley. 
They had issue — 
John Manby, of Cottenham, co. Camb., D.D. ; mar. 
Hester, dau. of Francis White, Bishop of Ely? They 
had issue — 
Thomas, named in his brother Robert's will. 

III. RICHARD MANBY, of Middleton, in com. Ebor., died in 
a 1658. Will. 20 Apr., pr. at London 27 Nov. 1658 (Abs. 
Rec. Ser., vol. ix, p. 137) ; mar. Elizabeth, daughter of George 
Barnes, of . . . . in com. Wilts (dau. of Rev. G. Barnes, Rector 
of Middleton, C.B.N.) ; mar. lie, 1616. They had issue— 
Richard (IV). 

1. Mary, wife of Stephen Hudson, of Kelld, in com. Eboru. 

2. Eliz., bp. 13 Sept. 1618 at Watton (C.B.N.), wife of 

II tlliam Ringrose, of South Dalton, in com. Ebor., 
lie 1039 at Middleton. 

3. Anne, bp. 1620 at Watton (C.B.N. ), wife of John 

Semar, of Raisthorpe. in co. Ebor. 

4. Frances, bp. 10 Nov. 1020 at Watton (C.B.N. ), wife of 

John CottereU, of Hugget in co. Ebor. 

5. Hannah, bp. Dec. 1031 at Watton, wife of Francis 

Throckmorton, of Burnbutls, in co. Ebor. 
1 Fur earlier pedigree soe Liucoluahire Visitations (Harl. Soc). 



1 V. RICH A Rl) MAN It Y, of Middle ton, at. 38 arm. 31 A ug. a" 1605, 
1>I>. 5 Aug. 1625 at Watton, bur. 3 .June 1694 at Middleton 

((Ui.N.) ; mar. Frances, daughter of Francis Carlisle, of 
Brandsburton in II older nesse in com. Ebor. there, 15 Apr. 1651. 
They had issue — 

Mary, at. 9 ann. 31 Aug. 1665. 
Frances, at. 6 ann. 1665. 
John, 8. & h., living 1691. 
? Richard, bp. at St. Mary, Beverley, 31 Mar. 1652. 

Authorities — Glover's, and Lincolnshire Visitations. 

Buckrose Wapentake. 

Malton, 28 Aug. 1665. 




ARMS:- Argent, n cross engrailed Azure between four bears passant Sable. 
CliKST; — A ilenii-eagle Argent, wings displayed Gules, charged on the breast 

with two bendleta Sable, in the beak a rose branch stalked and leaved 

Vert,, (lower Argent and Gules. 
No jiroofo made of these Arms. 

I. MICHAELL HARDY, of Wetwang, in com. Ebor., descended 
front .... Hardy, sometime Lord Mayor of London ; mar. 
Alison, daughter of ... . Skelton, of ... . in com. Eborum, 
bur. at Huggate, 17 Jan. 1618-9. They had issue — 

1. John (II). 

2. Michaell Hardy, of Southburne, in co. Ebor., mar. Ann 

Headley, of Kirkburn, lie. there 1(508. 

3. Richard Hardy, of Hunslow Beacon, in com. Eborum. 

1. Helen, wife of ... . Kirby, of Ihtgget, in CO. Ebor. 

2. Anne, wife of Christoph' Crosse, of Hugget in co. Eboru. 

3. Eliz., wife of Marmaduke Taylor, of Langlofte, in co. 




II. JOHN HARDY, of Welwang, died in a" 1641, vel circa. Will, 
28 June 1638, pr. at York 10 Oct. 1639 (unregistered) ; mar. 
Margaret, da. of John Ncwlove, of Welwang, widd. <>f George 
Hynesley, of Warlre, in co. Ebor. The)' had issue — 

1. WiWm (111). 

2. Michael, named in his father's will ; mar. and had issue. 

3. John, named in his father's will. 
Tristram, named in his father's will. 

1. Anne, wife of Thomas Moreton, of Yorke. 

2. Jane, wife of Joint Hudson, of Tibthorpc, in com. Ebor. 

3. Mary, wife of William Hewetson, Citizen of Yorke. 

4. Drusilla, wife of Tho. Bransby, of Rippon, in co. Ebor. 
Emmott, named in her father's will. 

III. WILL'M HARDY, of Wetwang, at. 55 ami. 28 Aug. a" 1665 ; 

bur. at Wetwang 22 Dec KJ'Jii (C.B.N.) ; mar. Emme, daughter 
of John Nicholson, of Swinkell, in co. Ebor., lie. 1635 at St. 
Saviour. They had issue — 
John (IV). 

1. Emme, cat. 24 ann. 1665. 

2. Judith. 

3. Ruthe. 

Mary, bur. 15 Apr. 1657 (C.B.N.). 

IV. JOHN HARDY, at. 22 ann. 28 Aug. 1665. 


Yorke, 22 Mart. 1065. 




A.RMS :— Argent, three bars-gcmellcs Gules, over all a lion rampant Sablo, a 
canton A zure. 

I. G A BR A EEL FAIRFAX, of miction, in co. Ebor. (son of Sir 
William Fairfax and Isabel Thwailes), bur. at Bolton Percy; 

mar. Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Aske, of Aughton, in co. 
Ebor., Esq r , bur. at Bolton Percy. They had issue — 

du< j dale's VISITATION ok YORKSHIRE. 39 

1. S r William Fairfax, of Stcelon, K' . 
Thomas (II). 
Other children. 

II. THOMAS FAIRFAX, of Sledmer, illegitimate son (not con- 
sidered so by Dugdale)j died a" 16 11 or thereabouts; mar. 
Dorothy, daughter of ... . Snawdcll, of Sledmere, in com. 
Ebor. They had issue — 

Charles (III). 

Mabell, wife of D r Johnson, of Langtoft, in coin. Ebor. 

III. CHARLES FAIRFAX, of Sledmer, now residing at Whitby 

in com. Ebor., at. 51 an. 22 Marti j 1665 ; mar. Anne, daughter 

of Johnston, of Long Preston in 11 Older nesse, 1 wife, 

lie. 1628 at Preston. They had issue— 

Thomas (IV). 

WiW m Fairfax, marr. Cath., daugh. of John Smith, of 
Snaynton, in com. Ebor. 

1. Dorothy, wife of W'" Faucet, of Sunderland, in co. 

Paint. Duuelm. 

2. Elizabeth. 

Mar. Mary, daughter of William Rousby, of Crome in the 
County of Yorke, 2 wife. They had issue — 

Charles, Notary Public, admon. at York 24 Aug. 1G72. 
Mary, mar. William Towry. 

Jane, mar. John Laughton, of Eastfield, died 27 Aug. 
1699, bur. at Tickhill. 

IV. THOMAS FAIRFAX, Attorney at Law, at. 32 ann. 22 Martij 

1665 ; mar. Anne, da. of Cuthbert Conyers, of Lay ton, in co. 
Palat. Dunelm., Esq r , 1 wife, at St. Martin's, Coney St., 28 Sept. 
1653, bur. there 23 May 1661 (reg.). They had issue— 

1. John (V). 

2. Conyers, atatis 5 annor., bp. at St. Martin's, Coney St., 

12 Feb. 1660-1 (reg.). 
Edward, bp. at St. Martin's 30 Sept. 1659, bur. there 

2 June 1661 (reg.). 
Mary, bur. at St. Martin's 27 Dec. 1656 (reg.). 
Anne, bur. at St. Martin's 16 Aug. 1658 (reg.). 
Mar. Mary, daughter <& coheire to Henry Anderson, of Long 
Couton, in com. Ebor., Esq., 2 wife, 

V. JOHN FAIRFAX, act. 11 ann. 22 Mart. 1665, bp. at St. 
Martin's, Coney St., 3 Jan. 1651-5 (reg.). 



Gir,LiNo Wkst Wapentake. 

Kichmund, HI Aug. 1665. 




Arms: — Argent, a fesa between six croBsee botonee fitchee, Sable. 

I. WILLIAM LAYTON, of West Layton, in co. Ebor., Esq r ., 
living a" 1585 (? son of John Layton, of West Layton, and 
Beatrix Sedgwicke) ; mar. Elizabeth, daughter of Will'm 
Claxton, of Winiard in co. Dunelm. They had issue — 

II. THOMAS LA YTON, of Wed Layton, died a 1624, vel circa ; 
mar. Margaret, daughter of Richard Willands, of Clinls, in 
com. Ebor urn. They had issue — 

1. Thomas, died unmarried; aet. 12, 1612. 

2. Robert (III). 

3. Richard, died unmarried. 

Alice, wife of Will'm Tenant, of Hubbcram, in co. Ebor. 
Agnes, wife of Hob' Homes, of Apple-ton, in co. Ebor. 
Eliz., wife of A nth. Wardc, of Northcote, in co. Ebor. 
Dorothy, wife of Luke Waslell, of Lasenby, in co. Ebor. 

III. ROBERT LAYTON, of West Layton, died in Jan. 1655. 
Will, 24 Oct. 1654, pr. at London 2 June 1655 (Aylett, 16, 
abstract Yorks Rec. Ser., vol. ix, p. 79) ; mar. Jane, 
daughter of Rob' Wyvill, of High-Burton, in com. Ebor., 9 Jan. 
1620-1 at Masham (C.B.N. ). They had issue— 

1. Thomas (IV). 

2. Robert, crt. 40 ann. 1665 ; proved his father's will. 

3. Marmaduke. 

Susanna. } 
Elizabeth. ) 

£100 in their father's will. 

IV. THOMAS LAYTON, of Whitehouse, in com. Ebor., at. 44 
ann. 21 Aug. 1665, bp. 19 Mar. 1621-2 at Masham. 

Note. — This pedigree is taken farther back in Glover's Visitation 
(Foster's Edition), p. 259, and Harrison's " Yorkshire." 



Multon, 28 Aug. 1065. 



Arms : — Quarterly, a mullet Azure for difference — 

1 and 4. — Or, a chevron between three mullets Sable. 

2 and 3. — Gules, two chevrons (Jr. 

I. GUY LANGDALE, of Snainton, son of William Langdale, of 
Ebberston (for earlier generations sec Glover's Visitation, 

Foster's Edition, p. K»0) ; mar , dau. of Robert Hall, 

of Snainton. They had issue — 

II. RAPHE LANGDALE, of Snainton, in com. Ebor., living 
a 1012; mar. Catherine, daughter of Thomas Jerome, of 
Old Malton, in eo. Ebor., lie. 15'J8 at Old Malton. They had 
issue — 

1. Jeremie (III). 

2. Thomas, died unmarried. 

1. Isabell, wife of Will. Chapman. 

2. Ursula, died unmarried. 

3. Isabell, wife of Richard Dickenson. 
■I. Barbara, died unmarried. 

5. Susan, died unmarried . 

6. Mary, wife of Richard Fisshe, of Beverley, in com. 

Ebor., lie. 1(339 at St. John's, Beverley. 

7. Catherine, wife of Edward Davy, of Beverley. 

8. Elizabeth. 

9. Frances. 

III. JEREMIE LANGDALE, of Snainton, died in a* 1658 ; mar. 
Man/, da. of Thomas Etherington, of Eberston, in co. Ebor., 
lie. 1635 at Snainton or Rillinston. They had issue — 




'Thomas (IV). 

Stephen Langdale, of Beverley, draper ; mar. Eliz., da. 

of Tho. Marshall, of Beverley, in co. Ebor.; lie. 1664, 

at St. Mary's, Beverley. 


IV. THOMAS LANGDALE, of Snainton, cet. 26 ann. 2S Aug. 
1005, iidmon. 21 July 169.'} at York (llycdalc Act Book); 
mar. ■lane, daughter of Henry liosse, of Vreslon in Holdernesse, 
lie. 1(101, at Uarton or Ebberston. They had issue — 

Elizabeth, admon. to her lather 25 June lG'Jl (Ryedale 

Act Book). 

Hangwkst Wapentake Riclimund, 19 Aug. 1665. 

Colbpt of UoiubriDgc (nr. Askrigg). 

Respite given for inserting ye amies unil proving them. 

I. FRANCIS COLBY E, of Layston, in Suffolke, mar 

daughter of ... . Jennings, of ... . in Suffolke. They had 
issue — 

II. JOHN COLBYE, of Nappa, in com. Ebor., died in a 1616. 
Will, 4 Sept. 1616, pr. at York 24 Sept. 1618 (vol. xxxv, p. 
178) ; mar. Man/, daughter of Walter Calverley, of Calverley, 
in com. Ebor. They had issue — 

III. JOHN COLBYE, of Bowbridge Hall, in com. Ebor., cct. 51 an. 

19 Aug. 1665 ; mar. Jane, daughter of Alexander Moore, of 
Grantham in com. Line. They had issue — 

1. Alexander (IV). 

2. Christopher, A.M., Dean of Middleham, installed 1681, 

died 'J July 1727, tot. 83 years, bur. at Middleham. 
M.I. (See Yorks. Arch. Journal, vol. xvii, p. 303.) 
Mar. Margaret ...... bur. at Middleham. They 

had issue — 





1. Anne. 

2. Margaret. 

3. Jane. 

IV. ALEXANDER COLBYE, «i. 25 an. 19 Aug. 1665; mar. 

Jane, daughter unto Christopher Tod, of Middleham, in co. 


PlCKKRIKQK LVTIIK \V A I'KNTA K E. Malton, 29 Aug. a* 1666. 




Akm.h : — Quarterly — 

1. — Ardent, a cross tieury Gules (l J erceliay). 

2. — Argent, fretty Azure (Lound). 

3.— Argent, :i lion rampant Azure, over all a bcudlet Or (Faucon- 

4. — Argent, tin inescutchcon Sable, within an orle ot ciuijuefoils 

pierced Gulea (l)'Arey). 

Ckest: — A bull's bead couped Azure, bonis per fesa Or and Azure. 

I. LEONARD PERCEHAY, of Ryton in Ryedale, in co. Ebor., 
Esq', son of William Percehay, Esq., of Ryton, heir to his 
brother by the gift of his father (Glover). Will, 23 July 
1593, pr. G Feb! 1593-4 (vol. xxv, p. 1504), to be bur. in 
Kirkby-Misperton ohurch; mar. Prudence, dautjhter of Thomas 
Spenser, of Old Malton, in co. Ebor. Will, 26 Oct. 39 Eliz. 
(1597), and pr. 23 Feb. 1597-8 (vol. xxvii, p. 107) ; bur. at 
Kirkby-Misperton. They had issue — 

1. Thomas (11). 

2. Robert, died without issue. 

3. William. 

■I. Henri/, citizen of London. 

5. Leonard, of y c guard to Henry the 4 th K. of France. 

Richard. Named in his father's will. 

Anne, wife of Henry Johnson, of Blackhurst, in Sussex. 

II. THOMAS PERCEHAY, of Ryton, in com. Ebor., Esq", died 
in a' 1625; int. 15 ana. 1581 ; bur. 5 Feb. 1625-6 at St. Martin's, 
Coney St., York ; mar. Anne, dautjhter of William Wivill, of 
Osqodby, in com. Ebor., first wife. They had issue — 

William, eldest son, died in his father's lifetime unmarr. 

1. Anne, wife unto John Foyle, of Tisburye, in com. Wilts. 

2. Elizabeth, wife unto Tho. Shirley, citizen of London. 

41 I>1>G1)ALE'S visitation ov yohkmhihe. 

Mar., lie. 1599, Mary, (laugh, of S r Marmaduke WyveU, of 
Burton-Constable, in co. Ebur., K> and B l , 2d wife (wid. of 
Francis Brlggs, of Malton). They had issue — 
Christopher (J 1 1). 

1. Mary, wife of Christopher Philipson, of CaUgarth, in 

com. Westmerl. ; mar. at St. Martin's, Coney St., 
York, 12 Jtme 1621. 

2. Magdalen, wife of Bethell Hunter, of Thorneton, in com. 

Ebor., Esq'', lie 1630. 

3. Margerie, wife unto Francis Edmonds, of Bayleys 

Court, in Sussex (Sussex Visitation). 

III. CHRISTOPHER PERCEHAY, of Ryton, Esq', at. 61 ann. 

29 Aug. a'' l()n'), admon. 8 Oct. 1669 (Ryedale Act Book) ; 
mar. Frances, daughter of Walter Strickland, of Boynton, in 
com. Ebor., Esq., lie. 1626 at lioynton. They had issue — 

1. Walter (IV). 

2. Christopher Percehay, bp. at Old Malton 11 May 1G36 ; 

mar. Susan, dutojhter of Robert Gere, of Bar ugh, in 
com. Ebor urn. 

1. Frances, bp. at Old Malton 17 Mar. 1627, wife unto 

John Homes (or Hayme), of Frome in com. Dorset, 
Minister of Flamborough ; mar. there 15 Oct. 1G5G. 

2. Milcah, wife of Arthur Jegon, an Utter Barrister of 

Lincolncs Inn. 

3. Ursula, bp. at Old Malton 13 Dec. 1G31, wife of Will. 

Dove, of Appleton in le Streete, in com. Eborum. 

4. Eliz., bp. at Old Malton 9 Alar. 1G32-3, wife of Henry 

Simpson, of Smeton, in com. Ebor. 

IV. WALTER PERCEHAY, died in his father's lifetime, bp. at 

Old Malton 29 Dec. 1630; mar. Barbara, daugh. of Basill 
Staveley, of Rippon, in com. Ebor., by Isabell his wife, da. 
and coheirc of ... . Grant, of Pickhill, com. Ebor., bp. at 
Pickhill 8 Dec. 1G3G (reg.). They had issue— 

Christopher (V). 

Frances, bp. at Pickhill 10 Feb. 1G5G-7. 

V. CHRISTOPHER PEltUEHAY, his,,., of Malton, at. 11 ann. 

29 Aug. a" 1005, ? bp. at Pickhill 10 Feb. 1G5G-7. Will, 

30 June 1708, pr. -4 Dec 1711, mentions nieces Mrs. Oerard of 
Scarborough, Mrs. Watson of Appleton, residue to William 


Hangwest Wapkntakk. 


Ricbmund, 19 Aug. 1005. 

SStagtc of lajburnr. 

Respite given for inserting the Amies. 

I. JAMES IVAYTE, of Layborne, in co. Ebor.; mar. Anne, 
daughter of Gilbert Metcalfe, of Nude, in com. Ebor. They had 
issue — 

George (II). 

James Wayte, died unmarried. 

Helen, died young. 

II. GEORGE WAYTE, of Layborne, died 9° Marti], a" 1664; 
mar. Agnes, daughter of John Toivneley, of Hurstwood, in com. 
Lane. They had issue — 
James (III). 

George Wayte, of Laybume, at. 40 ann. 19 Aug. 1665 ; 
mar. Mary, daughter of Abraham Langlon, of the 
Lowe, in com. Lane, Esq. They had issue — 
George, at. 3 septun. 19 Aug. 1665. 
Anne, wife of John Adamson, of Thornton, in co. Ebor. 
Elizabeth, wife of Robt' Rennison, of Laybume, in com. 

Ebor inn. 
Jane, if wife of John Lambert, of Askrigg, in co. Ebor. 
Frances, wife of Francis Thorneborough, of Selshead, 
in co. Westmerl. 

III. JAMES WAYTE, at. 48 ann. 19 Aug. 1665. 

Pickering Lithe Wapentake. 

Malton, 29 Aug. a^ 1C65. 




Akms: — Azure, ;i fess between three fleurs-de-lis Or, a canton Argent. 


I. A N THON Y SKELTON, a younger son to Skelton of A rmethwayt, 
in Cumberland, setled at Bininglon, in com. Ebor. lie hod 

issue — ■ 

/. Thomas (II). 

2. Anthony, died unmarried. 

II. THOMAS SKELTON, of Sinington,' in com. Ebor., died in 
May a 1644. Will, l'7 Mar. 1644, pr. at York (unregistered) ; 

mar. Anne, daughter of ... . De la-Poolc, of Pickering in 
co. Ebor. They had issue — 

1. Robert (III). 

2. Thomas Skelton, of Middleton, in Pickering Lythe, in 

com. Ebor., at. 14 aim. 29 Aug. a" 1065. Will, 20 
June,pr. Sept. 1672; mar. Alice, da. of WiWm Newton, 
of Chesterfield, in com. l)erbia\ They had issue — 
1. Samuell, ast. 4 ami. 29 Aug. 1665. Named in 
his father's will. 
Isaac. Named in his father's will. 

1. Anne, mar. William Gray. 

2. Alice. \ 

3. Mary. C Named in their father's will. 
Elizabeth. ) 

3. William Skelton, of Sinington; married Marg', daugk. 

of Raphe Iiromfield, of Wilton, in com. Ebor. 

1. Mary, if wife of Thomas Pearson, of Ilartoft, in co. Ebor. 

2. Christian, wife of George Hall, of Sinington, in com. 

Ebor., afterwards of James Grundon, of Sinington, 

III. ROBERT SKELTON, of Sinington in com. Ebor., (rtatis 59 
annorum 29' Aug. 1665. Will, adm. (i Jan. 1607-8 to Thomas 
and George, sons (Kyedale Act Book) ; mar. Anne, da. of 
Raphe Bromfeild, of Wilton, in co. Ebor. They had issue — 



Robert (IV). 







IV. ROBERT SKELTON, art. 27 ann. 29 Aug. a" 1665 ; mar. 
Mary, daughter of Will'm Smdhson, of Thornton, in com. Ebor. 


CAPE OF GOOD HOPE, 1816-1826. 

This list of British persons, who died at the Cape between 181,6- 
1820, is extracted from the official Death Register kept in the Orphan 
Chamber. It is a continuation of the list which appeared in The 
Genealogist, N.S., vol. \.\ix, pp. 170-1 8(J, although not arranged 
similarly in columns. The names are arranged as follows : — Name of 
deceased, age (in some cases given in years, months and days, us 
" Ban yard, William, 29-6-25 "), occupation or profession and date of 
death. The place names in brackets, as " At Stellenbosch," denote 
that the death occured there and not Cape Town, as the others indicate. 
As swine of the birth places appear to be inaccurate in the register, I 
have kept the original spelling and placed a query mark after them. 
The footnotes are mine. 

C. Graham Botha. 

Cape Town, South Africa. 

Acton, Richard, 51, Yorkshire. 27-12-1S10. 

Adams, John, 30, England. 17-2-1820. 

Alexander, 1 Henry, f>.~>, Londonderry, Ireland, Secretary to Cape Government. 

Anderson, Alexander, 23, Aberdeen. 0-10-1823. 
Archer, Joseph, 22, London. 13-10-1824. 

Arrow, Elizabeth, wife of Captn. William Arrow, 12-12-1821. 
Arthur, William, 21. co. Surrey, Master's Mate of H.M.S. "Conway." 22-10-1819. 
Baird, 2 Joseph, 57, Scotland, Major-Gen. British Army. :i-4 IS 10. 
Baker, Aim, (>2, Exeter, wile of George Maker. 25-9-1820. 
Man yard, William, 29-0-25, England. 5-2-1820. 
Burraclough, James, 22-10, England. Ki I2-1S22. 
Barraclough, Jonas, 17-7, Yorks. 22-12-IS21. 
Barrett, Robert, 20, Ireland. 29-4-1825. (At Stellenbosch.) 
Batten, John Pemberton, 44, London. 10-11-1817. 
Battley, William, 4.'!, Ireland, Colonel 00th Regt. 20-5-1817. 
Bault, John, 40, England. 21-10-1819. 
Heed le-,1 one, Thomas, 52-22 days, London. 23-4-1824. 
Beekct, .lolui, 27. England. 11-2-1821. 
Begly, Simon, 30-11, Colcraine, Ireland. 27-9-1823. 
Bell,' John Edward, 27, England. 22-2-1819. 
Bell, Robert, 33, Scotland. 25-11-1820. 
Bentley, Peter, 32. London. 21-0-1824. 
Blair, Charlotta Anna, 111, Dublin. 22-4-1819. 
Blogg, Richard, 35, London. 19-5-1824. 

Boggie, Thomas, 27. Beaumaris--, co. Anglesey, N. Wales, Lt. 83rd Regt. 2-3-1817. 
Bold. Silencer, 35, Liverpool. 22-10-1819. 
Bottom, Thomas, 4s 7-11, England. 10-1-1825. 
Braid, Eliza Carrol, 30, Si. Helena, wife of Capt. Andrew Braid. H.E.I.C.S. 

Brinton, Lady, 4(i, Annapolis in Maryland, N.A., wife of Sir Jahleel Brinton, 3 


1 Cousin of du Pre, set ond Earl of Calcdon, Governor of the Cape, 1807-1811. 
See Burke's /'<< rutji . 

2 Brother of Sir David Baird, Bart. See Burke's Peerage. 

3 See Dictionary <>/ National bioarwphy. 




Kngland. 14-8-1825. 

Brown, Benjamin, 45, Katun, co, Bedford. 10-7-1826. 

Brunt, Abraham, 38, West Indies, Major 4th Ceylon Kegt 

Buchanan, James, 31, Scotland. 27-3-1816. 

Burnard, Jonathan Joseph, 2D-10-K 

Burton, George, 38. 3-10-1824. 

Caldwell, John, 40, Scotland, Fourth Under-Sheriff. 5-11-1819. 

Caldwell, William, 58-2, Scotland. 2-7-1810. 

Capper, Thomas, 41, Ireland. 4-0-1823. 

Carr, William, 2, son of Lieut. Dawson Carr, 60th Regt. 25-7-181(3. 

Castles, James, 47-10-11, Scotland. 11-4-1817. 

Chambers, David, 28, Lieut. 89th Regt. 3-6-1820. 

Chaplin, Thomas, 50, Portsmouth. 1-3-1821. 

Cherry, Peter, 50, merchant in U.E.I.C.S., Madras. 26-11-1823. 

Chisholm, ■, 37-5-4, wife of John Chisholm. 23-4-1824. 

Church, Daniel, 3(1-4-20. Berkshire. 20-6-1821. 

Cleaver, Joseph, 2(i, Kngland. 11-10-1824. (At Beaufort 

Coffin, Edward, 34. 14-0-1822. 

Collins, Margaretha, 38, Ireland. 31-5-1819. 

Constable, Jr., John, 35-7-25, St. Martin's, 

Cortield, Thomas, 34, London, sailor, Kngli.-h 

Coultherd, John, 42. 18-4-1826. 

Coupland, James, 35, England. 


ship " Cowles 



iuii|iiiiim, janies, ,}j, I'.ngianu. i/-i-lOJU. 

Coxon, Deborah, 38, Thuks Coderhan ('!), widow of Major Ralph Coxon, 1st Ceylon 

Regt. 10-3-1819. 
Crole, Lewis, 32, London. 22-5-1824. 
Crowcher, William, 36-0, Esher in Surrey. 6-5-1823. 
Davis, Henry, 30, Plymouth. 31-1-1810. 

Davy, Joseph, 47, parish of Heavitree, Exeter, co. Devon. 9-9-1820. 
Dayson, James, 30, Kent. 24-9-1824. 
Dedier, John, 51, America. 8-12-1820. 
Dennis, George Hansen, 4 57-9, West Indies, Depy. Barrack Master General 

Dewar, James, 51, Clapham, Lieut. -Col. 1st h Regt. Bengal Native Infantry 

Dick, Hannah, 47-8. 27-2-1820. 
Dix, Kphraim, 39, Yorkshire. 20-4-1820. 
Dix, Jane, 43, co. Wiltshire, wife of James Dix. 3-5-1820. 
Dorney, Mary Anne, 37-5-4, Kngland. 24-4-1824. 
Doughty, Elizabeth Planderbeth 6 Johnston, 55, Haddington, N.B., wife of Thomas 

Wright Doughty. 19-8-1810. 
Doughty, Thomas Wright, 59-5-10, Whitby, Yorks. 15-5-1820. 
Doyle, Anthony, 49, Wexford. 9-12-1823. 
Draw, William, 37, America. 29-5-1822. 
Drummond, George, 28, Lieut. 10th Regt. 20-2-1820. 
Duekitt, 6 William, 50. 13-4-1825. 
Dunn, James, 30, Bath. 4-8-1820. 
Durham, David. 45, Exeter. 14-5-1824. 
Dyball, Mary Arnold, 55, Harlcston, in the co. Norfolk, wife of Thomas Dyball 

Dyball, Thomas, 40, Seventon (V), Norfolk. 27-0-1824. 
Dyke, Richard, 38, Kngland. 0-0-1825. 
.Edgeombo, John, 18, Portsmouth. 0-10-1823. 
Elmore, Alexander, 23, Kngland. 21-3-1822. 
Em by, John, II, London. 11-4-1820. (At Swellendam.) 
Kvan, George, Steward of the English ship " Lady Rallies." 10-4-1819. 

4 Hamsun. Wife's name, Harriet Pickengill. Children: Hamson George, 
Horatio Torrens, Frederick William, Edmund Pinnock, Harriet Georgina, Augustus 
Digby, and Leslie Daniel. For many years Lt. -Colonel of 43rd Regt. of Foot 

6 ? Plenderleith. 

8 Arrived in 1800 from Kngland as Superintendent of the Agricultural Depart- 
ment established at that time in the Cape Colony. Wife's name, Mary Whitebread. 


Evans, Ann, 31, Portsmouth, wifo of Captain 7 Evans. 3-4-1823. 

Evans, Charlotta, 29, London, wife of John Evans. 29-7-1822. 

Ewor, John, 39, England. 15-2-1823. 

Fichat, Jamos, -17, Manchester. 0-7-1825. 

Fiford, William, 47, England. 28-7-1823. 

Folss, George, 22-11-10, London. 3-2-1822. (At Uitenhage.) 

Forest, Thomas, GO, London, Captain of English private shin " Barton." 7-3-1819. 

Franklin, Robert, ;V), London. 20-6-1810. 

Eraser, William Alexander, 33. 0-0-1820. 

George, Ann Jenkins, . . ., Glamorganshire, Wales, wifo of Edward George. 

George, William, 42. 14-6-1825. (At Simons Town.) 
Gooden, Sarah, 52, Deptford, wifo of James Gooden. 24-7-1820. 
Goodes, Anna Ong, 25, Suffolk, wife of John Goodes. 4-2-1822. 
Gordon, John B., 57, Aberdeen. 23-8-1825. 
Graham, 8 John, 43, Scotland, Colonel and Commandant of Simons Town. 

Grand, 9 George Francois, 71, Lausanne, Switzerland. 18-1-1820. 
Graves, Sarah Hoekwell, 35, St. Helena, widow of Lansenid Graves. 25-11-1823. 
Gray, Alexander, 38, Scotland. 24-7-1819. 
Gray, James, 29, Gravesend. 21-7-1822. 
Green, John, 35, Bradlkld, Essex. 1 0-5- 1821. 
Greenleaf, James, 30-0, Dummore (? Dunmow), Essex. 22-2-1822. 
Gregory, Joseph, 3(i, Bristol. 2-12-1820. 
Greig, 10 William, 20, Scotland. 2-0-1820. 
Griiliths, Thomas, 38, Liverpool, sailor, English ship " Fenis Cowles." 

Hall, 11 John, 59, London, ex-Postmaster-General at Bengal. 7-4-1820. 
Hall, William, 30, Yorkshire, surgeon H.E.I.C.S. 15-8-1822. 
Halloran, Elizabeth Maria Papal, 50-23 days, widow of Edward Halloran. 29-0-1819. 
Hamilton, Mary, 13, London, daughter of Widow Mary Hamilton. 9-8-1820. 
Hammond, Thomas, 34, Westminster, Middlesex. (5-7-1825. 
Hannis, George, 50, Ireland. 8-4-182(5. (At Swellcndam.) 
Harrison, John Faithful Fortescue, 29-2-8, London. 2-8-1825. 
Harrison, William, 40, Surgeon 0th Regt. 28-9-1824. 
Hart, Richard, 42-0-12, London. 13-5-1820. 
Hartel, Mary, 40, Bilson, wife of John Hartel. 15-4-1823. 
Havunga, Jeremias, 30, Baltimore, America. 5-7-1817. 
Hayes, Anthony Carell, 21, Ireland, Ensign 13th Infantry Regt. at Bengal. 

Henderson, John, 02, Scotland. 13-5- IS 1(5. 

Henderson, Margaret liaison, 30-0-21, widow of Thomas Henderson. 19-12-1823. 
Henderson, Philip, 43-9, Scotland. 1-11-1822. 
Henderson, Thomas, 45-0, Eifoshiro. 30-9-1822. 
Herbert, Thomas, 17-4, London. 14-12-1820. 
Higgoth, Richard, 34, Stall's., Captain. 27-7-1810. 
Hodges, Mary, 35, London, wife of George Hodges. 23-2-1825. 
Hodgson, Robert Gray, 34-3-18. Yorks. 12-5-1819. 
Holditch, Robert, 33, Devonshire. 23-12-1822. (At Paarl.) 

' Robert William. 

8 See Burke's Landed Gentry, " Graham of Fintry." 

9 Many years in the English East India Company and held important positions 
in Hindostan. Came to Cape in 1803. For particulars of Grand and his first 
wife, sec Theal's History of South Africa since 17'J~>, vol. ii, p. 125. In 1775, 
Mr. Grand brought his mother and sisters to Beverley, Yorks. Two of his brothers, 
Robert and John Edmund, were Lieutenants in India. His son was .Major George 
Robert Grand, of the Madras Establishment. 

10 Died on board the merchantman " Ocean," Captain, the late Thomas Jeffery. 

11 On his way from Calcutta to London in the ship " Baring," Captain John 
Lamb. In terms of his will, dated at Calcutta, 10th January 1820, his wife Jeanne 
Hall to be his heiress, failing her his son George Blair Hall. 



Hollet, Catherine, 34-2, Wapping, London, wife of William Hollet. 2-1-1810. 
Hoploy, Mary Ann, 50, Portsea, tlampshire, wife of William Musgrove Hopley, 

Sr. 19-10-1823. 
Home, Elisabeth, 49, wife of James Home. 21-11-1826. 

Hossard, Augustus Despard, 7-10-14, England, son of Lieut. -Col. Hossard. 1-4-1822. 
Howell, Maria Harin, 35-1-14, wife of Richard Howell. 14-3-1820. 
Hughes, Henry, 46, England. 7-4-1826. 

Hussey, George, 39, Banaghar, King's Co., Capt. 38th Regt. 24-3-1810. 
Hussey, William, 56, co. Stafford, M.D., Inspector of Hospitals in Cape Colony. 

Ingledew, Thomas, 47. 15-5-1826. 
James, Pieter, 50, America. 2-8-1819. 

Jardine," John Stuart, 40, Lieut. -Col. 10th Regt. Bombay Infantry. 9-1-1822. 
Jarvis, Richard, 35-3-5, Essex. 4-9-1819. 

Johnson, George, 20, England, Lieut, in Bombay Service. 25-G-182G. 
Johnson, James, 32, Ireland. 23-8-1825. 

Johnson, William McKenzie, 27, London, Town Major. 2G-1-1820. 
Johnstone, Alexander, 31, Glasgow. 1-3-1824. 
Johnstone, Alexander, 51, Scotland. 18-4-1824. 
Jordan, 13 Daniel, Wexford, Ireland. 10-10-1825. 
Jorden, Thomas, 45, England, Lieut, of Artillery. 16-8-1816. 
Kilpatrick," Alexander, 27, Edinburgh. 31-3-1821. 
King, James, 52, Gibraltar. 17-3-1823. 
Largo, Marian, 51, England. 15-11-1821. 
Leacroft, Robert, 34, Lieut. 54th Regt. 8-9-1820. 
Leader, Ann Hart, 38, Wells (widow of James Leader). 21-3-1825. 
Leader, James, 32, county Norfolk. 16-2-1824. 
Ledler, Thomas. 29-6-1825. (At Stellenbosch.) 
Lee, Joseph, 3G, sailor on English ship "Matilda." 21-12-1821. 
Leeson, Samuel, 40, Grantham, Lincolnshire, Apothecary in Army. 1-1-1821. 
Legg, John Pritehard, 37-9-17, St. Helena. 27-4-1820. 
Liddell, 15 John, 21, Lieut, H.E.I.C.S., Bombay Artillery. 14-10-1824. 

Lintall, Edward, 17, E])soiu, Surrey. 28-G-1824. 

Little-field, Ann, 53, Loughborough, Leicestershire, wife of Jolm Littlcfield. 

Lolley, William, 45-5, Liverpool. 12-6-1826. 
Loftie, William, 50, Canterbury, Kent, Brevet-Major 55th Regt. 25-8-1822. 

Lord, Richard, 25. 26-8-1K24. (At Simons Town.) 

Luson," Joseph, 38, Agent H.E.I.C.S. 17-1-1822. 

Mackinnon, Charles Farquhar, 24, Isle of Skye, Hebrides, Lieut. 1st Batt. Pioneers, 
Madias. 3 12- 1823. 

Maokrill, Josoph, 58. Kingston, Surrey. 5-8-1820. 

Maekie, Jeanne lletlierrington, 32, Northumberland, wife of Jolui Maekie. 

MacTaggart, James, 38, Glasgow. 28-7-1817. 

Malcombe, Joseph, 52, Boston, N.A. 12-12-1824. 

Mallinson, Ann Sawkins, 31, England, wife of John Mallinson. 6-10-1819. 

Mann, Jolm, 45, Herland (?), England. 28-8-1822. 

Mann, George, 21-7, London. 28-7-1826. (At Beaufort West.) 
-Marry, Mary Anna Urquart, 27-6-15, wife of John Marry. 31-1-1824. (At 

Martin, James, 28, Kent. 12-3-1822. 

Matthews, John, 33, Cunningham (?), Yorks. 19-11-1823. 

Mayoh, James, 30-5, Bolton, Lancashire. 30-3-1822. 

12 A nephew of William Stuart, of Paradise, Kelso, Scotland. Lieut. -Col. Jardine 
received a silver medal in connection with the taking of Serigapatam. His children 
were : William, Arabella, and Nancy Jardine. 

13 Brothers: Garrat and Thomas. Sisters: Catherine, Bridget, and Mary. 
11 Wife's name, Elizabeth II indie. 

16 His uncle, .John Liddell, of No. 1, Manchester Square, London (1824). 
16 Born iu parish of St. Mary, Bethnal Green, co. Middlesex. 


Maxwell Oharlce, 9 months, Gape of flood Hope, son of William Maxwell, Quarter- 
master 60th Rcgt. 24-11-1818. 

McDonald, William, 1(7, London. 20-9-1824. 

McGowan," John, 02, Scotland. 8-10-1823. 

McKcnzic* Thomas, 22, Capt. 13th Light Dragoons, Madras. 4-0-1824. 

McLaohlan, Alexander, 42, Scotland. 11-9-1824. 

McLean, James, 47. 27-12-1824. 

MeWilliam, Ann, 20, Stirling, Scotland, wife of Alexander McWilliam. 23-5-1826 

Meurant, Eliza Humphrys, 20, London, wife of Louis Meurant. 12-9-1818. 

Miller, Robert, 40, England. 8-12-1825. 

Mills, Ellen, wife of David Mills (wrecked in ship "Fame"). 14-0-1822. 

Mills, Ely, 28, England. 2-8-1822. 

Montague, 18 Edward, Sheffield, 29, Bengal Service. 29-10-1823. 

Moore, George, 30, Lieut, at Madras. 24-11-1818. 

Morang, Charles, 41, Ireland. 12-7-1822. (At George.) 

Morrison, John, 08, Bawtry, Forks. 7-8-1823. 

Muggridge, Martha Granger, 27-11-5, Tantington ('!), England, wife of Harry 
'Muggridge. 7- 1-18 ID. 

Muggridge, Harry, 34-11, East Ashling (?), Sussex. 12-9-1825. 

Mullens, John, 18-2, London. 18-2-1810. 

Munday, Mary, 48, Wells, widow of J. Munday. 5-5-1.822. 

Murdoch, 1 " John, 39-0-13, Scotland. 24-8-1824. 

Murray, Anna Prcdham, 49, Exeter, Devonshire, wife of Samuel Murray. 

Murray, Samuel, 49, Scotland. 5-8-1823. 

Napier, 20 Adam, 45, Surgeon at Madras. 10-4-1825. 

Napier, John, 33, Wales, Skipper of English private ship " Lord Hungerford." 

Neveling, .Mary, 28, Ireland. 23-12-1822. 

Nicol, 21 James, 70, Scotland, Licut.-General H.E.I.C.S. 4-3-1810. 

O'Brien, Edward, 44, Ireland. 15-7-1810. 

O'Brien, Timothy McNamara, 40, Ireland. 10-8-1817. 

Ogg, Anna Wilhelmina Carolina, 38-8-24, Kingston House, Isle of Wight, wife 
of Colonel Samuel Ogg. 24-1-1819. 

Grd, Thomas, 03-8, York, Storekeeper, Customs. 27-1-1820. 

O'Reilly, Edmund, 55, Ireland, Surgeon 55th Regt. 25-10-1825. 

Packer, Ann, 47-0, Pill, Somersetshire, wife of Richard Packer, Adjutant 60th 
Rcgt. 9-4-1817. 

Packer, Richard, 59, London, Adjutant of 00th Regt. 23-9-1820. 

Page, Gregory, 28, Capt. 7th Infantry Regt., Madras. 14-0-1819. 

Parkinson, John. 21-9-182 4. 

Patterson, John, 30-3-0, Northumberland. 20-2-1820. 

Pearson, James, 46, England, Captain of K.I.C. ship " General Hewitt," 30-4-1823. 

Peppin, William Wade, 28, England, Lieut. 27th Regt. 27-11-1810. 

Perkin, Martha, 38, Wednesbury, Stalls. 15-5-1821. 

Perry, Frederic, 21, London. 19-11-1825. (At Graaff Reinet.) 

Philips, Thomas, 33, Hampshire. 5-3-1818. 

Plowden, 22 Richard Chichely, 43, Bengal. 15-7-1825. 

17 Will dated 13th February 1823, described as late Sergeant of H.M.'s 72nd 
Regt. of Foot, an outpatient of Chelsea Hospital. His heiress, Christina Maria 
Allen, wife of Thomas Allen, of Cape Town. 

18 Wife's name, Anno Elizabeth Winbolt. 

1J Born at Fochabers, Bamff. Wife's name, Catharino Sinclair, born at Bromp- 
ton, parish of Gillinghum, co. Kent. 

20 Mother's name, Helen ; brother, Alexander. 

81 Was retired in 1813. Buried in the Dutch Church, Cape Town. 

12 Buried in Dutch Cemetery, Somerset Load, Capo Town. Stated in church 
register to have been born at Bengal. Left widow, Sophia Fleming, and children, 
Richard, 20; Augustus Udney, 19; Henry Gordon, 13; Arthur Wellington, 10; 
Edmund, 7 ; Louibe, 9 ; Alfred, 5 ; Adelaide Chichely Anna, 3. 


Pontardent, 23 David, 59, London. 2G-5-1825. 

Prendergast, William, 27, Ireland, Asst. Surgeon GOth Regt. 2-4-1818. 

Priest, Martha Miles, 30, Warwick, Yorks, widow of Joseph Priest. 21-2-1824. 

Proctor, Hesje Margaretha, daughter of Lieut. Wm. Proctor. 7-5-1810. 

Ray, John, 45, Great Britain. 7-1-1825. (At Stellenbosch.) 

Read, Mary Tagg, 15, Stafford, wife of Lewy Hanly Read. 29-9-1817. 

Redmond, George, 42, .Somersetshire, Surgeon 54th Regt. 24-1-1820. 

Reed, Ann Purvis, 55-3, Scotland, wife of James Reed. 29-10-1826. (At 

Reed, Sarah Livermore, 50-0-10, England, wife of Joseph Reed. 18-2-1825. 

(At Paarl.) 
Reid, Sara Ann Rowland, 19-8-13, wife of James Reid, Skipper of the English ship 

"Willemina." 17-10-1821. 
Reynolds, George Alexander, 50, Grantham, Lincolnshire. 7-12-1819. 
Robinson, James, 29, Scotland, Sailor 11. M.S. "Conway." 22-10-1819. 
Rogers, Evan, 41, Melford in England. 17-3-1816. 
lingers, Mary, 30, Ireland, wife of Joseph Rogers. 10-5-1819. 
Roper, 2 ' Joseph, 30, Westminster. 28-10-1819. 
Rose, Francis, 17, England. 4-1-1821. 

Rose, William, 51, Moms Grove, Worcestershire. 14-5-1823. 
Ross, Margaretha, 37, Ireland, wile of Adam Ross. 3-0-1819. 
Ross, Robert William, 48-0, Ireland. 26-2-1817. 
Rowlandson, Thomas, 57, England. 20-4-1822. 

Kusscl,-' William, 29, Sutherland (? Sunderland), co. Durham. 9-3-1821. 
Russel, William, 31, England. 24-5-1818. 
Samuel, John, 20, York, in Ireland. 1-3-1825. 
Saunders, Godfrey, Commander of Government brig " Locust." 12-9-1824. (At 

Savary, Richard, 35, Calne, Wiltshire. 24-3-1821. (At Simons Town.) 
Scott, Francis John, 40, England. 23-12-1820. 
Scott, Helenus, 08, Dundee, Medicines Doctor. 14-12-1821. (On board English 

ship " Britomart.") 
Selvill, John, 19, Camblcton. 28-7-1818. 
Shaw, Susan Osier, 30, Bridgcwator, Somersetshire, wife of Ferdinand Shaw. 

Shearman, Robert Marcus, Kilereen House, co. Kilkenny, Ireland, Brevet-Major 

and Capt. 80th Regt. 29 0-1817. 
Sharp, John Gideon, 24, London, Third Mate. 5-11-1822. 
Shearsmith, Robert, 21, England. 24-11-1820. 
Shcppard, John, 43, Mansfield, co. Nottingham. 10-2- 1822. 
Sheridan. Thomas, 12, England, Civil Paymaster. 12 9 1817. 
Shiplv, William, 49, I' mouth in America,* 1 Eirst Mate of the English ship 

"Harriet." 19-0-1818. 
Simpson, Georgo, 30-4-19, London. 12-11-1818. 
Simpson, George William, 35, Carlisle. 10-2-1824. 
Smith, 27 Ann, 40, Glastonshire. 28 20-8-1825. 
Smith, 2 " George, 32, Liverpool. 21-8-1820. 
Smith, Henrietta Frances, 19, Calcutta, wife of Edward Peploe Smith. 18-12-1824. 

23 Proctor Vice-Admiralty Court, Cape of Good Hope, where ho resided since 
1797. Descended from a French Protestant family who settled in London, where 
his father died. (Cape Town Gazette, 28th May 1825). 

21 Brother's name, William i'iddock Roper. 

3i " In his will described as Win. Russell, of Walburge St., parish St. Ceorge, 
co. Middlesex, Mariner. 

28 Described in will as "late of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, North America, 
but at present of Cape Town aforesaid, mariner." 

27 Ann Shaw, wife of John Smith, Innkeeper, of Cape Town. 

28 Query Gloucestershire. 

»» Mother's name, Helena Smith, living in Liverpool (1823). Wife's name, 
Eleonore Moore, sister of Wm. Moore, Sr. 


Sparks, Mitchell JamoB, '17, [reland, Capt. 2nd West India Rogt. 28-1-1824. 
Kponeor, Suly Burton, (Ml, England, separated wife of Thomas Spcncor. 28-8-1810. 
Sloar (Stoor), Richard, 4 I 3-8, I'lymuiitli. 10-4-1823. 

Steele, Juno, 50, Jamaica. 18-4-1824. 

Still, Alexander, 20, Abordoon. 8-7-1818. 

Stopforth, .John, 41-0-4, London, Under Sheriff. 11-9-1823. (At George.) 

Stubbs, John, 40, Kngland. 29-8-1824. (At Swellendam.) 

Sutcr, Thomas, 47-8, London. 14-8-1825. 

Swan, Robert, 40, Scotland. 7-1-1825. 

Swinyard, Anno McGregor, 32, Chester, wife of Thomas Swinyard. 12-1-182(5. 

Taylor, William, CM, Croat Britain. 14-8-1824. (At SlollenboHch.) 

Taylor, William Barton, 27, Ireland, Liout. 25th Light Dragoons. 24-11-1819. 

Totlow, William, 37, Livcrjwol, Capt. 72nd Rogt. 1 • J - r> - 1 H 1 7 . 

Thomas, Ann Philips, 42, Cheshire, wife of Edward Thomas. 19-5-1822. 

Thomas, Robert, 45, Kngland. 8-11-1820. 

Thomson, John, 37-5-15. Philadelphia. 31-3-1822. 

Thorpe, Thomas, 33, Sheffield. 24-1-181'J. 

Tomkins, 30 Samuel, 29. 31-12-1824. (At Simons Town.) 

Troiise, Joseph, 4(i, Lancaster. 24-2-1825. 

Tun. bull, Thomas, 32, Kent. 25-12-1821. 

Twycross, Charles, 22, London. 1-7-1820. 

Vhet, William I'Yanris, 34-3, Oxfordshire. 1(1-8-1810. 

Walker, Edward Brooke, 33, Loudon, Capt. of Knglish ship " Lady Brooks." 

Walker, Edward Thomas, 42, Capt. 22nd Regt. Bengal Infantry. 11-2-1820. 
Wclsch (? Walsh), Peter, 30, Edinburgh. 13-12-1817. 
Ward, Daniel, 40, New Castle, Northumberland, Skipper of English private ship 

"Susanna." 29-3-1821. 
Ward, William, 42, formerly Commissioner of the Records Court at Bombay and 

lastly Notary at the Capo. 24-8-1S21. 
Warner, Charles, 22, Edwin ton (? Edmonton), England. 20-6-1818. 
Warren, Kdward, 32, North America, .Missionary. 11-8-1818. 
Watney, John Pigott, 48, County Surrey. 16-5-1824. 

Watson, Ann Mary, 22, Oxfordshire, wife of Major Jacob Watson. 25-4-1819. 
Watson, David, 2G, Edinburgh, Lieut. 4th Regt. Bengal Infantry. 11-12-1820. 
Watt, William, 37, Gordonshouse, Scotland. 15-4-1817. 
Watts, Alexander, 52, Edinburgh. 24-5-1816. 
Wells, James, 20, Kent. 14-4-1816. 
Whittilan, John, 25, Scotland. 23-1-1S24. (At Paarl.) 
Wicks, Thomas, 44, Birmingham. 1-3-1823. 

Williams, Klisabeth Davis, 35, Kngland, wife of David Williams. 20-4-1825. 
Williams, James, 45, England. 2-10-1S24. 
Williams, John, 22. 13-12-1819. 

Williams, Seminamis,* 1 2 l .», Basingstock, Hampshire. 4-2-1820. 
Williams, Susannah, 29-11-20, Sandgo(y), Kent, wife of David Williams. 13-5-1823. 
Wilson, William, 24-0, Kngland. 30-5-1820. 
Wilson, William, 23, Eifeshirc. 31-7-1822. 

Windell, Charles Somerville, 21-3-7. East Indies. 13-11-1816. 
Winn, Washington, 19, Baltimore. 7-2 1818. 

Wrangham, Mary Sophy, 35, Bengal. 1-2-1825. (At Stellenbosoh.) 
Young, James, 42, West Indies. 2-1-1819. 

30 Clork in H.M.'s Naval Hospital, Simons Town. 

31 This is copied verbatim from the Register. Probably the following notice 
in the Oupc Town, (InvtU: of 10-2-1820, refers to the same person " 3rd Feb., 
Mrs. Montgomery Williams, wife of Lieut. Montgomery Williams, Royal 
Engineers, aged 29 years." 


^Continued from Vol. XXXI, p. 273.) 

Thomas Denne of Kingston was the second sonne of John Denne of 
Dcnne by Alice daughter of Rich Arderne, vvhic-li said Thomas 
married Agnes daughter of William Esshehursl ol Lymingc, dyed 
llenrici Scptimi .sexto, hee had one daughter A vice by name who 
married unto John Crispe of Queax in Thanet Esq r . 

[In the margin] The said Thomas had another daughter by Agnes 
daughter & hcire of William Eshurst, which daughter married to 
oik' Graunt of Sandwich & dyed without issue. 

The said John Crispe had a sonne, by name John Crispe, & heire of 

Clieve Court in Thanet. 

S r Henry Crispe of Queax K l was second sonne to John Crispe first 

And William Crispe Lieutenant of Dover Castle was third sonne to him. 

William Denne of Kingston was the third sonne of Thomas Denne of 
Dennehill by Ellice [sic] daughter of Asshehurst, which sayd 
William married Agnes daughter of Nicholas Tufton of Nordeham 
in Sussex, by whom hee had issue. 

[In the margin it is slated that besides his heir Vincent] The sayd 
William had 2 daughters, Mary married to -John Coppin of Deale, 
Katharine to John Gookin of Ripple. 

Vincent Denne, who was his heire, D r of the Civil Law & married 
Joane daughter of Kit tarn of London by whom hee had issue. 

John Denne sonne & heire to him, which said John Denne was Coun- 
sellor of Law of Greyes Line & married Luce daughter of Walter 
Aileworth of S' Stephens near Canterbury Esq 1 '. 

[In the inan/iu\ This .John had by Luce, Vincent Denne & Walter 
Dcnne & 3 daughters 1 . . . married to Henry Johnson of Thanet 
Esq 1 ' 2 . . . To S r John Boys of Burlington K l ."> . . To Series Proud. 

2. William Denne of Bursted in Bourne was second sonne to Vincent 
by Joane daughter of Kittam of London & married the daughter 
of Maplesden. 

3. Thomas Denne third sonne, Merchant of London. 

[In the margin] Prom Tho : Denne, the Merchant, comes Vincent 
Denne, Counsellor at Law, who married Mary the daughter of 
Tho : Denne of Deuhill. 

4. Henry Denne fourth sonne, Merchant of London. 

5. Vincent lift sonne, fellow of Allsoules in Oxford. 


Elizabeth daughter of the said Vincent by Joane was married [to] 

Vincent Nethersole. 
.Jane was married to William Denne of Bourn, sonne of .John. 
Margaret was married to Thomas Dixon. 
Marie was married to Avery Sabin, Mayor of Canterbury. 

William Denne of Kingston 3 d son of Tho : by Ellice hud by Agnes 
daughter of Nicholas Tufton of Nordham in Sussex a second 
Sonne by name Thomas Denne of Adesham Appruiil of the Cofnon 
Lawe, who married Jane daughter of John Swift of Essex Esq 1 " 
by whom hee had issue 

1. llenrie Denne sonne & heire to him the said Thomas \2'"' son to 

William] k Councellor at law of Lincolncs lime, who married 
Marie daughter of John Hide of London. 

2. John his second sonne, Attorney of the Common Lawe, mar: 

Eliza : daugh : of Robt Master of Willes borough. 

3. Richard a third sonne. 

The said Thomas had issue female by Jane daughter of John Swift. 

1. Anne married to Tho : Odyarne of the Isle of Oxney. 

2. Margaret married to John J axon of London. 

3. Mary married to Tho : Jlolman of Baehley in Sussex. 

4. Jane. 

5. Elizabeth married to Clir. Jenkin of Folkston. 

Michael Denne of Denne, who married Christian daughter and heire 
of Robt Fort, had issue by her besides Thomas & William formerly 
John, a third sonne, of Lymme. 

[In the margin) This Michael Denne had allso a 4 th sonne by name 
Thomas Denne of Littleborne, father of David Denne of Little- 
borne, winch David has issue 

1. David of Little[borne]. 

2. John of Littleborne. 

3. Thomas minister of Layton in Essex. 

John aforesaid [i.e. "John, a third sonne, of Li/mmc "] married & had 


Michael Denne who had issue 

1. llenrie, Prineipall of New Inne in Oxford & dyed without issue. 

2. Edmund Denne second sonne, brother & heire of Henric. 

Memorandum [from] Thomas Denne of Dennehill who married Alice 
JJlaxlands widow, daughter of Thomas Mett of Stourmouth issued 
Thomas his sonne & heire who dyed without issue, and two daughters 
viz. Patience married to Thomas Allen of Sturry & Agnes married 


to Vincent Lade of Barham, father of Robt Lade counsellor & 
Reader at Greys lime. The said Tho : aforesaid svho dyed without 
issue left Kobt his brother heire viz. Kobt. Deune of Dcnhil who 
married Thoinasine daughter & heire of Thomas Dane. 


Marmor edax Livor ! una quot claudis fercula mensa ! 

Istto ni placeant ilia rumpe dapes. 
Flacce tuus sapiens redivjvus vixit in Orbe 

Nostro : quic^ tuo carmine dignus crat, 
Liber, honoratus formosus Dennea dives, 

(Augustum carmen) plus quoq, Dennus erat 
Professor Legum, lites componere natus 

Sin[w]osas, Dennus gloria magna fori. 
Perge ultra, Titulum meritus Ducis, ambit honores 

Quos Mallors miscet vulnere, Morte, fame 
Si meruere fidem populi vox, Castra, Lyeaium 

Et quo Nactus ' erat sapius, euge forum. 
Non cecidit potior; Belli jurisa peritus 

Una manus Marti, militat, una Tog;e. 
Heu fnit ! lieu succos absorpsit flamula Febris 

Vitales, veteres sic pencre rogis. 

In vicino pulvere requiescat corpus Johaunis Dome Hospitii interioris 
Templi socii, & Barestarii, Filii primogeniti, Hteridisq, apparentis 
Thom;e Denne de Denne ats Dennehill in agro Cantiano orientali 
Armigeri, ejusdemc^ Hospitii praolectoris, ohm a paterno stemmate 
Familias Uanorum, Comborum, Arderiiorum Cancii, necnon alias 
plerasOp jam multo tempore remotas congeneris habuit ; quicquid 
Matris erat a familiis Tanrieldorum & Clovillorum Essexhe, illustribusq, 
prosapiis Nevillorum, Baronum de Abergevennie, Brookeruma, Baronii 
de Cobham, necnon Lovillorum aliorumq, familiis egerminavit antiquis, 
pubescentibus ajtatis moment is in alma Academia Oxoniensi charus 
vixit Musaruin alumnus : adultior vero evectus in legibiis Anglie 
revolvendus multum sudavit : ad Barram ut aiunt vocatus munus 
quod susceperat togatum exercuit strenue donee Libertates Anglhe 
periclitantes auxiliatrices imploravere ipsius manus, quarum misertus 
anna suscepit & in expeditione ad Arundellam expugnandum Cohortis 
equitum Ductor fuit, eaadevicta sagum deposuit: Togann^ resumpsit 
in Termino sanctae Trinitatis Anno Dili 1648 in Lectorem Hospitii 
Clift'ordiensis electus est, Provineiama suspectam adornavit ; in hac 
apice rerum acuto corrcptus morbo, crudo mideliq, succubuit Fato. 

An° Dni 1648. 
Fuit Jan. 1G 
Act. — 32. 

This Epitaph is to be seen insculpt in gulden 
letters upon the Monument of John Denne in 
the Church at the Inner Temple of London. 

1 In margin " q. lectus." 


Tufton of Hotfield, Erie of Thanet. 

Nicholas Tufton Earle of Thaiiett J .son. 

Thomas Tufton ,, ,, ,, 2 sou. 

John Tufton ,, ,, ,, 3 son. 

Richard Tufton ,, ,, ,, 1 son. 

Sackvill Tufton ,, ,, ,, 5 sou. 

George Tufton ,, ,, ,, G sou. 

The Lady Margarett ma : George Coventry. 

The Lady Francis ma ; Squire Drake, she dyed . . . 





Copie of the Will of William Cullinge, 1530. 

3Eu tiei noic Jlmen the eight day of November in the yeare of our 
Lord God one thousand five hundred and thirty & in the twenty sixt 
yeare of the reigne of our Sovereigue Lord King Henry the eight, I 
William Cullyng in the Parish of Barham in the Countie of Kent, whole 
of minde & in good remembrance being thanked be to God make my 
Testament & last will in manner & forme following. First I commend 
my soule unto Allmighty God, to our Lady saynte Mary & to all the 
holly company of hcvine And my body to be buried in the Churchyard 
of Barham aforesaid. Item I bequeth to the hie altar of the same 
Church for my tithes and offerings forgotten, or by mee negligently 
with holden iii s iiii d . Item I bequeth to the crosse light there xii d . 
To our Lady Light there xii d . Item to the rode light there viii d . And 
to Sainte Johnes lighte viii' 1 . Item I bequeth to the reparations of 
the said Church x s . Item I bequeth to the same Church a white 
vestiment price six pound. Item I bequeth a young haitier to the 
finding of a Lampe in the Crosse Chanced. Item I will that ther be 
disposed & don by my Executors the day of my burying for the helth 
of my soule and all Xtiau soules a dirige & ten Masses, & to every poore 
man & woman [unreadable] & at my monthes mynde a dirige and thirty 
Masses, & to such poore people as come, whether they bid any to dinner 
or noe as well poore as others their dinners. And allso at my yeares 
mynde a dirige and ten Masses. Item I will that my Executors shall 
finde an honest secular Priest a quarter of a yeare to sing in the Church 
of Barham aforesaid for the helth of my soule, my frendis soules and 
all Xten soulies. Item I will that yearely the space of forty yeares 
after my decease one Obite be kept in the said Church of Barham for 
my soule, my wiffis soule, my Father & my Mothers soulis and for all 
Xten soulies with a dirige and three Masses & viii d in bread & ale. And 
I will that hee that hath my House I now dwell in shall yearely be 
at the charge of the said Obite during the same fortie yeares. Item 
I bequeth to Jhone my daughter lxvi 3 viii 1 ' . And I bequeth to every 
of the children of the same Jhone xiii s iiiid an( j if j t t happen any of the 
said Children to decease before they have received their said Legacy 
of xiii 3 iiii d then I will it shall remaine to the others being alive. Item 


1 bequeth unto Myldrode my daughter lxvi B viii' 1 bo that Iter husband 
doc make her a jointer of twenty pound in moveables or else xxvi 8 
viii (1 yearely, out of lands for terinc of her life, and il hee will not 
make her the said joynter then I will the said Legacy of Ixvi 8 viii' 1 to 
stand void. Never theless if it fortune the said Mildrede my daughter 
to overly ve her husband then I will that shee shall have the sayd lxvi 8 
viii' 1 . Item 1 bequeth unto every of the Children of the said Mildrede 
being alyve at my departing xiii 8 iiii 1 '. Item 1 bequeth unto t lie foresaid 
Jhone & Mildrede my daughters all my brasse pewter, lattyne, being 
a furnys in the house whether it may he pulled down or not or not being 
joyned to the house : shettis, tabell clothes, to wells, Napkins, I'illowies 
& Pillowcottis to be delivered unto them anone after my decesse. 
Item I bequeth unto J hone my daughter a horse colte & iiii ewes. 
Item ' I bequeth unto Thomas Cullinge my sonnes sonne xx marke. 
It : I bequethe unto James Culling his brother x pound And I bequeth 
unto Richard Culling his brother xx Moore. And if it fort line any 
of the said Thomas, James or Richard to dy before hee come to the age 
of twenty yeares then 1 will that his two brothers that overlived shall 
have his parte divided betweene them. And if it fortune two of them 
to die before they come to the sayd age of twentie yeares That then 
I will that hee that overlyveth shall have xx pound for his portion and 
allso xxvi s viii 1 ' to be disposed in the Church of Barham for the helth 
of my soule my frendies soulies & all Xten soulies. And if it fortune 
the said Thomas, James & Richard to die before they come to the said 
age of twentie yeares as God forbid then I will that lxvi s viii d shall be 
disposed as is aforesaid : and the residue of all their Legacies to remaine 
unpaid to the intent the lands may sooner come free to the heires. 
Item I bequeth to every of my Godchildren twelve pence except they 
that be paid allready. Item I bequeth unto William Culling an haiffer. 
$g- Item I will that my six silver spones & allso the residue of all my move- 
able goods, money, come, & catell excepted shall remaine to him that 
shall have my house that I now dwell in. Item I will that John Jender 
shall be allowed for all necessary reparation as hee doth upon my said 
house with the appurtenances of such money as shall come of my 
moveable goods not bequeathed & of my landis. And of this my 
Testament & last Will I make & ordayne Edmund de Briggies of Stelling, 
& John Jender myne Executors, and I bequeth unto the said Edmund 
for his labor vi s viii d and unto the sayd John xx s . Also I make and 
ordanye Thomas Aden of Denton overseer of the same, and I bequeth 
unto him vi s viii (1 . Thies witness ut inferius. 

^hia is the last SlltU of mee William Culling made the day & yeare 
abovesaid. First I will that my Feoffes shall suffer John Jender to 
occupie all my landes and tenements with the appurtenances one hole 
yeere next after my decease paying therefore hi' vi s viii' 1 And paying 
the Lordis rent, and all other chargies belonging to the same. And 
that yeer ended 1 will the sayd John Jender or his Assigned shall lett 
to farme all my said lands & tenements with the appurtenances to the 

1 From here to the word " Moore " is underlined. 


most pro Hit he can, or may. And the .same landes & tenements to be 
continually soe long lettene to Farme unto such time as w it h 1 he yearely 
pro flits above the chargics comeying thereof, & my money corne goods 
& catall my legacies be payd And this my Testamenl & lasl will in all 
thinges tulililled. And 1 will the sayd John Jendcr shall have yearely 
for his paines A labor xiii s iiii (1 . Item f w ill t hat ( 'ullyn^e the Sonne 
of Thomas Cullynge shall have my house at Brigge with the Crofts 
& Gardens thereto lying at the East side of the path way thai goeth 
betweene Elham & Barham, also from the garden of Breech Northward 
xl nub's of length levins bctwyne y° lands sumtime Godflries & the 
water way Mast, & y path that goeth to Klham ward West. Also ten 
acres of sheepe lese lying at the Southend <>1 the hanging hill above 
Breech next unto the lands of M r Thomas Beale of the South, also a 
close called Myllcrofte & parcel of land called Reedehooke, & a parcel! 
of woodlande called the greate Reedc conteyning iiii Acres more or 
lesse To have & to hold to him & to his hcires male ol his body lawfully 
begottine for evermore. Also 1 will that William Cullyng his brother 
shall have the residue of all my landes & Tenements with the appur- 
tenances to him cv to his heires male of his bodie lawfully begottyne 
for ever. And to remaine from heire to heire for evermore. And 
if it fortune the foresaid John Cullinge to dy without heires mule of his 
body lawfully begottyne as is aforesaid, then I will that William Cullinge 
his brother shall have the same lands & Tenements with I he appur- 
tenances in maiier and forme as I have assigned the said John, & soe 
to enjove them, it none otherwise. And il it happen the sayd William 
Culling to decesse without heires male of his bodie lawfully begottyne 
as is aforcsayde Then 1 will that Richard Culling his brother shall have 
all the foresaid landes & tenements with all & singular their appur- 
tenances in mailer & forme as is before assigned to the said William. 
And if it fortune any of my sonne Thomas Culling sonncs to enjoy 
any of my landes or Tenements my will is t hat t hey shall have t he same 
in manner & forme as is assigned to the foresaid .John Culling iv William 
Culling in fee laile A: none otherwise. And il il fortune all my [sic] 
sun ues of my souue Thomas Cullynge to die without heires male of t heir 
bodies lawfully begottyne then 1 will all my said lands & Tenements 
with their appurtenances shall remaine to the heires male of my daughter 
Johane for ever as is aforesaid. And for default < J such heires male 
1 will the same shall rcmeine to the heires male of my daughter 
Mildride for ever as is aforesaid. And for default of such heires the 
same landes and Tenements to remeyne to the next of my blood. Item 
1 will that William Cullinge shall have the landes his Father purchased 
of Thomas Bell gentilman and an acre of Woodland bought of John A 
Neve according to his Fathers desire att the time of his decesse. Item 
1 will that James Cullynge shall have the house & the landes that his 
Father purchased of William llarle, according as his Father desired 
when lice decessed. Provided allway that if any of the sonncs of 
Thomas Cullinge hereafter do make clayme, titill or intereste to any 
of my landes or other goodis contrary or otherwise then I have assigned 
and willed them in my Testament & last will, or else doe interrupt, 


vexe, trouble John lender his licires Executors & Assigncs for this my 
Testament & last will or lor (heir Fathers good is Then I will that I fee 
or they that so doth shall not enjoy anny of my goodis or lands bequcthed 
unto him or them so comillge but that their Legacies stand void and 
be of none effect. Item J will that none of tin; sonnes of Thomas 
Cullinge shall entir into no landis givine unto them unto such time 
my will & Testament aforesaid be cleerely fulfylled. Item I will that 
if mine Executors be vexide trobeled or suede in anny wise for mee, 
or anny thing concerning this my last will and Testament their costis 
chargies <fc expences to be levied out of my landes as my bequestis 
above be assigned. Item I will that if William Cullinge be rulede and 
governed by the advise and Counsell of his Uncle John Jender that he 
enter into such landis as I have gevync & assigned him, & to take 
the proll'ittis thereof immediately & assone as my Will is fullillyde. 
And if liee refuse so to doc, then I will the same landis shall be letten 
to Farme two yeares after my will is fulfilled and the money thereof 
commynge to be bestowed for the hclth of my soule and all Xten soulies 
in the Church of Barham aforesaid. And for as much as I have 
declaryde and willyde that my bequestis and Legacies, expences and 
charges of my said Testament and last will shall be allouide and so 
payde of the yearely Farme of my landis and of such money corne & 
catall as I doe leave at my departing as is abovesaid that the Legataries 
may be well k trucly contented & paide without trobull or sucite and 
my Will dewly fullfyllyde and executyde, my will is that the Church 
of Barham be iirst paid, Johanne my daughter next, Myldrede my 
daughter next if her husband doe as is aforesaid ; next the Children 
of John Jender as they be in age the eldest first. The Children of 
Myldrede my daughter the eldest first, and soe one after another as 
they be in age. And in like manner the residew of my bequestis to 
be paide so that every Legatory shall tary for his parte untill such time 
as it may conveniently be reared and leavidc by mine Executors as is 
above writtyne. Thes witness S r Thomas Stapulton curate there, 
William Joyner, Thomas Ladd, John Castell, Lawrence Pattyndine, 
John Colby, Thomas llaye, Stephyne Sauuder & other. 

Probatum fuit suprascriptum tcstamentum xxix die mensis Julii 
Anno Dili Millesmio quingentesimo xxxi &c 

This I wrott out of the Originall will 
in my wifes custody, No. 19, 1GG8. 

(To be continued.) 


Edited by the Rkv. Edmund Nkvill, B.A., F.S.A. 
(Continued from Vol. XXXI, j>. 268.) 

1G63 and 1663-4. 
Whistler, John, of Sulham, Berks, and Elizabeth Mason, of Sulham, 

sp. Bdman. Robert Mason the younger. 8 Ap. 1663. 
Luke, Charles, schoolmaster, of Whiteparish, 34, and Sarah Maukes, 

of Alton Barnes, sp., 28. Bdman. Francis Roberts. 11 Ap. 

1663. [A.] 
Hunt, Samuel, of Marlborough, tailer, 28, and Mary Lamborne of 

the same, sp., 28. 25 Ap. [A.] 
Deverell, John, of Bradford, Wilts, barber, 20, and Elizabeth Roberts 

of Bradford, sp., 18. Bdman. Andrew Hillier, of Sarum, maulter. 

10 Nov. [A.B.] 
Banks, John, of Homington, Wilts, butcher, and Dorothy Blake, of 

Fisherton Anger, wid. 7 Nov. [A.B.] 
Leaver, Samuel, of Burcombe, Wilts, carpenter, 23, and Susan 

Cooper, of Urchfont, sp., 25. 27 Oct. [A.B.] 
Pride, Thomas, of Shasbury (Shaftesbury), Dorset, appothecary, 30, 

and Prudence Langford, of Sarum, sp., 23. Bdman. Thos. 

Eyre, of Sarum, clotliyer. 26 Oct. [A.B.] 
Westbeere, Thomas, of Fordston [? Falston], Wilts, clothyer, 25, 

and Philip Feltham, of Quidhampton, sp., 30. Bdman. Tho. 

Westbeere. 23 Nov. (A. says 24 Oct.) [A.B.] 
Coombio, Tristram, of Tisbury, mercer, 29, and Mary Rogers, of Mere, 

sp., 22. Bdman. William Rogers. 2 [blank]. [A. and B.] 
Lono, John, of Durrington, Wilts, yeoman, and Margaret Dowley, 

of Bulford, Wills, sp., 25. 4 Oct. [A. and B.] 
White, Walter, of Grittleton, Wilts, gent., 30, and Prescilla Iles, of 

Devizes, sp., 18. Bdman. John Smedmore, 1 Oct. [A. and B.] 
Martin, John, of Amesbury, Wilts, yeoman, and Susann Towsey 

of the same, wid. Bdmen. Hugh Gauntlett and Thomas Young. 

4 Aug. 
Yerbury, Thomas, of Bradford, clothier, 26, and Jane Bennet, of 

Smalbrooke, sp., 23. Bdman. Edmund Frowd. (Date lost.) 

[A. and B.] 
Webb, Steven, of Marlborough, gent., . 7, and Mary Keineton of the 

same, sp. Bdmen. Robert Hayter and Jasper Kellaway. 10 July 

1663. [A. and B.] 
Sacklfr, Mathew, of Wilton, yeoman, 30, and Elioner Biggs of the 

same, sp., 23. Bdman. Jos : Shadwell. 29 July. [A. and B.] 
Luke, Richard, of Fisherton Anger, cooper, 25, and Susan Thrixg, of 

Wilton, wid. Bdman. Thomas Rich. 30 Jan. 1663-4. 
Stanford, Thomas, of Sarum, sadler, widower, and Anne Wilshire 

of the same, wid. No Bdman. 27 Jan. [A.B.J 


Ayls, alias Hicks, James, of Stockton, Wilts, yeoman, widower, and 

Scisily Grene, of Fovant (Strowd), sp., 43. Bdman. William 

Crine, lanius. 2<> Jan. [A.B.] 
Jervis, Robert, of Newton Tony, Wilts, yeoman, widower, and Anne 

Parnell of the .same, sp., 25. Bdman. Willm. Jervis, of Amesbury, 

Wilts, tayler. 25 Jan. [A.B.] 
WlLKlNS, Henry, of Gillingham, co. Dorset, husb., 35, and Margery 

Reeks, of Bremhill, Wilts, sp., 2'.). Bdman. George Beling. 

20 Jan. (A.H.| 
Brockway, John, of Malmesbury, yeoman, 25, and Susan Hamblenton, 

of the same, wid. Bdman. Francis Bayly, clerk, Rector of Wood- 
borough, Wilts. 27 Jan. [A.] 
Roberts, Willm, of Poulshot, Wilts, yeoman, 21, and Mary Hancock, 

of Steeple Ashton, sp., 21. Bdman. Thomas Roberts, of Poulshot, 

yeoman. 11 Jan. 1663-4. [A.B.] 
Whiteiiorne, George, of Rolleston [Rollstone], Wilts, husb., 30, and 

Joan Myles of the same, sp., 26. Bdman. Edward Moody, of 

. . . ., maulster. 5 Jan. [A.B.j 
Beard, Robert, of Devizes, silkman, 26, and Mary Eyre, of Bromham, 

aforesaid, sp., 23. Bdmen. Thomas Eyre, of Sarum, clothier, and 

Thomas Eyre, of Bromham, gent. 4. Jan. [A.B.j 
Hickman, John, miller, of Netheravon, 35, and Ann Dick of the same, 

sp., 22. Bdman. Thos. Dick, of Hackston, Wilts, blacksmith. 

1 Jan. [A.B.] 
Atwood, Wm., of . . . ., W'ilts, butcher, and Margaret Rutt, of 

Amesbury, .sp. Bdman. John Tayler (signs " Eylcr ") 28 Dec. 
Crue, Bartholomew, of Natton in Lacock, Wilts, yeoman, 35, and 

Bridget Edwards, of Chippenham, sp., 25. Bdman. Edward 

Crue, of St. Thomas', Sarum, linendraper. 1 Dec. [A.B.J 
Madock, Edmund, of Wildon in [blank], and Mris. Joan Sadler, 

sp., d. of Wm. Sadler, of Elcomb. Bdman. Wm. Sadler. Wit 3 ., 

Wm. Griffin, Timothy Colliding. 11 Nov. 
Bowles, Henry, of Woodford, Wilts, 34, and Edith Sadler, of Barford 

St. Martin, wid. Bdman. Will Bewley. [blank] Dec. [A. 

and B.] 
Collet, Willm., of Bromham, Wilts, yeoman, and Rebecca Coventry 

of the same, sp. Bdman. James Street. 24 Nov. 
Grettenham, Thomas, of Brockenhurst, co. South., 23, and Eliz : 

Marsh, of St. Thomas', Sarum, sp., 22. Bdman. Thomas Marsh. 

[blank] Nov. [A. and B.| 
Harrison, John, of St. Edmund's, Sarum, iremonger, widower, and Ann 

Wolford, of Warminster, sp., 38. Bdman. Thomas Wrenn, sen. 

7 Nov. 
Hopkins, John, clerk, Vicar of Hankerton, Wilts, and Mary Southerne, 

of Charlton, Wilts, sp. Bdman. Hugh Hillman. 25 Oct. [A. 

and B.| 
Pannell, Oliver, of Lydiard Tregose, Wilts, yeoman, widower, and 

Hester Wheeler, of Brinkworth, Wilts, wid. 26 Oct [A 

and B.] 


Barter, Thomas, of Sarum, joyner, 28, and Jane Wills of the same, 

sp., 27. 7 Oct. 1663. [A.B.] 
Hiscock, Robert, (»f Bramshaw, Wilts, blacksmith, and Edith Croucher 

of Sarum, wid. 6 Oct. 1663. 
Coster, Edward, of Hall, Wilts, husb., and Elizabeth Baker, of El- 
combe in Wroughton, sp., 25. Bdman. Leonard Haminell, of 

Marlborough (MildcnhaU in A.), yeoman. Wit 8 ., Jolm Grinaway, 

Wm. Witclimaych. 16 Aug. 1663. [A3.] 
Pike, Richard, of Collingbourne Kingston, Wilts, shoemaker, 29, and 

Sarah PlKE of l he same, sp., 22. Bdman. .John Bishop, of 

Sarum. 30 Hep. 1663. [A.B.] 
Joanks, John, shoemaker, of Bradford, Wilts, and Margaret Short, of 

Westwood, Wills, sp., 18. Bdman. John Waterman, of Sarum. 

29 Sep. 1663. [A.B.] 
Cleeve, Mr. Alexander, of Blunsdon St. Andrew, Wilts, gent., 26, 

widower, and Mris. Kli : Read, of Rodborne Cheyney, wid. Bdman. 

Giles Cleeve, gent., son of Mr. Alexander Cleeve. 26 Sep. [A.B.] 
Browxjohn, John, of Bps. Cannings, Wilts, yeoman, 28, and Margaret 

Peirce, of the Devizes, sp., 2-4. Bdman. Thos. Roise, of Bromham, 

Wilts, yeoman. 25 Sep. [A.B.] 
Gale, Richard, of Wilcot, Wilts, yeoman, widower, and Joan Godden, 

of St. Margaret's, Marlborough, wid. Bdman. Thomas Young, 

of Sarum. 21 Sep. [A.B.] 
Wills, Thomas, of . . . ., Berks, yeoman, and Joan Sisom, of Devizes, 

sp. Bdman. Geo. Wells. Wit s ., Ben Richards, John Vincent. 

6 July. 
Lam:, Anthony, of Latton, Wilts, yeoman, widower, and .Ann Poin 

lack of the same, wid. Jo [— ] (A.B.J 
Meriwether, John, of Hilperton, Wilts, yeoman, 30, and Anne Frowd, 

of Sarum, wid. Bdman. Tho. Martin, of Sarum, malster. 10 Sep. 
Hayward, Thomas, of Sarum, goldsmith, 27, and Alice Thresher, 

of Sarum, sp., 22. Bdman. Arthur Helme. 8 Sep. [A.B.] 
Cooke, Joseph, ol Keevil, Wilts, yeoman, widower, and Margaret 

Stimk, of Urchfont, wid. 1 Sep. [A.B.] 
Banks, Thomas, of Odstock, hush., widower, and Edith Annet of the 

same, with 20 June. |A.B.| 
Chapman, William, of Corsham, Wilts, gent., 25, and Mris. Eliza IIul- 

JUJ it r of the same, sp., 19. Bdman. John Sadler, of Sarum, gent. 

19 June. | A.B.| 
Franklin, Philip, of Marlborough, clothier, 26, and Francis Potter of 

the same, wid. Bdmen. Bartholomew Bingle, of Marlborough, 

Wilts, mercer, and John Palmer, of Sarum, capmaker. 17 June 

1663. | A.B.| 
Cleare, John, ol Warminster, Wilts, inholder, widower, and Elizabeth 

West, of St. Thomas', Sarum, sp.,30. No Bdman. 9 June 1663. 
Harris, William, of Westbury Ly Wilts, clothier, widower, and Mary 

Frickkk, of ICasI Hatch, wid. Bdman. James Harris, of Sarum, 

linen draper. 9 June 1603. [A.B.j 


Berryman, Robt., of Minety, yeoman, 21, and Friswide Hawkins 

of the same, sp., 29. Bdman. William Weaver, of Minety, yeoman 

31 Aug. 1663. [A.B.J 
Martyn, Edward, of Steeple Ashton, Wilts, gent., widower, and Mris. 

Elizabeth Rooke, of Potterne, the younger, wid. Bdman. Gilford 

Hill, of Steeple Ashton. 22 Aug. 1663. [A.B.] 
Pope, Richard, of Daunteay, Wilts, yeoman, widower, and Katherine 

Fenn of the same, sp., 20. Bdmen. Arthur Fenn, gent., 

Katherine's fa., and Henry Jones, gent. 21 Aug. 1663. [A.B.j 
Ruddle, Gyles, of Stert, Wilts, husb., 2G, and Elizabeth Ridman, of 

Devizes, sp., 25. Bdmen. John Ridman, of Ashlington, and 

Richard Moore. 14 Aug. 1663. 
Evans, Henry, of Kemble, Wilts, and Ann Clutterbooke of the same, 

sp. Bdman. John Waterman. 13 Aug. [A.B.] 
Franklyn, Richard, of Marlborough, gent., 25, and Grace Smyth, of 

Mildenhall, sp., 22. Bdmen. Philip Franklin and Robert Foord. 

11 Aug. [A.B.] 
Garle, Richard, of St. Edmund's, Sarum, hush., 23, and Joane Peirce 

of the same, sp., 20. Bdman. James Smith of the same. 10 Aug. 
Eve, Matthew, of Orcheston St. George, shepherd, 30, and Edyth 

Mortymer, of Rushall, sp., 28. Bdman. Robert Phillpot. 10 Au" 

Peirci;;, Thomas, of Rodborne Cheyney, Wilts, gent., 28, and Anne 

Hynton of the same, wid. No Bdman. 4 Aug. [A.B.] 
Fowle, John, husb., of Allcannings, and Alice Stevens of the same, 

sp., 22. Bdman. James Streete, husb., of Devizes. 21 July 

Huddinq, John, the younger, of Worton in Potterne, yeoman, 23, 

and Anne Pryor, of Chitterne St. Mary, sp., 22. Bdmen. Thos. 

Pryor of the same, yeoman, and William Cemens, of Sarum, mercer. 

6 July. [A.B.J 
Wills, Thomas, of Wantage, Berks, yeoman, widower, and Joan 

Sisom, of Devizes, sp., 24. Bdman. Robert Martin of the same 

yeoman. 6 July. [A.] 
Mayor, Robert, of Bradford, Wilts, scrivener, and Elizabeth Gibbs, 

of Bath, sp., 26. Bdman. John Mayor, of Sarum, scrivener. 

28 June 1663. 
Muspratt, William, of Urchfont, Wilts, yeoman, 26, and Mary Ford 

of the same, sp., 23. Bdman. Henry Smith of the same. 6 July. 
Gifferd, John, of Sarum, shoemaker, 22, and Joan Philips of the 

same, sp., 27. Bdman. John Dupe, of Sarum. 15 July. 

Rimell, Francis, of Christian Malford, Wilts, yeoman, 23, and Mary 

Selman of the same, sp., 21. Bdman. Robert Sellman. Wit 3 ., 

Robert Martine, Lawrance Othe. 5 June. [A.B.] 
Hicok, Jafrery, of Allington, 40, and Lewis Mills of the same, sp., 

37. Bdmen. James Street, of Devizes, yeoman, and Tho. Framp- 

ton, of Sarum, yeoman. (Hiscox in A., and Lowes, i.e., Lois 

not Lewis.) 22 June. [A.B.J 


Brindson, Thomas, of Wotton Basset, Wilts, yeoman, 28, and Sibill 

Boxwell of the same, sp., 21. Bdman. Thomas Read. Wit 8 ., 

Robert Martine, John Boxwell. 27 June. [A. 15.) 
Broouks, John, of Devizes, Wilts, sadler, 21, and Anne Edny of the 

same, sp., 21. Bdman. Ann Edny, senior, of the same, wid. 

Wit., Mary Edny. (A., 16 May.) 1G May. [A.B.] 
Legg, John, of Figheldean, Wilts, yeoman, and Catherine Churchey 

of the same, sp., 30. Bdman. Thomas Barium, of Sarum, cook. 

26 May. [A.B.] 
Bring, George, of QuidcUngton [Quidhampton,] 'Wilts, husb., 27, and 

Anne Dring of the same, sp., 22. Bdman. Thomas Wallis, of 

, Wilts, fuller. 4 June. [A.B.] 

Shory, Simon, of Melksham, Wilts, weaver, 22, and Margaret Pountney 

of the same, sp., 27. Bdman. Stephen Pountny, baker. (Groom 

signs " Shewring.") 20 May. [A.B.J 
Hinton, Edward, of Enford, Wilts, tayler, and Evis Jarvis, of Up- 

haven, wid. Bdman. Hugh Dench. 23 May. [A.B.] 
Beach, Joshua, of . . . ., Wilts, wollendraper, 22, and Edith Greene, 

sp., 20, d. of Richard Greene, of Donhead Lodge, Dorset, gent. 

Bdman. John Johnson. 1 May. 

(To be continued.) 

Inquistttaiirs Post fttortem. 

(Continued from Vol. XXXI, p. L'80.) 

Madoxe, Howard, ob. 5 Oct. 1637.— Inq. at Southwark 8 June 14 

Car. I. — Surrey — Benjamin, brother & h., act. 5 mo. 
Mahew [or Maihewe], Miles, yco., ob. 1 July 1 Car. 1.— Inq. at Ipswich 

20 Jan. 6 Car. I. — Suffolk — Laurence, s. & h., act. 15 yrs. 
Malison, George, of Hashngton, ob. 11 Nov. ult.— Inq. at Middlewich 

9 May 35 Eliz. — Chester — Thomas, s. & h., aet. Hi yrs. 
Maleverer, Richard, Knt., will Augt. 1521, ob. 15 Augt. ult.— Inq. 

at Kuaresborough 11 Nov. 13 lien. 8 — York — 

Thomas, s. & h., act. 18 yrs.— Alianor, d. of Henry Ughtrcd, Knt. 
Maleverey, John, will 1 Oct. 10 Hen. 8., ob. 10 May 12 Hen. 8.— Inq. 

at Maltby 15 Nov. 12 Hen. 8.— York— Robert, s. & h., aet. 11 yrs. 
Maliverer, Johanna, widow, ob. 22 June 3 lien. 8. — . . . . Carew 

of co. Cornwall, Est]., 1 husband, Ilalnalhea Maliverer 2 husband — 

Inq. at Lost wil liiel 5 Oct. 1 lien. 8.— Cornwall— 

Nicholas Cttrow,T=. . . . 
8. &. li., ob. V.|). 

Edward Carow, Knt., s. of Nichs., cons. & h. of 
Johanna, act. 4 yrs. 4 Hen. 8. 

George Maliverer, a. & h., oh. B.p.=A 


Maliverkr, Richard, Knt., oh. at Allcrton Maliverer 15 May 1 Jac. I. — 

Inq. at York Castle 3 Apr. -1 Jac. I. — -York — Thomas, s. & h., aet. 

4 yrs. 
Mallam, Alice, wife of William Mallam of Elleslake [ Elslack], — Inq. 

26 Nov. 7 Eliz. — York— Christopher, s. ec h., act. 30 yrs. 
Mallet, Robert, oh. 2-1 Oct. nit. s.p. — Inq. at Knaresborough 28 June 

1 Eliz. — York — Henry Mallet, eons. & h.,'aet. 64 yrs. 

Mallet, William, of Iddesleigh, pent., oh. 9 Apr. 28 Khz.— Inq. 6 Oct. 

28 Eliz.— Devon— Oliver, s. & h., aet, 14 yrs. 
Mallet, William, Esq., oh. 7 Sept, 2 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Bridgwater 

26 Oct, 2 Hen. 8.— Somerset— 1. Baldwin, s. & h., aet. 14 yrs. 2 Hen. 
8; 2. Hugh; 3. Richard; 4. William. 

Mallett, Hugh, ob. 24 July 32 lien. 8.— Inq. at Gloucester 29 Oct. 

32 Hen. 8 — Gloucester — Thomas, s. & h., aet. 19 yrs. 
Mallett, Thomas, Esq., will 15 Oct. 22 Eliz., ob. eodem die. — Inq. 

27 Sept, 28 Eliz.— Glouc— 1. John, s. & h., act. 12 yrs. ; 2. George, 
had land in Pennard, co. Somerset ; daughters. 

Mallett, William, of Normanton, senior, ob. ibm. 5 Jan. 13 Hen. 8. — 
Inq. at Leeds 26 Eeh. 1 Mary. — York — 

Roger, s. & 1i.=f 

William, s. <fc ''-t 

i ' 

Frances, d. & h. & con*. & h., act. 5 yrs. 

Mallory, Alice, widow, oh. 8 Mar. 38 Hen. 8 ; marr. Anthony Mallory. 
Esq., who died 2 Aug. 32 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Caxton 4 Jan. 38 Hen. 8. — 
Cambridge — 1. Henry, s. & h. apparent, oh. 20 Feb. 33 Hen. 8, at 
London, s.p.m. ; 2. William, brother & heir male, act, 27 yrs. 

Mallory, Christopher, ob. 23 Mar. 1 Mary. — Inq. at Bedale 11 Apr. 

2 & 3 P. & M— York— John, s. & h., aet." 1 yr. 

Malory, Alice (widow of Anthony Malory, ob. 2 Aug. 32 Hen. 8), 
ob. 8 May 38 Hen. 8.— Inq. at Huntingdon 3 Jan. 38 Hen. 8 — 
Hunt.— 1. Henry, oh. s.p.m. 20 Feb. 33 Hen. 8; 2. William, bro. 
& h. of Henry, aet. 27 yrs. 

Malory, Simon, ob. 19 Feb. 44 Eliz. — Inq. at Kettering 19 Sept, 

3 Jac. I. — Kent — Simon, s. & h., aet. 16 yrs. 

Malory, William, Esq., ob. 23 Oct. 27 Eliz.— 1. Inq. 25 July 28 Eliz. 
— Cambridge ; 2. Inq. 26 July 28 Eliz., Lincoln — 

William Mallory, s. & h.,=p 
aet. 38 yrs. 28 Eliz. 

i : 1 1 ' 1 1 

Henry Mallory, Knt., 2. William, 3. Thomas, 4. Mathew. Johan, ux. Geo. 
e. & h., sold the- land. =p ob. .s.p. Cole of Downe, 

=P --f- co. Kent. 

Man, William, gent., ob. 10 Mar. 37 Eliz.— Inq. ult. July 37 Eliz.— 

York — William, s. & h., aet. 40 yrs. 
Manaton, Henry, oh. 24 Apr. 37 Eliz. — Inq. at Launceston 5 Nov. 

37 Eliz. — Cornwall — Anthony, s. & h., aet. 21 yrs. 


Manhy, William, Esq., ob. 8 Mar. 15 Eliz. — Inq. at Horncastle 14 May 

15 KHz. — Lincoln — Francis, s. & h., aet. 36 yrs. 
Mandevile, James, ob. 13 July 1642. — Inq. at Petworth 23 Sept. 

18 Car. I. — Sussex & Surrey- Dowsabella, d. & h., aet. 5 mo. 
Manknoll, Thomas, mercer, will .'50 Apr. 9 Car. I.- — Inq. at Lincoln 

G June 10 Car. I.— Lincoln — Elizabeth, d. & h., aet. 11 yrs. 7 mo. 
Mannyno, William, ob. 5 Apr. 37 Hen. 8. — J. ux. Thomasine ; 2 ux. 

Johanna — Inq. at llolsworthy 28 Oct. 38 IU)\\. 8. — Devon — Nicholas, 

B. & h. (by I ux.), aet. 40 yrs. 
Manski.l, Lewis, Kut. & Bar!., ob. 1 Apr. 1038. — Inq. at Cowbridge 

9 Auji;. 14 Car. 1. — 61am.- — Henry Mauscll, Bart., s. & h., then aet. 

7 yrs. 
Mansfeild, Thomas, will 23 Apr. 1638, ob. 5 May 14 Car. I. — Inq. at 

Nottingham 14 Augt. 1-1 Car. I. — Nottingham — Richard, s. & h., 

then aet. ( J yrs. 
Manwaringk, John, Knt., of Over Pcover, ob. 27 Apr. 17 Hen. 8. — 

Inq. at Chester 17 Apr. 2 £ 3 l\ .V M. — Chester— Ranulph Manwaringo, 

Knt., a. & h., aet. 32 yrs. 
Manwaringe, William, ob. 22 Apr. 13 Car. I. — Inq. at Sandbach 

9 Sept. 13 Car. I. — Chester — 1. Anna, d. & coh., aet. 7 yrs. ; 2. Maria, 

d. & coh., aet. 5 yrs. 
Manwaringk, see Maynwaringe. 
Mapes, Francis, ob. 9 Mar. 13 Car. I. — Inq. at Norwich 15 Jan. 14 

Car. I. — Norfolk — 1. Katherine, ux. John (Juibon, aet. 30 yrs. ; 

2. Ann, aet. 12 yrs. 9 Mar. 1G37. 
Mapowder, Narcissus, of Holesworth (? Holsworthy), co. Devon, 

gent., ob. 13 Apr. 1628. — Inq. at Launceston 22 Sept. 4 Car. I. — 

Cornwall — Devon & Somerset — Anthony, s. & h., act. 8} yrs. 13 Apr. 

4 Car. I. 
Marhle, Alice, widow, ob. 13 May ult. — Inq. at City of Hereford, 

3 Oct. 4 Eliz.— Hereford — Thomas, s. & h., aet. 8 yrs. 
Mariujry, Katherine, ob. 11 Aug. 17 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Horncastle 

11 June 18 Hen. 8.— Lincoln— William, s. & h., aet. 1 yr. 
Makceh, Bale, ob. 23 Apr. Kill.— Inq. at York Castle 13 Oct, 17 Car. I. 

— York — Henry, s. & h., then aet. 13 yrs. 
Marche, Richard, gent., ob. 14 Feb. ult. — Inq. at Croydon, 23 Sept. 

26 Eliz. — Surrey — William Marche, s. & h., aet, 14 yrs. 
Marche, Robert, ob. 3 Feb. 5 Eliz. — Inq. at Battle 17 Apr. 7 Eliz. — 

Sussex — Simon, s. & h. ; live other sons, one daur. 
Marche, Simon, gent., ob. 13 Apr. ult. — Inq. at Lewes 7 Oct. 26 Eliz. — 

Sussex — William, s. &. h., aet. 4 yrs. 
Marckham, John, Esq., Lib. Pet., 7. fo. 197. — Lincoln — 
.... Markliam, Esq., s. & h., ob. v.p.=r= 

John Markliam, s. & h., ob.=j=Hcllena, d. of Tho. Tirring- 
9 Sept. 1625. ham, Knt., of co. Bucks. 

Thomas, s. & h., act. 3£ yrs., 1(325. 

Margettson, William, ob. 16 Oct. 1623. — Inq. at Bradford 3 Apr. 
6 Car. I. — York — William, s. & h., aet. 5i yrs. 6 Car. I. 



Mark am, Adam de, will 26 Mar. 1563, ob. 28 Mar. 5 Eliz. — Inq. at 

Horncastlo 3 Nov. 5 Eliz. — Lincoln — Agnes, Isabella, Elizabeth, 

Alicia, Susanna, live daughters \ r coheirs. 
Marke, Anthony, ob. 1 Sept. 1570.— Inq. at Barnsley 1 .July 15 Eliz. — 

York — Richard, s. & h., aet. 4 yrs. 
Mabkenfeld, Thomas, will 11 Apr. 1550, bur. in Ripon, ob. 18 Apr. 

4 Edw. 6.— Inq. at Ripon 24 Mar. [? May] 4 Edw. 6.— York— 

1. Thomas, s. & h., aet. 17 yrs., mar. Isabella ; 2. John ; 

3. William; 1. Ann; 2. Isabella. 
Markham, Lady Ann, wife of John, Knt., ob. 12 Oct. 1 & 2 P. & M. — 

Inq. at Nottingham 28 Oct, 2 & 3 P. & M.— Notts— Thomas, s. & 

h., aet. 25 yrs. 
Markham, John, Esq., will 1 Dec 1592, ob. 9 Feb. ult. — Inq. at 

Grantham 6 Apr. 36 Eliz. — Lincoln — Anthony, s. & h., aet. 16 yrs. 

23 Aug. ult. 
Markham, see Marokham. 
Markynfkld, Ninian, Knt., will 1 Oct. 1527, bur. in Collegiate Church 

of Ripon, ob. 25 Mar. 19 Hen. 8.— Imp at York Castle 5 Oct. 20 

Hen. 8. — York — Thomas, s. & h., aet. 14 yrs. ; Elianor. 
Marlar, Richard, ob. 4 June 19 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Warwick 20 Jan. 

19 Hen. 8.— Warwick— 

i 1 

1. John, s. & h., ob. v.p.=F 2. William. 

Christian, cons. & h., aet. 4 yrs. 

Marlborough, James, Earl of, ob. 14 -March 1629. — Inq. at City of 

New Sarum 2 May 9 Car. I. — Wilts — Southton. — Devon — 

Henry Ley, Karl of Marlborough, =p Maria Capell. 
s. & h., aet. 32 yrs. 

James Lord Ley. 

Marlborough, Henry, Earl of, ob. I Apr. 1638. — Inq. at Salisbury 

27 Sept. II Car. I.— Wilts, Devon & Somerset — James Earl of 

Marlborough, s. & h., aet. 19 yrs. 27 Jan. 1637. 
Marler, Agnes, ob. 1 May 33 Eliz. — Inq. at Ashburton 23 Sept. 34 

Eliz. — Devon — 1. Mary, d. & coh., aet. 7 yrs. ; 2. Maria, d. & coh., 

aet. 2 yrs. 
Marlott, Thomas, ob. 11 May 1593. — Inq. at Horsham 27 July 40 Eliz. 

— Sussex — William, s. & h., aet. 8 yrs. 
Marmyon, Anthony, will 11 Oct. 1549, ob. 6 Dec. 3 Edw. 6. — Inq. 

at Oxford 3 May 4 Edw. 6.— Oxford— 

i 1 -i 1 1 

1. John, s. & h.,=F 2. Arthur, 1. Sibilla, ux. 2. Dorothea. 3. Katherine. 

aet. 30 yrs. aet. 22 yrs. Jo. Parker. 

Edus [Edmund]. 

Marmyon, Henry, gent., ob. 14 Jan. 1 Eliz. s.p. — Inq. 16 Aug. 6 Eliz. 

— Leic. 
Marmyon, William, ob. 8 June ult. — Inq. at Ancaster 7 Nov. 12 Hen. 8. 

— Lincoln — Katherine, d. & h., aet. 13 yrs. 


Marney, John, Knt., Lord Marney, oh. 27 Apr. 17 Hen. 8.— (1). Inq. 

at Maldon 15 Sept. 17 Hen. 8.— Essex. (2). Inq. at Oxford 29 Aug. 

17 Hen. 8.— Oxford. (3). Inq. 19 Sept. 17 Hen. 8.— Cornwall. 

(4). Inq. 23 Sept. 17 Hen. 8 at Hruton, co. Somerset. (5). Inq. 

31 Aug. 17 Hen. 8 at Whitchurch, co. Bucks. 1. Katherine, d. & 

coh., aet. 10 yrs. ; 2. Elizabeth, d. & eoh., aet. 8 yT3. 
Marney, John, Knt., Lord Marney, of Layer Marney, co. Essex, ob. 

27 Apr. 17 Hen. 8.— (1). Inq. 19 Sept. 17 Hen. 8— Cornwall. (2). 

Inq. 15 Sept. 17 Hen. 8 — Essex. 1. Katherine, d. & coh., aet. 

10 yrs. ; 2. Elizabeth, d. & coh., aet. 8 yrs. 

Market, Humfrey, ob. 27 Apr. 1637. — Inq. at Truro 11 Sept. 13 Car. I. — 

Cornwall — Hercules, s. & h., aet. 2 yrs. 
Marreys, Robert, ob. 10 Eeb. 9 Eliz. — Inq. at Cambridge 4 Oct. 

9 Eliz. — Cambridge — Francis, s. & h., aet. 1 yr. 
Marriat, Nicholas, will 10 Mar. 1567, ob. 28 June 9 Eliz.— Inq. 2 Sept. 

11 Eliz. — Northton — Erasmus, s. & h., aet. 27 yrs. 

Marriott, William, ob. 18 Apr. 12 Car. I. — Inq. at Warwick 10 June 

13 Car. I. — Warwick — Thomas, s. & h., act. (5 yrs., 24 Eeb. 1G3G. 
Marrow, Samuel, ob. 21 Augt. 1635. — Inq. at Meridcn 16 Jan. 11 Car. I. 

—Warwick— Edward, s. & h., aet. 8 yrs., 21 May 1635. 
Marryott, Thomas, will 7 Nov. 7 Car. I., ob. 23 Nov. 1631. — Inq. at 

Warwick 19 Dec. 8 Car. I. — Warwick — Thomas, s. & h., aet. 3 yrs. 

1 May 1632. 
Mars, William, gent., ob. 7 Jan. 2 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Royston 20 Sept. 

4 Hen. 8.- — Cambridge — Margaret, d. & h., aet. 4 yrs. 
Mars, als. Masse, William, gent., ob, 8 Jan. 2 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Bidden- 

den 12 Sept. 7 Hen. 8. — Kent — Margaret, d. & h., aet. 4 yrs. 
Marshall, Christopher, ob. 23 Feb. 7 Car. I. — Inq. at Eye 30 Mar. 

12 Car. I. — Suffolk — 1. Maria, d. & coh., aet. 4 yrs. ; 2. Anna, d. 
& coh., aet. 2 yrs. 

Marshall, John, Esq., ob. 19 Feb. 12 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Walden 9 Oct. 

14 Hen. 8.— Essex— 

1. Maria, ux. John Cutte, ob. 14 July=p 2. Elianor, ux. Henry Cutte, 

13 Hon. 8, aet. 24 yrs. aet. 10 [or 12] yrs. 

I 1 

1. Peter, s. & h. & cons. 2. Robert. 

& h., aet. 7 yrs. 

Marshall, John, gent., ob. 5 Apr. ult. — Inq. at York Castle 2 Oct. 

15 Eliz. — York — John, s. & h., aet. 3 yrs. 
Marshall, John, yeoman, ob. 12 Oct. ult. — Inq. at Gamlingay 22 Mar. 

9 Eliz. — Cambridge — John, s. & h., aet. 40 yrs. 
Marshall, Katherine, ob. 14 Feb. 9 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Walden 16 Aug. 

12 Hen. 8. — Essex — 1. Maria, d. & coh., aet. 24 yrs., ux. John Cutt ; 

2. Elena, d. & coh., aet. 10 yrs., ux. Henry Cutte. 
Marshall, Rafe, ob. 10 May ult.— Inq. at Market Bosworth 27 Nov. 

34 Hen. 8. — Leicester — Thomas, s. k h., aet. 16 yrs. 

(To le continued. J 


$otin?5 of IBooks. 

[It ts requested that all books for review be sent direct to the Editor, H. W. Fortyth 
Harwood, Esq., 15, Rugby Mansions, Addison Bridge, Kensington, London, W.] 

A Calendar of Norwich Deeds enrolled in the Court Rolls 
of that City. Norwich (Goose & Son, 1915). 
The Calendar of deeds, of which the first portion, edited by 
the Rev. W. Hudson and Mr. Walter Rye, was published in 
1903, is here taken from 1307 to 1311, under the auspices of 
Mr. Rye, whose zeal in printing Norfolk records, or making them 
accessible and useful, is well known. His interesting preface 
deals chiefly with the names and trades of the persons mentioned. 
In the list of unusual female names, Gabina seems to be rather 
an error for Sabina than for Galiena as Mr. Rye suggests. Capital 
letters are ever a stumbling-block. Of women " who kept their 
own names after marriage," twelve are noted. Remembering 
Weller's Rule, we should have expected more, for these are really 
widows (more properly "relicts"), retaining, as was then customary, 
the names of their former husbands. A woman changed her 
name once on marriage, but not again. If her first husband 
had a name she could not take, such as fitz John or fitz Simon, 
mere patronymics, she took that of her second husband— if she 
married again— with a like saving. Mr. Rye has compiled a Black 
List^ of all the foreign names occurring, which, however, as he 
admits, is a little too extensive. Brabant, Burdeaus, Burgonyoun, 
Picard, and many others, are of course unmistakable. But 
Nicholas de Lymbery, the parson of Bracon Ash, doubtless hailed, 
not from the Duchy of Limburg, but from Limbury, co. Beds.| 
or from Limbergh (now Limber), co. Lincoln, from which latter 
place eu me Adam de Limbergh, clerk, a well-known person, who 
"flourished" at this very time. Copyn, Topping, Thornekyn, 
Ridekyn, Slabbard, seem English enough", and is there any place 
called Arderne " somewhere in France " ? 

Dwelly's Parish Records. Vol. IV. Bishops' Transcripts at 
Wells. Vol. III. Copied from the Originals by E. Dwelly, 
F.S.G., and T. W. Dwelly. Heme Bay (printed and published 
by the Author). 

This volume contains all the transcripts not hitherto printed 
in this series of ten Somerset parishes, viz., Abbas Combe, Aisholt, 
Afford, Aller, Allerton, Almsford, Angersleigh, Ashbrittle, Ashcott 
and Ashill. Advantage has been wisely taken of the issue of 
a third portion of these valuable records to correct misreadings 
of surnames which occur in the two previous volumes, while 
several names illegible in the originals have been supplied from 
the parochial registers. That there should have been errors is 


not surprising, for the transcripts were often written in a very 
crabbed and difficult hand writing, and in addition lime has done 
its work, the ink being much faded. In the present volume 
it may be doubted whether " Brine " on p. 34 should not be 
" Brice," and if the John " ffenneiss " who .signs as rector of 
Almsford in 1598-9 is not identical with John " ffenneil," rector 
there a few years later, and who is to be found on the next page. 
In some cases the difference in spelling is, of course, merely due 
to a variant of the same surname, for instance the incumbent 
of Angersleigh in 1605-6 occurs both as " Lye " and " Leighe." 

Mr. Dwelly, in his introductory remarks, appeals for information 
as to the existence of Archdeacons' transcripts for Taunton, 
and suggests that some of the duplicates which have been found 
at Wells are the remains of the Archdeacon's copies for Wells, 
which may very probably be the case. 

Fleetwood Family Records. Collected and edited by R. W. Buss. 
Part III. (Privately printed.) 

An interesting account of that eccentric man of fashion, Charles 
Fleetwood, who in 173-1 obtained five-sixths of the Drury Lane 
Play House patent, is the most important item in this portion 
of the Fleetwood Records. Part III also contains " Extracts 
from the Registers in Dr. Williams' Library," which are among 
the Dissenting Registers at Somerset House ; a Royal Descent 
of the Fleetwoods of Calwich and Penwortham ; and the Fleet- 
wood entries from the Registers of the Reformed Dutch Church, 
New York. There is also a description of a sixteenth century 
ebony cabinet, which once belonged to Bridget Fleetwood, daughter 
of Oliver Cromwell, its present whereabouts being unknown. 

$&atts aitb (^ntv'xts. 

Beverley and Layton Families op co. York. — Information is 
desired concerning names of the parents of Major Robert Beverley, of 
Yorkshire, who was born 1615-1630, emigrated to Virginia 1663, married 
1666, and died 1687. A gentleman of wealth, a counsellor by pro- 
fession, and Acting Governor of Virginia colony. An ardent Royalist. 
His son, Robert Beverley, Junior, wrote the History of Virginia. 
William Beverley, son of Robert, Jr., born 1698, died 1766. He 
married Elizabeth Bland, and at his death left an estate of over £300,000. 
A wax impression of his Anns is identically the same as those of John 
Beverley on page 615, Foster's Visitation of Yorkshire. His son 
removed to Yorkshire from Virginia and left a son, whose descendant, 
Robert McKenzie Beverley, left a daughter, married to . . . Fowler, 
and had issue, 11. M. Fowler, of London. Another descendant, Maria, 
married Edmund Beckett, who assumed name of Bcckett-Denison. 


Information is also desired concerning the ancestry of Thomas 
Layton, of Cleasby, co. York, whose daughter, Frances, married 
George Robinson, of Cleasby. This George Robinson died 1634, and 
Frances his wife died 1(518. 

Edward S. Lewis. 
St. Louis, Mo., U.S.A. 

DURNFORD OP DURNFORD, co. Wilts. — I shall be glad to learn 
something of the family of Durnford, of Durnford, Wilts, where anciently 
they held vast estates. 

Are there any known present day representatives ? I rather incline 
to think their lands passed into the female line by failure of direct 
male heirs, or were confiscated. The name occurs at Durnford in the 
eighteenth century, perhaps docs so still. 

(1). In the twelfth century Roger Durnford, of Durnford, owned 
no less than seventeen mills. 

(2). In the thirteenth century, A.D. 1278, Sir William Durnford, 
of Durnford, was probably Roger's descendant. 

(3). In the fifteenth century William Durnford, of Somerset, died 
possessed of several manors, one was Merton. His wife was Matilda 
de Fauconberge. (I. P.M.) 

(4). In the sixteenth century William Durnford, of Somerset, lived 
at North Cadbury, where there are still lands called " Durnford's 
grounds." Possibly he descended from the preceding (No. 3), especially 
if " Durnford's grounds " are part of the above manors. 

William Durnford, of North Cadbury, is my ancestor. Early in 
the seventeenth century the family moved to Andover, Hants. 

It seems not improbable that all the preceding proceed from Roger 
Durnford. His estates would easily have included Andover, and 
perhaps also Merton, etc., and North Cadbury. 

There was at one time (sixteenth century?) a "Lord Dunford " 
(possibly a misprint for Durnford) of the Scots College in Paris. 

Is the origin of the name known ? According to Magna Br itannica, 
it appears to be derived from a village of the name in Normandy. I 
have not yet found it on any map. I surmise it was Orneford, the 
ford of the Orne (eagle) river. It is significant that. Sir William 
Durnford had the eagle for his crest. He may have been related to 
Durnfords who received grants of land in Devon and Cornwall, for 
their services at Hastings. They are ancestors of the Earls of Mount 

In England the family would naturally style themselves d'Orneford. 
I believe there is a family in England of the name Dornford. 

The derivation may however be from " dern " = secret or hidden. 
In olden times the name was sometimes spelled " de Derneford." 

Fairville, N.B., Canada. 


Ily W. 11. J?. Biud. 

(Continued from page G.) 



Chamberlain of Wickenby. 

Whether owing to the paucity of materials remaining for the history 
of that time, or to the fact that his life was spent mostly in Scotland, 
Herbert the husband of Mclisent remains merely a name so far 
as English records go. But of Stephen Chamberlain his son many 
traces are found. He appears in the Pipe Rolls first in II Henrv II 
(1161-5), when he accounts for '30s. 6d., and lines for a writ of right. 
As a Yorkshire knight he made a return among the Carte of 1166, 
shewing that he held one knight's fee in chief, one carucate and six 
masure being in demesne, and that William de Scnris was his largest 
under tenant, while William de Berville and Thomas the clerk of 
Wichetona had smaller holdings under him. He was also returned 
as holding two knights' fees under William de Percy of old feoffment, 
and one knight's fee under Maurice de Creon (Crohom) — a feoffment 
made by that lord's father after the death of Henry I. 31 His name is 
found among those paying scutate in Lincolnshire or Yorkshire in 
11 and IS Henry 11 and 2 Richard I (1 1(57-8 to 1190-1) 3 - ; but four years 
later his son's name occurs instead. The Ripe Rolls from 11 to 22 
Henry II (1164-76) shew him engaged in litigation with the Abbot of 
Peterborough for one knight's fee in Lincolnshire, and those from 
22 to 21 Henry II with Helte de Boisdele. He was probably cast 
in the latter suit, for in the. next roll there is mention of his misericord ia. 

As Stephen de Wikinkebi Chamberlain he gave to Kirkstead Abbey 
all his land in Westlaby, adding 10 acres of land and 5 acres of meadow 
in Snelland in recompense lor service due to Roger de Beningworth, 
and covenanting to acquit the Abbey of service due to the Earl of 
Warwick. This gift is accordingly confirmed by William (de Novo 
Hurgo) the Earl, and by Maud his Countess, who was one of the heirs 
of Percy the chief lord. 33 An indenture providing for indemnification 
of the Abbey in case the heirs of Stephen fail in their warranty, 31 contains 
this clause : — 

Pretcrea si forte nun potcrunt warautizaro cis pasturara do Westladcbi 
contra vicinos per Main libeitatein que dicitur horn wydcrliorn, dabunt 

eis in cainpis de Wykvugbi pasturam ad CC uvea per main.-, centum. 

31 Red Hook of the Exchequer; Liber Nijer (cd. tlearnc). 
31 Red Book. 

M Cotton M.S. Vespasian 10. xviii: Snelleahind, 1, '3, 4. 
3i Ibid., f. 220, Cyr. I. 



For further security the donor made a conveyance of all his demesne 
in Wickenby^except his dwelling, a grove, and a meadow called 
Woodsike (Wdesic). 36 

In January 1160, which must have been very soon after the death 
of Herbert his father, we find him confirming a gift made by Gregory 
de Sunthorp of half a carucate in Swinthorp fields, with meadow in 
proportion, the site for a house, and pasture in Swinthorp and Snelland. 
Many years later he confirms all the Abbey had in Snelland at Easter 
1187, and in l)unholin. :m Among the donors in Snelland was a Ralph 
son of Stephen, who was perhaps his own son 37 ; while in Dunholm 
Thorold de Nevill had given half his lordship with one bovate and a 
toft in addition. Another donor there was Reinald Pedeken, whose 
name is elsewhere translated into liundefot. 

There is incidental mention in this chartulary that Stephen had given 
the church of Snelland to Barlings Abbey, making certain reservations 
concerning pasture in Westlaby. 38 Elsewhere it appears that he gave 
a bovate in Marston to Haverliolme Priory. 39 

Stephen was succeeded by Robert Chamberlain his son, who first 
paid scutage in both counties in 1 l ( Jf-5. 40 No doubt he was the person 
whose scutage was remitted in 1205, and who in that year was taken 
prisoner at Chinon in Touraine with Hubert de Burgh; for two years 
later he has licence to pledge his land of Wickenby for his ransom. 41 
At the close of King John's reign he was one of those whose lands were 
seized, Marston being given to Philip le Arcevesk ; but in 1217 he re- 
turned to his allegiance, and his lands in Lincolnshire and Yorkshire 
were restored to him. 42 

At the great Inquest of 1212 for Lincolnshire, 43 Robert Chamberlain 
is returned as tenant in chief of six carucates in Marston by the service 
of one knight, rendering further to the heirs of Creon the service of 
one twelfth of a knight's fee for lands held of his gift by the Canons 
of Haverliolme. The quantity mentioned is six bovates, which is 
double the quantity originally held of Creon by Osbert. In Wickenby 
and Westlaby the heirs of Osbert the Sheriff (Robert's name not being 
mentioned) are tenants of three carucates of the fee of Percy by the 
service of one knight, and farmers of one carucate under the Bishop of 
Lincoln, also of two carucates in Snelland, Swinthorp and Reasby 

36 Ibid., 2 ; and see defeasance, f. 227. 

38 Ibid., 1, 33; and compare, the .section entitled Dunham. Gregory had 
given Swinthorp church to the canons of Oxeney, i.e. Barlings ; see i. 209 
(schedule). Did the seignory in Dunholm descend to Stephen from Ralph the 
Canon ? 

37 He is called elsewhere in the Chartulary Ralph son of Stephen de 
Wibrcton, and had sons named Ralph, Stephen and Roger. A Ralph 
do lloyland who also occurs there had sons Ralph and Roger ; were these 
the same person ? 

38 Ibid., 3U. 

30 See British Museum, Lansdowne MS. 207 («), f. 212. 

lu Red Book, where in the text (Yorkshire) he is called Hubert, in the index 
Robert, as in Lincolnshire. 
•" Hot. Lilt. Vluus. Hot. Litt. Pat. 
4 - Rot. Litt. Clans. 
43 Testa de Neoill, pp. 338, 33'J, 343. 


under Crevequer ; but in Reston and Carleton the tenants under 
Percy are "homines Osberti" In other words, there has been sub- 
infeudation here. This, however, is not a complete account of Robert's 
interests in the county. The Memoranda Rolls of the Exchequer 
in (i Edward III shew that he was then guardian of the heir of Adam 
de Asceby or Acceby, which may mean Haceby where Robert's son 
and successor will he found to hold a mesne lordship ; but there were 
tenants in Marston named Askeby. 44 

Mention lias already been made of several suits at law in which 
Robert Chamberlain was concerned. Pie successfully defended his 
title to Marston, hut was less fortunate when Lambert de Tiusseto 
claimed the advowson in 1210 45 ; for he had to admit the last presen- 
tation by Hugh de Busscto, father of Lambert, while pleading that it 
was unlawfully made during a time of civil disturbance, and that, the 
claimant had no interest in the manor. Jt would seem, however, 
that the judgment in plaintiff's favour was afterwards reversed. The 
Curia Jiei/is rolls shew that in 7 Henry IIP and later there was litigation 
concerning property in North Duffield between him and Peter de 
Mauley and his wife. From the Pine Roll of 1223 we learn that he 
was claiming the wardship of Ralph son of William Chamberlain in 

Two charters of Robert Chamberlain are among the Lincoln Cathedral 
Charters printed by the late Mr. Massingberd. One is a gift of two 
tofts, two bovates of land and a meadow in Marston, the other confirms 
the gift of a toft and one bovate in Snelland made by Geofirey son of 
Bertram. He made a number of charters to Kirkstead, confirming 
the gifts of Stephen his father, Geoffrey de Sunthorp, Simon de 
Horbeling, Bertram, and Ralph son of Stephen de Wibreton in Westlaby, 
Swinthorp, Snelland and Reasby, and of Thorold de Neville and Reynold 
Pcdechen in Dunholme. 40 His charters of meadow land in Wickenby 
and Buslingthorpe 47 perhaps represent benefactions of his own. The 
gift of six bovates in Marston to Haverholme will be found in Gervase 
Hnllcs' transcript or extracts from a Haverholme chartulary, 48 where 
it appears 49 that the gift was made originally to the Prioress and Con- 
vent of Greenfield, and by them conveyed to Haverholme. His charter 
gives security against any claim for dower by Alice his wife. By 
other charters he gives one bovate, and again two bovates in Marston, 50 
and he witnesses charters of William and Robert de Moubray. 

In this MS. 51 is copied also a charter of Robert Chamberlain, witnessed 
by William of Ely the King's Treasurer, giving to Jordan de Esseby 
half a carucate of land in Marston, formerly held by William de Pillin^- 
hani, charged with 1 he foreign service of one knight's fee. A confirma- 

41 Luuadowno MS. 207(a), f. 213; und seo below. 

46 Abbrcviatio Placitorum, \>. 77. 

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47 Ibid., nos. 52, 71. 

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4 M. 211. 

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61 f. 235. 


tion of this gift, dated 28 December (12 13), is on the Charter Roll of 
15 John, which confirmation includes a further gift of Marston mill, 

with the mill pond, the suit of the men of Chamberlain's fee, a, holm 
below the mill and a toft in Marston. From an inspeximus of 1 3.'37 °- 
it would seem that the grantee was the same person as Jordan de Askeby, 
who gave to Haverholme half a carucate of land and two tofts in Marston, 
and four bovates besides. 513 The gifts of Robert Chamberlain are also 
to be found recorded there. 

The latest notice I have seen of Robert Chamberlain was in the suit 
already mentioned of Michaelmas term 1224. In 1225 he was dead, 
and Henry Chamberlain his son had livery, 54 doing homage for one 
knight's fee in Lincolnshire. Robert left a widow Alina or Aelina, 
who in 1226 was suing for dower in Wickenby, Marston, Snelland 
and Reston. 55 Henry the son had respite of taking knighthood in 
1229, and again in 1233 56 ; but occurs later as a knight. In the Kirkstead 
Chartulary he is found, I think, only as a witness. 57 In 34 Henry III 
(1249-50) he was suing Jordan de Menythorpe for lands in North 

From the Testa de Nevill 58 we learn that in 1 235 he paid the collectors 
in Kesteven only 13s. -id. towards the aid for marrying the King's 
sister, when a knight's fee was assessed at 2 marks. The return made 
a few years later puts his holding in Wickenby at one half and one 
thirteenth of a fee, 59 and that of Marston at two thirds of a fee. 60 Peter 
de Bervil held one sixth of a fee under him in Faldingworth, and Emma 
de Cressy under Bervil. 01 Of Parnell de Creon he held four bovates in 
Avelund Wapentake (the actual possessor being John Hauteyn, who 
held of Robert Hauteyn, and he of Robert de Thorp, and he of Cham- 
berlain) ; one fourteenth of a fee in Dembleby, where Henry de Lekeburn 
was his under tenant ; one tenth of a fee in Haceby, Robert de Thorp 
under tenant ; one sixth of a fee in Newton and Threckingham, William 
Pedeehen under tenant ; one bovate in Kelby, and one tenth of a fee 
in Swarby, Robert de Thorp under tenant ; half a fee (with some 
deduction) in Ilaydor, Richard Thuschet under tenant ; and one tenth 
of a fee in Somerby, where his under tenant was Adam de Longgam. 62 
Besides Wickenby, he held of Percy two thirds of a lee in Little Carlton, 
John Cormaleys under tenant, and one fourth of a fee in Reston and 
Carlton, of which William Chamberlain and Henry de Lekeburn were 
undertenants. 63 And of Cicely de Crevequer he held two thirds of 
a fee in Wclton, Walter de Welleton being there his under tenant. 64 

5 - Calendar of Charter Rolls, iv. pp. 111-12. 

53 MS. already cited, f. 213. 

M Jixccrpta r Hot. Fin. 

• ,5 Close Roll. It is nut improbable that Holies misread her name as Alice. 

'-* Exccrpta c Hot. Fin. Close Roll. 

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M Page 351. 

6 » Pages 310, 332. 

«» Pages 311, 321. 

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02 pages 32o, ;(2l ; 323. Longgam in Feudal Aids is Ludham. 

"3 Page 32'.). 

" Pane 330. 


The Yorkshire return shews him to have been tenant in chief of a 
knight's fee in Acklam and Leavening and one fourth of a fee in Wharram, 
hut in another place these appear to he held under Percy. 66 His lord- 
ship in North Duffield under the Bishop of Durham is ignored. This 
return may be supplemented by Kirby's Quest, * in which Chamberlain's 
heirs are said to hold of Percy six bovates in Gate Helmsley, Walter 
de Hemelsay under tenant ; the town of " Pontebell " (i.e. Stamford 
Bridge), Robert de Percy under tenant ; and six carucates in Scoreby, 
with Robert again under tenant, and Anthony Bek under him. In 
North Duffield six carucates and two bovates are returned as held 
by Robert Salvayne of the Bishop of Durham ; but the return adds that 
this estate used to be held, and ought in law to be held of Chamber- 
lain's heirs, and by them of the Bishop. 67 

Sir Henry Chamberlain died before 28 March 40 Henry III (1256). 
The inquisition 68 taken upon a writ of that date, addressed to the 
sheriff of Lincoln, shews that he held in chief a capital messuage, 
eleven and three quarter bovates of land, three tofts, a several pasture 
and a rent of 2 lb. of pepper payable by Jordan de Esseby in Marston 
by the service of finding one knight in the King's army. Of Thomas 
Clrelley he held two marks of rent 09 by the service of a pair of gilt 
spurs. Of Henry de Percy a capital messuage, thirteen bovates of 
land and four tofts in Wickenby, besides five bovates there held of 
the Bishop of Lincoln ; also of the fee of Percy rents of 1 lb. of wax 
payable by William Brand, and 3s. id. payable by Stephen de Lund, 
besides a wood there of considerable value. It is singular that the 
inquisition lumps the service due to Percy in Wickenby with that due 
for Dufeld (evidently Duffield co. York), together two and a half 
knights' fees, as if both were held of Percy, though the other evidence 
goes to show that the latter was held of the Bishop of Durham. Lastly 
there is mention that he gave a bovate of land (in Buslingthorpe ?) 
to the nuns of Stainfeld, for which he used to pay IQd. a year rent 
to Richard de Buselingtorp, and now pays id. a year to the nuns. 
No Yorkshire inquisition remains, though we have a writ of diem clausit 
extrcmitm. 70 

Sir Henry left a widow Lucy, whose name will be found in that writ, 
and in the Calendar of Patent Rolls for the same year. In 1258 and 
1259 Walter his son is pardoned for the manslaughter of John de 
Elynton, or John Bere of Elynton. 71 Michael son of Henry Chamber- 
lain, who fines for an assize in Yorkshire in 1272, may have been another 
son. 7 - John Chamberlain, the son and heir, was in his twenty first 
year at the date of the inquisition. He was perhaps the John Chamber- 

65 Pages 364, 307 

86 Printed by the Surtees Society, pp. 60, 61. 

67 Page 66. 

68 Inq. p.m. Henry III, lile 18, no. 19. I refer to the original in consequence 
of some inaccuracies in the Calendar. 

flu In Bloxholmc. 

70 Exccrpta < Hot. Fin. 

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72 Exccrpta i Rot. Fiji. 


lain who had a patent of protection in 1260. 73 In 1201, at the instance 
of the Queen of Scotland, a grant was made him of free warren in 
Wickenby and Marston ; and, with the exception of his confirmation 
of the gifts made to Haverholme Priory by his ancestors, 74 that is all 
that I have to tell of him. A patent of 28 April 1266 shews that lie 
was then dead; and in Michaelmas term of thai year Cicely his widow 
recovered dower of 500 acres of pasture in Wcstlaby against the Abbot 
of Kirkstead, of land and rent in Marston against William de Ingelham, 
and of a rent of cumin in Wickenby against William Swon. She was 
also suing William Chamberlain for dower of a toft and land in Marston, 
the Prior of Haverholme and Robert Faukes for dower of rents there. 75 

The inquisition after his death, 76 which was not taken until 1273, 
is in fact an extent of Wickenby, making no mention of Marston or 
any Yorkshire lands. His demesne is returned as a capital messuage 
and twenty bovatcs of land (ten acres to the bo vat e) held of .Sir Henry 
de Percy, doing only foreign service, and live bovates of the Bishop of 
Lincoln at a rent of 20s. The return then adds that there are in the 
town eighteen and a half bovates held in villenage, each owing nine 
days' work, the total value of such work being 13s. \0\d., nine cottars 
paying 18s. a year, whose autumn work is valued at 18<Z., two freeholders 
at a rent of 1 lb. of wax and 1 lb. of cumin respectively, a windmill 
valued at 12s., and a wood at Gs. 8.7. The deceased had two daughters, 
one of whom is dead ; the survivor is his heir, and is fiiteen years 
of age. Her name is not given. In 1274 the heirs of John Chamberlain 
are found to have held of Henry de Percy one knight's fee in Wickenby, 
Welton by Haumby, Somerby, Little Carleton, North Reston and 
Ludford. 77 

About this time one Philip de Lindsey appears on the scene. The 
first mention 1 have of him is as champion for the demandants in a 
judicial duel before the justices at Northampton in 1271, when either 
lie or his cause was so unpopular that, as both combatants lay prostrate 
on the field, the bystanders broke the barriers and mobbed him. His 
eiics for mercy caused liim to be accused of recreancy, but the justice's 
certificate did Itol sustain that charge. 78 No doubt he was of the 
Scottish house of Lindsey; for in 1310 he was one of the mainpernors 
for t he loyalty of Alexander de Balliol, 79 and in 1316 (after Bannock- 
burn) he was in rebellion — " adhering to the Scots." Previously, 
in 1313, he received a pardon for his part in Lancaster's rising and the 
death of Piers Gaveston. 80 But what concerns us now is that, in the 
interval, he is found in occupation of the Chamberlain estates. In 
9 Edward I, with Beatrice his wife, he answers a writ of quo warranto, 

73 Calendar of Patent Rolls. 

74 Calendar of Charter Rolls, ii, p. 30; iv, p. 412. 
73 Curia Regis Roll, 17'i, mm. 24 d, 20. 

76 Inq. p.m. Edward I, tile 3, no. 5. Writ of diem clansit extremum dated 
28 July. 

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7 » Cal. of Patent Rolls. 

78 Cal. of (lose Rolls. 
"<> Cal. of Patent Rolls. 


and defends certain rights and liberties in Marston and Wickenby, 
pleading in support of his free warren the grant to John Chamberlain 
above mentioned. 81 In 12 Edward I he recovered the rent due from 
Grelley in Bloxholme, now put at 12/. 8 - A return of 1303 shews him 
holding two thirds of a knight's fee in Marston in chief, and in Wickenby 
under Percy one half and one thirteenth of a fee, formerly held by Henry 
Chamberlain. 83 In 35 Edward I it is found that Robert de Merston 
held land of him in Marston ; in 5 Edward II that Walter de Glocestre 
held of him messuages and land in Culvert horp and Swarby and in 
Haydor ; in 8 Edward II that he held eight carucates in Wickenby 
of Henry de Percy by the service of one knight's fee. 81 

So far these records have not disclosed Lindsey's title. Later 
inquisitions, taken in 9 and 10 Edward II, shew that he was tenant 
by the courtesy of England after the death of Beatrice his wife, holding 
Wickenby and Marston of the heritage of John son of Robert Chamber- 
lain, a minor in ward to the King. 85 We may safely infer that Beatrice 
was the unnamed daughter of Sir John Chamberlain, that he had issue 
by her, but that none now survived. Consequently these lands did 
not become an escheat by his rebellion, though his goods at Wickenby 
were seized and sold. 86 It was found that he had none at Marston, 
having made a demise of that manor. 87 

Robert Chamberlain, father of the new heir, was of Drax in York- 
shire, where about the year 1287 he acquired an estate from John 
Paynel, after whose death Philip Paynel, as heir to his brother, con- 
firmed it by fine in 1293. 88 In 1295, before his departure for Gascony 
with Henry de Lacy Earl of Lincoln, Robert made a settlement of 
the manor of Drax upon himself and Parncll his wife and upon their 
heirs, John Luterel being his feoffee. 89 He occurs as a knight in the 
Close Rolls of 1299 and 1310. \n May 1312 he was one of the com- 
missioners appointed to stop the passage between York and Hull 
by the rivers Ouse, Derwent and Humber, 90 but was dead before 
8 October that year, when a writ issued upon complaint of Parnell 
his widow that the cschentor had seized the manor of Drax regardless 
of her jointure. 01 She did not long survive her husband, but died 
before 12 November, 1 '- John their son and heir being then eleven years 
of age. The manor of Drax was valued at 28/. 5s. 7 Id., and was held 

81 Pine it a de Quo Warranto, 415. 

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of him the manor of Little Carlton etc. 

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88 Cal. of Close Rolls. John Paynel died about Midsummer 1287, not long 
after succeeding Lo the estate. 

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»<> Cal. Of Latent Lolls. 

»' Cal. Inq. v, no. 377. She had livery November 1 : Cal. of Close [{oils. 

« Cal. of Fine Lolls. 


by the service of half a mark, with ward and marriage upon occasion. 93 
Parnell was perhaps of the family of Bayeux or de Baiocis, for Henry 
de Baiocis, described as his " cousin, 1 ' will be found acting as her son's 
next friend. 

Sir John Chamberlain of Drax was horn at Drax on St. Margaret's 
eve (l'J July) 1301, and baptised there next day. 91 He was thus about 
forty three years younger than Beatrice Lindsey, nevertheless there 
is evidence that they were of the same generation. In 1333 John Cham- 
berlain sued the Abbot of Roche for a messuage and thirty two bovates 
of land in Roxby by Burton Stather, counting that Robert his ancestor 
was seised of the premises in King John's time, and that they descended 
successively to Henry his son and heir, John son and heir of Henry, 
who died without issue according to this record, to Robert brother and 
heir of .John, and to the plaintiff as son and heir of the last mentioned 
Robert. 95 

During Ins ten years' minority John and his lands were the subject 
of much bargaining. The King originally committed his wardship 
and marriage to Hugh le Despenser, who sold them to John de Sandale 
one of the King's clerks, and he again to William de Ayremynne 
another King's clerk. 96 Ayremynne sold the wardship of Drax to 
Walter de Gosewyk, and he, early in 1316, to Master John de Snaynton. 97 
Until Saturday after St. Valentine's day that year, when he was delivered 
up to William de Ayremynne, 98 the boy himself had been left with Henry 
de Baiocis, to whose care he was entrusted by the Exchequer officials 
during the King's pleasure. It appears that the King owed money 
to Gosewyk, who was a burgess of Berwick upon Tweed ; and the debt 
having been paid by Ayremynne, in August following the King gave 
him the wardship of Wickenby and Marston, which had then accrued 
to his ward by Lindsey's rebellion (J,J ; Ayremynne being directed, 
out of Lindsey's chattels in Wickenby, to pay costs incurred by Henry 
de Baiocis some years before in tallaging the cities and boroughs of 
Lincolnshire, Rutland and Northamptonshire. 100 Lindsey had placed 
certain evidences of title in the hands of one of the Friars Minor at 
Lincoln, and in August 1 ."i 1 7 an order was made that the Warden 
of the Friars should go through the documents in the presence of 
Ayremynne and de Baiocis, and give them up to the latter for the heir's 
use. 101 In February the King had presented to .Marston as in his gift 
because of his wardship of the heir, 10 - notwithstanding the judgment 

93 Cal. Inq., v, no. 378. The manor at the time of the tine was described as 
29/. lO.b'. of land in Drax. 

94 Proof of age. Cal. Inq., vi, no. 434. 

95 De Bunco Roll, 7 Edward III, Easter term, m. 39 </. Judgment was given 
for the defendant by default. 

ud h'or the King's confirmation see Cal. of Patent Hulls, under the date 20 October 
w Writ de intendendo. Ibid., 12 March 1316. 
'•'8 Cal. of Close Rolls. 
99 Cal. of Patent Rolls. 
ioo Cal. of Close Rolls. 
»oi Ibid. 
>o* Cal. of Patent Rolls, 


in 1210 already mentioned. In 1320 a writ of amoveas manum in regard 
to the lands of Gerard Salveyn excepts the Manor of North Duffield, 
which he held of Chamberlain the King's ward 103 ; but another in- 
quisition says that the manor is held of t he Bishop of Durham, and that 
the deceased held nothing of Chamberlain's heir. There was a similar 
conflict of evidence in 1317 in regard to the estate of Thomas de Neville 
in Faldingworth. Writs of livery north and south of the Trent 
issued on 21 July 1322; and the next day John Chamberlain entered 
into a recognisance in Chancery in favour of his guardian, as he did 
again nearly two years later. 104 

Sir John occurs as a knight in 1332, when for the second time he enters 
into a recognisance to the Bishop of Norwich. 105 In December 13-43 
judgment was given against him in the Court of Common Pleas in regard 
to the advowson of Marston, the King's attorney pleading that it came 
to the King by reason of his nonage, and had not been sued out of 
the King's hand. 106 But although the King seems to have made a 
second presentation at this time, and in spite of the record of 1210, 
and of a presentation by Stephen Chamberlain alleged in this plea, 
in February following the King revoked his presentation, and accepted 
the claim of Robert Flemmiiig parson of Hougham that Marston 
was merely a chapelry of Hougham, the Bishop certifying that search 
had been made, and that no presentation or admission to the church 
of Marston could be found. 107 

The return of 13-46 shews John Chamberlain holding Marston in 
chief as two thirds of a knight's fee, and Wickenby of Percy as the 
moiety and the thirteenth part of a fee. 108 Of Marston he had licence 
first to make a grant to Roger de Wolsthorpe (or Wolfthorpe) of Gran- 
tham and his wife for their lives in 1330, and later in 1350 a demise 
to Robert, de Dalderby and his wife for twenty years. 109 To a namesake 
of his guardian he made a charter of land in w> le Scurth " in Drax, 
previously held without charter, and a quitclaim of rent (half a hen 
and eggs) and of " milne male " due to him. 110 A somewhat similar 
transaction with John Swynflett, another tenant in the soke of Drax. 
is recorded in an inquisition, but his alleged alienation of a parcel 
of the manor to the Prior of Drax was found to be without foundation. 111 
Prom Patents of 1313 and 1311 we learn that the first Sir John had 
disposed of a messuage and ten bovates of land in Yarom ({ Wharram) 
co. York., and of other property at Barnby near Pocklington, alike 
held in chief, to a family named Creppyng."" In 1352 Sir John Chamber- 

103 Cal. of Close Roll*. See also Cal. of Fine Rolls, iii, and C'al. Inq. vi, no. 223. 

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»>» Cal. of Patent Rolls. 

"i Misc. Inq., file 1S3, no. 11; file 181, no. 12. See also Cal. of Patent Rolls 
13ti2, and inq. i>o4 mortem of Sir John. 

112 Pardons to Kcinigius de Creppyng and John Bolace respectively for 
acquiring without licence. Cal. of Patent Rolls. 


lain and a number of others were prosecuted by Henry Duke of Lan- 
caster for park breach and other trespasses at Snaith. 113 

Sir John died over sea 17 March 1360, 114 leaving a widow named 
Joan, a son Henry Chamberlain aged 36, and a daughter Joan, aged 
26 and upwards, 115 married to John Lely, or Lelly, of Carlton near 
Snaith, by whom she had sons and daughters. Two other sons, John 
who married Maud daughter of William Tournay, and Robert, 116 had 
died in their father's life time without issue. The inquisitions taken 
after his death describe the Drax estate as consisting of seven messuages 
a toft, a mill, 145 acres of land, 5 acres of wood, 201. 4s. id. of rent 
and rents of 34 hens and 170 eggs ; Marston and Wickenby as in the 
returns of 1303 and 1346, mentioning the lease of the former manor ; 
and once more include the rent in Bloxholm of Lord de la Warre, 
now returned however as only 10s. We learn also of a settlement 
made by the deceased in 1332, Adam de Ayremynne Archdeacon of 
Norfolk being his feoffee for the purpose, whereby Drax, Wickenby, 
and the reversion of Marston were all assured to the deceased for his 
life, with remainder to John his son and Maud and to the heirs of their 
bodies, remainder to Robert and the heirs of his body, remainder to 
Joan the daughter and the heirs of her body, remainder to the right 
heirs of the deceased. 117 The effect of this was to disinherit Henry 
Chamberlain, his sister being thus heir of entail, and she and her husband 
had livery accordingly 18 July 1360. 118 Henry and the widow executed 
deeds confirming this settlement; and the estate having afterwards 
passed to Joan, she conveyed the manor of Marston to John de 
Neweland, and land in Drax to the priory there." 9 

The descent of the Chamberlains may thus be summed up : — 

Herbert, Chamberlain of^=.Melisent grandda. of 
Scotland, c. 1130 — 1 100. I Osbert the Sheriff, m. 

between 1130-35. 


Stephen Chamberlain of=f= 

Wickenby s. end h., occ. I 
1100, 1190. 

Robert Chamberlain of Wickenby=Aelina (Alice ?), 
8. and h., occ. 1194, 1223; dead 1220. 
in 1225. =j= 

Sir Henry Chamberlain of Wickenby= : Luey, 
s. and h., had livery 1225; d. 125(i. 1256. 

" a Ibid. 

111 fnq. p.m., 34 I'M ward 111, no. 73. 

"' She must have been upwards of 28. 

116 .Mention of John the son will bo found in Assize Roll 14G4. Robert was 
perhaps one of those indicted with his father in 1352. 

117 See also Feet of Fines; Imp ad quod damnum, file 220. no. 20. 
llB Cal. of Close Rolls. 

lls Inqq. ad quod damnum, file 347, no. 4 ; file 348, no. 10 ; tile 349, no. 1 ; file 
358, no. 2. A return of 1431 in the Feudal Aids, however, shews a Robert 
Chamberlain of Wickenby holding half a knight's fee there. 



Sir J« in Chambcrlain=T= Cicely, 

of Wickonby s. and 
h., b. 1235 ; ooo. 
1201 ; dead 126C. 


j I 

? Walter.. 
? Michael. 

Philip de Lindsey,= Beatrice, only surv. 
occ. 1271; in re- da. and h., aged 15 in 
bellion 1310. 1273 ; dead 1310, 


Sir Robert Cham bcr-=p Parnell, 
lain of Drax, 12«»3 ; d. d. 1312. 

Sir John Chamberlain^ Joan, 

s. and h., b. 1301, of 
Drax and Wukenby ; 
d. 17 March 1300. 


l ' 1 

Henry Chamber- 
lain, aged 30 in 
1300, disinherited 

John Chamberlain,— Maud, da. of Robert Chamber- 

1332 ; d. before William Tournay, lain, 1332 ; d. bef. 
1300, s.p. 1332, s.p. 1300, s.p. 

Joan, occ. 1332, heir^fJohn Lely of 

of entail 1300. | Carlton by Snaith. 


By Sir Alexander Swkttknham, K.C.M.G. 

Sir Peter Leicester wrote 1 :— " Now the issue of Robert fitz Hugh 
failing (who was the first Baron of Malpas), another came into his 
room, of as distinct a Stock and lineage " : — 

Tins other was NlGELL de Burcei mentioned in the foundation 
charter of St. Werburgh (A.l). 1093) thus : Nigkll de Burcei coming 
into heritage of Gravesby and Storeton, confirms the previous 
benefactions of the Earl from those Manors, increasing them by eight 
bovates in Gravesby, teste Ranulpho et Garaceno fratre ejus — 
(who being two of Nigell's sons their surname is omitted). 

Baron Robert fitz Hugh's own benefaction in the same charter 
is attested first by two other sons of Nigkll de Burcei who subscribe 
vizt. William lit/, Nigkll and his brother Richard. 

In the same charter William litz NlGELL appears attesting Hugo 
de Mara's grant of Radeclipf, while Richard attests the EaiTs own 

Thirteen years later (A.D. 1106) William and Richard fitz Nigell 
both attest the young Earl's charter to Abingdon Abbey. 

After the decease of their father and of their brothers Reginald 
(or Ranulf) and Garacin (or Garin), the survivors William and 
Richard appear to have divided the fee. Two early charters to St. 
Mary's Nunnery at Chester have William fitz Nigkll as first lay witness, 
(he grantors being his brother Richard fitz Nigkll and his tenant 
in Chiustlkton, Robert de Ruri'us ; the latter conveying all those 
bovates adjoining, and all other things, late of Reginald and Garin. 2 

Fiom this, most likely, dates the division of the Rectory into two 

1 Historical Antiquities, p. 1G1. 

* Calendar of Patent Rolls, 1400, p. 207, paragraphs (7) and (8). 


Earl Ranulph the first's charter to St. Werburgh (A.D. 1119-28) 
contains the following passage : " Letitia de Malpas dedit .... 
teste et Concedente Ricardo domino suo et fratre suo Ricardo 
Mailard, Nigello Chaldell multisque aliis," which indicates that 
LETITIA Mailard liad married a man named Richard whose consent 
(as well as her brother's) was expressed. Also that (presumably by 
marriage) she could call herself de Malras, and that her husband was 
an attesting witness. So we find that the first lay witness to the Earl's 
Charter was Richard fitz Nigkll. 

The Mailard (Mailart vel Maylord) family (as later the Patrics) 
were tenants of the Earl of Chester on the borders of Notts, Leicester 
and Derby. 

Agnes de Malpas' charter to Calke Abbey 3 (tentatively assigned 
to the reigns of Kings Stephen or Henry II) proves the foregoing descent, 
and also that Agnes was then married to one Nigel des Puis {jure uxoris 
a lord of Malpas) and had at least three sons, Robert, Richard 
and William, of whom the first was old enough to attest : also that 
Malpas then had two clergymen both of whom attested, vizt., Gilbert 
Clerc of Malpas, whose brother Robert attests, and Robert Clerc 
of Malpas, whose brothers Thomas and Fulke, and son Peter, also 

A later charter of Robert fitz Nigell to Langley Priory 4 confirms, 
as overlord, a benefaction to that place ; it is attested by (Master) 
Roger de Menewarin. 

Another charter 5 by the same Robert restores to a tenant in 
Christelton a tenement of which he had been unjustly deprived — 
the attesting witnesses include a brother Jordan besides the two 
mentioned by his mother. 

The foregoing will suggest a correction of a notice of a later charter 6 
concerning Gdldene Sutton, as follows : — " Adam de Dutton acquired 
from Richard son of Alpais ... a bovate of land, etc." 

The transcriber has no doubt misrepresented the words " des Puis " 
or '"del I'uis " (Richard's correct designation) by Alpais. 

.Mention is made of a grant of the moiety of Malpas, 7 formerly 
belonging to Gilhert le Clerc, from Robert Patric to David de Malpas 
having been enrolled in the early plea roll called Domesday. 

It is presumably this same Gilbert, who attested under the name 
Gilbert de Malo Passu, the benefaction 8 of Radulph Baron de 
Montalt to St. Werburgh (1162-82). 

The same Gilbert is found attesting, as Gilbert clericus de Malpas, 
a benefaction possibly 9 of later date, from William Patric to Calke 
Abbey of the rent of a mill at Sutton Bonnington. [The date con- 
jecturally assigned to this charter seems to be too late.j 

3 Jeayes' Derbyshire Charters, No. 530. 

4 Nioholls' Leicestershire, vol. iii, pt. ii, p. 8GG. 

5 Helsby's Ormerod, vol. ii, p. 783. 

6 Helsby, vol. ii, p. 807. 
■> Idem, p. 593. 

8 Idem, p. 534. 

» Jeayes' Derhi/shirc Charters, No. 531). 



Now, a certain GILBERT fitz Nigell is recorded as attesting a grant 10 
of about 1150 A.D., and again as attesting another 11 which may be 
possibly as late as 1190 ; and a Robert fitz William attests both the 
charters (7) and (8) previously mentioned 1 - some places below the 
attestation of William fitz Nigkll. The omission of any further 
distinction raises a faint presumption that he was also a fitz NlGELL 
and son of William of that name 

If these two were both sons of William fitz Nigell, and both took 
Holy Orders (an unidentified Robert fitz Nigell became Abbot of 
St. Werburgh, 1 1 55-74), the possession of half the Barony by Gilbert 
the Clerc would be explained, and also the absence from all charters 
of any mention of a Baron of Malpas during the twelfth century. 
Pedigree subjoined : — 

Nigell de Burcei, 1086, lord of=p 

Greasby, Storeton and Oulton, I 

later, post 10U3, lord of Malpas. 

Will, fitz Nigell; 

Richard litz Nip 
do Malpas. 


do Mailard. 

Ralph vel 

d. s.p 

— I 

vel Garin, 

d. s.p. 

? Robt fitz Nigell 
? Abbot 1155-1 174 

? Gilbert Clerc of Malpas, 
1150-1190? Owner of half 

Malpas (alter 1174:-'). 

Agnes de =p Nigel des Puis 
Malpas. I (deMalpaSj/wre 
I uxoris). 

Robert fitz— Matilda. 

Richard fitz 

William fitz 

-_ 1 


This handsome pedigree-roll measures 9 feet .'U inches in length 
and 1 foot S);j inches in width. The title is within a tinted Jacobean 
cartouche with bold scrolls and (leurs-de-lvs, etc. There is no other 
purelv ornamental work. The shields, which, exclusive of the large 
achievement at the foot of the pedigree, number forty-eight, are heater- 
shaped and slightly eared. The arms are well and tastefully drawn 
in gold, silver and colours ; a peculiarity of the work is that where the 
field is Argent it is striped with bold silver diagonal lines, in bend 
sinister, and this is also done in the cases where there are blank impale- 
ments. The names of the persons in the pedigree are within green- 
edged circles, the lines leading from these circles in the Dukinfield 
pedigree being red and those in the Holland pedigree blue. The copy 
given below is from one made by me in fac-simile in 187G from the 
original roll, which was lent to me by the late Mr. J. P. Earwaker. 

Mr. Keith W. Murray, Portcullis Pursuivant, has kindly identified 

two obscure quartering of the (lanuill shield. 
(itiiirl eriugs of Holland arc as yet unidentified. 

10 Helsby's Ormcrod, vol. iii, p. 61. 

11 Calendar of Patent Rolls, 1400, p. 298. 
13 Hem., 1400, p. 297. 

ic second and third 
Paul Ry lands. 


II — 








° b! 


S Si 



n a -e £ s 

Cv _ ?' ^ •- 

.9- z: ^ 
-^ » 


M 3 


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= s:^ 

00 < 

3 E 

<n 3 

2 as 

"3 <J 

6 « 

■ ~ s 

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L5 = 
— o 

£ as -* 

= . CO 


S <; 


CO "^ 

-1 S 

. ' OS 


gti ■ S 

Ti ^ " C 

t, >. as K 

r-i C P. 

<j ca W Ph 


P , 

5 "N 
to fee •-" 


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°xi 2? 

•5 o^H « 

1 • oj — 

u - rj-l «\ 

P i.O S 

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2 • o^ 

J3 • ~ 

tij . a,", 

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e8 ■ f >. 

TJ . tL Oj 

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A, <u 

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q -^ o 

tr, a 

a a 

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'1 fe 

P si 

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r g 


■3 «Kn3 
Oi S ^ - 

%< I'd 

a -So 

'E-2 o 

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— x 

s a ~ co 

a "O jo f, •- 

o *> h M t: 

5 S a £ c 

M p, rt g3 

_5 - rjD < p, 

-3 J -1 3 -5 g-S 
S { s <5 J <S 

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1 ■ " c u fi> 

O ~ 5 o 

"fS S3 a « <! 

a -o 


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to -a a 

a. a 
S ^ 

S -C3 "2 


o n 

CJ o 

* 5 s ' 

X 33 

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~ O i — r-H 

« I £' — ' 

-3 •» CQ 

P -=P 
2 ~ 'o 'fj 

< o 

_; o o 2 > r* -* 


-" o ^j "o -3 *■* ,w 

o j o) o» - r ,r -5 

-a o 

(1) DO l-j 

-H § < o 



tc o 


c* .a 


s w 

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co r^ 

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•— a 

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a ^o £ 
o u > 
-^ k> o 


a -t. 

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5 tc a j 

■". "3 r-j O <w* 

-a — n 

■§•2 -~ a S^ 

■*" 3 5 ,yi — ■ » 

~ a r-i US i.~ S 

>- a ' ^ -i1 a = " 

a •£ -« ," 


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a t! 



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a -o 

<y >, 

ri a 

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41 c 

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3 J; 

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a -a 

o ""*! 

C ~ E, "hi c 

r S ri s ^ £ 

2« °_|.Si 

a u u CiS 

L— ! 3 3 = ° -^ 

- « oi <; n * a 


4) 3 


•5 a M 
o <" 2 

O O ^3 

"1 SB <- 

• J o > 

«c ^ 

^ ri a) m a 

o -a ^ .. > 

a c ■/, o 

,, o C! = -° 

W r> 

Cs -d 

oj es -£i u 

O . 

■s § 


1-1 a 

c 9 

ri <a 

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3 2 

1-5 eq e-i ' 

+J to 

c ya - 
a B* 

3 O •«: 
4) ri *-.. 

J* -«J pa 

w ^ 


O | 

a to 

o ■? 

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.9 u 

d a ° .2 

a "3 S a 

»i a a — u 

O 4< ? ,!4 U 

3 " o a o 

9 w 5 5 ~a "9 ™ 

m r? ri^,^- c ^ a) ■— 

<l 2 OO -*! rin P-, £ 

a o 

rt 13 
~ a 
o o 


w 13 

2 a 4i 

2 S a 2 
a -a £ <; ri 

tOrff* c 




i ^ s : *" 



4j ~ 



^ ^ ^ "^ «o 


„ to "3 IN 

- s 




° •- - 2. ■" 


«*i S ,. 

- i. 




^T £ 2 





~ W ( — C 7 

« i i -■= DO 


~ K "g ^ fl 

s, ---^ 


jf- ;i. J ^ to 


SO e 13 5/J -S 5. 15 . ~ 

-a ~ 

" 13 ri 


-J 5 «| 

CD 4> 

'" • •" ♦." •" S ^ 'S ~ u .' C •- • 

"^ -s "5 ^ L r 1 '^ . n 3 „ = (■*; p> i f - = 

J'B ;0 



= " ^ -a ; 

Si M ^ 

I* 2 S ~ 

~ - s- 

rC r U "^ 

•y ~ —• 

«o ~= = .5 « c ~ 

a z: 

— o 

tn m 

a. .— 

< e" 

e » ,« — ^ g«~ ." > S,^ S s ^ - a . 

<Ci ~% 1 

= 1- a 

- o c 

3 as 

t3 c a^ 

P o. «» O 

5 3 

II — 

r u » a i S 

r— . • ^j rjJ o 

> < cv - o - 

> St. 

- 7. 

4 - 

en ~ 
a v 

O •?- •• CD 

c j -^ "S «c 

a 2 £^ c '^| 

« 2 «! ■= ~ -5 tc 
C £ o e 

^ <; o c: 

G ^ a o ri o 



o g 

-■g CO 

_ £! 13 


-3 «t-i 

-^ y a 

= a — 

JS 3 


Q.2 P 




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ca _a •-■ 


r= "-■< 

— *s 


--* 4> 


>j 13 


4 - ri 

T3 2 

r L - b 


rt g 

t«i ^ 






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2 a 5 ^ s 

■a 'C cq .. .5 

cs « C c 

r-, '^■•H . ~ 


fa — "- 


a v. o 

S *3 « 

«3 . "S S - 
2 I "J^<N 

P. K C 



H4 <U <y 

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■-, 60 

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<a eo «*- 



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- a 3 a) oj 
c3 d p _= 

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c3 0) 

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Q >■» 

" k. 

* 1-1 

u M ^ 
.5 to J3 O 

,3 " d \, 
O -- O o 
tC -3 O o 

^ p o 2 -• J 

— — — ~- tfl — 

•• > 3 3 Jq £ 

. u-. C 3 = M 

i-i ea w 3 

T3 T3 

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"S, Cm 

09 1. 


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« ^ ^ is . — ■> — ■ 

O O d «, 

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tc 2 

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c3 a 

to :t a 

,0 55 

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tS o 

*T •• 0) 

r ~- ^1 

'3 3 


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2 i» ^ " 

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u ° T fr ~ 

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rt a g p 50 a 
i ei =; t- " u rt 
aq -a C ?-, — k»>-3 











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rt y, 

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2 ? S G .2-5 
*=> .x a h[ n ^ 


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.^ a ~*a *j 

<M rn 

5 ? -f, 'i rt rt 


T3 <» 



ts ~ .~ a ~ *"* 

_ rt 


S — 

^2 g^" g S 


,V 3 


•■ * 't' 1 ^ ° 


K ^ j- " ca _ 


■< ^ ,° 5 2 P 


K .2 



<~. P3 



5.E : 

3 o 




(Continued from p. 30.) 

We have now cleared the ground for a reconsideration of the various 
lines of the Duntroon family, and I propose, for the sake of clearness, 
to set out what is now proved in regard to them, adding here and there 
in italics points that are probable though not actually proved. Jt 
will be understood that reference-notes will only be given to support 
newly-adduced facts and that, where no references are given, the proofs 
(or the suggestions of probability) were submitted in my former series 
of articles, which appeared in The Genealogist, N.S., vols, xxvii, xxviii 
and xxix. We begin, then, with — 

This Main Stem. 

Duncan Campbell, sou of Sir Colin Iongatach Campbell of Loehow, 
probably by his second wife, Marion, daughter of Sir John Campbell 
(or perhaps illegitimate), received from his brother, Duncan, Lord 
Campbell, 11 on 30 January M22, 15 a charter of Ardaehastill, Ardefour, 
Achachrome, Poltalloch, Bennand, Bargaltroof, Peulcair, Coulhmuick, 
Crenanmor and Crenanbeg, with half the salmon-fishing of the river 
Add. 16 The castle of Duntroon, though obviously dating from before 
this period, was not then in the possession of the laird, but came to 
his family within the next twenty-eight years. 

His son and heir, Duncan Oig Campbell, of Duntroon, who was a 
witness to the above charter, was steward of Ariskeodnish on 1 December 

On 10 April 1466 John Campbell of Duntroon appears in a papal 
indult, as follows : — 

" Petition by Colin Cambel, Knight, lord of the place of Glen Urquhay, 
Lismore diocese (on his own behalf and of the others below written), 
for a portable altar, on which, in fitting places, Masses and other divine 
others niav be performed, with indult to hear Mass before daybreak, 
i( need be : 

" Granted 

" For the said Colin Cambel his wile and family. 

"And for William Strewyling, knight, lord of the place of Ker. 

"And lor Duncan Cambel, lord of Kylmychel ~\ brothers of the 

''And for Gillespie Cambel, lord of the place of > said Sir 
Athym (sic, for Otter) ) Colin Cambel. 

" And for Colin Cambel, lord of the place of Ardchacynglas. 

" And for Patrick Grahame of that ilk, knight. 

" And for John Cambel, lord of the place of Dountreon. 

" Given at Rome at St. Mark's on the 1th of the Ides of April in the 
second year of Pope Paul ll." 17 

14 (haudfalhor <>f llio Ural Karl of Argyll. 
14 1 shall uso New St vie throughout llicso Notes. 
10 The U, ncalogist, N.S., vol. xxxi, pp. 239-243. 

17 Rcgislro di Suppliche (at the Vatican), G8(i, fol. 32. Glcnorchy was a son 
of Duncan, Lord Campbell, and he had married Margaret Stirling (Strewyling). 



The fact of the inclusion of John's name in such a document in 
association with these other Lairds is almost conclusive oi a near kin- 
ship ; and as Duncan Oig was closely related to them, we are justified 
in assuming that Duncan Oig was John's lather (or perhaps hi* elder 

As we saw in the former Notes, John was still living on 17 December 
1470 ; and we conjectured that he had two sons : 
Donald Campbell. 
John Campbell. 

Donald Campbell of Duntroon is met with on 28 May 1496 and 
30 July 1511, and is said to have fallen at Flodden in 1513. His brother 

John Campbell of Duntroon appears on 13 and 27 November 1513, 
June 1524, and again in 1531. He was in some way instrumental 
in bringing about a treaty of peace between the Campbells and .Macleans 
in 15-45-6, and was still living on ( J February 155'), hut died prior to 
2 March 1500. He married a daughter of his kinsman, Colin Campbell, 
third laird of Ardkinglass, and had two sons, 
Duncan Campbell, who succeeded. 
Donald Campbell of Lergyn, 18 27 March 1507. 

Duncan Campbell, of Duntroon, sixth laird, had succeeded his 
father by 2 March 1500, and was so closely allied in friendship with 
the Campbells of Glenorchy that he was entrusted with the fostering 
of two successive lairds of that race, Duncan Campbell of Glenorchy 
and Colin Campbell, his son. 19 It was probably he that presented 
the " great silver cuppe partlie overgilt with the laird of Duntron's 
airmes and name thairon," which later was regarded as a valued 
heirloom in the Glenorchy family. He was thrice married — (a) to Agnes 
nene VcNeill VeAchin, (b) to Agnes Maclachlan, and (c).to Agues, 
sister of John Campbell of Inverlevir — and died sometime after 12 August 
158-4, having had issue — 

Duncan Campbell (eldest son), who was living on 27 March 
1507, but died without male issue prior to 12 August 1584. 

John Campbell, who succeeded to Duntroon. 

John Campbell of Duntroon was laird of that place on 20 April 
1588. On 7 August 1590 he bought the estate of Raschoille from 
Alester Makesag and died between 17 January 1000 and 11 January 
1003, leaving two sons, 

Donald Campbell, his heir. 
Colin Campbell, 4 March 1G10. 20 

Donald Campbell of Duntroon had succeeded by 11 January 1003 
and was living in October 1630, when he rendered to Archibald, Lord 
Lome, his accounts as " principal Oih'cier of Ardskeodnish." 21 There 

18 Despite the friendship of the elder sun with Campbell of Glenorchy, if this 
place is Lciragan nn Locluloe.hart (i.e., in Glenorchy territory), il is improbable 
that Donald held il, except as a lack. 

lu AuuomI.oi's of lla- .Marquess of lircatlalhaiiu : a usual method of cementing 
alliances between families. 

iu Duutruon Inventory, No. 2 (The Uvnv.uloijist, N.S., current volume, \>. 20). 

« l Argyll Rentals, 


can be little doubt that this office was the same as that held by his 
ancestor in 11 IS, and as we llnd it later on hereditary in the family, 
we may take it that it had been so all along. The laird married Anne 
Lamont, to whom he gave a liferent charter of Achachrome, C'renan 
and St rones on 4 March 1610, which was witnessed by his brother 
german, Colin.- 

On I!) October 1625 he granted a charter of Raschoille to his lawful 
son, Patrick Campbell, and the said Patrick's wife, Margaret, lawful 
daughter of Donald Campbell, baillie of Rothesay, in implement of 
their marriage contract of the same date, and also of the office of 
Serjeandry (called also " martayship ") of Ariskeodnish to his said 
son, in lee, but reserving his own liferent of the said lands and office. 
One of the witnesses to this charter was Donald's son, Mr. James 
Campbell of Strones. 22 I suggested in my former series of articles 
that this James may have been the Minister of Kilfman ; but in this 
I was mosCprobably mistaken. In any case, the point is not important, 
so tar as concerns the Duntroon line, as James of Strones left no male 
issue ; for, at a later date, we have mention of a charter of the four 
merkland of Drtinmamuckloch having been granted by Archibald, 
Earl of Argyll, to Donald Campbell of Duntroon, son of John Campbell 
of Duntroon, in liferent, and to his son, James Campbell, in fee ; and it is 
stated that the lands fell in the said Earl's hands for want of heirs male. 23 
Donald had the following children : — 
Duncan Campbell, the next laird. 

Patrick Campbell of Raschoille, who later succeeded to Duntroon. 
.John Campbell of Glencharran, who was living in 1G43 and died 
about 1G77. 1 lis son, 

Colin Campbell of Glencharran, resigned that property on 
-I February lt>S3. 
Mr. James Campbell of Strones and Driunnamuckloch left no 

male issue. 
Colin Campbell, brother of Patrick, 24 had issue : — 
John Campbell, 27 January 1G74. 25 
Anna, wife of Hugh McCalhim in Kilmartin, 5 September 1UG5. 

Katherine, wile of Archibald Campbell of Kilmorie (of Knap), 

31 July 1605. 
Janet, married (1617) Colin Maclachlan, fiar of Ardentrive. 
Moir, wife of Colin Campbell of Barbreck, 2 April 1643. 

Duncan Campbell was laird of Duntroon on 12 April 1642 and was 
Colonel of Horse in the Covenanting Army. He was living on 3 Decem- 
ber 1643 ; but, though the clerk that wrote out the register of his Testa- 
ment stated that he died in sixteen hundred and fifty- .... (space 
left blank), 20 1 suspect that he died in the 'forties (perhaps at the battle 

22 Duntroon Inventory, No. 3. 

23 Advocates' Library, No. 31-32-33, p. 249. 

24 As will be explained. 

2j Duntroon Inventory, No. 11. 

24 It is quite usual to lind these blank spaces not tilled in. The Will was registered 
n 1058; and as these documents were prepared in advance by a clerk for the 
Commissary's signature, it would naturally he anticipated that the death had 
)ccurred in the preceding live years or so. 


of Inverlochy 47 ), since we have no record of him after 1643, and his 

son was in full possession of the estate in 1648. His wife's name was 
Margaret Campbell, and he had two children — 

Niall Campbell of Duntroon. 

Moir, whose marriage contract with Patrick Lamont, 28 younger, 
of Ascog, was signed on 8 November 1643. 

Niall Campbell of Duntroon married Mary, daughter of Hector 
McNeill of Taynish, their marriage contract being signed on 19 January 
1643. I formerly suggested that this was probably Niall's second 
marriage, having given some credence to the (unfounded, as 1 now 
believe) story that Niall's daughter married Ferquhard Campbell of 
Lagganlochen. 29 Seeing that Niall's uncle, Patrick of Raschoille, 
married in 1025, this must have been Niall's first marriage ; and as 
Ferquhard died about 1G50, we witness the death (if a fairy-tale ! 
It is quite likely, however, that Lagganlochen married some other 
lady of Duntroon stock. 

Niall appears as laird of Duntroon on 7 December 1648 and 10 May 
1651, but was no longer living on 15 November 1059. His wife, Mary 
McNeill, survived him and re-married Archibald Campbell of lnverawe, 
occurring as his wife in a bond dated 8 November 1092 ' M ; and she was 
still alive on 10 June 1098, when she consented to a disposition of 
certain lands. 31 

In The Genealogist, N.S., vol. xxvii, p. 199, on the authority of a 
document in the Lyon Oilice, I stated that Niall was succeeded by his 
brother, Patrick. It is now, however, certain that this was an error. 
The document in question begins : — 

To Duncan Campbell of Duntrune succeeded Neil Campbell of 
Duntrune his son : to the said Neil succeeded Patrick Campbell of Duntrune 
his brother, and to the said Patrick succeeded John Campbell of Duntrune 
his son 

Now, in the loose diction of those times it is quite possible that the 
second k * his " might be intended to refer back to Duncan, despite the 
fact that the third "his" obviously does not. In any case, whether 
or not this was the intention of the scribe, as he was writing in the time 
of the second Duntroon laird of the Oil) line, we know that the date 
of the document was after 22 November 1092, and it is exceedingly 
probable that exact knowledge of the succession of some forty years 
earlier would have been lacking to him. 

But let us review the evidence. In 1625 Duncan's brother, Patrick, 
was married to Margaret Campbell, and tit the same time his father 
granted this couple a charter of certain lands to be held by them con- 

27 On 2 February 1(345, when some forty members of well-known Campbell 
families were killed. 

28 He was hanged by certain Campbells in Kits : see Inventory of Lamont Papers, 
No. 78G, p. -1-11 (published by the Scottish Record Society). 

- u Burke's I'rcniijc. (1002), p. 2031 ; also Craignish family histories, winch speak 
of the bride's lather a- Niall Mor Campbell, 'flic marriage is never even hinted 
at in documents, nor do Duntroon and Lagganlochen ever appear together. 

M Argyll Slienil' Court Books, vol. ii : registered 1 .March 1G'J7. 

31 Ibid., vol. xviii: registered 22 December 177'J. 


junctly and by the survivor of them in liferent and by their heirs 
mali' in fee. Now, it is true that wives in (hose days were frequently 
short lived, 32 and their husbands' generally contracted after-marriage 
but when a father granted his son a charter such as this his intention 

was to " set up " the sou in life and enable him t<> reai- children, and lie 
would naturally do this on the occasion of a first marriage. II the son 
married again, being already independent, he made his own terms 
with Ins luide. 1 1 is quite certain, t hereforo, that I'ati i< k was marrying 
for the iirsi time in 1625. Thus we may take it that his elder brother, 
Duncan, was married not earlier than about Ib^U, and that Duncan's 
sun, Niall, was born somewhere about 1G21 — at any rate, not much 

II, then, Duncan had a second son, Patrick, he would have been 
horn about 1622 and might have married about 1045 (certainly not 
earlier than that date), and thus his eldest son would have been oJ 
marriageable age about 1670. But Niall's successor, Patrick Campbell, 
of Duntroon, must obviously have married long before 1645, for his 
eldest son, John, was himself already married in 1659 33 and had given 
up hope of offspring by his wife in 1674. 34 Hence it is now quite certain 
that Niall was not succeeded by his brother; and since his uncle, 
Patrick Campbell of Raschoille was the husband of a Margaret Campbell 
in 1625, while Patrick Campbell of Duntroon (who also owned Ras- 
choille) had a wife of this name in 1659, 33 there can be no doubt whatever 
as to the identity of these two Patricks. 1 would add that, while 
penning my former series of Notes, a general consideration of dates 
(for 1 had no knowledge then of the 1625 charter) caused me considerable 
misgivings in reference to this succession ; but 1 was bound to accept 
the only evidence 1 then possessed, viz., the Lyon Office document. 

Patrick Campbell of Raschoille, then, followed his nephew, Niall, 
as laird of Duntroon (eleventh of the line), and thus Colin Campbell, 
who, as we know, 30 was this Patrick's brother, is proved to have been 
another sou of Donald of Duntroon. As we have seen, Patrick married 
Margaret, daughter of Donald Campbell, baillic of Rothesay, who 
was the mother 36 of his three sons — 

John Campbell, the next laird. 

Alexander Campbell of Raschoille, who took up the succession. 

Donald Campbell, living 1659 and I67L 37 
Pal lick was still living on 13 January 1 663, 38 but died prior to 13 Juno 
l(!t)7, his wile surviving him. 38 

John Campbell of Duntroon married Margaret, daughter of Alexander 
Campbell of Inverlevir, but had no children by her (nor any expectation 

33 Medical science was prim it ive, and deaths in child lied were of terrible frequency. 

J: ' The Uiiiai/tnji-4, N.S., vol, xxvii, p. 111'.). 

: " Dmilroon In von lory, No. I I. 

; "' The Or.nailtujist, N.S., vol. xxvii, p. l'.M). 

: " Duntroon Inventory, Noh. 5 and 7. 

" Ibid., Nos. f. and II. 

■^ Ibid., No. i). 

:1U ibid., No. 7. 


of such) in 1074. 40 He appears to have been still alive on 9 November 
1675 41 ; and as the public records contain no mention of him after 
that and no mention whatever of any lawful children, we are safe in 
assuming that he died without issue about, that date. He had, however, 
a natural son, Archibald Campbell, who was alive at tin- latter date.' 11 

John became financially embarrassed about 1670, as a result of which 
the estate of Duntroon passed to his creditor, a scion of the Campbells 
of Oib. 

The Raschoille Link. 
Alexander Campbell, second laird of Raschoille, succeeded his 
brother, John, as titular thirteenth laird of Duntroon. ile died early 
in 1685, 42 having married Margaret, daughter of Colin Campbell of 
Blairintibbert, 43 by whom he left seven children : — 
Patrick Campbell, third of Raschoille. 

Niall Campbell, minister of Colonsay and Jura, of whom later. 
Duncan Campbell, minister of Kilchrenan and Dalavich, and 

later minister of Kilmartin, of whom later. 
Janet, who married, .'51 December 1692, Lachlan, brother of 

Allan Maclachlan of Dunad. 4;i 
Moir. 42 
Barbara. 42 

Margaret, wife of Duncan Campbell in Kilbride, both being 
alive on 15 January ] 724. 44 
On 28 March 1689 Alexander's widow remarried Donald Campbell 
of Barichebeyan, and after his death she married a third husband, 
Colin Campbell, minister of Ardchattan, on 1' March 1702, both being 
alive on 15 January 1724. 45 We find her a widow for the third time 
on 12 September 1726. 46 

Patrick Campbell of Raschoille married first, 17 January 1(595, 
Barbara, daughter of Archibald Campbell, who must have been a half- 
brother of Archibald Campbell of Inverawe, seeing that they bore the 
same name and that another of Inverawe's half-brothers, Alexander 
Campbell of Kilmartin, acted for her (being styled her uncle) to the 
exclusion of the head of the family. 47 Raschoille remarried Isobel 
Stewart, to whom he gave a liferent grant on 17 November 171 7. 4S 
and died sometime prior to 15 January 1724, 49 leaving three sons — 

Archibald Campbell, who succeeded. 

James Campbell, who succeeded his brother. 

40 Ibid., No. 11. 

41 Ibid., No. 13. 

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43 Ibid., Nos. 14 and 15. 
11 Ibid., Nos. 14 and 20. 

16 Ibid., Nos. 17 and 20. Uariehebcyan was head of the House of Craignish. 
The Rev. Colin Cainphell was a younger son of Patrick Dubh Campbell of limcr- 
zeldies and had himself had two former wives (see Fasti /Cecils. Scot.). 

10 Argyll Sheriff Court Hooks, vol. xi. registered 20 November 1734— which 
largely confirms Duntroon fuventory, No. 17. 

47 Duntroon [nventory, No. 10. 

48 The Genealogist, N.S., vol. xxviii, p. 101. 
*» Duntroon Inventory, No. 20. 


Dugald Campbell, wlio was one of the legatees under the will 
of liis uncle, the Rev. Duncan Campbell, -1 August I737, 50 
luit must have died without male issue, since bis elder brother, 
James, recognized the son of the Rev. Niall Campbell as his 

heir male, failing his own line. This we shall see later. 
Archibald Campbell of Raschoille had succeeded to the estate 
by 12 September 172(5, when lie is mentioned as owing the jointure 
due to the widow of his grandfather, Alexander of Raschoille, 40 and, 
as. we saw in my earlier Notes, he was living on 8 November of the same 
year. But his reign was a short one, for his brother, 

James Campbell of Raschoille was a witness to a marriage contract 
on 30 January 173 1. 51 On 4 August 1737 he was executor and principal 
legatee under the will of his uncle, the Rev. Duncan Campbell, 50 and on 
19 December following he received a precept of clarc constat as nearest 
heir to his grandfather, Alexander Campbell of Raschoille, the docket 
on which states that he was son of Patrick Campbell of Raschoille, 
who was son of the said Alexander, who was son of Patrick Campbell 
of Duntroon. 62 On 15 December 173(5 he married Jean, daughter of 
James Fisher, Provost of Inveraray, who was the mother of his son 
and heir. He was one of the guardians of the children of his deceased 
cousin, Donald Campbell, minister of Ardnamurchan 53 (of whom I 
shall speak later), and was living on 31 August 17(57, 5i but died prior 
to 18 July 1775, leaving a son and daughter, 
Alexander Campbell, his successor. 
Alexander Campbell, sixth laird (and last in possession) of Ras- 
choille and seventeenth titular of Duntroon, married first, on 27 June 
17G7, Janet Fisher, who was killed shortly after by a fall from her horse, 
and secondly (on i April 1771) Margaret, eldest daughter of the deceased' 
John Stewart, tacksman of Achadashenaig, 65 by whom he had — 

James Campbell, born 15 January 1772; captain, 31th Regt. ; 

died in India 1811, unmarried. 
John Campbell, born 20 April 1771 ; captain in the mercantile 

marine ; died in Jamaica about 18(H). 
Robert Campbell, born 5 August 1775; Lieut., (59th Regt.; 

died in llavti about 1800. 
Peter (or l'atiick) Hume Campbell, born 21 September 177(5, 

of whom later. 
Niall Campbell, born 1 January 1779 ; died at St. Pierre, Mar- 
tinique, 21 May 179-1. 
Archibald Campbell, born i January 56 1780 (?) ; planter in 
Dominica, where he died. 

60 Ibid., No. 21. 

61 Argyll Sheriff Court Hooks, vol. xiv, registered 13 February 1750. 
52 Duntroon Inventory, No. 22. 

M Ibid., Nos. 24 and 20. 

M Ibid., No. 27. 

" Uaaehoillo Collection. No. (>. See The Genealogist, N.S., vol. xxviii, p. 145. 

i6 It is curious that the Registers state that Archibald was bapl i/.ed cm 110 Decem- 
ber 177'J. There can he no doubt that the date given in the family bible is wrong — 
or perhaps it was wrongly transcribed by Alexander Duncan Campbell. 


Alexander Campbell, born II February 1781 ; Captain, Royal 

Marines, of whom later. 
Donald Campbell, bom 19 May 1781 ; Major, Huh Infantry 

Regt., of whom later. 
Duncan Campbell, born 10 November 1786; Captain, Royal 

Marines ; died at Inveraray after 17 June 1816, 57 but probably 

before 22 October 1868, not being mentioned at the time 

of the death of his brother, Donald. 08 
Catherine, horn 2 January 1773; died Jo April 1771. 
.lean, horn 24 October 1777; married, 17 June 1816, Duncan 

Rankin, minister of South Knnpdalc." 
Isabella, horn 15 January 1782. 

Elizabeth Amelia, horn 20 April 1790 ; died 12 January 1791. 
Alexander got into financial difficulties and sold Raschoille to Niall 
Campbell of Rudill on 13 August 1770 -VJ ; hut this sale appears to have 
been annulled. 1 think it probable that his creditors objected, for 
the ease came before the Lords ol Session, who ordered its sale (along 
with Kllaumackaskeii, an appanage ol the family) by public auction, 
which took place on 9 March 1781, the property being bought for 
£ 1 ,476 by Patrick Campbell, writer in Greenock, 00 who afterwards became 
head of the Rudill branch of Duntroon. 

Alexander was for a time Surveyor of Customs at Inveraray, where 
some of his children were born. On 27 May 1783 he was admitted 
a Burgess of Dumbarton. 01 In 1789 he was bankrupt ; and since his 
parents were married in 173G and he himself disappears from view after 
1790, it maybe taken as fairly certain that he died before 1800, when — 
Captain James Campbell, his eldest son, became titular laird of 
Duntroon and Raschoille, dying in 1811. 

Peter Hume Campbell, fourth son of Alexander, writer in and for 
some years Provost of Inveraray, succeeded to the headship of the 
family, and, dying on 22 January 1811, was followed (if, as is probable, 
Archibald was already dead 6 '-) bv — 

Captain Ai.i:\ .VN'DER Campbell, Royal .Marines, who died on 
10 January I8i31 and was succeeded by — 

Major Donald Campbell, 19th Infantry Regt., the eighth son of the 
last owner of Raschoille. lie was always known as "of Raschoille" 
in Argyllshire, which is sullicient proof (apart from the fact that his 
son owned all (he family deeds) that he was head of the family, lie 
married Margaret, youngest daughter of Robert Stewart, tacksman, 
of Achadashenaig in Mull, and died 28 November 1865, aged 81. his 
wife having predeceased him on 22 March 1812, leaving two children : — 
Alexander Duncan Campbell, who follows. 

Ann Jane, born 5 March 1811 ; died unmarried 5 November 18(11. 
57 Duntroon Inventory, No. .'(0. 

M The Genealogist, N.S., vol. xxviii, pp. 105 and 1 lii. 
b ' J Dunlroon Inventory, No. 25). 
w Argyll SlierilT Court Books, vol. xix, registered Is July 1787. 

01 Dunlroon Inventory, No. 2!>. 

02 Planters in the West Indies did not live long in those days unless they quickly 
made a fortune and retired. 


Alexander Duncan Campbell, eleventh of Raschoille and twenty- 
second of Duntrpon, was born 11 October [838 and died 1l' November 
1871, aged .'5:5 years. He was unmarried, and his maternal cousin, 
Dugald MacLachlan in Lochgilphead was his heir. 

It is not known at present who may be the representative of the 
House of Duntroon at this date ; but an judical ion may here be given 
to enable future enquirers to place their finger on him. Alexander 

Duncan Campbell of Raschoille was, as we know", somewhat interested 
in his ancient descent, which means (in a Scotsman, certainly) that, 
had he been aware of the existence of a near male relative of Raschoille 
stock, he would not have left the family charters, etc., to anyone of 
his maternal relations. Therefore we may confidently say that in 
1871 the male line of his grandfather was extinct. But his grandfather 
was an only son. ,i3 Therefore there were no male heirs of James Camp- 
bell of Raschoille. 

This James had, as we have seen, a brother, Dugald ; but as neither 
Dugald nor any son of his is mentioned in either of the Raschoille 
entails, 61 and as the grandson of Niall Campbell, minister of Colonsay 
and Jura, is clearly indicated in them as .lames' nearest heir, failing 
his own heirs, we know that, if such exists, the male heir of this cleric 
must now be titular laird of Duntroon. In other words, to find the 
head of the House at the present time we must go back to the second 
son of Alexander Campbell of Raschoille (who died in 1685). We 
return, then to — 

Mr. Niall Campbell, minister of Colonsay and Jura, next brother 65 
of Patrick Campbell of Itaschoillo. On 1 August 1707 we find him, 
as minister of Jura, giving a bond for 87 merles to Donald Campbell 
in Kilnuchael of CJlassary. 66 On 9 February 1708 we have his marriage 
contract, dated at Tcybealanich, with Florence, lawful daughter of 
Donald McNeill of Tarbcrt (in Gigha), his cautioner; being 1'atrick 
Campbell of Raschoille and Patrick CampbuW of Duntroon (/.<■.. of the 
Oib line) and a witness being Duncan Campbell of Ash Held. 67 In order 
to indemnify his cautioners, Niall assigned to them, on the same date, 
certain payments of stipend due to him; and in this assignment 
Patrick of Raschoille is stated to be Niall's brother german. 68 

We have already seen 69 that Niall was called to Colonsay and Jura 
in September 1702, was ordained 10 April 1703, and died 30 April 
1757 ; and there is no doubt that his Testament passed under the eve 
of Mr. Dugald MacLachlan about I870, 70 and must probably have formed 
a part of the collection of documents from which 1 drew up the Duntroon 

63 The Genealogist, N.S., vol. xxviii, p. 103. He is styled "only son " in several 
documents in the public records. 

61 Duntroon Inventory, Nos. 24 and 27. 

05 Ibid.. No. It, where he is named immediately after Patrick. • 

c,i Argyll ShcriiT Court Books, vol. iv, registered 24 December 1709. 

67 Ibid., vol. v. registered 8 May 1711. 

os Ibid., vol. vi, registered 18 June 1710. 

09 The Qeneuluijisl, N.S., vol. xxviii, p. 102. 

"» Ibid., p. 107 (Raschoille Memoranda , No. 19). 


Inventory. Unfortunately, however, this Testament cannot now be 
found, though we may accept with confidence the little that Mr. Mac- 
Lachlan has reported of it. Its loss, indeed, so far as we can judge, 
is not of very great consequence, as the Testament oJ his brother 
Duncan, 71 affords us the names of Niall's children, who were as 
follows : — 

Mr. Donald (or Daniel) Campbell, of whom presently. 

Alexander Campbell, living 9 November 1 759, as will be seen. 

John Campbell, who died prior to 9 November 1759 (vide infra). 




The second son, Alexander, was not (as we shall see) the person 
mentioned as deceased in Niall's Testament, dated 1755 (as quoted 
in the Kaschoille Memoranda 70 ). It will be recollected that Niall 
bequeathed a small legacy to his granddaughter, Florence, daughter 
of the deceased Alexander Campbell, joiner. We now know, then, 
that this Florence was the child of one of Niall's daughters. It may 
surprise English genealogists that the son-in-law of a man of Niall's 
connections should be a " joiner " ; but such things were by no means 
rare in Scotland, and the said son-in-law may have been (and probably 
was) equally well born. 7 - Of the third son, John, I know nothing 
more than is stated above. 

Niall's eldest son, Donald, was ordained missionary in Jura in Novem- 
ber 17-11, and was admitted to North Knapdale on 11 June 1718, being 
transferred to Ardnamurchan 19 July 1750, where he was admitted 
17 September following and died 17 November 1759. 7J Eight days 
before his death (9 November) he executed a Trust Right and Nomina- 
tion for the benefit of John and Alexander, his sons, and the heirs male 
of their bodies, whom failing, Alexander Campbell, his own brother 
german, and his heirs male, whom failing, James Campbell of Kaschoille 
■ the said Uasehoille and John Stewart in Aehadashenaig being 
appointed Trustees. 71 From this we gather (a) that Donald's brother, 
John, was then dead without having left male issue, (b) that Donald 
probably had no daughter , but merely the two sons mentioned, and 
(c) that James of Kaschoille was his nearest paternal relative, failing 
his own children and brother. 75 

Rev. Donald Campbell married Mary, lawful daughter of Archibald 
Campbell of Jura, the marriage contract being signed on 11 February 
and 8 March 1750 76 ; and it is clear that she was the mother of his 
children, since her father and brother were appointed, in the Trust 

71 Duntroon Inventory, No. 21. 

72 Alexander Campbell of Leekuarie, for instance, was a shoemaker : see Argyll 
Sasines, vol. \i, fol. 313. Again, Robert Campbell, paternal mule of John ( 'ampbell 
of Carrlck, was an apothecary (ibid., vol. ii, Second iSeries, fol. 3'2S). 

73 Fasti Kccle-iiaa Scotictince. 

74 Argyll Slu rill' Court Books, vol. xv, registered 4 October 1700. 

75 Thus confirming Duntroon Inventory, No. 24. 
79 Duntroon Inventory, No. '2'A. 


above referred to, to oversee the accounts. These children were, as 
we have seen, 

John Campbell. 
Alexander Campbell. 
Of the eldest son, John, we know nothing more than that he was 
alive on 31 August 17(i7. 77 But if he left descendants, the head of the 
House of Duntroon must be looked for among them. His brother, 
Alexander, was a witness on 11 November 1777, 78 and on 17 March 
1782 he executed a settlement, bequeathing his property (with the 
exception of some minor legacies) to the children of Alexander Campbell 
of Raschoille, and died in May 1782. 79 We may thus be certain that 
he had no children of his own ; but it does not follow that his elder 
brother was then deceased without issue. This elder brother might 
already have made himself financially independent, in which case a 
Scotsman's idea would have been to bolster up the failing fortunes 
of his cousin, the head of the family. 

If however, both sons of the minister of Ardnamurchan died without 
male issue, the headship of Duntroon may lie with the possible 
descendants of his brother, Alexander, failing whom we must go 
further back. 

Duncan Campbell, minister of Kilchrenan and Dalavich and after- 
wards minister of Kilmartin, the next (and last) brother of the Rev. 
Niall Campbell, married, in November, 1712, Henrietta, daughter 
of Mr. Daniel Campbell of Duchernan, minister of (ilassary, and sister 
of James Campbell, minister of Kilbrandon in Seyle, and died on 
28 September 17.'5(i. 80 As full provision is made for his wife in his 
will, 81 but none whatever for his children, the Fasti are obviously correct 
in stating that he left no issue. 

This exhausts the whole male line of Alexander Campbell of Ras- 
choille, who married Margaret Campbell of Rlairintibbert. In this 
line, as we have seen, there are only two persons that can have male 
heir's now living, namely, the son and brother of the Minister of Ardna- 
murchan— failing whom, we have to go back 250 years (to Donald, 
youngest brother of John Campbell of Duntroon, who was living in 
Ui5i)fto discover any possible representative of the House of Duntroon. 

I should like to add a word or two as to the name " Duntroon." 
In my former Notes I suggested that it is probably derived from 
Dun-na-Trwi/n (" Castle of the Nose "). I have recently come across 
a headland in North Wales called Pentrwyn, which 1 am informed by 
a Welsh scholar means " Nose Hill." 

Herbert Campbell. 

" Ibid., No. 27. ,„ D 

"» Vr.'vll Sheriff Court Books, vol. xvii, registered 9 January 177b. 

™ The Genealogist, N.S., vol. xxviii, ]i]>. 14;(, 144 (Raschoille Collection, N03. 
3 anil f>). . 

80 Ibid., p 108, ami Fasti Ecdcs. Scot. Duchernan a descendants claim to be 
the heirs "male of* the Maclver Campbells. 1 believe the claim is based on the i-\ id< r>< t. 

111 Duntroon Inventory, No. 21, 


Ihtgfcalc's Visitation of |9arksl)iw, 

{Continued from p. 46.) 
Bulmeu Wapentake. Malton, 2s Aug. lGi»5. 



Ijutton upon Dartowt 

Arms : _Verfc, three adders erect Argent. 

Crest :— A dexter arm erect vested Gules, culled Argent, the hand proper holding 
a branch of laurel. 

1. THOMAS IIASSELL, citizen of London ; mar. Agnes, 
daughter of Mons r In Matte, a Frenchman, and Governour of 
(irordimj. They had issue — 

II. THOMAS IIASSELL, of Connisthorpe in co. Ebor. Will, 
15 June 1625, pr. 1<> June 1028 (vol. xl, p. L'5G) ; mar. Juliana, 

daughter of Lancelot Mansfield of in com. Cumbr., 

Esq'', exix. They luul issut — 

1. Samuel/ (111). 

2. Thomas, of Dalby. Will, 10 Mar. 1G37-8, pr. 13 Feb. 

1039-10 (unregistered) ; mar. Beatrice. They had 

3. Raphe. Named in his father's will. 

1. Mansfield, of Leeds, ? bur. there 27 June 1663 ; 

? mar. 1st, Susan Milner of Calverley, lie. ; ? mar. 

2dly, Agnes Hillary, wid., lie. They had issue. 
5. Jeremie. Named in his father's will. 

Anne, wife of John Harrison of Rudston in com. Eborum. 

III. S AMU ELL IIASSELL, of HuUon upon Darwent in com. 
Ebor., died in a" 10J5 ; admitted to (hay's Inn, 17 Oct. 
10U8 ; mar. Mar;/, daughter of Richard Comjers of Hordtn 
in Episc. Dunelm, Esq r . They had issue — 



1. Thomas (IV). 

2. Samuell. 

3. Raphe. 

Man/, wife of Francis Constable of Troutesdale in co. 
Ebor. ; mar. at St. Mich., Multon, .'} July 1G5D 

IV. THOMAS HASSELL, of Hutton upon Darwent, an Utter 
Barister of Grayes Inne, admitted 8 Feb. IG47-8, at. 3S an. 
2S Atti/. 1665; bur. at St. Mich., Multon, 27 Oct. 1694; 
mar. Elizabeth, daughter of Barney Wood, of Thorpe, in the 
parish of lludstone in com. Ebor., at Rudstone, 11 Nov. 10-17. 
They had issue — 

1. Samuell (V). 

2. Thomas, est. 7 ann. 1665. 

3. liaphe, at. I ann. 

1. Elizabeth. 

2. Anne. 

3. Mar//. 

■1. Margaret. 

V. SAMUELL HASSELL, of Hutton Darwent, at. 10 an. 2S Aug. 
1665 ; ? mar. Catherine, dan. of Isaac Fairfax, at Ellerburn, 
24 Apr. Ki83. They had issue. 

Buckkose Wapentake. 

Multon, 29 Sept. 1GGG. 




Arms : — Quarterly : 

1 and 4. — Azure, a talbot passant between three round buckles Or 

'2 mid it. Argont, four lion.s passim I in bend doublo-cotistnl Sable 
(<uicst : — A lion's be. id erased Or, frolt-co Sitble. 
No priHifo inude of Ibis crest, 



I. JOHN CARTER, of Lisle, neer Luton in co. Bedf} ; mar. 
Prudence, daughter and coheire to S r Philip Hawtre, of Luton, 
Kn*. They hud issue — 

II. ABRAHAM CARTER, of Lisle aforesaid, dyed in a" 1612; 
mar. Elizabeth, damjh. to ... . Carlton of ... . They had 
issue — 

III. JOHN CARTER, of Settrington in com. Ebor., Dr. in Divinity, 
atat. 59 an. 1666 ; bur. at Settrington, 1 Mar. 16G6-7 (Reg.) ; 
mar. Frances, eldest daughter to WiWm Fuller, Dtane of 
Durhii. They had issue — 

1. Charles, crtalis 16° ann. 29 Sept. 1666. 

2. John, at. 9° ann. 1666. 

3. William, at. unius anni a" 1666, bp. at Settrington 

9 Mar. 1661-5; bur. there 31 Dec. 1666 (reg.). 

1. Elizabeth, bp. at Settrington, 27 July 1643. 

2. Kathenne, bp. at Settrington, L!l Sept. 1644. 

3. Prudence. 

4. Frances. 

Lanoihorqii Wai?kntake. 

Stokcsley, 8° Sept. 1GG0. 

Con I son 


Anus : Argent, two dolphins hauricnt respecting each other Sable, collared 

and chained together by their necks, the chain pendent between them, 
of the last. 

I. CHRISTOPHER COULSON, of South Mimmes in com. Midd., 
died in anno 1611 ; bought the manor of Ayton ; mar. Susan, 
daughter and coheire of Richard Mahew of South Mitnms in 
com. Middlesex. They had issue— 

1. John (II). 

2. William Coulson, of Greenwich in Kent. 
Dorcas, had a house from her brother John. 

i There is a pedigree of Carter in the Visitation of Bedfordshire (Harl. Soc, 
p. 105). 


II. JOHN COULSON, of Ayton, Esq., in co. Ebor., at. GO annoru 
S Sept. a" 1GGG. Will 18 July 1674, pr. at York, to be bur. 
at Great Ayton (vol. lv, p. 250); mar. Elizabeth, daughter 
of Richard Hovell of HiUington in com. Norff., Esqr, executrix 
of her husband. They had issue — 

1. Christopher (III). 

2. John, <rt. 21 ann., exor. of his father's will. 

3. William, art. 12 ann. Named in his father's will. 

4. Edward, ccl. 10 ann. Named in his father's will. 

1. Frances, mar. Roger Jaques. Named in her father's 


2. Susan. ~\ 

3. Elizabeth. > Named in their father's will. 

4. Anne. ) 

III. CHRISTOPHER COULSON, son and heir, now a Barrister 
of the Middle Temple, London, at. 25 ann. 8 Sept. 16GG ; >nar. 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Man, Alderman of the Citty of 
Norwich. They had issue- — 

A daughter, named in her grandfather's will. 

Hartiiill Wapentake. Hull, 18 Sept. 1666. 



Ifiingston upon Hull 

Arms : — Or, a raven, Sable. 

Respite for proofe of the descent from Corbet of Shropshire. 

I. THOMAS CORBET, of Agnes Burton in com. Ebor., came out 
of Staffordshire. Will, 13 Nov. 1031, pr. at York 19 Mar. 
1(131-1' (vol. xli, p. G3G), to be bur. in quire of Agnes Burton. 
Mar They had issue — 

1. William (II). 

2. Francis Corbet, Rector of Pottrington (Patrington) in 

Holdernesse in com. Ebor. ; inducted into the Ivertory, 
1'5 May 1G1'7 ; mar, Anne . . . ., daughter to ... . 
Lam plough of Leverston in co. Ebor., 20 June 1G28, 
at Patrington. They had issue — 


Henry, l>p. 2 July 1G29 at Patrington. 
William, bp. 18 July 1638 ; bur. 29 July 1639. 
Cornelius, bp. 6 Feb. 1639-40. 
William Corbet, at. 16 aim. 1666; ? bp. 

28 Mar. 1645. 
Richard, bp. 19 Oct. 1647 ; bur. 26 Dec. 1651. 

1. Elizabeth, bp. 10 Jan. 1632-3. 

2. Anne, bp. 16 Oct. 1634 ; bur. 6 Nov. 1649. 

3. Frances, bp. 24 Aug. 1636. 

4. Naomi, bp. 15 Aug. 1641. 

5. Fayth, bp. 11 Apr. 1642. 

3. Henry Corbet, of Agnes Burton in co. Ebor. ; mar. 
Mary, da. of ... . Pcnyfather, of Burton in com. 
Staff. They had issue — 

Thomas Corbet, cctatis 26 an. 1666. Will, 
8 July 1673, pr. 19 Dec. 1674 (vol. lxv, 
p. 311). 
Mary, mar. Thomas Hassell, of Thornton, 
lie. 1661. 

Elizabeth, mar Holland. Named in 

her brother's will. 
Faith, mar. George Firbank ; lie 1664 at 

Agnes Burton. 
Margaret, mar. at Goodramgate, York, 3 Dec. 
1663, John Ellis. 
Faith, had £100 in her father's will. 

II. WILLIAM CORBET, of Bridlington in com. Ebor., obijt 
a 1638; ?nar. Alice, dau. to Thomas Bode of Rode in co. 
Ceslr., Esqr. They had issue — 

1. Henry Corbet, of Kingston upon Hull, Dr. of Phisick, 

art. 41 ann. 1666 ; mar. Ewphemia, daugh. tfc heire to 
Peter Paul in, of Rudstou in co. Ebor. 

2. Thomas (III). 

1. Elizabeth. 

2. Alice. 

3. Faith. 

4. Francis. 

III. THOMAS CORBET, of Bridlington; mar. Anne, daughter 
to Thomas Ricaby, of Bridlington Key in com. Ebor. They 
had issue — 

1. Thomas Corbet, crtatis 13 ann. IS" Sept. 1666. 

2. William, at. 7 annor. 1666. 

3. Henry, a?t. 2 annor. 1666. 

1. Anne. 

2. Mary. 

3. Elizabeth. 


Stainecliffe Wapentake. Skipton, 17 Aug. 1665. 

totwr Ijarrop. 

Arms -—Or a chevron engrailed Ermine, between three Moors' heads in profde 
coupcdSablo, banded round the temples with a ribbon knotted behind 
Argent and Azure. . 

Chest:— A wolfs head erased Gules, langued Azure, collared and ringed Or. 
Soo Uio Visitation of Sufi, for this descent and amies, there being no proofe made. 

I. RICHARD MOORE, of St. Edmundsbury, in com. Suff. Had 

issue — 
II. RICHARD MOORE, of St. Edmundsbury in com. Suff., died 
circa annum 1619 ; mar. Anne, daughter of ... . Baldwyn 
of Castle Hcveningham in cum. Suff. They had issue— 

1 John. I Died without issue surviving. 

2. Richard. ) 

3. James (III). 

1. Elizabeth, wife of John Brookes, son of Dr. Brookes of 


2. Anne, wife of John Lewes, vicar of Preston in Amunder- 

nesse in co. Lane, and chaplein unto James Earle 
of Derby. 

IV. JAMES MOORE, of Lower Harrop in com. Ebor., est. 61 ann. 
17 Aug. 1665 ; mar. Catherine, daughter of William Haughton, 
2 d brother to S r Richard Haughton of Haughton Tower in com. 
Lane, Bart. They had issue — 

James (IV). 

1. Grace, wife of Thomas Clayton, of Lentworth in co. 


2. Elizabeth, wife unto Edward Chewe, U.J)., of Potter ford 

in co. Lane. ; lie. 1G63 at Slaidburn. 

3. Catherine. 

IV. JAMES MOORE, of Han-op, at. L r > ann. 17 Aug. a" 1665; 
? mar. Mary Kershaw, lie. 1C73, at Slaidburn or Tong. 


Lanoberqh Wapentake. Stokesley, 8° Sept. 1666. 




Arms : — Quarterly : 

1 and 4. — Argent, a lion rampant Azure debruised with a bendlet 

2. — Argent, a chevron between three hinds' heads erased Gules. 

3. — Sable, a chevron between three chaplets Argent. 

I. EOGER TOCKETTS, of Tocketts in Cleveland, Esq., died 
22 Nov. 30 Hen. VIII (1538) ; I. P.M. 6 June 31 Hen. VIII 
(15:59). Will, 27 May 1530, pr. 2 April 153') (vol. xi, p. 358) ; 
? mar. Johan, dau. of Ralph Rokeby of Mortham. They had 
issue — 

II. ROGER TOCKETTS, Esq., of Tocketts, living a "1584; 
17 yrs. old at his father's I. P.M.. ; mar. Margaret, dau. of 
Robert Mennell, serjeant at y° law. They had issue — 

1. George (III). 

2. Thomas. 

Mary, wife of Win. Sirangwayes, of Middlesborough, 

2d son of Sir Richard. 
Dorothy, 2d. wife to Sir Ralph Salveyn, of Ncwbiggen, 

Josepha, wife to ... . Rogers. 

III. GEORGE TOCKETTS, of Tockets, died circa ann. 1620, cct. 
70 ; signed Visitation, 1581 ; mar. Elizabeth, daughter of 
.... Ilutton, of Ilunwyke in cum. Palat. Dunelm. They 
had issue — 

1. Roger Tocketts, of Tocketts, Esqr, died circa ann. 1050 

sine prole; mar. Jane, daughter of .... Cooke, 
of Newcastle super Tine. 

2. James, died unmarried. 


3. WM'm (IV). 

4. Robert, died without issue. 

Elizabeth, wife of Francis (? William) Thompson, of 
Scarborough in com. Ebor. ; lie. 1599, at G is bo rough. 

Margaret (? lie. 1595 to John Crawe of Upleatham). 

Isabel (_? lie. 1(507 to Thos. Bowes, of Appleton Wiske). 

Ann, wife of James Strangwayes, lie. 1603. 

Muriel (? lie. 159G to Marmaduke Bowes, of Angram 

IV. WILUM TOCKETTS, of Tocketts, Esq"., died circa ann. 
1605, at. OS; mar. Mary, da. of Joseph Constable, of New- 
Building in com. Ebor. They had issue — 

1. Roger (V). 

2. Thomas, died in his infancy. 

3. James, died unmarried. 

4. George, died sine prole. 

5. Joseph 'Tocketts, mar. Cath., daughter of ... . Eldon. 

1. Elizabeth, wife of Robert Ward, of Darneton in co. 

Palat. Dunelm. 

2. Cath., wife of John Kirton, of ... . in Holdernesse. 

3. Bridget, wife of Musgrave Ridley, of F ether stonhalgh in 

co. Pal. Dunelm. 

V. ROGER TOCKETTS, of Tocketts, Esq'., crtatis 46 an. 8 Sept. 
1060 ; mar. Cornelia, daughter of Marcus Van Valkinburgh of 
Valkinburgh in Holland ; bur. 16 Dec. 1605 at Guisborough. 
They had issue — 

George (VI). 
Roger, dyed young. 

1. Margt., dyed young. 

2. Catherine, cit. 3 ann. 1000. 

3. Cornelia, dyed young. 

4. Elizabeth, dyed young. 

5. Cornelia, died in her infancy. 

VI. GEORGE TOCKETTS, son and heire, at. 9 ann. 8 Sept. a" D. 
1000 ; mar They had issue — 

Roger, bp. at St. Martin's, Coney Street, York, 16 July 

1686 (reg.). 
Catherine, bur. at St. Martin's, Coney Street, 24 Mar. 



Hunslow Beacon Wapentake. Yorke, 9° Sept. 1G65. 



S>mttl) $Utoboli>. 

Arms : — Six escallops, three, two, and one. 
No proofe made of the Armes. 

I. ROBERT ORME, of Elston, in com. Nott. ; mar. Jane, sister 
of S r John Meares, of the Manour in Kirton, in Holland in 
com. Line. They had issue — 

II. ROBERT ORME, of Elston in com. Nott. ; mar. Barbara, 
sister to S r WilVm Sutton, of Averham in com. Nott., K*. They 
had issue — 

Robert (III). 

Barbara, wife of Willm. Leafe of Newarke upon Trent ; 
afterwards of Henry Drewell of Headley in com. 

III. ROBERT ORME, of South Newbold on the Woulds, in co. 
Ebor., (it. 63 an. 9° Sept. a" 1665 ; mar. Frances, daughter of 
S r John Vacasour, of Spaldington in coin. Ebor., K'., lie. 
1625, bur. 15 June 1006 at Newbold (C.B.N.). They had 

1. Robert (IV). 

2. Thomas Orme, of Copenthorp in co. Ebor., bp. 16 Jan. 

1(337-8 at Newbold (C.B.N.) ; mar. Frances, daughter 
of Thomas Bankes of Bilbrough in com. Ebor., lie. 
1601 at Bishophill. They had issue — 

John, (vt. 3 annorii 9 Sept. 16G5. 

Barbara, cetatis 2 annorum. 

IV. ROBERT ORME, son and heire, est. 2S annor. 9° Sept. 1665 ; 
mar. Frances, daughter of S r Ferdinando Lee (Legh) of Middle- 
ton in com. Ebor., Kn'., wid. of Dr. Sam. Pulleyne, lie. 1661, 
at St. Sampson's, York, bp. 4 Nov. 1628 (Whitaker). They 
had issue — 

John, a?t. unius anni 9" Sept. a" 1665. 


Hanuwkst Wapehtakb. Yorko, 13° Sept. 1665. 

®upljau ((Jojdjam) 



Arms :— Argent, a chevron Gules, between three cranes' heads erased Sable. 
Chest: — Two serpenls proper entwined around a cross patec iitchde Or. 

I. EDWARD TOPIIAM, of Aglethorpe, in par. of Coverham, 
mar. Margery .... They had issue — 

Edward (11). 

Henry Top ham, reader of (J ray's Inn, Esq., ? admitted 

8 Feh. 158 1-2; mar. Elizabeth, dau. of John Darley 

of Kilnhurst. 

II. EDWARD TOPHAN, of Aglethorpe in~com. Ebor., Esqr. ; 
? adm. Gray's Inn, 13 Aug. 1590 ; died about the year 1628 ; 
■mar. Anne, daughter of John Scroope, of Danby in co. Ebor. 
They had issue — 

1. Francis (III). 

2. Henry TopJian, Lieuten 1 Colonell to Colonell Evers of 

a Regiment of Horse for the service of King Charles 
the first, & slaine at the battail of Marston Moore 
in co. Ebor., a° 1614, unmarried. 

1. Margery, the wife of Christopher Croft, of Coverham in 

co. Ebor. 

2. Eliz., wife to George Hemsworlh of Roche in co. Ebor. 

3. Anne. ) ;• ? • ? 
, t, , j, > died unmarried. 

-1. retroneU. ) 

III. FRANCIS TOPHAN, of Aglethorpe, Esq", died circa ann. 
1611. Will, 2«J Sopt. ICJ-J3, [»r. 9 Oct. Kill (unregistered), 
a royalist ; mar. Mary, daughter of S r Edward Payler of Thoraby 
in co. Ebor., Hart., lie. IG27 ; remar. Edward Saltmursh. 
They had issue — 

1. Edward Tophan, died in a" 1651, vel circa, sine prole; 
adm. Cray's Inn, 13 Aug. 1038 ; mar. Mary, daughter 



of S r Peter Middleton, of Stockheld in co. Ebor., 

Knt. (reinar. Thomas Thornton of Olsted — Dugdale's 

Visitation, p. 57). 
Francis (IV). 
Anne, wife of Constable Bradshaw, of Upsall in Cleveland. 

Named in her father's will. 
Margaret, bur. at Belfreys, York, 20 Jan. 1643-4. M.I. 
Elizabeth, bur. at Belfreys, York, 24 Jan. 1643-4. M.I. 

IV. FRANCIS TOPIIAN, of Aglethorpe in com. Ebor., atatis 
31 ann. 13 Sept. a" 1665 ; adm. to Gray's Inn, 10 Mar. 1648-9. 
Will, 24 Apr., pr. 23 May 1669 (vol. L, p. 245) ; to be bur. 
at Coverham ; mar. Clara, daughter of Lionell Robinson, a 
Barrister of the Middle Temple, London, named in her husband's 
will. They had issue — 

1. Lyonell Topham, atatis 9 annorum 13 Sept. 1665 ; 

exor. of his father. 

2. Edward. 

3. Francis. 

Named in their father's will. 


Arms : — 

Kingston super Hull, 4 Sept. 1GG5. 


1. — Argent, a lion rampant Gules between eight fleurs-de-lis Azure. 

2. — Argent, semce of fieurs-de-lia Azure. 

3 & 4. — Argent, a chevron between three mullets Gules. 

6.— As the first. 


ROBERT THORPE, of Thorpe juxta Wellwyke in Holdernesse, 
temp. R. J oh? is ; mar. Margery, daughter of John Holme, of Pull- 
Holme in Holdernesse. 

STEPHEN THORPE, temp. E. 1., mar. Maude. 

I. STEPHEN THORPE, tempore Edw. 2; mar. Isolda .... 
They had issue — 

II. STEPHEN THORPE, died a' 17 E. 3 ; mar They 

had issue — 

III. STEPHEN THORPE, died 10 Aug. a" 23 E. 3 ; mar 

They had issue — 

IV. SIR STEPHEN THORPE, K'., A" D'ni 1405 ; mar. Catherine 

.... They had issue — 

V. STEPHEN THORPE, 1 a 1405; mar. Joane, dau. of S" 
Robert Constable, of Flamborough, K*. They had issue — 

VI. STEPHEN THORPE, of Thorpe, a 1434 12 II. 6; mar. 
Isabell .... (in Glover's Visitation ealled " Revenettsare 
or Rebecca, dau. of ... . Hadley"; in Poulson, "Padley"). 
They had issue — 

VII. STEPHEN THORPE, of Thorpe, died in a" 1502. Will, 
11 Feb. 1502-3, pr. 13 June 1503 (vol. vi, p. 66), to be bur. 
at Welwiuk ; mar. Isabell, sister of John Constable of Halsham 
in com. Ebor., Esqr. Will, 20 July, pr. 12 Dec. 1505 (vol. vi, 
p. 149) ; bur. at Welwiok. They had issue- 
John (VIII). 

1. Lora, ? mar. Sir Piers Frothingham. 

2. Dorothy, mar. William Lawde, or Raude, or Bawde. 

3. Elizabeth, mar. William Jledon, of Marlon. 

4. Margaret, mar. John Newton of Burst wiek. 

5. Alice, mar. William New Ion, of Newton. 

Isabel, mar Slrangwayea of Selby (Glover 

and Poulson). 
William, George, Lancelot, Arthur, Bartholomew (in 

Glover and Poulson). 
Mar. Dionis, 2 dau. of Wifflm Eland of Hull. They had issue — 

1. Dionis, wife of ... . Musgravc. 

2. Joane, wife of ... . Haudby. 

1 Thoso livo general ions aro very uncertain, unci quite different in Poulson's 
" Iloklernesss." 

a She und her daughters are not mentioned by Poulson or in the earlier 


VIII. JOHN THORPE, of Thorpe, died a" 1533. Will, 10 Aug. 
1533, pi-. 13 Aug. 1531 (vol. xi, p. 135) ; to be bur. at Welwick. 
Inq. P.M. 4 Oct. 26 liun. VIII (1534) ; mar. Eden, da. & heire 
of Will. Wells of Anlaby in com. Kingston super Hull, married 
in a" 1503. They hud issue — 


Stephen, died without issue. 


John, died without issue. 


Wilfon (IX). 

Thomas, died s.p. 






Elizabeth, mar. Peter Frothingham of Frothingham. 



IX. WILUM THORPE, of Thorpe, died 12 Martij a 21 Eliz. 
RegincB ; mar., fust wife, Margery, daughter of Christopher 
11 ill yard, Esqr. They had issue — 

Christopher (X). 

Arthur, died young. 

Elizabeth, mar. Richard Hogg of Marfleet. (Glover.) 

Margaret, mar. Robert Hall, of London. (Glover.) 

Mar. 2dly, Elizabeth, sister of Thomas Estoft of Estoft in com. 
Line, widow of Jasper Sheffeild of Croxby in com. Line, bur. 
at Welwick 5 May 1567. (Line, Visitations.) Mar. thirdly, 
Elizabeth, dau. of John Constable of Frismarsh. They had 
issue — 

Alice, died young. 

X. CHRISTOPHER THORPE, of Thorpe, made his will in u" 
1565, bur. at Welwick, 5 May 1567. Will, 2 May 1566, 
pr. 30 July 1567 (vol. xvii, p. 666) ; mar. first Anne, dau. of 
Jasper Sheffeild of Croxby in com. Line, mar. in a" 1513. 
They had issue — 

Stephen (XI). 

Thomas, bur. at Welwick 13 Dec. 1613 ; mar. lstly, 

at Welwick, 30 -July 1581, Martha, dau. of Richard 

Wilkes, of Thorpe. They had issue (see Poulson). 

Mar. secondly, Isabel . . . ., bur 24 Dec. 1633. 

They had issue (see Poulson). 
Christopher, bur. at Welwick, 18 Sept, 1557. (Poulson.) 
Frances, mar. William Newton, of Patrington, gent. 

Mar. secondly, Margaret, dau. of Oliver Ryther, Esq. They 
had issue — 

dugdalk's visitation ok yorkshirk. 115 

Richard, bp. at Welwick, 5 Aug. 1565; exor. of his 

father's will, under which he had £20. 
William, bp. 29 Dec. 1506. (Poulson.) 
Ursula, mar. Henry Marshall, of Standingholme. 

XI. STEPHEN THORPE, of Thorpe, Esq., made his lodl last Feb. 
1586, pr. 5 Oct. 1587 (vol. xxiii, p. 143) ; bur. at Welwick, 
2 Feb. 1586-7 ; mar. at Welwick 20 Feb. 1569-70, Frances, 
dau. of Nicholas Rudston of Hay ton, in com. Ebor. They had 
issue — 

1. Robert Thorpe, of Thorpe, Esq r , bp. at Welwick 20 Feb. 

1570-1, obijt sine prole; sold Welwick circ. 1G07 ; 
mar. lstly, lie. 1592, Mar//, dau. of ... . Skerne of 
Walton in co. Line. Mar. secondly, Frances ..... 
died s.p. 

2. John, obijt sine prole. 

3. Will'm (XII). 

4. Thomas, obijt sine prole. 
Michael, died s.p. 

XII. WILL'M THORPE, of Danthorpe, Esqr., brother & heire, bp. 
at Welwick 14 Feb. 1576-7, died May 1620, ict. 46 (Glover) ; 
mar. Eliz., dauqh. of Peter Vavasour, of Willytoft in com. 
Ebor., lie. 1613, at Owthorne or Bubwith, died 1627 (Glover). 
They had issue — 

John (XIII). 

XIII. JOHN THORPE, of Danthorpe, Esq-., at. 51 ann. 4 Sept. 1665. 

He was Capt. of a Troupe of Horse in the Regiment of S r Walter 
Vavasour of Haslewood in cum. Ebor., Hurt., for the service 
of K. Charles ye 1st, in the time of the late Rebellion ; mar. at 
Wragby, 31 Aug. 1635, Jane, dau. of I'homas Beckivith of 
Aketon in co. Ebor. They had issue — 

XIV. JOHN THORPE, of Danthorpe, son and heir, atatis 27 

annorum 4° Sept. a 1665; mar. Elizabeth, dau. & coheire 
of George Daniell of Besewike in co. Ebor., he. 1661. They 
had issue — 


Authorities — Poulson's llolderness — Wills. 

1 1G 


Exemplification of the Arms of Mallory to the Rkv. George 

Mallory, formerly Leigh, Rector of Mobberley, co. Chester, 

dated 11th April, 1833. 

Painting of arms and crest, with an esquire's helm and a mantlet 
Gules, doubled Or. There is no motto, .inns: Or, a lion rampant 
double queue Gules, collared Argent ; on a canton Azure a cross patee 
of the first. Crest : a horse's head couped Gules, charged on the neck 
with a cross patee Or. 

TO ALL AND SINGULAR to whom these Presents shall come 
Sir Ralph Bigland Knight Gartkr Principal King of Arms and Edmund 
Lodge Esquire Norroy King of Arms of the North Parts of England 
from the River Trent Northwards send Greeting. WHEREAS 
His Majesty by Warrant under His Royal Signet and Sign Manual 
bearing date the eighteenth day of December last signified unto 
the Most Noble Bernard-Edward Duke of Norfolk Earl Marshal 
and Hereditary Marshal of England One of His Majesty's Most 
Honourable Privy Council that He had been graciously pleased 
to give and grant unto the Reverend George Leigh Clerk Master 
of Arts Rector of Mobberley in the County Palatine of Chester 
and unto Julia his Wife the only Child and Heir of the late 
Reverend John-Holdsworlh Mallory Clerk Master of Arts Rector of 
Mobberley aforesaid His Royal Licence and Authority that in 
testimony of their grateful and affectionate -respect for the memory 
of the said John-IIoldsioorth Mallory and in compliance with a 
wish and desire b\ him expressed in his life time they may 
take and use i he Surname of MALLORY only that the said George 
Leigh may hear the Anns of Mallory and that such surname 
and Arms may be taken used and borne by the Issue of their 
marriage such Arms being first did) exemplified according to the 
Laws of Arms and recorded in the Heralds Office otherwise the said 
Licence and Permifsion to be void and of none effect. AND FORAS- 
MUCH as the said Earl Marshal did by Warrant under his hand 
and seal bearing date the thirty first daj of the same month 
authorize and direct Us to exemplify the said Arms accordingly 
KNOW YE THEREFORE that We the said Garter and 
Norroy in obedience t<» his Majesty's Command in pursuance 
of His Grace's Warrant and by virtue of the Letters Patent 
of Our several Offices to each of us respectively granted Do by 
these Presents exemplify unto the said George Leigh now George 
Mallory the Arms of Mallory viz. Or, a Lion rampant double 
queue Gules, collared Argent a Canton Azure (the Canton charged 
for distinction with a Cross patee of the First) and the Crest of Malloky 
viz 1 : On a Wreath of the Colours A Horse's Head couped Gules (charged 


for distinction on the neck with a Cross paU { e us in the Arms) as the same 
are in the Margin hereof more plainly depicted to be borne and used 
for ever hereafter by him the said George Mallory and without the said 
distinctions by his Issue by the said Julia Mallory his Wife according 
to the Tenor of His Majesty's said Sign Manual and the Laws of Arms. 
In Witness whereof We the said Garter and Norroy Kings of Arms 
have to these Presents subscribed Our Names and affixed the Seals 
of Our several Offices this eleventh day of April in the third year of 
the Reign of our Sovereign Lord William the Fourth by the Grace of 
Cod of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland Kim.' Defender 
of the Faith &C. and in the Year of Our Lord One thousand eight 
hundred and thirty three. 

Ralph Bigland, Garter. Edwd. Lodge, Norroy. 

[Seal] [Seal.] 

Endorsed : — Recorded in the College of Arms, London, this 17th day 
of April 1833. 

Chas. Geo. Young, 

York Herald and Register. 

Royal Licence to the Rev. Herbert Leigh Mallory to take 
the name of Leigh-Mallory, dated 6th October, 1914. 

George R.I. 

George the fifth, by the Grace of God, of the United King- 
dom of Great Britain and Ireland, and of the British Dominions 
beyond the Seas King, Defender of the Faith, To Our Right 
Trusty and Right Entirely Beloved Cousin and Counsellor Henry, 
Duke' of Norfolk. Knight of Our Most Noble Order of the Garter, 
Knight Grand Cross of Our Royal Victorian Order, Earl Marshal 
and Our Hereditary Marshal of England, 

Greeting ! 

Whereas Herbert Leigh Mallory of the Manor House, Mobberley 
in the County Palatine of Chester, Clerk in Holy Orders, Master of 
Arts lit' (he University of Cambridge and Vicar of St. John's Birkenhead 
in the said County Palatine, son of George Mallory, formerly George 
Leigh, late of the Manor House, Mobberley, aforesaid, Clerk in Holy 
Orders, Master of Arts of the University of Oxford and Rector of 
Mobberley, by his second wife Henrietta, daughter of Tratlord Trafford, 
late, of Ou|gh]trington Hall in the said County Palatine, all deceased, 
hath by his Petition humbly represented unto Us 

That the Petitioner's father the said George Mallory formerly 
George Leigh, and Julia his then wife, the only child and heir of John 
Holdsworth Mallory, Clerk in Holy Orders, Master of Aits of the 
University of Oxford and sometime Rector of Mobberley aforesaid, 
by Royal Licence dated the eighteenth day of December One thousand 
eight hundred and thirty two, were authorized to take and use the 
surname of Mallory only and to bear the Arms of Mallory and such 
surname and Arms were authorized to be taken used and borne by the 
issue of their marriage, and that the said Royal Licence together 
with the Anus were duly recorded in the College of Anns; 


That the said Julia Mallory departed this life on or about 
the twenty-eighth day of March One thousand eight hundred and 
thirty five, leaving issue an only son George Mallory who died unmarried 

on or about the eighth day of March One thousand eight hundred and 
sixty four, and an only daughter, Harriet, who died married but without 
issue on or about the sixteenth day of March One thousand nine hundred 
and twelve : 

That the Petitioner's father the said George Mallory subsequently 
married as his second wife Henrietta TrafTord aforesaid and died 
on the twenty sixth day of July One thousand eight hundred and 
eighty five leaving with other issue the Petitioner, who was baptized 
at Mobberley by the name of Herbert Leigh and registered under 
the surname of Mallory, and matriculated at the said University of 
Cambridge in the surname of Mallory by which he has on all occasions 
since been known and in which he owns real and personal property ; 
and that lie is desirous of having the said surname and Arms confirmed 
to him under Our Royal Licence and Authority : 

The Petitioner therefore most humbly prays Our Royal Licence 
and Authority that he may continue to bear the said surname of Mallory 
and take and use the surname of Leigh in addition to and before that 
of Mallory, that he may bear the Arms of Mallory quarterly with those 
of his own family and that such surname and Arms may in like manner 
be taken borne and used by his issue : 

Know ye that We of Our Princely Grace and Special Favour 
have given and granted and do by these Presents give and grant unto 
the Petitioner the said Herbert Leigh Mallory Our Royal Licence and 
Authority that he may continue to bear the said surname of Mallory 
and take and use the surname of Leigh in addition to and before that 
of Mallory, that he may bear the Arms of Mallory quarterly with those 
of his own family and that such surname and Arms may in like manner 
be taken borne and used by his issue : the said Arms being first duly 
exemplified according to the Laws of Arms and recorded in our College 
of Arms otherwise this our Licence and Permission to be void and of 
none effect : 

Our Will and Pleasure therefore is that you Henry, Duke of Norfolk, 
to whom the cognizance of matters of this nature cloth properly belong, 
do require and command that this Our Concession and Declaration 
be recorded in Our College of Arms to the end that Our Officers of Arms 
and all others upon occasion may take full notice and have knowledge 

And for so doing this shall be your Warrant. 

Given at Our Court at Saint James's the sixth day of October, 1914 ; 
In, the Fifth year of Our Reign. 

By His Majesty's Command, 

R. McKenna. 

Recorded in the College of Arms, London, pursuant to a Warrant 
from the Earl Marshal of England. 

Charles II. Athill, 

Richmond Herald, 



Endorsed : — 

The Reverend Herbert Leigh Mallory : 

Licence that he may continue to bear the surname of Mallory 
and take and use the surname of Leigh in addition to and before 
that of Mallory, that he may bear the Arms of Mallory quarterly 
with those of his own family and that such surname and Arms 
may in like manner be taken borne and used by his issue. 

This is a type-written document, on paper, and is embossed with 
a circular seal of the Royal Arms, the seal of the Secretary of State, 
Home Department, and the duty stamp of £10. 

Exemplification of the Arms of Mallory and Leigh to the 
Rev. Herbert Leigh Leigh-Mallory, dated 14th April, 1915. 

Painting of quartered arms and two crests, with an esquire's helm 
and a mantlet Gules doubled Or. Arms : Quarterly, 1st and 4th Or, 
a lion rampant double queue Gules, collared Argent, a canton Azure 
charged with a cross patee of the first [Mallory]; 2nd and 3rd Or, 
a lion rampant Gules, in dexter chief a crescent Azure [Leigh]. Crests : 
(1) a horse's head couped Gules, charged on the neck with a cross patee 
Or [ Mallory] ; (2) a dexter cubit arm erect vested paly of six Or and 
Sable, the hand proper grasping a broken lance in bend sinister Argent 
[Leigh]. Motto : " Force avec vertu." 

TO ALL AND SINGULAR to whom these Presents shall come 
Sir Alfred Scott Scott-Gatty, Knight, Commander of the Royal 
Victorian Order, Garter Principal King of Arms and Henry 
Farnham Burke, Esquire, Commander of the Royal Victorian 
Order, Companion of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath, 
Norroy King of Arms of the North Parts of England from the 
River Trent Northwards, send Greeting. WHEREAS His Majesty 
by Warrant under His Royal Signet and sign Manual bearing 
date the sixth day of October last hath signified unto The Most 
Noble Henry, Duke of Norfolk Earl Marshal and Hereditary 
Marshal of England, Knight of the Most Noble Order of the 
Carter, Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Older and 
One of His Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council, that He 
has been graciously pleased to give and grant unto Herbert Leigh 
Mallory of the Manor House Mobberley in the County Palatine 
of Chester, Clerk in Holy Orders, .Master of Arts of the University 
of Cambridge and Vicar of St. John's Birkenhead in the said 
County Palatine, son of Ceorge Mallory, formerly Ceorge Leigh, 
late of the Manor House Mobberley aforesaid, Clerk in Holy 
Orders, Master of Arts of the University of Oxford and Rector 
of Mobberley, by his second wife Henrietta daughter of Traflord 
TralTord laic of Ou|gh|trington Hall in the said County Palatine, 


all deceased, His lloyal Licence and Authority that he may continue 
to bear the said surname of Mallory, and take and use the surname 
of Leigh in addition to and before that of Mallory, that he may 
bear the Arms of Mallory quarterly with those of his own family 
and that such surname and Arms may in like manner be taken 
borne and used by his issue, the said Arms being first duly 
exemplified according to the Laws of Arms and recorded in the 
College of Arms otherwise the said Royal Licence and Per- 
mission to be void and of none effect. AND FORASMUCH as 
the said Earl Marshal did by Warrant under his hand and seal 
bearing date the fifteenth day of the same month authorise and 
direct Us to exemplify such Arms accordingly KNOW YE THERE- 
FORE that We the said Garter and Norroy in obedience to the 
Royal Command, in pursuance of His Grace's Warrant and by 
virtue of the Letters Patent of Our several Oilices to each of 
Us respectively granted do by these Presents exemplify unto the 
said Herbert Leigh Mallory now Herbert Leigh Leigh-Mallory the 
Arms following that is to say : — Quarterly First and Fourth 
Mallory viz 1 : Or, a Lion rampant double queue Gules collared 
Argent a Canton Azure charged, for distinction, with a Cross patee 
of the first, Second and Third Leigh. The Crest of Mallory, viz* : 
On a Wreath of the Colours : — A Horse's head couped Gules 
charged, for distinction, on the neck with a Cross patee as in the 
Arms and the Crest of Leigh as the same are in the margin 
hereof more plainly depicted to be borne and used for ever here- 
after by him the said Herbert Leigh Leigh-Mallory and by his 
issue, pursuant to the tenor of the said Royal Warrant and 
according to the Laws of Arms : IN WITNESS whereof We the 
said Garter and Norroy Kings of Arms have to these Presents 
subscribed Our names and affixed the Seals of Our several Offices 
this fourteenth day of April in the Fifth year of the Reign of 
Our Sovereign Lord George the Fifth by the Grace of God of 
the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and of the 
British Dominions beyond the Seas King, Defender of the Faith 
&i\ and in the year of Our Lord One thousand nine hundred 
and fifteen. 

A. S. Soott-Gatty, Garter. H. Farnham Burke Norroy. 
[Seal.] [Seal.] 

Endorsed : — 

Recorded in the College of Anns, London. 

Charles H. Athill, 

Richmond Herald, 




(Continued from i>. GO.) 

Copik of the Will of John Cullinge, 1490. 1 

En <9n nine JVmcn tertio decimo die Julii anno Dni millesimo 
quadringentesimo nonagesirao. Ego Junes Cullyng de parochia 
de Berham compos mentis laudes Deo condo testimentum meum 
in hunc modum. Imprimis lego animam raeara Deo omnipotenti 
beatiea Mariae Virgini & omnibus Sanctis ca v li, eorpusq^ meum 
ad sepeliendum in Cimeterio Ecclesiae pracdictae. Item lego sumo 
Altari ibidem pro decimis meis oblitis dnas arietes. Item lego 
cuilibet lumini in dicta Ecclesia existent' unum bushell ordei. 
Item lego ad reparacoem [blank] Crucis in Navi Ecclesiae praedict' 
xxxiii s iiii l1 cum conditionc quod proodict' Crux fact' & reparat' 
fuerit intra tres anos proximos sequent' post decessum meum : 
alioquin volo quod proodict' xxxiii s iiii' 1 dent' uni Capellano 
seculari ad eclebrand' pro anima mea & aniraabua parentum 
& amicorum mcorum ac omnium fidelium defunct' p quartin' 
unius anni infra Ecclesiam praodictam. Item lego cuilibet hiiorum 
& liliolarum meor' unum agnum. Item lego Johanna; uxori 
meao octoginta oves, unum equum, quatuor vaccas, dua jumenta 
vocat' haghers, tria quartia frumenti & quinq, quartia ordei. 
Item lego Alicioo Chesmau imam vaccam & sex oves. Item lego 
Isabellas hluu mea) unam vaccam & sex oves. Item lego Annas 
filial mea; vaccam unam, sex oves ac quinq, marcas sterlingoru ad 
maritagium suum. Residuum vero omnium bonorum meorum 
superius non Legat' post debit' & legat' mea persolut' do & 
lego JoliamuQ uxori meie & Wifto Cullyng filio meo ut ipsi dis- 
ponant pro salute anima; men: prout eis melius ct salubrius 
videbitur oxpediri & ipsos Johannam & Willm facio ordino et 
consiituo exeunt' meos p p'soutos. Et ordino Thomam Prynce 
parochial' Capellanuin do Berham p'dict' supius [sic] hujus Testa- 
menti mei per presentes. 

3i)«C cot ultima bohuitas mei Jotiis Cullyng de parochia de 
Berham facta ibidem tertio decimo die Julii anno Dni Millesimo 
uuadringentesimo nonagesimo et anno regni Regis Henrici septimi 
post conquestuin Angliao quinto de omnibus terris & tenementis 
meis cum suis pertin' jac' & existent' in parochia de Berham 
praodicta seu alibi in Com' Kane'. Imprimis volo cjuod Johanna 
uxor mea habeat post decessum meum tenementum meum vocat' 
le Breche cum omnibus terris eidem ten' pertin' jacent' & existent' 
in parochia praodicta, hend eidem Johanna) et assign' suis ad totum 
terminum vit;e sine ; ita quod post mortem p'dict ;u Johanna; volo 
quod p'd'tu tenementum cum omnibus terris eidem ten' ptin' 
& suis ptin' reman' Willo Cullyng tilio meo : hend eidem Witto 

1 Some words in tliia oopy are doubtful. 


her' & assign' suis in perpetuum. Insuper volo quod Feoffati 
mei permittunt Joftem Ohcsman de parochia de magna J lard res 
habere, tenere & occupare ten' meii cum omnibus terris & pertin' 
eidem ten' pertin' p terminu trium annorum post decessum 
meum absa vasto & citrepemento inde facicnd'. Et statim 
post finem et terminum prredictorum trium annorum volo cjuod 
p'dicti Feoffati feoffabunt p'd'tu Wittm filiura meum de & in 
p'dict' cum omnibus terris eidem ten' pertin' cum pertin' lieud 
eidem Witto hered' & assignatis suis in pp'ium [sic]. Et etiam 
volo quod p'dicti Feoffati statim post obitum meum feoffabunt 
dictum Wittm de & in uno crofto terra cum pertin' vocat Goris- 
liill jacent' in parochia de Elham, hcnd eidem Witto her' et 
assign' suis in pp'iu [sic]. 

Probatum fuit prrcsens Testamentii coram nobis Offi" Dom' 
Archi Cant' secundo die Mensis Ootobris Anno Dfii Millesimo 
quadringentesimo nonagesimo Approbat' insinuat' legitimea 
pronunciat' pro valore ejusd' commiss' (^ est administratio 
omnium & singuloru bonoru defunct' retrosc'pt', &c. 

This I transcribed out of an Original will in my custody. 
This will ought to be placed before the precedent will. 

Thomas Colyn had land in Barham (as appears by a Deed in 
my Custodie) dated Ed. 3ii vicesimo [sic] 1328. 

Richard Colyn & Thomas his sonne lived in the 30 yeare of 
the Rcigne of Ed : the third 1356 & were contempory with John 
de Oxinden & Richard do Oxinden as appears by the Copie 
of a dcede 1 had of Rl" r William Nethersole of Wemenswould, the 
Originall whereof is in his possession. 

John Cullyng of Barham made his last Will July 13, 1490 & 
willed his bodie to be buried in Cimiutcrio Kcclesiaj de Barham 
& gave all his landes in the Parish of Barham or else where 
in the Countie of Kent to William Culling his sonne : hee had 
two daughters Isabel & Anne as appears by his last Will. [In 
the margin] his wife's name was Joane. 

William Cullyng the sonne of John made his last Will No : 8, 
1530, hee willed his body to be buried in the Churchyard of 
Barham, hee had issue male Thomas, James & Richard, & iemale 
Johanne and Myldred. [In the margin] Mildred was wife of 
Rich : Verricr. 

Thomas had issue male John Culling and William Culling, to 
John his grandfather William gave his house & land at Breech 
& to William the house & land at South Barham, all which 
appears by his last Will. 


William 1 the grandsonne of William & second sonne of Thomas 
aforesaid made his last will March 7, 1585 : had Issue male 
Thomas, Henry & William, & female Silvester, Rachel and 
Margery. [In the margin] Rachel was married to Ed: Norwood of 
West beere, Margery to Anthonie Rogers. 

The said William gave his lands at South Barham to his sonne 
Thomas during his life & after his decease to James youngest sonne 
of him the said Thomas. 

Thomas the sonne of William had issue male John, William, 
Thomas, Davy and James, & female Susan and Mary ; hee made 
his last will Octob. the first, 1620. [In the margin] Susan married 
to Ed : Nash. 

James the youngest sonne of Thomas & hcire to his grandfather 
William made his last Will Decemb : 13, 1(538 & deceased March 
the 21 following: lice married Mary the daughter of John Allen 
of the Citric of Canterbury gent., by whom hee had issue male 
James, who was borne jail : 30, Kill', dyed unmarried aged 
about 21 yearcs & Thomas who was borne Jan : 1, 1630 and 
deceased aged about 4 yeares ; hee had issue female — 

Mary borne Eeb : 12, 1G08 who dyed young. 

Mary being the second daughter born Jan : 28, 1610. [In the margin] 
wife of Capt. Willm Denwood. 

Margaret, borne Dec : 8, 1615. 

Leah, borne Sept : 26, 1618. 

Ellen, borne No : 6, 1621. | In the margin] wife to M r Tho. Wood. 

Katherine, born Feb : 26, 1621, was second wife to nice Hen : Oxenden 
of Barham to whom I was married Sept : 15, 1612 by whom I 
had issue, 

Katherine, borne Octob : 29, 16-11. 
Mary, borne July 17, 1648. 
Anna, borne Eeb : 4, 1619. 

Memorandum that Mary the wife of James Culling was the 
daughter of John Allen of Canterburie, gent,, by Leah sister to 
Mat hew Parker, Archbishop of Canterburie. 


Philip Chout of Home in the parish of Apledorefield in Kent 

ma : 1, Jane da : of Tho : Ensinge of Winchelsey. 2, Elizabeth 

da: of Girlinge of Sufi'. 3, Margaret da: of Alex: Colepeper 

of Begebury Kt ; by Jane the da: of Ensinge hee had issue— 

Tho: 1, son s.p., Tho : 2 son & heire & a da : Elizabeth ma: 
John Taylor. 

1 [In the margin] liin wile's namo was Alico. 



[In the margin] This Philip was ('apt. of Camber Castle & standard 
bearer to the men of Amies of the Kinges band at the siege of Bulloygn 
where, for his valient service at the bridge there .'JO Hen. 8., hee had a 
canton added to his Amies by the King viz. pted p Ar. &. V* 
a lyon passant gardant or. 

By Elizabeth Girling hee had issue Phillip who dyed s.p. 

By Margaret Colepeper hee had issue George Chute, Edw : Chute, 
Blount, Anthony, Anne ma: Walter Waller of Gromebridgc in Kent, 
Esq 1 '. 



Wittm Warren of Dover was Father of John Warren of the same, 
who ma : .Jane da : of John Mooneings, by whom hee had issue John 
Warrein, 1. son, Tho : Warrein 2. son. 

John Warrein aforesaid had issue Ed : Warrein 1. son. Thomas 
2. son of Dover who ma : Marie Christian da : of . . . Close of Calliee 
by whom hee had issue John Warrein 1. son & heire. 



John Edolfe of Brensett in Rumny MarLsh in Kent was Father 
of Robt. Edolf of Brenset who ma : Ellinor da : of Pydiam 
by whom hee had Robt. Edolf of iiiuxliill who ma: Elizabeth 
da : of John a Barrowe of Hinxhill by whom hee had Barrowe 
Edolf f son, Robert 2 son who ma : Emlyn da : of S r Tho : 
Scot, K l , John .'* son, Tho : 4 son, Ellinor & Mary daughters. 

John. Hardresof Hurdicsin Kent. 

* * 


S r Robort Hardos [sic] the=f= Margaret, da: of 

older K* lived 32 Kd. I. 

S r Rich : Estan- 
grove of Kent. 


1 . Hardes [sic]. 

'2. Heringwood. 

3. Fitz Barnard. 

4. Lucy. 

S r Robert Hardes=FJane the daughter 

the younger K l . 

of Tho : Boughton 
of Kent. 

Sr Rich: Heringwood S r Tho : Fitz 
was Steward of the Barnard K l . 
household to Q. Philip 
wife of K. Ed. 3. 

Henry Hardes, -j-Susan, daughter 

1 . uonno. 

of John 

Stepho =f=.Tanc, da : it co- 

11 eringwooil, I heire of S r Tho : 

Ksq r . J lit/. Baiiiard, K l . 
._, I 

r _ i \ — i 

Philip Hardes. -pGruco, da : & coheiro John Heringwood, Jane, married to 

I of Stephen Horiug- ob. sine prole. Thomas Burgate 

I wood. of Suff. 




George Hardes Esi^y. • •, da: & cohoiro 
lived 14H5. | of Wilim Lucv. 


James Hardes=f Alice, daugh : of Hobt Hill 
lived 1590 late], j & relict of James Auclier. 

Christofer Hurdea died 153G.=f Dorothy da : of John Paston K 4 . 
, . 1 

2. George ob. 
sine prole. 

Thomas Hardes=f Mario da : of 

dy. 155G. I Edward Oxinden. 

I . , 

Ja: 1. son, lived Rich. Hardos, 2 soune, 
1562, ob. sine of Nether Hardes. 

* * * 

. . . da : of Isabel, married to 

S r Tho : Wroth Ilarlackonden of 

nJ/K 1 . Woodchurch. 
* * * 


William Fineux of=f. . . da : of Mooneings 
Swinfield in Kent, in Kent Esq r . 

■ John Fineux, 1. son, 
Lo : Chiefo Justice of 

Rich: Fineux, 2. son, =f Jane the da : of Ellis of 

of Huff am in Kent, 

Kenningtou in Kent. 

r r i "i — 





Willm Fineux, 1. son,=j=Elizabeth, da: of John Warron of Dover 
of lluffam pnud'ct' I in Kent, gent, [lutlic margin] This Eliza- 
I belli was the widow of Henry Hrooker. 
r _ J 

Tho: Fineux, 1. son,-pAnne, da : of John Ramsio 
of Hutla. I of Canterbury. 

1 | 

Tho : Fineux, John, 2 

1. son, of 


— -1 1 1 

Rich : 3. William, 4. Henry, 5: eon. 

Mem. that Ezekias Fogge who married Margaret da : of Tho : 
Court hop was Vicar of Chilham & Father of Richard Fogge of 
Barham ; which Richard ma : Marie da : of . . . Wood of Broomely, 
by her hee had issue Whittiugham Fogg 1. son ec Ezekias 2. sonne. 

Ezek : died unmarried. Whittiugham ma : Katharine one of the 
daughters of S r Tho : Willford of Ilding in Kent by whom hee 
had issue. 

[In the margin] Katharine da : of Richard Fogg ma Nayler, 

1615, of Reuvill. 


(To be continued.) 


Edited by thu Hkv. Edmund Nevim,, 15. a., F.S.A. 

{Continued from y. 65.) 


Smith, William, and Elizabeth Whitkhart of the above, sp. Bdman. 

Roger Smith. (Mainly gone.) 3 Ap. 
Kinsman, William, of Preshute, husb., 30, and Anne Griffin, of 

Marlborough, sp., 27. Bdmen. Stephen Gibb.s and Jeremy Overton, 

pavyer, of Sarum. 25 Ap. 1G03. [A.B.] 
Fanner, AVilliam, of Wilton, Wilts, yeoman, 24, and Anne Gawen 

of the same, sp., 22. Bdman. John Marchant. 11 April. 

Alexander, John, of Maddington, husb., and Ann Betts of the same, 

sp., 40. Bdman. Thomas Lawne, of Sarum, papermaker. 28 Ap. 

. . . ., Samuell, and Mary Lamijorne of the same. . . . Ap. 
Paradise, William, of Marlborough, Wilts, pewterer, widower, and 

Jane Tiucombe, of Bradford, sp., 22. Bdman. Joseph Blake. 

13 Ap. [A.B.] 
Hayward, John, of Wanborough, Wilts, gent., widower, and Joan 

Hicks, of Bishopston, sp., 30. Bdman. Will. Robenson. Wit s ., 

Ann Brine. 13 Ap. [A.B.] 
Crahis, Thomas, of Wilts, husb., and Jane Goodall, of Eastern, 

sp. Bdman. John Whil inaishc, of Sarum. 27 Ap. 
IIawkings, Thomas, of Ashliugton, Wilts, husb., 31, and Jane Hicks, 

of Urchfont, sp., 25. Bdman. Rich. Moone, husb. 27 Ap. [A.B.] 
Gos, William, of Bramshaw, Wilts, husb., 22, and Elizabeth Andrewes 

of the same, sp.. 30. Bdman. Gyles Hobbs, collyer. 25 Ap. 

IIolton, Joseph, ol Trowbridge, Wills, clothier, 25, and Ellioner 

Cooi'Ei;, of Beekington (or Beckhinton), Somerset, sp.,21. Bdman. 

James Bennett, of Sarum. 22 Ap. [A.B.] 
Smyth, Henry, of Urchfont, Wilts, yeoman, 24, and Elioner Oram, 

of Market Lavington, Wilts, sp., 21. Bdman. Ams Musprat. 

18 Ap. [A.B.[ 
Clements, George, of St. Thos', Sarum, Wilts, weaver and mercer, 

and Anne Kent, of Sarum aforesaid, sp., 19. Bdman. Willm 

Kent. 20 Ap. [A.B.] 
Bower, Joseph, of Honhead St. Mary, Wilts, gent., 21, and Mary 

Scovell, of Barford St. Martin, sp. Bdman. John Seovell, of 

Barford St. Martin, gent., Mary's fa. 21 Ap. [A.B.] 
Chepman, Thomas, of Studley in Trowbridge, yeoman, 2C, and Frances 

Clerke of the same, sp., 25. Bdmen. John Marten and Thomas 

Gray, of Amesbury, thelder. 20 July. [A. and B.J 


North, Richard, of Market Lavington, hush., widower, and Patience 

Page, of Potterne, sp., 30. Bdmen. Edward Page and Robert 

Jones. . . . July. [A. and B.J 
BLISSET, John, and Mary Peirce, of Devizes, sp. Bdman. John 

Peirce, of Devizes. Wit 8 ., Robt. Maseline, John Vincent. 6 July 

Billingsley, John, clerk, of Downton, Wilts, and Elinor Evans of 

the same, sp., 27. Bdman. Joseph Butt. 3 July. [A. and B.] 
Hort, . . . ., 31), and Ann Bono, of Maddington. Bdmen. Tho : 

Cartwright and Thomas Young. 3 July. 
Marshall, John, of Cowleston [Ooulston], gent. (. . . .), and Mary 

Bowerman, 20, of the same, sp. Bdmen. John Bowerman and 

Edw. Jay ? 23 June. [A. and B.] 
Norman, Roger, and Joane Keineton, of Lacock, sp. Bdman. Anthony 

Smith. . . . June. [A. and B., mostly gone.] 
Benwell, Chr'ofer, clerke, and Susan Knackstone, of Hilperton, 

wid. Bdman. John King. 9 June. [A. and B.] 
Barton, Willm., of Sarum, yeoman, and Prudence Ivy, of Fittleton, 

wid. Bdman. John West. 9 June. [A. andB.| 
Reeks, Robert, of Staunton Barnard, yeoman, (. . .), and Mary 

Lavington of the same, sp., 25. Bdmen. Thos. Taylor and Phillip 

Reeks. 9 June. [A. and B.J 
Gilbert, Thomas, of Maddington, yeoman, Wilts, 30, and Margaret 

Stevens, of Fisherton Delamere, sp., 25. Bdman. William 

Gilbert, yeoman. 22 Dec. 
Royall, William, of Minstead, co. South., clerk, and Joane Weeks, 

of Downton, Wilts, wid. Bdman. Anthony Ancketyll. (" Jane " 

in A.) 15 Dec. [A.B.J 
Waters, Anthony, of Netton, Wilts, husb., 27, and Joane Palmer, of 

Winterborne Gunner, sp., 25. Bdman. Willm. Tayler. (" Anne " 

in A.) 7 Dec. [A.B.J 
Greene, John, of St. Edmund's, Sarum, goldsmith, and Elizabeth 

I'uxtox of the same, sp., 22. Bdman. Rich. Hill, of 

30 Nov. (A. B.J 
Riches, Simon, of Allcannings, Wilts, husb., 23, and Mary Pike, of 

East Stowell in Wilcot, sp., 20. Bdman. Willm Pike. 23 Nov. 

Combes, Willm., of Chisledon, Wilts, husb., 26, and Margaret Seymour, 

of East CJarston, Berks, wid. Bdman. Robert Smart. Wit 3 ., 

Wm. Deane, Joane Bowshere, and Henry Miles, of .Marlborough, 

shoemaker. 9 Nov. [A.B.] 
Whitehorne, Giles, of Rolleston [RollstoneJ, Wilts, husb., 30, and 

Jane Driver, of Maddington, Wilts, sp., 25. Bdman. Edward 

Moody. 10 Nov. [A.B.J 
UrniOMAS, John, of Downton, husb., widower, and Elizabeth Rooke 

of the same, wid. 12 Nov. [A. B.J 
Atwood, William, of Upavon, Wills, butcher, 22, and Margaret Ratt, 

of Amesbury, Wilts, sp., 21. 28 Dec. [A.J 



Woods, Thomas, of Newbury, Berks, and Bdman. John 

Wallis. Wit 8 ., J. Hinton, Samuel Field. Date gone. 

Rebek, Thomas, and . . . . Bdman. Samuel Bansken. Wit 8 ., Robert 
and Sarah Sandclands. Date pone. 

Fortescue, Francis, of Chiute [Chute], Wilts, yeoman, 22, and 
Eleanor Pike, of Shalborne, sp., 19. (Vacat quia partes inhabi- 
tant in peculiari Jurisdictione Decani Sarum.) 

Jacob, Thomas, of Lydiard Trcgose, hush., 30, and Anne Waudor, 
of Purton, wid. Bdman. William Gilmor, of Wotton Basset. 
9 Feb. 1663. 


Edwards, William, of Market Lavington, feltmaker, 24, and Gresham 

RUDDLE of the same, sp., 20. Bdman. Muses Puddle, of Market 

Lavington, feltmaker, and Abraham Peirce, of Sarum, haber- 
dasher. (Signs "Ruddell.") 5 Dec. 1664. [A. and B.] 
Bayley, Zaehariah, of Westbury, Wilts, clothier, 25, and Elizabeth 

Mylks, of Rollestone [Rollstone], Wilts, sp., 22. Bdman. 

Thomas Wansborrough, of Sarum, mercer. 29 Nov. 166-1. [A. 

and B.| 
Gardiner, Willm.,of Wilton, Wilts, baker, 22, and Elizabeth Prancker 

of the same, sp., 23. Bdman. Lawrence Frowd, of Sarum, weaver. 

28 Nov. 1664. [A. and B.] 
Webb, Daniel, of Melksham, Wilts, clothier, 23, and Elizabeth Tit- 

combe, of Escott in Urchfont, sp., 18. Bdmen. Edward Flower 

of the same, gent., and Thomas Biffin of the same, yeoman. 22 Nov. 

1664. [A. and B.] 
Wheeler, Edmund, of Wotton Basset, Wilts, yeoman, widower; and 

Elizabeth Say of the same, sp., 25. Bdman. Timothy Crips of 

the same, yeoman, and Rich : Girle, of Sarum, yeoman. 14 Nov. 

1664. [A. and B.] 
Knapton, George, of Sarum, Wilts, grocer, 30, and Elizabeth Fursby, 

of St. Edmund's, Sarum, sp., 29. Bdman. John Ray of the same, 

gent, 23 Nov. 1664. [A. and B.j 
Dalmore, Richard, of Keevil, Wilts, yeoman, 22, and Jane Card, of 

Codford St, Peter, sp., 23. Bdman. William Card, of Codford 

St. Peter, Wilts, yeoman. 12 Nov. 1664. [A. and B.] 
Goodwin, Thomas, of Sarum, Wilts, gent,, 30, and Ann Zole of the 

same, sp., 21. Bdman. Robert Blandford of the same, lanius. 

12 Nov. 1664. [A. and B. | 
Tookey, Thomas, of Sarum, milliner, 24, and An Seymor of the same, 

sp., 25. Bdman. Willin Cocky, of Sarum, apothecary. 10 Nov. 

1664. [A. and B.J 
Lye, Thomas, of Potterne, Wilts, yeoman, and Sara Harvest of the 

same, sp. Bdman. Philip Harvest of the same, sent. 9 Nov 

1664. [ B.] 
Urmkstone, Joseph, of Oxford, gent., 22, and Elizabeth Kino, of 

Si. Kdnumd\s, Sarum, sp., 25. I id man. John I'liillipps, ol Sarum, 

inholder. 9 Nov. 1664. [A. and B.J 


Pa<3E, Edward, of Market Lavington, Wilts, yeoman, widower, and 

Elizabeth Russell, of Easterton in Market Lavington, wid. 

Bdman. John Hobbs, of Easterton, yeoman. 7 Nov. [A. and B.] 
Samuell, John, of Market Lavington, watchmaker, 20, and Mary 

Prater, of Everleigh [Everley], Wilts, sp., 20. Bdmen. Nicholas 

Langley, of Sarum, watchmaker, and Willm. Prater, of Sarum, 

baker. 6 Sep. [A. and B.] 
Aluer, Robert, of Cranborne, Dorset, mercer, 24, and Elizabeth 

Percevall, of Sarum, sp., 23. Bdman. John Percevall of the 

same. 10 Sep. [A. and B.] 
Noyes, Joseph, of St. Edmund's in Sarum, sleymaker, 24, and Isabel 

Hayward, of the Close, Sarum, sp., 24. Bdmen. George Knapton, 

of Sarum, grocer, and Stephen Cooper of the same, feltmaker. 

25 Aug. [A. and B.] 
Laniiam, James, the younger, of Marten, Wilts, yeoman, 23, and Sarah 

Gray, of East Deane, co. South., 17, sp. Bdman. James Lanham, 

Sen., of the same, yeoman. 9 Aug. [A. and B.] 
Ady, Wm., of Chippenham, Wilts, mercer, 25, and Elioner Hawkins 

of the same, sp., 21. Bdman. Edward Edmonds, of Sarum, 

gent. 28 July. 
Goddard, John, of Berwick Basset, Wilts, Esq., widower, and Marie 

Andrewes, of Collingborne Kingston, sp., 2G. Bdman. Willm. 

Pcrsevall, of Sarum, inholder. 23 July. [A. and B.] 
Marshall, Eliezer, of Awre, co. Glouc, clerk, and Elizabeth Granner, 

ah. Stevins, of Winterborne Basset, Wilts, sp., 17. Bdman. 

Anthony Martin, of Sarum, inholder. 11 July. [A. and B.] 
Francis, Charles, of Stoke Lane, Somerset, 28, and Edith Cripps, 

of Avebury, sp., 23. Bdmen. Peter Arnold, of Avebury, gent., 

and Thomas Young, of Sarum, taylor. 19 July. [A. and B.] 


Elmes, James, and Alice Willis. (Bond says the above bounden, 
but he is John Elmes, of Lyneham, Wilts, broad weaver, and 
Bdman. Thomas Willis of the same, weaver.) Seal. " I.S." in 
circle. 3 Jan. [B.] 

Wilkin's, Willm., of Keevil, Wilts, yeoman, 26, and Cicily Manfeild 
of the same, sp., 25. Bdman. Robert Martin, of Devizes, yeoman. 
8 Eeb. [A.B.J 

Smith, John, yeoman, 25, son of Jane Smith, of Cullerne, wid., and 
Elizabeth Barrett, sp., 24, d. of Elizabeth Husdey, of Langley 
Burrell, by the hands of Francis Hull, a butcher, living in Sutton 
Benger. Letter from Jehu Ferris, Vicar of Kington. 4 Feb. 
1664. [A.B.] 

Marslino, John, of Overton, Wilts, chandler, 23, and Mary HaYNES, of 
llamminglon | ? llannington) Week, Wills, sp., 24. Bdman., none. 
(Signs " John Maslin.") (i Keb. 1661. [A.B.J 

Harding, Robert, of Crudwell, and Jane Cullerne, of Garsdon, 
Wilts. Letter from N. Jameson, of Crudwell, as follows : — 


"M r Roberta 

" A neighbour of mine being desirous to have a license to marry 
without the publishing of Banns I advised him to send for one to 
Salisbury. The man 1 know to be one that is sui juris and I am 
certified that the maid hath the free consent of her parents and 
wit hull that there is no Impediment, that may hinder the granting 
of the said license : He therefore hath sent his man to obtaine one 
I humbly intreat yon to direct him what course he is to take 
towards the obteininge of it and also to be assisting to him 
therein for I doe suppose the said license is to come forth of yr 

" Yr reall Freind and 
Servant N. Jameson. 
" Crudwell Jan. 24 th 
" 1664. 

" The man's name is Robert Harding of Crudwell. The 
Woman's name is Jane Cullerne of Garsden both in this County. 

" For his much respected Friend M r Francis Roberts Registrar 
to the Lord Bishop of Sarum these." 

[On the leaf of the letter is written in another hand the following, 
which must refer to another Licence : — 

" Corn 1 ' per delarone Jur 11 Marie Norman filie nrali et ltmie 

Anne Hay ward de Mannings Hill paroc de Calne vid. &c 

Johi Panned et Hen : Rogers cl 1 ."] 

Fanston, John, of Downton, Wilts, yeoman, 23, and Mary Francis, 
of Britford, Wilts, sp., 22. Bdman. Thomas Joyliifc, of Downton, 
yeoman. 5 Feb. [A.B.] 

Morty.mek, William, of Filield, Wilts, yeoman, widower, and Mary 
Lanver, of Lyncham, sp., 21. Bdman. George Mortimer, of 
Milton, yeoman. (2 Feb. in Allegation.) 2 Jan. [A.B.J 

Lewis, William, of Devizes, shoemaker, 2(i, and Joane Cuttix, of 
Devizes, sp., 25. Bdmen. Daniel Cuttiu, cf Devizes, Joane's fa., 
and Henry Bold, of the Close, Sarum, gent. 27 Jan. [A.B.] 

1664 and 1665. 

AuST, Anthony, of Corshain, Wilts, husb., and Judith STEVISNS, 
of Melksham, sp. Bdman. Jolin Harding, of Trowbridge, husb. 
15 Sep. [B.] 

Fry, George, of Lacock, yeoman, 29, and Judith Hall, of North 
Wraxall, sp., 30. 14 Sep. [A.B.] 

Blackborrowe, Abel, of Devizes, fellmonger, and Jane Combey of 
the same, sp. Bdmen. John Tidcombe and Miehell Chapell, of 
Devizes, gent. Wit s ., Hugh llillmau, Sen. and Jun. 29 Sep. 

Clarke, William, of Sandford, co. Somerset, armiger, and Elizabeth 
Bowles, of Burcombe, Wilts, sp. Bdman. Robert Hussey, of 
Sarum, mercer. Seal, a shield of arms quarterly 1 and 4, barri/, 
in chief three escallops; 2 and 3, a chevron between three hurts' 
heads cabused, helm and crest. 12 Sep. [B.J 


Amor, Richard, of Charleton, Wilts, husb., and Ann Abethell, sp. 
Bdman. Andrew Abethell, yeoman, of Qpavon, and William 
Amor, of Fildihg |? Pigheldean]. Wit 9 ., Andrew Baden and Henry 
Bold. 12 Sep. [B.] 

Foster, John, of Blandworth, co. Hampton [Blendworth, Hants], 
yeoman, and Martha Webb, of Bromham, Wilts. 5 Oct. 

Gregory, John, of Chilton Fol.iat, Wills, mason, 23, and Anne GREENE 
of the same, sp., 22. Bdmen. Richard Sharpe of the same, and 
Henry Greene, of Chilton Foliat. 19 May. [B.] 

Long, William, of Worton in Pott erne, gent., and Apia George of the 
same, wid. Bdmen. Richard Humphry, of Allcannings, Wilts, 
yeoman, and Thos. Young, of Sarum, taylor. 16 Ap. [A.B.] 

Then comes a rough list of licences issued 1 April 1G04 — 

Spender, Merridicke, of Marlborough, and .... 
Ferris, John, and Anna Wastfield, of Kingswood. 
Clarke, John, and Alicia Wallis, of Market Lavington. 

1664 and 1665. 

Barnes, Richard, of St. Swythen's, London, cooper, 22, and Elinor 

Oram, 23, sp. Bdman. Richard Barnes, of Chirton. 28 June. 

Waldron, Joseph, of Marlborough St. Mary's, husb., 25, and Sarah 

Gray, of Mildenhall, sp., 22. Bdmen. Philip Stevens, of Fittleton, 

Wilts, husb., and Edward Coleman. 25 June. [A.B.'J 
How, Richard, of Fordington, Dorset, gent., and Cassandra Knapton, 

of Charlton, Wilts, sp. Bdman. Henry Butler, of Sarum, gent. 

20 May 1664. [B.] 
Cox, William, of Tidulside [Tilshead], Wilts, malster, 32, and Jane 

Imber, of Chitterne All Saints, sp., 31. No Bdman., but a letter 

from Anthony Delacourt. 23 Mar. [A.B.] 
White, George, of Newbury, Berks, widower, linendraper, and Eliz.,, of Chippenham, Wilis, wid. 18 Mar. [A.B.] 
Poster, Richard, of Ellington, Wilts, gent., 31, and Dorothy Manfeild 

of the same, sp., 32. Bdman. Thomas Thornburgh, of Sarum, 

goldsmith. 20 Dec. [A.B.J 
Deare, William, of Wishford, Wilts, carpenter, 22, and Anne Luke, of 

Stapleford, Wilts, sp., 20. Bdman. William Edwards, of Wooll, 

Dorset, clothier. 10 Jan. [A.B.] 
Stockwell, Richard, of Pigheldeane, Wilts, yeoman, 35, and Sara 

Burt, of Maddington, Wilts, sp., 31. Bdman. Roger Rumboll, 

of Sarum, watchmaker. 13 Dec. [A.B.] 
Dowse, Thomas, of Urchfont, worsted comber, 28, and Alice Peirce 

of the same, wid. Bdmen. John Giddings, of Escott, Wilts, 

sargemaker, and Antony Bunny, of Eisherton Anger. 25 June 


(There follows here the erased Allegation of Andrew Bloxam, of 
Dreycott Cerne, yeoman, 23 or 28, and Joane Robinson, of 
Marlborough, sp., 25. 11 May. [B. and A.]). 


Coles, William, of Trowle .in Bradford, Wilts, yeoman, 30, and Joane 
Sarten, of Trowbridge, sp., 28. Bdmen. Robert Sarten, of 
Studley in Trowbridge, and John Love, of Trowle, yeoman. 
24 June. [B. and A.] 

Vincent, John, of St. John's, Devizes, Wilts, husb., widower, and Alice 
Crue, of St. Mary's, Devizes, wid. Bdman. Robert English, 
of Devizes, inholder. 11 May. [B. and A.| 

Johnson, Thomas, of Yatesbury, cleric, and Elizabeth Smith, of Calne, 
sp. Bdman. Thomas Church, of Lydiard Tregose, yeoman' 
11 May. 3 

Dennis, Henry, of Cricklade St. Mary, Wilts, yeoman, 24, and Mary 
BURT, of Cricklade St. Sampsons, sp., 21. Bdman. Richard 
Burt of the same, yeoman. 10 May. [A. and B.l 

Keineton, Benjamin, of Everley, Wilts, yeoman, 31, and Mary Wyat, 
of Easton, Wilts, sp., 2(5. Bdman. Richard Mouncke, of Everley', 
yeoman. G May. [A. and B.] 

Cox, John, of St. Peter's, Wallinglord, Berks, yeoman, widower, and 
Joane Blake, of Stoford in South Newton, Wilts, sp., 26. Bdman. 
John Blake of the same. 26 Ap. |A. and B.'j 

Whelpley, John, of Uichfont, Wills, husb., 21, and (iriscll Whelpley 
of the same, sp., 24. Bdmcn. Anthony Whelpley of the same, 
taylor, and Daniel Litnian of the same, yeoman. 16 Ap. IA 
and B.] * L 

Beckett, Willm., of Market Lavington, Wilts, 18, and Priscilla King- 
ston, of Easterton, sp., 18. Bdmen. John Fydcombe, of Devizes, 
gent,, and Thomas Beckett, of Uivhfont, gent. 4 An. |A. and 
B.J ' 

Bonds. Bundle No. 3. 

[This Bundle is dated 1663- 1G64 and continues the Bonds which ended 


" I hereby consent that Sir Cieorge Hungerford, Kt. and 
Barronet, shall enter-marriage with Frances my eldest daughter And 
therefore desire the Lord Bishop of Sarum his surrogate Register or 
other officiall to grant Lycence for the consummation thereof. 
Accordingly witness my hand and scale Charles Seymour." (30 Mar. 
1665 is the date given in the foot but the Bond is issued 28 Mar. 1664.) 

[Seal, a shield of arms quarterly. (1) On a pile between six fleurs- 
de-l//s, three lions of England; (2) two winys conjoined in lure, the 
feathers downwards ; (3) a lion ; (4) three roses bend wise ; all surmounted 
by a baron's coronet. 1 1 

RAVENSCROFT, Robert, of St. Lawrence, Reading, yeoman, 25, and 
Alice Howse, of St, Mary's, Reading, sp., 21. Bdman. Christopher 
Freeman, of Reading. 21 Jan. 1664. [A. & B.] 

1 Those were tho anna of Charlos socond Lord Soymour of Trowbridge, the 
first t]iiartor bi-ing t|„, vvo || known coat of augmnntutioii granted by King 
Howry VIII on Ins marriage with Jano Soymour. llurko'B ' Poorago" must bo 
in orror in calling Francos tho yuumjor daughter of thin uobloman. 


Gregory, Robert, of Pucklechurch, co. Glouc., butcher, 35, and Mary 
Chapman, of Littleton Drew, sp., 2G. Bdman. Thomas Goddard, 
of Wartburghinton, yeoman. 14 Mar. 1664. 

Clarke, John, of Market Lavington, husb., widower, and Alice Wallis 
of the same, sp., 30. Bdmen. Edward Page of the same, inholder, 
and Antony Bungy, of Fi.sherton Anger, Wilts, inholder. 1 July 
1664. [A. & B.] 

Kingman, Walter, of Winterborne Stoke, Wilts, yeoman, 21, and Elinor 
Ivy, of St. Edmund's, Sarum, sp., 18. Bdman. John Ivy, Jun., 
of Sarum, merchant. 15 Feb. 1663. [A.B.] 

Lucas, Robert, of Sutton Veny, Wilts, yeoman, 22, and Elizabeth 
Elderton of the same, sp., 21. Bdman. Richard Lucas of the 
same, tayler. 14 Jan. 1664. [B.J 

Cranidg, Richard, of St. Laurence, Reading, yeoman, 22, and Rachell 
PECOCK, of St. Giles, Beading, sp., 21. Bdman. William Blackmail, 
of St. Laurence, Reading. 13 Mar. 1662. |B.] 

Parsons, Joshua, of St. Lawrence, Reading, yeoman, widower, and 
Anne Simmens of the same, widow. Bdman. Walter Perrin of 
the same, yeoman. 22 Sep. 1064. [A.B.J 

Belcher, Thomas, of St. Mary's, Reading, yeoman, and Elizabeth 
Hussie of the same, sp. Bdman. John Parsons of the same. 
15 Oct. 1664. [B.] 

Kent, John, of Inglefield [Englefield], Berks, yeoman, 40, and Mary 
Woodier of the same, sp., 26. Bdman. Andrew Craven of the 
same, yeoman. (3rd Nov. in Allegation.) 30 Nov. 1664. [A.&B.J 

West, John, of St. Mary's, Beading, yeoman, and Elizabeth Castle, of 
St. Giles, Beading, sp. Bdman. William Alexander, of St. Law- 
rence, Reading, yeoman. 30 Nov. 16(54. ['B.J 

Thorne, Thomas, of St. Giles, Reading, yeoman, 35, and Sara Horne, 
of St. Mary's, Reading, sp., 24. Bdman. Edward Froome, of the 
same ; seal, a shield of arms, three chevrons interlaced and a chief. 

I Feb. 1664. [A.B.I 

Wearing, Robert, of Hurst, Berks, yeoman, widower, and Margaret 
Bott, of Wargrave, Berks, sp., 30. Bdman. William Paige, of 
St. Lawrence, Beading, yeoman. 31 Jan. 1664. [B.] 

Pope, John, of St. Lawrence, Reading, yeoman, and Rose Alexander 
of the same, Bdman. William Blackmail of the same, veoman. 

II Mar. 1664. [B.J 

Bremer, Edward, of St. Lawrence, Reading, yeoman, 31, and Alice 

Smalle of the same, sp., 27. Bdman. John Smalle of the same, 

yeoman. 24 Dec. 1664. [A.B.J 
Cooper, John, of Mortimer, Berks, yeoman, 36, and Anne Parsons, 

of St. Mary's, Reading, sp., 28. Bdman. John Palmer, of St. 

Mary's, Reading, yeoman. 24 Dec. 1664. [A.B.J 
Gibus, Richard, of St. Giles, Reading, yeoman, 22, and Jane Shates 

of the same, sp., 22. Bdman. Richard Cranidg of the same, 

yeoman. 24 Dec. 1664. [A.B.J 

(To he continued.) 


inqutsiiiows IPust jHoitem. 

(Continued from y. G9.) 

Marshall, Thomas, ob. 12 Feb. 40 Eliz. — Inq. at Arundel 12 Apr. 

2 .lac. I. — Sussex — Thomas, s. & h., act. 20 yrs. 
Marshall, William, Esq., ol). 10 June 1632. — [nq. at Stratford Lang- 

thorne 22 Feb. 8 Car. I. — Essex & Norfolk — Margery, d. & h., act. 

12 yrs. 16 Jan. 1632. 
Marshall, William, yeoman, ob. 1G June 1G29. — Inq. at Cirencester 

17 Augt. 8 Car. I. — Glouc. — Thomas, s. & h., aet. 19 yrs. 
Marshall, William, ob. ult. Mar. ult. — Inq. at Wakefield 4 Oct. 

21 Hen. 8.— York— George, s. & h., act. 16 yrs. 
Marshalsie, John, of Allington, ob. 12 Feb. 33 Eliz. — Inq. at Shaftes- 
bury 5 July 31 Eliz. — Dorset — William, s. & h., act. 8 yrs. 
Marshe, Andrew, gent., ob. 29 Feb. — Inq. at Chipping Barnet 17 May 

4 Car. I. — Herts. — 1. Katherine, d. & coh., aet. 2 yrs. ; 2. Margaret, 

d. & coh., aet. 1 yr. 4 July 4 Car. I. 
Marshe, Henry, will 21 Aug. 1G43, ob. 13 May 20 Car. I.— Inq. at 

St. Clement Danes 10 Aug. 20 Car. I.— Middx— Henry, s. & h., 

aet. 20 yrs. ; Ruth. 
Marston, William, ob. 30 July 3G Eliz. — Inq. at Leicester 16 June 

37 Eliz.- — Leicester — William, s. & h., aet. 2 yrs. 
Marten, Edward, ob. 5 June ult. — Inq. at Reading 22 Aug. 2 Jac. I. — 

Berks. — Anna, only daur. & h., aet. 30 yrs., ux. William Wollesett, 

Marten, Guy, ob. 28 Nov. ult. — Inq. at Gloucester Castle 19 Mar. 

10 Car. I. — Gloucester — Thomas, s. & h., aet. 10 yrs. 
Marten, Nicholas, yeoman, ob. 24 Feb. 3 Eliz. — Inq. 29 Oct. 5 Eliz. — 

Oxon. — John, s. & h., act. 12 yrs. 
Marten, Nicholas — Inq. at Cerne 24 June 16 Eliz. — Dorset — Richard, 

bro. & h., aet. 40 yrs. 
Marthew, Edward, of Bodbroke, gent., ob. ult. Apr. ult. — Inq. 7 Oct. 

15 Hen. 8 — Devon — Edmund, s. & h., aet. 11 yrs. 
Martin, Henry, of Leeds, yeoman, ob. 2G Apr. 9 Eliz. — Inq. at Leeds 

30 Sept. 9 Eliz.— York— Henry, s. & h., aet. 22 yrs. 
Martin, Humfrey, ob. 25 Oct. 13 Car. I. — Inq. at York Castle 28 Mar. 

14 Car. I. — York — 1. Elizabeth, aet. 3 yrs. ; 2. Isabella, aet. 2 yrs. ; 
3. Jane, aet. 1 yr., daughters & coh. 

Martin, Thomas, of Exeter, merchant, ob. 18 May 18 Jac. I. — Inq. 

15 Aug. 4 Car. 1. — Devon — 1. Thomas Martin, Esq., ob. s.p. 10 Sept. 
ult. ; 2. William, aet. 19 yrs. ; 3. Richard. 

Martyn, Christopher, Esq., ob. 22 Mar. ult.— Inq. at Dorchester 
21 July 17 Hen. 8— Dorset- 
Thomas, s. & h., ob. v.p. =f Maria. 

Robert Martyn, aet. 17 yr8.=Elizabeth, d. of John Callewey. 


Martyn, als. HONYCHURCH, John, will 5 Nov. 1545, ob. 10 Nov. ult. — 
Inq. at Toryton Magna [? Great Torrington, co. Devon] 9 Nov. 
38 Hen. 8. — Somerset— 1. Humfrey, s. & h., aet. 22 yrs. ; 2. Richard ; 

1. Anne ; 2. Elizabeth ; 3. Margery ; 4. Mary ; 5. Johanna. 
Martyn, Robert, gent., ob. 1 Apr. 1G29 3 will 29 Dec. 1628.— Inq. at 

Gloucester 18 Dec. 5 Car. I. — Glouc. — 

1. Alice, ux. Richard Blake. ^= 

r J 

Richard, s. & coh., aet. 15 yrs. 

2. Jolm Ward, net. 30 yrs. 

3. Johanna, ux. Jervasc Yatc, not. 21 3'rs. 

4. Margaret Gardiner, widow, act. 21 yrs. 

5. Maria, ux. Tho. Cooper, of Camberwell, in Surrey, gent.^ 

Thomas. Martin. 

These are tho 5 coheirs of lloht. Martin & sisters, or children 
of his 5 sisters & coheirs. 

Martyn, Robert, will 28 June 1548. — Inq. at Dorchester 47 June 

3 Edw. 6.— Dorset— Nicholas, s. & h., aet. 20 yrs. ; three other sons 

& three daurs. 
Martyn, Roger, ob. 25 Mar. ult. — Inq. at Devizes 15 Sept. 37 Eliz. — 

Wilts — Roger, s. & h., aet. 47 yrs. 
Martyn, Thomas, Esq., then act. 17 yrs., ob. 10 Sept. ult.— Inq. at 

Exeter Castle 15 Aug. 4 Car. I. — Devon — William, brother & h., 

aet. 49 yrs. 
Martyn, Thomas, of City of Exeter, merchant, will 10 Apr. 18 Jac. I. — 

Inq. 15 Aug. 4 Car. 1. — Devon — 1. Thomas Martyn, Esq., ob. 10 Sept. 

3 Car. I., s.p. ; 2. William, 2 s. & brother & heir of Thomas, aet. 

19 yrs. ; 3. Richard. 
Martyn, William (s. & h. of Thomas Martyn, will 10 Apr. 1620), ob. 

1 Mar. 1G Car. I. — Inq. at Exeter 6 May 17 Car. 1. — Devon & Exeter — 

Thomas, s. & h., aet. 4 mo. 
Martyn, see St. Martyn. 
Marwood, Cuthbert, of Nunthorpe, in Cleveland, ob. 10 Mar. ult — 

Inq. at York Castle 17 July 31 Eliz. — York — William Marwood 

nepos et h., aet. 9 vis. 
Mascall, Edward, will 24 Aug. 3G Eliz., ob. 9 May 38 Eliz. — Inq. at 

East Grinstead 14 July 38 Eliz. — Sussex — 1. Richard, s. & h., aet. 

9 yrs. ; 2. William ; 3. Edward. 
Mascall, John, ob. 14 March ult. — Inq. at Lewes 6 Dec. 32 Eliz. — 

Sussex — Walter, s. & h., aet. 10 yrs. 
Mascall, John, of Dembleby, yeoman, ob. 29 June 1563. — Inq. at 

Horncastle 29 Apr. 40 Eliz. — Lincoln — Robert, s. & h., aet. 20 yrs. 
Mascall, Roger, ob. 40 Apr. 1573.— Inq. at Ipswich 10 Oct. 26 Eliz.— 

Suffolk — Ann, d. & h., act. 12 yrs. 
Mason, John, ob. 13 Oct. 10 Eliz. — Inq. at Corbridge 10 Jan. 25 Eliz. — 

Northumberland — 1. Grace, ux. Thomas Maughen, act. 34 yrs. ; 

2. Agnes, ux. Thomas Ward aet. 33 yrs. ; 3. Katherine, ux. John 
Stephenson, act. 32 yrs. ; 4. Jennett, ux. Henry Henderson, aet. 
30 yrs. 


Mason, Robert, gent., oh. 29 Apr. 8 Car. T. — Inq. at Hereford 19 Apr. 

10 Car. I.— Hereford— Robert, s. & It., aet. 1 yr. 
Mason, William, gent., will 28 Nov. 1582, will 30 Nov. ult. (we)— Inq. 

at Newark-on-Trent 28 Mar. 25 Eliz.— Notts & York— 1. Nicholas, 

s. & h., aet. 8 yrs. ; 2. Thomas ; 3. Edmund. 
Massingberd, Augustine, ob. 17 Feb. 4 Edw. 6. — Inq. at Louth 9 Aug. 

4 Edw. G. — Lincoln — 

Thomas, s. & h.,=Alice, <]. & h. of 
aet. 2(> yra. Richard Bevercotes. 

Massinger, Thomas, will 7 Aug. 7 Eliz., ob. 12 Aug. 7 Eliz. — Inq. 

at City of Gloucester 10 Jan. 25 Eliz. — Glouc. — Roland, 4 s. & h., 

according to the customs of the afsd. city, aet. 7 J yrs. 
Massye, Thomas, of Erdington, Esq., ob. 11 Dec. 35 Hen. 8. — Inq. at 

Warwick 37 Hen. 8. — Warwick— John, s. X- h., act. 40 yrs. 
Master, Thomas, gent., will at Stodmarsli 20 .Ian. 1565, ob. 14 Feb. 

ult.— Inq. at- Deptford 20 Nov. 9 Kliz. — Kent — Thomas, s. & h., 

act. 23 yrs. ; I wo sons ; live daughters. 
Masters, George, ob. 32 Eliz.- — Inq. at Sherborne 20 July 34 Eliz.— 

Dorset — John, s. & h., aet. 24 yrs. 
Masters, James, ob. 13 Jan. 17 Car. I. — Inq. at Hereford 30 Mar. 

18 Car. I. — Hereford — Herbert, s. & h., aet. 16 yrs. 
Masters, Robert, will 16 July 2 Eliz. — Inq. at Faversham 2 Oct. 

6 Eliz.— Kent — Edward & five other sons. 
Masterson, John, ob. 28 May ult. — Inq. at Coleshill 26 Apr. — Warwick 

— 1. Alice, sister & coh., aet. 21 yrs., ux. Tho. Lisley ; 2. Maria, 

sister <fc coh., aet. 21 yrs., ux. Richard Turner. 
Mathew, John, Esq., ob. 1 Apr. ult. — Inq. at Northton 18 Sept. 

4 & 5 P. & M.— Northton— William, s. & h., aet. 32 yrs. 
Mathew, William, gent.— 1. Inq. at Wallingford 20 Sept. 33 Eliz. ; 

2. Inq. at Reading 6 July 34 Eliz. — Berks — . 
Mathew, William, ob. 25 Dec. 4 Edw. 6. — Inq. at Cardiff 25 Mar. — 

Glamorgan — 1. Miles, s. & h., aet. 12 yrs. ; 2. Robert ; 3. John. 
Mathew, William, ob. 2 Oct. ult., will 11 July 1630.— Inq. at Newbury 

9 June 7 Car. I.- — Berks — 1. William, s. & h., aet. 20 yrs. ; 
2. Thomas ; 3. Griffin. 

Mathewe, Edward, ob. 2 Nov. 7 Edw. 6. — Inq. at Denbigh 28 Nov. 

3 & 4 P. & M— Denbigh— John, s. & h., aet. 11 yrs. 
Mathewe, Margaret, late wife of Tho. Bryan, ob. 24 July ult. — Inq. 

at Glandford Bridge 30 Oct, 2 & 3 P. & M— Lincoln— William, s. 

& h. of Tho. & Margt., act, 36 yrs. 
Mattes, Eel us, will 30 Sept, 1643, ob. 6 Oct. 1643. — Inq. at Chesham 

10 Apr. 21 Car. I. — Bucks — Edus, s. & h., aet. 13 yrs. ; three daurs. 
Maunsell, Jane, widow {nwpta 1. Arthur Maunsell, Knt. ; 2. Anthony 

Maunsell, Knt,), ob. 27 Nov. 14 Car. I. — Inq. at Cowbridge 2 Jan. 

11 Car. [.—Glamorgan — I. Thomas, ob. s.p. ; 2. Bussy Maunsell, 
s. & h., acl . 15 yrs. 

MAUNTian, John, ttsq., ob. 1501. — Inq. at Northton 27 Oct. 1 Hen. 8. — 
Northton — Walter, s. & h., aet. 15 yrs. 


Mawde, .John, ob. 23 Dec. 5 Eliz. — Inq. at York Castle 9 Oct. 5 Eliz. 

— York — Arthur, brother & h., act. 27 yrs. 
Mawde, Robert, Esq., ob. 24 Apr. 1632, will 26 Mar. K3.J2. — Inq. at 

York Castle (i An-. 8 Car. I.— York— Robert, s. & h., act. 14 yrs. 
Mawdly, Richard, ob. 8 Feb. 24 lien. 7. — Inq. at Bridgwater 25 Sept. 

2 Hen. 8.— Somerset — John, s. k. h., act. 50 yrs. 

Mawer, Johanna, ideota. — Inq. at East Retford 21 .June 30 Hen. 8. — 

Mawer, Simon, of Erieston, yeoman, ob. .'30 Jan. ult. — Inq. at Horn- 
castle 3 June lti Eliz. — Lincoln — Peter, s. & h., aet. 23 yrs. 

May, Anthony, will 1 Nov. 1035, ob. 11 June 1636.— Inq. at Battle 
22 Sept. J 2 Car. I.— Sussex k Kent — 1. Edward, s. & h., aet. 10 yrs. ; 

2. Adrian ; 3. Anthony. 

May, James, ob. 5 Apr. 1634.— Inq. at Wakefield 27 Sept, 10 Car. I.— 

York A: Lane— 1. [Catherine, d. & coh., aet. 3 yrs. 23 Oct. ult. ; 2. 

Maria, d. & coh., act. Jl mo. 
Maycote, Richard, of Preston juxta Faversham, gent., ob. 8 Oct. 

30 Hen. 8.— Inq. at Canterbury 29 Mar. 34 Hen. 8.— Kent— 1. 

Johanna, d. & coh., aet. (i yrs. ; 2. Brigett, d. & coh., aet. 5 yrs. ; 

3. Elizabeth, d. & coh., act. 2\ yrs. 

Mayk, Hiimfrcy, Knt., ob. !) June 1630. — 1. ux. . . . , sister of William 
Uvedule, Knt.; 2. ux. Judctli. — Inq. at Basingstoke 22 Sept. 6 Car. I. 
— Southton, Norfolk & Berks— James, s. & h., aet. 15 yrs., by 
first wife. 

Mayk, Richard, will 18 Sept. 29 Eliz., ob. 19 Sept. 29 Eliz.— Inq. at 
East Crinstead 27 Fob. 30 Eliz. — Sussex, Essex and London. — 
1. Richard, s. & h., act. 22 yrs. ; 2. William ; 3. Thomas ; -1. Huinfrey. 

Mayiiowe, Richard, Esq., ob. 7 Aug. idt. — Inq. at Exeter Castle 
7 Oct. -1 & 5 R. & M. — Devon — Jeremy, cons. & h., aet. 13 yrs. 

Maynard, John, Esq., ob. 21 Oct, ult. — Inq. at St. Albans 1-1 Jan. 

3 & 4 P. & M.— Hertford— llafe, s. k h., aet. 20 yrs. 

Maynard, John, Alderman of City of Colchester, ob. 6 May 11 Eliz. — 
Inq. at Colchester 21 July 11 Eliz. — Colchester — Johanna k Eliza- 
beth, danrs. & coh. 

Maynard, Richard, ob. 27 Oct. 7 Car. I. — Inq. at East Grinstead 

17 Jan. 8 Car. 1. — Sussex — William, s. k h., aet, 4 mo. 
Maynard, Richard, ob. 13 May 18 Car. I. — Inq. at Braxted 10 Aug. 

18 Car. I.— Sussex | 1 Essex]— John, s. & h., aet. 10 yrs. ; 2. Richard. 
Maynard, William, Lord, ob. 19 Dec 1640. — Imp at Stratford Lang- 

thorne, 3 Mar. 16 Car. I. — Imp at St. Clement Danes 30 Apr. 17 

Car. I. — Essex, London, Middx., Cambridge — William, Lord Maynard, 

s. & h., aet. 17 yrs. 11 June 1640. 
Maynard, William (s. & h. William Maynard, Knt., will 10 Nov. 

1630, ob. 11 Dec 1630), ideota est. — Inq. at Sonthwark, co. Surrey, 

29 Oct. 10 Car. I.— London k Middx.— Samuel, bro. <Sc h. 
Maynard, see Maynerd. 
Mayne, James, ob. 1 ( J Dec 14 Car. I. — Imp at Bishop's Hatfield 

14 Nov. 2o far. I.— Hertford, Warwick.— John, s. & h., act. (3 yrs. 

24 Au«. Kill. 


Mayne, John, ob. under age ult. Aug. 1645, s.p. — Inq. at Bishop's 
Hatfield 7 Oct. 21 Car. I.— Hertford & Warwick— 1. Maria, sister 

& coh., aet. 10 yrs. 29 Oct. 1644 ; 2. Sara, sister & coh., aet. 3 yrs. 

22 Apr. 1645. 
Mayne, Simon, of Denton, eo. Bucks, Esq., ob. 13 July 1017. — Inq. 

Mar. 1628 — Bucks— Simon, s. & h., aet. 6 yrs., etc., U Apr. 1618. 
Mayne, Simon, Esq., ob. 13 July 1617, will 12 July 1017. — Inq. at 

Aylesbury 13 Apr. 1G Jac. I. — Bucks, Aylesbury — Simon, s. & li., 

aet. 6 yrs. 
Mayne, Thomas, of Rolston, Esq., ob. 20 May 17 lien. 8. — Inq. at 

Great Driffield 13 Sept. 21 Hen. 8.— York- 
Christopher, s. & h.,=Agnes, d. of William Con- 
aet. 15 yrs. stable, of Hatfield, Kut. 

Maynehd, John, ob. 18 Oct., 3 Mary.— Imp at St. Albans 29 Nov. 

24 Eliz.— Hertford— Rafc Maynerd, gent., s. & h., act. 43 yrs. 
MaYN WAKING k, George, ob. 2.'5 June ult. s.p. — Inq. at Wellington 

24 Oct. 5 Hen. 8— Salop— John, cons. & h., aet. .'50 yrs. 
Maynye, Thomas, ob. 7 July 24 Eliz. — Inq. at Deptford Strand 9 July 

24 Eliz. — Kent — 

John, brother & h., aet. 20 yrs^Anna. 

Mayo, Roger, ob. G Feb. 13 Car. I. — Inq. at Hereford 22 Aug. 14 Car. I* 

— Hereford — William, s. & h., aet. 4 yrs. 
Meade, John, Esq., ob. 3 Apr. 1629, will 24 Mar. 1628— Inq. at 

Braintree 21 Jan. 5 Car. I. — Essex — John, s. & h., aet. 18 yrs. 

1629 ; Elizabeth. 
Meade, John, will 22 Oct. 1634, ob. 27 June 1638 — Inq. at Stratford 

Langthorne 12 Oct. 14 Car. I. — Essex — 1. Thomas, s. & h., aet. 18 

yrs. 6 Feb. 1637 ; 2. John ; 3. Simon. 
Medley, Bartholomew, ob. 4 June 1 Eliz. — Inq. at Warsop 15 Dec. 

8 Eliz. — Notts. — Elizabeth Medley is next h., aet. 9 yrs. 
Medley, Israel, will 27 Aug. 1611, ob. 29 Aug. 1614— Inq. at Lincoln 

ult. Mar. 21 Car. I. — Lincoln — Robert, s. & h., aet. 19 yrs. ; 

Elizabeth ; Maria. 
Medland, John, of Hatherley [Hatherleigh], ob. 26 Feb. ult. — Inq. at 

Exeter Castle 9 Oct. 4 Eliz. — Devon — Reginald, s. & h., aet. 33 yrs. 
Medylton, Thomas, ob. 12 June 9 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Kirkby in 

Kendal 23 Nov. 11 Hen. 8.— Westrnd — Geoffrey, s. & h., ob. 12 

Dec. 9 Hen. 8., in custody of the King, s.p. ; Gervase, brother & 

h., aet. 16 yrs. 
Meeres, William, gent., ob. 30 July, 4 Eliz. — Inq. at Alford 26 Sept. 

4 Eliz. — Lincoln — George, s. & h., aet. 6 yrs. 
Megges, Laurence, of Bradford IV.vercll, gent. — Inq. 3 Oct. 28 Eliz. — 

Dorset — l'crcival, s. & h., aet. 22 yrs. 
Meggs, John, of Bellinton, gent., ob. Jan. 1628.— Let. 8 May 1627, lib. 

8, fo. 56. — Somerset — 

TliomaB Moggs, b. it h.,=r 
ob. G Auy. 102t, v. p. | 


John Megga, s. A: h., act. 
4 yrs., yt> Kiug'e Ward. 


Megqs, Thomas, ob. G Aug. 1C20, v. p. — Somerset — John, s. k h., aet. 

3 yrs. (No date of Inq. p.m.) 
Mellershe, Josua, of Shelford (? Shalford), yeoman, ob. 19 Aug. 1630. 

— Inq. at Southward, 1 July 7 Car. I.— Surrey — Thomas, s. k h., 

aet. 5.1 yrs. 
Melton, John, Knt., ob. 11 June 2 lien. 8.— Inq. at Winchester 

10 Sept. 2 Hen. 8. — Southton. — John, s. & h., aet. 32 yrs. 
Melton, John, Knt.,ob. 11 June 2 Hen. 8. — [nq. at Towcester 160ct. 

2 Hen. 8— Northton— John Melton, s. & h , aet. 30 yrs.— Inq. at 

Rotherham 20 Oct. 2 Hen. 8.— York. 
Melton, John, Knt., ob. 2(i Feb. 36 Hen. 8.— Inq. at York Castle 

18 Sept. 38 Hen. 8.— York— 

Dorothy, d. & Ii.,— George Uarcy, s. & h. of 
aut. 38 yrs. Thomas Lord Darcy. 

Mennell, Robert, ob. 7 June — Inq. at York Castle 16 Aug. 5 Eliz. — 

York — Roger, s. & h., aet. 2-1 yrs. 
Meoles, Thomas, ob. 8 Sept. 1639— Inq. at Chester 21 Nov. 15 Car. I. 

— Chester- — Thomas, s. & h., aet 11 yrs. 
Mercer, Henry, ob. 30 Apr. 1644, infra aetat. s.p. — Inq. at Beverley 

16 Sept. 20 Car. I. — York— Daniel, brother & h., aet. 6 yrs. 1 Apr. 

Mercer alias Nasiie, Edmund, ob. 46 years last past. — Inq. at Frome 

26 June 34 Eliz.— Somerset— Walter Mercer als. Nashe, s. k h., 

aet. 72 yrs. 
Meredith, Ellis, will 6 May 1633.— Inq. at Chirke 13 Feb. 10 Car. I.— 

Denbigh & Flint— 1. Hugh, s. k h., aet, 5 yrs. ; 2. William; two 

Meredith, Humfrey, Esq., of Chynnock, ob. 28 Jan. 3 Car. I. — Inq. 

5 Apr. 4 Car. I. — Carnarvon—!. Hugh Gwyn ap Humfrey, s. & h., 

aet. 12 yrs.; 2. Owen Guin ap Humfrey; 3. Humfrey Guin ap Hum- 
frey; 4. Meredith Guin ap Humfrey. 
Meres, Francis, gent., of Kyrkton [? Kirton], ob. 25 June ult. — Inq. at 

Donington 23 Get. 4 & 5 P. and M.— Lincoln— Anthony, s. k h., aet. 

7 yrs. 
Meres, Vincent, ob. 2 Aug. 1546.— Inq. at Glandford Bridge 30 Oct, 

2 k 3 P. k M — Lincoln— William, s. & h., aet, 21 yrs. 
Mervin, John, Knt,, ob. 18 June 8 Eliz.— Inq. 13 Oct. 12 Eliz.— Inq. 

13 Oct. 12 Eliz.— Wilts.— James, s. & h., aet. 37 yrs. 
Metcalf, Christofer, Knt., ob. 29 May ult.— Inq. at York Castle 

26 Oct. 16 Eliz.— York— James, s. k h., aet. 23 yrs. 
Metcalfe, Mathew, ob. 10 Apr. 34 Eliz.— Inq. at Richmond 8 Dec. 

36 Eliz. — York & Lincoln — Francis, s. & h., aet. 22 yrs. 
Metcalfe, Nicholas (& Katherine Metcalfe his mother, ob. 9 June 

ult.), one of the Six Clerks of Court of Chancery, ob. 8 Sept. 23 Eliz., 

s.p.— Inq. at York Castle 24 Sept. 30 Eliz.— York k Lincoln— Mark 

Metcalf, bro. & h., aet. 40 yrs. 

(To he continued.) 


Notices of IBooks. 

[It is requested thtit all books for review be sent divert to the Editor, H. TI\ Forsyth 
Harwood, Esq., 15, Rugbij Mansions, Addison Bridge, Kensington, London, W. ] 

The Publications of the Surtees Society. Vol. CXXII. Visita- 

and Collections of Pedigrees relating to, the North of 
England. Part I. Edited by Frederick Waller, D.C.L. 
Durham (Andrews & Co.); London (Bernard Quaritrh). 

Wo have line I wo rally Visitations printed exactly as they are in 
manuscript, a departure much to be commended, for too many printed 
Visitations have been so intermixed one with another that it is 
impossible to disentangle them, the result being confusing in the 
extreme. The two Visitations now printed have not hitherto been 
separately published, though, as Dr. Bendy at p. xlvii of his interesting 
and instructive introduction shows, both have evidently been laid 
under contribution in the manuscript edited by the late Mr. Charles 
Best Norclitie for the Harleian Society in 1881 (vol. xvi). Dr. Dendy's 
criticism of this manuscript deserves to be carefully studied, as do his 
remarks upon Constable's Roll, which was printed as an appendix to 
LongstafEe's edition of Tonge's Visitation of 1530. The source from 
which Harvey's Visitation of Durham, Northumberland and Yorkshire 
in 1552 and Dalton's Visitation of the same counties in 155>s have 
been printed is a parchment bound volume believed to have passed 
from the possession of William Colbarne, York Herald, to thai 
of William Flower, Norroy, from him to his son-in-law Robert Clover, 
Somerset Herald, afterwards to Ralph Brooke, also Somerset Herald, 
and later to Carter Anstis, all of whom made slight additions therein. 
It is known as Manuscript Anstis, c. 9, from the pressmark inside its 
cover. This manuscript contains other matter, including a Visitation 
or collection of pedigrees made by Flower in 1567, which it is intended 
to print in a succeeding volume. In addition to the above-named 
Visitations by Harvey and Dalton the present volume also includes a 
transcript of that part of Add. IMS. 12477 (Brit. Mus.) which relates to 
Durham, Northumberland and Yorkshire, being chiefly a collection of 
pedigrees of persons holding official position in the North. 

Of Harvey's Visitation in 1552 there are three versions in the College 
of Arms, one of which, I). i, has been compared by the Editor with 
Anstis, c. 9, and is believed by him to be the lair copy delivered into the 
College of Arms, the Anstis -MS. being probably the original notes made 
by the herald or his assistant, subsequently bound up out of due order 
and retained in private custody. The handwriting of the pedigrees, 


which arc in narrative form, has not boon identified. In nearly all 
cases in this Visitation there are tricks of the arms of the families 
recorded, and these have been very well reproduced. The transition 

state of the Wharton coat is adduced by Dr. Deildy as evidence of the 
MS. being contemporaneous with the Visitation. 

Dalton's Visitation in lf>58 does not seem to have been preserved in 
the Heralds' Office, and it is believed that the only copy of it in 
existence is that which now appeals for the first time in print. It 
consists chiefly of pedigrees of persons holding official position in the 
Northern counties, particularly those who took part in the Earl of 
Westmorland's expedition against the Scots in 1558. The pedigrees, 
like those in Harvey's Visitation, are in narrative form and are 
believed to be in Colbarne's handwriting. -Many of these descents are 
of considerable interest and go back for several generations. The 
( 'onyers pedigree is carried to the Conquest, and though there may be 
some doubt as to this, the notes of evidence drawn up by the herald 
for his guidance in drafting the pedigree are interesting. An in- 
quisition contained in these notes describes the wcllknown falchion by 
display of which to the Bishops of Durham the lords of the manor of 
Sockburn held their land. The pedigree of Anthony Grey of 
Brancepeth gives the line of the extinct Earls of Kent, and that of Sir 
Edward Gower the direct origin of the Dukes of Sutherland. There is 
some confusion in the early part of this Gower descent, and the 
inquisitions cited by the Editor do not altogether tit into the pedigree. 
This reminds us that as long ago as 1812, in a footnote on p. 444 of 
the second volume of his edition of Collins' Peerage, Sir Egerton 
Brydges remarks, " There seems something deficient in this part of the 
pedigree. The time requires at least another generation." The 
difficulty is probably due to the fact that Thomas, said by Dalton to 
have died "sine cxitit," son of the first Sir Thomas Gower on the 
pedigree, nevertheless did leave issue by a Frenchwoman, and though 
his line appears to have failed, a son of his seems to have succeeded to 
Stittenham. In this Visitation there are not so many tricks of arms 
as in that of 1552, but in some cases, as under Brackeiibury and 
Bowes, the word or motto is given. Many contemporary details are 
supplied, for instance, the sponsors of Ralph, son and heir of William 
Lord Eure, are recorded. 

Dr. Dendy's editorial notes are most helpful, including, as they do, 
references to Wills, Inquisitions and (bants of Arms. Much use, we 
are glad to see, has been made of Mr. Jewels' (bants and Certificates con- 
tributed to this Magazine. Throughout there are numerous corrections 
of verbal errors in vol. xvi of the llarleian Society's Publications and 
in Foster's Visitations of Yorkshire and Northumberland. An 
Appendix of Illustrative Documents is added, among these being 
Commissions to Harvey and Flower to visit their Province, the letters 
patent appointing Dalton to be Norroy and a description of his 
Creation on ( .) Dec. 1558 in the Duke of Norfolk's chamber in the 
Savoy. The frontispiece is a drawing of Dalton's efligy, wearing his 
tabard and collar of SS., from Hail. MS. 1099. 


Records of the Worshipful Company of Carpenters. Vol. II. 
Warden's Account Book, 1438-1516, Transcribed and edited 
by Bower Marsh, B.A. 

Nothing brings so clearly before us the life of past ages as an ancient 
book of accounts. The food which was consumed, the malmsey, 
muscadel and beer which \ver« so freely drunk, the coals that were 
burned, even the washing of table linen, are all set down in the 
volume before us in shillings and pence, ft will thus be recognised 
that the student of prices has a rich treat before him in the perusal 
of an account book which covers nearly a century at a most 
important period of our history, including as it does the long 
struggle known as the Wars of the Roses. Great credit is due 
to Mr. Bower Marsh for his careful transcript of these records ; 
his introduction is quite a model of clearness and brevity, and the 
general index which he has compiled forms a complete guide to the 
reader who searches for ancient customs and long obsolete words and 
trade terms. In the introduction M'\ Marsh traces the early history of 
the Carpenters' Company, originally merely a fraternity, but incor- 
porated by Royal Charter 7 July 1 177. The ordinances of the Company, 
which are printed in an Appendix, were placed on the City Records in 
1-180-7, though they date from an earlier period. In addition to the 
interesting events occurring in these records to which our attention is 
called in the. Preface, such as the passage of Prince Arthur on the day 
he was created Prince of Wales, the coming of his bride the unfortunate 
Katherine of Aragon, and the coronation of Henry VIII, it is in- 
teresting to read of the spending in the year 1511- of ij s viij d on 
''Master lankestyr the harrad of Armys for the ovyrsyght of your 
clothe." The herald is identified in the index as Thomas Wall, then 
Lancaster Herald. The numerous entries of presentation ol apprentices 
will be of use to genealogists, for there was often some relationship or 
family connection between master and apprentice. In addition to the 
general index mentioned above there is also a complete index of names. 

Edmond Hawks of Yarmouth, Massachusetts, an Emigrant to 
America in IG35, his Ancestors and some of his Des- 
cendants. By James William Ilawes, A.M. (The Lyons 
Genealogical Company, New York.) 

In the year 1035 one Edmond Ilawes, described as " a cutler, late of 
London," set sail at Southampton on board the good ship " James," 
for Boston in America, where he safely arrived on the third of June in 
that year, lie is identified by the writer as a member of an old 
Warwickshire family long settled at Ililllield Hall in Solihull, whose 
pedigree is recorded in the Visitations of (hat county in 1563 and 1019. 
This Edmond was baptized at Solihull 15th October 1012 as " M r 
Edmonde sonne of M 1 ' Edmonde Ilawes de Hillfeeldes," he being the 
third son of Edmond Ilawes the elder by his marriage with Jane 
daughter of Richard Porter of Bayham in Sussex. The Records of the 
Cutlers' Company, as proved by an extract from their books printed on 
page L'10, show that Edmond son of F>dmond Ilawes of Solihull was 


apprenticed in 1626 to Kdmond Waxnett for eight years, so that there 
can be little doubt that the identification is correct. Kdmond llawes 
the father, about l<i 17. sold his ancestral estate and is believed to have 
removed to Sussex in the neighbourhood of his wife's relatives. Neither 
the date of his death nor his will have been discovered, but the will of 
a certain William llawes, geirk, of St. Dunstan's in the West, London, 
dated 11 Sept. IOoL', leaves £10 to his brother, M 1 ' Kdmond llawes, and 
though he makes no mention of this brother being then in America, 
as the names of the other brothers and sisters of the testator tally 
exactly with those of the children of the elder Kdmond llawes, it is 
probable that reference is here made to the emigrant. 

The work is divided into two parts: (1) The Family in England, and 
(!') The Family in America. In Tart I is a detailed pedigree of 
llawes of Solihull with many references to authorities, including copies 
of some old wills proved at Lichfield, and there are also pedigrees of 
several closely allied families, namely Brome and Ferrers of Baddesley 
Clinton, Colics, Greswold, Porter of Bayham, Body, Shirley of 
Eatington, Whitfield, and. Catesby. Bart 2 relates the history of the 
emigrant after his arrival in America, describes his life in Massa- 
chusetts, and gives his descendants to the eighth generation. 

Norfolk Families, by Walter Bye. Index Nominum by Charles 
No well. Norwich (Boberts & Co.). 

This index, containing about 26,000 references to surnames and 
compiled under Mr. Bye's superintendence, will be most acceptable to 
those who possess his Norfolk Families, which as we may remind our 
readers is a collection of notes relating to all Norfolk families having 
any claim to gentility or celebrity. Although this work is itself 
arranged alphabetically, without a general index of names occurring 
therein much valuable information would have been lost. This index 
is issued to subscribers only, at ten shillings. 

|lot£s anD ($nmcs. 

Dkthiok of Norfolk. — Can any Norfolk genealogist give the 
parentage and ancestry of Simon Dethick of North Klmham, co. 
Norfolk, gent., 1527 ? He was Bailiff of the Manor of North Klmham 
and an ollicer of Lord Cromwell (see Carthew's Hist, of Hundred of 
Launditch, pp. 101 and LIS, pt. iii). lie married Bose Crowe 1 (whose 
will as of " Kasl lleieham, widow," was proved at Norwich, 
L'l November 15G6), daughter of Christopher Crowe of Miicham, co. 
Norfolk. Simon Dethick died in 1513, and was buried at St. James, 
North Klmham, 1 March 1513; he left a family of eight children, all 

1 Tho arniH ol Lliu Cruwo family wore: (tyranny of cvjht Or and Sable, on a chief 
of the wcoitd two leopards' heady of Ike jitst ; grautod by (Jamden 1014. 


apparently under twenty-one when he made his will 10 June 1542, 
proved Epis. Court of Norwich 3 April 1543 (Reg. Cook, fol. 445), in 
which will he bequeathed land in several places in Norfolk. Issue: — 

1. Richard Dethick, married 27 July 1554 Margaret Barsham. 

2. Thomas Dethick, alive 1566. 

3. John Dethick, died before 12 April ( Jth Elizabeth (1507). 

4. Christopher Dethick, "of Kast Bradenham, co. Norfolk, Cent.," 

married Margaret . . . . , and died leaving a will dated 
24 November 1590, proved at Norwich II August 1592. 

5. Henry Dethick, at Cambridge 155(i and 1558, mentioned in 

Pettus and Crowe wills. (See Notes and Queries, iis., ix, p. 
485, 20 June 1914.) 

1. Christian Dethick, married at St. Simon and St. Jude's, 

Norwich, 29 October 1548, to Thomas Pettus, Mayor of 

Norwich 1590-91; born 1519, died 1597. Christian, wife of 

Thomas Pettus, died 1578, having had (with other children, 

including Cicely, married to Humphrey Camden of London, a 

kinsman of Camden the herald and historian) an eldest son — 

(1). Sir John Pettus, Kt., and M.P. for Norwich, born 1550, 

died 1G14, who erected the Pettus monument in 

St. Simon and St. Jude's Church, Norwich, on 

which the arms of Christian Dethick appear as given 


2. Rose Dethick, married at Beteley 16 Oct. 1549 to William Batch. 

3. Elizabeth Dethick, married Richard Swift; he was alive 1613. 

The arms of Christian Dethick, wife of Thomas Pettus, daughter of 
Simon Dethick of North Elmham, on the Pettus monument m St. 
Simon and St. Jude's Church, Norwich, appear thus: — Quarterly, 
1st and 4th, Argent, a {esse inure Or and dales between three water 
budgets Sable ; 2nd and 3rd, Gules, a chevron between three escallops Or 
(ChamBERLAINe). This would appear to indicate that Simon was a 
son of John Dethick of Wormegay and Finch am, Norfolk (died 1558), 
by Elizabeth, his wife, daughter and heir of Thomas Chamberlaine, 
but further proof that this was the case is not at present forthcoming. 

R. T. B. 


For some years I have been gathering materials for a volume of 
" Collections for a history of the Cotterell Family," and should be much 
obliged to any of your readers who could direct my attention to 
references to the name, either as isolated references or otherwise. 
Extracts from Parish Registers, Wills, Calendars of Wills, etc., are all 
of interest, as also references to pedigrees, printed or in MS., fly-leaf 
inscriptions, copies of bookplates, etc. The scope of these "Collec- 
tions" will be confined to no particular county or country, so that all 
references are of interest. 

Howard II. Cotterell. 
Foden Road, Walsall, Staffs. 



By H. 0. Aspixall. 

Part I. 

The above names are amongst the earliest of Lancashire surnames, 
and can be traced continuously from shortly after the Norman Conquest 
to the present day. No connected account of the families who have 
home them has "hitherto appealed in print, but the present writer 
has collected a quantity of interesting information relating to them, 
from which the following notes have been selected. To bring this 
information together it has been necessary to consult some two thousand 
different volumes, records and documents. 

The name Aspinwall had its origin in an Anglo-Saxon place name, 
which when first given was apparently intended to describe some natural 
feature. It signifies the " aspen well" — the well, or spring, or source 
of some stream which gushed forth amongst the aspen trees. The 
locality to which the name became attached lies near or upon the 
boundaries of the ancient manors of Hurleton, Uplitherland, and Hal- 
sail, and within a short distance of the quiet old market town of Orms- 
kirk. When the Burscough Priory was founded by Robert the son 
of Henry of Lathom in 1 189, the church at Ormskirk was given to the 
Canons of St. Nicholas as a portion of its endowment ; and from the 
Chartulary of the Priory we learn that land in Aspinwall had been 
given to the church at some earlier date still, possibly at the time 
it was built. The exact date of its building is unknown, but a reliable 
authority considers it to have been prior to the taking of the Domesday 
Survey. The locality remains to-day as for centuries past, quiet agri- 
cultural country, with a few houses dotted about here and there. 

The name Aspinall was one of several variants of Aspinwall — there 
is abundant evidence to corroborate this fact. It may be well to note 
here that " Asmall " was another of these variants. 

When surnames began to come into general use in Lancashire, the 
owners or tenants of quite a number of places around Ormskirk adopted 
the names of the lands they occupied as their distinctive second names, 
and amongst them was the tenant of Aspinwall. We find him described 
in a Plea Roll of the year 1240 as " Henry de Aspenewell " ; and though 
there is some reason to believe that earlier members of his family 
may have lived there, he is the earliest person who has been found 
described as " of Aspinwall." The actual history of the family, then, 
commences from the year 1246, and we have to thank the custom 
which introduced second names into this country for supplying the 
key which enables us to collect from the records of Lancashire those 
which are essential to the making of the history. It is of course natural 
that records relating to the family at Aspinwall should receive our 


first attention, and we shall proceed to place in chronological order 
and quote some of these, summarising them later so far as is possible 
into pedigree form. 

The earliest record appears in the Lancashire Assize Rolls, in the 
Roll of Pleas and Assizes held at Lancaster in the 30th-31st year of 
the reign of Henry III (1246), 1 and is as follows : — 

Morte cV Ancestor. — Walter, son of Gilbert of Scarisbrick, in 
right of bis father, versus the Abbot of Cockers and, Avice 
daughter of Simon de Nathelarg, Henry de Aspenewell, and 
Robert de Nathelarg, re 10 acres in Hurleton. 

Defendants object that they do not participate in any tenement 
and that the claim is against them jointly and not individually. 
Non suit. 

The Lancashire and Cheshire Historical Society have printed a 
number of " Ancient Charters preserved at Scarisbrick Hall in the 
County of Lancaster." 2 Several of these relate to transfers of land 
by or to members of the Aspinwall family, whilst others were witnessed 
by members of the family. In the latter case it sometimes seems 
that the witness may have had a personal interest in the transaction 
witnessed. The deeds range over several centuries, and will be quoted 
in their date order with other records. 

Adam de Aspenewell witnessed several of the Scarisbrick Deeds 
between the years 12G0 and 1 280, 3 and is the second person of his name 
of whom we have mention. We also meet with him in an Assize Roll 
(408 m. 52), 4 which tells us that— 

" In 1292, Avice, daughter of Simon de Netherleigh, Adam de 
Aspinwall, and others, alleged that Gilbert de Scarisbrick and Robert 
de Hurleton, chief lords of Hurleton, had disseised them of 80 acres 
of moor, moss, and pasture, and this claim was sustained." 

Gilbert de Aspinwalle witnessed two Scarisbrick Deeds about 1288 
and 1300. 6 He was a Juror at the inquest on Richard de Hasken 
taken at Lancaster on the 11th September 1329. 6 and his name also 
appears in an Exchequer Lay Subsidy Roll for Lancashire for 1332 7 
(a subsidy for the wars of Edward HI with Scotland) — 

" Skaresbrek cu Hurleton (Scarisbrick with Hurleton). D, Gilbto 
de Aspenwall, iijs." 

Simon of Aspinwalle makes a grant of land to his daughter Emma 
in a Scarisbrick Deed dated 1306 8 ; and in 1318 he witnesses another 
as " Simon son of Adam of Aspinwalle." 9 The earlier one is as follows — 

130G. "Let all know that I Simon of Aspinwalle have granted to 
Emma my daughter and her heirs and assigns all my land and manor 

1 Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society, vol. xxvii. 

2 Lancashire and Cheshire Historical Society, vols, xii and xiii, N.S. 
8 Scarisbrick Deeds, 13, 24, 25 and 28. 

* Vic. Hist. Lane, vol. iii. 

6 Scarisbrick Deeds, 33 and 40. 

* Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society, vol. liv. 

7 Ibid., vol. xxxi. 

8 Scarisbrick Deeds, 40. 

* Ibid., 51. 


which James of Snape gave inc in the territories of Hurleton, Scarisbrec 
and Snape with all liberties and easements rendering due service 
to the chief lord and 8 pence rent at Pentecost and 8 pence at St. Martins 
in Winter (Nov. 11). Witnesses — Lord Robert of Lathom, Lord 
Radulph of Beckerstet, Richard Wayllais, Robert Hurleton, Gilbert 
of ilalsall, Richard of Burscow, Thomas Blundell, and many others. 
Given at Aspinwall on the Feast of St. Peter's Chair (Jany. 18) in the 
34th year of the reign of King Edward" (1306). 

Between the years 1:504 and 1339 we find a half-dozen records relating 
to various members of the family in the Patent and Close Rolls : — 

" 1304, May 20. Stirling. 10 Commission of oyer and terminer to 
John Biroun and Henry de Kygheley touching an appeal which Adam, 
son ol Simon de Aspenwalle brings in the county of Lancaster against 
Gilbert de Halsale, Master Adam de Worthington, Alan le Bretun, 
Robert Blundell, Alan son of Gilbert, and William le Carpenter for the 
death of Henry son of Simon de Aspenwall his brother." 

" 1310, Nov. 24. 11 Pardon to Henry son of Adam do Aspenwalle for 
the death of John de Aykestowe, on account of his good service in 

" 1315, August 22nd. Rockingham. 12 Henry de Aspinwalle, in 
the King's prison at Stafford for the death of John de Aspenwalle at 
Ormeschirche in the County of Lancaster, has letters to the Sheriff 
of Lancaster to bail him until the first assize." 

" 1317, April 22nd. Westminster. 13 Simon de Aspenwal, in the 
King's prison at Northampton for the death of John de Aspenwal has 
letters to the Sheriff of Lancaster to bail him until the first assize." 

' k 1318, November 1st. York. 14 Pardon with the assent of Parlia- 
ment at York to Richard de Aspynwalle (several others are also named), 
an adherent of the earl of Lancaster." 

" 1328, June 9th. Woodstock. 15 To Geoffrey le Scrop and his 
fellows, justices to hold pleas before the King. 

" Whereas the King is given to understand that Adam Banastre 
knight, Henry du (sic) Lee, Henry de Asspenwall, and Roger de Levre, 
and other adherents of Adam rose in war against the late King, who 
appointed, by his commission under the great seal, Thomas earl of 
Lancaster to pursue the said Adam and his adherents, by virtue of 
which commission the earl pursued them, and caused them to be taken 
and put to death, etc." (As this rather lengthy record contains no 
other information bearing on our subject, it is unnecessary to quote 

" 1339, October 30th. Langley. 16 Pardon to Robert de Aspenwall, 
for the death of Adam de Perpont." 

10 Calendar of Patent Rolls, Edward I. 

11 Wild. 

11 Calendar of Cloao Rolls, ICdward 11. 
lJ I bid. 

14 Calendar of Patent Polls, Edward II. 
16 Calendar of Close Polls, Edward III. 
16 Calendar of Patent Polls, Edward III. 


Adam de Aspinwalle witnesses a Scarisbrick Deed in 1306, 17 and in 
a volume of " Final Concords," or Lancashire Fines, 18 for the period 
1308 to 1377, we find the following :— 

" At Preston on Monday next before St. Michael, 7 Henry, Duke 
of Lancaster (25 September 1357). Between Thomas de Lathora 
the elder, chivaler, plaintiff, and Adam de Aspynwall, and Margery his 
wife, and William de Cleves of Aghton and Ellen his wife, deforciants, 
of 2 messuages, 20 acres of land, and 6 acres of moor in Lathum. The 
deforciants acknowledged said tenements to be the right of Thomas, 
to have and to hold to him and his heirs, for which Thomas gave them 
20 marks." 

The land given by Simon of Aspinwall to his daughter in 130G is 
the subject of another Scarisbrick Deed in 1318 19 :— 

" 1318. Let all know that I Emma daughter of Symon of Aspinwalle 
have granted to John del Lout son of William de Molyncux of Sefton 
and his heirs and assigns all that land with appurtenances which I 
had by gift and feoffment from Symon of Aspinwalle my late father 
in the territories of Hurleton, Scaresbrec, and Snape. To have and to 
hold of the chief lords of that fee for due services paying to rue annually 
seven pence at Pentecost and eight pence at St. Martins in Winter 
(Nov. 11). Witnesses— Gilbert of Scarisbrick, Richard le Walais, 
Robert of llurlton, Walter of Aghton, and others. Given at Ilurlton 
on Thursday the Vigil of St. Hilary in the 11th year of Edward 
II (1318)." 

Thomas of Aspinwall witnesses four Scarisbrick Deeds between the 
years 1364 and 1398. 20 His name, with those of two other members 
of the family, appear also in another record — 

" A List of Persons who promised to subscribe to the stipend of 
the Priest of the altar of our Lady at Ormskirk A.D. 13G6. 21 : 
Thorns de Aspynwall 

— Rog de Aspynwall ijcZ. 

— Rios le fl'renshe iiij^- 
ijrf. Johes de Aspynwall." 

These, the first four names on the list, are followed by eighty others. 

John of Aspinwall is mentioned in five of the Scarisbrick Deeds 
between 1370 and 1390 22 :— 

" 1370. Let all know that we (nineteen names follow, amongst 
them John of Aspinwall) have appointed as attorney our beloved in 
Christ William of Gosfordesich to deliver over full and peaceful seisin 
to Gilbert of Gosfordesiche of all lands and tenements which we have 
had by gift and feoffment," etc., etc. 

" 1371. This Indenture witnesses that we Gilbert of Gosfordesiche 
and William brother of the same have granted to John of Aspinwall 

17 Scarisbrick Deeds, 48. 

18 Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society, vol. xlvi. 
1B Scarisbrick Deeds, 49. 

" Scarisbrick Leeds, 9G, 99, 131 and 137. 

21 Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society, vol. xxxi. 

n Scarisbrick Deeds, 110, 114, 124, 120 and 134. 


for the whole of his life two parts of all messuages lands and tenements 
which we have had by gift and feoffment of the same John in the 
Vills of Hurleton and Skaresbreck. To be held of the chief lords for 
due services. And after the death of the said John t hen to his daughter 
Jane and her lawful heirs, and if she die; without lawful i me then to 
the right heirs of the said John. Witnesses— Otho of Hal.salo and others. 
Given at Aspinwall on Tuesday the feast of St. Mary Magdalene (July 22) 
in the 45th year of Edward III." 

" 1389. Let all present and future know that I John of Aspinwale 
have granted to .Richard Taglismon (wood-cutter ?) and Richard the 
Smyth of Bursoough one messuage, five acres of land and 20 of moor 
and pasture in Vill of Aspynwale a hamlet of Hurleton and Skares- 
breckk. To be held of the lords of the fee for due services. Witnesses — 
Gilbert Halsall, Knight, and others. Given at Aspynwale on the feast 
of the finding of the Cross (May 3) in the 12th year of Richard II." 

The two other deeds are both dated 1390, and relate to the reversion 
of land to Emma, daughter of John of Aspynwall, under certain named 

Hugh of Aspynwall appears next, in a deed dated 1414, 23 and he 
witnesses another dated 1429. 24 The first tells us : — 

" 1414. This indenture witnesses that . . . Hugh of Aspynwall, 
Robert Attekynson of Snape and Thomas de Hesketh of Scarisbreck 
by their bond are firmly bound to William of Goldbourne in £100," 

This deed appears to have a sequel in another dated 1535-36, 2o which 
relates to an indenture made between Bartholomew Hesketh and William 
Goldbourne " of Asmall," in which mention is made of " one acre of 
land in the Byrthraw in Asmall," and of " William's inheritance in 
Asmall called the Jakkeyord." 

Hugh Aspenwall, perhaps the grandson of the Hugh of 1414, is named 
in two other deeds.- 6 In the first, dated 14G8, Nicolas Hurdylton 
grants lands and rentals to Hugh Lathom, Chaplain, and Gilbert 
Hurdylton, and a rental, "from Hugh Asmoll, I2d." is mentioned. 
The second is dated 1490, and refers to a grant of land by James Scares- 
brecke to Thomas Assheton : " And I appoint as my attorney my 
beloved in Christ Hugh Aspenwall to deliver the same." 

The evidence of the Lancashire Parish Registers becomes available 
after the middle of the sixteenth century, and we find the surname 
has by this time become that of a clan, the various families of which 
hud settled not only in the neighbourhood of Orinskirk, but also in 
other parts of South Lancashire. The Unnskirk registers 557 commence 
in 1557, and between that year and IG2G there are 252 entries of births, 
burials, and marriages : 175 of these are entered as Aspinwall, 58 
as Asmall, whilst the remainder for the most part resemble one of these 

23 Scarisbrick Deeds, 148. 

m Idem, 1C5. 

" Idem, 188. 

»• Idem, 175 and 177. 

17 Lancashire l'ariali Register Society, vol. 11. 


two forms of spelling. An analysis of the entries soon shows that the 
information given by them is insufficient to give the relationship 
between the different persons and families whose names ure given, 
when taken alone, and that without some supplementary information 
to help us they would be of little use. Fortunately thai supplementary 
information is often available, and many of the names can be identified. 
George Aspinwall died in 1559. The inquisition taken after Ins 
death is of especial interest in that it gives the names of his ancestors 
for seven generations past, in addition to other interesting information. 
The following abstract of it has been obtained from the original docu- 
ment in the Public Record Ollice : — 

Inquisico Indentat capt apud Wigafi in corn Lane coram Ratio 
Worsley armigero decimo die septembris anno regni due Elizabeth 
septimo virtut officii eiusdem escaetoris post mortem Georgii Aspyn- 
wall genVs defunct p Sacrm Gabrielis ffesketh getlloS (and others) 
J u rat 

Qui dicut Georgii Aspinwall Quidem Gilbertus de Gosfordsiche et 
Thomas de Aspinwall fuerut seit in dfneo suo ut de feodo de et in uno 
messuagio uno curtilagio uno gardino uno pomio uno hojreo una 
bouva decern acf terr quatuor acris prat vigint acf pastur una acr 
bosci et vigint acr bruere in Scaresbrecke et Hurleton ac sic hide seit: 
existen p cartam cuius dat est apud Aspynwall die Jovis pxime ante 
festu Natat diii anno regni regis Edwardi tercii a conquest quadragesimo 
nono dedrut tent jpdicf Thome filio Hugonis de Aspinwall antecessori 
Georgii Aspinwall cuius heres ipe fuit p nonie omi messuag terf et 
tentor suof reddit et svic suof, que et quas habuerut de dono et 
feoffamento Hugonis in villa de Scaresbrecke et Hurleton hendi et 
tenendi tent plat Thome filio Hugonis et hered masculis de corpore 
suo pcreat: remanef ulterius put p cartam pdict Jurat sup capconcm 
huius Inquisiconis in evidenc ostens plenius liquet et apparct virtut 
cuius quidem doni Thomas fit Hugonis de Aspynwall fuit scit de et 
in tent in dfneo suo ut de feodo talliat scilicet sibi et hered masculis 
de corpore suo pcreat ac sic hide scit existen de tli statu obiit inde 
scit post cuius mortem tent p sepales discensus discendebat Georgio 
Aspinwall ut consanguineo el hered maseut de corpore Thome lit 
Hugonis vid ut fit et hered Wiltmi Aspinwall lilii et hered Jacobi 
Aspinwall fit et hered Hugonis Asjiinwall fit et hered Evani Aspinwall 
fit et hered Hugonis Aspinwell, fit et hered Thome fit Hugonis virtut 
cuius idem Georgius Aspinwall in tent intravit p forma doni 
pdei ac, sic inde scit exist en obiit sine hered mascut de corpore 
suo pcreat post cuius mortem lent discendebaiit cuida Jacobo 
Aspinwall fratri et hered mascut Georgii Aspinwall de corpore pdei 
Thome lil llllgonia de Aspinwall pcreat p forma doni ptextu cuius 
Idem Jacobus in tent intravit ac fuit et adhuc est inde seit in dfneo 
suo ut de feodo talliat sibi et hered mascut de corpore suo pcreat.^ 
Ac insup Jurat dicunt qd unu ]\lessuagiu unu curtilagium unu 
gardinu quatuor acr terr una acf prat et octo acf pastuf parcett pmis§ 
in Scaresbrecke et Hurleton tenent de Jvico Hurleton jjciloso in hbo 
socagio p reddit quatuor decern denariof p annu et valent decern 


solidos. Et qd una acf terre alia pceli pinisS in Scaresbrek et Hurleton 
tenebat de dna regina ut do nup dissolul monasterio de Burscoth in 
libo socagio vid p iidclitatem et redd sex denarior p annu Et qd 
residuu pmiss in Scaresbrecke et Hurleton tenebatur de Edwardo 
Scaresbrecke armigo in libo socagio ut de marwio suo de Scaresbrecke 
P fidelitat et redd duo? solid p annu Et qd Jacobus Aspynvvall exit 
et pfieua pmiss in Scaresbrecke et Hurleton a tempore mort Georgii 
usq in diem capconis huius Inquisiconis habuit et pcepit et adhuc 
het et pcepit ptextu doni. 

Ac eciam Juratof dicunt Georgius Aspinwall die quo obiit fuit 
seit de et in tribus messuagiis tribus gardinis tribus pofniis quindece 
acf terf sex acf prat et duodece" acf pastur in Aughton iuxta Ormeskerke 
et Litherland infra viri de Aughton. Et de et in una acra et quarta 
parte unius acf in Scaresbrecke ac eciam de et in tercia parte unius 
messuag unius gardini unius pomarii octo acr terr quatuor acr prat et 
dece acr pasture in Coppul et Langtree Et ulterius Jurator dicunt 
qd pdca tria niessuag, etc pmissa in Aghton et Lithcrlande teiicbant 
de Jacobo Scaresbrecke in socagio vid p iidelitate et reddit sex denarior 
P annu. Et qd una acf et quarta pars unius acf terf in Scaresbrecke 
tenebant de Edwardo Scaresbrecke armigef in socagio vid p fidelitat e 
et reddit octo dece denarior p annu ac reddend hide annuatim Gabrieli 
Hesketh gen)o§ et liered suis quatuor solid Et qd tenia pars niessuag 
etc. pmissof in Coppul et Langtree tenet de Edwardo Comi't Derbei 
et Gilbte Langtree armigero in socag vid p iidclitatem et quendem 
reddit p annu. 

Ac insup Jurat dicunt Georgius Aspynwall obiit quarto die decem- 
bris anno regni dfie regine niic scdo Et qd Jana Aspinwall est filia 
et heres ppinquor et qd Jana est etat tempore capconis huius Inquisi- 
conis sex annof et amplius. Et quod Hugo Hulme et Alicia ux eius 
ac imp ux Georgii Aspinwall pceperut exit et pfieua messuag terraf, 
et teiitof in Aughton et Litherland et acf et quarte parte unius acf 
terf in Scaresbrecke et de tercie parte messuag etc. in Coppul et 
Langtree a tempore mort Georgii usq^ diem capconis huius Inquisi- 

Though the death of George Aspinwall occurred within the time 
of the Ormskirk registers, no record of his burial appears in them. 
We need feel no surprise at this, however, as the entries at first were 
not very numerous. The second marriage of his wife is recorded — 
" Hugh Hoolnie, Alia Aspinwall, L'G Januaiie 1560," and amongst 
the burials an entry appears which shows there was yet another George 
about this time — " Ehz' 1 ' Aspinwall Relic George in ecclia 8 September 
1571." There is also a George Asmoll mentioned in the will of Ralph 
llaselhurst of Golborne in 1512, - 8 but his identity is uncertain. 

Miles Asmall witnessed a quitclaim to Hugh Holme, yeoman, relating 
to property in Scarisbrick, in 1575. -' J 

■ lames Aspinwall of Aspinwall died in 1501, and his wife Katherin 
in I5UU ; the entries of their burials in the parish register arc us follows — 

2a Lancashire and Chcsliiro Record Sucicty, vol. xxx. 
29 Scarisbrick Leeds, 1'Jo. 


" Jamis Asmall in yo new chancel! 21 Muye 1591." " Katherin Aspin- 
wall vid. 4 Maye 1590." They both made wills, as may he ascertained 
from the lists of "Chester Wills, 1545-1620." " In the prefatorial 

! notes to this volume there is given a " List of Wills . . . Lost or Des- 

troyed " in which the name of " James Aspinwall of Aspinwall, Co. 
Lane, gent., 1591," unfortunately appears). Wc arc further informed 
however, that an abstract of the lost will may lie found in the Piccope 
MSS. preserved at the diet ham Library at Manchester. A copy taken 
from that abstract has been obtained : — 

" The will of James Aspinwall of Aspinwall, Co. Lane, gent. To 
be bur. in the par. Church of Ormiskirke. To Katheren my wife. 
My foure childeren, Edward, Anne, Grace, & Elizabeth. My father 
William Aspinwall. My sonne William Aspenwall to have certain 
heirlomes. Katheren my wife & Edward my sonne Exors. Witnesses : 
Bartholomew Hesketh, Gylbert Hansall <& Henry Barton. The will 
was proved June 11th 1591." 

William Aspinwall of Scarisbrick was a juror at the Inquisition 
after the death of Christopher Dixon of Haughton (Aughton), on the 
22nd March 1605 31 ; and on the 15th July of the same year, ' l William 
Aspinwall of Aspinwall " was a juror at the Inquisition after the death 
of Ralph Catton of Cronton, yeoman. 3 - He is the last Aspinwall 
named in the Scarisbrick Deeds, three of which relate to transactions 
in which he was concerned : — 

" 1562. This is the final agreement made in the Queens Court of 
Lancaster on Monday the Eeast of St. Bartholomew the Apostle 
(Aug. 24) in the 4th year of the reign of Elizabeth before Nicholas 
Powtrethaw and John W'alshe, Sergts at Law, Queens Judges at Lan- 
caster and the faithful there present. Between William Aspenwall 
plaintiff and Henry Starkey gentleman who was illegally occupying 
one messuage, two gardens, one apple orchard, ten acres of land, 
three acres of meadow, ten of pasture, and one acre of wood in Okenhead 
in Scaresbrek, whence the agreement was made between them in the 
same court and the said Henry acknowledged that the said tenements 
and their appurtenances were by right the property of the said William 
which he had by gift of the aforesaid Henry. Warranty to secure him 
possession and in recognition of this quitclaim and warranty the afore- 
said William gave to aforesaid Henry £10 sterling." 33 

" 1571. Let all know that I George Ireland of llutte in Co. of Lane., 
esq., have remitted for me and lor my heirs and have quitclaimed to 
William Aspinwall of Onniskyrk, yeoman, and to his heirs full and peace- 
ful possession of and in one messuage or tenement with its appurtenances 
in Okenhed within the domain of Scarisbrick in Lancashire now or 
lately in the tenancy or occupation of Humphrey Hill {sic, i Gill) and 
to all and each of the lands, tenements, meadows, pasture and turbary 
wood and underwood, rents, reversion, etc., which Thomas Ireland, 

80 Lancashire and Cheshire- Keeord Society, vol ii 

81 Ibid., vol. iii. 
32 Ibid. 

83 JScaribbrick Deeds, 191. 


esq., my father acquired by donation, bargain and sale of John Starkey 
gentleman. Given the last day of August in the 14th year of 
Elizabeth." 34 

" 1578-1579. Let the present and future know that I William 
Aspinwall of Scarisbrick in the County of Lancaster have; granted 
and delivered to James Gorsuch within Searisbrcck (certain properties) 
situated in or derived from Scaiisbrick called liart and 
especially in the farm conjointly or separately in the tenure of my 
villains, Jane (iill relict of Humphrey Gill, Thomas Richardson, and 
Katherinc Llundcll, with the exception of a certain piece of land . . . 
adjoining the Kings highway that leads to Snape, etc. in witness 
whereof I have set my Seal to this paper on the 8th day of January 
in the 21st year of Elizabeth." ' y ° 

The preceding records have brought us to the beginning of the 
seventeenth century, and to a point when a new era in the family history 
commences, for about this time the family removed from Aspinwall 
to Toxteth Park, near Liverpool. Its further history will be continued 
in the next number of this magazine. 

(To be continued.) 


By W. H. B. Bihd. 

[Continued from paye 83.) 


Since the first part of this essay was written Mr. Farrer has very 
kindly sent me a copious collection of notes concerning Osbert and the 
Chamberlains, their lands and connections, inviting me to make use 
of them, an invitation I accept with cordial acknowledgments. A 
good deal of the new matter for which I am indebted to him will fall 
naturally into the discussion upon which I was proposing now to 
enter ; but first 1 will take this opportunity to make one or two correc- 
tions, and to mention a few matters supplementary to my previous 
narrative. On page 2 "Richard I" was, of course, a misprint for 
Richard II. In the passage quoted at the foot of p. 73, the phrase 
in the vernacular should read horn wyd horn. Closer scrutiny of the 
MS. shews thai what I had taken for a contraction is nothing but a 
decorative appendage of the letter following. Yarom (p. 81) appears 
to be an error for Yaphain (not Wharram), where Creppyng held land 
of Chamberlain. 120 

" Scariwbrick Deeds, 192. 

»' Ibid,, 195. 

120 Cal, Inq., ii, no. 351. See also Rot. Hundred, vol. i, p. 104 ; Nomina Villarum 
(Kirby'a (juual, Surtooa Society), p. 310; Tenia de Ncvitt, p. 377, where on tho 
same page the same error ia made. 


Ill regard to Acaster, Mr. Farrer informs me that Moubray'a interest 
there arose; from a charter of Henry I to Nigel de Albini — later in date, 
it would seem, than Osbort's gift to Selby. la the Memorials of Ripon m 

is mention of a difficulty arising in 1 loti between the sheriff, presumably 
in his official capacity, and that, church, in regard to liberties said 
to have been granted by King Athelstan. As to the date of Osbert's 
death, Mr. Farrer reports that he has not been able to trace him in any 
royal charter after the year 1114. 

A passage from the chronicles of Meanx Abbey, 12 - which 1 translate 
as follows, is worth repeating in full. 

Osbcrt tho Sheriff, at one time a man of note, was a priest, and was by 
King Heriry I made sheriff of Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. because he was 
of tho King's household he acquired many lands of many earls and 
barons of England for his service ; and among them he obtained of the 
then Earl of Albemarle 123 Kayngham in Holderness and Totele lM in Lindsey. 
Of these lands Osbert gave four carucates to three knights freely to hold of him, 
namely two to Humphrey de Kaynghara, one to Bernard de Haburre in 
Kayngham marsh, and to Fulcher de Houston the carucate which the Earl 
of Albemarle gave to the Abbey of Meiux, namely that held of Fulcher 
by Askyll his tieif, father of William de Hedun. And be it known that 
tho land of Neuland itself was reclaimed from the Humber by Humphrey 
do Kayngham by assent and gift of Osbert, and by him surrounded 
with a dike, and he held it of Osbert the Sheriff so long as Osbert lived. 
But after his death came his sons, William Turneiant and Richard ; and 
because they were a priest's sons, and might not claim the heritage, they 
agreed to give King Henry money that he should suffer them to possess 
the lands of their father. And when they had given the King a part, 
and he demanded sureties for the residue, nor might they find any, all 
the lands aforesaid remained in his hands. Then Stephen Earl of Albemarle, 
father of Earl William, redeemed the lands of his heritage out of the hands 
of King Henry, and all the gifts thereof made by Osbert tho Sheriff or 
his tenants were made void. Likewise did other earls and barons whose 
tenant Osbert was. For from that day forward neither Askill, nor William 
do Hedun his son, nor Simon son of William, nor any of their heirs had the 
eaiucate of land of Saltagh, or Ncweland, afterwards conferred upon the 
monks in almoin. Hut whether the Go mirks [which the monks gave for 
the pasture upon Humber called Saltagh and Newland, and for one carucate 
of land adjacent in Kayngham, to certain claimants '- J J were paid to William 
and Kichurd tho sons of Osbert, or to tho knights above named, or to 
Askill and William [his son], or to all or any of them, is unknown [to 
the writer]. 

If we may accept the chronicler's story, it will account for the state 
of things disclosed by the Pipe Roll of 1130-1. One ought, however, 
to bear in mind that the documents on which it was based are not 
now forthcoming, and that the date of the chronicle is about 1400, 
when the rule of celibacy was more binding upon the secular clergy 
than in the eleventh century. 

Two references to .Stephen Chamberlain in the Monasticon I 
overlooked. lie confirms the gill of the church or advowson of 

121 (Surtees Society), vol. i, p. 34. 

122 Chronica dc Melaa (Rolls Scries), vol. i, pp. 85-G. 

123 Or ought one to style him Count of Aumale ? 

124 Can this mean Tedolfbi (Thealby), held by Stephen de Alba Mara at the 
time of the Lindsey Survey 't 

125 Above, p. 85. 


Acklam made by William de Scures to Thornton Abbey 126 ; and when 
Henry II gave land in Hardwick to the priory of Newsted by Ancolme, 
Ivo the tenant, and Stephen his lord, had land of the king's demesne 
elsewhere by way of exchange or compensation, but the place is not 
stated. 1 - 7 It seems that he also gave the advowson of North Reston 
to the priory of St. Leonard Torksey, 128 and in the second volume of Early 
Yorkshire Charters 129 Mr. Fairer has published his charter of confirmation 
to Bridlington priory of lands in Acclum given by William de Scures 
and Robert (his brother), a toft given by Alan their father, and the site 
for a mill. Emma wife of Roger de Saucheusemara to whom Robert 
Chamberlain assured dower in Marston by a line of 1 195, 130 was perhaps 
his father's widow. 

According to a pedigree in Ormerod's History of Cheshire 131 Stephen's 
opponent Helte de Boisdcle, or, as Mr. Fairer thinks more probable, 
Helte's wife Idonea, 132 represented Osbern the Domesday tenant 
under Fail Hugh of Newbold, etc., where he was succeeded before the 
Lindsey Survey by Hugh his son. As Osbern son of Tesson, the same 
Domesday tenant held Dodleston and other lands in Cheshire. 

It remains to add that Alina widow of Robert Chamberlain was living 
as late as 1251 1:l;i ; to mention a tine of Easter term 1245 between the 
Bishop of Lincoln and Henry Chamberlain of the five bovates in 
Wickenby and nine tofts which he had to farm of the Bishop 134 : of 
that land 14 acres had passed to the prioress of Steynfeld, but as a 
result of the line his farm was raised from 10s. to 20s. ; and to draw 
attention to the account of Marston in the Hundred Rolls, 136 where 
the ownership is, for some reason incomprehensible to me, attributed 
to Robert Chamberlain. 

So far as we have seen hitherto Melisent and the Chamberlains 
were to be regarded as the sole heirs of Osbert. A fine, however, levied 
in 1222, 136 raises a number of difficult questions. The parties to this 
fine were Hugh Bardolf demandant and Robert Chamberlain tenant 
of GJ earueates in Wikingeby, Westlakeby, Riston, Ludford and 
Carleton, the said Robert demandant and the said Hugh tenant of 
half a knight's fee in Horningeton and Hornleg'. In either case the 
demandant makes a quitclaim to the tenant : then follows a covenant 
by Chamberlain that whatsoever he or his heirs may hereafter acquire 

126 Vol. vi, pp. 1190, 327. 

127 Vol. vi, p. 9GG. 

128 Assize Roll, 503, ni. 21 d. 

129 No. 827 (p. ItiO). I should like to express regret that I communicated to 
Mr. Fairer the evidence of the Kirkstead Chartulary only in time to permit of a 
footnote to his preface (p. vi). 

130 Pipe Roll Soc, xvii, no. 62. 

131 Ed. Helsby, vol. ii, p. 848. 

132 For Idonea see Middleton Papers (Hist. MSS. Comm.), pp. 19, 43. 

133 Feet of Fines, Yorks., f. 44 (95). 

131 Printed in Lines. Mutes tfc Queries, vol. vii, p. 47. 

136 Hot. Hundred, i. 321) (3 Edward I). Apparently the uncle had for the time 
ousted his niece. 

1M Feet of Fines, Divers Counties, f. 8 (18) : the quinzaine of St. Hilary 6 
Henry III. S< e Lincolnshire Fines, p. 348. 


of the heritage of Osbert the Sheriff, ancestor of both parties, shall be 
shared between them equally, but Bardolf and his heirs shall hold their 
moiety of Chamberlain and his heirs, acquitting the moiety of all cost. 

The first problem is to identify the lands named. On the original 
document appear the three counties, Oxon', Line', Ebor'. It will be 
noticed however that the last, though in a contemporary hand, is written 
some way below the others, as if it were an afterthought. The places 
in the first list are all in Lincolnshire, and in all except Ludiord l3 ' 
we already know that Osbert and the Chamberlains held land. Jlorley 
is in Oxfordshire, and there is a Hornington in Yorkshire, but it would 
be vain to search there for traces of Bardolf's or Chamberlain's estate. 
For with Horley on the extreme northern border of the county lies 
the village of Hornton, forming a sort of salient or projection into the 
adjoining county. The two occur constantly together, and (as we shall 
see) this particular holding of half a fee in both may be traced for two 
centuries and more. We shall find an entry in the Fine Roll relating 
to this very matter in which they are linked together ; and to put the 
question beyond a doubt, shall find Bardolf dealing with land in 

Domesday records three manors in Hornelie ; one of ten hides 
held by the Count of Mortaign, Ralph being his under tenant ; another 
of one hide held by Robert de StaiTord, Richard under tenant ; the 
third of ten hides held by Berenger de Todeni, Ralph under tenant. 
One of these manors, with the advowson of Horley church, was given 
to Lincoln about 1 107 by Bishop Fiambard of Durham, his gift being 
confirmed by King Henry i, rM and afterwards funned part of the 
prebend of Sutton. With regard to the others I have no information 
until 1213, "when Chamberlain is engaged in litigation with both Simon 
de Kyme and Hugh Bardolf about the half fee, and fines for a precipe 
against the latter. 1 ' 19 

Kyme's claim I have already discussed. Nine years later the dispute 
with Bardolf was settled as we have seen; and in 8 Henry 111, by 
an Oxfordshire line, Bardolf conveys a messuage, 7b' acres of land 
and 5 acres of meadow in Hornton to the Abbot of Stanley, the gift 
being confirmed by Nicholas de Verdun, quit of all demands by him 
and his heirs. 140 In 1231: the sheriff had directions to extend Hugh 
Bardulf's lands in Yorkshire, which were pledged to the Jews 141 ; 
but he had already disposed of Horley and Hornton to Robert de 
Lexinton, whose title was confirmed by the King in 1 ii-3-. 142 
Accordingly in 11*35 John de Lexinton pays the aid upon half a knight's 

137 In Domesday held by William Perci : at the Lind^ey Survey by Alan Perci, 
no under tenant being named in either record. 

138 Moiuwticon Anylicanum, vol. vi, p. 1273. 

,3 ' Rot. (A Oblat. et Fin., p. f>0.~>, where the names are printed IloritV and Ilor- 
m in ton. 

110 Foot of Finos, Oxon, lilo 3 (72); British .Museum, Campbell Charters, xiii, 
22. For these re forenecs and other help I am indebted to the Rev. H. E. Salter. 
Is Dale Abbey meant, or Stanley in Wiltshire, or Stonoleigh ? 

"» Calendar of Close Rolls. 

lM Cal. of Charter Rolls, i, p. 150, where the names appear as Hemelcy and 


fee in Hornle hold of Verdun. 143 The return of 1242 " 4 also shews 
John de Lexinton holding half a knight's Eee in Hornele and [Iornmton 
of Roese de Verdun, said to be of the honour of Brandon, and adds 
that he had it by gift of Robert de Lexinton. 145 At this time there 
is mention also of the prebendal estate, then held by the Arehdeacon 
of Buckingham, and described as a moiety of the town of Hornele, 
which leaves apparently a moiety of IForley and all Llorivton to make 
up the hall' Ire with which we arc concerned. 

John died at the beginning of 1257, and was found to hold ten hides 
of land of John de Vcrddun of the lee of Braundon. Henry de Lexing- 
ton Bishop of Lincoln, his brother and heir, died in 1258, when his 
nephews Richard de Marcham and William de Sutton were found 
his heirs. 146 From later inquisitions we learn that Markham 
was succeeded by Robert his brother, who left three daughters 
his coheirs; Sutton by Robert his son, who died in 1274, leaving u 
son Richard aged eiulvt at Michaelmas in that year; hut in none of 
them is the Oxfordshire estate mentioned. About this time the 
Arehdeacon of Northampton and Robert Paynel are returned as 
claiming free warren in Horlington and fforley. 147 In 1316 a return 
shews Richard de Sutton and " Neupolyn " prebendary of Lincoln l48 
tenants of Hornlee cum Hornington ; in 1346 Richard de Sutton 
holds half a fee in " Horneburi " and Hornynton ; and in 1428 John 
Langeston half a fee in Hornele and Hornton lat e of Richard de Sutton. 149 
his not easy to lit these statements together. Probably the pre- 
bendal manor was that held of Stafford by Richard ; for if that had not 
been severed from them by alienation, it would no doubt have descended 
for centuries anions the" Stafford knights' fees, and the lordship of 
so important a family is more likely to have been extinguished by a 
gift or sale to the church of Lincoln than to have passed without 
record to Verdun. 100 The lids, however, of both Mortaign and Todeni 
soon passed to others, and no such diiliculty need arise out of the 
disposal of their lands. Moreover it is tempting to see in their under- 
tenants one and the same Ralph— and that a person already known 
to us. But if only one Domesday manor descended to Bardolf and 
Lexington, what has become of the third ( If on the other hand 
both are included in the Brandon half fee, how comes the hidageto be 
halved? And how comes the single hide to be reckoned a moiety of 
the town 1 Gifts to the church, such as that to Stanley, may perhaps 

»« Testa dc Nevill, \>. 113. 

114 Ibid pp 103 104, 109. In one place the name is disguised as Horaungton. 

i« In 14 Henry III one virgate in Hornele passed to him by tine from Robert 
de Hornele. 

149 Cal. Inq. ; EjcurpLa e Hot. Fin. 

'« Rot. Hundred, i, 32. Robert Paynel of Hornley is witness to a deed. 
Catalogue of Anc. Deeds, A 7099. . 

'« Napoleon Frangipani Orsini, Cardinal priest of St. Adrian s, who held a 
prebend at Lincoln, is probably meant. .See Cal. of Patent Rolls, 1298 ; Cal. 
of Papal Letters, vol. ii, \>. 225. 

l " Kendal Aids, Oxfordshire. 

>'° Or Clinton ; for Dugdalo suggests that the honour of Brandon came by him 
to Verdun. 


be the answer to one question. As to the last, the disproportion of 
the three estates was not really so great as the hidage assessment 
seems to imply. While the hides are reckoned at 10, 10 ;md 1, the 
ploughs were 8, 8 and 3 in number, and those upon the demesne lands 
3, 3 and 2 respectively, so that even in the eleventh century, it would 
seem, the demesnes were not very unequal, though one of the lordships 
was very leniently assessed. 

Let us venture for a moment into the region of hypothesis, and 
suppose that Richard held 1 he smallest manor ot the three, and the 
advowson oi the church of llorne-lei, which stood upon bis territory, 
while in the manor furthest from it Ralph set up an establishment 
on a more sumptuous scale, which became known as Home-tun ; that 
being an ecclesiastically minded person, now seated at some distance 
from the original church, it pleased him to build and endow a second 
church at his own doors ; that then or later this church, taking its 
name from the manor house near by, was freed from, the jurisdiction 
of the original rector, and the manor on which it stood was made a 
separate parish or parochial chapelry, leaving to the mother church 
Richard's manor and Ralph's other manor. On the assumption that 
there was but one Ralph, this hypothesis seems to me roughly to 
account for all the facts, except the reduced hidage (if 1257 ; and that 
might be accounted for in pari by the endowment of Hornton church 
and the gift to Stanley. Perhaps some deduction should also be made 
for land which in the next century was held by Robert de Ardern. 151 

To return to the fine of 1222, the terms of the covenant suggest that 
the parties conceived themselves to be coheirs of the common ancestor, 
the jus esnecie resting with Chamberlain. Now if either Melisent 
or her mother had a younger sister, one might say at first sight that 
she was treated with gross injustice by King Henry I. But, according 
to the chronicler of Meaux, all Usbert's lands (and his brother's too) 
must be reckoned as having twice or more escheated to the crown, 
first at his death, and again at the death without issue of one or both 
of his sons, who were reckoned illegitimate. It was competent 
therefore for the King to grant them to whom he would ; the niece 
or nieces had nothing but a moral claim to his favourable consideration; 
and the grant made to Herbert and Melisent is to be regarded 
purely as an act of grace. In that case, strictly speaking, no legal 
title could be set up by any other descendants of Osbert ; but on 
the other hand after the lapse of a century the facts may have been 
difficult to prove, and we know that at a later date the Common 
Law was not always very scrupulous about what were perhaps regarded 
among the laity as rather nice distinctions of churchmen, or how could 
Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth have both been accepted as equally 
legitimate heirs to the throne ? 

Who then was Hugh Bardolf ? The name is not unknown in history ; 
but Hugh Bardolf the Justice had died some years earlier without 
issue, and was succeeded by Robert his brother, who left no male issue ; 
Sir Hugh Bardolf of Wormegay the peer was not yet born. This Hugh 

161 Oil. of Uhurtor Hulls, iv, pp. 25, 01, 117, 118. 


was son and heir of one Ralph Bardolf, and in 1213 paid relief on his 
succession to lands in Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and the honour of Ponte- 
fract. 162 He also inherited the claims, whatever tliey were, which his 
father had put forward to Osbert's inheritance. Further than that 
I have not succeeded in tracing his pedigree. 

Mr. Farrer suggests that, after Herbert's death, Melisent took a second 
and a third husband, by whom she had male issue. But ill that case 
Chamberlain would still be her sole heir at law : indeed 1 am not clear 
that she would have power, if she wished, to settle lands on children 
of a later husband. Further, after nearly thirty years of married life, 
it is not likely that she became the mother of a second family ; while 
such evidence as we have tends to shew that Herbert outlived her, 
for Stephen, we have seen, appeals to be in possession of her Lands 
immediately after his father's death. The possibility remains that, 
when King Henry gave her in marriage to Herbert, she was " the 
King's widow," and already had a son. But if that were so, he in 
turn would be her heir at law, solely entitled to any lands which came 
to her by inheritance, but with no legal title whatever to escheated 
lands of which the King, by virtue of his prerogative, thought fit to 
make her a grant at the time of a second marriage. 

The subject matter of the line, however, does not include all Osbert's 
lands by any means. There is no mention of Marston, for example, 
or of any Yorkshire lands; nor mention, for that matter, that the 
lands specified were lands of Osbei't. We know, however, that all the 
Lincolnshire lands, except Ludford, had been his; and the natural 
inference is that those taken by Bardolf were regarded as part ol the 
same heritage — if not derived from Osbert himself, then from the 
brother whose heirs (if heirs they were) were his also. The inference is 
all the stronger because Kyme was a claimant there as well. 

As to the Yorkshire lands, it would seem that at some date previous 
to 1208 Ralph Bardolf, father of Hugh, was in actual possession of 
North Duilield ; for he was sued for one knight's fee there by Robert 
de Turnherd and .loan his wife, claiming a title from Robert Fossard 
ancestor of Joan. 103 About the year 1212 Robert Chamberlain recovered 
that property from him 154 ; but the process was by wager of battle, 
and unfortunately particulars of their rival claims are not given. A 
few years later Robert in turn was sued for land there by the Prior of 
the Hospitallers, but in defence set up the last mentioned decision, 
pleading that his title was res judicata. However the dispute between 
them was settled by a line in the early part of 1219, when Chamberlain 
made the Prior a grant with warranty of 12 acres called St. Nicholas 
Hermitage. 155 In 1250, by another tine, Henry Chamberlain conveyed 
the manor to Roger de Thurkelby, saving the dower of Alina his mother, 
and reserving to himself and his heirs 100.*. a year rent, and the mesne 
lordship which was afterwards in dispute. 108 A year later, by a third 

102 Rot. de Oblat. ct Fin. 

163 Abbrev. Plac, 98 6. 

164 Ibid., 86 ; Curia Regis Roll, 56 (m. 22 d). 

»« AsSize Roll 10-10 (in. 2) ; Feet of Fines, Yorks., file 13 (30). 
»»• Feet of Fines, Yorka., file 42 (20). 


fine, 157 Thurkelby acquired some interest of Walter de Wyldeker in 
this manor, paying him 40 murks, whereas he paid Chamberlain 130. 
No reservation is made this time, except Alina's dower, which seems 
to shew that the manor is the same. From Thurkelby it passed by 
inheritance to the family of Salveyn. 168 

Ralph Bardolf was, 1 suppose, the man who at that time was lord 
of Hutton Bardolf, He occurs in 1202 as party with the Prior of 
Kirkeham to a line of the advowson of Hutton ; and by another line 
shares with Gilbert de Aton half a carucate of land in Neuton. 150 In 
1214 is a line between Hugh Bardulf and the Prior of Malton of 
property at Barningham. 100 The same year Hugh was sailing with the 
King to Poitou. 181 With this meagre account I must take leave of him. 
Possibly someone more conversant with Oxfordshire topography may 
be in a position to shew that there were two Ralphs in Domesday, 
and that the half fee which included Hornton and a moiety of Horley 
represents but one Domesday manor, identifying the third manor of 
Homelie elsewhere. But unless one Ralph or both were identical 
with Ralph the Canon, it is difficult to see how the representatives 
of Osbert were, as such, concerned in this Oxfordshire property. 


(Surrey and Essex). 

There has never been any clear pedigree of this branch of the family 
of Hugh the Lion. Manning and Bray's " Surrey " has, of course, 
the entries relative to Combe Nevill (near Kingston), but that is all. 

The proofs of descent begin with the Fine Roll 30 Hen. Ill (1246)— 

" Quia constitit Regi quod Johannes de Nevill in vita sua legavit 
Herberto de Nevill custodiam terre et heredum Willelmi de Nevilla 
cpie fuit in manu ipsius Johannis habendam et tenendam usque ad 
legitimam etatem ipsorum heredum una cum maritagio eorundem, 
mandatum est Henrico de Wingham et Coescaetori suo in comitatu 
Surreie quod de custodia predictorum terre et heredum eidem Herberto 
plenam seisinam habere faciant cum omnibus catallis et proficiis in 
predicta terra invent is quando illam capi fecerunt in manum Regis. 
Woodstock 28 Aug." 

Stapleton (Lib. de Ant. Legibus), lxvi, says: — 

" William de Nevill was probably another brother who held land in 
Oxstead (Acstede), a parish in the hundred of Tandridge, CO. Surrey, 
of the inheritance of his mother Joan de Cornhill." 

i» Feet of Fines, Yorks., file 44 (95). 

» 58 Sue Pine, de Quo Warranto. 

us Yorks. Fines (Surtoca Society), pp. 3-1. 04. 

" J0 Ibid., |>. 174. 

161 Hot. Lilt. Claus. 


We learn from the Testa that "Hugo de Nevilla tenet quandam 
partem in Acstede in capite de domino Rege per servickim duorum 
militum et dimidii de Honore Bolonie, quam cepit cum iilia Henrici 
de Cornhulla." 

Hoare's "Wilts," quoting the Close Rolls for 1204 and 1205, gives us 

William in a useful role: — 

" The King to William de Nevill to take 7 ' tunellos vini ' to 
Clarendon ; also to send carriage to Southampton to carry our wine 
which Daniel Pincerna will give you ; 7 dolia of white wine, to clarendon." 

William de Nevill held estates at South Moreton, Berks, and 
Blackarswell in Whiteparish, Wilts, as well as Combe Nevill and 
Oxstcd, so that living in Wilts he was made useful at Clarendon. 

William de Nevill to overlook the repairs to our palace of Clarendon. 
(Close Roll, 6 John.) 

The King to Hugh de Nevill, William's father, " cendula coquinam 
nostram de Clarendon et reparare domos nostras ibidem." (Close 
Roll, 7 John.) 

William de Nevill to give William, Earl of Salisbury, 4 oaks in 
Clarendon. (Close Roll, 17 John, 1C Aug., 1, p. 226.) 

Clarendon was intimately connected with the memory of William's 
father, Hugh the Lion, for many years after his death, as we can see 
from the " Visus Manerii de Clarendon," 1273 :— 

" The ridge of Nevill's chamber is rotten in one part and wants 
covering in another." 

" And in the chamber called Hugh de Nevill's there must be wains- 
coting behind the bed." (Exch. Rolls, 32 Hen. Ill, 1248.) 

"And in making a door therebetween the queen's Wardrobe and the 
chamber of Hugh de Neville and in making a chamber for the use of 
the bailiff and a seat for the queen's use." (Exch. Rolls 35 Hen. Ill 

And the next year :— " In wainscoting the King's Chamber under 
the King's chapel at Clarendon and removing the wall from the traverse 
of that Chamber and painting in it the History of Antioch and the 
Combat of King Richard." 

Evidently Hugh the Lion and the Crusaders were still remembered 
with pride in the palace of Richard's nephew. 

According to Hoare's " Wilts," William de Nevill married Isabel, 
dau. of Walter Waleran, Lord of Dean, near Salisbury, who died 1200, 
and their dau., Joan Nevill, carried half the manor to the St. Martins. 

Curiously enough, William had dealings with his " uncle Adam," 
the notorious gentleman excommunicated by St. Hugh of Lincoln for 
marrying a child of four. '"Brian tie Insula and Graeia his wife v. 
William" do Nevill \ pari of 1 carucate cum pertinenciis in Morton 
with the dower of the said Graeia by the gift of Adam de Nevill her 
fust husband." (Coram Keg. Roll, 11 Easter 5 Hen. Ill, Berks.) 

I have never been able to find the Inq. p.m. of William, possibly because 

he died in the lifetime of his brother John, who was the real owner ; 

but he seems to have had a son John, besides Joan, as the De Banco 

Roll 22, Trin. 5 Ed. I, Wilts, gives this enrollment— " John de Nevill 



cognovit quod concessit et per scriptum snum obligavit Willelmum 

de Nevill iilium et heredem Manerium de Cumbe Nevill in 

com. Suit." 

John seems to have died three years later as his Imp p.m. is dated 
8 Ed. I., File 25, No. 4, 20 June, Berks. 

" The said John held of the King in chief in the vill of Southmortone 
50^. rent by the service of half a knight's fee. Williamde Nevill, his next 
heir, is 22 and more. 1 ' William, son of John, died 35 Ed. I (1307), and 
his Imp p.m. is dated in that year and names Cristina as his wife, and 
says that besides Combe Nevill and South Moreton they hold Blac- 
kareswell in Whiteparish from Rich. le Englais by the feoffment of 
Nicholas de Nevill, and half the manor of Combe Nevill is held of 
Robert, son and heir of Hugh de Nevill and t ho heiresses of South 
Moreton are Alice and Nicholaa. Who Robert, son of Hugh de Nevill, 
in 1307, was 1 do not know, for John was the son and heir of Hugh of 
Essex in 1307. Perhaps I his Robert died early, or possibly he may 
have been son of another I [ugh from Lincolnshire, the demesne lord. 
The Inq. p.m. of Alice is dated 13 Ed. Ill, No. 13a; she married 
Richard le Wayte, and their son Henry was 18 months old. Nicholaa 
married John de Hadersham. An Imp Ad quod Damnum, File 
165-6, says : — 

"Ralph atteCrouche and Alice his wife to retain amessuage and land 
in South Moreton acquired to themselves and the heirs of the said 
Alice from Walter de Chill on and Agnes his wife, who held it at fee 
farm from John de Nevill, whose heirs retain the manor of Combe 
Nevill by Kingston." 

We now obtain the following pedigree : — 

Hugh the 





y u 

d. 1235. 


John the 

Herbert the \Y 
Guardian. bi 

d. early, pro-=fIsabel Waleran 

sfore 1237. 1 


The Essex 





ISO. Joan, had half Dean manor 

\Vi 11 iam,=f Cristina. 

a. 1307. 1 


Hugh. Nicholaa. 





Robert, living 1307. 

The puzzling part of the story of Hugh the Lion's descendants, 
however, comes much later. 

1466.— Sheriff of Surrey and Sussex to take all possession of John 
Nevill of Nevill, Knt., and lender account to Chancery. (Pat. Rolls. 

Five years later occurs a very long and very interesting list of all the 
feudal dues which still apparently belonged' to the Nevills of Combe 
Nevill; they include Arnall, the Leadenhall property, and dues on 
lands in Notts, Derby, Yorks, Clos., Oxon, Berks, and Surrey. 

1471. Feb. 18.— Grant for life to James, Karl of Douglas, in lieu 
of a like giant to him by letters patent dated 23 Nov. 36 Hen. VI, 


which are invalid, of £200 yearly, viz. £14 from the farm of the town 
or manors of Darlyngton and Ragenhull, co. Notts, £10 from the fee 
farm of the town of Retford, i'l<» from the farm of Arnall at the hands 
of Hugh Nevyll, son and heir of John NevyU, or his heirs, or the 
SherilT of Nottingham and Derby. (Pat. Rolls, p. 243.) 

I must confess that these entries are puzzling to a decree when one 
remembers that in 1358 all the manors, at any rate, if not the copyhold 
lands, had passed over to the Bohuns in payment for the accumulated 
debts of the Essex family. 

The Calendar of " Feudal Aids " mentions a Margery Nevill at 
Wethers field in 1131, and the old Index of Essex Wills under the 
Commissary of London and Essex, 1441-1619, gave an Edmund Nyvell 
in 1450, Salomon in 1402, Margaret in 1489 and Thomas in 1506. 

In Chancery Miscellanea, bundle 58, lile 7,285 (1496,6 Feb.), comes an 
interesting entry (Latin) which I could only decipher in part: — " Rex 
vult certis de causis certiorari super tenore recordi et processus 
utlagari in Willelmum Nevill armigerum in Com. Essex promulgati 
.... pro Rege .... ac si idem Willelmus se reddideat (sic) prisonem 
Marescalcie ipsius Regis coram pro rege occasione predicta necne ideo 
tenor recordi et processus .... necnon certificatio redittionis illiua 
in Cancellario Regis sub sigillo Thome Fyneux capitalis Justiciarii 
ipsius regis distincte et apertc . . . apud Westm: 6 Feb. II Henry VII." 
(English) — "to lie outlawed or satisfy John Bourgchier Reginald 
Townesend John Waren clerk and John Serle for 2 messuages 3 tofts 
200 acres of land 23 acres of meadow 16 acres of pasture, G5s : 5d : 
for the Manor of Stanly called Gillardys (in N. Essex) except 40 acres 
of land ti acres of meadow (> acres of pasture, 40 sols, taken from the 
same manor by lone and against the peace of the late Kin^ Edward IV 
by a certain assize ol novel disseisin between them in tin; presence of 
Sir Thomas Bryan." 

William rendered himself at the Marshalsea prison on the 6th 
February in person. A striking little picture of the great game of 
grab thai went on in the troubled years between Edward IV and the 
(Mining of the Tudors. Clifford's Manor is on the holders of Suffolk 
and Essex, anil the picturesque Manor House is still in existence 
I believe. 1 think William Nevill, armiger, was either playing grab 
himself or possibly was robbed by stronger hands. It is hard to say 
which, and depends on the side he took in the quarrel. 

The Essex Subsidy Rolls, 108-160 (1523), give Nevills at Rochford, 
Shoebury, and Heybridge; 108-161, at Willingale; 108-151, at Roxwell, 
Blackmore, Springfield, and Broomjicld ; 108-232, 108-241, at Chelms- 
ford and Danbury, Much Baddow, Woodham Ferrers, and W little ; 
and 109-257 (1524) ai High Ongar and Fifield. The Nevill wills, 
which begin in 1528 with Nevill of Willingale, Ongar, Nalinghurst 
(in Braintree), Much Baddow, and Danbury, want much working at 
before fitting into any pedigree. The Subsidies seem to show that 
three or four men held property in, roughly, four parts over Essex. 

Edmund R. Nevill. 



The Allestrys were in Derbyshire in tlie early Plantagenet period. 
Originally they are said to have been retainers of the Lords Audley. 
Afterwards they had lands at Turnditeh, Alvaston and Walton- 
on-Trent, where branches of their house settled. A Nicholas de 
Alestre represented Nottingham in Parliament as early as 1393. John 
de Alestre sat for the same borough in 1416, 1421, 1 422 and 1 4 J 5 , 
and a Thomas Allestre in 1442, 1448-49 and 1467. From the 
sixteenth century they are well known in local Derbyshire annals 
as Members of Parliament, Bailiffs and Sheriffs, as will be seen from 
the subjoined pages. I am not aware of the existence of any complete 
pedigree of the family. The following is an attempt to put together 
such information as I have been able to glean in the hope of eliciting 
additions from someone better acquainted than myself with Derbyshire 
families. My authorities for the following are chiefly the Visitation 
of Derbyshire, 1663-4 (see The Genealogist, O.S., vol. iii, p. 61), Hunter's 
Familial Minorum Gentium (Harl. Soc Pub., vol. xxxix, p. 1038), 
Wills in P.C.C., and Monumental Inscriptions in Alvaston Church as 
given in Glover's History of Derbyshire. By the kindness of Mr. Keith 
Murray, Portcullis, the Chester MSS. at the College of Arms have been 

also examined. 

W. D. Pink. 

Arms: Argent, a chief Gules, over all on a bend Azure, three 
escutcheons Or. 

I. WILLIAM ALLESTRY, of Derby and of Alvaston, Bailiff 
of Derby, 1541, 1549, 1558, 1565 and 1570; M.P. for Derby, 
1542-44, 1545-47, 1553, 1551, 1555; Admon. at Lichfield, 
1581. Had issue :— 

1. Thomas Allcstry (11). 

2. Richard Allestry, Astrologer, " the Almanac Maker." 

Overseer to his brother Thomas' will in 1630. 

3. Robert Allestry, of Uppington, co. Salop. Overseer 

to his brother Thomas's will in 1630. He was father 


(1) Richard Allestry, born at Uppington, circa 
1620. Educated at Coventry Free School; 
matriculated at Christ Church, Oxford, 
17 Feb. 1636-7, aged 15; student, 1637. 
B.A., 24 Oct. 1640 ; bore arms for the King, 
1642 ; M.A., 3 June 1643 ; expelled by the 
Parliamentary Visitors, 1618; prisoner in 
Lambeth House, 1659 ; created D.D., 
3 Oct. 1660 ; canon of Christ Church, 
1660, and Chaplain to King Charles II; 


Regius Professor of Divinity, 1663-80 ; 
Provost of Eton, 1665. Named in the will 
of his cousin Grace, 1657, as ''of Oxford," 
and in that of George Allestry, 1662. Died 
28 Jan. 1680-1, aged 61 ; buried in Eton 
College (M.I.). See Woods' Alh. Oxon. and 
Diet. Nat. Biog. 
4. James Allestry, goldsmith, of Coventry, father of — 

(1) James Allestry, of London, stationer and 
bookseller. Dost his property in the Great 
Fire, 1666. Father of — 

(i) James (or Jacob) Allestry, born 1653 ; 
ed. at Westminster ; matriculated 
at Christ Church, Oxford, 3 July 
1672, aged 18; B.A., 1676; M.A., 
1679; Incorp. at Cambridge, 1680; 
Music Reader, 1679 ; philologist and 
poet. Died " very poor " at Oxford, 
15 Oct. 1686 ; buried in St. Thomas 
Church there. (Diet. Nat. Biog.) 

II. THOMAS ALLESTRY, of Alvaston, eldest son and heir, 
succeeded his father, 1581. Will dated 30 Oct. 1630, proved 
in P.C.C. 28 Jan. 1630-1 by William Allestry, "natural son 
and legatee and executor of the defunct" [5, St. John]. 
" To be buried in Alvaston Church." Married twice : first 
wife, Anne, daughter of Roger Barker, of Alvaston, 1 the 
"Ann Allestre" buried at Alvaston 20 Sept. 161-1, M.I. ; 
second wife, Constance, ? dan. of ... . lsley, who survived 
him. Had issue — 

1. William Allestry (III). 

2. Thomas Allestry, named in the wills of his father, 

1630, his brothci' William 1655, his niece Grace 
1657, and his brother George 1662. He wrote the 
" Funeral Handkerchief," published in 1671. Had 
issue — 

(1) William Allestry, named in wills of uncle 

William, 1655, cousin Grace 1655, and uncle 
George 1662. 

(2) Thomas Allestry, named in wilLs of grandfather 

Thomas Allestry 1630, cousin Grace 1657, 
and uncle George 16(12. 

(3) George Allestry, named in will of uncle George 


3. George Allestry, of Derby, admitted to Gray's Inn 

7 Aug. 1623 as "3rd son of Thomas Allestry of 
Alvaston, gent." ; named in the wills of his father 
1630, brother William 1655, ami niece Grace 1655. 
Buried in the Temple Church 27 Feb. 1661-2 as 


" George AUestry Benior." Will dat. 28 .Jan. 1660-1, 
proved in P.C.C. 1 May 166-1 by brother Roger 
and daughter Anne. His wife, whose mum; is un- 
known, was buried at St. Peter's, Derby. Had 
issue — 

(1) George AUestry, admitted pensioner St. John's 

College, Cambridge, 1 May 1656, as of co. 
Derby, "son of George AUestry gent."; 
admitted to the Inner Temple, L656. Named 
in will of cousin Grace IG55. Died v.p. and 
s.p. ; buried in Temple Church 3 Dec. 1601 
as " George AUestry Junior." 

(2) William AUestry, of Derby and Norrnanton, 

heir to his father, born 16-13 ; admitted 
to St. John's College, Cambridge, 18 June 
1(558, "age past sixteen" ; matriculated at 
Christ. Church, Oxford, 27 May 1661, aged 
18; named in his father's will and in that 
of his cousin Grace, 1655, as "of Christ 
Church, Oxford." Will dat. 3 June 1690, pr. 
in P.C.C. 8 Nov. 1693 by George Stanhope, 
exor. and sole heir by bequest. 

(3) Thomas AUestry, named in his father's and 

brother William's will. 
(1) Benjamin AUestry, inherited property in 
Shirley, co. Derby, under his father's will. 

(1) Anne, mar. . . . Tyler. Was co-exor. of her 

father's will; also named in those of her 
cousin Grace and her brother William. 

(2) Elizabeth, of Si. Clement Danes, Midx., 

named in wills of her father and her brother 
William. Mar. Walter Ashton, of Gerstone, 
co. Derby, lie. (Vic. Gen.) 15 Apl. 1668, 
he about 26, she 20. 

(3) Barbara, named in the wills of her father 

and of her cousin Grace 1655. Married Rev. 

Thomas Stanhope, Rector of Martshorne, 

co. Derby. He was bapt. at Belfrys, York, 

23 April" 1638; admitted to St. John's 

Coll., Camb., 25 June 1653. Had issue — 

i. George Stanhope, Clerk, of King's Coll., 

Camb., born at Martshorne, March 

1659-60. Named in the will of his 

maternal grandfather ; 36 vears 

Vicar of Lewisham and Deptford. 

Dean of Canterbury. Died 18 March 

ITiiS. Had issue an only son, George, 

Capt. of l'oot, (who died v.p. 1 June 

1725) and live daughters. 


4. Roger Allestry, of Derby, co.-exor. of brother George's 

will in 1662, named also in wills of brother William, 
1655, and niece Grace, 1655. Town Clerk of Derby, 
8 Jan. 1660. M.l\ for Derby, 1660-65. Died 1 Feb. 
1664-5. Had issue— 

(1) William Allestry, born circa 1642; matric. 

Queen's Coll., Oxford, 21 March 1059 ; 
B.A., Christ Church, 1062 ; M.A., 1665; 
admitted to Cray's Inn, 11 May 1659 as 
" .son and heir of Roger Allestry of Derby, 
gent." M.P. for Derby, 1085-87. Lie. to 
marry Frances Lorymer, of St. James', 
Clerkenwell, 14 Oct. 1668. 

(2) Seth Allestry. ") all named in will 

(1) Bethiah. > of Grace Allestry 

(2) Jane. ) in 1655. 

5. John Allestry, under 21 in father's will ; named in 

will of Grace Allestry, 1(555. 

6. Richard Allestry, under age in father's will ; named in 

will of brother George. 

7. James Allestry, under age in father's will ; named in 

will of brother George. Admon. of James Allestry 
to John Cooke and William Coddington, curate, 
assignees of Ruth, Marie and James Allestry, late 
of St. Faith the Virgin, London, 27 Jan. 1671. 

8. Henry Allestry, named in brother William's will, 


1. Grace, under age in father's will; named in will of 

brother George ; mar. Thomas Benskin, and had 
two daughters, Mary and Barbara. 

2. Katheriue, named in brother George's will. 

III. WILLIAM ALLBSTRY, of Alvuston, born at Derby 1588; 
admitted to Gray's Inn, lb Nov. 1618, as ''son and heir of 
Thomas Allestry of Alvaston, gent." ; admitted to St. John's 
Coll., Cambridge, 1618-19; succeeded his father, 1031. 
Recorder of Derby, 1640-44; M.P. for Derby, 1640-43. 
Died 1 Sept. 1055, aged 67; buried in All Saints Church, 
Derby. M.I. Willdat. 2 July 1055, pr. in P.C.C. 8 Aug. 1G57. 
Married firstly, Sarah, daughter of Thomas Smith, of Derby, 
gent., ,l by whom he had 3 sons and 4 daughters " (Le Neve, 
Man. Aug.). She was buried at All Saints, Derby. Married 
secondly, Mary, daughter of William Agard, gent., and widow 
of Edward Smith, gent, (who died 20 Sept. 1038). She died 
1 April 1074, aged 63, having had also three sons and four 
daughters (Le Neve). Of the six sons and eight daughters 
of the foregoing William Allestry by his two wives, the 
following are known, but it is dillicult to determine by which 
mother — 


1. William Allestry, of Alvaston (Visitation of Derby, 
1663-4). Named in will of sister Grace, 1655, but 
died probably shortly afterwards, a. p. 

1. Grace, born 1631, died unm. 1 Dec. 1055, aged 24, 

buried at All Saints, Derby. M.I. Will dat. 28 Nov. 
1055, pr. in P.C.C. 8 Aug. 1057 by Mary Allestry 
her mot her [? step-mother). 

2. Sarah, named in the will of her grandfather, Thomas 

Allestry, 1C»;50. 

3. Rachel, named in the will of her sister Grace, also in 

that of her father. 
[The above possibly by the first wife.] 

2. Thomas Allestry (IV). 

3. Charles Allestry, born about 1654 ; matriculated at 

Christ Church, Oxford, 31 March 1071, aged 17; 
B.A., 107-4 ; M.A., 1077 ; admitted to Gray's Inn, 
1 Dec. 1074, as " 2d son of William Allestry late of 
Gray's Inn, deceased." Named in will of sister Grace, 
1055. Vicar of Cassington, Oxford, 1055, and of 
Daventry, Northants, 1089, till his death. Bur. at 
Cassington, 28 March 1707. 

r' ii 'V f both named in father's will. 

5. Rebecca. ) 

Other children are named on M.I., but probably died young. 

IV. THOMAS ALLESTRY, of Alvaston, eldest surviving son and 
possibly heir to his elder half-brother, born about 1051 ; 
admitted to St. John's College, Cambridge, 27 May 1009; 
"past 18" as "son and heir of William Allestry, lawyer, 
deceased." Admitted to Gray's Inn, 3 July 1071 as "son 
and heir of William Allestry, late of this Inn." Named in 
the will of his sister Grace, 1055. Married Joyce Sitwell, 
and had at least one son surviving — 
Thomas Allestry (V). 

V. THOMAS ALLESTRY, of Alvaston, eldest son and heir to 
his father; died s.p. 18 March 1740. M.I. at Alvaston, 
on which described as " grandson of the Recorder." His 
heiress was his niece (seemingly the daughter of an unnamed 
brother), namely — 

MARY ALLESTRY, of Alvaston, which estate she carried 
in marriage to John Tempest Borrow (or Borough), Esq. He 
survived his wife and died 28 April 1781, aged 78, s.p. ; buried 
at Alvaston (M.I.), having devised Alvaston to his nephew, 
John Borrow, eldest son of his younger brother, John Borrow, 
of Hulland, by whom the estate was sold in 1812. 



Thomas Allestree the elder, gent. To be buried in Alvaston 

To Thomas Allestrie my second son £90 according to the promise 
I made to my first wife. To George Allestrie my third son £90. To 
Roger Allestrie my fourth son £90. John Allestrie my fifth son hud 
by the wills of Roger Harrison & Alice Harrison of Alvaston deceased 
£50 which I have not yet paid him, my exors. must pay him when 
he is 21 years of age & I give him in addition £70 ; if lie die before 
21 his portion to be divided equally between William Allestrie, Thomas 
Allestrie, George Allestrie & Roger Allestrie, brothers to the said John 
if they be then living. My sixth son Richard Allestrie hud by the will 
of Alice Harrison -10s. which have not been paid him, my exors. must 
pay him when he is 21 & I give him £50 ; he is to have £3 6s. 8(7. 
yearly for his maintenance. To James Allestrie my seventh son 
£50 at 21 & £3 65. 8(7. yearly. To Henry Allestrie my eighth son 
£50 at 21. To Grace Allestrie my daughter £60 at 21 or marriage 
& £3 6s. 8(7. yearly. My wife Constance to have furniture, &c. To 
Sara Allestrie daughter to my eldest son William, 20s. To my mother- 
in-law Constance Isley 30s. To Mr. John Edmonde, Minister of Alvas- 
ton Church, 10s. & 20s. to repair of Church & lis. 8<7. to repair of Chancel 
of Boulton Church. To poor of Alvaston 20s. To poor of Boulton 
10s. Legacies to servants. 

Whereas Ellen Cockaine, late of Alvaston, spinster, did by will 
of which I was executor, give to her sisters Rachel Cockaine & Elizabeth 
Cockaine £7 13s. &hl at 21, my executors to pay them at that age. 
To Thomas Allestrie my brother-in-law 20s. Residue to my eldest 
son William Allestrie who is exor. John Osborne of Derby & Henry 
Gregson of Turnditch, gent., together with my brothers Richard 
Allestrie & Robert Allestrie, overseers. Set hand & seal this 30th 
October 1630. 

Proved in London 28 January 1 G30[ 1 ] by William Allestrie, natural 
son &: legatee & exor. of the defunct. [5, St. John.] 

George Allestrye, gent., of Derby, to. Derby, 28 January 13 
Charles II. 

To be buried in St. Peters Church, Derby, near where my wife k 
daughter Stanhope are buried if I die in Derbyshire, & if I die in London 
to be buried in the Church of the Inner Temple near to where my late 
son George Allestrye is buried. By two deeds hud settled upon 
William Allestrye, now my eldest son & his heirs property in Derby 
(named) & in Normanton, my youngest son Benjamin Allestrye, property 
in Shirley eo. Derby by deed I got dated 8 Aug. 1659 &c, &c. Anne 
Allestrye my eldest daughter & her heirs property in Denby, &. £40. 
To my son Thomas Allestrye & to my daughter Elizabeth Allestrye 
A: their heirs property now in the possession of my sou Roger Allestrye. 
To my son-in law Muster Stanhope, my brother Thomas Allestrye, 
my sister-in-law Mary Allestrye. 20.s. each. To my brothorn Thomas 
Bonskin, Liiehurd Allestrye & Henry Allestrye 10s. each.. My sister 


Katherine AUestrye & my sister Grace Benskin K)s. each. My sister 
Benskius two daughters Mary & Barbary 10*. each. My cousin 
William AUestrye sou of my brother Thomas, & to his brother George 
my godson, 10s. each. To the poor of St. Peters 10s. To the poor of 
Rcpton 20a'. To the poor of Alvaston, 10s. To my brother-in-law 
William Langhorn & to my sister-in-law Mistress Ann Phipps 20s. 
each. My brother Master Roger AUestrye & to my cousin Dr. Richard 
AUestrye, to Master William Coddington & Master James AUestrye 
20s. each. My sister-in-law Millicent AUestrye 20s. My grandchild 
George Stanhope, £10. Residue to my daughters Anne & Elizabeth 
& my son Thomas to be equally divided. My brother Roger & my 
daughter Anne Kxors. My brother Laughorne & cousin Coddington. 

Signed and sealed 28 Jan. 1660[1]. 

Witnesses, lly. Weidou & Win. AUestrye. 

IV. in London 4 May IGG4 by Roger AUestrye brother of defunct 
& Anne AUestrye his natural daughter, Exors. [49, Bruce.] 

William Allestrie, esq re , of Derby, co. Derby. To be buried as 
near my late wife as may be. To poor of Derby, 20 marks. To poor 
of Alvaston \- Boulton, 40s. Sir Edward Moseley doth now owe 
me £250 & interest, that my brother Roger shall receive & pay to Grace 
Smith £250 as part of the £100 1 owe her. 

I owe to M 1 ' Dakeyne, my wife's son-in-law, £100. To my brother 
Thomas Allestrie £100, & to the said Grace Smith £150. I desire my 
brother Roger to see the said debts paid, for which property named 
is left to him. My two daughters Rebecca & Rachel, &c. My brother 
George & mother-in-law Constance Ward. To Grace Smith & Poly- 
carpus Dakeyne -10*. My brother Henry, 5 marks. William Allestrie 
son to my brother Thomas, £20. To my godson William Allestrie 
son of William Allestrie & my brothers George A: Roger, 40s. each. 
Legacies to servants. Residue to wife Mary, who is exor. After her 
death my children to my brothers George & Roger. 

Signed 2 July 1G55. Pr. in London 8 Aug. 1057 by Mary Allestrie, 
relict. [303, Ruthen.] 

Grace Allestrie, one of the daughters of William Allestrie, late 
of Derby, esq., deceased. 

To be buried in Chancel of All Saints, Derby, near to my late father. 
Property in Alvaston to my brother William Allestrie & his heirs. 
Property in Derby to brother Thomas Allest lie. My uncle Roger 
Allestrie & his wife, & to their children William, Both, Hothiah & Jane, 
10s. each. To my said aunt a sermon book- upon the 1 th of John. 
To my uncle George & his 2 sons George & William, 10s. each. His 
daughter Anne & daughter Barbara, gowns &c. My uncle Thomas 
Allestrie & his sons William & Thomas. My uncle John, 20s. My 
brother Dakcrs & his wile, brother Francis & his wife, my grand- 
mother Ward, my cousin Richard Allestrie of Oxford A: others, 10s. 
each for rings. My sister Grate Smith, my sisters Marie, Rebecca 


& Rachel, my brother Charles, 20*. To my sister Dakin a book called 
" Vanitic of the Creature " & one silver spoon. To ray sister Frances 
a book called " The Soul's Conflict," & to her daughter Marie a silver 
spoon. To my uncle Rodger my work ease wrought with my own 
hands. To my dear mother Mrs. Marie Allestrie a ring, &c, who is 
to be Exor. Set my hand & seal 28 Nov. 1655, proved at London 
8 Aug. 1G57 by Marie Allestry, mother & sole Exor. [303 Ruthven.] 

Jacobus Allestry. 27 Jan. 1671. Admon. of goods granted to 
John Cooke, armiger, & William Coddington, curate, assignees of 
Ruth, Marie, & Jacobus Allestry, late of St. Faith the Virgin, London. 

William Allestry, student of Christ Church, Oxford, made in 
London, 3 June 1690. In sound health. To my nephew George Stan- 
hope my whole estate (he paying the legacies). To my sister Ann 
Tylor £10 a year. My brother" Thomas Allestry & my sister Elizabeth 
Ashton £10 each & to her daughter by Mr. Ashtou, £50. To my servant 
Richard Walker £200. To Gilbert Heathcote & his wife 20s. each 
for a ring. To the poor of St. Peters parish, Derby, £5. To poor of 
Repton parish, 505. Pr. 8 Nov. 1693 by George Stanhope, clerk. 
[175 Coker.] 


Contributed by J. L*ahl Ky lands, F.S.A. 

This interesting document, a transcript of which is given below, 
measures 2 feet 5^ inches across, by Hoot 11^ inches from top to 
bottom, and 2| inches are folded upwards for the purpose of attaching 
the seals. An ornamental border surrounds the engrossed part of the 
deed on three sides, issuing at the upper left hand corner from a large 
scrolled initial "J," which measures about i) inches by Scinches 
at its widest and deepest parts. From the initial there also issues 
a blue band, 1 \ inches deep extending to the edge of the border to the 
right, which is inscribed, in text letters in burnished gold* IJJACOBUS 
Bit (Iiim'Ia A Nil I.I K. : being the commencement oi the deed. The 
writing oi the (bid is well engrossed in the old common Chancery text, 

1 See G.E.C.'s " Complete Peerage," vol. viii, p. 13. 


a clear red line separates each line of writing and the words which 
begin each paragraph arc larger than the others and are in burnished 

The initial " J " is in gold, parts of the work being raised and highly 
burnished ; it. is on a blue ground and is elegantly scrolled with some 
conventional flower-like ornaments, variously tinted, and some inter- 
laced work on a red ground, which is very effective. Within the initial 
is a carefully executed ligure of James 1 in the royal robes and wearing 
the Garter with its collar and jewel. The King is seated on an ornate 
throne, having an elaborate canopy ; he holds in his right hand a golden 
sceptre terminating in a Heur-de-lys and in his left the orb ; he wears 
a royal crown of two arches. At the sides of the throne are marble 
pedestals : that on the King's right supports a golden lion crowned 
and that on the left a silver unicorn, both sejant. There is a scrolled 
gilt cushion laid upon another one, and both have gold tassels ; these 
cushions rest upon a red and white pavement composed of crosses 
patonce. The King's face has been rubbed and is therefore indistinct, 
but it looks as if it might once have been a good likeness. 

The border of the patent is profusely dotted with what have once 
been raised silver spots on the white vellum ground, but have now 
become black from the action of the air. Besides the rose and thistle 
there are purple Hags, purple and red carnations and other flowers, 
some birds of bright plumage, butterflies, and other insects, alternated 
with heraldic emblems upon the silver-flecked border. On the left- 
hand portion of the border are the arms of France ensigned with a royal 
coronet, and below this shield is a large representation of the badge 
used by Queen Anne Boleyn (which appears in the initial letter of her 
patent as Marchioness of Pembroke), the slump of a tree couped and 
eradicated Or, sprouting therefrom at each side a branch ol roses 
some Argent and some (Jules stalked Vert, upon the stump of the tree 
a falcon silver (which has turned black), legged gold, crowned proper 
and holding in the dexter claw a sceptre terminating in a Heur-de-lys 
Gold. On that part of the border which is at the top of the patent 
are the Stuart Royal Arms surrounded by the Garter, crowned, and 
supported by the lion and unicorn. Dqui-distant from these arms 
are large representations of the crests of England to the left and Scotland 
to the right. On the border to the right are the arms of Ireland sur- 
mounted by a ducal coronet, between a large golden Heur-de-lys crowned 
as a badge for France, and a large golden portcullis with silver point 
crowned, which was a badge of the house of Tudor and was assumed by 
that family in allusion to their descent from the Beauforts. The 
Tudor badges were probably painted by an illuminator who copied 
his border from one of the time of Queen Elizabeth. 

The patent reads as follows : — - 

Jacobus Dei gracia Anglie Scocie et Hibernie Rex hdei defensor, 
&c. Archiepiscopis Ducibus Merchionibus Comitibus Vicecomitibus 
Episcopis Baronibus Militib3 Prepositis liberis hominibus ac omnibus 
Officiariis Ministris et subditis nostris quibuscunq3 ad quos presentes 
htere peruenerint Salutem Arbitramur Coronam nostram regiam quam- 


plurimum honorari cum viros cordatos prosertira in rebus Bellicis 
illustrcs ct prudcntia pt constant ia insignes ad honoris et dignitatis 
gradus maximorum Regura cxemplis vocamua et crigimus aliosq3 
Generosa indole prcditos parispe allectoa ad virtutis studium rerumq. 
optimarum imitationem incitamus Quapropter continual a ct diutuma 
seruicia et benemerita perpendentes que dilectus et fidelis noster 
Henricus Power Miles tarn nobis quam precharissime Sorori nostre 
nuper Rcgine Elizabcthc in quamplurimia exercitibus tarn terra quam 
Mari prist it it ./<• memoria rccQlentes quod idem [TcuricMis in quam- 
plurimia Preliis apud Dewsborne Gaunt et Suttiin aceciam apud Hoane 
et Amiana vbi ordinem Militarem in aperto Bello auacepit strenuissimum 
Militem ac fortisaimum Ducem ae prebuit et precipue qd idem Henricus 
obsummam in rebus bellicis fortitudinem et prudenciam in quanv 
plurimis magni momenti et fiducie Officiis et muneribus infra Regnum 
Hibernie collocatis non solum in regimine populi Provincial-' noatrarum 
Momonie et Leix prudentiasimi Conailiarii et Gubernatoria sed in 
preliis quamplurimia apud Maribarow et Kinsale et alibi in dicto 
Regno Hibernie viri fortiasimi summaq3 virtute & magnanimitat' 
p'diti laudes obtinuit Eum honoris titulo ornari dignum cenauimua 
Sciatis igitur quod nos de gracia nostra apeciali ac ex certa scientia 
et mero motu nostris prefatum Henricum Power Militem in Vice- 
comitatem de Valentia in Comitatu nostro Kerry in regno noatro 
Hibernie ereximus prefecimus et creauimus Ipsumq' Henricum Vice- 
comitem de Valentia p'dict .... erigimus preficimua et creamua 
Eidemq' Henrico nomen statum gradum dignitatem stilum titulum 
et honorem vicecomitia de Valentia predict' impoauimua dedimua 
et prebuimusac per presentes imponimus damuset prebemus Habendum 
et tenendum eadem nomen stilum statum gradum dignitatem titulum 
et honorem Vicecomitia de Valentia predict' cum omnibus et singulis 
preheminentiis honoribus ceterisq' huiusmodi nomini statui stilo gradui 
dignitat' titulo et honori Vicecomitia pertinentibua siue apectantibus 
prefato Henrico et heredibus maaculis de corpore suo exeuntibus 
imperpetuum V denies et per presentes concedentes pro nobis heredibus 
et auccessoribus nostris Quod predictus Henricus et hered} sui masculi 
p'dci nomen statum gradum stilum dignitatem titulum et honorem 
Vicecomitia de Valentia predict' aucceaaiue gerant et habeant et eorum 
quilibet gerat et habeat Et per nomen Vicecomitia de Valentia predict' 
aucceaaiue vocentur et nuncupentur et eorum quilibet vocetur et nun- 
cupetur (^uod(|3 idem Henricus et heredea sui masculi predicti 
aucceaaiue Vicei-omites de Valentia predict' in omnibus tencantur 
Et vt vicecom' dicti Rcgni nostri Hibernie tractent et reputentur 
et eorum quilibet tencatur tract etui' el reputetur habeantq3 teneant 
et possideanl et eorum (juilibet habeat teneat ct possideat sedem 
forum et votem in Parliament' ct public' Comitiis atquc Uonailiia 
nostris heredum et successorum nostrorum intra Regnum nostrum 
Hibernie inter alios Yicecomites et ante omnes Baronca dicti Rcgni 
nostri Hibernie vt vicecom' de Valentia Section dictua Henricus et 
heredea sui masculi predicti gaudeant et vtantur ct eorum (juilibet 
gaudeat et vtatur per nomen Vicecomitia de Valentia omnibus et 


singulis talibus Juribus priuilegiis preheminentiis et immunitatilma 
statui Vicecomitis dicti Rcgni nostri Hibernie in omnibus rite et de 
iure pertinentibus quibua cetcri Vicccomit' dicti Regni nostri ante 
Hec tcmpora melius decentius honorifieonciua el quieting vsi .sunt et 
gauisi seu in present] gaudent et vtuntur Et quia crescente status 
et dignitatis cclsitudiue necessario trescunt aumptus et onera grandiora 
Et vt idem Henrieus et hevcdes sui masculi predict! melius decentius 
et honorificentius statum lionorcm el dignitatem predict' Vicecomitia 
de Valentia ac onera ipsi Henrico et licredibus suis masculis p'e incum- 
bentia maintenere et support are valeant et eorum quilibct yalcat 
Ideo de vbcriori gratia nostra dcdimus et, concesaimus ac per prcscntes 
pro nobis heredibus et successoribus nostris damns et concedimus 
eidem Henrico et heredibus suis masculis predictis Feodum .sine 
annualem redditum Tresdecim librarum sex solidarum et octo dena- 
riorum Currentis monete Hibernie per annum I/alHUidum tenendum 
et percipiendum idem annuatim dictum feodum sine annualem red- 
ditum Tresdecim librarum sex solidorum el octo denariorum eidem 
Henrico et heredib3 suis masculis predict is de exitibus proficuis et 
reacetionibus magne et parve Custum' et subsid' nostr' nobis concess' 
seu debit' seu imposterum nobis lieredibus s< :i successoribus nostris 
concedens sine debens proucnicntibus crescentibes siuc emcrgentibua 
infra Port' C'iuitatis uostrc Dublin' in dicto Regno nostro Hibernie 
per manus Custumar' sine Collector' nostr' bcrcdum et Suc.cessorum 
nostrorum Custum' et Subsid' nostr' hercdum el succe&:orum nos- 
trorum ibidem pro tempore existcn' ad Festa Pasche et Sancti Michaelis 
Archangeli per equates porcioncs Volumus eciam ac per prcscntes 
Concedimus prefato Henrico Quod habeat et liabebit lias literas nostras 
patentes tam sub magno Sigillo nostro Anglic quaiu sub magno Sigillo 
nostro Hibernie de.bito inodo facias et sigillatas Absque Fine sen 
Feodo magno vol paruo nobis in Hanapcrio nostro seu alibi ad vsum 
nostrum proinde quoquo modo reddendo soluendo vel faciendo E<> 
quod expre-sa mentio de veto valore annuo ant de certitudine premis- 
sorum sine eorum alicuius aut do aliis Donis sine Coneessionibus per 
nos seu per aliiptem p'genitor' sine Antecessorum nostrorum prefato 
Henrico ante hec tcmpora fact' in presentibus minime fact' exist it 
Aut aliquo Statuto Acta ordinacione provisione Proclamatione siue 
restrictione in contrarium inde anteliac habit' fact' edit' ordinat' 
sine prom's Aut aliqua alia re causa vel materia quacunq3 in aliquo 
mm obstante In cuius ret testimonium has literas nostras fieri fecimua 
patentes Teste me ipso apud Westmonasterium Primo die Martii 
Anno regni nostri Anglie Francie et Hibernie Decimo octauo et Scocie 
Quinquagesimo quarto [1620-21]. 

Per bre' de priuato .Sigillo &c. Edmonds. 
Irr. in officio Auditor' gen'rall xxvj"' die Aprilis 1621. 
Ja: Ware. 

Appended to the patent by twisted cords of silver and gold thread 
are the great seals of England and Ireland. The former, which is in 
a fairly perfect state, measures six inches in diameter ; the latter, 


which is unfortunately broken, and nearly one quarter of it lost, measures 
four-and-a-half inches in diameter. Both appear to have been originally 
of a dark green colour, but they have faded to a dingy olive lint. 

On the great seal of England, on the obverse, the King is represented 
sitting on his throne, in royal robes, having the great collar of the 
Order of the Garter about his neck, a royal crown on his head, the 
sceptre of the tleur-de-lys in his right hand, and in his left the ball 
or mound with a cross on the top thereof. On the right side of the 
throne is a lion, crowned, sejant, supporting a banner of the arms of 
CadwaUader, the last king of the Britons (Azure, a cross pattee fitchee 
Or). On the left side is an unicorn, gorged with a coronet and chained, 
sejant, holding with his sinister foot a banner of the arms of King 
Edward the Confessor (Azure, a cross patonce between five martlets 
Or). 1 Over these standards are placed two identical shields of the arms 
of the Stuart kings, surrounded by the Garter and surmounted by 
crowns of lour arches. Both the and reverse of the seal are 
ET . hiukkn'I.'E . REX . PIUEI . DEFENSOR. On the reverse of the seal 
the King is represented in armour on horseback, to the right ; in his 
right hand he brandishes a sword over his head, on his casque, to which 
is attached a scrolled mantlet, is placed the royal crest, and his left 
hand holds a shield of the royal Stuart Anns (Quarterly, first and fourth 
France and England quarterly, second Scotland, third Ireland). His 
horse is caparisoned, having the same arms on the cloth covering its 
flanks. The around of the seal is charged with a rose, a fleur-de-lys, 
and a harp, all crowned, the badges for England, France and Ireland, 
and a greyhound runs below the horse. 

The great seal of Ireland has a somewhat similar obverse, omitting 
the two gartered and crowned shields, but the canopy of the throne 
is not the same as that in the larger seal : the legend is identical. 
The reverse has the same legend ; it represents the King on horseback 
to the right, with the royal arms on the horse-cloth and on the shield ; 
the casque is surmounted with the same crest, without a mantlet ; 
there are no badges, but the greyhound is in the same position as that 
on the English seal. 

In both seals there is some beautiful diaper-work of roses and fleurs- 
de-lys on the back of the thrones ; the ground of the obverse of the 
English seal is diapered with quatrefoil ornaments, and that on the 
Irish seal with little harps; the horse's trappings, also, are elegantly 
diapered and bordered. 

1 Sandford, in Iun Genealogical [fi/ilory of the Kiwja of England, p. 6I1J, states 
that there are four martlets, and that the anus arc of King bid gar. 


jfingftale's Visitation of Dorksbir*, 

(Continued from p. 115.) 

Bahkkston Ashe Wapentake. I'omfret, 7° Apr. 1GGG. 




Arms : — Gules, a lion rampant between three escallops Or, on a chief Argent 

as many pallets engrailed Azure. 
Crest: — Ademi-griflin Ermine, winged and armed Azure, holding an escallop Gules. 

I. WILL'M ADAMS, of Ouston, in com. Ebor. He had issue — 

II. JOHN ADAMS, of Balnheck, in com. Ebor., 26 H. 8, bur. 

15 Feb. 1550-1 (C.B.N. ). He had issue- 
Ill. JOHN ADAMS, sold his estate at Balnheck in a" 1583 ; bur. 

30 Apr. 157(5 at Snaith (C.B.N.). He had issue— 

IV. WILL'M ADAMS, of Camblesforth in com. Ebor., died circa 
<uiit. 1605 ; '( mar. Isabel ... He had issue — 

1. Thomas Adams, a Bachelour in Divinity and Fellow 

of Trin. Oolledije in Cambridge, died unmarr. Will, 
•J Aug. 1645, pi-. 1 July 1646 (unregistered). 

2. Christopher (V). 

3. John, of L'ontefract, deceased in 1 (34 1 ; mar. Anne 

.... They had issue — 
William. \ 

Boniface. ( Named in their uncle 
John. C Maximilian's will. 

Anne. / 

Maximilian, of Pontefract, Alderman. Will, 9 Jan. 
1640-1, pr. at York Nov. 1642 (unregistered) ; mar. 
Anne . . . ., exix. of her husband. 

1 mar Marhham, of ... . in com. Nott. 

2. Ann, wife of William Tat/lor of ... . in com. Ebor. 
Named in her brother Thomas' will. 


V. CHRISTOPHER ADAMS, of Camblesforth, at. 70 annorum 
7" Apr. a" D. 1000 ; bur. at Drax 12 Dec. 1674. Will, 7 Dec. 
1671, pr. at York (vol. lv, p. 369). Mar. Susanna, daughter 
of ... . Lambe, Rector of Ackworth in com. Eborum. Admon. 
at York 1-1 Apr. 1680. They had issue— 

VI. JOHN ADAMS, Esq., of Camblesforth, son and heire, at. 

32, annor. 7° Apr. 1000 ; mar. at Snaith, 11 July 1651, Mary, 

daughter of Thomas Lewens, of Rusholme in com. Ebor., 

? bur. at Drax, 30 May 1700. They hud issue— 

Christopher (VII). 

Susanna. ) XT , . ,, . , P , 

Ma ret { Warned in their grandfather's will. 

VII. CHRISTOPHER ADAMS, Esq., of Camblesforth, crt. 9 annor. 
7" Apr. 1000 ; bur. at Drax 26 July 1703. Admon. 17 Sept. 
1703. Mar. Elizabeth . . . ., bur. at Drax 23 Nov. 1721 
(reg.). Will, 3 Jan. 1718-9, pr. at York 10 Feb. 1721-2 
(vol. lxxvi, p. 152). They had issue — 

John Adams, Esq., of Camblesforth, bur. at Drax 
21 Feb. 1748-9, set. 63 (reg.). Will, 10 Apr. 1745, 
pr. 26 Apr. 1749 (vol. xciii, p. 91). Mar. Elizabeth 
Boynton, bur. at Drax 20 Feb. 1755-6 (reg.). 
Will, 10 May 1750, pr. at York 3 Mar. 1755-6 (vol! 
xcix, p. 77). 
Christopher (VIII). 

Frances, mar. Dr. Goodwin, Rector of Tankersley ; 
bur. at Drax 7 May 1754 (reg.). 

VIII. CHRISTOPHER ADAMS, Esq., of Camblesforth, heir to his 
brother John, but died before him and bur. at Drax 1 Feb 
1747-8, a»t. 59 (reg.). Will, 1 1 Oct. 1715, pr. at York 29 Mar.' 
1748 (vol. lxviii, p. 450). Mar. Hannah, dau. of Sir Duke 
Gilford. They had issue — 

1. John Boynton (IX). 

2. Duke, died intest. Admon. at York 23 Nov. 1776. 

3. Thomas, died an infant. 

Elizabeth, died iinmar., bur. at Drax 19 Sept. 1759. 

Hannah, ? bur. at Drax 10 Mar. 1749. 

Frances Mary, mar. Jocelyn Price, Esq. They had 

Clare, mar. Rev. Francis Leighton. 

IX. JOHN BOYNTON ADAMS, Esq., of Camblesforth, a lunatic, 
died unmar. intest. 7 Jan. 1791, a)t. 63, bur. at Drax, when 
the estates descended to his sister Frances. 

178 duodale's visitation of Yorkshire. 

LANanARQH Wapentake. Stokesley, 25° Aug. 1665. 



Unltntt upon ^InaU. 

Arms : — Quarterly — 

1 and 4.— Or, a foss componee Argent and Azuro between three eagles' 

licads erased nf the last, a canton Gules (Wright). 
2. — Azure, three crescents Or (Ryther). 

:t. — Gules, a lion rampant Argent, charged with an annulet (AldLurgh). 
Chest : — A unicorn passant regardant Argent, armed Or, unguled Azure. 

I. WILL'M WRIGHT, of Plowland in co. Ebor. (son of Robert 

Wright, Esq., of Plowland, and Anne, dau. of Thomas Grim- 
ston, of Grimston), died 23 Aug. 1621, bur. at Welwick. M.I. 
(Poulson). Will 25 Feb. 1620-1, pr. 2 Oct. 1021 (vol. xxxvi, 
p. 543). Mar. Ann, daughter of Robert Thometon, of Newton, 
died 28 Dee. 1618, bur. at Welwick (Poulson). They had 
issue — 

Robert Wright, of Foston. (A quo Wright of Tlowland, 
see Glover's Visitation, Foster's Ed., 143). 

Francis (II). 

Other children. (See Glover's Visitation.) 

II. FRANCIS WRIGHT, of Sowerby, in com. Ebor.; mar. . . . 

They had issue — 
Francis (III). 

Christopher Wright, of Sowerby, in co. Ebor. He 
had issue. 

III. FRANCIS WRIGHT, of Bolton super Sivale, in co. Ebor.; 
died in a" 1051 or thereabouts ; mar. Grace, daughter of Roger 
Bechvith, of Aldbrough, in com. Ebor. They had issue — 
Fra>icis (IV). 

1. Elizabeth, wife of Trinian, alias Ninian Anderson, of 

Gales in com. Ebor. 

2. Jane, wife of John Valleser, of Kirby Wiske, in com. 

Ebor., he. lim. 
it." Grace, wife of Thomas Mcryton, of Castle Levinton, in 
com. Eborum. 


IV. FRANCIS WRIGHT, of Bolton, died a" 1665; mar. Anne, 
daugh. of George Meryton, Deane of Yorke, lie. 1G2G. They 
had issue — 

1. Francis, obijt sine prole; adm. St. John's, Camb. 

14 May 1647. 

2. George (V). 

3. Thomas. 

4. Richard. 

5. Christoph''. 

6. WM'm. 

1. Anne, wife of Thomas Hcioardin, of Maltby in co. Ebor. 

2. Grace, wife of John Blakeston, of Old Malton in co. Ebor. 

V. GEORGE WRIGHT, of Bolton in co. Ebor., at. 36 an. 25° Aug. 
a" 1665. Adm. to St. John's, Camb., 14 May 1G47, set. 15. 
Mar, Beatrice, da. of James Maleverer, of Arncliffe, in co. 
Ebor., Esq., born 13 Oct. 1624 (Brown's "Arncliffe"). They 
had issue — 

1. Francis, at. 7 ann. 25 Aug. 1665. 

2. George, at. 3 arm. (VI). 

3. Richard, at. 1 ami. 

1. Anne, at. 9 ann. 

2. Beatrice, at. 6 ann. 

VI. ? GEORGE WRIGHT, gent., of Bolton and Swale, died 
13 Ma. 1722, mt. 58 ; bur. at St. John's, York (Radcliffe MS., 
Leeds Library) ; mar. Elizabeth llawley, wid., lie. 1684, 
at All Saints', Pavement, or St. Crux, York. 

Rydall Wapentake. Yorke, 13 Aug. 166G. 



.Aphton in tljs j$ir«tc. 

ARMS: — Azure, a chevron engrailed between three eranes' heads erased Argent, 
eaeli holding in the beak an oak-branch, leaves Vert, acorns Or. 
No jjroofo made of these Amies. 


I. JAMES RAYNES, of Apleton in the Streete, in com. Ebor. 
Will, 20 Nov. ll>43, pr. at York (unregistered), when; his wife 
is called Marie ; to be bur. in Appleton churchyard ; mar. 
Margaret, daughter to . . . Atkinson, of Thusk (! Thirsk), in 

co. Ebor. They had issue — 

1. James (II). 

2. William Raynes, of Apleton in ye Street, in co. Ebor. ; 

mar. Elizabeth, daughter to Thomas Cooper. His 
children are mentioned in their grandfather's will. 

3. Peter Raynes, of Apleton in the Street, in com. Ebor. 

Named in his father's will. Mar. Anne, daughter 
to Robert Trade, of Apleto)i in the Street, in co. Ebor. 

1. Frances, wife to Thomas Trade, of Apleton in ye Street, 

in co. Ebor. Named in her father's will. 

2. Seazy (Cezie), wife to John Story, of Apleton in the 

Street, in co. Ebor., Clarke. Named in her father's 

3. Elizabeth, wife to James Storr, of II utton-Bushell, in 

com. Ebor. Named in her father's will. 

4. Ursula, wife to Ambrose Clarke, of Ryton, afterwards 

to James Deane, of Thome in co. Ebor. 

II. JAMES RAYNES, of Apleton in the Street, in com. Ebor., 

obijt 1642. Will, Nov. 20, 1643, pr (unregistered). 

Mar. Sarah, 3rd daughter to Richard Letby, of Skirterbeck, in 
com. Ebor. They had issue— 

/. John (HI). 

2. William Raynes, of the Citty of London, at. 28 ann. 

1666; mar. Alice, daugh. to ... . Ipsivich. They 
had issue — 

1. Alice. 

2. Sarah. 

3. Thomas Raynes, of the Citty of Yorke, Attorney of the 

Court of Common Picas of Westminst., at. 25 ann. 
1666 ; Lord Mayor of York, displaced by the King 
Oct. 1688 ; removed to Easing wold ; died s.p. 
8 Mar. 1713-4 act. 73, bur. at Easing wold (C.B.N.) ; 
mar., lie. 1G08, at Malham or Spurriergate, Mary, 
daughter of Nich. Conyers, of Boleby, in co. Ebor. 
Esqr., died 20, bur. 21 Dec. 1089 in York Minster. 

James, ) ,. , 

mi \ died young. 

Thomas, ) J b 

Sarah, obijt cctatis suai 20. 

Mary, dyed young. 

duodale's VISITATION of yorkshirk. 


III. JOHN RAYNES, of Apleton, in the Street, a Cap* of Foot in 
if King's Service, tit. 35 ann. 1666 ; man. Dorothy, daughter 
to ... . Layth, of Ihdchead in co. Cumbria;. They had 
issue — 

James, nexdy borne. 
Sarah, at. 2 annor. 

Anne, heiress to her uncle Thomas Eaynes ; mar. 1702, 
William Salvin, Esq., of Newbiggin, bur. at Easing- 
wold (Skaife's York Minster Registers). 

Barkeston Ashe Wapentake. 

Barnesley, 15 Sept. 1665. 


Arms : — Quarterly of six — 

I. — Sable, on a chevron between threo griflins' head.s craned Or, as 

many mullets of tho field, a crescent for dillercnco (Beale). 
2. — Argon t, on a mound Vert, a bull passant Gules, horns Or. 
3. — Gules, a chevron Argent between three falcons of the second, 

beaked Or. 
4. — Sable, a bend between six crosses pattee-fusilly fitchee Argent. 
5. — Quarterly, Argent and Sable, on a bend Gules three mullets of the 

tirst, a martlet for difference. 
6.— As the first. 
Crest : — A unicorn's head erased Or, crined Sable. 

I. OLIVER BEALE, of Woodhouse in the parish of Drax, in com. 
Ebor., living in a" 1612; bur. at Belfreys, York, 22 Sept. 
1G13 (reg.). Admon. 27 Sept. 1(513. Mar. Anne, daughter 
and sole heire of Tho. Lake, of Barley, in co. Ebor. They had 
issue- — ■ 

1. George (II). 

2. Paul Beale, an Alderman of Yorke, bur. at Belfreys 

17 Dec. 165-1. Will, 15 Dee. 1654, pr. at London, 
2 Oct. 1G55 (Ayletl, bb) ; mar. at Bcllroys, Dorcas 



Bowes, 14 June 1630 (reg.), bur. there 11 July 1649. 
They had issue — 

Paul, bp. at St. Crux, York, 10 July 1G35. 

Dorcas, mar. Henry Dickinson. 


3. John, died without issue. 

4. Amid Beale, of Hurst Courtney. 

5. Thomas, died without issue. 

6. Joseph, named in his brother Paul's will. 

7. Edward, had issue. 

1. Anne (? Mary), wife of ... . Squire, clerke. 

2. Mary (? Anne), the wife of George (? Thomas) Hewley, 

Citizen of Yorke. 



GEORGE BEALE, of Woodhouse, died a" 1643 vel circa; mar. 
Ellen, da. of Marmaduke Constable, son of Constable, of y e 
house of Eoeringhd, 1st wife, lie. 1624 at Everingham. They 
had issue — 

1. Henry (III). 

2. John Beale, of Monke Fryston, in com. Ebor., mar. 

Frances, da. of .... Ickringall, widd. of Will. 
Louther, of Monkefryston there, 27 Aug. 1664, bur. 
there 27 Dec. 1667 (reg.). They had issue- 
Elizabeth, bp. 9 Aug. 1665 ; bur. 19 Jan. 
1667-8 at Monk Fryston (reg.). 
Everild, died unmarried. 
Mar. Alice, daugh. of ... . Haslewood, of Maydwell in co. 
North 10 ", widow of Christoph r Twysleton, of Barley in co. 
Ebor., 2 wife. 

HENRY BEALE, of Woodhouses, died 15" Feb'' a" 1664, 
?bur. at I'ontefnut 17 Feb. 1664-5. Will, 1 Feb. 1664-5, 
not proved till 1687. Mar. Eli:., 4th daugh. of Randolfe 
Caddie, of Sotcerby, in co. Ebor., Esq', widd, of Samuell 
Heron, Clerke, at Belfreys, York, 28 Nov. 1658. They had 
issue — 

1. George (IV). 

2. Henry, at. unius anni. 

1. Elizabeth. 

2. Helen, mar. Buckley Wilsford of Pontcfract ; died 

1746, aged 82 (Hunter's "Min. Gent,," 998). 

IV. GEORGE BEALE, cct. 3 ann. 15 Sept. 1665, ? bp. at Ponte- 
lract, 17 h'eb. 1660-1 ; mar. Elizabeth, dau. of . . . Lawson, of 
. . . ., lie. 1683. They had issue — 

? Henry, bp. 15 Ap. 1686, at Darrington. 

Osqodcrosse Wapentake 


Pontfraet, 7° Aug. 1665. 




Arms : — Argent, on a salt ire Gules five acorns slipped Or, on a chief of the second 
three mullets of the first. 
Qu. for proofo of these amies ? 

STABLES. He had issue— 

William (II). 

Thomas Stables, Mayor of Pomfret in a" 1606. 

II. WILLIAM STABLES, Mayor of if burrough of Pomfret 
a 1593. Will, 18 Jan. 1616-7, pr. 8 May 1617 (vol. xxxiv, 

458). Mar They had issue- 

III. WILLIAM STABLES, of Pomfret, mar. Elizabeth, daughter 

of ... . Copeland. They had issue — 

1. Richard (IV). 

2. Nicholas Stables, of Pontefract, Mayor 1G36-7 and 

1661-2, a Royalist and Churchman ; at the siege 
of the Castle ; l>|>. at Pontefract 23 Nov. 1600, 
bur. there 28 Mar. 1676. Will, 29 Dec 1671, pr. 
at York ; mar, Elizabeth, daughter of William 
Wilkinson, of Pomfret, there 7 May 1622. 

IV. RICHARD STABLES, of Tanshelfe juxta Pomfret, died circa 

ann. 1656, a tanner ; bp. at Pontefract 9 Nov. 1596. bur. 
there 19 Nov. 1658. Will, 7 Nov. 1658, pr. at London 29 Jan. 
1658-9 (Pell, 17) ; mar. Isabcll, daughter of William By water, 
Alderman of Pomfret, there 2-i Nov. 1618. They had issue. — 

1. William Stables, of 'Tanshelfe, at. 11 an. 7 Aug. a" 1665, 
Lieutenant of horse in the army of King Charles 
y e First; bp. at Pontefract, 27 June 1620, bur. 
there 19 Feb. 1666-7 ; mar. Jane, daughter and 
coheir to Gervase llamerton, of Aukborow in co. Line, 
gent., of the house of Monkerode, died 25 Sept. 1662. 





184 dugdale's visitation ok yorkshikk. 

Richard, died unmarried. 

John, died unmarried. 

Leonard (V). 

Thomasin, wife unto George Shillito, of Pont fret, in co. 

Eborum. Named in her father's will. 
Elizabeth, wife unto Edward Atkinson, Alderman of 

Lecdes. Named in her lather's will. 
Susan. Had £200 in her lather's will. 
Isabell, the wife of Richard Auslwicke, now mayor of 

Pom fret, a" 1005. Named in her father's will ; 

mar. at Kippax 9 Nov. 1(356. 

V. LEONARD STABLES, Alderman of Pomfret, bp. at Pontefract 

10 Mar. 163:2-3 ; mar. Dorothy, daughter to John Stevenson, 
of Swyn fleet, in co. Line, he ire to . . . Stevenson, her brother, 
bur. at Pontefract 11 Dec. 1682. They had issue — 

1. William (VI). 

2. Richard, bp. at Pontefract, 31 July 1665. 
John, bp. at Pontefract 2-1 June 1667. 

Leonard, of Pontefract, gent., bp. there 26 Oct. 167-4 ; 

mar. Grace .... They had issue — 
Sarah, bp. at Pontefract, 21 May 1661, bur. there 

2 Dec. 1664. 
Dorothy, bp. 21 Dec. 1668. 
Elizabeth, bp. 16 Jan. 1670-1. Will, 19 Sept., pr. 

20 Nov. 1714 (vol. lxix, p. 314). 
Sarah, bp. 25 Apr. 1072. 

Martha, bp. 12 June 1673, bur. there Nov. 1673. 
Sarah, bp. 9 July 1677. 

VI. WILLIAM STABLES, of Pontefract, Mayor 1691-2 and 1701-2, 
heir to his meal uncle Nicholas, 1676 ; lip. 26 Mar. 1662, bur. 
22 Nov. 1705. Will pr. 25 Jan. J705-6; mar. Isabella 
. . . . , bur. 10 Apr. 1702. They had issue- 
Mary, bur. at Pontefract, 27 Sept. 1685. 
Susannah, bp. at Pontefract 17 May 1687, bur. there 
10 Oct. 1688. 

Notk. — Uoih families of Stable aud Stables were wide spreading iu 
Pontefract and the neighbourhood (the registers being full of them), and 
there being so many Williams and Leonards it is difficult to continue the 
pedigree furtlier. Thorn worn branches at a later date at U ems worth and 
II uddcrsiicld who claim to descend from that at Pontefract, hut where they 
nre likely to hnvo joined it is not easy to determine. 


Pickering Wapentake. Kilham, 1° Sept. 1665. 




Arms : — Sable, a bend cotised between six tleurs-de-lis Argent. 

I. THOMAS HELLARD, of Ruston parva in co. Ebor. ; mar. 
Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Bateson, of Thornehulme, in co. 
Ebor. They had issue — 
Thomas (II). 

1. Elizabeth, wife of ... . Langton, a Merchant in Hull. 

2. Frances, wife of Marmaduke Tenison, of Long-Ruston, 

in com. Ebor. 

3. Dorothy, ivife unto Henry Snell, of Garton, in com. 


4. Sarah, ivife of John Ellerton, of Boythorpe, in com. 


II. THOMAS HELLARD, of Ruston parva, died a" 1665, vel 
circa ; mar. Alice, daughter of John Oliffe, of Burweston in 
com. Skiff., lie. 1601, at Burton Agnes. They had issue — 

1. Henry (III). 

2. St. Quintin Hcllard, of Huston, in co. Ebor. Will, 

4 Jan. 1655-6, pr. at London 29 Apr. 1G57 (Ruthin, 
1 12) ; to be bur. at Little Ruston. Mar. Sarah . . ., 
exix. They had issue — 

Thomas. ^ 

William. > Named in their father's will. 

Matthew. ) 

3. Thomas Hellard, of Harpham, in co. Ebor. 

4. Samuell Hellard, of Langtoft, in co. Ebor. 

5. John Hellard, died without issue. 

111. HENRY HELLARD, of Kilham, in co. Ebor., at. 63 ann. 
1 Sept. a" 1665 ; mar. Mary, daughter of Thomas Waylc, of 
Eland in com. Staff., lie. 1G1U ut Rudstono, '{ bur. there 


Bulmer Wapkntake. Yorke, 13 Sept. 1665. 



JUrinton upon ©use. 

Arms : — Quarterly — 

1. — Sable, a leopard's face jewsant-de-lis Argent (Morlcy). 
2. — (iules, a fess between three Katlierine wheels Argent. 
3. — Argent, on a bend Gules three garbs Or (Maltby). 
•i. — Gules, two wings conjoined and inverted Or, in chief a fleur-de-lis 

Crest : — On a chapeau Gules, turned up Ermine, a leopard's face Argent jessant- 
de-lis Or. 

I. CUT BERT MORLEY, of Normanby in co. Ebor. (probably 
son of Robert Morley and Elizabeth Svmon — see Glover's 
Visitation, 101), will 6 Nov. 1598, pr. 10 Dee. 1599 (vol. 
xxvii, p. 281) ; mar. Anne, daughter of Christopher Thomaby, 
of Thortiaby, first wife. They had issue — • 

1. James Morley, of Normanby in Cleveland; mar. . . . 

They had issue — 

Cuthbcrt, ? mar. Jane, dan. of Thomas, 
1st, Yisrouiit Fairfax of Klmley 18 Sept. 
I Ml ul ShrrilV Mutton. 

Mar. Isabell, daughter of ... . Wilson, of ... . in Northum- 
berland, second wife. They had issue — 

2. Robert (II). 

Eleanor, wife of . . . of . . . in com. . . . 

William. \ 


Thomas. Named in their father's will. 



II. ROBERT MORLEY, of y< Citty of Yorke, an Utter Barrister 
of the Inner Temple, died in a" 1651 ; mar. Elizabeth, daughter 
of S r John Score;/, of . . . in com. Hereford, Kn', 15 Dec. 
1621 at St. Giles in the Fields, London. They had issue — 

i)U(;i)AU<:\s visitation ok YOkKsmiuc. 187 

1. Cutkbert M or ley. 

2. James (III). 

/. Isabell, mar. 1st Philip Wheat h, of Ilindorwell ; mar. 

secondly, Ralph Lutton, of Knapton (C.B.N. ). 
2. Anne. 

III. JAMES MORLEY, of Newton upon Ouse in com. Ebor., at. 
38 an. 14 Sept. a 1665 ; mar. Cordelia, daughter of Thomas 
Dodsworth, of ... . in eo. Ebor., widow of . . . II igginbotham. 

Stain kcliffe Wapentake. Skipton, 17 Aug. 1665. 

Ulittgar of Otatloiu. 

Respit given for entring the urnies. 

I. HENRY SLING AR, of Little Hutton, in com. Ebor., mar. 
.... daughter of ... . Wrangham, of Wrangham, in com. 
Palat. Dunelm. They had issue — 

1. Henry Slingur, of Little Hutton in com, Eborum ; mar. 

Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Parker, of Brousholme 
in com. Ebor., Escf. 

2. Tempest (II). 

3. Frances Slingar, of Little Hutton, in com. Ebor. 

4. Peter, died unmarried. 

1. Isabell, ye wife of Marmaduke Wawne, of Alborough, in 

com. Ebor. 

2. Margaret, wife of ... . 

3. Catherine, wife of ... . Light foot, of Gilling, in com. 


4. Elizabeth. 

II. TEMPEST SLINGAR, of Catlow in co. Ebor., died a" 1661 ; 
will 13" Mar. 1660-1, no date of proof (vol. xlv, p. 280) ; to 
be bur. at St. Andrew's, Slaidburn ; mar. Isabell, da. of 
Abraham Coulthurst, of Burneleg, in eo. Lane. They had issue — 

1. Tempest (HI). 

2. Nicholas, died unmarried ; exor. in his father's will. 

3. Henry Slingar, exor. in his father's will ; mar. Jane, 

da. of Rich. Ratcliffe, of Berks in com. Ebor., widow 
of William Baynes, of Mewyth, co. Ebor. 
1. Margaret, lie. 1M8, at Slaidburn, first married unto 
Robert Fothergtll, of Ireby, in com. Lane, afterward 
to Robert Glover, of Haughton East, in com. Eborum. 



2. Elizabeth, ivife of Thomas Myton, of Sledbume, in com. 


3. Alice, wife of Edward Hopkinson, of Boseden, in com. 


4. Anne, wife of William Foster, of Barleybanke, in co. 


5. Isabel!, ivife of John Hide, of Sledbume, in com. Ebor. 

6. Mary, wife of Thomas Coze, of Grange in co. Ebor. 

III. TEMPEST SLING AR, of Callow, in co. Ebor., now one of 

ye justices of y e peace, at. 42 an. 17 Aug. 16G5 ; exor. of his 

father ; mar. Milicent, daughter of John Bradhill, of Portfield, 

in co. Lane, Esq r , named in her father-in-law's will. They 
had issue — 

1. Nicholas, at. 13 arm. 17 Aug. 1665. Named in his grand- 

father's will. 

2. Tempest, at. 12 ann. 17 Aug. 1665. Named in his 

grandfather's will. 

3. John, at. 10 ann. 17 Aug. 1665. Named in his grand- 

father's will. 

4. Eager, at. 7 ann. 1665. Named in his grandfather's 


1. Isabel/, at. 2 ann. 1665. 

2. Margaret, died young. Named in her grandfather's 


OsooDOKossE Wapentake. 

Pomfrct, 7° Apr. 16GG. 


Arms : — Argent, a chevron engrailed between three uoinV heads couped Sable. 


I. JOHN OGLETHORPE, of Oglethorpe, in com. Ebor., mar. 
.... They had issue — 

1. Richard Oglethorpe, of Oglethorpe. 

2. Thomas (11). 

II. THOMAS OGLETHORPE, of Beall ; mar. Jane, daughter 
of Henry Vavasour, of Haselwood, in co. Ebor. Her will, 4 Oct., 
pr. 4 Nov. 1569 (vol. xviii, p. 121) ; to be bur. in Kellington 
church. They had issue — 

1. Henry Oglethorpe, of Beall, living 15b5 ; mar. . . . 

They had issue — 

1. Richard Oglethorpe (Glover's Visitation, p. 


2. Thomas Oglethorpe (Glover's Visitation, p. 


2. William (111). 

Mark, named in his mother's will, died s.p. (Glover). 

III. WILLIAM OGLETHORPE, Rector of Kellington, in co. 
Ebor. ; mar They had issue — 

1. Gcrvase Oglethorpe, of Kellington, in co. Ebor. ; mar. 

Margaret, daughter of . . . Sainter, of West Haddlesey, 
in com. Ebor., lie. ( J (Jet. 1605 (Transcript, York). 
They had issue — 

Alice, sole daughter and heire, wife of Thomas 

Style, of Sutton neer Ouston, in com. Ebor. ; 

they had Thomas Style, of Kellington, in co. 

Ebor., who mar. Susan, da. of . . . Wclburn, 

of Kingston upon Hull. 

2. Stephen (IV). 

3. John Oglethorpe, a Fellow of Trinity College in Cam- 

bridge, died unmarried. Will 28 July 1613, pr. 
4 Jan. 1614-5 (vol. xxxii) ; to be bur. in quire of 
Kellington Church. 

IV. STEPHEN OGLETHORPE, of Kellington, in co. Ebor.; 
1 Admon. 4 July 1636 ; mar. Eli:., daughter of ... . Dew- 
hurst, of Wadworth, in com. Ebor. They had issue — 

1. William (V). 

2. John Oglethorpe, mar They had issue — 


2. Stephen. 

3. Will'm, 



1. . . ., wife of . . . Wickham, of Kellington, in com. 


2. Katherine, wife of WiWm Byivater, of Water-Fryston, in 

com. Ebor. 

3. Margt., wife of Henry Yerdon, of Beale. 

V. WILLIAM OGLETHORPE, atads 47 annor. 7° Apr. a' 1666 ; 
mar. Joane, daughter of John Walton, of Kellington, in com. 
Ebor. They had issue — 

John (VI). 

1. Jane, wife of William Thorpe, of Beall, in com. Ebor. 

2. Anne, 'wife of Tho. Dickon, of Water-Fryston, in com. 


VI. JOHN OGLETHORPE, Rector of Bransby, in com. Ebor., at. 
28 an. 7 Apr. 1666; mar. Elizabeth, daughter of William 
Lete (Leeke), of Neivarke super Trent, in com. Nott., Esq r , 
20 Feb. 1(505-6, at St. Sampson's, York. (C.B.N.) 

Wilton Beacon. Pocklington, 7° Sept. 1665. 



Arms : — Argent, an eagle displayed Sable, beaked and menibered Gules. 

I. CHRISTOPHER WILBERFOSS, of Wilberfoss, gent., will, 

12 Feb. 1533-1, pr. 18 July 153-1; to be bur. there (Test. 
Ebor. vi, 40) ; mar, Anne, dau. of Robert Browne, of Nether - 
dall (Clover's Visitation). Will, 16 Sept., pr. 25 Nov. 1558, 
oi Cattou ; to be bur. there (vol. xv, pp. 3, 123). They 
had issue — 


William (II). 

Roger. Named in his father's will. 
Edward. Named in his father's will. 
Thomas. Named in his father's will. 
John. Named in his father's will. 
Robert. Named in his father's will. 
Henry. Named in Ins father's will. 
Elizabeth. Named in her father's will. 
Dorothy. Named in her father's will. 

II. WILLIAM WILBERFOSS, of Wilberfoss, pent. Will, 3 Aug., 
pr. at York, 1 Sept. 1557 ; to be bur. there (vol. xv, i, 
237) ; I. P.M. 8 Mar. 1558-9 ; mar. Margaret, dau. of George 
Overend, of Kexby. They had issue — 

Roger (III). 

Thomas, of Wigton. 




Elizabeth, mar. . . . 

Agnes, mar. firstly, Thomas Burdon, secondly Henry 

Ann, mar. Roger Grayborue, of Beverley. 

III. ROGER WILBERFOSSE, of Wilberfosse, gent., xt. 14 years 
at his lather's [nq, P.M. Will, 15 Nov. 1584, pr. at York 
10 Feb. 1584-5 (vol. xxii, p. 031) ; to be bur. in Wilberfoss 
church ; mar. Margaret, dau. of Antony Waggett, of Bishop 
Wilton. Will, 12 'Feb. 1588-9, pr. at York 5 June 1589 
(vol. xxiv, 70) ; to be bur. in Wilberfoss church. They had 
issue — 

Edward, eldest son, ret. 18 an. 1584, exor. of his mother ; 

? d. s.p. 
Robert (IV). 

IV. ROBERT WILBERFOSSE, of Wilberfosse in com. Ebor. 
died in <r" III 10, eel circa ; bur. (hero 31 Mar. 1638 (G.B.N.) 
will '.'(» Mar. 1037 8, pr. ul York 7 Apr. 1038 (univgislmHl) 
iniir. Anne, dautjhUiT of Thomas liurland, of Stockton, in com 

Ebor. They hud issue — 

192 duodale's visitation of Yorkshire. 

Roger (V.). 

Thomas. Named in his father's will. 


1. Dorothy, wife of . . . Cob, of Full-Sutton, in com. Ebor. 

They had issue. She mar. secondly, Richard 

2. Elizabeth, wife of William Williamson, of Newton, in 

com. Ebor. 

3. Anne, wife of Thomas Cooper, of Barnby, in com. Ebor. ; 

mar. 11 June 1631 at Trinity, Goodramgate, York 

ROGER WILBERFOSSE, of Wilberfosse, died a' 1662, set. 

16 in 1612; bur. 8 May 1662 at Wilberfosse; mar. 9 Dec. 
1623 at Howden (reg.), Marat., daa<jh. of . . . Eathrope 
(Athorpe), of Kilpin, in co. Ebor., ob. s. prole, 1st wife, bur. 
30 Mar. 1626 at Wilberfosse ; mar. secondly, Margaret, 
daughter of John Agard, of Stockton, in com. Ebor urn, 2 wife 
lie. 1630. They had issue— 

1. Roger (VI). 

2. Robert Wilberfosse, bp. 28 Nov. 1636 at Wilberfoss ; 

married Emmot, daugh. of Simon Newlove, of Wetwang, 
in com. Ebor., 21 Aug. 1662. 

3. William, bp. 5 April 1641 at Wilberfoss. 

4. Thomas, bp. 31 May 1647 at Wilberfoss. 

1. Anne, bp. 5 Oct. 1634 at Wilberfoss, wife of WilVm 

Horseley, of Beck-house, in Pickering Lythe. 

2. Margaret. 

3. Mary, bp. 2 Oct. 1645 at Wilberfoss. 

VI. ROGER WILBERFOSSE, of Wilberfosse, crl. 31 aim. 7 Sept. 
1665; bp. 12 Dec. 1632 at Wilberfoss; mar. Anne, daughter 
of WilVm Plaxton, of Pocklington, in com. Ebor. They had 
issue — 

Roger (VII). 

Anne, bp. 4 Mar. 1661-2 at AVilberfoss. 

VII. ROGER WILBERFOSSE, a*. 8 ann. 7 Sept. 1665; bp. 
23 Feb. 1656-7 at Wilberfoss ; mar. 24 Nov. 1681, Elizabeth 


J2 J 


5» w 
& 2 

2 3 



CO «-» CD 

™ £ o 

O (3 tB 

C3 ^: to 

cu o 3 
to i> rg 

"~ <" tl 

t< P B 

rt W d 

b 2 3 


2 £;£ 
B o j 

CJ co 


-r, 45 p o 

rt a p B 

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T3 M 


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w m "* ,_; n 

►S cfl 

N J^ t*. 30 

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E2 ° 

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3 O i-. 

5 X, 2 

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B c 
E S 

-; -b m S « 

- 2 oj 

rt .. O l~ 

E to ^ "^ 
Cn o 
rt 1- H E 

J3 >. B 

B.^3 1) 

CO . . Q. 

C co v 

1-5 a -> 

1M Iffl 



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•-> E O 


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£ E 'O 

to r 


§ 5 .» 


— a — ' m a 

P O - r-j 

A c o ^ 
O cu- 
rt Srtip^ 

-E 5 v. 3 -f 

a. «-• - c o 

c ^ ^j ■*: co 

t/3 P5 --. — r-i 


- — _ : 2 
« 2 "o D 

t„ rt ,° co 

CD > ^ CU 

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rt e 3 ►, 

• S t! ni * 

na ^ ^ d ~ 
... fl J • 

—, C9 a> H ro 

CO "5 P-( ™ _ 

E -^ rf o 

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-B £• - 

P. 3 

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PP Pd M Q t> CO 

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rt *j" E Oj 

a pl, 2 o 

CU o t &*> 

a 7i o — g 
'a« fe rt o 

rt rt u T 05 
" « f n " 
" 3 v T3 B O 

© ^ a rt o 
PQ aofe 

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cu Oi 

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cu .S 

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rt cd t- r^ 

P^ ^ 1" 1— 1 

rt tl >■ 

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■gs <i3 

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bt co 

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5 SOn 

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T3 n -o jJiQ 
co "- CU 


IS ^ c ° ° 

rt 5 31 

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"r ~- c; © a 

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H j hH -J 

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"rt CD " • 



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cu a 



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t> V- * 




cu ^Q rt 


cu i-3 

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rt^ & 





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a^ cp Jj 





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V -O M 

4>: .B rt 


<D o 

w* a m w w _ ■ 

c .2 


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' H " i-H 

cd T3 7-" 

■% <B k 

O 00 < 

. ."5 -« ■* 


a .. 
■< a o 

E r— 1 m 


h5 O 

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00 00 

TO r, 

.2 e 

O 35 

— 1 W T 
^ — t^ 

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35 35 

i-H 1-3 ^ 

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« 00 
1- — i 

r. fl "O ^ .. 


(b i— * o 

o o a 

ttM« -J 


,31 » 4) 


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• J" f-l 
m -, a 

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rt i-3 Cd 

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cd m 

N 13 

;3 cd 

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c eq 

S «g CO 

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5 a -? 

d •- 1-1 

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-a cd 


tt) , 


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4) 3 

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bu .J 

p. It 



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u a. 


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P <M 

s s s 

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o - cJ a 

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03 a -" d5 
'c *; p 

*£* J 

•5 J" •- £ 

*-l *s I — 

• - ^ 3; J2 

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ti) 1 /? 











p •• a 3 

a ^ *' a a 

p o >-< 1 ■' — 
• - -<< • "l'£> 

pq £ . o ■- 

a « g fe u 

-2 co S rt § 

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ri . 

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2 o o g co 
co ^ - 5*-S 2 

"" £ a 

d X! 


s P 

• M O *3 OS 

3 — ' c, a — 1 

■J-. p 

rt <U <B 

u -■ 

^ s^-^ p 

2 a," CQ X ^ 

— u 


w ^ 

- . -'. p 

n 2 " ^ u 

"3 * 

-I ' co " ^ 

!-3 — ' 

Ph-o m 

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1-3 1-5 

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qo 3 



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35 ^ 
TJ c-i 

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a 1, 

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p — • 
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•— cd 


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if. — 

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C9 -3 

'E a 
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r"; 3 'o 


co £ 55 



















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«< 35 d 



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rt ,c; pq h o 

t>> c a, 

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.2 60 S 

ts?- a 

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d 0) 

— CJ5 -^ 
O ?1 00 
i ■ 00 

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-3 L lJ 3 

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ID N T3 . 

a . a >, 

T3 « e« rf 

r« °< ■ *< 

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^ CO o 00 

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d 2. 


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O 4) 

CN k 

rt I — i H 

B T3 -^ 
"H. fl ft 

P M 


5 .H 

- a s sg h 

*o "^ ^ 

° (-, »H 

S pq ^ ° -^ -g 

n m 

o § • 

d a ~d 

eter Har 
bine de 

our fam 
at ions in 
e pasteu 

and mi 

o> o +- 1 

M P-l 

-— < O <w 

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.£ d2 T3 



rt t-, tu 
° „, <u 3 o '3 

rd __ 

g.g'fi 5 g rt 

48 s ^ : ^ i 

■, m, 

• 2 £ 5 'it ^ o 

+= 3 ^ CQ « ^ 

w < t- _d 

and in Ho 
o a creditoi 
stuffs, the 

he fir 

ills a 


H ^d fe "t| 
.22 , m ^ ° 

^ % 3 E: £ 
«'_d -—o^o 

t^^ a 

tch fami 
tion wit 
of the ] 
o the F 
e other 
hen wid 

C CO 03 

n Germa 

sd in 170 

of wooll 




3 O *^ -d -t- 

Q .l- ^'^ H d 

j= Cr3 -d jj 


43 ° .« i T3 



o d _s d 5 _, 


* b d 

o t. d fa P^ 

r— 1 ^ 

*9 A d 

c S ri 

rt r3 > S ""3 > 

g « d 5: 5 J 

o a -g 

. p : o - --". 


"^ T3 c3 

o - — "^~ 


2^ M 

q g, -^ £ ta 'c 


cS d 

P-i ?: S-il d 

T" — — I 

a) -P H 

renc wills proved in th 
e Welsh Church at the 
djures his niece, Eliz; 
entified with the Pierre 
and 1717. preaching ii: 
lenry Frederic Harenc 


ers of this nam< 
lor, for whose es 
became, by his i 





re oth 
: who 


lere we 

03 J=i d T3 _■ >M 


<U O d — ^h rj 

^ «J d f £ ? »-3 



^'BJd -d ^ .s 

H 5 .2 ^ E -1 
"3 d W 

►2 § - 

— d > ^ 

.2 d 


(Continued from p. I'-o.) 

This is the Copie of the Bill of Hho : ©xcnben against John Isaake, 
John Diggs and others. 

Siumbly sheweth unto your good & gracious Lordship your continual 
Orator Edward Oxenden Cosyn & heire of Richard Oxenden sometime 
of Wingham that is to say so.nnc of Thomas Oxenden late of London 
son of \bhnJi] brother of the said Richard Oxenden [who] was seised of 
the Mannor of Broke with the appurtenances and of eight Messuages 
foure hundred acres of land meadow pasture & wood with the appur- 
tenances in the Parish of Wingham, Adesham, Wikham brewes, 
Goodneston, Nonyngton, Woodnesburjih, Ash beside Sandwich within 
the Count ie of Kent, Staple, Preston and Chistlet, & allso of land in 
Sandwich within the sayd Countie, & so seised of the said land and 
Tenements enfeffed John Dygges & John Isaake, Roger Brent, William 
Bettyn and Thomas at Wode with others now dead to have to them 
& to their heires upon trust, & to the behofe of the said Richard & his 
heires, & to the intent to performe thereof his last Will, by force of the 
which FefYement the said Feffees were seized of the sayd lands & 
Tenements in their demene as of fee to the use & behofe aforesaid. 
And alter the sayd Richard O.xinden made his last Will, willing by 
the same that the sayd Feft'ees should suffer Alice wife of the sayd 
Richard to have and enjoy all the sayd landes & Tenements for the 
Terme of her life paying all & all manner of charges, & keeping suffi- 
ciently the Reparations of the same landes and Tenements without 
distinction or wast, & the finding with the sayd landes & Tenements 
Agnes, 1- Isabella then daughters unto the sayd Richard, & after 
the decease of the said Alice the said Felices should make estate of all 
the landes and Tenements aforesaid in Wingham, Goodneston, Staple 
& Woodnesburgh, and allso of the sayd landes within the Towne of 
Sandwich to Agnes his eldest daughter to have and to hold to her 
& to the heires of her body lawfully begotten, and if it happen her to 
die without heire of her body lawfully begotten then the said lands & 
Tenements to rcmaine to the sayd lsabell her sister and to the heires 
of her bodie lawfully begotten, and allso that the sayd Feffees should 
make Estate to the sayd lsabell of all the sayd lands & Tenements 
in Addesham, Wikham brewes, Goodneston, Nonyngton, Assh beside 
Sandwich, Preston and Chistlet to have & to hold to her & to the heires 
of her body lawfully begotten, the remainder thereof tor lack oi such 
issue to the sayd Agnes her sister and to the heires of her body lawfully 
begotten. And if it happen the sayd Agnes & lsabell to die without 
issue then all the sayd landes & Tenements should remaine to the 
sayd Thomas (Dxenoen Father to your sayd Orator, Cosyn & heire 
to the sayd Richard Oxinden, & to the heires of his body lawfully 
begotten. And if it shall happen the sayd Hhoinuv- ©xinuiMi to die 
without issue of his bodie lawfully begotten then the sayd landes & 


Tenements to remaine to the sayd Fefl'ees to be sold & the money 
thereof received for to be disposed for the soule of tlie said Richard 
Oxenden after their discretion. £t to SOC Gracious Lord that the sayd 
Richard Oxinden & Agnes, & Isabell his sayd daughters be deceased 
without heire of their body comeing, and the sayd Alice late wife unto 
the sayd Richard hath taken to husband oon John a Wode, & they 
doe occupie all the sayd landes & Tenements by the sufferance of the 
fefltes aforesayd, have felled & sold gret tyniber growing upon the sayd 
landes & Tenements to the value of twenty pound & more, & allso 
dayly wast & destroy the sayd landes & Tenements to the greet hurt 
& dishert [blank] of your sayd Orator & contrary to the last Will and 
intent of the sayd Richard their Feoil'er. Wherefore Gracious Lord 
for as much as shee hath as yet therein no State, but occupy by 
sufferance of the sayd Fefl'es your sayd Orator hath no remedy by the 
Common Law for the punishment of the sayd wast. Please it therefore 
your sayd gracious Lordship the premises tenderly considered to grant 
severall writts of Subpoena to be directed as well to the sayd John 
Dyggcs &c. as to the sayd John a Wode & Alice his wife comanding 
them by the same to appeare before the King in his Chancery at a 
certaine day, & under a certaine peine by your Lordship to be limited 
to auswere to the premises. And that the sayd Fetl'es may be rulede 
to make estate to the sayd Alice, the remainder to your said Orator 
& to the heires of his body comeing according to the sayd will. And 
also that the sayd John a Wode & Alice may be ruled to satisfy to your 
sayd Orator for the wast afore don, and to take further direction herein 
according to right & sood conscience &c. 


Rogerus de Mildenhall the Coinon Ancestor of this Family. John 
de Mildenhall sonne of Roger was the first called Diggs, & hee did 
live Anno 33 Hen. 3. He married Agnes daughter of . . . 

John Digg, the first sonne of John. Daniel Digg was Rector Ecclesiae 
de Stone 13 Ed. I. 

John Digg, 1. sonne of John. 

Thomas Digg, 1. son of John, lived 5 Ed. 2. married . . . daughter 
of Harote. 1 

Roger Digg of Rarham lived -19 Ed. 3. & is buried in the church of 
Barham. John his brother, Clerk, was buried in the Chanccll at 
Bar ham. Edmund Di^g another brother was Rector llioclcsia) de 
Stone 1G Ed. 3. Thomas Digg another brother lived 19 Ed. 3. 

1 In a different and more modern hand on a slip " Thomas Dig married . . • 
da. of Hawte of Petham not Harote. Roger D. their son mar. Albina d. & h. of 
Sir Rogor Norwood Kn*. M.I. Chilham Ch." 


John Digg of Barham, i sonne of Roger, married Julian sister & heire 
of James Home, who brought with her the Mannor of Pope neer Dover ; 
his sister Cicelle married Clynton ; & Joane married Sackvill ; Isabell 
was a Nunne. [In the margin] This John Digg had a second brother 

whose name was Aiidomarus Diggs, who lived at Newington & heo 
likewise had a sonne called Andomarus. 

John Digg, sonne of John, also of Barham married Joane daughter 
of Maurice Bruyne of Beckenham, K l . 

John Diggs of Barham, sonne of John by Joane, married Joane the 
daughter of S 1 ' Gervais Clifton K l . 

James Diggs of Diggs Court in the parish of Barham in Kent Esq r 
married first Mildred daughter of S r John Fineux K l , &. coheire to her 
Mother, who was the daughter & coheire of Willm Apledorefeild, 
whom the aforesaid John Fineux K l chicle Justice of England married. 

John Diggs of Diggs Court, 1 sonne & heire of James, married Mildred 
daughter of S r John Scot K l of Scots Hall, lice had a brother by name 
William, & a sister by name Isabell married to John llilman of London. 

William Diggs sonne of John of Diggs Court married the daughter 
of Brooke an alien borne. 

Christofer Diggs sonne of William of Diggs Court married the daughter 
of Ovvenden. 

Thomas Diggs, 1 sonne of William [should read Christofer] of Diggs 
place, married Margaret the daughter of S r John Parker K l , sonne of 
the Arch Bishop of Canterbury. Christofer a 2 sonne, Edward a 3 sonne, 
Reginald a -± th sonne, John a 5 th sonne & Dorothy a daughter of the 
said Thomas. 

Thomas Post humus Digges of Rigate in Surry was sonne of Thomas, 
liveing 1623 ; hee married Marie daughter of Henry Drake of Frenches 
in Rigate in the County of Surry. Elizabeth his sister was married 
to James Morley of London. 

John Digges, 1 sonne of Thomas Posthumus Digges, was baptized 
Ap : 3, living IG23. J lis second brothers name was Thomas : hoc had 
sisters, 1. Margaret t & Marie. 

Memorandum that James Diggs who married the daughter of Fineux 
had a second wife viz. Philippa da : of John Engham of Chart in Kent, 
by whom hee had Leonard Diggs who married Sarah sister of S 1 Thomas 
Wilford K* of Hart ridge. 

1 Tlio Visitation of Kent shows this John to ho kou of Juhn hy Julian, d. and 
h. of Roger Noithwood and grundson of Roger supra. 


Tlio : Diggs of Barham in Kent, sone of Leonard married Anne 
daughter of S r William 1 S l Leger K l : hee had a sister by name Marie 
married to Barber, Sarah married to Martyn, Anne married to William 
Diggs of Newington. 

S r Dudley Diggs K' of Chilham in Kent lived 1023 (hee was the 
sonne of Thomas Diggs Esq r s which Thomas dyed 24 August 1595 & 
is buried in S l Giles his Chureh without Creplegate) the said Dudley 
Diggs K l married Mary eldest daughter of S r Thomas Kemp K l of 

Thomas Diggs eldest sonne of S r Dudly. John 2 sonne. Dudly 
3 sonne. Anne the eldest daughter of S r Dudly. Elizabeth the second 

Memo rand u that Tho : Diggs Esq 1- , who dyed 24 August 1595, was 
the sonne of Leonard Digges of Wooton in Kent & Father of S 1 ' Dudly 
& that Agnes wife of the said Thomas was daughter of S r William [sic, 
see last footnote] S l Leger, Knight, by Ursula da: of George 
Nevil, Lord Aburgaveny, & that the said Tho : 2 Digges had a second 
brother by name Leonard & a thiifd] brother by name William who 
dyed young, & a sister by name Margaret, another Marie who dyed 
young, and a third Ursula. 


Robt. Hadd was father of Robt Hadd of Aylesford in Kent who 
ma : ... da : of Ho per in Kent, by whom hee had Henry Hadd of 
Fresnted who ma : Katharine da : of Tho : Wilford, by whom hee 
had Arnold Hadd 1 son, who ma : Mary da : of . . . Hammon of 
Nonington, by whom hee had Edw : Hadd, Susan, Amic & Elizabeth. 
[2/i margin] Mathew Hadd 2 son [of Henri/]. 


Edingham abas Engham. 

Allein Edingha al 3 Engham of the parish of Woodchurch in Kent 
married the daughter of Townelande : hee lived 79 yeares. 

Nota that this Allein Edingham, or Kngeham, was in good credit 
in the time of King John, hee passed his time wisely in that lime of 
trouble &: was appointed by the sayd King to attend uppon Hubert 
de Burgo then Constable of the Castle of Dover against the force of 
Lewis the ilrcnch King ; he lived over the age of 79 yeares, & dyed 
in his Maunor house of Eugcham Dec : 10, 1251, Si lies buried in the 
Church of Woodchurch aforesaid. 

1 There litis boon .some alto ration horo, and tho MS. appears to road " William, " 
whereas tho Visitations call him "Warham." 

2 Tho Visitations give no brothers to Thomas, or sisters as heio named. 
"Tho : " is probably a slip of tho pen and should read Dudley. 


[In the margin] coates w c,) the Engehams quarter are, 1. Engeham, 
2. Plurendon, 'A. Piekesden, I. Goodneston, 5. Malveisin, a FT | | ~| ar. 
Engeham bare anciently, as is in the College windoea at Ashford partie 
j) chevr. sa. & ar. 3 O [intended for roundles] count erchanged A: on a 
chief Ar. a lyon passant gardant gu. 

Richard Engeham of Engeham was the first sonne of Allein & married 
the daughter of Atte [this statement of marriage appears to be envied] 
& aliso lived 79 yeares ; his second sonnes name was Thomas Engeham. 

Robert Engeham of Engeham, the first sonne of Richard, married 
the daughter of Avelyn, & hee lived 85 yeares. 

Moises Engeham of Engeham Esq 1- , son of Robert, married Avis 
daughter of Allein Henhurst of Kennerton in Kent, gent., & lived 86 

Thomas Engeham of Woodchurch, the first son of Moyses, married 
Parnell da : & heire of Thomas Plurenden of Woodchurch aforesaid 
Esq r . 

William Engeham of Woodchurch aforesaid, 1 son of Thomas, married 
Joane da : & coheire of Thomas Picklesden of Tenterden in Kent. 

William Engeham of Woodchurch, 1 sonne of William aforesaid, 
married Avis daughter of Whorne [Home] in Kent, gent. 

Vincent Engeham 1 of West borough in Kent, 1 sonne of William, 
married Edith the daughter it heire of Wittra Goodneston of Kent, 
.which was his first wife by whom lice had 

Thomas Engeham, 1 sonne, of Goodneston, who married Elizabeth 
daughter of Ed : Mooneinges of Waldershire in Kent, Esq 1- . 

Thomas Engeham of Goodneston, the sonne of Thomas, married 
Priscilla daughter of Root Honywood of Charing in Kent. His sister 
Marie married to Tho : Webbe of Canterbury gent. Dorothy to 
Nicho : Fynche of Feversham gent. Another sister Marie to Nicholas 
Goldesborough of Cambridge gent. Parnell dyed S.P. 

Edward Engeham of Nooneington. sonne of Tho : aforesaid by 
Priscilla, married Phillip da : & heire of Gibbons of Rownden. 2 Hee 

1 [In the margin] the 2 wife of Vincent was . . . daughter of . . . Relict of 

* This docs not agree with the printed Visitation of Kent (Harl. Soc. 
Pub., xlii, 50) or wiili that in the Heralds' Office. There seems to be confusion 
between two Edwards. 


hud a second brother named Rowland, & Vincent, & William who dyed 
S.l'., sisters Dorothy, Jane & Elizabeth who dyed 8. P., & Mary, Marie, 
& Marie which o Maries dyed younge. 

William Engeham was the first sonne of Edward, Tho : the second 
who dyed S.l'., sisters Marie, Katherine & Priscilla. 

Memorandum the second sonne of Moises Engeham married Joane 
daughter & Lciro of John Towneland, and lived 82 yeares, by her hee 

had issue 

Richard Engeham of Woodchurch who married Anne the daughter 
of S r Richard Panic K l : hee the said Richard had a younger 
brother, by name Allane Engeham, who gave his lands to his Cozin 
John the sou of Richard k dyed without issue. 

John Engeham of Engeham of Chart, sonne of Richard, married 
Thomasine the da : of Guldeford KJ, lived 71 yeares. 

Robert Engeham sonne of John married Jane Cromer, daughter 
uf S 1 ' William Cromer, who had a daughter by name Marie married 
to Tho : Isely, & Jane married to Rich : Ashinden daughter [sic] of 
S r William Ashinden K l , so made at Callice Anno 1596 [sic]. 

Memorandum y l John Engeham of Engeham of Chart who first 
married Thomasine the daughter of S 1 ' John Guldeforde K l , after her 
decease married Phillip daughter & heireof John Malveisine of Cotesfield 
in Sussex, by whom hee had issue John Engeham who married Alice 
daughter of John Dorrel [Darrel] of Calehill, by whom hee had issue. 

Richard Engeham, who married Eliz : da : of Willrn Chandler, & 
lived 51 yeares. 

Vincent Engeham first son of Rich : married Anne daughter of 
Uielmrd Webbo, & he-ire to her brother ; hee was ol Shingleton in great 
than, iV lately was tivetug ; hee had issue 

Richard who dyed S.P. 2. Thomas who married Elizabeth daughter 
of . . . Duke, of Camberwell. 3. Walter who dyed S.P. 4. Henrie 
who married . . . daughter of Moore of Kent ; hee had sisters 
Marjerie who was married to Robt Thompson, Elizabeth, Lettice, 
Marie & Anne ; qiuxre concerning them. 

Vincent 1 sonne of ' Thomas by Elizabeth da : of . . . Duke, of 
Camberwell. John a second sonne. Thomas a third sonne, & daughters 
of the said Thomas were Katharine married to Edward Pcusax, Anne, 
Ellen and Elizabeth ; quajre concerning them. 

(To be continued.) 



Edited by the Kkv. Edmund Nevii.l, U.A., F.S.A. 
(Continued from y. 133.) 

Bonds. Bundle No. 15 (continued). 

Allen, John, of St. Lawrence, Reading, yeoman, 21, and Francis 

Austin of the same, sp., 22. Bdman. John Austin of the same, 

yeoman. 11 Dec. 1664. [A.B.] 
Adams, John, of St. Mary's, Reading, yeoman, and Elizabeth Phenix 

of the same, sp. Bdman. William Hambden of the same, yeoman. 

20 Sep. 1664. [B.J 
Gale, William, of Shinlield, Berks, yeoman, and Jane Booth, of 

Brimpton, Berks, vvid. Bdman. Robert Watmore, of Shinfield ; 

seal, "N.P.," in a circle. 21 Jan. 1GGL [A.B.] 
Hawden, Th< .mas, of Cookham, Berks, yeoman, -15, and Jane Pecott 

of the same, sp., 30. Bdman. Thomas Wilkinson, of Waltham 

St. Lawrence, Berks, clerk, 14 Feb. 1GGL [A.B.] 
Cenay, Stephen, of Warlield, Berks, yeoman, 30, and Alice Gale, of 

Waltham St. Lawrence, Berks, sp., 29. Bdman. Robert Watmore, 

of Shinlield, Berks, yeoman. (Groom signs " Ceney.") 20 Mar. 

1664. [A.B.j 
Holloway, William, of Strowdwater, co. Glouc., watchmaker, 26, 

and Hester Hikron, of Garsdon, Wilts, sp., 24. Bdmen. Giles 

Freeman, of Sarum, clothier, and William Bond, of Strowdwater. 

20 Mar. 1664. [A.B.] 
Skeate, John, of Wotton Basset, Wilts, clerk, and Mary Lloyd of 

the same, sp. Bdman. Richard Warrull, of Marlborough, Wilts, 

gent. Witnesses, An Skeate and Elizabeth Skeate. 9 Mar. 1664. 

Browne, Edward, of . . . ., Wilts, dyer, widower, and Judith Hone ? 

of Westport, wid. Bdman. Thomas Honny, of Sarum, taylor. 

24 Feb. 1G64. 
Bryant, John, of Hilmarton, Wilts, clothier, 21, and Mary Bromham, 

alias Phelpks, of Avebury, Wilts, sp., 17. Bdman. John Sadler, 

Sen., of the Close, Sarum. 3 Feb. [A.B.J 
Cox, Robert, of Puriton, Somerset, yeoman, 25, and Jane Locke, of 

Wylye, Wilts, sp., 21. Bdman. John Hillman, of Wylye, yeoman. 

1 Nov. 1664. [A.B.J 
Hoby, John, of Sarum, gent., 27, and Mary Louis, of St. Martin's, 

Sarum, sp., 18. Bdman. Thomas Long of the same, gent. 17 Dec. 

1GG4. [A.B.J 
Bowshare, William, of Somerford Parva, Wilts, yeoman, 24, and Ruth 

Ferris, of Sutton Benger, sp., 22. Bdman. John Phillipps, 

of Sarum, inholder. 31 Oct. [A.B.] 


Welsteed, Charles, of Horton, Dorset, huab., widower, and Ann 
Penney, of St. Thomas', Sarum, sp., 25. Bdman. Richard Girl, 
of Sarum, yeoman. 18 Oct. 1664. [A.H.J 

Tucker, .John, of Steeple Ashton, Wilts, yeoman, widower, and Mar- 
garet Snum.Kv, of Monkton Farley, wid. Bdmen. Thomas 
Sturridge, of Sarum, glover, and Edward Tucker, of Steeple 
Ashton. 17 Oct. 1664. [A.B.] 

Evans, Robert, of Keevil, husb., widower, and Sara Jones of the same, 
sp., 27. Bdmen. Robert Jones of the same, miller, John White' 
of Sarum, malster, and Edward Moody of the same malster' 
11 Oct. 1664. [A.B.] 

Coleman, Thomas, of Lyneham, Wilts, yeoman, 35, and Hester Hunt- 
ley of the same, sp., 22. Bdmen. John Mylles, of Berwick Basset, 
yeoman, and John Phillipps, of Sarum, iuholdcr. 23 Sep. 1GG-E 

Smith, William, of Urchfont, Wilts, husb., 24, and Susann Chapple 
of the same, sp., 21. Bdmen. Edward Chappie of Potterne, husb., 
William Ashton, of Sarum, Wilts, yeoman, and John Ashton of 
the same, taylor. 23 Sep. 1661. | B.| 

Brooke, John, of Morebath, Devon, gent., widower, and Margaret 
Kuu'oiiD, of St. Edmund's, Sarum, Wilts, wid. Bdman. Eerris 
Gresley, of Sarum, gent, [two seals, (1) a shield of arms, on a chevron 
a lure ; (2) shield of arms, vair]. [A.B.j 

Bishop's Licences. 


CJibbs, Edmond, of Ditchampton, broadweaver, 23, and Joan Matthews 
23. Bdman. Fran : Matthews, of Burton Ball [now Burdens- 
ball, in the parish of Wilton]. 26 Mar. | A.B.] 

Ekktt, Richard, of Devizes, bodice-maker, widower, and Eliz : Clarke 
of the same, sp., 32. Bdman. Hugh Hillman, of Devizes, yeoman 
•1 Ap. [A.] 

Chappe, Samuel, of Malmesbury, Wilts, yeoman, 27, and Mary Usher, 
of St. John's, Devizes, sp., 27. Bdman. John IDnt. Witnesses] 
John Hughes, of Devizes, and Robert Martin, yeoman. 5 An' 
[A.B.] J J * 

Musphat, Ambrose, of Urfont [Urchfont], carryer, 22, and Anne 
Batt of the same, wid. Bdmen. Thomas Musprat of the same, 
and Tho. Frampton, carryer. (Bride spinster in A.) 11 Ap' 

Parsons, Henry, of Corsham, husb., 28, and Mary Allen of the same, 
sp., 21'. Bdmen. Kd ward Billot of the same, carpenter and Thou 

Bigg, II A P . | A.B.| 
Downkiia.m, Syinon, of Wilcot,- Wilts, husb., 32, and Rebecca Styles, 

of Monkton, Wilts, sp., 30. Bdman. Valcntyne Palmer, of Wilcot' 

11 Ap. | A.B.J 
Curtis, Ralph, of Lanford [LandfordJ, Wilts, 40, and Joan Banks of 

the same, sp., 30. Bdman. Steven Banks. 12 Ap. [A.B.] 


Bartly, Wm., of Tinhead, Wilts, husb., 25, and Jane Gaysford, of 

Bulkington, sp., 22. 12 Ap. | A.B.J 
Keble, Henry, ol' Marlborough, glacier, widower, and Jane Godden 
of the same, ap., 21. Bdmen. Leonard Darnell of the same, and 

John Kebble of the same, inholder. Witness, Thos. Idsber. 

19 Ap. [A.B.] 
Blackman, John, of Amesbury, yeoman, widower, and Eliz. Bundy 
of the same, wid. Bdman. Henry Blackman of Sarum, yeoman. 

[Kintbury in Bond.] 20 Ap. [A.B.J 
Cowdhy, Thomas, of Wishford, yeoman, 25, and Luce Whiteare 

of the same, sp., 40. Bdman. Peter Webb, of Winterbourne 

Dauntesy, yeoman. 30 Ap. [A.B.] 
Cox, Barnaby, of Compton Charnberlaine, Wilts, yeoman, and Beaterice 

Com age of the same, wid. 27 Ap. 
Penstone, Francis, of Marlborough, woolendraper, widower, and 

Katlierine Byeeild of the same, wid. Bdman. Tristram Davis, 

of Sarum, barber. 5 May. [A.B.] 
Vylet Arthur, of Swindon, gent., widower, and Eliz : Garrard, of 

Earlscourt in Lamborne, Berks, wid. Bdman. Edward Lyster, 

of the City of New Sarum, inholder. 1G May. [A.B.] 
Bing, Thomas, of Knighton, in Broad Chalke, 22, and Anne Low- 
berry, of Bishopston, Wilts, sp., 22. Bdman. Andrew Carter, of 

the Close, Sarum. 23 May. [A.B.] 
Bloxom, Henry, of Draycot, Wilts, yeoman, 27, and Joane Robinson, 

of Marlborough, sp., 20. Bdman. George Jaques of the same, 

yeoman, Witness, Tho. Davis. 27 May 166L [A.B.] 
Baker, Lawrence, of Tilside [Tilshead], yeoman, 22, and Mary Harris 

of the same, sp., 21. Bdman. Robert Harris, of Tilside, 

28 May. [A.B.] 
Cann, Richard, of Bristol, gent., 25, and Elianor Grove, of PouLshot, 

15. Bdman. John Cann, of Bristol, merchant. 31 May. [A.B.] 
Harriway, William, of Biitlord, blacksmith, 22, and Christian Bennet, 

(»[ Wiuterslow, sp., 22. 7 June. (A.B.J 
Lankkikk, Thomas, of Chippenham, husb., widower, and Elizabeth 

Browne of the same, wid. Bdman. Ambros Musprat, of Urchfont. 

8 June. ( A.B.J 
Wansborow, Thomas, of Sarum, mercer, 26, and Katlierine Pickhaver 

of the same, 25. Bdman. James Harris of the same, linen draper. 

8 June. 
Holyday, Edward, of Warminster, dyer, widower, and Mary Barton, 

of Westbury, sp., 18. 11 June. (Erased.) 
Phelps, Richard, of Avebury, yeoman, 28, and Ann Cook, of Coat 

in Bps Cannings, sp., 22. Bdmen. Hugh Hillman, of Devizes, 

apparitor, and John Phclpes, yeoman. 1-4 June. [A.B.J 
Westland, Richard, of East Deane, 27, and Sarah CuX of the same, 

sp., 22. Bdman. John Nicholas, of Sarum, yeoman. [West Deane 

in Bond. 1 ] 11 June. [A.B.J 

1 East Dean is iu Hampshire and Diocese ol Winchester. 


Mead, Robert, of West Layjngton, husb., 22, and Susanna Beshak 

of the same, sp.; 22. Bdmaii. Robert Martin, of Devizes, apparitor 

14 June. [A.B.J 
Johnson, lien : of Weeke in Downton, widower, and Joan Warton, 

of Hollwell in Cranborne, sp., 53. 18 June. [A.B.] 
Hardin, John, of Shrewton, butcher, widower, and l'recilla Audras 

of Earle Stoke, sp., 27. 5 July. [A.B.] 
Curtis, Matthew, of Wilton, Wilts, cloth worker, widower, and Elizabeth 

Leg, of Netheravon, sp., 34. 8 July. (A.H.J 
Hicks, Thomas, of Trowbridge, yeoman, 24, and Anne Gye of the same, 

sp., 20. Bdmen. Edward Whitaker of the same, and William 

Perry of the same, diaper. Witnesses, Thos. Petting Rich 

Broadhead. Jl July. [A.B.J 
Prewdy, Francis, of Rodborne, yeoman, 22, and Ursly Edwards of 

the same, wid. Bdman. Leonard llamell, of" Marlborough 

13 July 1064. 
Weason, Edw : of Winterborne Stoke, yeoman, 29, and Mary Crouch, 

of Maddingtcn, sp., 20. Bdman. William Gilbert of the same gent* 

16 July. [A.B.J 
Grant, John, of Chippenham, feltmaker, 24, and Joane Dennell 

of the same, wid. Bdman. John Evans, of Gosperd in Alford Stoke 

[i.e. Gosport in Alverstoke], co. South., feltmaker. [A.B.] 
Rawkins, John, of North Newton, husb., 24, and Alice Harding 

of the some, wid. Bdman. John Waterman, of Sarum husb 

25 July. [A.B.J 

Millard, Thomas, of Malmesbury, maulter, widower, and Mary 
GARLICK of the same, sp., 28. Bdman. Hugh Hillman, of Devizes 

26 July. [A.J 

Vincent, Barbora, of Asliton Keynes, potter, 20, and Mary Sidwell, 
of Ashton Keynes, sp., 18. Bdmen. Wm. Sidwell, of Ashton 
Keynes, chapman, and Francis Harford, of Sarum inholder 
29 July. [A.B.J 

Edwards, John, clerk, vicar of Stapleford, and Eliz. Seymour of the 
same. 1 Aug. [A. H.J 

Denning, Hugh, of Malmesbury, cooper, 24, and Alice Arnold of the 
same, wid. Bdman. John Hodges of the same, clerk. 2 Aug. [A.] 

Hort, James, of Westport, ehaundler, 21, and Anne Blagden of the 
same, sp., 2-1. Bdman. Thomas Wait, of the same clothier 

2 Aug. [A.B.] 

Godwin, Nathaniel, of Chippenham, yeoman, 2G, and Joan Harris, 
of Bremlull, sp., 30. Bdman. Adam Tucker of the same yeoman' 

3 Aug. [A.B.J ' J 
Cardin, Wm., of Sarum, shoemaker, widower, and Margaret Parker 

of the same. wid. (i Aug. [A.B.J 
Mack, Walter, of West Grimsteed, Wilts, husb., 30, and Eleanor 

Coker, of Bulford, sp., 23. Bdman. Willm. Coker, of Bulford 

Wills, husb. 12 Aug. | 
Gough, Henry, of Stratford Tony, clerk, 25, and Anne Ketelby 

of the same, sp., 20. 17 Aug. [A.B.J 


Hayward, Wm., of Chippenham, blacksmith, widower, and Hester 

Pearce, of Ashton Keynes, sp., 24. Bdrnen. llobt. Norrington, 

of Chippenham, and Wm. Smith, of Sarum, inholder. 18 Aug. 

Joanes, Thomas, of Lacock, broadweaver, 40, and Mary IIiscox of 

the same, sp., 23. Bdmeh. Wm. and Henry Webb, of Sarum, 

shoemakers. 22 Aug. [A. B.] 
Boling, Richard, of Poulshot, blacksmith, 23, and Gartherah Fox, 

of Trowle, in Bradford, Wilts, sp., 21. Bdman. Hugh Hillman, 

of Devizes. 27 Aug. [A.J 
TABOR, John, of Wilton, Wilts, yeoman, 32, and Anne Lawks of the 

same, sp., 20. Bdman. George Lowe, of Sarum, goldsmith. 

27 Aug. [A.B.] 
Holly, Henry, of Chalke, carpenter, 24, and Elizabeth Young, of 

Sarum, sp., 28. Bdman. Wm. Young, of Sarum, weaver. 2 Aug. 

Jeffiory, John, of Coulston, Wilts, yeoman, 3 . . . (worm-eaten), and 

Em Pearce, of Potterne, wid. [Spinster in Bond.] 17 Sep. 

Rogers, Willm., of Mere, Wilts, weaver, 22, and Jane Clement of 

the same, sp., 22. Bdman. John Clement of the same, wollen- 

draper. 17 Sep. [A.B.] 
Farmage, Wm., of Longstreet in Enford, Wilts, blacksmith, 25, and 

Grace Cole, of Nethcravon, wid. Bdman. George Flicker, of 

Enford, tayler. 26 Sep. [A.B.] 
Wastfeild, Antony, of Kingswood, Wilts (" Somerset " erased), 

gent., 23, and Debora Higgf.ns, of Wickwar, co. Glouc., sp., 23. 

Bdman. John Bennet, of Sarum, yeoman. 27 Sep. 
Little, John, of Pirton [Burton], carpenter, widower, and Katherine 

Makings, of Wotton Basset, wid. Bdman. JelTery lUdwards of 

the same. 29 Sep. 
Goring, Abel, of Titihcad, in Rdington, clothier, 2.'b and Margaret 

Axford, of Lacock, sp., 23. (The groom signs "(Jawcn" in 

Bond.) 30 Sept, |A.B.] 
Hunt, Wm., of Potterne, gent., 24, and Grace Harvest, of West 

Lavington, sp., 18. Bdmcn. Tho : White, of the same, gent., 

father in law (sic) of Grace (? stepfather), and Henry Bold, of the 

Close, Sarum, gent. 21 Oct. 
Slade, Thos., of Rowde, broadweaver, widower, and Mary Little, 

of Melksham, wid. Bdman. John Bolter, of Sarum. heelmaker. 

24 Oct. [A.B.] 

Cooper, John, of Charlton, yeoman, 32, and Millier Rymell of the 
same, sp., 24. Bdman. Thornell Amor of the same, yeoman. 

25 Oct. [A.B.] 

Short, Tho : of Trowbridge, cardmaker, 21, and Eliz : Bayly of the 
same, sp., 20. Bdmen. Edward Bayly of the same, cloth worker, 
his {sic) fa. consents, and John Waterman, of Sarum, husb. 
2 Nov. [A.B.] 



Coleman, Phillip, the younger, of Devizes, linendraper, 25, and Eliz : 

Wkbb, of Ogborne St. George, sp., 20. Bdmen. Robert Martin, 

of Devizes, apparitor, and Henry Bold, of the Close, Sarum, gent. 

2 Nov. [A.H.J 
Lewis, George, of Kelweston [Kelston], co. Somt., gent., 35, and Iserel 

Wheeler, of Amesbury (Magna), sp., 25. Bdman. Thomas 

Wheeler, of Putney, Wilts. 3 Nov. [A.B.] 
Leo, Nathanael, of Nctheravpn, Wilts, yeoman, and Anne Poulter, 

of Collingborne Kingston, Wilts, wid. Bdman. John La warn e, 

of Sarum, inholder. 4 Nov. (A.B.J 
Pottkk, John, of West Lavington, husb., 21, and Mary Norms, of 

Market Lavington, sp., 21. Bdmen. Edward Sainsbury of the same, 

husb., and John Smith, of Sarum, parchment maker. 4 Nov. 

Peirce, Richard, of Devizes, wollendraper, widower, and Eliz. Allen 

of the same, sp., 28. Bdman. Wm. Kent, of Sarum, grocer. 

5 Nov. [A.B.] 
Lawks, Richard, of Bowerchalk, Wilts, yeoman, 30, and Alice Lawes, 

of Chilhampton, sp., 24. 7 Nov. [A.B.J 
Kingman, Robert, of Wishford Magna, yeoman, 40, and Joyce Lawes, 

of Bowerchalk, sp., 30. Bdman. Robert Kingman, of Wishford, 

yeoman. 7 Nov. [A.B.J 
Morgan, Henry, of Bowerchalk, yeoman, 30, and Anne Lawes, of 

Broadchalke, sp., 20. Bdman. Richard Lawes, of Bowerchalk, 

yeoman. 7 Nov. [A.B.j 
English, Robert, the younger, of Devizes, inholder, and Elianor 

Lucas, of Seend, sp. Bdman. Robert English, Sen. 8 Nov. 

Roberts, Nicholas, the younger, of Langley Burrell, 30, and Elizabeth 

Forscott, of Malmesbury, sp., 2(5. Bdmen. Hugh Hilman, of 

Devizes, and John Bull, of Chippenham. (Michael Roberts in 

Bond.) 8 Nov. (A.B.J 
Jacou, Thomas, of Devizes, tayler, 30, and Margaret Osdon, of Devizes, 

wid. Bdman. Wm. Sayer of the same, yeoman, f 3 Nov. [A.B.J 
Maddock, John, of Norton, Somt., gent., 24, and Cicely Adney, of 

Wylye, Wilts, sp., 22. Bdman. William Bennett, of the Close, 

Sarum, gent. (Idney in Bond.) 18 Nov. [A.B.J 
Edmonds, Nicholas, of Tilside [Tilshead], Wilts, husb., 28, and Sarah 

Lacy, of Market Lavington, sp., 28. Bdman. Roger Lacy, of 

the same, husb. 19 Nov. [A.U.] 
Hartsuorne, Charles, gent., of Sarum, grocer {sic), 22, and Mris. 

Rachel Low, of Wishford Magna, sp., 21. Bdman. Edmund 

Macks, of Sarum, gent. 15 Nov. [A.B.J 
Gyles, John, of Thatcham, Berks, husb., 24, and Anne Chaple of the 

same, sp., 22, Bdman. Hugh Ketle, of Newbury, apparitor. 

(Kitld in Bond, and clothier.) 22 Nov. [A.B.J 
Greene, Nathl., of Barford Si. Martin, Wilts, blacksmith, 29, and Eliz : 

Meriwether, of Wiiiterborne Stoke, Wilts, sp., 20. 2(3 Nov. 



Dowden, Richard, of Sarum, chaundler, 20, and Francis Chivers 
of the same, sp., 22. Bdman. Wm. Courtney of the same, book- 
binder. 29 Nov. [A.B.] 

Edmonds, Tho : the younger, of Heddington, Wilts, anil Eliz : Saridge, 
of Lacock, sp. Bdman. Hugh Ilillman, of Devizes. Witnesses, 
Hugh Hillman, Jim., and Daniell Sabidge. 29 Nov. 

Yong, Robt., of Rundaway [Roundway], Wilts, husb., 27, and Edith 
Purnell, of Wedhampton, sp., 20. Bdman. Tints. Beckett of the 
same, husb. (Bride of Urehfont, in Bond.) 5 Dec [A.B.] 

Batt, Rich: of the Inner Temple, London, gent., 2:5, and Elizabeth 
Feild, of Stourton, sp., 20, whose parents consent. Bdman. 
Nath : Feild, clerk, of the same. G Dec. 

Lambert, Thomas, of Boyton, Wilts, Esq., and Elianor Topp, of Stock- 
ton, sp., 20. Bdman. Walter Fitz, of (Upper) Teft'ont, gent. 
6 Dec. [A.] 

Bowly, Deborex (sic), of Sarum, husb., 27, and Dorothy Edwards 
of the same, sp., 22. Bdman. John Pointer, of Laverstock, Wilts 
husb. 7 Dec, [A.B.] 

Greggory, Tho : of Rodborne, husb., 40. and Margery Martin, of 
Swindon, sp., 30. Bdman. George Finme, of Blandford, Dorset, 
gent. (Margaret in Bond.) 9 Dec. j~A.B.] 

Parker, George, of Anderston [Anderson], Dorset, gent,, widower, and 
Anne Scot, of Edington, Wilts, wid. (Bond says Handerston, 
Dorset.) 10 Dec. [B.| 

Mills, John, of Wishford Magna, carpenter, widower, and Katherine 
Gibs, of Foulston, sp., 44. Bdman. Richard Clifford, of Wishford, 
weaver. 13 Dec. [A.B.] 

Gardiiam, Matthew, of Portsmouth, co. South., gent., 34, and Eliz. 
Gouou, of Groat Cheverell, 31. Bdman. Edward Gough, clerk, 
Rector of Great Cheverell, Elizabeth's la. 15 Dec [A.B.] 

Hope, Edward, the younger, of St. John's, Devizes, grocer, and Mary 
Peirce of the same, sp., 21. Bdman. Robert Martin of the same, 
apparitor. It) Dee. [A.B.] 

Hurt, George, ol Steeple Ashton, weaver, widower, ami Eleiuor Joani^s 
of the same, sp., 10. Bdman. Thomas llobbs of the same, cloth- 
worker. 19 Dec. 

Atwood, John, of Brockenhurst, co. South., yeoman, 30, and Jane 
Harding, of Pewsey, wid. Bdman. John Whitmarshe, of Sarum, 
inholder. (Joan in Allegation.) 27 Dec. [A.B.] 

Richardson, Wm., of St. Thomas', Sarum, sadler, 34, and Margaret 
Hurst, of the Close, Sarum, sp., 28. 28 Dec. 

Barter, John, of Stratford Tony, husb., 3G, and Margaret Spratt, 
of Winterborne Dauntesy, sp., 22. Bdman. John Bennett, of 
Sarum, yeoman. 31 Dec. [A.B.] 

(To le continued.) 


Inquisitiones Post ftfortcm. 

(Continued from p. 13'.).) 

Iktham, Francis, of Wiganthorpe, Esq. — Will 24 Oct. 37 Eliz., ob. 
•20 Augt. 38 Eliz.— Inq. at Thirsk 27 Oct. 39 Eliz.— York— 

Dorothy {sic ? Dionisia) Bulmer, widow, t 5 

d. & h., not. 35 yrs. 

I ' 

Barter Bulmer, e. & h. 

di'THAM, Robert, of Locton [Lockton], Esq., ob. at Bullington, co. 

I Lincoln, 4 Jan. 9 Iiliz. — Inq. at York Castle 1 Apr. 9 Eliz. — William, 

b. & h. (marr d Constance daur. of John Good, gent., who ob. s.p.), 

! aet. 50 yrs. 

(Iktham, Thomas, Knt., ob. 25 Mar. 30 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Heming- 

I borough 16 June 31 Hen. 8. — York — 

1. Thomas, s. & h.,=j=Ciraco, d. Tho. Pudsey, Esq. 

oh. V.JI. | 

r ^ t 1 

Thomas, s. & h., cona. == Dorothy, d. of George Roland. John. 

4 li , aet. 13 yrs. Darcy, Knt. 

Jktterkjke, Francis, ob. 9 June ult. 1635. — Inq. at Richmond 
14 Sept. 11 Car. I. — York — Richard, s. & h., aet. 2 yrs. 

IIettrick, James, of Dunby [ ? Danby], ob. 26 Sept. ult. — Inq. at 
Richmond 21 Oct. 34 Eliz.— York— Richard, s. & h., aet. 16 yrs. 

Metwoljj, William, ob. 26 Oct. 30 lien. 8. — [nq. at Lynn Regis 
4 Oct. 31 Hen 8. — Norf. — John, s. & h., aet. 14 yrs. ; Christopher; 

. William. 

Meverell, Francis, will at Throwley, co. Stallord, 28 Oct., ob. 

j 17 Dec. ult. — Inq. at Ashbourne 17 Apr. 7 Eliz. — Derby — Sampson, 

I s. & h., aet. 17 yrs. ; George ; Nicholas ; Godfrey. 

Meverell, Francis, ob. 21 Dec ult. — Inq. at Mansfield 13 Apr. 

7 Kliz. — Nolts. — Sampson, s. & h., act. 17 yrs. 

Meverell, Sampson, bora at Throwley [in Ham], aet. 28 yrs. — Inq. 

at Stallord 15 March 9 Eliz. — Stafford — [proof of age]. 
Meverell, Thomas, ob. 9 Hen. 8. — Inq at Stafford. . . Sept. 11 Hen. 8. 

— Stafford — Lewis, s. & h., aet. 9 yrs. 11 Hen. 8. 
Mewi'AS, Peter, Knt., ob. 1 Sept. ult. — Inq. at Coggeshall 29 Oct. 

4 Eliz — Essex — Henry, s. & h., act. 22 yrs. 
Meynell, Roger, of North Kilvington, Esq., ob. 8 Oct. instant. — 

Inq. at Richmond 21 Oct. 34 Eliz. — York — 1. Thomas, s. & h., aet. 

27 yrs., mar. Winifred; 2. George. 
Meysey, Thomas, Esq., ob. 10 Nov. 6 Eliz. — Inq. at Salop 9 Jan. 

8 Eliz. — Salop — Leonard Meysey, Esq., brother & heir, aet. 43 yrs. 
Meysey, William — Inq. at Worcester Castle — Worcester — William, 

s. A: h., act. 28 yrs. 

Meysie, Thomas, Ksq., mar. Isabella, ob. 13 Nov. 6 Eliz. — Inq. at 

Worcester Castle 27 Nov. 8 Eliz. — Worcester — Leonard, brother & 
hen-, act. 43 yrs. 


210 lNc.HJlsiTIONI'js l'OST MORTKM, 

Miohelborne, Edward, Knt., ob. 27 Apr. 7 Jac. I.— Inq. at Arundel 
5 Apr. 8 Jac. I.— Sussex— Edward, 8. & h., act. 21 yrs. 

Miohelborne, Jane, oh. 31 May 16 Eliz —Inq. at Lewes 4 Sept. 
29 Eliz — Sussex — Edward, s. & h., aet. 25 yrs. 

Miohelborne, Richard, will 27 May 21 Eliz., ob. 29 Apr. 25 Eliz.— 
Inq. at East Grinstead 3 Dee. 28 Eliz.— Sussex — 

i — ! 

Richard, s. & h., aet. 34 yrs.=A^nes Turko. Henrr. 

Miohelborne, Thomas, ob. 11 May 1632— Inq. at Weighton 21 Apr. 

13 Car. I.— York & Sussex — Thomas, s. & h., aet. 20 yrs.; 

Thomasine ; Mary. 
Michelborne, Thomas, ol Winchester, co. Southton., Esq., ob. 29 Dec. 

ult. at Otterburne, co. Southton.— Inq. at Brighthelmestone 3 Apr. 

25 Eliz. — Sussex — Lawrence, s. & h., aet. 19 yrs. 
Michell, Henry, Esq., ob. 2 Oct. 2 Hen. 8.— Inq. at Rothwell 20 Oct. 

3 Henry 8.— Northton.— William Treste, cons. & h., aet. 38 yrs. 
Michell, James, ob. 20 Aug. 14 Car. I.— Inq. at Worcester 2 Apr. 

16 Car. I. — Worcester— James, s. & h., aet. 14 yrs. 
Michell, James, ob. ult. Oct. 3 Edw. 6.— Inq. at Chelmsford 16 Apr. 

4 Edw. 6.— Essex— William, s. & h., aet. 30 yrs. 

Michell, John, of Calson [? Calstone], ob. 29 Feb. ult.— Inq. at 
Canlins 29 Nov. 16 Eliz.— Wilts- 
Edward, brother^ 
of John. 

John, s. ili. 4 cons. & h., aet. 20 yrs. 

Michell, Richard, Esq., will 12 July 1 Eliz., of Gurnvstrete in parish 
of Cannington, ob. 13 Oct. 5 Eliz.— Inq. at Chard 1 Mar. 8 Eliz.— 
Somerset— Tristram, s. and h., aet. 13 yrs., 17 Jan. ult., k seven 

Michell, Roger, of Hendfeild [Henfield], will 4 Apr. 18 Eliz., ob. 

5 Apr.— Inq. at East Grinstead 23 May 18 Eliz.— Sussex— Roger, s. 

6 h., act. 18 yrs. 

Michell, Thomas, s. & h. of John, of Portslade, ob. 2 May ult.— Inq. 

2 June 5 Car. I.— Sussex— Thomas, s. & h. of Richard Michell of 

Hentield, aet. 2 yrs., cons, and h. of Thomas Michell of Portslade 

aet. Hi yrs. 2 May 1629. 
Michell, Tristram, ob. 7 July 14 Eliz., s.p.— Inq. at Wellington 

24 Sept. 16 Eliz.— Somerset — Bartholomew, brother & heir, aet. 

14 yrs. 
Mickelfeild, William, will 9 Sept. 1546, ob. 4 July 38 Hen 8 —Inq 

at York Castle 27 Mar. 3 & 4, P. & M.— York— 1. William, s. & h , 

aet. 16 yrs. ; 2. Thomas. 


Middelbroke, Thomas, ob. 12 Dec. 5 Eliz.— Inq. at Horncastle 
27 July 5 Eliz. — Lincoln— William, s. & h., aet. 22 yrs. 

(To be continued. J 


Satires of Books. 

[It is requested that all books for review be sent direct to the Editor, H. W. Forsyth 
liar wood, bluq., 15, Rugby Mansions, Addison Bridge, Kensington, London, W.] 

Collections for a History of Staffordshire. Edited by The 
William Salt Archaeological Society, 1911. Collections for a 
History of Pirehill Hundred by Waller Chetwynd of Ingestre, 
Esq., A J). 1679. Harcourt of Ellenhall. By Josiah C. Wedg- 
wood, M.P. London (Harrison lK: Sons.) 

In t His volume the Rev. F. P. Parker continues his edition, commenced 
in 1909, of Chetwynd's "Collections lor a History of Pirehill Hundred." 
So much fresh material has been discovered since Chetwynd's day, 
both genealogical and topographical, that the Editor's foot-notes 
form practically a new history of the Hundred, and the best testimony 
thut can be offered to the valuable work accomplished by the Salt 
Society is the fact that in compiling these notes Mr. Parker has rarely 
had to go beyond the evidences contained in previous volumes. In 
some cases, as in that of the town of Stafford, the notes supply omissions 
in Chetwynd's Collections, and there are, of course, throughout the 
volume many corrections of errors made by him. 

Among the pedigrees included are those of Adbaston, Aston, 
Broughton, Charnes, Chetwynd of Ridge, Cotes, D'Oyly, Duston, 
Fowler of St. Thomas, Hastang, Malvoysin or Mavesyn, Noel of Ellenhall 
and llilcote, IVshatl, Puylesdon and Wolseley. Mr. Parker's notes 
on the Mavesyns (pp. 114, 115) are not very clear, and how Cecilia de 
Cotes could have been heir of her father, Nicholas de Mavesyn, if she 
had brothers, of whom one left issue, is not easy to understand. The 
ourly part ol the Wolseley pedigree is very difficult, especially the 
relationship of Beatrice, wife of Ralph de Unites, to William, sou of 
Siward de Wolseley, whose widow claimed dower against her and her 
husband in 1199. We cannot, agree that it is possible that the de 
Hintes family became "'coparceners' of Wolseley under a Saxon 
tenure," for the Norman laws were paramount. A later difficulty 
in the same pedigree as to the exact descent of the first Baronet could, 
one would think, have been settled by a little research. Two ancient 
grunts of arms, in Norman French should be noticed, one from Humphrey, 
Earl of Stafford, to Robert de Whitgreve, dated 13 August 20 Hen. VI. , 
and the other granted in the previous reign by " Edmund" (? Edward) 
Duke of York to John Brugneford or Bridgeford. Chetwynd's ideas 
on heraldry are often very quaint, as, for instance, his suggestion 
thut the Naptons of Napton may have charged the Vernon fess with 
three escallops " in allusion to ye stones of that form frequently found 
in ye lordship of Napton." 

Mr. Josiah Wedgwood, M.P., only commences Ins review of the 


Harcourt pedigree, which fills the remainder of this volume!, at the 
period when that ancient house acquired their Staffordshire estates 
by marriage in King John's reign with the heiress of Ellenhall and 

Ronton. From that period until the family ceased to own laud in the 
county every link in their descent has been carefully tested and many 
errors have been detected in The Harcourt Papers and other authorities. 
In this task Mr. Wedgwood has been much assisted by the Plea Rolls 
and Final Concords, which have been published by the Salt Society. 

Among the corrections made is the true place in the pedigree of the 
junior branch of Harcourt of Ronton, now shown not to descend, as 
had been supposed, from the Lewknor heiress. Prefixed to Mr. 
Wedgwood's article is a large folding chart carrying the pedigree back 
to A.D. 912, but it does not embody all his suggestions and corrections, 
nor does it show, as we should have expected, the descent of the 
Harcourts of Ankerwycke, the only known branch of the family 
remaining in the male line. 

The Record Society for tiik Purification of Original Documents 
relating to lancashire and cheshire. vol. lxx. lanca- 
SHIRE Inquests, Extents, and Feudal Aids. Part III., 
A.D. 1313— A.D. 1355. Edited by William Farrer, lion. D.Litt. 
(Printed for The Record Society.) 

Owing to the War only one volume lias been issued this year by the 
Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society, but it is one which will he 
of great interest to the subscribers, being the continuation of Mr. 
Farrer's abstracts of Lancashire Inquisitions, Rentals and Extents. 
Nearly hall the volume is taken up with an extent of the lands and 
tenements of the Earl of Lancaster in 1346, and the Minister's Account 
of 1318. The first of these has been printed from a copy in the British 
Museum (Add. MS. 32103), which has been carefully corrected from 
other sources indicated in the Editorial Introduction. It is full of 
most interesting details relating to the services of tenants and the 
customs then prevailing m the county, ami also gives the names of the 
burgesses ol Liverpool at the period, of whom Roger de a More was 
evidently the most important, holding eight burgages, the largest 
number in the list. The extent also includes the names of the principal 
tenants in the Wapentakes of West Derby, Salford, Amounderness 
and Lonsdale. The rest of the volume is occupied with various inquests 
and claims, such as Inquisitiones Post Mortem and Ad Quod Damnum ; 
enquiries as to whether lands of persons outlawed for felony had been 
duly seized into the King's hands for a year and a day according to 
law; claims to be entitled to piituie; and commissions concerning 
dower. Among these last is the successlul petition in 1325 of Joan, 
wife of William de Multon, whose first husband, William de Holande, 
had been implicated with the Karl of Lam aster in the death of Piers 
Gaveston, his brother and heir, Roberl de Holande, being at the nine 
of the claim a prisoner m Warwick Cuslle. 

Many, ol course, are the traces ol the ejeat upheaval caused in 
Lancashire by the forfeiture of the Karl of Lancaster and his followers 



1322, which brought such a vast amount of land into the king's 
hands, as did also, to a lesser degree, tin* adherence of the de Coucys 
to the King of France a little later on. The Inquisition on Christiana 
de Gynes or Ghisnes, widow of Ingelram de Coucy, is printed on 
pp. 32-3(i. She was daughter of Sir William de Lindsay by Ada, 
sister of .John Baliol, King of Scotland. 

The Jurors at an inquest, taken at Lancaster, 13 March, 1326-7, 
decided that it would not be to his loss, " but to the great alleviation 
and safeguard of the people if the king grants to the Abbot of Furness 
that he and his successors shall have their own coroner." The Abbot 
had complained of the great danger experienced in crossing the sands 
between Furness and the town of Lancaster at the ebb of the sea. 

The most interesting enquiry in the volume is the investigation 
into the circumstances attending the seizure of Margery, widow of 
Nicholas de la Heche, and wife of Gerard de L'Isle, before dawn on 
Good Friday, "13-47, from her manor of Beaumes in Berkshire, where 
the Keeper of the Kingdom, the youthful Prince Lionel, afterwards 
Duke of Clarence, was then staying. Her captor, Sir John de Dalton, 
took her to Lancashire, and on the 9th of April following went through 
a form of marriage with her. In his Introduction, the Editor disposes 
of certain baseless charges against the religious orders founded on this 
story, which were printed by Roby in his Traditions of Lancashire. 

Mr. Farrer has throughout supplied many extracts from the Patent 
and Close Rolls, which refer to the same matters dealt with in the 
inquests, and the " Index of Things " will be found a valuable guide 
to the curious customs and services of tenants recorded in the extent 
of 13-4H. There is also a carefully compiled Index of Names and Places. 

Visitation of England and Walks. Edited by Frederick Arthur 
Crisp. Notes, Vol. 11. (Privately printed.) 

Mr. Crisp's '* Notes " are even more interesting than the Visitation 
itself, and this volume displays the same accuracy of detail for which 
he has an established reputation. Prominent among the families 
whose earlier ancestry is here traced, and whose more recent descent 
is to be found in the Visitation, are. those of two of our national heroes, 
Horatio, Lord Nelson, and Robert, Lord Clive, while the pedigree of 
the poet Tennyson, whose peerage scarcely added lustre to his literary 
fame, is no less interesting. Of noble families bearing titles dating 
long before the lavish scattering of peerages which has prevailed during 
the last two reigns, there are three in this volume, the Fitzwilliams, 
Earls Fitzwilliam, Grevilles, Earls of Warwick and Lumleys, Earls of 
Scarborough. By commencing the Fitzwilliam descent with the 
father of Wolsey's treasurer, Sir William Fitzwilliam, a London 
Alderman, many difficulties connected with the early pedigree are 
avoided, and the gradual rise to wealth and importance of the Fitz- 
williams of Milton is of considerable interest. Sir Christopher Wren's 
connection with this family, through his second marriage, is worthy 
of notice. 

The part taken by the first Earl of Scarborough in the suppression 


of Monmouth's rebellion, and afterwards at the Revolution, together 
with the military services of his brother, General Henry Lumley, who 

was engaged in no less than twenty campaigns, add distinction to 
their ancient pedigree. 

The descent in the male line of the present Earl Nelson from the 
BoltOns of Suffolk has already been printed by the late Dr. Muskett 
in his Suffolk Manorial Families, together with the evidences for the 
same, but we. are glad to see it repeated here, arranged in Mr. Crisp's 
clear and detailed method. Another remarkable family whose story, 
though familiar to genealogists, well bears repetition is that of 
Thellusson, the pedigree being carried to Symphorien Thellusson of 
Geneva, who, being of French origin, was naturalized there in 1072. 

In two cases, Brassey and (iidley, the descents are expressly stated 
to have boon extracted from the records of the College of Arms. When 
a man is well known to have been the architect of his own fortunes, 
as the founder of the prosperity now enjoyed by the Brasseys un- 
doubtedly was. there is a natural inclination to doubt the truth of a 
long pedigree claimed by his descendants, and it is satisfactory, there- 
fore, to have the authority of the Heralds' Ollice for the descent of 
this family from a good old Cheshire stole, the pedigree having been 
recorded in the Visitations for thai County in l(5l."i and ltiii.'J. The 
Grant of Arms to Bartholomew and .John Gidley in KJGC is set out 
in full. From the Barrys of Fordingbridge, for man)' generations 
Hampshire yeomen, came the well known architect, Sir Charles Barry, 
the portcullis in the family arms referring, no doubt, to his share in the 
building of the Houses of 1'arli. uncut . 

It is interesting to observe how some families have continued in 
one county from the beginning of their history to the present day, 
while others have frequently moved from one part of England to 
another. Oi these migratory families there, are two notable instances 
ill this volume, both of some antiquity, the Darolls of Trewornan, 
who went from Sussex to Nottinghamshire and then to Cornwall, and 
the Cowers, originally of Worcestershire and then of Kent. 

The principal illustration contained in the volume is a representation 
of a collin in Wimbornc Minster belonging to the Et tricks of Barford, 
with their arms and those of some allied families painted thereon. 

In conclusion, attention may be drawn to the facilities which Mr. 
Crisp gives both in his Visitation and in the Notes for recording portraits 
with the names of the artists where known. This will be found of the 
greatest use to future generations, for a collection of portraits, however 
ancient, is of little interest unless the ancestors represented and the 
artists who painted them can be identified. 

Phillimore's Parish Register Index Series. Cornwall Parish 

Registers. Marriages. Index to Vols. I- VI. Compiled by 

A. Terry Satterford. London (Phillimore & Co., Ltd., 124, 

Chancery Lane). 

It is now fifteen years ago since this series of Marriage Registers 

was commenced by the late Mr. Phillimore, and during that period 

225 volumes have been issued, giving the marriages of no less than 


2,500,000 persons. None of these volumes have hitherto been in any 
wuy indexed, and the searcher has had to make his way through them 
unaided, with the result, it is to ho feared, that he has, unless very 
keen, abandoned the task in despair. We are, therefore, heartily glad 
to welcome this first attempt to remove what has undoubtedly been 
a drawback to the success of a scheme which deserves support from 
all genealogists. An index is now provided to the Marriages in the 
forty-six parishes comprised in the first six of the twenty-lour volumes 
of which the scries for Cornwall consists, and the work has been most 
carefully performed by Mr. A. Terry Satterford as a labour of love. 
Another volume, also by him, is, we understand, in the press. This 
index gives christian as well as surnames, and the parish where each 
marriage was celebrated can be ascertained by a glance at the table 
placed at the commencement of the volume. 

Almanacks for Students of English History. By Edward 
Alexander Fry. London (Phillimore & Co., Ltd., 121, Chancery 

This most ingenious method of ascertaining the correct date of 
ancient documents, with actually no trouble whatever to the student, 
should be in the possession of every antiquary, and will in fact, be 
found indispensable. The plan seems so clear and simple Lhat it is 
ditlieult to realize how much labour has been involved in its elaboration. 
Most English charters were dated by the regnal year of tin; sovereign 
und the name of the Feast Day on which, or within a specified number 
of days from which, the document was executed. We look then lirst 
at the long list ol .Saints' Days and other Feast Days on pp. 83-91 
to ascertain the particular day in question, then at the tables of Regnal 
Years on pp. 108-132 and find the right year, after which we refer to 
the thirty-live almanacks on pp. 71-78, arranged for every day upon 
which Easter can fall, and at once the exact date required appears. 
The troublesome search for the Dominical letter is thus avoided, and 
a separate arrangement lias been made fur leap years. The scheme 
is based on the fact that new style was not adopted in tins country 
until 1752, and the almanacks, therefore, only apply to Great 
Britain. A special table is provided for the year 1752, and another 
for such countries as adopted New style in 1582. At the end is a Roman 
and Church Calendar, by which, if a date be expressed in the method 
of ancient Rome, its exact mediaeval equivalent can be at once ascer- 
tained. There is also a list of Popes from 106T to the present time. 

Fleetwood Family Records. Collected and edited by R. W. Buss. 
(Privately printed.) Part IV., September, 1915. 

This part of Mr. Buss' " Fleetwood Records " did not unfortunately 
reach us in time to be noticed in the last number of The Genealotjist. 
Among its contents is a pedigree showing the descent of the wife of 
Field-Marshal Viscount French of Ypres from the Fleetwoods, through 
the families of Ansell, Goostrey and Selby-Lowndes. There is also 
a descent ol I he Fleetwoods from the Vikings, in which, of course, 


all descendants of Hollo, Duke of Normandy, share. An account 
follows of General George Fleetwood, a Baron of Sweden and a dis- 
tinguished soldier (born 1605, died 1667), together with a most 
interesting letter from the General to his father, Sir Miles Fleetwood, 
describing the battle of Lutzen. 

Jlutes mb (Queries, 

Monceux Family. — According to the account of the Monceux 
family, as given in the " Sussex Archaeological Collections," Vol. iv, 
the first mentioned is Drew de Monceux, who appears on the Pipe Roll 
of 31 Henry I. His wife was Edith, daughter of Earl Warren. The 
arms of Drew de Monceux were, Or, a bend Sable. Ingelram de 
Monceux is the next of the family whose name occurs. Sir John 
Monceaux, Lord of Hurstmonceux, had a daughter Maud, who married 
Sir John de Fiennes, and so carried the property of Hurstmonceux 
into the family of Fiennes. Walran de Monmels bore for his arms — 
Argent, a bend Sable (Acre Roll, Hail. MS., 6137). There seems to 
be some close connection between Drew de Monceux and Walran. 
Landric IV became Count of Nevers circa 990 by marriage, and had 
a younger son, Landric of Nevers, Baron of Monceaux, grandfather 
of William de Monceaux, who is mentioned by Wace 1066 (The Norman 
People). Forscote, Fosscot, or Fosccote, in the county of Somerset, 
was held by William de Munrellis, or Monceaux {History and Antiquities 
of the Count'/ of Somerset, by John Collinson, vol. iii). 

1 should be must grateful if anyone could supply me with the 
following information about the Monceaux family : — 

(1) The relationship between William de Monceaux mentioned 

by Wace 1066, and Drew de Monceux. 

(2) What connection was there between Walran Monceaux, 

Ingelram de Monceaux, and Drew de Monceaux '? 

R. W. Muncey. 

Rev. Thomas Wilson. — Information is desired concerning this well- 
known Rector of St. George's, Canterbury, author of the first 
Concordance of the. Bible. He married Christian Ower of llolling- 
bourne, Kent, ami died in 1621. Is there in existence a complete 
record of his children, with their dates of birth ? I have read his 
biography in Diet. Nat. Biog., which lacks any exact record of his 
birth and ancestry. 


IIiohgate Grammar School. — Has any record been preserved of 
the scholars (if this school, and if so, does it give the names and place 
of abode of the parents ? 

H. F. 



Under the title of " Register of Freemen of the City of London in 
the reigna of Henry VI 11 and Edward VI," the London and Middlesex 
Archaeological Society in 1908 published an abstract of two manuscripts 
relating to the City of London, with an introduction by Mr. Charles 

Welch, F.S.A. The manuscripts, of which one is now in the British 
Museum (2108 Egerton) and the other at the Guildhall (MS. 512) were 
claimed by the editor as all that remained of the Admission Registers 
uf Freemen of the City of London after the Kite of 7 February 1786 
at the Chamberlain's house at Guildhall. In his introduction, referring 
mainly to tin; Egerton manuscript, he remarks : "This period (over 
which the entries extend) may be roughly put down as from 1021 to 
1553, but a glance at any page will show how difficult, if not impossible, 
it is to arrive at an exact conclusion on this point. The absence of 
chronological order, or of any perceivable system, in the arrangement 
of the entries, together with the fragmentary character of the entries 
themselves, makes it impossible to del ermine the exact age of the 
manuscript. The great bulk of the entries belong to the last twelve 
years of Henry VI 11 and the first live years of Edward VI, but there 
are many of earlier and later date." It is obvious that lor purposes 
of research such a haphazard series of entries extending over a long 
period and containing perhaps one-twentieth of the total admissions 
of that period, is of no great value, and my present object is to endeavour 
to show that these entries were made from day to day in chronological 
order and are the complete record lor the year 1552 (Dec. 1551 — 26 Jan. 

In its present form the manuscript consists of thirty vellum folios 
that have been inlaid and bound, ami the abstracts, as printed, follow 
the order of the original, the folios being numbered in the margin 
I to 30 (in the original they are numbered 2 to 31), and the second page 
of each folio marked " b," " f . 1," " f . I &," etc The editor oilers 
no criticism as to this order but as regards each folio says : "There 
is apparently no means of ascertaining which is the recto and which 
the verso of each leaf, nor does the arrangement of the contents of 
the book throw any light that I can discover upon this point." 

As the printed abstracts have been made with accuracy and skill 
they are amply sufficient without further reference to the original 
for all internal evidence of date. The first entry (p. 2), that of Robert 

Urenewood, has " Adui " and each succeeding entry " Adm. 

oil said day and year" till the entry of .... Crowe (p. 1, f. 1 b) is 
reached, which has "Adm., etc., during apprenticeship, 28 Jan. year 
aforesaid." It will then be seen that every entry after the word 
" Adm." has either an exact date of day and mouth or a reference 
to a foregoing entry in the words "said day and year" ; also each 
entry contains a second date (in general following the words " Entry 
N " or " Entry M ") of day, month ami year, and it is necessary to 
clearly distinguish between these two dales, of which the first is the 


date of the entry and the .second that of apprenticeship or of " turning 
over " to the last master with reference to the registers of " landings " 
marked "M" and " N," or in the exceptional cases of admission by 
patrimony, the date of the admission of the new freeman's father. 
Once it is recognised that the day and month of each entry is given 
it will be noticed that these are followed by "year aforesaid," thus 
implying the year is somewhere once stated and not repeated. '1 he 
nature of the entries themselves would have made this year ijuite easy 
of discovery, as many Companies have even earlier records of admissions 
to their Freedom, and still more have a record of the year of office 
of the attesting wardens whose names are frequently given ; these 
facts are useful as a check of results, but are in reality rendered un- 
necessary by the definite date given on page 70 : " Sum total from par- 
chases of freedom and admissions to the freedom from Michael mas 
5 Ed. VI to Michaelmas 6 Ed. VI" 

Having noted the date (day and month) of each entry, and in 
particular those at the beginning and end of each folio and page of the 
original, I came to the conclusion that the present arrangement was 
faulty, and that the original arrangement could easily be restored. 
In the first place each folio as at present bound is reversed, that is 
the page marked " b " in the printed transcript was originally the 
first page, and the one marked with the plain figure t ho second, and 
that originally the name of the ward (to which the editor rightly calls 
attention) was on the outside margin and not as at present on the inside. 

The earliest entry is the first entry on folio 9 b (p. 23) of 

Skeyles," and is followed by the first dated entry, ' w . . . . dus Rowell," 
of which the date is 22 December 1 1551], and the last entry of this folio 
(9) is printed immediately before Skeyles and was made 13 Jan. [155£] ; 
the last entry of the manuscript is of "Peter a Calverley " (p. 52, 
f. 19), dated 20 Jan. [155?]. 

The rearrangement of the folios to restore them to their original 
order that 1 should suggest is the following : 9, 2, 4, 1, 10. 3, 5, 6, 8, 
7, 16, 17, 29, 14, 23, 22, 27, 30, 12, 18, 13, 25, 21, 2(1, 11, 28, 
24, 15, 20, 19; these numbers being those of the folios in the printed 
abstracts and one less in each case than the numbers as now marked 
on the manuscript. 

In turning from the Museum to the Guildhall manuscript it is greatly 
to be regretted that the editor did not (though there is no indication 
in the introduction that this was not the case), as before, make his own 
abstracts, but contented himself with printing verbatim and apparently 
without referring to the original an abstract made about 1850 (possibly 
by Joseph Hunter), which was acquired with the manuscript, and is 
far from satisfactory. Owing to the state of the original the difficulties 
of deciphering are far greater than in the case of the Egerton manuscript, 
and what has been transcribed is in the main accurate. But a great 
deal, especially in the earlier folios, that can still be deciphered has been 
omitted, possibly as being of no importance ; the name of the ward 
is not given in any case, nor is there any indication that it formed part 
of each entry in the original, neither is there any clue as to the extent 


of page or folio of the original, nor as to what entries have been omitted 
as no longer legible. For my present purpose, thai of dating the manu- 
script, the omissions are still more serious : from the printed abstracts 
I could hardly believe the editor's statement that the two manuscripts 
were " probably " portions of the same volume ; there was absolutely 
no evidence of the two dates, of entry and apprenticeship, and of only 
two entries are the dates given, the translation of John Benet to the 
Blacksmith-Spurriers (p. 95), 9 March " anno supradieto," and the 
admission of George Nedham (p. 109), "7 June the aforesaid year of 
King Edward VI " ; it was thus with some surprise that after a very 
short examination of the original I found that the entries corresponded 
in every particular with those of the Egerton MS., and that the two 
were undoubtedly portions of the same original register. 

There is, however, one important advantage that the printed abstracts 
of the Guildhall manuscript possess, strict chronological order. The 
twenty-one leaves of the original, in a frail and fragmentary condition, 
are now carefully preserved without being mounted or bound, but it 
is probable that when the abstracts were made they were still as 
originally sewn together and were afterwards taken apart for the 
purpose of straightening. 

The first six entries (p. 87) are of the " said day and year," the seventh 
(Richard Paynes) is dated 27 Jan. " year aforesaid " [155§] ; the dates 
follow in order right through the months till the note printed on page 115 
is reached : " De anno regyii IUustrissimcs Principis Drxr Maria- Dei 
ijralia Anglice Francia?- et Hibernice- Regince- fidei ...."' which occurs 
between 5 July and 8 July, and thus, ignoring tin 1 reign of Lady Jane 
Grey, stmts the reign of Queen Mary on (i July | 155:5 1. The condition 
of the folios becomes worse and worse towards the end, and I am unable 
to give the date of any entry on folio 21, the last 1 was able to decipher, 
on the second page of folio 20, was 18 September [1553] in the entry 
of Adam Dente (p. 119). 

It will be noticed that the last entry of the Egerton manuscript 
is made on the same day as the first of t he Guildhall manuscript, 26 Jan. 
| 1 T> f> 5 1 ; it is certainly possible that a folio is missing which would bring 
the number of entries on that day to about thirty, but it is more probable 
that the first folio of the Guildhall follows immediately the last at the 
Museum, and the register is practically complete from December 1551 
to September 1553. 

In examining the original manuscript at the Guildhall my object 
was to establish the date and not to attempt any revision of the abstracts 
made, but there are two of the printed entries at least that call for 
remark from the point of view of chronology — the first (p. 88) is as 
follows : " William Torre and Thomas Ransecroft, citizens of London 
William born March 1, the 1st year of the King's reign, & Thomas born 
Aug. 20, also of the 1st year of the King's reign were admitted " ; the 
dale of this entry is I Feb. 7 Edward VI | I55g |, and the curious dates of 
birth are in reality the dates of their admission into the Company of 
Longbowstnng -makers, from which on this day they are translated to 
the Cordwainers. The second entry is that of William Holgyll's 



admission to the Carpenters' which ends : " Born May 10, 2 Edw. " 
(p. 90). The date of this entry is 8 Feb. 1 155§ ), and the date of birth is 
that of apprenticeship as shown in Register " N," which has in this 
instance been interpreted as an abbreviation of " natus." 

As an instance of what may be gained by a re-arrangement of the 
Egerton manuscript, and a more full abstract (or even verbatim transcript 
where so much has been lost) of the Guildhall manuscript, the imperfect 

entry on page 117 may be taken : ". . . . Osborn, son of 

Osbom, of Ashford, co. Lane, yeoman, apprenticed to William . . . . 
N. Dec. 18, 3 Ed. VI"; "Lane." should be Kent (Kane), and this 
is probably the admission of Sir Edward Osborne, the celebrated 
ancestor of the Dukes of Leeds, and if so supplies two dates in his history 
that have hitherto been a matter of conjecture, his apprenticeship 
to Sir William Hewett, 18 December 1549, and admission to the 
Freedom (21-29) July 1553. 

Bowkr Marsh. 




The Knights Templars established the chief house of their Order in 
England in " Oldbourne " abuut the year II28. 1 Some time before 
the year 1184 they removed from " Oldbourne " to the south side of 
Fleet Street, "super litus Thamisie," where they built their church. 
The Round was consecrated in February 1185 (modern style 1180) 
and the choir in the year 1210. The old house became known as the 
Old Temple to distinguish it from the new house on the south side of 
Fleet Street, which was then called the New Temple. How the 
Templars 1 title to the Old Temple or to the New Temple precisely 
originated antiquaries have not yet discovered. Nor has it been 
discovered when and by what grant the site of the Temple (the Old 
and New probably simultaneously) had previously become parcel of 
the Barony or Honour of Leicester. 

The Abbey of St. Peter's, Westminster, is believed to have been 
founded in the seventh century. The .Manor of this Benedictine 
Monastery was formerly very extensive, reaching as far as Kensington 
and Chelsea westward, to the boundary of the City of London east- 
ward, to the lliver Thames southward, and to Marylebone northward. 2 
The Manor included the precincts of the Savoy, the entire area of St. 
Mary le Strand and St. Clements Danes, and part of St. (Jiles and 
St. Andrews, llolborn. In the year ll(L\ :1 during the Chancellorship 

1 Dug. Mon. Ang., vol. vii. 

2 Seo Whoatloy and Cunningham, " London Past and Present" (1891). 

3 Cotton. Nero , 52 lv, vi. (Cliartulary of St. John of Jerusalem). 


of Thomas a Beoket (who attested the grant as chancellor at Villeraur) 
Henry II granted to the Templars a place situate on the River Fleet 
near Bainard's Castle with the whole current of the river at London 
for erecting a null; 1 also a messuage near Fleet Street, the Church of 
St Clements "quae dieitur Dacorum extra eivitatein Londoniae. 
The Carmelites, the White Friars and Black Knars, the Bishop of 
Salisbury, 8 and Henry Lacy Karl <>!' Lincoln complained to tin; King of 
the nuisance from stench by reason of the Templars diverting the stream. 
Moreover it appears from the [mpiisitio Terr arum of the Templars 
lands in England made in the year 11^5, "per fratrem Ualfridum 
(ilium Stephani," on the Templars removing to the New Temple that 
they had acquired by gift from Gervase de Cornhiil, who was Sheriff 
of London early in the reign of Henry II, 7 a " mesagium pro V s ," etc, 
" apud Klete De feodo comitis Leicestriae." 

These grants seem to indicate that prior to 1185 the Templars owned 
the site of the New Temple. 

The curtailment of the Manor of the Abbey was further effected 
through the influence of Stephen Langton in H>22 (6 Hen. III). The 
policy of Home had previously, for many years, been to supersede the 
authority of the Benedictines by the Cistercians, a reformed con- 
gregation of the Benedictine Order. The active mission of the 
Benedictines in Kngland was prior to 1222 drawing to its close and tin: 
mission of the Mendicant or Preaching Friars, the Black or Austin 
Friars or Dominicans, the White Friars or Carmelites, and the tirey 
Friars or Franciscans, had ln-come established. 

The spoliation of many of the monasteries after the Conquest and in 
the tunc of Henry 11 enabled the King to make grants to his Barons, 
ami probably ihc title of the Kails of Leicester may date from this 
period. The term " Honour " or " Barony " was used to describe the 
lauds held of the King by one of his mightier tenants by service of a 
certain number of knights. The " Honour" might consist of a large 
number of Manors scattered about in various counties, though some 
Castle or Manor was accounted its head. The .Manors were either in 
I lie immediate possession ol the lord or were granted by him to under- 
tenants, who, without diminishing the liability of the Baron for the 
entire number of the knights of the fees he held under one title, 
became answerable in their turn to the Baron for a certain number of 
knights who together might exceed the number for which the Baron 
was accountable to the King." 8 

In the year 1168 Robert de Beaumont was by Charter of Henry II 
recognised as Earl of Leicester. He was the son of another Robert de 
Beaumont, sometimes, though perhaps erroneously, called Earl of 
Leicester. 9 Robert de Beaumont Earl of Leicester (1168) was a 

4 "Apud Flete pro moliendo faciendo juxta Castelluni Baiuard." Dug. Mon. 
Ang., vol. vii, p. 818. 
b Ibid. 

He owned tlio neighbourhood of Salisbury Court. 
7 See Diet. Nat. Biog. 

'Seo Polloct and Maitland. 

"See " CouiploLo l'uerage," by G.E.G., vol. v. (Leicester). 


crusader, and was drowned (31 August 1190) on voyage to the third 
crusade, the same year that Barbarossa (Emp. Frederick 1st) was 
drowned in a Cilician river while on the like mission. Having regard 
to the dates, probably the title of the Templars to the Old and to the 
New Temple as held of the Honour of Leicester was confirmed by 
Robert de Beaumont the father or by his son Robert de Beaumont 
Earl of Leicester (1168). The liberty or district known as the New 
Temple would not have been rightly called the Manor of the Temple 
until the " aula," house or hall, had been erected. 

On the death of Robert de Beaumont Earl of Leicester in 1190 his 
son Robert was invested with the Earldom (1 February 1191), and 
acted as Steward of England at the coronation of King John (1199). 
He died s.p. G January 1204, when the Earldom lapsed to the Crown 
and was confirmed by King John (1207) to Simon de Montfort, the 
father of Simon de Montfort who with his eldest son Henry was slain 
at the battle of Evesham (1265). Edmund Plantagenet, a younger son 
of King Henry 111, was then (1265) created Earl of Leicester and 
Steward of England, which dignities were confirmed to him by charter 
of King Edward I (1274). He was created Earl of Lancaster in the 
year 1267 and died 1296. 10 

Arthur R. Ingpen. 


Contributed by J. Paul Rylands, F.S.A. 

Mardale Chapelry was formed out of parts of the parishes of Shap 
and Bampton. The old church, dedicated to the Holy Trinity, stands, 
in the parish ol Shap, at the cud of asecluded and picturesque valley 
among mountains. It is one of the smallest, ol the Lake District 
churches, measuring inside only 30 by 16 feet ; its windows are very 
small openings in the strongly-built walls, which are -10 inches in 
thickness, and the axe-hewn roof timbers are probably coeval with the 
walls. The central oak roof-beam which is arched, as the others are, 
stands out of position so that it would clear the windows in the 
north and south walls. The east window is of more recent date. 
Unfortunately there are no architectural details by which the date of 
the building may be determined, but it is supposed to have been 
standing before the Reformation. In the consecration deed of the 
churchyard, dated 1728, it is stated that divine service had been 
performed in the church from time immemorial, and some fine yew 
trees, said by experts to be four or live centuries old, suggest a great 
age for the building. 

10 Soo "Coiaploto 1'oorage," ubi sup. 


In 1737 various alterations were made ; it was then that the gallery 
at the west end was erected and two ancient oak benches were taken 
there from below. At this time the screen and communion-rail were 
fashioned from old oak, and probably the tower was built ; it was let 
into the west wall to admit of making a west end doorway in place of 
that in the south wall which was then built up, and also to allow the 
making of a staircase to the gallery. The doorway to the tower, and 
a bell, dated 1825, are later additions. The church was restored 
in 1858. 

Although the parish registers date from 1628, the earliest burial 
took place in 1725 ; before that time the dead were carried over the 
hills to Shap, the coffin being tied on a horse, frequently in a kind of 
cradle, and the path by which funerals went over Swindale to Shap 
is still known as the '"Kirk-gate" or the "Corpse-road." 

Many of the Mardale ministers, of whom nineteen are known since 
1703, were masters of the neighbouring Mcasand (Grammar School, 
founded by Richard Wright and Richard Law, yeomen, in 1711, on 
the banks of Haweswater, now used as a cottage. Of these ministers, 
Jonathan Tinclar (presented in 1722) founded and endowed a library 
in 1750, which is now kept at liampton Vicarage ; Richard Hebson 
(presented in 1749) is commemorated by a tablet on the north wall ; 
John Bowstead (presented in 1800) educated at least two hundred 
priests of the Church of England, among whom was his nephew, James 
Bowstead, Bishop ol Lichfield, 1840-1813; and Thomas Holme 
(presented in 1858) restored the church and built the parsonage house 
as a gift to the living. 

The above particulars have been kindly communicated by the Rev. 
F. II. J. Barham, Vicar of Mardale, who has also supplied some dubious 
dates in the monumental inscriptions. 

Most of the inscriptions printed below commemorate members 
of the Holme family, one of those ancient Lake District yeomen stocks, 
locally called "statesmen," which are fast disappearing. The head 
of this family, for several, if not many, generations, has been known 
in the neighbourhood by the soubriquet of "the King of Mardale," 
and curious legends were told by the dalesmen of the great antiquity 
of this race. There can be very little doubt that the Holmes have 
been settled on a small estate in Mardale for a very long period, and 
that the name of their older house, " Chapel Hill," near to the church, 
was its designation in 1670 is clear from an entry in the Shap parish 
registers. The present house, called " Chapel Hill," is on a different 

No printed account of the Holmes of Mardale is extant, their name 
dues not occur in the Visitation of Westmorland made by Sir llichard 
St. George, Norroy, in ltil5, and their true origin appears to be unknown. 
There are several places called Holme in this county and in Cumberland 
and Yorkshire, which may have given surnames to distinct families. 
Nicolson and Burn, in their History of Westmorland and Cumberland, 
(1777) mention Henry de Holme as Vicar of the neighbouring parish 
of Askham in 1357, and the Rev. Canon Holmes, in a letter printed 


in the " Penrith Observer " of the 4th January 1916, refers to a John 
Holme, of Askham, who was living in the reign of Henry VII. From 
the Bampton parish register it appears thai the Rev. Richard Holme, 
Rector of Lowther and Prebendary of Carlisle, superintended the 
building of Bampton Vicarage in 1727, and was present at the conse- 
cration of a rebuilt church there in the following year. L'ossibly 
he was a Holme of Bampton, and three other members of that family 
were educated at Queen's College, Oxford, in the .seventeenth and 
eighteenth centuries, namely, John, M.A. IC85, Vicar of Holme Culiram 
with Newbon, cu. Cumberland, in IG87 ; Richard, M.A. 1730, and 
Thomas, who matriculated in 1755. The Bampton Holmes were 
numerous, and no less than eleven of them were pew-holders in Bampton 
Church in 1726 ; of these several were of Riggindale and of Measand 
and so may well have been kinsmen of the Mardale Holmes. 

In the Church. 

On the gallery the date 1737 is carved. 

On the font, in old English letters : — 

►I« Mardale | June A.D. 1872 | This Font is a gift | to the Church 
by | Mary Elizabeth | wife of the Rev d | Thomas Holme | M.A. in 
memory | of her Mother | who departed this | life January 5"' | A.D. 
1869 in | her 71 st year. | 

A brass on the north wall : — 

►p< Consecrated . in . affection . | to . the . memory . of . Hugh . 
Parker . Holme . | last . ol . that . name . at . | Chapel . Hill . M 
dale . | who . died . Nov 1 ' . 27 ,h . 1885 . | in . his . :55 th . year. | 

A brass on the north wall : — 


^ In the Grace and | Tender Mercy of Christ | resteth with his 
Fore-elders the Body ol | Thomas Holme M.A. | (Queen's College 
Oxford) | Born at Chapel Hill February 15"' 1810 | Died at the 
Parsonage April 23 ltl 1880 | His first Cure was the sole charge of 
Emmanuel | Church Loughborough under the Founder his Uncle | the 
Rev d William Holme B.l). Rector of Loughborough | (sometime 
Fellow of Emmanuel College Cambridge | and a Native of Mardale) 
after whose decease in 1848 | he was for a short time Locum Tenens 
at Kegworth | for his friend the Rev cl Peter Fraser m 1849 he was | 
presented by the Bishop of Lincoln to the Rectory | of Puttenham 
in Hertfordshire where he rebuilt | the Chancel of the Church and 
enlarged and improved | the Rectory House. He resigned Puttenham 
in 1858 | for Mardale and here aided by his Brothers and | Sisters he 
built the Parsonage and made it over to | the living he also restored 
the Church with the help | of his relations and the Earl of Lonsdale | He 
was a zealous promoter of every improvement | in the neighbourhood 
and endeared himself | to all around him by his courteous | upright 
and peace-loving example | Fretted by his widow. | 

Anns — A stay irippant. Crest — A stag's head erased. 


In the Churchyard. 

On the exterior of the west wall of the church, near the door : — 
To the Memory | of the Llcv (1 Ki : llebson upwards of 50 years | The 
truly Christian Pastor of this Ohapelry | And the able & most diligent 
Master of | Measaud School for a still longer period. | tie died Sept 1 * 25" 1 
17 ( .)i> Aged 75 . | Header: This stone pretends not, to be the record 
of | his virtues : they I » 1 1 i 1 1 not their hopes on | such perishable materials 
but only | a small token of grateful attention from one | who profited 
by his instructions & reveres | the example he set, of unafieeted con- 
scientious | Integrity. | 

A headstone on the north side of the churchyard : — 
In affectionate remembrance of | John \Y. Martindale M.R.C.S., 
L.S.A., | of Place Fell House, Patterdale. | Born August -1"' 1838, | 
Died July 21 s ' 1871 . and of his mother | Mary Martindale, | daughter 
of the late | Richard Holme of Mardale, I who died November J 8 th 
1881, | aged 74. | 

A white marble cross on the north side of the churchyard : — 
In | loving memory of | Ralph Lucas, | of Hilchin, | Horn Jany. 29 tl * 
181, "5. | Died at Hampton Aug' 30«> 187:}. | " His soul has passed 
to where beyond these voices there is peace." I 

Recordare Jesu pie Quaerens me sedisti lassus 

Quod sum causa hue vise Redemisti crucem passus 

Ne me perdas ilia die Tantus labor non sit cassus. 

A white marble cross on the north side of the churchyard : — 
In memoriam | Hugh Parker Holme, | of Chapel Hill, Mardale, | 
Horn July 12 th A.D. 1851, | died November 27»> 1885. | Last male 
survivor of the name. | " Even so Father for it seemeth good in thy 

A white marble cross on the west side of the churchyard :— 
In | loving memory of | our boy | Hugh Holme liowstead, | of 
Chapel Hill, Mardale, | who died on tin; 25 Ul of July 188G, I aged 
15 years, j " 1 only yield thee what is thine | Thy will be done. j 

A headstone at the west end on the north side of the door of the 
church : — - 

In loving memory | of | John Holme | of Chapel Hill j born 1-P' 1 
December 1804 | died I"" 1 January 1872 | and of | Mary Holme | hi: 
widow | born 5 th November 1818 
Thomas Joseph Holme I their son 
21 years. | 

Seven headstones against the exterior east wall of the church :— 
(1). In affectionate remembrance of | Richard Holme of Chapel 
Hill, yeoman, j who died March the l() lh 1839 in his OS 11 ' year | And i 
Ann his wife, who died Jany 6 th 1858 | in her 82" (1 Year. | Also Richard 
youngest son of the above, | who died March the 28 Ul in his 7"' year 
1825 | Also Eleanor wife of John Holme eldest | son of the above 
Richard who died | July the 22 nd 1843 in her 22 nd year. [Yerses.J 

died 31 st March 1877 | also of 
who died 17"' July 1871 | aged 


(2). Two brasses on this headstone : — 

(a) Here lyeth t lie Body | of Richard Holme, Ion of John and 
Margaret | Holme, who departed this Life on the 8 th of | March 1754 
Aged 15 Years. | He was always grave and decent in j Devotion, 
Very Dutifull to His Parents, | Amiable & Pleasant to His Brothers 
& Sisters, Courteous and gentle in His Demeanour, Ingenious &. Active 
& of a Mild Disposition, | Beloved of Every one, His Death Lamented | 
by Many. | 

(b) Here Lyeth the Body of Jane Holme Aged 8G. | Who Lived 
30 Years a widow. She was a | Kind Indulgent Parent, Nursed 
Severall | of her great Grand Children, She Bore | her Sicknefs with 
great patience and | Rcfignation, and departed this Life on | the 
L" 1 of Feb r v 1750. | Likewise the Body of .John Holme, Son of the | 
above Jane, Interr'd July 29, A.D. 1760, Aged 65. J Remember, Man 
as thou goes by, | As thou art now, so once was I, | As I am now, 
so must thou be, | Therefore prepare to follow me. | 

(3). A brass on this headstone: — 

To the Memory of John Holme of Chapel Hill who I died the 
8 th Day of February 1813 in the 8-1 Y r ear of his Age | Devoutly 
imprefsed with a sense of the truth and importance of the | Christian 
revelation he never compromised the interests of Religion he | revered its 
doctrines practised its precepts and religiously upheld | its ordinances. 
In his family he was beloved as the Father and Friend | he afsiduously 
cultivated his own well informed mind and was careful to | bestow 
on his Children an education truly liberal, he neither courted nor I 
despised the praise of men and while his integrity and benevolence | 
commanded their esteem he was only anxious for the approbation 
of God. | Also To the Memory of Margaret Wife of the above named | 
John Holme who died the 11 th of Feby. 1804 Aged 69 Years. | In 
her private station she fulfilled the combined duties of the | affectionate 
Wife the tender Mother the kind and obliging | Neighbour and the good 
Christian. By her death Religion | and humanity lost one of their 
brightest ornaments and | Society one of its most helpful and friendly 
Supports | John eldest son of the abovenamed John and | Margaret 
Holme died the 26" 1 of May 1800 aged 37 Y r ears | Henry their third 
Son the 8 th of Nov r 1800 aged 33 Y'ears. | 

(4). Two brasses on this headstone : — 

(rt) Here Lieth the Body | Of Thomas Holme Son Of The Late 
Henry | And Jane Holme Of Chapel Hill | He Was Depriued Of The 
Sense Of Hearing | In His Youth And Liued. About 50 Years | Without 
The Comfort Of Hearing One Word | He Reconciled Him Self To 
His Misfortune By | Heading And Useful Employment | Was Uery 
Temporal c Honest And Peaceable | lie Was Well Respected By 
His Neighbours And | Relations And Departed This Life After A 
Short | Sicknefs On The 22<i Of March 1773 Aged 67 Years. | 

(b) This Is | In Memory Of M rs Margaret Holme | Sister of the 
above Thomas Holme | Of Chapel-hill who departed this Life | After 
a long and tedious Sickness | Which she bore with great Patience | And 
Resignation on the 17 of Sept r | 1778 in the 75 Year of her Age. | 



(5). Here lie interred | the Bodies of Richard Jackson | and Martha 
his Wife | alfo William their Son and | Phillip their Grandson | 

March the 
June the 
October the 
July the 


II 1 " 1754 

19 th 17 

1 st 1761 


(6). Sacred | to the Memory | of the R ev | Thomas Wharton, 
M.A. | Horn March 5* A.D. 1785 | at Measand Becks : | Died August 
;n Hl | A.D. 1854. I As Master of the | Clergy orphan School | S 1 John's 

r 54 | ( '-'1 

>r>i I U ) 82 

'60 ( % i 56 

62 J '. 82 


Wood, London, | He was for 20 years the | Paternal Instructor of 
children committed | to his charge. | He was also for .'30 years 
faithful Minister of | S 1 John's Wood Chapel. J In him all charitable 
institutions | found a firm J and bountiful supporter, | and the poor 
a most | liberal Benefactor | "He being dead yet speaketh." | Heb. 1 1, 
v. 1. | 

(7). Sacred | to the memory of | Thomas Holme, M.A., | incumbent 
of Mardale; from 1858, I till at the age of Three Score Years & Ten | he 
entered into Rest April 23 rd 1880. | A tablet on the north wall of this 
church | gives some record of his life. | 

By W. H. B. Bird. 

(Continued from page 100.) 


Besides the line which we have hitherto been engaged in tracing, 
there were a good many individuals and families in Lincolnshire, 
Yorkshire and neighbouring counties named Chamberlain (Canicrarius) 
or de Camera ; and before leaving the subject it may be of interest to 
add a note concerning a few of these. One must not too hastily assume 
that all or any of them were descendants of Osbert the Sheriff. Thus, 
when we read in the Testa <lc Sen// 10 '- that Count Conan gave to 
Wimar the Chamberlain lands in (Jrainthorp and Yarborough, the 
probability is that Wimar was chamberlain in the Count's own house- 
hold. No doubt other great families, such as Gaunt and Percy, as 
well as the Bishops and Archbishops, had chamberlains of their own, 
whether they used the title of their ollice as a surname or not. 

There was, for example, a family of Chamberlain of some .consequence 
seated at Edlington. In 1212 1(i3 John Chamberlain held land there. 

lM p. 338 

1,3 Testa dc Nevill, p. 335. 


Sir John Chamberlain of Edlington, who nourished in the reign of 
Edward I, seems to have succeeded to the estate formerly of Alan 
de Mumby at Mumby. Simon Chamberlain succeeded him, and was 
Sheriff 1322-1, dying without issue in 1329, 1M when he was succeeded 
by Robert his brother, aged 50; and that or another Robert occurs 
as late as 1342 and L346. 165 1 believe these were in no way eonnected 
with the Chamberlains of Wickenby. 

When however men of the same name are found to be tenants of 
the Chamberlains, it is reasonable to suppose that they are also kins- 
men. Such were William Chamberlain, who was dead in 1223, and 
Ralph his son, whose mother Isabel was then in dispute with Robert 
Chamberlain of Wickenby about his wardship."' Where his lands 
lay does not appear ; but in 1260 another William Chamberlain was 
(among others) sued for dower in Marston by Sir John Chamberlain's 
widow. 107 This last, or perhaps a third William, had forty years earlier 
acted as attorney for Alina Chamberlain in a similar suit. 168 

At Reston and Carlton also Chamberlain of Wickenby had Chamber- 
lains for tenants. The survey of 1212 fails to give the names of the 
tenants there. A Roger Chamberlain, one of the defendants in 122C 
to Alina'a suit for dower, was perhaps of this family. The survey of 
1243 names William Chamberlain. 169 Some thirty years later a William 
Chamberlain of Reston lines [or a respite of knighthood, 170 shewing 
that these were people of good estate. That William or another 
was living in 1303 ; and in 1316 his successor was Richard Chamber- 
lain. 171 

The Carlton just mentioned is in the Wapentake of Louth Kske in 
Lindsey. In the Wapentake of Orafloe in Kesteven is another Carlton, 
and there we lind in the Hundred Rolls mention of a Roger Chamberlain 
among the tenants of lirus. This Roger was brother and heir of the 
Walter Chamberlain of Haddington whose name will be found in the 
survey of 12 1.'!. 1 '- He had interests also at Morton and liassingham 
in the same Wapentake 173 ; and appears to have sold some of his 
lands. 1,1 In 1303, however, a Robert Chamberlain is holding lands 
in Haddington formerly of Waller. 170 

Another Walter, son of Hugh Chamberlain, was of Heckington, 
and married Helen daughter of Robert de Cant. Several deeds of 
his are among the Lincoln Cathedral Charters printed by the late 

184 Calendar of Inquisitions, vii, no. 192. 

166 Calendar of Fine Rolls. 

168 Kxccrpta c. Hot. Fin. 

187 Curia Kc./i's Roll 170. 

16s Clone Roll, 122G. 

18 ' J Testa de Nevill, pp. 1310,329. 

170 Hot. Hand., i. 37o. 

171 Feudal Aids, Line. 

172 Testa de Ncvill, pp. 312, 32G. 

l ' a Hot. Hund., i, 284, 28f>, 287, 389. A William Chamberlain of Morton occurs 
in 8 Henry 111 (Memoranda lloll, L.T.U., <>, in. 12); out I cannot say that this 
Morton is meant.. Compare however the Close Rolls of IS John and 2 Henry 111, 
and Calendar of L'altsiit Rolls 13U0, p. 138. 

174 I'lac. dc Quo It'i/j ra u to. 

176 Feudal Aids, Line. 




Mr. Massingberd. 179 He dates them all roughly "after 1200"; and 
three out of four are witnessed by Thomas English (Anglicus, Lengleis), 

probably the man of that name who died in 1226. Another witness 
is Thomas Chamberlain of Hale, probably the Thomas son of John 
Chamberlain of Little Hale whose charter will be found in the same 
collection. In 1212 Simoh Chamberlain held land in Little Hale 
of the fee of Cant. 177 Walter son of Hugh was also a benefactor to 
lhirdney Abbey. 178 

To return to Osbert's descendants, in the same Pipe [toll in which 
Stephen Chamberlain first occurs, a HobcTt son of Melisent will be found, 
also fining for a writ, in Yorkshire. 179 Was he perhaps a brother of 
Stephen ? There was at any rate a Robert Chamberlain in Yorkshire 
about that time, who seems to have left daughters and coheirs; lor 
m a Yorkshire line of 1204, 180 alter the death of his daughter Maud, 
two nephews of hers named Fullc son of Theobald and Geoffrey Chase- 
iiiuine are sharing her lands. It may be merely a coincidence, but 
she had for tenant at Skefrling in Holderness Ralph .son of Stephen 
de Holland, who has already been mentioned 181 as a neighbour and 
perhaps a tenant, if not a sou, of Stephen Chamberlain. We may note 
in passing the names of Gilbert 182 and Peter Chamberlain 183 in York- 
shire, and Sel'red Chamberlain in Lincolnshire 184 which occur in the 
Pipe Rolls during the reign of Henry 11 ; also an Osbertson of Herbert 1H5 
in Essex and Hertfordshire, of whom one would be glad to learn more. 

The Kirkstead Chartulary introduces another family at Snelland 
who may possibly be descendants of the Chamberlain either in the male 
or female line, as the double association with Snelland and Wickenby 
suggests. John de Wikynkebi 186 who occurs in 11(57, had a wife 
Wimarca 187 who survived him, and a son Helte de Siielleslund 188 
who is described as patron of Snelland church. John had a brother 
William, uncle of Helte 189 ; and Helte himself had a brother William, 
also called William son of Wimarca. 190 Helte's wife Margaret survived 
him. 191 They had a son Robert de Siielleslund, who was living in 
IL'15. 19 - 

"" Lincolnshire Architectural Society, Reports and Papers. Part ii appeared 

in l'J02. I am indebted to the Kditor of The Genealogist for the loan of Part iii, 
containing these charters. 

177 Testa de Neeill, [>. 3 to. 

178 Calendar of Charter Hulls, iv. 245. 

" u 12 Henry 11, and the following year (1H55-7). 
""> Vorks fines h-m r .John (Surtoes Soc), U0. 
181 Sou ante p. V 1. ». 37. 
l8 - 13, 14 Henry 11. 
183 15 Henry II. 
181 26 Henry II. 

185 15 Henry II. 

186 Cotton MS. Vespasian E. xviii : Snellcslund 8, 35. See also f. 114. 

187 Ibid., 1!>, 22; Supurabundantia Cartarum, 0. 

188 Snellesluud, 72, et passim ; Dunham, 48 j Superabundant in Cartarum, 2-5. 
18U Siielleslund, IV.). 

l » u Ibid., 14, 17. 27, 32, 72, 87 ; Superubundantiu Cartarum, (J. 

1.1 Snellcslund, 7 1, 

1.2 Siielleslund 7U, 77, 78, 80, 81, 84, 85 ; Seampton, 53 ; Dunham, 48, etc. 


Again, there was in Lincolnshire one Stephen de Camera, whose 
daughter Desiderata seems to have been his heir. King .John, we are 
told, gave her in marriage to Hugh Neville, whose sou Ernisius Neville 
in 1230 lines lor Stephen's lands, 193 ami at the same time is granted 
a market and fair at Glanford I>n»g. m Was Stephen a son of Stephen 
Chamberlain of Wickenby ? Ernisius, we learn from the Hundred 
Rolls, l! ' a made a gift of land in Newton to Bullington priory ; William 
his son gave land there to the Templars, and the priory of St. Katherine, 
Lincoln ; and at the date of the record Robert Neville held u mesne 
lordship there under Henry Chamberlain. 

Stephen de Camera. 1 ?. . . . 

Hugh de Neville. ^Desiderata, 
| temp. John. 

r J 

Ernisius do Neville, 1235.=f=. . . . 

rr ■ J 

William, son of Ernisius. 
Robert de Neville, r. 1275. 

The town of Selby in Yorkshire was the home of another family of 
Chamberlain, of whom some mention will be found in the Coucher Book 
of Selby Abbey, punted by t he Yorkshire Archaeological Association. We 
will not now therefore linger over them; but will pass to another 
group at and near Scampton in Lincolnshire, my knowledge of whom 
is again derived from the Kirkstead Chartulary. 

The fust til' this family of whom I find mention is Emma wife of 
Walter Chamberlain. Her parentage is not mentioned; but she had 
a mariUlifium in Scampton, and some of her land there was held of 
(icolTrcv son of S.epheu as head of the order of Templars in England. 198 
She outlived her husband, and it would seem her eldest son Hugh also ; 
for while he joins in some of her benefactions, 197 in others his son Walter 
joins with her, being styled her grandson and heir, 198 or else confirms 
them. Hugh is perhaps the Hugh sou of Emma who occurs in the 
1'ipe Roll of I Richard 1. lie had a younger brother Thomas Chamber- 
lain of Thorp, who witnesses charters of his mother 199 and nephew,- 00 
and himself makes or confirms gifts of land in Scampton, 201 while 
Walter the nephew grants to the Abbey service due from his uncle. 802 
Gilbert son of Thomas, who occurs later as a witness, 203 was perhaps 
his son, and identical with the Gilbert Chamberlain who is met 

193 Excerpta e. Rot. Fin. 

191 Calendar of Charter Rolls, i. 214. 

196 i. Ml. 

196 Scampton, 2-1, 30. Geoffrey occurs as Master of the Temple in 1185. 
Monasticon Anglicanum, vi. 821. 

197 Scampton, 20. 

198 Ibid., 23. 25, 26, 27. 

199 Ibid., 23, 24. 
00 Ibid., 25, 20. 

»« Ibid., 2«J, 32. 
u * Ibid., 28, 31. 
iu3 Ibid., 35, 30, 38. 


with elsewhere. 204 There is also a charter of confirmation by Andrew, 
another son of Hugh, perhaps the person who also occurs as Andrew 
the clerk.- 00 

Walter Chamberlain of Scampton^Emina. 

Hugh Chamberlain, of=p. . . . Thomas Chamberlain, =p . . . 

Scampton(? 1189). of Thorp. 

i ' — 1 r J 

Walter Chamberlain, Andrew. V Gilbert Chamberlain. 

Loir to bin grandmother. 

There is nothing here to suggest a connection with the house of 
Wickenby, unless it he the rather unusual name Andrew, in which 
uiie may possibly see some indication of Scottish memories. 

In the Ilarleian collection at the British Museum is a charter of 
Stephen Chamberlain, dating from 1187-1191, to which is attached 
the fragment of an equestrian seal ; another of Henry Chamberlain 
(1194-1225) also bears an equestrian seal with counterseal, smaller 
and more perfect - 0G ; but no armorial device can be traced on the shield 
ui either. What we learn, however, from other sources seems to 
me to form a not uninteresting chapter in the history of heraldry. 

The descent 1 have traced in previous pages is that of a line of simple 
knights, of no exceptional wealth or power. Except for the purchase 
of Drax, generation after generation they added nothing to their 
patrimony either by rich marriages, by court favour, or by successful 
careers in business, administration or war. On the contrary we have 
seen their estate steadily dwindling by division, by subinfeudation, 
by benefactions to the Church, by ill success in litigation and in the 
pursuit of arms. But it must not be forgotten that the founder of 
their house was a man of rank, position and great possessions. 

Herbert lived and died rather before the epoch which, as the best 
authorities tell us, marks the dawn of heraldry. But in virtue of his 
eminence, we need not be surprised to find the arms assumed by lus 
representatives referred back to him at a later date ; or that with 
estate yet unimpaired, and the reflection of his glory undiminished, 
they presently assumed a coat of the noblest colour and metal and the 
most distinguished form. In early rolls of arms- 07 will be found the coat 
gules three escallops uf gold attributed to Sir Robert Chamberlain, 
Sir John Chamberlain of Lincolnshire, and Herbert Chamberlain; 
ulsu to a certain Martin Chamberlain. Now this is one of those which 

i0i Suelloslund, 10. 

806 Seampton, 3f>, 30, 38. 

2l,a Harleian Charters, 47 I, ( J and 21. 

07 By the kindness of a friend, who has made a special study of Rolls of 
Arms, I had hoped to be in a position to give precise references and approximate 
dates; but owing to an unfortunate accident 1 am at present unable to do so, and 
can only nuppori the Btafomouta that follow l>\ citing I'upworth or other books 
of inferior authority. To the best of my recollection, however, what has been 
printed agroed in this case witli the careful extracts from the originals which 
my friend bhewed mo. 


must be considered a primary or founder's coat — one which might be 
diminished 1ml hardly augmented, one from which others may be 
derived, but is itself derived from none. 

A generation later, and the line of the first Sir Robert and Sir John 
is extinct ; the representation and lands pass to a second house. In 
rolls of their time will be found a coat differenced by a new charge: 
gules, a less between three escallops of gold, attributed to Sir Robert 
and Sir John Chamberlain (of Wickenby and Drax). It is instinctive 
to note tlie practice at that date. The second house does not revert 
to the paternal coat- the bearing ol the elder line— even when the 
representation has passed to them. Hut this diminished coat is 
itself one of no small heraldic consequence, as may he seen by 
comparing it, for example, with that of the noble family of 

A third form of the arms is also found in which a chevron replaces 
the fess. One may say at a glance, if this also be authenticated and 
ancient, it should be borne by a branch of the same family. Several 
examples of it, may be seen upon seals of a family named Chamberlain 
seated at Cotes and Denford in Northamptonshire, which will be found 
in the Catalogue of Seals in the British Museum collections. I believe 
the Chamberlains of Cotes may be traced ba'kto Reston, where (as we 
have already noticed) they were tenants of Chamberlain of Wickenby, 
and presumably of the same blood; indeed in a fourteenth 
century Roll of Arms the chevron coat is attributed to Sir Richard 
Chamberlain of Lincolnshire, probably the Richard of 134G. 

As regards Martin Chamberlain, his position appears to be altogether 
anomalous ; one can only wonder whether some mistake has not been 
made. Martin certainly did not represent Herbert the Chamberlain. 
According to Morant's account 208 he was the son of Jordan Chamber- 
lain, a man of Aubrey de Verc, whom his lord married to Beatrice 
daughter and heir ol one ol his tenants. Jordan occurs in an Essex 
line 208 ol 8 Richard 1 ; Rcatrice his widow in another of l! John, when 
Roger son ol Jordan was her son and heir ; and Martin himself in several 
lines from 13 to "_'!) Henry 111. Rut we cannot follow Morant 
in describing him as brother and heir of a John Chamberlain living in 
1309, and supposing him to have survived until the accession of 
Edward 111. That was a later Martin, whose age was 18 in 
3 Edward II,- 10 perhaps grandson of the Jordan Chamberlain who 
occurs in a line of lii Edward III. 211 As tenants (possibly chamber- 
lains) of the Veres, one would rather expect to find these Essex 
Chamberlains bearing the quarterly coat which is attributed to Sir 
Simon Chamberlain. 

208 History of Essex, ii. 534 (Rudwinter). 

209 Essex Arehocol. Soc, R.K.G. Kirk ed. 

210 Cal. of Inqs . v. no. 196. 

211 The father's name was John, ibid no. 68. 



By H. 0. Asiinall. 

(Continued from y. 163.) 

Part II. 

The Aspinwall family attained a prominent position in Lancashire 
after removing to Toxteth Park, and during the Interregnum we find 
its members taking an active and conspicuous part in the politics of 
those days on the Parliamentarian side. We also find strong religious 
convictions of that stern Puritan type then so prevalent amongst the 
followers of Oliver Cromwell. The possession of these characteristics 
was doubtless the factor which influenced Parliament in appointing 
several members of the family to act as magistrates, to serve on various 
Commissions, and to perform other public duties in Lancashire. 

It would appear to have been between the years 15% and 1011 
that the family left Aspinwall, near Onuskirk, and went to reside at 
Toxteth Park. In an account of Toxteth we are told — ■ 

" The custody of the Park was in 1147 granted to Sir Thomas 
Stanley. This office descended in the Stanley family until 
1590, when William Earl of Derby sold the Park with all his 
lands and tenements there and in Smithdown to Edmund 
Smolte and Edward Aspinwall (Croxteth D.Aa. 2) who sub- 
sequently made a number of grants to kinsmen and others." 36 

Edward Aspinwall (who was the sou of William, as we shall presently 
see) seems to have taken possession of his property shortly afterwards, 
for if we may trust several old puritan writers, he was certainly residing 
there in 1011. There is one entry in the Ormskirk registers, amongst 
the christenings, which may refer to him : — 

" Edward Aspinwall 17 Januarie 1507." 

Beyond this the registers give us no information, for neither his marriage 
nor the births of his children arc here recorded. A number of facts 
have been obtained from other sources which appear to relate to him. 
In the register of the University of Oxford, 1571-10L'2, we find in a 
List of Matriculations : — 

"23 Apr. 1585. Bras. Aspinwall, Edw. Lanes, pleb. f. 15." 

The name " Kdrus Aspinall de Skaresbrecke g s " appears in a list 
of freeholders in Lancashire in 1600, amongst the " Libre Tenentes 
Infra Hundred do West Derby." 37 

*• Vic. Hist, of Lanes., vol. iii. 

17 Lancashire and Cheshire Record Society, vol. xii. 



In a volume of Lancashire Funeral Certificates, 38 in the certificate 
relating to Katherine Bretargh, dated 1601 (Lansdowne MS., 879, 
fo. 7), we read that "Mr. Edward Aspinwall visited her during her 
sickness and wrote verses on her death." 

In the records of the Manchester Quarter Sessions, 1G16-1623, 88 
under the date March 21st 1G20, we find the name " Edrus Aspinall 
de Toxteth, High Constable for Derhie Hundred." 

In Dugdale's "Visitation of Lancashire, 1664-5," 40 it is shown 
in the pedigree of Lathom of Whiston that John Lathom of Winston 
married " Susanna, daughter of Edward Aspenhall of Aspenhall, 
Co. Lancaster." lie (John Lathom) was fifty-eight years of age on 
the 8th April 10(55. The same pedigree is given in the Familae Minorum 
Gentium; 11 but here Susanna is described as the daughter of " Edward 
Aspinwall of Aspinwall, first watchmaker in England." 

In January 1634, in the reign of Charles I, the inquisition after 
the death of Edwardus Aspinwall, late of Toxteth Park, was taken at 
Wigan. This has not hitherto been printed, but a full abstract of it 
has been obtained from the original at the Public Record Office, and 
from this it will be seen that the will of Edward Aspinwall (the original 
of which has not been found) is recited in the inquisition, and that he 
died at Toxteth Park on the 26th October 1633. 

Duchy of Lancaster Inquisitions Post Mortem. 
(Vol. 28, No. 1). 

Edward Aspinwall, of Toxteth Park. 
Inquisition taken at Wigan, co. Lanes., Monday, 27 January, 
9 Charles I, to enquire after the death of Edward Aspinwall, late of 
Toxteth Park, co. Lanes., gent., deceased, by the oaths of William 
Eorster, William Ford, William Bankes, William Pilkington, Roger 
Kyeroft, William ( )i inishaw e, James Barker, Adam Aspull, James 
Mollineux, Uumfrey Piatt, John Aspull, Robert (Jerrard, Robert 
Jolly, Richard (ireene, James lligham, Mdes Baron, Roger Bradshawe 
&. Geoffrey Sherington, gentlemen, jurors, who on their oath say 
that on k before his death the said Edward was seised in his demesne, 
as of fee, of and in one messuage, one garden, one orchard, 45 acres of 
moor & moss, with appurtenances, in Rossacre, co. Lanes, now or late 
in the tenure of Edmund Parr, and of and in one other messuage, one 
garden, one orchard, 5 acres of meadow and pasture land in Rossacre, 
now or late in the tenure of Richard Wignall ; and of and in 12 acres of 
meadow and pasture land and 2 acres of moor and muss in Wesham, co. 
Lanes., and ol and in one messuage, 1 acres of meadow and pasture in 
Wesham, now or late in the tenure of William Butler. And of and in one 
messuage ami 15 acres of meadow and pasture in Scuresbrick, co. Lanes. 

38 Chatham Society, vol. lxxv. 

38 LanciiHhiro and Cheshire Record Society, vol. xlii. 

40 Cliethain Society, voln. lxxxiv, lxxxv aud lxxxviii. 

41 Society l^blieations, vols, xxxvii oiid xxxviii. 


And of and in one messuage called Hales House and 7 acres of meadow 
&. pasture in Scaresbrick ; and of and in 6 acres of meadow called the 
Greater Stockebridge Meadow & the Lesser Stockebridge Meadow in 
Scaresbrick; and ol and in 3 cottages, 3 gardens, 3 orchards and one acre 
of land in Ormeskirke, which were late a certain Smelt's ; and of and in 
one burgage one garden, one kind called Mawerice House in Liverpool ; 
and of and in one messuage, one garden, one orchard and two acres of 
land in Ormeskirke called Lawrenson's House; and of and in one barn 
called Morecrofts Lower House and 1G acres of meadow and pasture in 
Scaresbrick and Burghscouge, CO. Lane. And so being seised, the said 
Edward Aspinwall made his last will as follows : — 

I give (besides what allredy given) to the pore of Ormeskirke Parishe 
Five shillinges. Next I will and devise twoe ptes of all my Messuages 
Landes tenents and hereditam t8 w lh thappurtenns myne owne iidieri- 
tance (in Aspinwall, Hurleston, ScarisbTeecke, Ormiskirke, Rossacre, 
Wesshani and Levpoole or eles wheare within the Countye of Lancaster), 
in three ptes to bee devided, and all the rente and pflits of and to bee 
pceaved out of the said twoe ptes, to the nsones and uses and in manner 
followeinge, That is to saye. I give ami devise that, one pcell of land 
m the occupacon of Thomas Lawranson or his assignes, lyeing in the 
Towne feild of Ormiskirke, To Peeter Aspinwall my brother, and to the 
heires males of his body lawfully begotten, willing that the same bee 
attempted as [)arcell of the sad twoe ptes And as to the residue of the 
said twoe ptes (pcell wheareof I wilbee accompted the rev'con of the 
house wherein William Maurice duelleth and gardinc in Levpoole, 
after the deceases of the said William and of Alice his wylle) and the 
rentf and entyre pfhtts of the same (cxeepte what estate or terme of 
and in the said house and (jardeine in Lcverpoolo I shall assigne or by 
nine meanes appointe to the use of my sonn William Aspinwall, the 
Children or wylle or anie of them) I will and devise the same to the 
other Children of .lerehiah Aspinwall mvne eldesl son, besides his 
heiro, lor and dnroinge t he terme of Kiglitoene yeares to bee accompted 
jo begiuno imcditiloly from and alter the second dave of hVluuario 
in thi> yea re of our Lord god one thousand sixe hundred and thertie 
and to liee used pceived and taken, to ami lor Mini re cducacon and 
pferm 1 in such sorte and manner, as the said Jerehiah shall in his 
lyffe tyme thinke good and set downe, or otherwyse as my executors 
together with theire mother shall thinke meeteste. or otherwyse equalie 
amongst them. Ncv\,helesse Provided that if the said .lerehiah should 
departe this lyffe, Marie his nowe wylle survivinge liim. That then 
(and soe I will and appointe) the said Marie not Clameing anie other 
tytle of flower out of anie my said messuages, landes, tenemtf and 
hereditafn ts , shall in lew and recompence of all such tytle and dower 
pceive and have yearelye dureingc her natural! IyiTe oute of the said 
twoe ptes (the said pcell of landc given to my brother and the said 
house and Oardeme in Levpoole At. excepted) the yearely some of 
thertye poundf, iicconlinge to my agrcem 1 \v Ul her father, at the feaste 
dayes of the nativities of our Lord Jesus Ohriste and St. John Laptiste 
by equall porcons in nature of a rente chardge. Moreov 1 I doe as well 


devise, will and give the remaynder of the said twoe ptes, and the 
residue of the rents and p flits of the siiid twoe ptes (the reservacon in 
Maurice house and Gardeine for my Bonne William and the recompence 
of dower to Marie my sonne Jirehiah his nowe wyffe aforemenconed 
saved and provided for) after the determinacon of the said Eighteene 
ycares under the Condicons pvisoes and charges heareafter expressed 
As alsoe leave to descend the other therd pte of all the said messuages, 
landes tenemts and hereditafntf w th thappertennces whatsoev* to the 
said Jerehiah Aspinwall my eldeste sonne, and to the heires males 
of the bodie of the said Jirehiah lawfully begootten or to bee begotten, 
And for defaulte of such heires males then to the righte heires males 
of the bodye of mee the said Edward lawfullie beegotten and to hcc 
begotten, And for defaulte of such heires males of my body lawfully 
begotten, Then as to the messuages landC and tenefntf and heredi- 
tamte w ch were at the firste my owne purchase, I will and devise and 
leave to remayne to the heires of my owne bodve lawfully begotten, 
And for defaulte of such yssue then to my righte heires for ev. And as 
to such of the said messuages, landes tcnerntf and hcrchitaffitf w Ul 
thappurtennces as primarilye were my Fatheres purchase, 1 will dispose 
and leave the remaynder thereof lor defaulte of heires male of my 
owne bodye lawfullye begotten, to the heires males of the bodye of my 
late Father William Aspinwall lawfullye begotten and for defaulte of 
such heires then to the heires of my bodye lawfullie begotten and to 
bee begotten, and lor defaulte of such issue then to my right heires 
for ev. Notwithstanding Provided, and 1 will and further 
appointe that it shalbce lawfull for the said Jirehiah in case of a wyffe 
to his heire apparante, and to and for anie other heire male after the 
said Jirehiah in case of makeinge a joynture to the wyffe of the possioner 
or his heire apparente for the lyft'e of such wyffe or wyves respectively, 
and in case neede soe require for the pfermt of the other children 
(besides the heire apparente of anie such heire male) and for pa) in 1 
of debtes to assigne or chardge for twelve yeares or under after the 
death of such possioner, t woe ptcs of t he said messuages landes tenemt f 
and hereditanitC, or the nflitf thereof, or lessc soev as one therd pte 
of all the said messuages landes tenemts and hereditanits w Ul thappur- 
teiincC remaine free and unchardged to ami in the handf of the heire 
male succeeding and to bee in pos'sione, one therde pte f save or above, 
MoreoV I will and soe require of all, that noe discontinaunce of aine 
the aiiore limitted entales of anie the said messuages landes tenefntf 
and hereditafntf bee made or attempted by anie succeedinge heires 
in taile to whome the same shall or maye decend, other or otherwyse, 
as in the cases afforesaid, and accordinge to the nexte aforegoing 
Provisoe for Joynture, pterin 1 of other children besides the heire 
and payem 1 of debts, and soe to bee recontinued, yet as much inten- 
dinge to teache as willing to bynd in some degree to seeke a mercie 
and as not endureinge at all althought to disappointe the pvidence 
of the moste highe, who where and as lice pleaseth bestoeth the blessinge 
of setledness and continance, soe altogether comending to and chardgeing 
on posteritie in the pursuite of that I have imposed, the constante 


attendance on this Presoripte for perpetuitie, who hath said, The 
juste men shall inherite the land, and dwell for ev uppon it ye and 
agayne departe from evell and doe good and dwell then forev, soe 
hee give yo w Amen. 

The jurors say that said Edward died 26 October, 8 Charles I at 
Toxteth Park & that Jeheriah Aspinwall is his son & heir aged at the 
taking of this Inquisition 38 years & more. 

They say that the premises in Roasacre & Wessham are held of the 
King, as of his Duchy of Lancaster by knight service & are worth 
yearly, beyond reprisals, 30s. 

The premises in Liverpool are held of the King in free & common 
burgage by fealty & the annual rent of l'2d. & are worth yearly 2s. 

The premises in Ormeskirk are held of William Earl of Derby in free 
& common socage, by fealty & the annual rent of 9d. & are worth 
yearly 5s. 

Morecrofts Lower House barn & land in Scarsbrick & Burscough 
are held of the. said Earl in socage, by fealty & the rent of 13<Z. a year 
& are worth yearly 16s. 

Hales House k land in Scaresbrick & the Greater & Lesser Stock- 
bridge Meadow are held of Edward Scaresbrecke Esq., as of his Manor 
of Scaresbrick in socage & are worth yearly 10*. 

And the messuage & 15 acres in Scaresbrick are held of [left 

blank) Hurleston Estj. in socage, by fealty & the annual rent of 6d. 
& are worth yearly 16</. 

The said jerehiah lias taken the rents & profits of the said lands, 
&c, since the day of Edward's death till the present time. 

Several writers on Lancashire puritanism mention Edward Aspinwall, 
and from them we get a valuable insight into his character. In 
Lancashire, its Puritanism and Nonconformity, by Robert Halley, 
D.D. (1869), we read :-- 

" We meet with another group of Puritans, although their puritanism 
seems to have been of a milder type than that of the moorlands, in 
and around Toxteth I'ark, near Liverpool. They erected a chapel 
in which they could hear the evangelical doctrines of the Reformation 
preached in their purity, and lift up a standard against the popery 
abounding in their neighbourhood. They invited Richard Mather 
when a boy to teach their children, and, when only a youth, to teach 
themselves. Tune has spared the name of one of them, . . . Edward 
Aspinwall, the intimate friend of the sainted Mrs. Brettargh, and her 
comforter in her last hours of mortal sickness. The Church of Christ 
has some reason to venerate his memory, for by the influence of his 
holy conversation, his beautiful example, ami his domestic piety 
the young schoolmaster, Richard Mather, was won over to the puritan 
cause and prepared for the great work which he did so well in New 
England. What the Mathers, father and four sons and many grandsons 
did for New England may, under God, be attributed in no small degree 
to the holy life of Edward Aspinwall." 

A small volume entitled The Life and Death of Mr. Richard Mather, 


Teacher of (he Church in Dorchester in New England (Cambridge, 1670), 
gives a quaint account- of Richard Mather's early life and conversion, 
and is to the same effect. 
Jirehiah Aspinwall was born about 1595, as we Learn from t lie 

inquisition taken alter the death of his father. The earliest mention 
of him is in the will of William Ambrose, made in February 1637, 
in which he is named as " my cousin Jirehiah Aspinall." Some years 
later his name appears in the Royalist Composition Papers, in the case 
of James Stanley, Karl of Derby, in connection with a contract by Wm. 
Aspinwall, gentleman, to purchase a fee farm rent ol £.'5 lis. lOd. out 
of a tenement in the Manor of Trayles, in the occupancy of Jerehiah 
Aspinwall, late parcel of James late Karl of Derby (24 December 1652). 
He was a Commissioner for Lancashire (I) under various Assessment 
Acts to raise monies for the maintenance of the army between 1019 
and 1007 4 -; (2) for the Church and Parochial Surveys of Lancashire 
made between Kill* and 1655 4! ; and (3) under the " Ordinance lor 
ejecting Scandalous, Ignorant, and Insufficient Ministers and School- 
masters " of 105-L 4 - His curious name, mis-spell in almost every 
conceivable way possible, is frequently met with in connection with 
the records ol these Commissions. His signature also appears in the 
Croston parish registers 44 as officiating at a marriage, under the Act 
of Parliament of 1053, which enacted that marriages should take place 
before a magistrate : " 1656. These are to certifie . . . that James 
Cuten . . . and Jane Tomlinson . . . came beefore me Jerehjah Aspnall 
one of the Justices ol the Peace within t he said Countie and did contract 
matrimony together according to the late act in that case made and 
p'vided. Witness my hand and seal the 8th day of May 1650. 
Jerehjah Aspanall." 

Mention has just been made of the will of William Ambrose. There 
are three wills of this period which throw light upon the relationship 
which existed between the Aspinwall family and tint Ambrose and 
Fletcher families. Abstracts ol the wills have been printed m Waters' 
Qeneuloijmd Wvanimjs^ and from I hese we shall select such portions 
as are helplul to our subject: 

William A.mkkosk, Clerk, of Stepney, Middx. 1U Feb. 1037. 
Proved 18 June 1038. To my cousin Timothy Aspinwall, Perkins 
two volumes now in my stud}- and twenty shillings. To my wifes 
sister Margaret Pouch three pounds. To the children of my uncle 
Thomas Aspinwall. Samuel, Peter, Elizabeth, Thomas, and the rest, 
1 give live pounds . . . And to Peter Aspinwall 1 give the money 
I formerly lent him. To my cousin Thomas Aspinwall (certain house- 
hold stulf) and live pounds. ..." my brother Peter Ambrose "... 
" my wife Cicely Ambrose "... To my cousin Jirehiah Aspinall 
twenty shilling piece. Thomas Aspinwall a witness. (Lee 79.) 


42 Acts and Ordinances of tho Interregnum : Firth and Rait. 

43 Record Society, vol. i. 

41 Lancashire Parish Register Society, vol. vi. 

45 Waters' Genealogical Gleanings, vol. ii. 


Peter Ambrose, of Toxteth, Lanes, gent., 22 Deer. 1653. Proved 
10 Jan. 1(553. To Ellen, late wife of Richard Dicconson of Eccleston, 
daughter of Peter Aspinwall, late of Ormeskirke, ten shillings. 

James Fletcher, Citizen and Haberdasher of London, of par. of 
St. Lawrence in the Old Jewry, being very aged, etc. L'J Jan. 1654. 
Proved 22 May 1656. To my sister Alice Fletcher of Ormskirk . . . 
I give and bequeath unto my nephew William As pi nail minister of 
Cods word in Lancashire two hundred pounds. Whereas I have 
heretofore disbursed and paid several sums of money for my nephew 
Thomas Aspinall and he now oweth me by bond or otherwise two hun- 
dred and fifty pounds, 1 do freely forgive the said debt etc. Certain 
advent tires in Ireland to my nephew Richard Aspinall. Fifty pounds 
each to the four daughters of my loving sister Elizabeth Aspinall 
late deceased. . . . The grandchildren of my late sister Elizabeth 
Aspinall. My cousin William Aspinall's children. My kinsman Thomas 
Aspinall of Chester now oweth me by bonds one hundred pounds, whereof 
I give fifty pounds to James Aspinall son to the said Thomas by his 
now wife (at 21). I give and bequeath unto my loving nephew William 
Aspinall, minister of Gods word in Lancashire, for and during the term 
of his natural life, and after Itis decease to Peter Aspinall, eldest son 
of the said William, ami to the heirs male of his body, etc., remainder 
I to my nephew Thomas Aspinall of Chester, etc., then to the right heirs 
i of the said William Aspinall forever. My two kinsmen Thomas and 
I Samuel Aspinall sons of mv nephew Thomas Aspinall of Chester (under 

The Ormskirk registers contain a number of entries which go to 
confirm these wills ; two from amongst the marriages are : " Ellis 
Ambrose <fc Eliz th Aspinwall, 29 Auguste 1587." " Peter Aspinwall 
k Elizabeth llletcher, 18 ffebruarie 1595." An Ellis Ambrose who 
was " late Vicar of Ormskirk " was buried in 1572, and the name occurs 
twiee again amongst the burials, in 1572 and 1(309. 

Timothy Aspinwall was at Brasenose, for his name also is found 
in the List ol Mat riculations already quoted. His will, made in January 
16-43 and proved in .May Kil5, ,G describes him as "Lecturer at St. 
Michaels in Coventry." The only person named in it, with the exception 
of a general mention of '* any of my brothers," is of " my dearly beloved 
wife Katherine Aspinwall, who by her carriage, goodness and unwearied 
pains about, me in such a long and tedious sickness hath deserved 
much mote at my hands than 1 can give her." An Order in Council, 
dated 3 March 1653-L, 47 tells us that payment of £271 12s. was 
authorised to be paid to Katherine relict of Timothy Aspinwall, late 
minister of Coventry, as due to her late husband on aceount of Ids 
charges and arrears as chaplain to Col. Burke's regiment. 

Our next record is one of a different character. In Gregson's 
Portfolio of Fini/iiifiils there is given the genealogy of John Blackburne, 
Ksq., of Orlord and Hale, and we find that a component pari of it 
is a pedigree ol several generations of the Aspinwall family: — 

44 Waters' GcnaUu</irid (llcanin<js, vol. ii. 
47 Domestic State Papers. 



Edward As- =j= Eleanor, oldest but- 

pin wall of 
ncur Orms- 
kirk, in tho 
Co. Palatine 

viving daughter of 
John Ireland, sister 
and coheir of Sir 
Gilbert Ireland, 
Kut., born 1622. 


Gilbert ABpinwall ot=f 

Ilalo aforesaid, son Bushel! 

and heir, died 1717. 

Mary Aspin- 

. . . Bramill, 
>f Liverpool. 


Had issue, one son and one 
daughter, both died s.p. 



Per pale G tiles and Az., tu-o bars 
dancette Evminois.** 

Edward Aspinwall of=pMary Gardner of 
Hale aforesaid, son and London, buried 
heir, buried tho 22 tho 17 
August 1719. 1711. 


Eleanor Aspin 
wall, s ii. 

-Thomas Crow> 
der (sic), Esq. 

who died s.p. 

Ireland Aspinwall of Hale, 
baptized 10th March 1703; 
died unmarried 2nd June 
1733, and buried at Hale. 

Mary Aspinwall, the=Isaac Greon, Esq., of Child- 
only daughter, heir wall, co. Pal. of Lancaster, 
to her brother; died died 5 July 1749, aged 71. 
31 May 1738, aged 41. Lord of Child wall and Hale. 

Edward Aspinwall — the out' who heads the above pedigree — was, 
according to the Rev. 15. Nightingale, 49 son of the Edward who died in 
1633, though he is not mentioned in the latter's will as contained in 
the I. P.M. printed above. A careful examination of the data available 
seems rather to denote that lie was the sou of Jirehiah and 
grandson of Edward the elder. But as no evidence has been found to 
settle this point Mr. Nightingale's statement has been accepted and 
embodied in the pedigree (No. 2) given upon p. 245. The statement 
appeals in an account of the ancient chapel of Toxtcth Park, in which 
Mr. Nightingale names some of the " lathers of Nonconformity " in that 
neighbourhood, and says : "Edward Aspinwall, 'one of the most con- 
siderable landowners in the neighbourhood,' whose son married the sister 
of Sir Gilbert Ireland of Hale, is described by Dr. Halley as 'the intimate 
friend of the sainted Mrs. Brettargh,' etc. . . . Mr. Aspinwall was 
interred in Toxtcth Chapel, with whose foundation he had so much to 
do ; and in the main aisle is the stone covering the vault, on which 
is a brass plate thus inscribed : ' Edward Aspinwall, of Tocksteth Park, 
Esquire. Departed this life in March, the Twenty-ninth A.D. 1656.' " 

In the main portion of his account Mr. Nightingale is speaking of 
Edward Aspinwall the elder, but the inscription on the brass plate 
relates to Edward the younger. 

48 This is the correct blazon as given in the books of the College of Arms. 
Gregaon gives l\dy Gules and Az., over all a jess duncette Erminois, which does 
not accord with the illustration which he supplies, and is, of course, quite wrong. 

" Lanes Nonconformity, Rev. B. Nightingale. 


The marriage of Edward Aspinwall with Eleanor, the sister of Sir 
Gilbert Ireland, is noticed by several writers, and would seem to Have 
taken place about 1630-40; In addition to the record in Gregson's 
pedigree, it is noted in Dugdale'a " Visitation of Lancashire," 1664-5, 60 

m the pedigree of Ireland of llutt, and Haines has the following note 
in his account of Aughton parish : B1 " Aspinwall, or as it is here called 
Aspall Lane, was the paternal inheritance of Edward Aspinwall, esq., 
on whose marriage with Eleanor, daughter and heiress of .John and 
co-heiress of Sir Gilbert Ireland, the family removed to Hale." 

On the liTth September 1G50, Major Edward Aspinwall was added 
to the Militia Commissioners for Lancashire 51 : " Lancaster — F Troop. 
Lieut .-Col. — Edward Aspinwall. Major— John Eox. Capt. — Croft. 
Under Ireland." 

On the 10th September 1G51 an Order of the Committee for com- 
pounding "that Edward Aspinwall be a Commissioner for Co. 
Lancaster " was made, and on the same date a letter was sent him 
requesting his acceptance of the employment. His reply is given: 
"October 7th. Warrington. Edward Aspinwall to the Committee 
for Compounding. I gladly embrace your commission to be one 
of the Committee for Co. Lancaster and have been to a meeting at 
Preston, where the other Commissioners cheerfully accepted me. 
1 will show fidelity in the public business." 

A letter dated the 11th July 1653 from Lawrence Owen, Rushin 
Castle, to Lieut. -Col. Aspinwall, Toxteth Lark, has reference to the 
taking and seizing of goods in Peel Castle, "lately belonging to the 
Karl of Derby." 52 

The parish registers of the church at Walton-on-the-Hill 53 contain 
the record of a marriage on the L'nd of May 1(551, which took place 
before him as magistrate acting under the Act already mentioned. 
They also contain records of the christening of two of his children, 
and reveal a Haw in Gregson's pedigree : " Toxteth. Eleanor, d. of 
Edward Aspinwall, Esq. L'3 January 1654." "Toxteth. Mary, 
d. of Edward Aspinwall, (> March 1655." His death took place two 
years before that of Cromwell, and four years before the Restoration. 
His burial is duly recorded in the same registers : " Toxteth. Edward 
Aspinwall, Esq. 1 Aprill 1056." 

A number of records have been found which both correct and amplify 
Gregson's pedigree. Several of them relate to Edward Aspinwall's 
family, which consisted ol two sons and two daughters, and perhaps 
other children. The (bay's Inn Admission Register (1521-1887) 
shows he had a son Edward: " 1666, Deer. 18. Edward Aspinwall, 
second sou of Edward Aspinwall, late of Toxlelh Park, Lane, Esq., 

The marriage of his daughter Mary is recorded in the registers of 
St. Nicholas Church, Liverpool 64 : "Thomas Bramhall of Maxfild 

1,0 Chclham Society, vol. lxxxiv, lxxxv, and lxxxviii. 

41 Humes' uf Ltincu.ihhw 

M DoiuoHlin Statu I'lijiniM. 

'' , Lfimuuthiro Parish Koginlor Society, vol. v. 

" Ibid., vol. :io. 


and Mary Aspinwall of Livrpoole by Lycence dat. 18th inst. 
20 Novembr 1681." 

The Exchequer Depositions (1558-1702), 66 from which the following 
extract, dated the 35th year of Charles II (1(>83), is taken, give us 
further information : — 

"John Crow t her and his wife Ellenor, Thomas Bramhall, doctor 
in physicke and his wife Mary, versus Henry Leigh, Richard Leigh, 
John Case and Thomas Cooke. Lease of a capital house situate ill Little 
Wootton (Lancaster) commonly called Lee or Ormes. Tenement 
with lands belonging made by Sir Gilbert Ireland late of llutt (Lane.) 
knight, and his wife Margaret, to Edward Aspinwall of Toxteth Park, 
Lancaster (late father of plaintiffs Elinor and Mary) and the last will 
and testament of Dame Margaret Ireland aforesaid, widow of Sir 
Gilbert Ireland," etc (.Mrs. Elinor Crompton, wife of Thomas Cronip- 
ton, clerk, and formerly wife of Edward Aspinwall, is mentioned.) 

Gilbert Aspinwall succeeded to Hale in 1G75, upon the death of 
Sir Gilbert Ireland. The following notes add to the information 
given in Gregson's pedigree regarding him : Maniage Licences 
issued by the Vicar General to the Archbishop of Canterbury, 1660- 
1679 56 : "1672, May 9. Gilbert Aspinwall of the Inner Temple, 
Esq., Bach., about 25, and Mrs. Mary Bushell, of Hackney, Midx., 
Spr., about 18 : consent of father Edward Bushel, Merchant : at 
Hackney, or St. Leonard's, Shoreditch." 

The registers of that fine old church, St. Helen's, Bishopsgate, 67 
contain records of the baptism and burial of their first child : " Baptism. 
1074, Dec. 5. Elizabeth, d. of Gilbert Aspinwall, Esq., and Mary his 
wife." "Burial. B>75, Sept. 13. Elizabeth Aspinall, Mr. Bushell's 
Grandchild, in the church in the South He under the Stone with brasse 
round aboute it." 

Edward Aspinwall was the next in succession. The registers of 
St. Nicholas 1 Church, Liverpool, 58 record that he was christened there 
in 167G : " Edward, s. of Gilb rt Aspinwall of y^ Parke, Esquier. I Aug. 
l()70." Edward Aspinwall and Alary his wife made a settlement of 
the manors of Hale and llutt in I698. 59 

Ireland Aspinwall was admitted to St. John's College, Cambridge, 
in \12l. M His life was not a long one, and he died in 1733. His will 
is preserved at Chester. He was the last of his name to own Hale Hall, 
which passed first into the (been family through the marriage of his 
sister to Isaac Green, and afterwards to the Blackburne family. There 
is an interesting little volume entitled Hale Hull, written by Harriet 
E. Blackburne, and published in I88J ; and a j^ood description of the 
place, with some capital views, is given in the Victoria History of 

65 Record Society, vol. ii. 

66 Harleian Society, vol. xxiii. 

67 Ibid., vol. xxxi. 

68 Lancashire Parish Kceord Society, vol. xxx. 
bV Vic. Hist. Luuo., vol. iii. 

60 It. F. Scott: Admissions, vol. iii. 


The preceding records contain the data from which have been con- 
structed the two pedigrees of the family set forth on pages 244 and 215. 
The earlier one is of three generations, and covers the period 1260- 
1357 ; the second is of fourteen generations, commences about the 
time the first ends, and may well be continuous with it. No evidence 
has been found to prove that Hugh of Aspinwall was a son of Adam of 
Aspinwall (circa 1304-1357) however, and two distinct pedigrees have 
therefore been given. 

It will be seen above that the arms of the Aspinwall family 
are Per pale Gales and Azure, two bars danceltd Erminois. In a note 
upon the Lathom family, Gregson says: 61 "The family of Lathom 
was of great note in the County at an early period after the Conquest, 
and most probably followed or were retained by Theobald de Walter 
(sic), afterwards Butler, who bore — Or, a chief indented, Azure; this 
naturally leads us to conclude that there was some family connection. 
It certainly was the custom of the times to take arms alluding to, or 
nearly like those of progenitors, patrons and commanders." 

A comparison of the Aspinwall shield with those of other families 
of the neighbourhood shows that it has something in common with 
the shields of Theobald (itz Walter, Lathom, Burseough Priory, and 
Tarbork, also given by (Jregson. The shields of the Searisbriek and 
llurleton families appear to be of quite different composition. This 
information is given for what it may be worth. 

The continuation of Gregson's pedigree will be found to be distinctly 
interesting. It shows that Isaac Green and Mary Aspinwall had 
three daughters, the first of whom died young. The second daughter, 
Ireland, married Thomas Blackburne, who was High SherilT of 
Lancashire in lTti.'i. He was grandfather of the John Blackburne 
of Orford and Hale, whose genealogy traced "maternally through the 
families of Green and Aspinwall from the ancient and knightly family 
of Ireland" (as Gregson has it) has supplied us with tin; pedigree 
already quoted. 

The youngest daughter, Mary, married Bainber Gtusooyne, Esq. 
The Westminster Abbey registers "- contain the record ol the marriage, 
ami appended is a note: " 1757, .Jan. 21. Bainber Gascovne, Esq., 
of St. Clements Danes, and Mary Green of L'hildwall, in the County 
Palatine of Lancaster, both single. He son of Sir Crisp Gaseovne, 
Kt., Lord Mayor of London in 1752, by Margaret, daughter and heir 
of John Bamber, M.D., of Bifrons, in Barking. Essex, and was baptized 
at All Hallows Staining, London, 22 February 1721-5. He matriculated 
at Oxford, from Queen's College, 21 Oct. 1743, but appears to have 
taken no degree, lb' became a distinguished M.P. and politician, and 
was Receiver-General ol 11. M. Customs, lie died at Bath 27 Oct.. and 
was buried at Barking, Essex, 7 Nov. 1791. She thud and youngest 
dau. and coheir of Isaac Green, of Childwall Abbey and Hale Hall, 
co. Lane, Esq., by Mary, daughter and heir of Edward Aspinwall, 
Esq. She died 8 May 17 ( Ji), aged about 69, ami was buried at Hale, 

61 Gregson : Portfolio of Fragments. 
M Ilarloian Society, vol. x. 



co. Lane. Their granddaughter was mother of the present Marquis 
of Salisbury." 

Lodge's Peerage shows that James Brownlow William, second Marquis 
of Salisbury, assumed the name of Gascoyne by sign-manual upon his 
marriage with Frances Mary, daughter and sole heir of Bamber Gascoyne, 
Esq. The marriage took place in 1821, since when the family name 
has been (lascoyne-Cecil. The Marquis of Salisbury who was three 
times Prime Minister was their son. 

Pedigree No. 1. 

Adam de Aspenewell,=p. . . . 
circa 1260— 1292. 

Simon de Aspiiiwall<*,-p 
circa 1306 1318, died 
before 1381. 

Henry do Aspinwalle, circa 
1310 -1315. I'm to death by 
Karl of Lancaster before 1328. 

I ~ 1 ■ 1 

Adam de Aspinwall, — Margery Henry de Aspinwall. Emma, circa 

circa 1304-1357 Death occurred before 1306—1318. 


Note. — Living about the same time as tlio persons shown in this early 
pedigree were Henry do Asponowell 1 124-0); Gilbert de A. {circa 1288 1332) ; 
John do A. (death occurred before 1315); Richard do A. (1318); and Hobert 
de A. (1339). No evidence has boon found to enable us to fix their places in the 

l'fclDIGKEK No. 2 

II ugh of Aspinwal 


Thomas of Aspinwall circa 1 304- 1398. =7= . 

11 ugh of Aspinwall, vircu II 14—1429 


Kvau of Aspinwall. 


Hugh Aspinwall, circa 1468-1-190. =f- . 

James Aspinw r all.=F. 

r~. ; 

William Aspinwall. =F. 

George Aspinwall of As--pAlice 

pin wall, near Ormskirk, 
in the co. Palatine, of 
Lancaster, died V Dec. 
1 559. lii(|. p in taken 
10 Scot. 7 liliz. 

James Aspinwall of As-^Katherine 

Married (2) pinwall aforesaid, heir 

Hu^lilluline male to his brother, 

on 26 Jan. Buried at Ormskirk 21 

1500 at May 1591. Will proved 

Ormukit-k. 1 1 Juno 1591. 

r - 

Jane Aspin- William Aspinwall of=p(?) Kathcrine Edward 

wall, act. 6 Aspinwall aforesaid, 

years 10 circa 1502-1005. Died 

Sept. 7 Lliz. before 1633. 



at Ormskirk 
4 May 1590. 
Will proved 

111 Io90. 


K 1 . .■ . [ i ■ ■ ! II. 



Eliza both=j=Ellis 
Aapiuwall, I Ambrose. 

William Ambrose. Petor Ambrose. 
Will proved 1637. Will proved 1053 

1 ;- ; ; 1 

Peter Aspinwall. -j- Elizabeth Fletcher, died before 
I 1(354. Sister of James Fletcher, 
| whose will was proved in 1G5G. 

I - 1 — r~i — r~\ 

William, Thomas, Richard, Ellen, 
und others. 

Edward Aspiuwall of Aspinwall aforesaid,^ 5 Thomas A spin wall 

and Toxteth Park, near Liverpool. Bapt. 
17 Jan. 1567 at Ormakirk (?). Died 26 Oct. 
1G33. lnq. p.m. taken in Jan. 1634. 


i — i r~i — i — 

Samuel, Peter, Elizabeth 
Thomas, and others. 

Jirehiah Aspinwall, eldest son, act. 38 years— Marie William Aspinwall, 
<£ umplius 20 Oct. 1633. Living in 1657. (?) of Toxteth Park. 

Edward A spinwall.of =j= Eleanor, eldest surviving daugh- Timothy As— Katherine 
Toxteth Park. Died I ter of John Ireland, sister and co- pinwall of .... 

'J'J March 1G56, and | heir of Sir Gilbert Ireland, Knt., Coventry, 
buried in Toxteth 

born 1622; married (2) Rev. Will proved 
Thomas Crompton. May 1645. 


Eleanor A spin wall, bapt. — John 


Marv Aspinwall, bapt. — Thomas 

23 Jan 1654 at Walton Crowther. 

6 March 1655 at Walton Bramhall 

on the Hill. Living in 

on the Hill, in. at St. of Maxflld. 


Nicholas, Liverpool, 1681 . 
Living in 1083. 

Gilbert Aspinwall of Hale, =j= Mary, daughter of Edward Edward Aspinwall, 2nd 

near Liverpool, act. about 
25 years in 1072. Died in 

liushell, Est)., aet. about 18 son, admitted to day's 
years in 1072. Inn 18 Dec. 1G66. 

Elizabeth Aspinwall, bapt. Edward Aspinwall of Hale afore-^Mary Gardner of 

6 Dee 107-1, and buried 13 said. Bapt. 1 Aug. 1670 at St. I London, buried 

Sept. 1675 ill St. Helm's Nicholas Church in Liverpool. 1 7 March 1 7 1 1. 

llisliopsgnto, in London. ISuriod 22 Aug. 1719. 

Ireland Aspinwall of Hale, bapt. Mary Aspinwall, the=T= Isaac Green of Child- 

10 March 1703; died unmarried only daughter, heir 
2 June 1733, and buried at Hale, to her brother; died 
Will proved in 1733. 31 May 1738, aged 


wall, co. Pal. of Lancas- 
ter, died 5 Julv 1749, 
aged 71. Lord o'f Child- 
wall and Hale. 


(To be continued.) 


IhigCialr's Visitation nf Yorkshire, 


(Continued from p. 192J 


Mull, 2<>Sep. 1005. 



Otlrans (Kise). 

Arms: — Argent, on a chevron between three hoars' heads couped Sable, an 

estoile Or. 
Crest: — A griffin's head between two wings displayed Azure charged on the 
breast with an estoile Or. 

I. THOMAS BETHELL, of Maunsell in com. Hereford, and 
KUerton, to. York; mar. Elizabeth, dan. of George Rogers. 
They luui issue — 

/. N' llm/h lielhi'll, of Ellerton in co. Ebur., A'., Surveyor 
to QueenJrCliz" 1 in the East Riding and Clerk of 
the Peace there. At the Visitation of 1584. High 
She-rill', 1608. Bur. at Ellerton. Will, 7 Feb. 1610-1, 
pr. at York 10 May 1611 (vol. xxxi, p. 608); mar. 
first Joan, dau. of ... . Stevens, eo. Devon. Mar. 
secondly, Ann, dau. of William Mallory, of Studley. 
They had issue — 

Gresill, sole (laughter and heir, wife to S r John 
Wray, of Glentworth in cant. Line., A'., 
In. I(i07, at Ellerton; bur. at Glentworth, 
Jan. 1053. 

Mar. thirdly, Jane, dau. of Archbishop Young 
(remar. Sir Ceo. Butler, Kilt., lie. lGlL', at Ellerton) ; 
d. s.p. 


2. Nicholas Bethell, of Maiden/and, in co. Ileref. (A quo 
Bethell, of Ellerton, The Genealogist, xxvi, 36). 

3. Roger (II). 

II. ROGER BETHELL, of Wrays (Rise) in II older nesse, in com. 
Ebor., died circa ann. 1625, bur. at Rise 22 Mar. 1625-6. 
Will, 16 Mar. 1625-6, pr. at York 8 Oct. 1627 (Reg. Test., 
xl, 16) ; mar. Christian, dau. of . . . Thornton, relict of 
Thos. Lindley, bur. al Rise 30 Apr. 1630. They had issue — 

1. Hugh (111). 

2. Robert Bethell, of Everthorpe, in co. Ebor. ; mar. Eliza- 
beth, dau. of .James Constable, Esq., of Clifl'e. They 
had issue. 

III. HUGH BETHELL, of Wrays, in com. Ebor., died a 1057 
eel circiter, bp. at Bainton 10 July 1589, bur. at Rise 15 Mar. 

! 1658-9. M.I. ; mar. Helen, daughter of Thomas Johnston, 

of Bishop-Burton, in com. Ebor., at Cherry Burton 15 Oct. 
Kill, bur. at Rise 2(5 Sept. 1648. They had issue— 

1. Sir Hugh (IV). 

2. Chris'oph'', died unmar. 

3. John Bethell, of Skyrlaw. (Second line, A.) 

4. Robert, died unmar. 

Ellen, bp. at Cherry Burton 29 July 1613, wife of 
Christopher Bacon, of Eerribtj in com. Ebor. 

IV. SIR HUGH BETHELL, of Wrays, in com. Ebor., AV., at. 
49 annornm 2 Sept. a" 1665, High Sheriff of Yorkshire, 1652, 
Knighted 29 Sept. 1658, M.l\ Hedon 1660, bp. at Rise 2 Oct. 
11)15, bur. there ti Oct. 1679. Will, 30 May 1679, pr. at York 
;i July 1682 (vol. li\), left his estates to liis nephew Hugh 
(B), ; mar. Mar//, daughter and coheire of Thomas M itchel- 
bourne of Carleton in com. Ebor., at Aldburgh 14 Jan. lti-10-1 
(reniar. Christopher Ilildyard), bur. in Beverley Minster 
'A June 1687. They had issue — 

Hugh (V). 

Ann, mar. . . . Hunter. 

V. HVaiI BETHELL, Esq., of Rise, at. 13 annor. 2 Sept. 1665, 
died v.p. 7, bur. 9 Sept. H>77 at Rise. M.l. Mar. Margaret, 
dau. of Sir John Dawnay, Knt., at Snaith 20 Sept. 1671, 
lip. there. 22 May 1651. They had issue — 

Hugh, died inf., bur. at Rise. 
Elizabeth, died inf, 

248 nua dale's visitation of Yorkshire. 

The senior brunch having expired, we return to — 

A. JOHN BETHELL, of Skyrlaw in co. Ebor. (son of Hugh 
Bethell (III) and Helen Johnston), bp. at Rise 28 May 1620. 
Will 25 Sept. 1651, pr. in London 29 May 1052 (abstract 
Yorks Rec. Set., ix, 47) ; mar. first, Mary, dan. of Richard 
Hildyard, of Ottringham ; secondly, Anne ... By one of 
these wives he had issue — 

1. John, named in his father's will. 

2. Hugh (B). 

R. HUGH BETHELL, Esq., of Rise, succeeded his uncle Sir 
Hugh and was his sole exor., died 2 Feb. 171(1 -7, at. 68, bur. at 
Rise. M.I. Will, 13 Oct. 1715, pr. at York (Reg. Test, 
lxxii, 45) ; mar. first, Mary, dau. of Edward Skinner, of 
Thornton, co. Line, bur. at Rise, 17 May 1684. M.I. They 
had issue — 

Anne and Arabella, died young. 

Marv, mar. William Somervill. Named in her father's 
Mar. secondly, Sarah, dau. and coh. of William Dickenson, 
of Watton Abbey. Will, 16 Sept. 1729, pr. at York 13 Feb. 
1730 (vol. lxxxi, 699). They had issue— 

1. Hugh (C). 

2. William, died inf. 
Arabella, died inf. 

Elizabeth. Named in her father's will. 
Sarah. Named in her father's and brother Hugh's 

C. HUGH BETHELL, Esq., of Rise, High Sheriff, bp. at St, 

Helen's, York, 2 Nov. 1691, died 28 Mar. 1752, bur. at Rise, 
M.L Will, I 1 Sept. 1728, pr. at York 27 May 1752 (vol. xcvi. 
280) ; mar. Anne, dau. of Sir John Cope, Hart., of Rramshill, 

Hants, died 28 Feb., bur 1728 at Rise. M.I. They 

had issue — 

Hugh Bethell, Esq., of Rise, High Sheriff 1762, M.P. 
for Beverley, died num. 8 May 1772, aet. 45, at 
the Bell Inn, Edmonton, bur. at Rise. 
William (D). 

D. WILLIAM BETHELL, Esq., of Rise, succeeded his brother. 

High Sheriff 1780, died s.p. 24 July 1799, aet. 71, bur. at 
Rise. M.L Mar. Charlotte, dau. of Ralph Pennyman, 
Esq., died 24 Oct. 1814, set. 80, bur. at Rise. M.L He left 
his estates to his distant relative, Richard Bethell, who became 
of Rise. (See Burke's Landed Gentry, etc.) 


Ouse and Dahwent WAPENTAKE. Yorke, 22 Martij 1G05. 



Arms : — Quarterly — 

I and 4. Gules, a fess between three leopards' faces Argent (Stillington). 

2. Or, on a cross Gules five escallops Argent. 

3. Argent, a cross engrailed Sable. (Fitzhenry.) 

I. JOHN STILLINGTON, of Acaster, in com. Eborum, died 
7 Fob. 25 Hen. VIII (15334) as by Inq. P.M. 14 Sept. 30 Hen. 
VIII (1538) ; mar. Elizabeth, daughter and coheire of John 
Fitz-Henry, of Kel field in com. Eborum. They had issue — 
Thomas (II). 

Isabell, wife of William Hungate, of Saxton, in co. 

II. THOMAS STILLINGTON, of Kelfield, in com. Eborum; 
mar. Isabell, daughter of William Hungate, of Saxton, in com. 
Eborum. They had issue — 

/. William Stillington, died unmarried. 

2. Robert (III). 

3. Thomas Stillington, Divinity Professor at Lovaine. 

1. Audrey, wife of .James Wetherhead, 

2. Elizabeth, wife of Michael Oglethorpe, of Thorner 


3. Ann, wife of Peter Vavasour, of Willowtoft. 

4. Katherine, wife of Clement Hodgson, of Allerton Grange. 

III. ROBERT STILLINGTON, of Kelfeild, in com. Ebor., ? admon. 
21 Nov. 1629; mar. Olive, daughter to S r William Sutton, 
of Acerham, in com. Notts, Kn'. They had issue — 

1. John (IV). 

2. William Stillington, mar. . . . dau. of . . . Harrison, 

of Burton Stather, co. Line. (Glover). They had 
issue — 

William, died unmarried. 

Elizabeth, wife of Rich. Hooke, Dr. in Divinity 
and Vicar of Halifax in co. Ebor. 

250 dugdale's visitation of Yorkshire. 

3. Thomas StilUngton, mar They had issue— 

Thomas, dyed young. 

1. Olive, died unmarried. 

2. Margaret, wife of William Legard, of Beverley in com. 

Ebor., Clerke, lie. 1637 at Stillingfleet. 

IV. JOHN STILLINGTON, of Kelfeild, in com. Ebor., died in 
a" 1658. Will, 13 Feb. 1(157-8, pr. 18 Jan. 1669-70 (vol. 1., 
254), to be bur. at Stillingfleet ; war. Ursula, 2d daughter 
of Conyers, Ld. Darcy and Conyers, 21 Sept. 1620 at Hornby, 
bp. there 7 July 1601. They had issue— 

1. John, died unmarried. 

2. Robert, died unmarried, 1 bur. 30 July 1637 at Stilling- 


3. William, died unmarried. 

4. Thomas (V). 

f>. John StilUngton, named in his sister Elizabeth's will. 
Adnion. 2 Oct. 1678 to his sisters Margaret Shaw 
and Olive Garforth. 

1. Margt., wife of John Shaw of Rotheram, in co. Ebor., 

Clerke. Named in her sister Elizabeth's will. 

2. Mary, wife of WilVm Drake, of Barnoldswicke Cotes, 

in com. Ebor., Esq. 

3. Olive, ? mar. Edmund Garforth, Vicar of Gargrave, 

lie. 1667, at Stillingfleet, she 25. 

4. Ursula, wife of George Tolson, of Stales, in com. Ebor., 

lie. 1665 at Thornton, she 23. 

5. Elizabeth, died unmarried. Will, 24 Aug. 1660, pr. 

4 Feb. 1660-1 (vol. xliii, 137). 

V. THOMAS STILLINGTON, of Kelfield, Esq', at. 36 annorum 
22 Martij a" 166') ; mar. Dorothy, da. of Joseph M icklethivayt, 
late of Yorke, Dr. of Phisicke, 24 .Ian. 1(557-8 at Belfreys, 
York. They had issue — 

1. John, dyed an infant. 

2. Thomas (VI). 

1. Anne, dyed young. 

2. Ursula. 

VI. THOMAS STILUNGTON, at. 6 mens. 22 Mart. 1665. 

N.B.— The family continued at Kelfield. There is a will at York 
of Joseph StilUngton, Esq., of Kelfield, having a wife, Mary, and three 
daughters, Mary, Dorothy, ami Anne. 


Yorke, 13° Aug. 1666. 


AitM9: — Or, a chevron engrailed between ten cross-crosslets Sable. 
Crest: — A greyhound's head per foss Or and Sable, charged with a cross-crosslet 
These amies were granted to Francis Shilleto, of Houghton, in com. Ebor., 
24° Jan. 1G02 by Will'ni Dethick, Garter, and now in the custody of Edward 
Shelleto, of the Citty of Yorke. 

I. FRANCIS SHILLETO, of Houghton, in co. Ebor., a' 1602. 
He had issue — 

II. WILUM SHILLETO, of Pontfract, in com. Ebor.; mar. 
Elizabeth, daughter of . . . Stonehotise, of . . . in Cleveland. 
They had issue — 

1. WilPm Shilleto, died w' h out issue. 

2. Ed ward. 

1. Anne, wife, of John Berry, of Monke-Frijston, in co. 

Ebor. ; ? mar. 27 Dec. 1648, and bur. 12 Sept. 1654 

2. Elizabeth, wife of John Marrow, of Doncaster. 

III. EDWARD SHELLITO, of the Citty of Yorke, crtatis 44 arm. 
1064; mar. 1st Bridget, daughter of Edward Robinson, of 
Perith (Penrith), in com. Cumbr. They had issue — 

Edward, cctatis 14 ann. 1666, ? died 2 Sept. 1674, about 
20 years. M.I. St. Helen's, York. 

Mar. 2 ly , Judith, daughter of Robert Deane, of the Grangehouse, 
called Bale-Stubing, in com. Ebor. 

252 dugdalk's visitation of YORKSHIRE. 

Aqdiugo and Mori.ey Wapentake. Hallifaz, 2° Apr. a° 1006. 


Arms : — Gules, a fess vair, in chief a unicorn statant between two mullets Or, 
all within a bordure engrailed of the last and pellet tt'e, a canton Azure. 

Crest : — A fox's head erased, per pale wavy Vert and Or, charged with a trefoil 
slipped Gules, in the mouth a wing Argent. 

I. RICHARD WILKINSON, of Manningham, in com. Ebor., 
a branch of the family of (he Wilkinsons of Bolton upon Dearne, 
■in com. Ebor., died in anno 16 IS or thereabouts, ? bur. at 
Brad lord Hi Sept. 1647 ; mar. Anne, daughter of John Mor- 
timer, of Clayton, in com. Ebor. They had issue — 

/. Thomas (II). 

2. William Wilkinson, had issue. 

3. Nicholas Wilkinson, had issue. 

1. Anne, wife of Thomas Ellinson, of Shipley, in com. 


2. Mai'//, wife of Thomas Killingbeck, of Ollerto>i-(rledho, 

in com. Ebor. 

II. THOMAS WILKINSON, of Manningham, at. 66 annorum 
6 Apr. 1666; mar. Martha, daughter of Thomas Mallison, 
of Bradford, in com. Ebor., ? bur. at Bradford 1 1 May 1663. 
They had issue — 

III. THOMAS WILKINSON, of Manningham, cctatis 35 annor. 

2° Apr. a" I). 1666; mar. Anne, daughter of Ellis Nutter, 
of the Forest of 1'endle, in com. Lane. They had issue — 

/. Thomas (IV). 

2. Ellis. 

3. John. 

Martha, ? mar. Francis Wright. 

IV. THOMAS WILKINSON, at. 8 annor. 2" Apr. a" 1666. 


Gillino East Wapentake. Richmund, 21 Aug. 1665. 




Arms : — Per pale Sable and Argent, three lions rampant counterchanged. 
Crest : — Out of a ducal coronet Gules a demi-eaglo displayed Or. 
Respite given for proofe of these armes, but nothing done in it. 

I. JOHN PALLESER, of Newby super Wiske, in com. Ebor., 
bur. at Kirkby upon Wiske ; mar. Anne, daughter of Michaell 
Meeke, of Maunby upon Swale, in cum. Eborum. Will, 
29 Apr. 1(535, pr. at York 14 June 1036 (unregistered), to be 
bur. at Kirkby upon Wisk. They had issue — 

1. Thomas (11). 

2. John Palleser, of Kirby Wiske, in co. Ebor. Named 

in his mother's will. 

1. Mary, wife of Robert Wilson, of Threske, lie. 1628. 

Named in her mother's will. 

2. Anne, wife of Richard Metcalfe, of North Allerton, 

afterwards of Marmaduke Franke, of Knighton, in 
co. Ebor. Named in her mother's will. 

3. Jane, wife of Thomas Pybus, of Fryergarth, in com. 

Ebor. Named in her mother's will. 
•/. Elizabeth, ye wife of George Uewclin, of Danby upon 
Wiske. Named in her mother's will. 
? Vinla, wife of Thomas Carter. Named in her mother's 



THOMAS PALLESER, of Newby, at. 59 an. 21' Aug. 1665; 
mar. 2 Feb. 1636-7 at Belfreys, Joane, da. of Rich. 
Franklin, of Blubberhouses, in com. Ebor. They had issue — 
John (III). 

JOHN PALLESER, of Newby upon Wiske, a?t. 26 ann. 21 Aug. 
1665 ; mar. Ursula, daughter of S' Hugh Belhett, of Ellerton, 
in com. Ebor., Kn'., bp. 13 Jan. 1631 at Thirkleby (Poulson). 
They had issue — 

1. Thomas, cct. 3 ann. 21 Aug. 1665. 

2. John, a:t. 2 ann. 

254 dugdalr's visitation of Yorkshire. 

Yorke ClTTY. Yorke, 21 Mart. 1665. 



Arms : — Sable, two bars wavy Argent, in chief a lion passant gardant of the second. 
Crest : — A demi-lion rampant gardant Or. 
No proofe made of those armes. 

I. JOHN MOULD, of Kydbie, in com. Line. ; mar. Joane, 
daughter of . . . Margrave, of Croule, in com. Line. They 
had issue — 

1. John Mould, of Kydbie, in com. Line; had issue. 

2. Edmund (II). 

3. Hi chard. 

4. Thomas. 

Eliz., wife of Henry Fydling, of Luddington, in com. 

II. EDMUND MOULD, of Kidbie, in co. Line, died in a" 1658 
vel circa ; mar. Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Fydling, of 

Luddington, in com. Line. They had issue — 

John (111). 

III. JOHN MOULD, now a Citizen of Yorke, at. 30 annorum 31 
Martij 1665, soap boiler and Salter, died intest., admon. 
20 Nov. 170-i to Edward his son (Shade) ; mar. Elizabeth, 
daughter of William Stockham, of Retford, in com. Nott., Esq r , 
mar. lie. 1G61 at Ordsal, eo. Nott. They had issue — 

William, died an infant. 

1. Margaret, at. 3 ann. 21 Martij 1665 ; ? mar. Stephen 

Margrave, grocer, of Crowle, lie. 1685 at Bishophill 
Senior, she 22. 

2. Elizabeth. 

? Edward, who had issue. 


Bulmer Wapentake. Yorke, 13° Aug. 1666. 




Arms : — Ermine, un a bond Sable three, boar's heads erasod Argent. 

I. THOMAS DRIFFEILD, of Easingwould in co. Ebor., mar. 
Margaret, daughter of . . . Cundall, merchant, of London. 
They had issue — 

WiWm (II). 

Thomas, died w th out issue, 
Cundall, died w tA out issue. 

II. WILVM DRIFFELD, of Easingwould, mar. Mary, daughter 
of . . . 'Thornton of . . . in com. Ebor., 1 wife ; mar. Ursula, 
daughter of Bryan Rossc, of Ilcrst-thwayt, in com. Ebor., 2d 
wife, lie. 1617. They had issue — 

1. Francis (III). 

2. Mathias Driffeild, of Easingwould ; mar. Ursula, daughter 

of WilVm Dowman, of Duncoates, in co. Ebor. They 
had issue — 

? Anne, named in her uncle Francis' will. 

3. Christopher Driffeild, of Rippon, Barister at Law, mar. 

Bridget, daughter of Lewes West, of . . . in com. 

4. Stephen Driffeild, gent., of Easingwold, ? mar. Anne 

Turbutt, wid., lie. 1<>71 at Overton or Easingwold. 

1. Margaret, wife of Timothy Wright, a merchant in London. 

2. Ursula. 

3. Hester. 

III. FRANCIS DRIFFEILD, of Easingwould. Esq*., now one 

of his Ma'"'* Justices of Peace in com. Ebor., ai. 45, 1(106. 
Will, 23 May 1672, pr. at York (vol. lvi, 246) ; mar. Frances, 
daughter and coheir of Nicholas Towers, a Merchant in Yorke. 
They had issue — 

Towers (IV). 


1. Mar//, named in her father's will. (There is a lie. for 

Thomas Cooke, of Dumiington, and Mary Driffield, 
1671, at Easingwold.) 

2. Margaret, named in her father's will. (There is a he, 

1667, for Luke Smelt, clerk, of Northallerton, and 
Margaret Drillield, of Easingwold, at Spurriergate.) 

IV. TOWERS DRIFFEILD, atatis 10 annor. 1666 (sic), exor. of 
his father, bp. at Belfreys, 1 May 1651 (reg.), adm. to Gray's 
Inn '.» Feb. 1673-4. 

Barkeston-Ashe Wapentake. 

Yorke, 21 Marti j 1G65. 



H5isl)0pbnke HjaiL 

Arms : — Sablo, on a oliovroti ArgonL butwoou tliroo oross-crosaleta Or as many 
oiuquofoila Gules. 

No proofo made of these ariues. 

I. THOMAS MOTTRAM, son of . . . Mottram, of . . . in Max- 
feild Hundred in com. Cestriw, resided at Eckering, in com. 
Noll. ; mar. . . ., daughter of . . . Brislow, of . . ., in com. 
Hertf. They had issue — 

II. SAMUEL MOTTRAM, of Wistoive, in co. Ebor.', died in 1646 
or (hereabouts ; mar. Elizabeth, daughter of . . . Forde, of 
. . . in com. Staff. They had issue — 

John (III). 

Frances, wife of John Houses, a German. 

III. JOHN MOTTRAM, of Bishop-Dike-Hall, in the parish of 

KirJc-Fenton in com. Ebor., at. 36 an. 21 Marti j 1665 ; mar. 
Lucie, daughter of S r Hugh Bethell, of EUerton, in if county 
of Yorke, Kit'. They had issue — 

IV. BETH ELL MOTTRAM, son and heire, at. 6 annorum 21 Martij 

a" 1665. 


Kwcrosse Wapentake. Skiplon, 17 Aug. 1G65. 




Arms : — A ship with three masts, in full sail. 

Tlio proofo of the coato respited, but nothing done. 

1. REV. JOHN MARES, of Sedbridge (Sedbergh), in com. 
Ebor. He had issue — 

II. REV. DANIEL MARES, of Sedbridge (Sedbergh), in com. 
Ebor., died a" 1646 vet circa ; mar. Catherine. They had 
issue — 

1. John. 

2. Daniell Mares, a capt. of horse in the army of K. Charles 

the First, died unmarried. 

3. Thomas Mares, now in Ireland. 

Catherine, wife unto . . . liurneley, of . . . in com. 

Anne, mar. Roger Otway, of Sedbergh, bur. there 

27 Mar. 1G52. 

III. JOHN M ARES, of Sedbridge (Sedbendi), eommisary to if Arch- 
deacon oj Richmund, atatis 45 an. 17 Aug. 1665; mar. 
Margaret, da. of John Cowper, of Sedbridge (Sedbergh), in 
co. Ebor. They had issue — 

Daniell, at. 10 an. 17 Aug. 1665. 

Baynton-Beacon Wapentake. 

Yorke, 12 Sept. 1065. 

Qtrompton of ^unDrrlnnDlunkr. 

Arms : — (Gules) a fess wavy between three lions rampant (Or), a mullet for 
No proofo made of these armes. 

I. THOMAS CROMPTON, of Houndslow, in co. Middlesex, 
mar. Mary, daughter of Henry Hudson, of . . . in com. Surr,, 
Esq r . They had issue — 

258 ducjdale's visitation ok Yorkshire. 

S r Thomas. ) (See Crompton of Driffield, The Genealogist 
S r John. ) vol. xxxi, 254.) 
Robert (11). 

II. ROBERT CROMPTON, 3d son, a Clerke in the Alienation 
Office in London, afterwards resided at Great Driffeild in com. 
Ebor., and died there Sept. 1646, bur. 10 Sept. 1646 at Cherry- 
Burton (reg.). Will, 1 Sept. 1646, pr. at York 15 Doc. 1647 
(unregistered) ; mar. Jane, daughter of Rev. Samuel Culver well, 
of Cherriburton, in coin. Ebor., 1st wife, 7 Aug. 1610, at Cherry- 
Burton (reg.). They had issue — 

1. Mary, wife of George Fair weather, of Cottingham, in 
co, Ebor. 
Mar. Anne, daughter of Francis Holdenby, 2d wife, lie. 1614, 
at Skerne, bur. 4 Sept. 1025 at Cherry-Burton (reg.). They 
had issue — 

1. Thomas (III). 

2. John, bp. 6 Mar. 1620-1 at Skerne (C.B.N.). 

2. Frances, had £100 in her father's will, bp. 11 Aug. 

1623 at Bishop Burton (C.B.N. ), wife of ... . 
Williamson, of Cottingham, in co. Ebor. 
Mar. Ceziah, daughter of Walter Strickland, of Boijnton, in 
co. Ebor., Est/'., 3d wife, lie 1628, bur. 7 Dec. 1667 at Cherry- 
Burton (C.B.N.). Will, 4 Oct. 1667, pr. at York 18 Apr. 
1668 (vol. xlix, 258). They had issue— 
5'. Robt. Crompton, of Huston, bp. 6 Mar. 1633-4 at Great 
Driffield, bur. 19 Apr. 1674 at Little Huston. Will, 
8 Apr., pr. 26 June 1674 (vol. lv, 140) ; married 
Anne, daughter of Philip Whealc (Wheatli), of Hinger- 
wcll (Hinder well), in co. Ebor., 9 Aug. 1661 at Holy 
Trinity, Goodramgate, York (reg.). They had issue — 
Robert. } 

Ceziah. > named in their father's will. 
Mary. ) 
•/. Walter Crompton, of Sunderlandwyke, in com. Eborum, 
at. 32 ann. 12° Sept. 160'), bp. 29 Feb. 1632-3 at 
(beat Driffield (C.B.N. ), bur. 20 Feb. 1713-4 at 
Cranswick (C.B.N.). Will 19 Dec. 1694, pr. at 
York 31 Mar. 1714 (vol. lxix) ; mar. Anne, da. of 
John Pearson, of Scttrington, in com. Ebor., bur. 
28 Jan. 1707-8 at Cranswick (C.B.N. ). 

3. Anne. !.]». 10 Sept. 1629, wife of Will. Metcalfe, an 

Aldcrm. of Yorke ; mar. 7 Mar. 1649-50 at Great 
Driffield; afterwards of Arthur Jegon of Wansworth, 
m com. Ebor., she was bur. 3 Now 1701 at Ruston 
l'arva as " Lady Jiggins." 

4. Ceziah, bp. 16 Jan. 1631-2 at Great Driffield, bur. 

at Trinity, Goodramgate, 5 Dec. 1673 (reg.), wife of 
Inglcberl Leedcs, of North Mil ford, in co. Ebor. 



III. THOMAS CROMPTQN, of Great Driffeild, Esq r ., at. 41 
annor. 12 Sept. 1000, bp. 2 ( J Aug. 1619 at Skerne ; tnar. Mary, 

daughter of Rich. Remington, of Lund in CO. Ebor., Es<f. They 
had issue — 

Thomas, crt. 24 ami. 12 Sept. a" 1666. 


Lanobarqh Wapentake. 

Stokesley, 25° Aug. 1665. 




ARMS : — Sable, a fesa engrailed Argent between three dexter hands bendways 

couped at the wrist and open Or. 
Crest: — A stag's head erased Argent, attired Or, pierced through the neck with 

an arrow of the 1st. 

I. RICHARD BATE, of Lancashire, had issue — 

II. ROBERT BATE, mar. Katherine, dau. to . . . Nettleton, of 
Thornhill. They had issue — 

1. William (III). 

2. Leonard Bate, of Lupset, sans issue ; mar. Anne, wid. 

of John Savile, of Lupset. Had arms confirmed 
8 Feb. 1565. 

3. Robert, 

Maude, wife to Thomas Penson, of Wakefield (Glover). 
Margaret, wife to Wm. Burton, of Kendall (Glover). 
Jennet, wife to Thomas Mowbray, of Spotiorth (Glover). 
Anne, wife to Thos. Mackeridge, of the Bishoprick, 

after to Thomas Arneshowe, of Carlton. 
Elizabeth, wife to Robt. Adams, of Darrington. 

III. WILLIAM BATE, of West-Lathe, in com. Ebor., living 1584, 
bur. at Whorlton ; mar. Elizabeth, daughter of Leonard War- 
coppe, of Tanfeild, in co. Ebor. Will, 18 Mar. 1587-8, pr. 
30 June 1589 (vol. xxiv, 84), to be bur. in chancel of Whorlton. 
They had issue — 

260 dugdale's visitation of Yorkshire 

1. William (IV). 

2. Leonard \ will 3 Nov. 1585, pr. 3 May 1587 (vol. xxiii, 

-126), to be bur. at Whorlton ; mar., and had a son 

3. Thomas, exor. of his brother William and his mother. 
Agnes, wife of John Constable, of Dromonby (Glover, 

Dorothy, wife of William Dyneley, of Swillington 

(Glover, 298). 
Alice, wife of Jno. Popeley, of Moorhouse, Esq. (Glover, 

Elizabeth, % wife of Robert Kaye, of Wakefield (Glover, 

Katherine, wife of Roger Talbot, of Thornton (Glover, 

Frances (Flower's Visitation.). 

IV. WILLIAM BATE, of West Lathe, living a" 1584. Will, 
11 Jan. 1599-1600, pr. 7 July 1604 (vol. xxix, 329), to be bur. 
in chancel of Whorlton ; mar. . . . They had issue — 

1. William (V). 

2. John Bate, of Eston, had issue. 

3. Thomas, died without issue. 

Jane, wife of WilVm Ruddock, of Eston, in com. Ebor. 

V. WILLIAM BATE, of Eston, in com. Ebor., died 13 Oct. 1621 ; 
mar. Elizabeth, daughter of Marmadukc Harperley, of Whorlton, 
in cam. Ebor., lie. 1591 ut Eston. They had issue — 

lOT-wi (VI). 

/. Elizabeth, wife of John Garth, of Headlam, in com. 

paint. Dunelm, bur. at Gainford 26 July 1691 (reg.). 

Will, 5 Ap. 1689. 
2. Mar//, wife of Robert Stoke, of Tunstall, in com. Ebor. 

VI. WILLIAM BATE, of Esehj, in com. Ebor., cet. 69 ann. ei 
11 mens., 25 Aug. a" 1665, ? bur. at Stokesley 13 Jan. 1673-4. 
Admon. 23 Oct. 167-1 ; mar. Susan, daughter of Thomas 
Addison, of Normanby, in co. Ebor., bur. at Stokesley 8 May 
1687. They had issue — 

1. William (VII). 

2. Leonard Bate, Citizen and Scrivener of London ; mar. 

Sarah, da. of Raphe Hartley, citizen of London. 

3. Thomas Bate, of Newcastle upon Tine ; mar. Eufame 

White, a Scotch woman. 
Mary, first marr. to John Dun, of Newton, in co. Ebor., 
afterwards to James Johnson, noiv living in the county 
of Armagh in Ireland. 



VII. WILLIAM BATE, son & heire, at. 42 arm. 26 Aug. 1665, 
? bur. at Stokesley, 5 Jan. 1674-5 ; mar. Dorothy, da. of 
. . . Nai/ler, & widow of WiWm Smith. They had issue — 

Bulmer Wapentake. 

Yorke, 13° Aug. 1060. 


Utalton. : — I'.nninc, uu n Cosh .... three plieons. 
No proofo linulu of lliisc Amies. 

I. RICHARD ATKINSON, of Thrintoft, in com. Ebor., obijt 

circa annum 1600 ; mar. Margaret, daughter to . . . Lumley. 
They had issue — 

1. Simon. 

2. Thomas (II). 

3. George. 

II. THOMAS ATKYNSON, of Yorke., obijt <rtat. suit. 63 a" 16-56; 

mar. 1st Elizabeth, (laugh, to Rowland Ward, of the City of 
Yorke, gent. They had issue — 

1. Arthur (111). 

2. Phenyas Atkinson, of Belthrop, i)i co. Ebor. ; mar. 

Frances, da. to Will. Harper, of Bpp Wilton, in co. 
Ebor., Esg r . 

3. William Atkinson, Citizen cfc Grocer of London; mar. 

Barbara, da. to . . . Hobson, of Kirk- M err ington, 
in Epalu Dunelm. 

1. Philadelphia, mar. at Skelton, 5 Apr. 1635, to Tho. 

Loeell, eldest son to 'Thomas Lovell, of Skelton, Esu r ., 
bur. there 27 Sept. 1680 

2. Jane, mar. to Richard Ellerker, of Youlton, in co. Ebor., 

Es(j r . 


Mar. 2dly, Margaret, daughter to John Dodsworth, of Watlas, 
in coin. Ebor., bp. there 11 Aug. 161 1. They had issue — 

1. Margt., wife to John Lambert, of Strensall, in com. 

Khar., gent., lie. 1664 at St. Saviour's, York. 

2. Win, [red. 

3. Mar//. 

III. ARTHUR ATKINSON, of SMton, in co. Ebor., at. 45 an. 

a" 1666 ; mar. Beatrix, da. to Tho. Lovell, of Skelton, in co. 
Ebor., Esq. They had issue — 
Thomas (IV). 

Arthur, dyed young. 

Margaret. 1 , , 

Rebeeha. } ^ V 01 " 1 * 






IV. THOMAS ATKINSON, gent., of Skelton, ast. 15 an. 1666 ; 

? mar. Sarah Empson, of Goole, lie. 1673 at the Cathedral. 


Kdited by tho Hkv. IOdmunij Nkvii.i,, 1$ A., F.S.A., 
and Kkcjinau) Uouchkb, II. A. 

(Continued from p. 208.) 


Cooke, Anthony, of Sarum, clothyer, 33, and Rebecca Dashwood 
of the same, sp., 20. Bdman. Edmund Dashwood of the same, 
clothyer. 3 Jan. [A.B.] 

Richardson, Vaughan, of Sarum, channdler, 24, and Elizabeth 
Russell of the same, sp., 26. Bdman. Thos. Holmes of the same, 
yeoman. 7 Jan. [A.B.] 

Berry, Edward, of Edington, gent., 23, and Rebecca Long, of Steeple 
Ashton, sp., 23. Bdmen, Tho. Bacon of Sarum, gent., and Edmund 
Wilkinson of the same, gent. 10 Jan. [A.B.] 

Petty, Robert, of Mildenhall, Wilts, husb., 27, and Edy Painter, of 
Ogborne St. George, sp., 30. Bdmen. Leonard Hamell, of Marl- 
borough, apparitor, and Thomas Playston (signs Thomas Paty). 
11 Jan. [A.B.] 


Cole, Symon, of Enford, husb., 22, and Jane PALMER of the same, 
sp., 23. Bdman. Wra. Furmage of the same, blacksmith. 21 Jan. 

Head, Win,, of Can, Dorset [Cann near Shaftesbury], yeoman, 29, and 
Anne Hillman, of Wylye, sp., 22. Bdman. Abraham Wilson, of 
Sarum, cutler. 25 Jan. [A.B.] 
Harding, Robt., of Crudwell, Wilts, yeoman, 26, and Jane Cullerne, 
of Garsdon, sp., 19. Bdman. Nicholas Mill, of Crudwell. yeoman. 
26 Jan. [A.B.] 
Power, Gabriel, of Langly in Kington St. Michaell, yeoman, widower, 

and Ruth Power of the same, wid. 27 Jan. [A.B.] 
Delacourt, Anthony, clerk, Vicar of Tidulside, ah. Tidisel [Tilshead], 
widower, and Elianor Colsell, of Britford, sp., 26. 9 Feb. [A.] 
Bonner, Edward, of Upavon, husbandman, widower, and Joane Lewis, 

of Roundway, sp., 27. 15 Feb. [A.] 
Hayward, John, of Market Lavington, mercer, 25, and Alice Powel, 

sp., 20. 27 Feb. [A.] 
Smedmore, John, of Odstock, husb., 24, and Bridget Deane, of Mar- 
garet Marsh, sp., 23. Bdman. Robert Dean of the same, in the 
county of Dorset. 3 Mar. [A.B.] 
Mackrell, John, of Newbury, clothyer, widower, and Sarah Childes 
of the same towne, sp., 30. Bdman. John "Whitmarshe. 8 Mar. 
Elaxander, Richard, of Seend, baker, 32, and Judith Usher of the 
same, sp., 31. Bdman. Robert Martin, of Devizes, yeoman. 
14 Mar. [A.] 

Tuck, Willm., of Uscot, in Broad Hint on, Wilts, yeoman, 43, and 
Dorothy Cooper, of Bushton, in ClyfTe Pypard, wid. Bdman. 
David Webb of the same, yeoman. 31 May. [A.B.] 
Hayward, Henry, of Avebury, Wilts, husb., 28, and Joan Bathe, 
of ClyfTe Pypard, sp., 23. Bdman. Geoffrey Edwards, of Wotton 
Basset, Wilts, cooper. 1 June. [A.B.] 
Biggs, Richard, clerk. Vicar of Shrewton, Wilts, and Anne Broadhead, 
of Hartham, sp., 30. Bdmen. George Downton, of Winterborne 
Stoke, Wilts, yeoman, and Mris. Joan Broadhead. 17 .lime. 
(A. gives date as 3 .lime 1665.) | A.B.] 
Mindyard, Tho : of Sarum, Wilts, butcher, widower, and Margaret 
Saw of the same, wid. 14 June. (Tho : Mineyard in A., and 
date 4 June 1665.) [A.B.] 
Hayward, Henry, of Malmesbury, Wilts, yeoman, 30, and Anne 
RlkkKE of the same, wid. Bdmen. Tho: May of the same, and 
Hugh llillinau of Devizes, Appr. Wit H . Tho. YVobl) of the same, 
and Wm. Piggott, cler. 2 May. [A.B.] 
Owen, Humphry, of Hullavington, Wilts, 25, and Elizabeth Main- 
yard, of Hawkesbury, co. Glouc, sp., 22. Bdman. Lawrance 
Cottle. 2 May. [A.B.] 
Guy, John, of Reading, Berks, sen., and Susan Olyver of the same, 
sp. Bdman. John Thornton, of Sarum, gent. 20 May. 


Bonner, Roger, of Uphaven, Wilts, chandler, widower, and Anne 

Peirsk, of Kcddington, sp., 30. 17 June. [A.B.] 
Watts, Roger, of Potterne, hush., 20, and Elizabeth Glasse of the 

same sp., 20. Bdmen. George Glasse, of Potterne, Wilts, cloth- 
worker, and John Marchant, of Fisherton Anger, Wilts, inholder. 

26 June. [A.B.] 
Willis, Willm., of Bradfield, Berks, husb., 45, and Abigaile Smyth, 

of Ashampstead, sp., 25. Bdman. Edward Wetman of the same, 

yeoman. 3 Feb. 1664-5. [A.B.] 
Millard, Charles, of Pangborne, Berks, yeoman, 23, and Thomasin 

Smyth of the same, sp., 23. Bdman. Charles Weston of the same, 

yeoman. (No date.) [A.B.] 
Bruges, Henry, of West Ashton, Wilts, yeoman, 24, and Anne Harris, 

of Great Cheverell, sp., 23. No bdman. (Signs " Bruyes.") 

30 June. [A.B.] 
Barnett, Humphry, of Calne, Wilts, tayler, 34, and Mary Landick, 

of Chippenham, sp., 27. Bdman. Richard Seager, of Calne, 

mercer. 10 July. [A.B.] 
Prewet, Thomas, of Steeple Langford, Wilts, husb., widower, and 

Elinor Francis, of Winterborne Stoke, sp., 40. Bdman. William 

Prewet, of Sarum, blacksmith. Witnesses, Thomas Hayes, 

John Bennett. 10 July. [A.B.] 
Gayford, Samuel, of Bulkington, Wilts, yeoman, 27, and Joan Somner, 

of Sutton Benger, sp., 29. Bdman. Robert Collins, of Bulkington, 

yeoman. 10 July. [A.B.] 
Smyth, Henry, of Urchfont, Wilts, yeoman, 26, and Elizabeth Sutton, 

of Enford, sp., 22. Bdman. Robert Sutton of the same, grocer. 

11 July. [A.B.] 
Ockley, Richard, oi St. Mary's, Reading, Berks, yeoman, 28, and 

Christian Lyford of the same,, 37. Bdman. Thomas Lyford 

of the same, yeoman. 28 Sep. [A.B.] 
Church, Rich :, of Tockenham, Wilts, and Elizabeth Henly of the 

same. Bdman. John Reeve of the same. Witnesses, Giles Church, 

Samuel Chapplyn. 7 June. 
Webb, Antony, of Beverstone, co. Glouc, yeoman, widower, and Anne 

Farmer, of Bromham, Wilts, sp., 24. Bdman. William Webb, 

of Bromham. Witness, Hugh Hillman, Jun. 8 July. [A.B.] 
March, Steven, of Fordingbridge, co. South., gent., 20, and Elizabeth 

Blachford, sp., 20. Bdman. Tho : Riddiall. 4 July. [A.B.] 
King, Charles, of Sarum, scissor, 26, and Elizabeth Blacket, of St. 

Edmund's, Sarum, sp., 20. Bdman. John King of the same, 

scissor, Charles' father. 11 July. [A.B.] 
Withers, George, of Codford St. Mary, Wilts, husb., 24, and Joane 

Deacon, of Haywood [? lleywood in Westbury], sp., 25. Bdman. 

Willm. Hewlett, of . . . ., "scissorem." 21 July. [A.B.] 
Brothers, Ambrose, of Market Lavington, wheelwright, 26, and Sarah 

Oram of the same, sp., 20. Bdman. Robert Brothers, of Bps. 

Cannings, wheelwright. 24 July. [A.B.] 


Adlam, John, of Quidhampton, Wilts, carpenter, 29, and Warbora 

Deeke of the same, \\id. Bdman. .John Willis, of Sarum, butcher. 

25 July. [A.B.] 
Crooke, Roger, of Steeple Ashton, Wilts, gent., 20, and Sarah Bennett 

of the same, sp., 18. Bdman. Christopher Bennett of the same, 

gent. 25 July. [A.B.] 
Avery, Robert, of Compton Basset, Wilts, yeoman, 30, and Anne 

Frye, of Broad Ilinton, sp., 25. Bdmun. Willm. Avery, of Bps. 

Cannings, yeoman. 29 July. [A.B.] 
Smyth, Richard, of Potterne, Wilts, hush., widower, and Mary Bayly, 

of Urchfont, sp., 40. 31 July. [A.B.] 
Clement, James, of Dunkerton, Somt., hush, and widower, and Eliz : 

Biggs (" Bigg " in A.), of Trowle [in Bradford], wid. Bdmen. 

John Croome, of South Newton, hush., and Walter Perry, of 

Trowle. 31 July. [A.B.] 
Howard, Sir Robert, of Malshanger, co South., widower, and the 

Lady Honoria Inglefeild, of Vasteine, in Wotton Basset, wid. 

Bond of Maria Viscountess of Cullen, wid. of . . . ., Wilts., and 

John Skeat, clerk, Curate of Wotton Basset. 8 Aug. [A.B.] 
Reeves, Charles, of Doritt [? Dessiards farm] in Chippenham, Wilts, 

yeoman, 40, and Grace Bayly, of Longly [Langley], in Kington St. 

Michael, sp., 24. Bdmen. Nathaniel Bayly of the same, and Hugh 

Hillman, of Devizes. 8 Aug. [A.B.] 
Wyatt, Thomas, clerk, Vicar of Melksham, Wilts, and Elizabeth 

Johnson, of Devizes, sp., 26. No Bdman. 14 Aug. [A.B.] 
Cakv, Kraucis, of Marlborough, Wilts, gent., 26, and Frances Pearse 

of the same, sp., 24. Bdmen. Thomas Pearse of the same, and 

Edw. Aven of the same, glovier. 17 Aug. [A.B.] 
Hayes, John, clerk, Rector of Castlecombe, Wilts, 28, and Ursula 

IIollidaY, of Woodchestcr, co. Clone., wid. Bdman. Robert 

Davis, of Castlecombe, hush. 22 Aug. [A.B.| 
Smith, Richard, of Ford in Milford, Wilts, hush., 25, and Edith 

Si'KVHH.AND (" Stragland " in A.) of the same, sp., 23. No Bdman. 

2 Sep. [A.B.J 
Francklyn, Philip, of Marlborough, Wilts, gent., widower, and Eliz : 

Clemenoe, of Winterslow, wid. Bdman. John Carter, clerk, 

Rector of Winterslow. 13 Sep. [A.B.] 
Lasknuy, William, of Lawrence Waltham, Berks, gent., 27, and Anne 

Nash of the same, sp., 22. Bdman. John Nash of the same, 

gent. Seal, a tree between the letters N and P. 27 Sep. [A.B.] 
Clement, Thomas, of Sulhamsted Abbots, Berks, 30, yeoman, and 

Amie More, of Burghiield, Berks, wid. Bdman. James Eayrer, 

clerk, of Sulhamsted Abbots. 15 Aug. 
Ilsley, John, of Sulhamsted Banister, Berks, yeoman, and Susan 

Elisandkr, of Mortimer, Berks, sp. Bdman. Richard Payse, 

of Sulhamsted Banister. 20 Sep. 
Stokes, Abjohn, of Tvtherton Lucas, Wilts, gent., 23, and Mris. Anne 

Scott, of Bromham, Wilts, sp., 20. Bdman. Christopher Stokes, 

of Tytherton Lucas, gent. 29 Mar. 1005. [A.B.] 



Haskins, John, of Keevil, Wilts, gent., 27, and Anne Harris, of 
Tibhead, Wilts, sp., 27. BdmaD. Edward Edmonds, of Sarum, 
marchant. At Orcheston St. Mary, Chilton, or St. Thomas, 

Sarum. 7 Ap. [A.B.] 
Sainsbury, Edward, of Wilton, weaver, widower, and Eliz : Watkins 
of the same (of Sarum in A.), sp., 20. Bdmen. Stephen West of 
the same, "scissorem," and Edward Hyde, of Sarum, carpenter. 
11 Ap. [A. 15.] 
BROOKE, Robert, of BremhiD, Wilts, hush., and Mary Hughes of the 

same, sp. Bdman. Joseph Hughes of the same, husb. 27 May. 
Mervyn, Edward, of Sarum, Wilts, gent., 27, and Frances Dyndo, 
of Pert wood, wid. Bdman. John Mervyn of the Close, Sarum, 
gent. 17 Ap. [A.B.] 
TURNER, Robert, of Ockingham [i.e., Wokingham], Berks, yeoman, 
and Susan Hewatt of the same. Bdman. Edward Johnson, 
of Reading, cardmaker. Witnesses, Jane Pound and Andrew 
Rivers. 4 Oct. [A.B.] 
Payne, Rich : of Hilmarton, 48, and Mary Eastington of the same, 
wid. Bdman. John Sadler, Sen., of the Close, Sarum, Wilts, 
gent. 30 May. [A.B.] 
Mills, Henry, of Romsey, co. South., yeoman, 23, and Elioner Wakr 
of the same, sp., 23. Bdman. John Hipper, of Houghton, yeoman. 
25 May. [A.B.] 
Coffin, Thomas, of Stourton Caundle, Dorset, yeoman, 21, and Eliz : 
Collin, of Stratford Tony, Wilts, sp., 25. Bdman. Anthony 
Coffin of the same. 23 May. [A.B.] 
Pepler, Edward, of Sarum, Wilts, husb., 23, and Jane Shapsheire, 
of Amesbury, Wilts, wid. Bdman. John Poulter, of Sarum, 
silkweaver. 18 May. [A.B.] 
Coleman, John, of Axbridge, Somerset, shoemaker, 22 (cordwayner 
in A.), and Grace 1 In. man, of Trowbridge, sp., 24. Bdmen. 
Edward llihnan, of Trowbridge, cordwayner, Grace's bio., and 
Hugh Hillman, of Devizes, apparitor. 17 May. [A.B.] 
Crookk, Robert, of Urchfont, Wilts, gent, (yeoman in A.), 30, and Jane 
CllOOKK of the same, sp. Bdman. Ambrose Muspratt of the same, 
carrier. 1(5 May. |A.B.| 
Read, John, of Sarum, hellier, 25, and Susan Lamb of the same, wid. 

Bdman. Robert Read, of the same, hellier. 15 May. [A.B.] 
Rawls, Thomas, of Stockton, Wilts, husb., widower, and Jane Wyatt, 

of Chilton, Wilts, sp., 30. Bdman. none. 13 May. [A.B.] 
Rogers, Nicholas, of Fawly, co. South., gent., 30, and Jane Smith, of 
St. Martin's, Sarum, sp., 30. Bdman. Henry Compleu, of Bewly 
[Beaulieuj, co. South., yeoman. 11 May. 
GlDDlNGS, Kdward, of Urchfont, Wilts, husb., (yeoman ill A.), 45, and 
Anne NoYSE of the same, sp., 35. Bdman. Ambrose Muspratt 
of the same, carryer. 10 May. (9 May in A.). [A.B.] 
Gray, Robert, of Lydiard Tregose, Wilts, husb., 22, and Anne OoY, of 
Wroughton, Wilts, sp., 24. Bdman. none <> May. [A.B.] 


WHITE, Rich : of Devizes, Wilts, boddicemaker, 22, and Margaret 

Walker of the .same, sp. Bdman. Robert Martin of the same, 

yeoman. 3 May. [A.B.] 
Web, Francis, of Manningford Bohun, hush., 50, and Jane Ruddle 

of the same, sp., 26. Bdmen. Ambrose Web, of Sarum, tanner, 

and Francis Webb, of Manningford Bolinii. 27 Ap. [A.B.] 
Aldkr, Thomas, the Elder, of St. Lawrence, Reading, yeoman, and 

Leda Belchamber, of St. Giles, Reading, wid. Bdman. John 

Farmer, of St. Lawrence, Reading, yeoman. (Groom signs 

"Thomas Aldworth.") 21 June. 
Remnant, John, of St. Mary's, Reading, Berks, yeoman, 26, and Mary 

Belchamber, of St. Giles, Reading, sp., 23. Bdman. John Osgood, 

of St. Lawrence, Reading, yeoman. 6 June. [A.B.J 
Edwards, Nicholas, of St. Lawrence, Reading, yeoman, and Eliz. 

West of the same. Bdman. John West of the same, yeoman. 

21 June. 
Rostall, Henry, of Swindon, Wilts, yeoman, 32, and Margaret Auger 

of the same, sp., 27. Bdman. . . . Lyster, of Sarum, inholder. 

Letter fr. Henry Thomson, of Swindon. 13 Mar. [A.B.J 
Smith, Michael, of Stanton St. Bernard, Wilts, gent., 19, and Elizabeth 

Lavington of the same, 28. Bdman. Gabriel Goldney, of Chippen- 
ham, gent. 12 Mar. [A.B.J 
Parsons, Willm., of North Tedworth, Wilts, yeoman, and Ann Vincent, 

of C'ollingborne Kingston, wid. Bdman. John Parsons, of Fighel- 

deane, yeoman. 6 Mar. 
Sackler, Willm., of Sarum, Wilts, upholster, and Mary, d. of Thomas 

Clarke, of Shaston, sp. Bdman. George Lowe, of Sarum, gold- 
smith. 2-4 Feb. 
Run doll, Willm., of Edington, Wilts, yeoman, and Ursula Dench, 

of Idmiston, Wilts, sp. Bdman. Edward Dench of the same, 

yeoman. 21 Feb. 
Oram, Rowland, of Stapleford, Wilts, blacksmith, widower, and Mary 

LooKit, of Stockton, Wills, sp., 28. Bdmen. Tho : Thornburgh, 

of Sarum, goldsmith, and Thus. Westbeere, of Stapleford, yeoman. 

17 Feb. 1 A.B.I 
Stretch, Thomas, of Overton, Wilts, yeoman, 26, and Dennis Dike, 

of Bps. Cannings, sp., 25. Bdman. John Stretch, of Overton, 

and George Freind, of Wilton, Wilts, inholder. 17 Feb. [A.B.I 
Goddard, Rich : of Mere, Wilts, yeoman (gent, in A.), 24, and Ann 

Bayly, of Edington, Wilts, sp., 24. Bdman. Leonard Cooke, 

of Sarum, chapman. 13 Mar. 1665-6 (14 Mar. in A.). [A.B.J 
Broad, Rowland, of Uphaven, Wilts, husb., 24, and Margaret Chalke, 

of Sarum, sp., 27. Bdman. John Blackhead of the same, yeoman. 

8 Mar. 1665-6. [A.B.I 
Friend, Robert, of St. Edmund's, Sarum, chandler, widower, and Mary 

Myles, of St. Thomas 1 , Sarum, sp., 26. Bdman. Richard Friend 

of the same, grocer. 18 Feb. 1665-6. [A.B.j 
Lawrence, Philip, of Charlton, Wilts, clerk, 25, and Anne Whitley 

of the same, sp., 20. Bdman. Thomas Philips, of Sarum, geuL. 

2 Mar. 1665-6. [A.B.J 


Barnes, Vincent, of Whiteparish, Wilts, yeoman, 26, and Joan Walker 

of the .same, sp.', 21. No Bdmaii.' 24 Feb. 1665-6. [A.B.] 
Brasyer (Brasher in A.), Willm., of Wilton, Wilis, clothier, widower, 

and Edith Pinckny, of St. Edmund, Sarum, sp., .'50. Bdman. 

Thomas Riddiall, "of the bush in" ({ Bush Inn) Sarum, inholder. 

23 Feb. 1665-6. (A.B.) 
Flemon, Willm., of Winterborne Stoke, Wilts, hush., 24, and Luce 

Combes, of Stapleford, sp., 25. Bdman. John Kerby, of Wilton, 

broadweaver. 20 Feb. 1665-6. [A.B.I 
Filliter, George, of Sarum, cook, 25, and Hester Saw, of Sarum, 

sp., 20. Bdman. Thomas Saw, of Sarum, rook. Hi Feb. 1665-6. 

Carter, Mr. John, of Market Lavington, Wilts, schoolmaster, and Alary 

Hunt, of Sarum, sp. Bdman. Willm. Heel)', of Sarum, glasier. 

Father, Willm. Hunt, writes and consents. (Heely signs Hely.) 

■1 Jan. 1665-6. (4 Feb. in A.). |A.B.| 
Abington, John, of Over Compton, Dorset, gent., 25, and Elizabeth 

Feild, of Stourton, sp., 22. Bdman. Andrew Carter, of Sarum, 

clerk. 1 Feb. 1665-6. [A.B.j 
Blake, Willm., of Andover, co. South., gent., 20, and Dorothy, sp., 21, 

d. of Alexander Thistlethwayte, of Winterslow, Wilts, Esq. 

Bdman. John Thornton, of Sarum, gent. 7 Feb. 1665-6. [A.B.] 
Grate (Grace in A.), Thomas, of Newton Tony, Wilts, husb., 25, and 

Margaret Jacob, of Bishopston, sp., 30. Bdman. Richard Blan- 

chard, of Wishford, Wilts, pastor (? pistor). 29 Jan. 1665-6. (A.B. | 
Tanner, Thomas, of Malmesbury, Wilts, carryer, and Olive Davies 

of the same, wid. Bdmen. Richard Godscll, of Bradford, Wilts, 

comber, and Robert Martin, of Devizes, apparitor. 13 Dec 1665. 
MoTTERSHED, Henry, of Sarum, Senr., cook, and Elizabeth HARFORD 

of the same, sp., 40. Bdman. Henry Mottershed, of Sarum, in- 
bolder. 31 Dec. 1665 (Married in Salisbury Cathedral as 

" IT. IUuttcrshaw.") [A.B.j 
GiMi'Ki!, Anthony, of Ndhorhaven, Wilts, husb., and Bright Daniel, 

wid. Bdmon. John Thring of I he same, yeoman, and John 

Rendall of the same, yeoman. 6 Jan. 1665-6. 
Davies, Philipp, of Amesbury, Wilts, butcher, and Eliz : Holloway 

of the same, wid. Bdman. John Davies, of Sarum, inhoWer. 

(Signs "Davis.") 9 Jan. 1665-6. 
TUCKEY, John, of Codford St. Mary, Wilts, husb., 25, and Elinor 

Carter, of W r interborne Earls, 25. Bdman. Edward Lister, of 

Sarum, inholder. 22 Jan. [A.B.] 
Sieveir, Willm., of St. Peter's, Marlborough, watchmaker, and Mary 

Goldsmith of the same, sp. Bdman. Nicholas Langley, of Sarum, 

watchmaker, and Christopher Day of the same, stationer. 31 Oct. 

Wells, Thomas, of Pirton [Purton], Wilts, inholder, widower, and 

Martha Cumber, of the Theale in Tilehnrst, Berks, sp., 30. 

Bdmen. Edward Bray, of Pirton, husb., and Francis Harford, of 

Sarum, inholder. 14 Nov. 1665. [A.B.] 


Dun, John, of Devizes, lynnendraper, 25, & Ann TURNER of the same, 
sp., 22. Bdman. John Marshman, of Devizes, carpenter. 13 Nov. 
16(55. [A.B.J 
Lacy, Robert, of Crudwcll, Wilts, )'eoman, 28, and Ann Worley, of 
Hanker ton, Wilts, sp., .'52. Bdman. William Syme, of Sarum, 
parchment maker, and Richard Ashley of the same, butcher. 
13 Nov. 1G65. [A.B.] 
Adams, Mark, of Awbornc [Aldbonrne], Wilts, hnsb., 23, and Ann King 
of the same, sp., 11). Bdmen. John Whitty, of Marlborough, 
taylor, and Leonard Hammed of the same, taylor. 5 Oct. [A.B.] 
Freeman, Christopher, of Marlborough, gent., and Margaret Green- 
away of the same. Bdman. John Wayte of the same, taylor. 
1G Nov. 1G65. 
Lavington, John, of Willesford, Wilts, gent., 45, and Ann Wroughton, 
of Wilcott, sp., 33. Bdman. Thomas Young, of Sarum, taylor. 
2 Oct. 1665. [A.B.] 
Jerrard, John, of Stourt on, Wilts, taylor, 18, and Ann Hunt, of Mere, 
Wilts. Bdmen. Chr'ofer Hunt of the same, Ann's fa., and Anthony 
Bungy, of Fisherton Anger, inholder. 3 Sep. [A.B.] 
Hayes, Alexander, of Sherston Magna, Wilts, scissor, 2G, and Joane 
Clarke of the same, sp., 30. Bdmen. John Hayes of the same, 
yeoman, and Robert Martin, of Devizes. Witnesses, Nicholas 
Pearce, Hewe Hillman. 16 Nov. [A.B.] 
Harrington, John, of Corson [?CorstonJ, Somt., gent., 22, and Alice 
Coward, of Ugford in South Newton, sp., 27. Bdman. Thomas 
Coward, of the same, gent. 3 Jan. 1665-6. [A.B.] 
Coppock, Henry, of London, gent., 21, and Mris. Katherine Hitchcock, 
of Preshute, sp., 22. Bdman. Robert Hitchcock of the same, 
gent, 14 Dec. (23 Nov. 16G5 in A.). [A.B.] 
Brewer, Peter, of Seend Row, Wilts, gent., and Frances Rowe, of 
Amesbury, sp. Bdman. Willm. Couzins of the same, gent. 14 Dec. 
Pearcy, Augustine, of W'ishford Magna, Wilts, gent,, widower, and 
Thomasine Briant, of Stapleford, sp., 30. Bdman. John Pearcy 
of the same, yeoman. 12 Dec. [A.B.] 
Elliott, John (James in A.), of Marlborough, baker, 24, and Elianor 
Mortimer, of Fi field in Overton, Wilts, sp., 22. Bdman. James 
Elliott, of Marlborough, pistor. 12 Dec. [A.B.] 
Fricker, Edward, of Chilmark, Wilts, yeoman, 27, and Katherine 
Wythers, of Wyly, sp., 18. Bdman. Robert Wythers of the same, 
yeoman. 11 Dec. [A.B.] 
Player, Nathanael, of Malmesbury, Wilts, mercer, 24, and Margaret 
Wayte of the same, sp., 20. Bdman. Willm. Sadler, of Broad 
Town, Wilts, yeoman. 10 Dec. [A.B.] 
Nicholas, Thomas, of Stapleford, Wilts, yeoman, 30, and Hannah 
Lamb, of Sarum, sp., 26. Bdman. Richard Heale, of Sarum, 
"musicum" (tier.). 9 Dec. 
Little, Willm., of Broadhinton, Wilts, 24, and Grace White, sp., 
20, of the same. Bdman. James Street, of Devizes. 11 Oct. 


Woblidge, John, of Wilton, Wilts, gent., widower, and Grace Greene 
of the same, sp., 21. Bdinan. Richard Eyres, of Sarurn, pothecary. 
20 Nov. 1(305. [A.B.] 

CoGPEP., Win., of Portsmouth, co. South., yeoman, widower, and Alice 
Maple, of Downton, uid. Bdman. Richard Sherfeild, of Winter- 
borne Monkton, gent. 6 Nov. [A.B.] 

Frith, Edward, of Hiiulon, Wilts, gent., 22, and Mary May of the same, 
sp., 20. Bdman. John Garden, of Sarum, barber. 14 Nov. 

Oatridge, Robert (John Oateridge in A.), of Broughton Gifford, 
Wilts, yeoman, 30, and Edith Bronne (Brainkiii A.), of Nettleton, 
Wilts, sp., 21. Bdmen. Hugh Hillman, of Devizes, appr., and 
John Oatridge, of Broughton Gifford, hush. 19 Oct. (27 Oct. in 
A.). [A.B.] 

Blake, Henry, of East Oak (sic), co. South., mercer, and Phillis 
HOUNSELL, of Chilton Eolliat, sp. Bdman. Edward Dore, sen., 
of the same, yeoman. Seal, " (J.H." in circle. 26 Oct. 

Mayer, Willm., of Oaksey, Wilts, hush., and Joane Dobbins, of Crick- 
lade. Bdman. Simon Oatridge, of Poole, Wilts, yeoman. Witn. 
George Mortimer, Tho. Myles. 10 Oct. 

Harding, Geo., of Orcheston St. Mary, husb., 24, and Martha Grace, 
of Amcsbury, sp., 2(i. Bdmen. Richard Grace, of the same, and 
Win, Webb, of Orcheston St. Mary. 23 Oct. [A.B.] 

Norly, Thomas, of St. Edmund's, Sarum, yeoman, 22, and Margaret 
Abbyn, of Wilton, Wilts, sp., 25. No Bdman. 22 Oct. [A.B.] 

Chappelin, Maurice, of Ashton Keynes, Wilts, yeoman, widower, 
and Eliz : Whitehead, of Purton, sp., 20. Bdmen. Antony 
Whitehead of the same, yeoman, fa. of Eliz., and John Nicholas, 
of Sarum, sergewcavcr. 10 Oct. [A.B.] 

MASSKY, John, of lhadlield, Berks, yeoman, '22, and Mary ABBERY, 
of Bossleton [? Basildon], Berks, sp., 23. Bdman. John Chandler, 
of St. Lawrence (Reading?), yeoman. (Groom signs "Marsey.") 
1 . . . [A.B.I 

Malthouse, John, of Shinlield, Berks, yeoman, 24, and Elizabeth 
Charlton of the same, 30. Bdman. George llatton, of St. Law- 
rence, Heading, yeoman. Seal, a shield of arms, three swords 
palewise, in a canton a lion, the whole encircled by two palm- 
branches. 7 May. [A.B.] 

Smith, James, of Tilehurst, Berks, widower, and Mary Potter of the 
same, sp., 30. Bdman. James Blunt, of St. Lawrence, Reading, 
yeoman. 29 May. [A.B.] 

Freglenton, Edward, of Cleverly, co [? Cleverdon in LeaJ, 

gent., 27, and Margaret Hawkins, of Lacock, sp., 25. Bdinan. 
Henry Hawkins, of Lacock, Wilts, gent. (Groom signs " Eregle- 
ton."). 10 Oct. [A.B.] 

Griffin, Peter, of Aveburv, Wilts, yeoman, 33, and Anne Bromuam, 
als. Phelps, of Fifield, Wilts, sp.* 21. No Bdman. 22 Oct. [A.B.] 

Wyatt, Richard, clerk, of Marlborough, and Rebecca (Katherine in A.) 
Smith of the same, sp. Bdman. Davy Jenkins, of Sarum, gent. 
27 Sep. (1 Oct. in A.). [A.B.] 


Hopgood, Jolm, of New Sarum, Wilts, vintner, 23, and Anne Atkins 

of the same, sp., 28 7 Oct. [A.B.I 
Brinty, Henry, of Chisenbury, Wilts, hush., .'50, and Anne Bayly 
of the same, sp., 24. Bdinan. George Fricker, of Enford, scissor. 
5 Oct, [A.B.] 
BEROW, John, of Woodford, Wilts, yeoman, widower, and Anne 
Marshall, of Sarum, wid. Bdman. John Bennett, of Sarum, 
gent. 30 Sep. [A.B.] 
Messenger, Richard, of Cricklade, Wilts, hush., 28, and Dorothy 
PlRKENS of the same, sp., 20. Bdman. Tho : Boulton, of Kemble, 
Wilts, "ludimagm" [i.e., ludi-magistrum = schoolmaster], 
22 Sep. [A.B.I 
GlBUiCNS, Henry, of Andover, co. South., sargeweavcr, 23, and Priscilla 
Andrewes, of St. Edmund, Sarum, sp., 21. No Bdman. 14 Sep. 
(18 Sep. in A.). [A.B.] 
Young, Wm., of Devizes, Wilts, sadler, 30, and Jane Jacob of the same, 
sp., 28. Bdman. Hugh Hillinan of the same, inholder. 8 Jan. 
16G5-6. [A.B.] 
Whitehead, Henry, of Tytherley, co. South., armiger, widower, and 
Ann Jones, of Welford, Berks, wid. Bdman. Rich. Holt, of the 
Close, Sarum, gent, 4 Sep. [A.B.] 
Beach, Willm., of Longbridge Devcrill, yeoman, widower, and Mary 
Horlock, of Warminster, Wilts, wid. Bdmen. Tho. Pothcary, 
of Warminster, Wilts, clothier, and Thomas Young, of Sarum, 
taylor. 31 July. [A.B.I 
Harding, Thomas, of Berwick St. James, yeoman, 24, and Elizabeth 
Tyller, of Damerham (South), sp., 23. Bdman. Robert Sutton, 
of Rollestone, Wilts, broadweaver. 29 July. [A.B.] 
Eastman, Jolm, of St. Edmund's, Sarum, cordwyner, widower, and 
Dorothy Andrewks, of St. Thomas', Sarum, sp., 33. Bdman. 
Thomas Eastman, of St. Edmund's, cordwyner. 26 July. 
Tellen, John, of Purton (Stoke), Wilts, yeoman, 32, and Ann Lewen 
of the same, wid. Bdman. William Browne, of Sarum, cordwyner 
11 July. [A.B.] 
Lawrence, Thomas, of Fifield, co. South., clerke, and Katherine 
Curle, of Buttermere, Wilts, sp., 24. Bdmen. Walter Robinson, 
of Andover, co. South., and Thomas Young, of Sarum, Wilts. 
10 July. [A.B.] 
Hayward, Phillipp, of Bromham, Wilts, yeoman, 24, and Elizabeth 
Paradise, of Melksham, sp., 18. Bdman. George Paradis, of the 
same, yeoman, and Jolm Baskervile, of Malmesbury, Wilts, gent, 
8 July. | A.H.I 
Smith, John, of Islington, Wilts, yeoman, 23, and Alice (Jill, of 
Chevcrell Magna, sp., 17. Bdman. Richard Salter, of Earlstoke, 
Wilts, yeoman. 30 June. [A.B.I 
Aland, Richard, of Langley Burrell, yeoman, 22, and Ann Stockham, 
of Christian Malford, Wilts, sp., 19. Bdinan. Ambrose Rickman, 
of the same, yeoman. 7 June. [A.B.] 


Croome, Robert, of Malmesbury, and Mary Smith, of the Lea, sp., 

Bdmen. John Young, of Lea, Wilts, yeoman, and Hugh Hillman, 

of Devizes, yeoman. 7 June. 
Shipman, William, of Allcannings, Wilts, taylor, 28, and Elizabeth 

Knowlman of the same, sp., 21. Bdman. Jeffery Smith of the 

same. 11) May. [A.B.] 
Bracher, Samuel, of St. Thos., Sarum, chirurgion, 23, and Margaret 

OLIVER of the same, sp., 22. Bdman. John Skase, Rector of 

Odstock, Wilts, clerk. 31 Mar. 1GG5-6. [A.B.J 
Northway, John, of Aldermaston, widower, and Alice Emmans, of 

Thatchani, Berks, sp. Bdman. Giles Emmans of the same, 

yeoman. 20 Sep. 
Dawson, Thomas, of Tilchurst, Berks, yeoman, 23, and Elizabeth 

Denson of the same, sp., 24. Bdman. John Stanton of the same, 

yeoman. Witness, William Blackmail. 26 Sep. [A.B.] 
Edwards, William, of Tidmarsh, Berks, yeoman, 33, and Mary Horne, 

or Inglefield [EnglefieldJ, sp., 28. Bdman. William Blackmail, 

of Reading. 25 Aug. [A.B.] 
Browne, Bartholomew, of Swallowfield, Berks, widower, and Jone 

Feltham, sp., 40, of the same. Bdman. Thos. Browne of the same, 

yeoman. 20 Jan. 1065-6. [A.B.] 
Flower, Edward, of Melksham, Wilts, gent., 30, and Elioner Shepherd 

of the same, sp., 21. Bdmen. Thos. Beeven of the same, yeoman, 

and Hugh Hillman, the younger, of Devizes. Witnesses, Wm. 

Flower, Jun., Daniel Webb. 10 Oct. [A.B.] 

Undated List of Marriages and Fees, 4s. 8d. 1665. 
Heachim, Wm., of Brinkworth, and Eliz. Hopkins, of Charlton. 
Briant, John, of Hilmarton, and Mary Bromham, als. Phelps, of 

Browne, Edward, of Malmesbury, and Judith How, of Westport. 
Skeate, Rich, and Mary Lloyd, of Wotton Basset. 
Holloway, Willin., and Hester Herne, of Garsdon. 
Townsknd, Henry, and Elinor Bonfkilp, of Potterne. 
Smith, John, and Alinar Hill, of Chiverell. 
Pickfatt, Humphry, of Bray, and {blank]. 
Winter, Nathaniel, of Marlborough, and [blank]. 

Lie, Thomas, of Potterne, yeoman, widower, and Thomasine Elling- 
ton, of Poulshot, wid. Bdm. Robt. Martin, of Devizes. 7 Apr. 
1665. (A.] 

Butler, John, of Fishcrton, sheercman, 24, & Barbara Champain 
of the same, sp., 33. Bdm. Francis Spender, of Sarum, iovner. 
27 Apr. [A.] J J 

(To be continued.) 



(Continued from p. 201.) 


John [Thomas l \ Nevinson of Eastrie Court in Kent married first 
Anne the daughter of Richard Tebold by Katherin da : of Ellyott of 
Surrey, by her heehad issue S r Roger Nevinson K', Thomas, 3. Richard, 
4. Christofer, 5. Edward & Nicholas ; & hee had issue female Anne 
married to S r Henry Colepeper K l , Elizabeth to S r Edwin Sands K l , 
Margaret to S r James Oxinden K l . 

Memorandum that Anne the daughter of Richard Tebold after the 
death of John Nevinson married Edward Fagg of Feversham & had 
issue Marie Fagg & Anne Fagg. 

[In the tnaryin.] Mem'. S 1 ' Roger Nevinson ma : Marie the da : 
of Tho : Bludder of Flanchford in the parish of Rigate in Surrey, K l , 
who died No: 1618. 

[In the margin.] M d that S r Roger Nevenson K* married Katherine 
da : of of John Keynes. <|. 

[In the .margin. J M d that a Patent was granted to Tho: Bludder 
of Mile end greene in Com. of Midd. gent, by Wilhn Cambden, Claren- 
ceux, Sept 18 Eliz. 42, Anno 1600. 

Thebolde ata Tobold. 
Richard Tobold ats Thebolde married ... & had issue John Tebold 
of Seale in Thanet who married the da : & toheire of Nisell : by her 
hee had issue 

John Tebold of Seale in Thanet who married Silvester da : & heirc 
of Richard Carter. 

John Tebold ats Thebauld of Seale, 2 son by Silvester, married 
Clement da : of Willm Lynch of Cranbrookc : he had sisters, Anne 
mar : 1 to Tho : Bill, 2'^ to Percival Smalepage & 3'^ to Barnard 
Randolfe. Dorothy mar : 1 Doctor Droke, 2 1 ? to S 1 ' Roger Man wood 
K l Ijo : chicle Baron. Joano 1 married to Tho : 1'olley, 2 ly to Tho : 

[In the manjin.) M d that this John had an elder brother viz. Richard 
who married Katherin da : of Ellyot of Surrey above mentioned. 

1 "Thomas" in tho Visitations and on tho monumental inscription in Eastry 


Stephen Tebold was the first son of John by Clement, which Stephen 
mar : Katherine da : of Richard Carell of Sussex. John a second 
sonne mar : . . . da : of . . . Court opp & secondly to Nix ; by the 
first hee had issue Stephen, 3. Thomas a third sonne. Hee had daughters 
Elizabeth married to Jervas Roos of Cambridgeshire at SufTam ; 
Anne ; Silvestera ; Margaret married to David Policy ; Dorothy 
& Alice. 

Stephen had issue by Katherine da : of Carell, viz. Katherine married 
to Mitchell of Colchester. 

Memorandu that Richard Tebold who married Katherin da : of 
Ellyott of Surrey had issue male John & James. 

John married Dorothy da : of Morgan of Chilworth in Surry. Anne 
eldest daughter of the said Rich : Tebold, as is already sayd, was 
married to John Nevinson of Eastry. Hee had allso another da : viz. 
Katherine married to William Gosnold a Lawyer. Silvestra married 
,j^- to Richard Raynes. Elizabeth ob : S.P. & virgo. Marie second wife 
to S r Henry Oxinden of Deane. 

From Gosnold the Lawyer & Katherine proceeded sons Thomas, 
Lambert & William, daughters Katherine married to Richard Church 
D r of Divinity, Anne who was married to William Wurham. 

From Richard Raynes & Silvestra proceeded Silvestra, Katherine, 
Twinns. Marie & Elizabeth. 

From John Theobald who married Dorothy da : of Morgan proceeded 
John who ma : Dorothy da : of Edward Culpepper, Richard, George, 
Sampson, James, Morgan ; females Katherine, Julian, Anne . . . 
Dorothy & Marie. 

Prude ats Proude. 
William Prude ats Proude of Waltham in Kent married Quere whom 

William his sonne viz. Willm Prude ats Proude of Waltham pra?dict' 
ma : Rose da : of John Serlys of Wye in Kent. 

The said William had by Rose aforesaid had [sic] 6 sons viz. 1. 
Thomas, 2. Henrie, 3. John, 4. Willm, 5. Sampson, 6. Serlis Prude 
ats Proude of S l Alphage within Canterbury Anno 1583, which Serlis 
married Anne daughter &. coheire of Willm Payne of Chilham in Kent. 
The 3 daughters of William Proude were first Ellen who was ma : 
to Rich : Wood of Waltham, 2. Bettrice ma : Tho : Balden of Braborne 
in Kent, 3. ma : to William Gates of Wie in Kent. 


Serlis Prude ats Proud had issue male 1. Thomas, 2. John, daughters 
Marie & Joane. 

[On a loose dip in a later hand.] Anne the widow of Seilis Proud 
; re-married to German Roper. John (Sir John, Knt.) the son of Seilis 
was a Captain & Balled at the siege of Grille in Guelderland 1028, 
he mar. 1. Eliz : Kirkham & 2 nd Anne Fagg. 


Valentine Pettit was Father of 
John Pettit Alderman of London, who was Father of Valentine Pettit 
of the Isle of Thanet, which Valentine married Joane da : of Beverley 
of Fordwich by whom hee had Henrie Pettit of Dandelion in the Isle 
of Thanet his second son, who married Dennis da : of Thatcher ; hee 
had daughters viz. Benet ma : to Tho : Chapman & Alice to Simon 
Davie. The said Henry Pettit was Father of Valentine Pettit. 

(//; (he margin.] M d Edward was eldest sonne to Val : Pettit [and 
elder brother to Henry]. And that Henry Pettit had a da : viz : Anne 

who ma : Ed : Norwood. 


Henry Brockman of Newington juxta Hith ma : . . . daughter & 
heire of Chilton in Kent. 

William Brockman son of Henry married Margaret da : of Humfrey 
Clarke ats Woodchurch. 

Henry sonne of William ma : ... da : of Richard Salkins, the sayd 
Willm had a daughter ma : . . . Duke of Maydstone in Kent. 


Adye of Duddington see the other booke. 
Nicholas Adye of Greete in the parish of Duddington in Kent, 1. son 
k posthumous, married . . . da : and heire of Lewty of Birlinge in Kent 
by whom hee had 

John Adye of Southwarke in Com' Surr : 1 son 1623, who married 
Margarett da : of Francis Bourne of Duddington in Kent. Father 
of Brent us Adye 1. son ;etatis 30 1623. 

[In the margin.] M d Nicholas had a da : viz. Agnes ma : unto George 
Robinson of Chart in Kent. 


Towke of Beere neer Dover. 
John Towke of Kent was Father of John Towke, Father of Tho : 
Towke who married first Joane or Jane da : of Willm Goldwell of 
Goodonnton in great Chart, 2 ,y he ma : Cicelie da : of S 1 Robt Chiclilv 


Kalfe Towke was brother to Tho : aforesaid, who had issue Willm 
Towk, who had a da : viz. Alice who was his heire. & ma : Tho : 
Roper. Walter was 2. brother to Willm Father of Kalfe Towke, 
Father of Kalfe Towke, Father of Willm Towke. 


Hales of Hales place. 
Nicholas Hales of Hales place in Kent ma : . . ., had 2 sonnes. 
S r Nicholas Hales K' & S" llofct Hales K\ Pryor of S< Johns of 
Jherusalem & Lo : Treaurer of England : hee gave his estate to his 
Elder brother S r Kobt. 

Tho : Hales of Hales place ill Kent married . . . & had issue John 
Hales of Halden, 2. Thomas Hales, 'A. Henry Hales. 

John Hales of Halden ma : ... Si, had issue 

Henry Hales of Halden ma : . . . & had issue 

John Hales of Tenterden who ma : . . . & had issue 

John Hales of Tenterden who was Baron of the Exchequer & ma : 
Isabell da : of Thomas Harry. John Hales of Tenterden had by 

S r James Hales K l Justice of the cornon pleas, who married the da : 
& coheire of Thomas Hales of Henley ; from him issued 

Humfry Hales of dongeon Esq r who married Joice da : & coheire 
of Robt at Water. 

S r James Hales K l his 1. son ma : Alice da : of S r Tho : Kemp K l . 

Cheinv llules sou of S 1 ' James married Marie da: of Hardes ; hcu 

dyed March 28, 15UG ; hee had a da :' who was his heire viz. Elizabeth 

who was ma : to . . . Hunfords, by whom hee had 1. John Hunfords 

who married Margaret da : of George Tuck of Beere ; & 2 ly Humfrey 

2 son. 


Hales of Tanington. 

Memorandum that from John Hales of Tenterden who was Baron 
of the Exchequer & married Isabel the da: of Tho: llarrie issued a 
second son, viz. Tho : Hales ot Tanington ncer Canterbury who married 
first Joane da : of Clement Holway, secondly Alice daughter of Humfrey 
Evias ; by Joane his first wife hee had issue 

1 Tliia statement differs entirely with tho Visitations of Kent, according 
to which Chcyney had a son Sir Jamoa J tales of Dungon, who had a 
daughter and h lr married to Sir Stephen Hales of Saiithlield, eu. Warwick, 


I. Charles Hales who married Anne da : of Rofct Honywood, & had 
daughters Anne who ma: Rowland Argall, Joane who ma : Arthur 
Blcchenden, Mario who tna : The : Ridden. 

Robt Hales 1. son of Charles Hales. 

Mem' that The : Hales of Tanington had by Alice da : of Humfrey 

Evias, his second wife, William a second sonne <fc Martha youngest 

Mem' that from Tho : Hales of Hales place in Kent issued, beside 
John Hales of Halden, Henrie Hales who had issue Gilbert Hales of 
Leveham, who had issue Edmund Hales of Rumford in Essex, who 
had issue Tho : Hales. And that Tho : Hales of Hales place in Kent 
aforesaid had a third son viz. Tho : Hales Father of James Hales, 
Father of John Hales, an Alderman of Canterbury, Father of Tho : 
Hales, Father of John Hales. 

Md also that Henry Hales of Halden had issue besides John Hales 

of Tenterden (Father of John Hales thereof Baron of the Exchequer) 

Thomas Hales Father of S r Christofer Hales K l , Attorny generall 

to K. Hen : 8. 


Hales of Tenterden. 
Mem' that from John Hales of Tenterden issued John Hales of 
Tenterden who was Baron of the Exchequer [from whom] issued S r 
James Hales K l Justice of the comon pleaes, Thomas Hales of Tanington 
a second son of the said John & Edward Hales of Tenterden a 3. son 
who married Margarett daughter of John Honywood, & William a 
4. son who ma : Marie da : of Henry Boorne of Doddington & had 
issue female Mildred [Jan. of the Baron of the Exchequer] who ma : 
John Honywood. 

John Hales son of Ed : Hales of Tenterden 1. son, ma : Mary da : 
of Robt Home, B. of Winchester, by whom hee had Margarett. 

M tl that Humfrey Hales of dongeon Esq r who ma : Joice da : & 
coheire of Root at Water had issue besides S r Ja : Hales his 1. son, 
Samuel 2. son, Humfrey 3. son, John 4. son, Robert 5. son, & daughters] 
Abigail who ma : Anthonie Sampson, Elizabeth, Mary &. Susan. 

Hales of Yorkeshire. 
Hales of Cawood in Yorkshire ma : da : of Watson ["?] & was Father 
of Stephen Hales of Cawood in Yorkshire, which Stephen ma : Anne 
da : of John Stow [ ? | of Cawood p'dict. who had issue Joane whom 
Willm Harte of London Merchant Taylor married, by whom hee had 
issue John Harte a clerke belonging to the Mynte in the Tower of 
London, who married Ellen da : of John Dewlyn of Rochester in Kent, 
by whom hee had issue Joane. The sayd Willm Harte had issue 
female viz. Elizabeth ma : William Harsonett of London scrivener, 
by whom hee had Samuel & Mary. 


Mel there was besides the Hales formerly mentioned William Hales 
who married Elizabeth da : of Johnson of Fordich who was father of 

Edward Hales who married Debora da : of Harlackenden. The 

said Willm had by Eliza : daughters viz. Marie & Elizabeth who married 

Root Kenwricke of Kings Sutton by whom hee had Richard Kenwrick 

& a da : Elizabeth. 



Thomas Smyth of Ostenhanger in Kent, Customer of the Port of 
London tempore Eliz : Reg : ob : Anno 1591 ; hee ma : Alice sole 
da : & heire of S 1 ' Andrew Judd Maior of London who dyed 1503 ; 
by her hee had issue 

S 1 ' John Smyth of the same K l who ma : Elizabeth da : & heire 
of John Fineux by whom hee had Samuel [sic] Smyth 1. son & heire. 

S 1 ' Tho : Smyth Alderman of London was 2. son of Thos & Alice, 
hee had 3 wives, 1. Judith da : & heire of Richard Culverwell, 2. Jane 
da : of William Hobbs, 3. Sarah da : & heire of Willm Blunt : by Sarah 
hee had issue Sameson dyed young 1602, John Smyth 2. son, Henry 
3. son [the Visitations show this Henry as identical with the Henry 
immediately below] who ma : Elizabeth da : of Tho : Owen, Judge of the 
Kings bench by whom hee had issue. 

S 1 ' Tho : Smyth K l 1. son & heire [of Sir John Smyth and Elizabeth 
Fineux) created Viscount Strangford in Irland July 17,4 Caroli Regis. 

Henry Smyth was 3. son of Tho : Smyth by Alice, which Henry was 
de Com : Wilts. 

S r Richard Smyth 4. son [of Thos. cfc Alice] was of London & ma : 
Elizabeth da : of Tho : Scott K', 1. wife, 2 1 * Jane da : & sole heire of 
John White of London Esq. & relict of Sam : Thornehill of Bromely 
in Kent Esq. ob. 1 007 ; by Jane hee had issue Marie sole da : of her 
said Father & Mother. [In the margin] by Eliza : Scot Tho: Smyth 
1 . son & heire. 

Robt Smyth of Hygate 5. son [of Thomas & Alice] ma : Anne da : 
& heire of Willm Lynford. Symon Smyth 6. son slaine at Cales 1 [sic] 
voyage 15 ( J(i. Mane ma : Robt Davies Receaver for Q. Eliza : in 
North Wales. Ursula ma : 1. Simon Harding, S.P., 2 Willm Butler of 
Biddenha in com. Berks [sic], 


(To bt continued.) 

1 This is evidently a clerical error for Cades. In 159G Spain was invaded by 
the English under Lord Essex, Sir Walter Raleigh, and Lord Howard, and on the 
15th September uf that year Cadiz was taken and burned. 


inqmstttoaes post Mortem. 

(Continued from p. 210.) 

Middilton, John, ob. 23 Apr. 11 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Morpeth 4 Nov. 

12 Hen. 8. — Northumbd. — Thomas, s. & h.. aet. 9 yrs. 
Middlemore, Tlioraas, ob. 9 Dec. 12 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Warwick 

13 Hen. 8. — Warwick — Robert, s. & h., aet. 12 yrs. 

MlDDLETON, John, gent., ob. 17 July 1633.— J nq. at Nottingham 

27 Aug. 9 Car. I.— Notts & Derby— William, s. & h., aet. 5 yrs. 
Middelton, Rafe, ob. 23 Apr. ult. — Inq. at Southwark 17 May 24 Eliz. 

— Surrey — Tobias, s. & h., aet. 12 yrs. 
Middleton, Rafe — Inq. at Southwark 5 May 9 Eliz., lunatic. — Surrey. 
Middleton, Thomas, Esq. — Inq. at Morpeth 21 Apr. 4 Hen. 8 — 

Northumb a . — Anna, d. & h., aet. 4 yrs. 
Middleton, Thomas, ob. 12 June 9 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Heppa 9 July, 

9 Hen. 8. — Westmorland — Geoffrey, s. & h., aet. 18 yrs. 
Middleton, William, ob. 4 Jan. 6 Edw. 6. — Inq. at Sherburnl7 Oct. 

2 & 3 P. & M.— York— 

T h u ii i an, H. & ll.|TT 

ob. v.j). 

r J 

John, a. Si h. & cons. A h., 
aet. 30 yrs. 

Middleton, William, of Osbournby, ob. 28 Sept. 22 Eliz. — Inq. at 

Folkingham 22 Nov. 'J5 Eliz. — Lincoln — William, s. & h., aet. 13 yrs. 

Midoley, John, ob. ult. Dec. 1642. — Inq. at Bradford 10 Oct. 

20 Car. I.— York- 

John, 1 s.^FMabel. 

John, s. A b. A cons. & h., 
act. 18 yra. 

Midlecote, Richard, of Bishopstrow, ob. 12 Aug. ult. — Inq. at War- 
minster 14 Jan. 11 Eliz. — Wilts. — William, s. & h., aet. 37 yrs. 

Midleton, Anthony, ob. 10 Nov. 1638. — Inq. at East Giinstead 15 Jan. 
14 Car. I. — Sussex, Surrey & Suffolk— Francis, s. & h., act. 17 yrs.; 
three other sous. 

Midleton, Richard, will 13 Feb. 15 Car. I.— ob. 8 Nov. 17 Car. I.— 
Inq. at Horsham 21 Apr. 18 Car. I. — Sussex & Surrey — John, s. & 
h , aet. 18 yrs. 

Midleton, William, of Swaynton [? Swaton], gent. — ob. 14 Feb. ult. — 
Inq. at Sleaford 13 May 3 & 4 1\ & M.— Lincoln— 

1. John, a. A h., net 34 yrs. (by hia lat wii'o (iraco).— Elena. 

2. llcury (by 2nd wifo Jane). , 

Midlewood, William, gent., ob. 9 Jan. 33 Hen. 8. — Inq. at New- 
burgh 5 Apr. 34 Hen. 8. — York — Margaret, d. & h., aet. 9 yrs. 
11 months. 


MlKELTHWAYTB, Richard, ol>. . . . Nov. 36 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Dom aster 

10 Aug. 15 Klix. — York — John, s. & h , act. 30 yrs. 

MlLUoKNlC, Henry, ob. 19 JMuy 11 ilen 8. — Inq. at Winchester 28 Apr. 

11 Ilen. 8 — Southton. — Richard, s. St h ., aet. 12 yrs 

Milbornk, Henry, ob. 19 May nit. — Inq. at Devizes 17 Oct. 11 Hen. 8. 

— Wilts— Richard, s. & h., aet 12 yrs. 30 Sept. 
Milbornk, Simon, Esq., ob. 14 Aug. 14 Hen. 8. — Inq. at Lincoln 

Castle 22 June 21 Hen. 8. — Lincoln— 

Katherine ux . . . Barton. 


Griffin, s. & h. 4 cons. & coh ., aet. 33 yrs. 
Joice ux . . . Hyet. 

James, s. 4 h. 4' cons. & cob., aet 22 yrs. 
Margaret ux . . . Bushop. 


Anthony, s & li. 4* conn. 4 coh . net. 20 yrs. 

Elizabeth, d. & coh., aet. 59 yrs. Agues, d. 4- coh., aet. 22 yrs. 

Siliilla, d. A coh., aet. 4(i yrs. Blanch, d. 4 coh., aet. 30 yrs. 

Elianor, d. & coh., aet. 37 yrs. Alice, d. 4 coh., act. 33 yrs. 

Anna, tl & coh., aet. 32 yrs. Jane, d. 4 coh.. aet. 31 yrs. 

Mildmay, Henry, Knt., will 8 May 1G37, ob. 9 Oct. 15 Car. I —Inq. 

at Stratford Langthorne 2 Nov. 15 Car. I. — Essex — Henry, s. & h., 

aet. 19 yrs. 25 Nov. 1638 ; Walter: two daurs. 
Mildmay, Thomas, Knt., ob. 21 July 6 Jac. I. — Inq. at Chelmsford 

21 Aug. 7 Jac. I. — Essex — 1. Thomas, s. & h., aet. 35 yrs. ; 

2. Henry. 
Mildmay, Thomas, Knt., of Springfield — Inq. at Chelmsford 4 Nov. 

15 Jac. I.— Essex— Walter, s. & h. 
Mildmay, Walter, Knt., one of the Privy Council of the Queen & 

Chancellor of the Exchequer, ob. ult. May ult. — Inq. at Clyffe 2 Sept. 

31 Eliz. — Northton.— 1. Anthony, s. and h., aet. 40 yrs ; 2. Humfrey. 
Mildmay, William, gent , ob. 5 May Ki30. — Inq. at Stratford Lang- 
thorne 11 Jan. 8 Car. I. — Essex — Robert, s. & h., aet. 9 yrs. 
Milksen, Edus, will 18 Dec. 20 Jac. I., ob. 21 Feb. 20 Jac. L— Inq. at 

St. Edmundsbury 29 Apr. 21 Jac. I. — Suffolk & Cornwall — Borow- 

dale, only s. & h., aet. 16 yrs. 
Mill, John, clerk, ob. 19 Nov. 1623— Inq. at Weeke St. Mary 20 Sept. 

8 Car. I. — Cornwall — John, s. & h., aet. 14 yrs. 
Mill, Lcwknor, ob. infra crtat. 1 Dec. 30 Eliz. — Inq. at Winchester 

6 May 30 Eliz. — Southton., Sussex & Oxford— John Mill, brother 

& h., aet. 8 months. 
Millard, William, of Westfordehusband, ob. ult. Feb. 23 Eliz. — Inq. 

27 Sept. 28 Eliz. — (Jlouc- — -John, s. & h., aet. 7 yrs. 
Millk, George, Esq., ob. 19 Feb. ult. — Inq. at Romsey 30 Apr. 10 Eliz. — 

Southton. — Richard Mille, cons. & h., aet. 11 yrs. 


Miller, John, Esq., ob. 1 June 37 Eliz.— Inq. at Dorchester 21 July 
37 Eliz.— Dorset- 
Robert, s. «fc h.,=Dorothy, d. of Henry Baylie, 
act. 30. of Isle of Wight, gent. 

MlLLER, Michael, ob. of full age, but before prosecuting Ids livery, 

30 June 1644— Inq. at St. Clement Danes, 10 Dee. 21 Car. I.— 

Middx. & London — Johu, s. & h., aet. 7 yrs., 30 Nov. 1645 ; Richard ; 

Miller, Thomas, senior, of Takeley, ob. 20 Dec. ult. — Inq. at Dunmow 

Magna 2 Apr. 8 Eliz. — Essex — 1. John, s. & h., ol). 1 Sept. last ; 

2. Thomas, brother & h., aet. 24 years & s. k h. of his father 

and mother. 
Milles, Ectus, gent., ob. 12 Apr. 38 Eliz. — Inq. at New Sarum 17 Jan. 

39 Eliz.-— Wilts- Thomas, s. & h., aet. 50 yrs. 
Millks, Joana (ux. Henry Milles, ob. 10 Jan. 1638), ob. 23 Nov. 6 

Car. I.— Inq. at l\jt worth 19 Mar. 14 Car. I.— Sussex— John, s. & 

h., act. 5 mo. 3 days 23 Nov. 6 Car. 1. 
Millks, Robert, ob. 1 Oct. 10 Car. I. — Inq. at York Castle, 13 Jan. 

10 Car. I. — York — Robert, s. & h., of James brother of Robert, 

cons. & h. of Robert, aet. 14 yrs. 
Millks, Thomas, will 10 Oct, 7 Car. I., ob. 20 June 15 Car. I. — Inq. 

at Chipping Campden 31 July 15 Car. I. — Clone. — "William, s. & h., 

act. 11 yrs. 
Millks, see Mill vs. 
Millkt {ur Millktt), John, gent., ob. 11 Mar. 4 Car. I. — Inq. at St. 

Clement Danes 2 Apr. 5 Car. I. — Middx.— John, s. & h., aet. 16 

yrs. 28 Feb. 4 Car. I.— Elizabeth. 
Millkt, John, of Newbury, iishmonger, will 8 Apr. 1561, ob. 19 Aug. 

(i Eliz. — Inq. at Newbury 2(3 Sept. 8 Eliz. — Berks — 1. John, s. & h., 

citizen k salter of London, aet. 28 yrs. ; 2. William, aet. 27 yrs. ; 

1. Jane ; 2. Alice ; 3. Helena ; 4. Margaret ; 5. Ann ; G. Emma ; 
7. Elizabeth ; 8. Johanna. 

Millktt, John, of llease [i.e. Hayes] Court e, ob. 11 Mar. 4 Car. I. — 

Inq. 2 Apr. 5 Car. 1.— Middx. — John, s. & h., aet. 16 yrs. Elizabeth 

and others not named. 
Millktt, alias Millard, William, ob. 25 Dec. 1G32 — Inq. at Andover 

15 June 9 Car. I. — Southton. — Thomas, s. & h., aet. 14 yrs. 
MiLi.icKNT, Robert, Ksq., ob. 27 Sept. 1631 — Inq. at Cambridge 11 Jan. 

7 Car. 1. — Cambridge — John, s. & h., aet. 8 yrs. 
Millys, John, ob. 19 Aug. 15 Hen. 8 — Inq. at Sittingbourne 25 Sept. 

17 Hen. 8 — Kent — James, s. & h., aet. 9 yrs. 
Milnkk, John, gent., ob. 20 Mar. 9 Car. I.— Inq. at Kilham 19 July 

10 Car. I.— York— Richard, a. & h., act. 3 yrs. 
MlLWARl), John, Esq., <>!>. 23 June 1632. — Inq. at Derby 20 Dec. 9 

Car. 1.— Derby— 1. Itobort, s. & h., ob. 16 Apr. 1632, mar. Dorothy; 

2. John ; Mary, only d. & h., act. I yr. 

Milward, als. Alexander, William, ob. 18 Oct. 37 Hen. 8. — Inq. 
21 Nov. 7 Ehz.— Herts. — William, s. k h., act. 21 yrs. 


Milward, alias Alexander, William, (son & h. of William Milward, 

alias Alexander, gent., ob. 8 July 37 Hen. 8), aet. 1 yr., etc., act. 

21 yxs. — Commission of proof of age— Inq. at Cowersham [? Cavers- 
ham] 26 Feb. 7 Eliz.— Oxford. 
Minoe, Anthony, s. & h. of Henry, ob. 24 May 2 Eliz.— Inq. at Guildhall 

12 May 3 Eliz.— London— Alexander Myngg, elder brother of Henry, 

& cons. & h. of Anthony, act. 40 yrs. 
Minge, Richard, ob. 4 May 1631— Inq. at High Holborn 2 May 12 Car. I. 

— Middx — Richard, s. & h., act. 10 yrs. 30 Apr. 1030. 
MlNSTERCHAMBER, Iluml'rcy, gent.— Inq. 11 Nov. Eliz.— Suffolk 

& Norfolk— Frances, only d. & h., act. 2 yrs. 
Mirkkld, Christopher, ob. 26 Jan. 1 & 2 P. & M— Inq. at Leeds 9 Sept. 

2 & 3 P. & M.— York— Ellena, d. & h., aet. 28 yrs., ux. Henry 

Mitchell, Francis, gent., ob. 20 Dec. 1633— Inq. at Stratford Lang- 

thome 22 Apr. 10 Car. I.— Essex— Francis, s. & h., aet, 18 yrs. 
Mitchell, Gilbert, Esq., ob. 28 Mar. 11 Jac. I.— Inq. at Launceston 

25 Sept. 11 Jac. I— Cornwall— Philip, s. & h., aet. 19 yrs. 
Mitchell, John, of Silkcotes, ob. ibm. 17 Aug. 31 Eliz.— Inq. at Halifax 

27 Aug. 31 Eliz.— York— 

Johanna, only d. & h., aet. 23 yrs.=John Allott, of Bentley. 

Mitchell, Theobald, ob. 15 Oct, 1041— Inq. at East Grinstead 12 Jan. 

17 Car. L— Sussex & Kent— Edward, s. & h., aet. 7 yrs. 
Mitton, Edward, ob. 28 Mar. 10 Eliz.— Inq. at Salop, 19 Apr. 11 Eliz. — 

Salop & Merioneth— Edward, s. & h., aet, 14 yrs. 
Mitton, Edward, ob. 19 Feb. 1037— Inq. at Stafford ult. Mar. 14 Car. I. 

—Stafford— Elizabeth, only d. & h., aet. 6 yrs. 4 Feb. 1037. 
Mody, John, ob. 4 Mar. 3 Edw. 0.— Inq. at Salisbury Feb. 4 Edw. — 

Wilts — John, s. & h., aet, 9 yrs. 
Mohan, William, Knt., ob. & will Apr. ult.— Inq. at Bodmin 1 June 
30 Eliz.— Cornwall— Reginald, s. & h., aet. 23 yrs.— W T ilts, 1 fil. 
illius no'nis ; Witts, 1 f. p. Annam ux. ejus ; Thomas, 2. 
Mohun, John, Lord, Baron of Okehampton.— Inq. at Bodmin May 
17 Car. I.— Cornwall— Warwick, Lord Mohun, s. & h., aet. 20 yrs. 
Mohun, Reginald, Esq., ob. 22 Apr. ult.— Inq. 17 Jan. 11 Eliz.— 

Devon, Cornwall & Somerset — William, s. & h., aet. 37 yrs., Gifford, of Lissington, Esq., ob. 18 Dec. 10 Jac. I.— Inq. 
10 Jas. I.— Lincoln— John, s. & h., then act. 3 yrs. ; another son & 
daur., not named. 
Moigne, Gifford, of Lissington, Esq., s. & h. of John Moigne, ob. 18 Dec. 

1018. — Lincoln — John, s. & h., aet. 3 yrs., &c. 
Moigne, Laurence, will 8 Feb. 1521— ob. 29 Jan. 18 Hen. 8.— Inq. 
at Lincoln 10 Sept. 19 Hen. 8.— Lincoln— 1. Maria, d. k coh., aet. 
10 yrs. ; 2. Katherine, d. & coh., act, 15 yrs. 
MoiQNE, William, gent., ob. 4 May ult. s.p. — Inq. at Louth 1 Sept. 

4 & 5 P. & M— Lincoln. 
Mole, John, ob. 15 May ult.— Inq. at Northampton Castle 26 June 
1 Eliz. — Northampton — William, s. & h., aet. 50 yrs. 


Mole, William, of Radstone, gent., ob. at Northampton, 20 Feb. 

ult.— Inq. at Northampton 1 July 25 Eliz. — Northampton — John, 

s. & h., aet. 31 yrs. 
Moleyns, Henry, ob. 20 Nov. ult.— Inq. at Shafton 26 Mar. 37 Eliz. — 

Dorset — Thomas, s. & h., aet. 21 yrs. 
MOLINES, Elizabeth (ux. Nicholas Molyns, ob. 14 June 13 Jac. I.) — ob. 

20 June 4 Jac. I. (sic). — Inq. at Winchester 3 Sept. 16 Jac. I. — 

Southton. — Dorothy, d. & h., aet. 40 yrs., ux. Philip Dhs Wharton. 
Molineux, John, Knt. & Bart., ob. 28 Apr. ult. — Inq. at Mansfield 

in Sherwood 10 Oct. 15 Jac. I. — Notts. — Francis Molineux, Bart., 

s. & h., aet. 14 yrs. 

{To be continued.) 

Notices of IBooks. 

[It is requested that all books for review be sent direct to the Editor, H. W. Forsyth 
Harwood, Esq., 15, Rugby Mansions, Addison Bridge, Kensington, London, TV.] 


Bauonktauk. By [t'lio laic] Sir Bernard Burke, Ulster King of 
Anus, and Ash worth 1\ Burke. Seventy-eighth Edition, 1916. 

London (Harrison & Sons, 15, Pall Mall). 

This well known and popular book continues deservedly to hold the 
first place among modem works on the Peerage. The enormous increase 
in the creation of hereditary titles in these days, when on every New 
Year's Day and whenever His Majesty happily completes another 
year of life, it is considered necessary to make numerous additions both 
to the Peerage and Baronetage, must indeed throw a heavy burden 
upon the Editor, and this year his labours have been greatly augmented 
by the incidents of the War. Yet the work continues to be kept 
wonderfully accurate and up to date. Though the patent by which 
a Viscounty was conferred on Field-Marshal Sir John French had 
not passed the Great Seal when the proof sheets were sent to press, 
his pedigree is to be found in the Appendix, which here precedes and 
does not follow the body of the work. This Appendix also contains 
the descent of Mr. Kemeys-Tynte, in whose favour the Barony of 
Wharton has been terminated since this year commenced. This is taking 
time by the forelock indeed ! We may here perhaps be permitted 
to remark upon the large increase in recent years in the number of 
Baronies by Writ which have been called out of abeyance. One cannot 


help wondering if this liberality in the revival of ancient and forgotten 
dignities is one of the fruits of the Parliament Acl ! It would stem 
that some definite rule should be hud down in this matter, and that 
a Barony should not be called out, as it too often now is, in favour of 
a co-heir who possesses but a few drops of the blood, and none of the 
territorial possessions of the ancestor first summoned to Parliament, 
but only where some real representation can be established. 

We are glad to note the disappearance of many of the picturesque 
myths with which the pages of Burke used to abound, but there is still 
room for improvement in this respect. The Editor has often attempted 
to cover his responsibility by some qualifying words, such as " according 
to an ancient manuscript," or "this family is said to be descended," 
etc., but the fabulous story is still set forth. The supposed descent 
of the Feildings, Earls of Denbigh, from the Counts of Hapsburg, which 
was so ably disproved by Mr. Round many years ago in this magazine 
(N.S., x, 193), the derivation of the Wakes from Hereward the lireat, 
which has long been abandoned by common consent of genealogists, 
and the even more absurd paragraph which derives the most illustrious 
of all English families, the Howards, Dukes of Norfolk, from the same 
Saxon hero, all these fables and many more still remain. 

Instances of exaggerated antiquity of male descent occur under 
" St. Davids," where Maximus, King of Britain and Emperor of Rome, 
is claimed as an ancestor, and under " Grace," where the present baronet 
is derived in direct male line from Odo. Count of Champagne, and 
collaterally from William le Gros, Earl of Albemarle. In other cases 
there arc long gaps in the pedigrees, one instance may be sufficient. 
Under " Maryon- Wilson," we are told that " William Wilson was 
chaplain and Chancellor to William I. ; there is then a hiatus until 
1525, and the regular descent dues not begin until 1589. On the other 
hand some of tin 4 pedigrees could be carried much further back in the 
male line with perfect truth, as lor instance t hat ol Viscount Kidley, 
the head of an old Northumbrian house. Many of the Scottish 
baronetcies commence only with the first baronet, though nearly all of 
them are of ancient descent. Again it is difficult to understand why 
the younger branches of some families are set out in the most minute 
detail, while in other cases there are strange omissions. To give one 
instance out of many, in the pedigree of Lord Forester no particulars 
are supplied relating to Captain Francis William Forester, who is a cadet 
of the house and senior co-heir to the extinct Dukes of Cleveland. 

Under the heading "Creations," given at the foot of the articles, there 
are some errors which should be removed. Under " Norfolk," the 
Earldom of Arundel is said to be held " by possession of Arundel Castle 
only, without any creation." This is contrary to what was laid down 
by the judges in the claim made to the Earldom of Berkeley in l^til 
(see Complete Peerage, new edition, p. 232), and the Earldom is, as is 
well known, held by a parliamentary and not by a feudal tenure. Under 
" Pembroke " four baronies in fee are allotted to Lord Pembroke, 
two of which were never in existence, one is extinct, and to the other 
Lord Pembroke is not even a co-heir. 


The armorial illustrations vary greatly throughout the volume 
Some of the new plates are much more heraldic in character than the 
old, but they sometimes have the demerit of not being nearly so easy 
to decipher. In some cases it is necessary to read the blazon before 
it can be ascertained what the charges are. As an example the ancient 
arms of the Percys in the coat of the Duke of Northumberland may be 
cited. Notwithstanding that it is duly recorded in the text that th<> 
Dukes of Albany and Cumberland have been removed from the Roll 
of the Order of the Garter, their heraldic achievments are still sur- 
rounded with a garter bearing the famous motto of the Order. Eight 
Peers (including Lord Morlcy of Blackburn) and no less than twenty-two 
baronets are left altogether without arms in this work, while sixteen 
other Peers (not Life Peers) have no supporters to their arms. 

In conclusion, attention may be drawn to the excellent key to the 
work, which is quite a feature of Burke's Pecrai/e, and by which all 
cadets of a noble house, or of a baronet's family, and their wives, 
widows and daughters, together with all persons belonging to any 
order of knighthood, can be at once identified, and their place in the 
hook ascertained. 

The Mellards and their Descendants. By Aleyn Lyell Reade. 
(Privately printed at the Arden Press.) 

This is a handsome quarto volume, well printed, well bound, well 
illustrated and well written. It contains matter of great interest not 
only to the families concerned but to all genealogists as well. The 
author is well known for his former genealogical work. We recall with 
pleasure his account of the Reades of Blackwood Hill, in which he gave 
a full and minutely accurate account of Dr. Samuel Johnson's ancestry 
and connections. 

The most ancient record cited in this book is not two hundred years 
old ; yet the family history is so well handled and arranged that a deep 
interest is thereby created in it. There is no heraldry and no claim to 
it. The story is that of thousands of other families who, in similar 
ways, have emerged from obscurity and taken a higher place in the 
drama of life. Everything must have a beginning, even the social 
success of families. One reads in other books with bated breath of the 
time when the Somersets, the Howards and other great English families, 
were looked upon as upstarts in the social world. In this book we 
have a similar account of family origins. There were evidently struggles 
in the early days and much hard work in offices and workshops for 
those who had a part in the making of the family fortunes, and fostering 
the intellectual ability of the present and last generations. A family 
which includes such literary persons as Dinah Maria Mulock, the author 
of "John Halifax, Gentleman " ; Edward Burton Penny, the trans- 
lator of Boehme's works ; and his wife (Miss A. J. Brown), the writer 
of stories which were popular and widely read in the reign of Queen 
Victoria, has a right to boast of eminence. More remarkable still are 
the marriage alliances which enabled various members of the family 


to rise above their early .social surroundings. In 1805, the founder 
of the house of Bibhy married a daughter of the founder of the house 
of Mellaril. The Bibbys, subsequently, intermarried with the Heskcths 
of Meols Hall, the Battyes — a family of distinguished soldiers — the 
Brocklebanks, Corbets, Wormaldsj Stanley Clarkes and Brazier 

The illustrations are numerous and well produced. An especial 
word of praise may be given to the reproduction of the family portraits 
and to the pretty picture of Mrs. Craik's (Miss Mulock) beautiful llOU.SG 
at Shortlands. The whole book, apart from its genealogical interest, 
gives thought and encouragement to the ambitions and points one 
way, at least, to fame and social success, the way of determined 


The Monumental Inscriptions in the Churches and Church- 
yards of the Island of Barbados, British West Indies. 
Edited by Vere Langford Oliver, M.K.C.S. London (Mitchell 
Hughes and Clarke.) 

Mr. Oliver, whose monumental history of Antigua is so well known, 
has added yet another contribution to our knowledge of West Indian 
genealogy. These inscriptions were copied by him two years ago, and 
supplement considerably the collection printed by Captain Archer 
in 1875. The most numerous and interesting of them are those in 
St. Michael's Cathedral, relating as they do to some of the best 
families in Barbados, as well as to numerous Englishmen who were 
employed in the military and civil government of the Island, or 
travelled thither for the purposes of trade. Many of the monuments 
have arms engraved upon them and give valuable information as to 
parentage and place of birth. Among the more important may be 
mentioned the inscriptions to the second Lord Clarina (d. 1810); 
Lt. General Sir William Myers, Bart., Commander in Chief of the 
Leeward Isles (d. 1805) ; Captain Robert Heckles, merchant (d. 1G82) ; 
Colonel Edward Chamberlaine, Member of Council (d. 1 (>7 .'!) ; Edward 
Crisp, merchant (d. 1679) ; Robert Hooper, Attorney General of the 
Island (d. 1700), sprung from an old Wiltshire family; Alexander 
Irvine, founder of Free Masonry in Barbados (d. 17-13) ; Lt. Col. John 
Merring (d. 1710); John Pilgrim, Member of Council (d. 1715); and 
also a marble slab erected to the memory of three children of Edward 
Lascelles, a Barbados merchant, who was a direct ancestor of the 
Earl of Harewood. There are also inscriptions to several prominent 
American families, such as Almy, Badcock, Ilainsford, Lee, Harris and 
Sansum. At St. Mary's Church, Bridgetown, ami also at St. James', 
Hole Town, are monuments to the well known West Indian family of 
Alleyne, and at All Saints Chapel are inscriptions to two baronets, 
Sir Thomas Graham Briggs (d. 1887) and Sir William Gibbons 
(d. 17G0). 

In several of the churches and churchyards are touching memorials 
erected by their fellows to officers and men of regiments quartered in 


the Island, who fell victims to yellow fever. At the end of the volume 
are about 100 inscriptions from the Jewish burial ground at Bridge- 
town, most of them being in Portuguese. There was a large Hebrew 
colony in the Island, and many of the descendants of these Jews 
came to England. 

The Editor has added some valuable notes taken from various 
sources, such as the Island parish registers, Wills in P.C.C., and 
extracts from the Barbados Mercury, the Gentleman 's Magazine, and 
Caribbeana. On p. 87 appear entries from the parish legisters of 
St. Michael, lG50-l7ti ( J. 

It is satisfactory that these valuable inscriptions have now been 
placed beyond risk of destruction by the violent hurricanes which so 
frequently visit the West Indies. 

Parish Register Society of Dublin. Volume xii. Marriage 
Entries from the Registers of the Parishes of St. Marie, 
St. Luke, St. Catherine, and St. Werburgh, Dublin, 1627- 
1800. Edited by A. E. Langman, B.A. (Printed for the Society 
by William Pollard & Co. Ltd., Exeter.) 

The Parish Register Society of Dublin perseveres in its determi- 
nation for the present to print only Marriage entries in parish 
registers ; it is much to be hoped that this decision will not hinder the 
printing of Baptisms and Burials at some future time. Of the four 
parishes now chosen, the registers of St. Marie's have been printed 
from 1G'J7, when the district was separated from the parish of St. 
Michan, to 1800. The entries here relating to the aristocracy of 
Ireland are very numerous and include nine peers, or eldest sons of 
peers, and as many baronets, besides the Bishops of Ossorv and 
Oloyne. In 1751 two brides, " Miss Delap uf Abby street " and " Miss 
Ludlow, Batch 1 ' 8 Walk," are left without their respective bride- 

The marriages at St. Luke's are from 1716-1800, and those at St. 
Catherine's 1715 to 18(H). The earlier Marriages at the last named 
Church have been already printed by the Society in Volume v. There 
is a gap in these Registers from J 788 to 17 ( J2, but this has been 
supplied by means of the Returns to Visitation. In 1720 a marriage 
here is recorded to have been celebrated " by lycance and by Father 
Rivers," a unique instance, we believe, of mention in a Protestant 
Register of a marriage having been performed by a Roman Catholic 
priest. Prefixed to the transcript of the Marriages at St. Werburgh's, 
170-1-1800, are some earlier weddings taken from a manuscript in 
Trinity College, Dublin. 

To the list of curious Christian names given by the Editor in his 
Preface, that of " Temptus " on p. 83 may be added. 

As is usual in the volumes issued by this Society, a most satisfactory 
index has been provided. 


$lot£s mb ($nmzz. 

Rev. Robert Dent. — I should be grateful for any reference between 
1715 and 1725 to the Rev. Robert Dent, B.A., of Queen's College, 
Oxlord. He was born at Crosby Ravensworth in 1688 and ordained 
at York, 1712-13. He was presented to Kirklevington in 1727, to 
Sockburn in 1729, and to North Otterington in 1732 ; and he died in 
1752. I have all the information 1 hat can be obtained from the Registers 
of those places ; but I am anxious to discover the entries of Ids mar- 
riage (to Jane ) about 1715. and of the baptism of his children 

(John, c. 1718; William, c. 1721- ; and others), which arc probably 
to be found somewhere in the North Riding of Yorkshire or in the 
South of Durham. 

H. E. D. Blakiston, 

Trinity College, Oxford. 

Lord Redesdale and the Harleian Manuscripts. — The following 
is a good instance of the loose way in which men of talent and education 
write when dealing with matters genealogical. Lord Redesdale's 
interesting " Memories " a work which deserves to live, if only for its 
graceful appreciation of King Edward VII., contains the following 
passage at p. 11 of vol. i. : — 

" Cuthbert (Mitford), who in the sixth year of Edward the Sixth was, with Anthony 
Mitford of Ponteland, Commissioner for the inclosure of the Middle Marches. This 
said Anthony was a rogue. Cnthbcrt Mitford by his first wife, Ann. daughter of 
one Wallis of Akcild, had one son, Robert, and three daughters : failing that son 
Robert, Anthony of Ponteland would become Lord of the Manor of Mitford, and 
heir to all Cut Illicit 's estate. To achieve this end he hatched a plot seeking to 
prove that there had been no marriage between Cuthbert and Ann Wallis, and that 
in consequence Robert was illegitimate. He contrived to have his contention entire.! 
in the Had, inn MSS. and to have Robert described as nnthus luitus— base-born, 
but when he presented the document at the Heralds' College, it proved to bo 
signed only by himself. On investigation, the lie was nailed to the counter, Robert's 
legitimacy was fully proved, and his arms were certified without a difference." 

Does Lord Redesdale really imagine that the Harlcian MSS. existed 
throughout the ages as a sort of Memoranda Roll for the ollicers of 
Arms 'i The document in question must have been a Yisitation of the 
County of Northumberland, or a copy thereof, which subsequently 
found its way into the collection of manuscripts preserved at the British 
Museum, known as the Harlcian MSS. 1 have not enquired into the 
marriage of Cuthbert Mitford and Ann Wallis, but one would think 
that Anthony must have had something to go upon, and probably the 
union, though valid at common law, was regarded as void by the 
ecclesiastical authorities on account of some technicalitv. 

" H.W.F.H. 


An asterisk (♦) after a number denotes that the name occurs more than once on 

that page 

References to Arms are printed in italics. 

Atkinson, 149, 180, 184, 

Atkinson, 201 
Aton, cle, 1(H) 
At wood, 1>2, 127, 208 
Aucher, 125 

Auchinbrcck, Laird of, 20 
Audley, The Lords, 1(34 
Audras, 205 
Auger, 207 
Anst, 130 
Austin, 202 
Austin Friars, The, 221 
Auslwiok, Is | 
Avelyn, 2oo 
A ven, 2 (if) 
Avery, 205 
A vice, sister of Osbert the 

Sheriff, 4 
Ax ford, 200 
Aykestowe, de, 147 
Ay Is, alias Hicks, (i2 
Aylworth, see Aileworth 
Ayrcmynne, do, 80*. 82 
Ayscough, 30 

Bncon, 247, 202 

Badcock, 280 

Baden, 131 

Baguley, Baguleigh, de, 

10, Hi 
liayvley, de, 10 
Baioeia, ilc, 80* 
Baird, 47* 
Baker, 47, 03, 204 
Balden, 274 
Buldwyii, 107 
Baliiol, Baliol, 78, 213 
Bnmbcr, 243 
Bnmford, 89 
Banastrc, 147 
Bankcs, Banks, 01, 03, 

110, 203, 234 
Bansken 128 
Banyard 47* 
Barber, 199 
Bardolf, 156, 150*, 157*, 

158*. 159*. 100* 

Abbery, 270 

1 Anesterne, de, 5 

Abbyn, 270 

' Anglicus, see English 

Abercrombie, H)4 

An net, 03 

Abergavenny, Barons of, 

Anscll, 215 


Anstis, 14(1 

Abergavenny, Lord, 199 

A|. Iluiufrey, 13!) 

Abel lull, 131 

Anledorefi'ild, IDS 

Abington, 208 

A|> Thomas, see. [Jptho- 

Acton, 47 


.Adams, 47, 170-177, 202, 

Areevesk, le, 74 

259, 209 

Archer, 47 

Adams, 170 

Arcis, Osbern de, 1 

Adamson, 45 

Arderne, Ardern, Arden, 

Adbaston, 211 

54, 50, 80, 87, KS, 158 

Addison, 200 

Arderne, Arden, 80, 87 

Aden' (? Adenne), 58 

Argall, 277 

Adlam, 205 

Argyll, Bishop of, 20 

Adney, 207 

Argyll, Duke of, 20 

Ady, Advc, 129, 275* 

Argyll, Karl of, 23, 91, 

Agard, 33, 107, 192 


Aghton, de, 148. 

Armyn, see Ayrcmynne 

Aickman, 24 

Arncshowe, 259 

Aileworth, 54 

Arnold, 129, 205 

Alan, Count of Brittany, 1 

Arrow, 47 

Alan, son of Gilbert, 147 

Arthur, 47 

Aland, 271 

Arthur, Prince, 17, 142 

Alba .Mara, de, 154 

Arundel, Earldom of, 284 

Albany, Duke of, 285 

Asceby, Acceby, de, 75 

Albemarle, Karl of, 154*, 

Ashindcn, 201 


Ashley, 209 

Albini, de, 154 

Ashton, 87, 89, 100. 171, 

Aldburyh, 178 

203 ; see also Assheton 

Aldworth, Alder, 207* 

Ashton, 87, 89 

Alexander, lOlaxander, 47, 

Aslmrst, Asshehmst, 51 

120, 133*, 203; see 

Askc, 38 

also Elisander 

Askcby, de, 75, 70 

Alexander, alias Milward, 

Askyll, father of William 

281, 282 

de Hedun, 154* 

Allen, 51, 55, 123*. 202, 

Asmall, Asuioll (i.e., As- 

203, 207 

pinwall), 145, 1 19*, 151, 

Allestry, 104-171 


Allestry, 104 

As pin wall, Aspinall, 

Allott, 282 

145-153, 233 245 

Almy, 280 

Aspimoall, 240, 213 

Aluer, 129 

Aspull, 234* 

Ambrose, 238*, 239*. 245* 

Assheton, 149 

Amor, 131, 200 

Aston, 10, 21 1 

Anckotyll, 127 

Aston, 10 

Anderson, 39, 47, 178 

Athclstan, King, 154 

Andrew, 23 

Athorpe, 192 

Androwes, 120, 129, 271* 

Atkins, 271 



Bariehebeyan, Laird of, 

Barker, 105, 234, 244 
Barnes, 30, 131, 268 
Barnett, 2(i4 
Baron, 234 
Barraclough, 47* 
Barrett, 47, 129 
Barrom, (i. r > 
Barrowe, a, 124 
Barry, Barrie, 201, 214 
Barsham, 144 
Barter, (13, 208 
Bartly, 204 

Barton 127, 152,204,280 
Baskervile, 271 
Batch, 144 
Bate, 259-261 
Bate, 259 
Batcson, 185 
Bat lie, 203 
Batt, 203, 208 
Batten, 47 
Battley, 47 
Bault, 47 
Bawde, 113 
Bayeux, 80 

Bayeux, Thomas Arch- 
bishop of, 1 
Bayley, Bayly, Baylie, 02, 
128, 206,205*, 207, 271, 
Baynes, 187 

Beach, 05, 271 

Be ale, 59 
Beak, 181 

Beamond, 87 

Beard, 02 

Beauchamp, 232 

Beaumont, de, 221*. 222* 

Beche, de la, 213 

Bcehton, 19 

Boeket, Thomas a, 221 

Beckett, 71, 132, 208 ; see 
also Beeket 

Beckett-Denison, 71 

Beckles, 280 

Beckwith, 115, 178 

Beckwith, 108 

Beedlestone, 47 

Beeket, 47 

Beeven, 272 

Beply, 47 

Bek, 77 

Belchamber, 207* 

Belcher, 133 

Belgrave, 87 

Beling, 62 

Bell, 47*. 59 

Benedictines, The, 221* 

Benested, 9, 10 

Beningworth, de, 73 

Bennett, Benot, 01, 120, 
204, 200, 207, 208, 219, 
204, 205, 271 
Benskin, 107, 109, 17o 
Bentley, 47 
Ben we'll, 127 
Bere, 77 
Berens, 193 

Berkeley, Earldom of, 284 
Berow, 271 
Berry, 251, 202 
Berry man, 04 
Bertram, 75 
Berville, Bcrvil, de, 73, 

Beshar, 205 

Bethell, 246-248, 253. 256 
Bethell, 2 46 
Bett.s, 120 
Bettyn, 190 
Be\ civotcs, 130 
Beverley, 71*. 275 
Bewley, 02 
Bexley, Lord, 193 
Bex ton, de, 8 
Bibby, 280 
Bickersteth, Beckerstet, 

Biffin, 128 
Bigg, 203, 205 
Biggs, 61, 203 
Bigland, 116, 117 
Bignall, 131 

Bilborough, Bvlhorough, 

Bill. 273 

Billet, 203 

Billingsley, 127 

Bingle, 03 

Biroun, 147 

Bishop, Bushop, 03. 280 

Blaohford. 204 

Blaekborruwe, 130 

Blackburne, 23!l, 242, 

Blacket, 204 

Black Friars. The, 221* 

Blackhead, 207 

Blackmun, 133*, 204, 272* 

Blacksmith-Spurriers'* 'o., 

Blagden, 205 

Blair, 47 

Blake, 61, 120, 132, 135, 
208, 270 

Blanchard, 208 

Bland, 71 

Blandford, 128 

Blaxlands, > r >^ 

Blechenden, 277 

Bleeke, 203 

Blisset, 127 

Blogg, 47 

Bloxam, Bloxom, 131,204 
Bludder, 273* 
Blundell, 1 17*. 153 
Blunt, 270.278 
Boehme, 285 
Boggie, 47 
Bohun, 103 

Boisdcle, de, 73, 155 

Bolaec, 81 

Bold, 17. 130, 131, 200, 

Bolcyn, Queen Anne, 172 
Boling, 200 
Bolter, 200 
Bolton, 214 
Bond, 202 
Bonlicld, 272 
Bonner, 263, 204 
Bun vile. 31 
Boornc, 277 

Booth, Botith, 17, 89, 202 
Boot It, 17, 89 
Borrow, Borough, 108* 
Bostoek, ile, 11, 10 
Bott, 133 
Bottom, 47 
Boucli, 238 
Bought on, 124 
Bourchier, Bourgchier, 103 
Bourne, 275 ; see also 

Bower, 120 

Bowerman, 127 

Bowes, 40. 109*. 141, 182 

Bowles, 02. 130 

Bowly, 208 

Bowshare, Bowshere, 127, 

Bow stead, 223*. 225 

Box wtll, 65 

Boydell, s*. 10 

Boijddl, 10. 19 

Boynton, 177 

Boys, 54 

Brabant, 70 

Bracher, 272 

Bracken bury, 141 

Bradhill, 188 

Bradshaw, Bradshawe, 
112, 234 

Braid, 47 

Braine, 270 

Bramhall, Bramill, 240, 

Brand, 77 

Bransby, 38 

Brasher, 208 

Brassev, 214 

Braayer, 268 

Bray, 208 

Brazier-Creagh, 286 



Breadalbane, Marquess of, 

Bremer, 133 

Brent, 19b' 

Brereton, Brerton, 34, 88, 

Brereton, 88, 89 

Bressy, 17 ; set also 

Bressy, 1 7 

Brettargh, 234, 237, 240 

Bretun, le, 147 

Brewer, 209 

Briant, 2(i9, 272 

Brice, 71 

Bridgeford, Brugneford, 

Briggies, de, 58 

Briggs, 44, 280 

Brinck, de, 195 

Brindson, 05 

Brine, 71, 12(3 

Brinton, 47 

Brinty, 271 

Bristow, 250 

Brittany, Count of, 1 

Broad, 2G7 

Broadhead, 2U5, 203* 

Brock, 88 

Brocklebank, 280 

Brockman, 275* 

Brockway, (i2 

Brome, 143 

Bromtiukl, 4(1* 

Broinhniu, alias Phelps, 
202, 270, 272 

Bronne, 270 

Brooke, 5ti, 140, 198, 203, 

Brooker, 125 

Brookes, Broocks, 05, Iu7 

Brothers, 204 

Brougliton, 211 

Brown, 48, 285 

Browne, 190, 202, 204, 

271, 272 
Brownjohn, 03 
Bruce, Brua, 228 
Bruges, 204 
Brunt, 48 
Bruyes, 204 
Bruyne, 198 
Bryan, 130, 103 
Bryant, 202 
Buchanan, 48 
Buckley, 11 
Bull, 207 

Buhner, 31, 32, 209 
Buuhury, 193 
Bundy, 204 
Bungy, 133, 20!) 
Bunny, 131 

Burcei, Nigell de, 83*. 85 

Burdeaus, 70 

Burdou, 191 

Burgate, 124 

Burgh, Hubert de, 74, 199 

Burke, 239 

Burland, 191 

Burnard, 48 

Burneley, 257 

Burscough, Burscow, de, 

Burt, 131, 132, 208 
Burton, 48, 259 
Buselingtorp, de, 77 
Bushel], 240, 242*. 245 
Busho}), 280 
Busseto, de, 75* 
Butler, 131,234, 243, 240, 

272, 278 
Butt, 127 
Byfeild, 204 
Byl bo rough, 31 
Byng, Bing, 204 
Bywater, 183, 190 

Cade, 193 

( 'aawaUadcr, King of the 

Britons, 175 
Caldwell, 48* 
Caledon, Karl of, 47 
Callewcy, Lit 
Calvorloy, 42, 2 IS 
Camden, Cambden, 143, 

144, 273 
Camera, de, 227, 230* 
Campbell, 20-30, 91-101 
Campliell of Craignish, 94 
Campbell, Duncan Lord, 

Campbell, Lord Frederick, 

Campbell of Clenorchy, 

91, 92 
Campbell of Lagganluehen 

Cann, 204 
Canterbury, Archbishop 

of, 123, 198 
Canterbury, Dean of, 100 
CapoU, 08 
Capper, 48 
Card, 128 
Car den, 270 
Cardin, 205 
Carell, 274 
Carow, 05* 
Caiinglun, 8H ; $re aim 

< 'arinijton, 8M ; see alao 


Carleile, 182 

Carlisle, 37 

Carlton, 104 

Carmelites, The, 221* 

Carpenter, le, 147 

Carpenters' Company, 
142*. 220 

Carr, 48 

Carrington, 34-35 ; see 
also Caring ton 

Carrington, 34 ; see also 

Carter, 103-104, 204, 253, 
205, 208*. 273 

Carter, 103 

Cart wright, 127 

Cary, 205 

Case, 242 

Castell, 00 

Castle, 133 

Castles, 48 

Catesby, 143 

Catton, 152 

Cecil, 244 

Cemens, 04 

Cenay, Ceney, 202* 

Chaldell, 84 

Chalke, 207 

Chamberlain, Cham be r- 
laine, Cbamberlayn, 4 
5. 0, 31, 73, 74*. 75* 
70*. 77*. 78*. 79*, 81* 
82*, 83*, 111, 153, 151 
155*, 150*, 158, 159* 
100, 227*. 228*, 22'.)* 
230*, 231*, 232*. 280 

Ghambtrlaine, 144, 231, 

Chambers, 48 

Champagne, Odo Count 
of, 284 

Cham pain, 272 

Chancy, de, 3 

Chandler, 20 1, 270 

Chapell, Chappie, Chaple, 
130, 203, 207 

Chaplin, Chappclin, Chap- 
|ilyn, 48, 201, 270 

Chapman, Chepman, 41, 
03, 120, 133, 275 

Chappe, 203 

Charles I, 111, 115, 183, 

Charles II, 104 
Charlton, 270 
Charnes, 211 
Chasemuine, 229 

Cliedlc, (le, 10* 
Ch,dlc, 19 
('lierry, IH 

Cliescman, Cbesman, 121, 



Chester, Ronulph Earl of, 

Chetwynd, 211 

Chewe, 107 
Chicbly, 275 
Childes, 203 
Chilton, 162, 275 

Chishohn, 48 

Chivers, 208 

Church, 48, 132, 204*. 274 

Church? y, 65 

Chute, Chout, 123, 124 
Cistercians, The, 221 
Clarence, Lionel Duke of, 

Clarina, Lord, 28(5 
Clarke, 17. 130, 131. 133, 
180, 203, 207, 209, 280 ; 
see also Clerk 
Clarke, 130 
Clarke, alius Woodchureh, 

Claxton, 40 
Clayton, 107 
Cleare, 63 
Cleaver, 48 
Cleeve, 63 
Clemence, 20o 
Clement, 200, 265* 
Clements, 120 
Clerk, Clerke, 28, 120 
Cleveland, Dukes of, 284 
Cleves, ile, 148 
Chile, 185 
Clitlonl, 208 
Clifton, 1!I8 

Clinton, Clynton, 157, 108 
Clive, Lord, 213 
Close, 121 
Clovill, f>6 

Cloyiio, llishopof, 287 
rliittt'rlKinkf. 04 
Cohb, Cob, 102 
Cobhtim, Barons of 
Cockaine, 100* 
Cocky, 128 
Coddington, 167, 

Collin, 48, 200* 
Coker, 205 
Colbarne, 140, 141 
Colby, Colbye, 42* 
Cole, 00, 200, 203 
Coleinun, 131, 203. 207 
Colepeper, 123, 124, 273 
Coles, 132 
Colics, 143 
Collet, 02 
Collins, 48, 204 
Coltiuhoun, 3d 
Colsell, 203 
Coinagu, 201 





Combe, 50 ; see also j 
( loombe 

Combes, 127, 208 
Com hey, 130 
Coniplen, 200 
Conan, Count, 227 
Constable, 48. 103, 109. 
113*. 114, 138, 182, 
247, 200 
Conyers, 30, 102, 141, 180 
Cooke, 17, 63, 108, 107, 
171, 204, 242, 250, 202, 
Cooinbe, 01 ; see also 

Com he 
Cooper, 61, 120, 120. 133, 
135, 180, 192, 200, 203, 
Cope, 248 
Copland, 183 
Coppin, Copyn, 54, 70 
Coppock, 200 
Corbet, 105-100, 280 
Corbet, 105 
Cordwainers' Company, 

Corlield, 48 
Cormaleys, 70 
Cornhill, de, 1C0, 101, 221 
Corona, 87 
Coster, 03 
Cotes, 211* 
Cotterell, 30, 144 
Cottle, 203 
Coney, do, 213* 
Coulson, 104 105 
C'oulson, lot 
Coulthcrd, 48 
Coultliurst, 187 
Conphuul, 18 
Courlhopo, (!onrthop, 

Courlopp, 125, 271 
Courtney, 208 
Couzins, 201) 
Coventry, 57, (i2 
Coward, 200 
Cowdry, 204 
Cowper, 80, 257 
Cox. 131, 132, 202. 21)4* 
Coxon, 48 
Co^e, 188 

Crabb, Cancer, 50, 120 
Craik, Mrs., 280 
Cranidg, 133* 
Craven, 133 
Crawe, 100 
Creagh, 28(5, 1,3, 73, 74*. 70 
Crcppyng, dc, 81*. 153 
Orossy, dc, 70 
Crcveqiicr, 1, 75, 70 
Crino, 02 

Cripps, Cri,»s, 128, 129 
Crisp, Cris!*, 54*, 280 
Croft, Ml, 241 
Crole, 18 
Cromer, 201 
Crompton, 212, 245, 

Vrotnfdoii, 257 
Cromwell, Lord, 113 
Cromwell, Oliver, 71 
Cromwell, Thomas, 15 
Crooke, 205, 200* 
Croome, 205, 272 
Crosse, 37, 171 
Crouche, attc, 102 
Oroueher, Crowcher, 48, 

Crowe, 143, Ul, 217 
Crowe, 1-13 
Crowther, Crowder, 240, 

212, 245 
Cur, 02, 132 
Cullen, Viscountess, 265 

Cullerne, 120, 130, 263 

Culling, Cullinge, Cullyng, 
Colyn. 57, 58, 50, 00*. 
121*, 122*. 123 

Culpepper, 27 1 ; see also 

Culverwell, 258, 278 

Cumber, 208 

Cumberland, Duke of, 285 

Cimdall, 255 

Curie 271 

Curtis, 203. 205 

Cuten 238 

Cutlers' Company, 142 

Cutte, 00* 

Cuttin, 130 

Daeoinhe, 36 

Dakers, 170 

Dakeyne, Dakin, 170* 

Dalderby, tie, 81 
Dahnore, 128 
Diiltnn, I -10*. 
Dane, 50* 
Daniel. Danic 
Dan vers, alia.' 

Dmn/crs, K*, 10" 
Dairy, 130, 200 
DWrcy, 43 
Darey, Lord. 130 
Darey and Conyers 

Danll, Darrell, 18, 201, 

21 1 
Ihudl, Dan ill, 18 

111*, 213 

1, 115, 208 

10. 10 




Daresbury, 19 
Darley, 111 
Darroch, 20 
Dashwood, 202 

Davenport, IS 

Davie, 275 

Da\ies, 2!), 208*, 278 

Davis, 48, 204*, 205, 208 

Davy, 41, 48 

Dawnay, 247 

Dawson, 272 

Dawtrcy, Dawtre, 31, 32 

Day, 208 

Dayson, 48 

Deacon, 204 

Doan, 203 

Deanc, 127, 180, 251, 203 

Dearo, 131 

De Burgh, Hubert 74 

Dedier, 48 

Deere, 205 

Delucourt, 131, 263 

Delap, 287 

De la Poolo, 46 

Do la Wane, Lard, i> 

Delfosw, 1!)3 

Denbigh, Kails of, 281 

Donch, 05, 2ti7 

Denison, 71 

J)enne, 54*, 55*, 50' ; a&e 
also Aden' 

Dennell, 205 

Donning, 205 

Dennis, 48, 132 

Denson, 272 

Dent, 288 

Denton, 88 

Denwood, 123 

Derby, Karl of, 107, 151, 
233, 237, 238*, 241 

Dosponser, In, 80 

Dothiok, 1 43*. II I*, fiil 

Oct kick; 111 

DovofcII, 01 

Dewar, 48 

Dewhurst, 189 

Dewiek, 33-34 

Dewlyn, 277 

Dicconson, 239 

Dick, 48, 02 

Dickenson, 41, 248 

Dickinson, 182 

Dickon, 190 

Digges, Diggs, Digg Dyg- 
gea, 190*, 197*, 19S*, 

Dix, 48* 

Dixon, 55, 152 

Dobbins, 270 

Dodsworth, 187, 262 

Dominicans, The, 221 

Dore, 270 

Dormer, 19 
Dormer, 1!) 
Dorney, 18 
Doughty, 48* 
Douglns, Karl of, IG2 
Dove, 44 
Dowden, 208 
Donley, 01 
Dowman, 255 
Downcham, 203 
Downes, 89 
Downes, 89 
Downton, 203 
Dowse, 131 
Doyle, 48 
D'Oyly, 211 
Drake, 57, 198, 2. r ) I 
Draw, 48 
Drax, Prior of, 81 
Drewell, 110 
Driffield, 255-256 
Driffield, 255* 
Dring, 05* 

Driver, 127 

Droko, 273 

Drutuinond, 48 

Duchornan, Laird oi. 101* 

Dm. kill, 48 

Duke, 201*, 275 

Dukinfield, 7, 19, 85-90 

Dukinfield, 19*, 80 

Dunn, Dun,48,20O,209 

Dupe, 04 

Durham, 48 

Durham, Bishop of, 2, 
77*, 81, 141, 150 

Durham, Dean of, 104 

Durnford, 72* 

Duston, 211 

Dutton, 8*, 9, 84, 87', 

Dutton, 10, 11, 17, 87, 

Dyball, 48* 

Dyke, Dike, 48, 207 

Dyndo, 200 

Dyneley, 200 

Eastington, 266 
Eastman, 271 
Eccleston, 89 
Edgar, King, 175 
Edgcombe, 48 
Edmondo, 169 
Edmonds, 44, 12 

207, 208, 200 
Edmonstone, 193 
Edny, 05 
Edolf, 124* 
Edward VII, 288 

Ed ward the Confe3Sor, 175 
Edwards, 02, 128, 131, 
205*, 200, 2<w, 203, 207, 
Egbriht, 5 
K ie ton, de, 8 
Ekett, 203 
Eland, 113 
Elderton, 133 
Kldon, 109 
Elisander, 205 
Kllcrker, 261 
Ellerton, 185 
Kllington, 272 
Ellinson, 252 

Elliott, Ellyott, 269, 273*. 

EUis, 100, 125 
Elmes, 129 

Elmore, 78 

Ely, Bishop of, 36 

Elynton, de, 77 

Emden, 88 

Emmana, 272 

Empson, 202 

Engham, Engoham, 198, 
200*. 201* 

Engham, liiigcJuim, 200 

Kliglais, le, 102 

English, 132, 207, 229 

Knsinge, 123* 

Ksby, 48 

Eshurst, Ksshehurst, 54* 

Ksseby, de, 75, 77 

Essex, Lord, 278 

Kstangrovo, 124 

Estoft, 114 

Etherington, 41 

Et trick, 214 

Euro, Lord, 141 

Evan, 48 

Evans, 49*. 64, 127, 203, 

Eve, 04 

Everinge, 200 

Evers, 111 

Evias, 270, 277 

Ewer, 49 

Eyler, 02 

Eyre, 01, 62 

Eyres, 270 

Fagg, 273, 275 
Fairfax, 38-39, 103 
Fairfax, 38 
Fairfax, Viscount, 186 
Fairweather, 258 
Falaiseau, 195 
Fanner, 120 
Fanston, 130 


Farmage, 206 

Farmer, 204, 207 

Farquharson, 10.") 

Faucot, 39 

Fauconberge, do, 72 

Fauconbridgc, 43 

Faukes, 78 

Fayrer, 2(55 

Feild, see Fit-Id 

Feilding, 284 

Feltliam, 61, 272 

Fenn, (i4 

Fenneiss, 71 

FenncJJ, 71 

Ferrers, 143 

Ferris, 129, 131, 202 

Fichat, 41) 

Field, Feild, 128, 208, 208 

Fiennes, de, 216 

Fiford, 49 

Fillingham, de, 75 

Fillifcer, 208 

Finch, Fynche, 18*, 200 

Fineux, Fyneux, 125*, 

103, 198*, 278 
Firbank, 100 
Fish, Fisshe, 41 
Fisher, 23, 24, 28, 30* 

Fitton, 87 
Fitton, 87 
Fitz, 208 

Fitz Barnard, 124* 
Fitz iiainou, llobcrt, 5* 
Fitz Henry, 24!) 
Fitz Henry, 249 
Fitz Nigell, 83*, 84*, 85* 
Fitz Payn, 3 
Fitz Walter, 243* 
Fitzwilliam, 213* 
Fitzwilliam, Furls, 213 
FlamUard, Uislni|. nf Dur- 
ham, l.'iii 
Fleetwood, 71*. 215, 210* 
Fleming, Flcmming, 51 

Flemon, 2(i8 
Fletcher, 238, 23!)*, 245 
Flower, 128, 140*, 111, 

Fogge, 125* 
Folss, 4!) 
Foord, (54 
Ford, Fordc, 64, 234, 250 ; 

see alio Foord 
Forest, 49 
Forester, 284 
Forester, Lord, 284 
Forseott, 207 
Forster, 234 ; see al-> 

Fort, 55 


Fortescue, 128 

Forth, 18 

Fossard, 159 

Foster, 131*. 188; s, 
alio Forster 

Fothergill, 187 

Foulis, 22 

Fowle, 04 

Fowler, 71 

Fox, 206, 241 

Fox-Strangways, 194 

Foyle, 43 

Frampton, 04, 203 

Frame, King of, 199 

Francis, 129, 130, 264 

Franciscans, The, 221 

Francklyn, see Franklin 

Franke, 253 

Franklin, Franklyn, 
Francklyn, 49, 03, 04 
253, 205 
Eraser, 49, 224 
Frear, 32 

Freeman, 132, 202, 209 
Freglenton, 270 
Freneh of Ypres, Vis- 
count, 215, 283 
Frcnshc, Ie, 148 
Flicker, 03, 200, 209, 271 
Friend, Freind, 2li7* 
Frigge, 30 
Frith, 270 
Froome, 133 
Frothinghum, 113, 114 
Frowd, (il, 03, 128 
Fry, Fryo, 130, 205 
Fryar, 32 
Fulford, 203 

Fulk, son of Theobald, 229 
Fuller, 104 
Furntngi», 203 
Fumes*, \l»l..,t »f, 213 
Furs by, 1 28 
Fydcombe, 132 
Fydling, 254* 
Fyneux, see Fineux 

Gaisford, see Oaysford 

dale, 03, 202* 
Galfridus filius Slcphani, 

Gamull, 85 
'J a mull, 88 
Gant, Gaunt, de, 3*. 4, 5*, 

0, 227, 228, 229 
Garaein (or Garin), son of 

Nigell de Bureci, 83* 

Gardliam, 208 
Gardiner, 128, 135 

Gardner, 30, 240. 245 
Garforth, 35, 250* 
Garle, 04 
Garliek, 205 
Garrard, 204 
Garth, 2G0 
Gascoync, 243*. 244 
Gascoyne-Cccil, 244 
Gates, 274 
Gaimtlett, 01 
Gaveston, Piers, 78, 212 
Gawen, 120, 200 
Gayford, 204 
Gaysford, 204 
Geoffrey fitz Payn, 3 
Geoffrey, son of Bertram, 

Geoff rev, son of Stephen 

George, 49*, 131 
Gerard, Gerrard, 44, 234 
Gere, 44 

Ghisncs, Gyncs, de, 213 
Gibbens, 271 
Gibbons, 200, 280 
Gibbs, Gibs, 04, 120, 133, 

203, 208 
Gibthorpc, 30 
Giddings, 131, 200 
Gidley, 21 t* 
Gidney, 33 

Gifford, Gifferd, 04, 177 
Gilbert, 127, 205 
Gilbert (ire of iMnlpas, 

HI*, 8., 
Gilbert, Karl, 5 
Gilbert fitz Nigell, 85 
Gilbert son of Gozelin, 3 
Gilbert, son of Thomas, 

Giles. Gyles, 207 
'•'ill. 152. 153*, 271 
Gilmor, 128 
Gini|>er, 208 
Girardot, 193 
Girl, Girle, 128, 203 
Girling, 123, 124 
Glasse, 2iil 

Glenorcliy, Laird of, 91 
(.'loeestre, de, 79 
Gloucester, Earl of, 5* 
Glover, 140, 187 
Goddard, 129, 133, 267 
Goddcn, 03, 204 
Godfrey, 59 
Godsell, 208 
Godwin, 205 • 
(Joeing, 20(i 
Goldhourne, de, 149 
Goldesborough, 200 
Goldncy, 207 
Goldsmith, 208 



Goldston, 18 

Goldwell, 275 

Good, 209 

Goodall, 12(5 

Goodcn, 4!) 

Goodes, 49 

Goodneston, 200* 

Goodwin, 128, 177 

(Jookin, 54 

Goostrey, 215 

Gordon, 49 

Gorsuch, 153 

Gos, 126 

Gosewyk, de, 80* 

Gosfordesiche, 148*, 150 

Gosnold, 274* 

Gough, 205, 208 

Goulding, 02 

Cower, 141*. 214 

Grace, 268, 270, 284 

Graham, Grahame, 23, 49, 

Grand, 49* 
Granner, alias Stevins, 

Grant, Grnunt, 44, 54, 205 
Grate, 208 
Graves, 49 

Gray, 30*, 40, 49*. 120, 
1 211, 131, 200 ; see also I 
Grayborne, 191 
Green, Greene, Grene, 18, 
49,02,05, 127, 131, 192, | 
245, 270 
Greenaway, 209 ; sec also 

Green leaf, 49 
Greenwood, Grenewood, 

Gregory, 49, 131, 133,20,8 
Gregson, 109 
Gre'ig, 49 
Grelley, 77 
Gresley, 203 
Greswold, 143 
Grettcnham, 02 
Grovillo, 213 

(irey, 141 ; see also Gray 
Grey Friars, The, 221 
Griffin, 02, 120, 270 
Griffiths, 49 
Grimston, 178 
Grinaway, 03 
(Iron, William lo, 284 
(, 15, 17. 18 
Om.svcHor, 18 
drove, 201 
Crundon, 40 
Gnibon, 07 
Guldeford, 2Ul* 

Guy, 203 

Gwyn ap Humfrey, 139 

Gye, 205 

llabiirre, de, 154 
1 1 add, 199* 
Hadersham, de, 1G2 
Had ley, 113 
Hales, 270*. 277*, 278* 
Hall, 41, 40, 49*, 114, 130 
Halloran, 49 
Hambden, 202 
Hamblen ton, 62 
Hamell, Hammell, 03,204, 

205, 202, 269 
Hamerton, 183 
Haines, 44 
Hamilton, 49 
Hanunon, 199 
Hammond, 49 
Hancock, 02 
Handby, 113 
Hannis, 49 
Hansall, 152 
Hanses, 250 
Harcourt, 211, 212* 
Hardin, 205 

Harding, 129, 130*. 205, 

208, 203, 270, 271, 278 

Hardres, H aides, 124*, 

125*. 270 
Hardy, 37 38 
Hardy, 37 
Harcne, 193-195 
Harewood, Karl of, 280 
Harford, 205, 208* 
Harington, Harrington, 

87, 209 
Harington, 87 
Harlackenden, 125, 278 
Harote, 197* 
Harper, 201 
Harperley, 200 
Harrington, see Harington 
Harris, 03, 204*, 205, 204, 

200, 280 
Harrison, 49*, 62, 102, 

109*, 249 
llarriway, 204 
Harry, llarrie, 270* 
Harsonett, 277 
Hart, Mart.-, 49, 59, 277* 
Hartel, 49 
llaitley, 260 
lltirtshorno, 207 
Harvest, 128, 200 
Harvey, 1 40*. Ill* 
llasclhurst, 151 
Hasken, tie, 140 
Haskins, 200 

Haslewood, 182 

Ha. sail, Hasall, Halsall, 

de, 147*. 149* 
Hasaell, 102-103, 106 
UasseU, 102 
Hatton, 270 
Haugliton, see Hoghton 
Hauteyn, 70 
Haverholme, 78 
Havunga, 49 
Hawden, 202 
Hawes, 142*. 143* 
Hawkings, 126 
Hawkins, 04, 129, 270 
Hawley, 179 
Hawte, 197 
Hawtrey, Hawtre, 104 
Hawtrey, Hawtre, 103 
Haye, 60 

Hayes, 49, 264, 265, 269 
Haynie, 44 
Haynes, 129 
Hays, 193 
Hayter, 61 
Hay ward, 63, 126, 129, 

130, 203*. 271 
Heachim, 272 
Head. 263 
Head ley, 37 
Heate, 269 
Heathcote, 171 
Hebson, 223. 225 
Hedon, 113 
Hedun, de, 154* 
Hellard, 185* 
Hellard, 185 
Holme, 63 
Helmsley, Hemelsay, de, 

Hely, Heely, 208 
Hemsworth, 111 
Henderson, 49*. 135 
Hen hurst, 200 
Henley, Henlay, Henly, 

204, 273 
Henry I, 158, 159 
Henry III, 222 
Henry IV, 7 
Henry IV (Franco), 43 
Henry VIII, 132, 142 
Hepard, 17 
Herbert, 49 

Herbert, Chamberlain of 
the King of Scotlind, 
0*. 232 
Herbert, son of Aubri, 6 
Herbert, son of Dudeman, 

Herbert, son of Wiinund, 

Hcroward the Great, 284 
Heringwood, 124* 



Heme, 272 
Heron, 182 
Hesketh, 149*. 150, 151, 

lf>2, 28(i 
Hcwardin, 179 
Hewatt, 2(i(i 
Hewetson, 38 
Hcwctt, Sir William, 220 
Hewlett, 204 
Hewlc}', 182 
Hickman, 02 
Hicks, 62, 126*, 205 
Hicok, 64 
Hide, 55, 188 ; see also 

Hieron, 202 
Higgcns, 200 
Higginbotham, 187 
Higgoth, 49 
Higham, 234 
Hildyard, Hillyard, 114. 

247, 248 
Hill, 04, 125, 127, 152,272 
Hillary, 102 
Hillier, 61 
Hillinan, Hilman, 02, 130, 

1!)8, 202, 203, 204, 20"), 

200,207,208,203* 204, 

205, 2(>0, 209, 270, 271, 

Hindle, 50 
Hint os, do, 211* 
1 1 in I on, 1.5, 128 ; sec ulitti 


Hipper, 200 

I Hawick, 03 

Hiseox, 04, 2oii 

Hitchcock, 20!) 

Hobbs, 120, 1 20, 202, 208, 

201, 278 
Hodges, 49. 205 
Hodgson, 19, 249 
Hogg, 111 

Hoghton, Haughton, 107 
Holland, de, 22!) 
Holdenby, 258 
Holditch, 49 
Holford, 17 
HolgyU, 219 
Holland, Holande, 85-90, 

100, 212* 
Holland, 80 
Hollet, 50 
Holliday, 205 
Holloway, 202, 208, 272 
Holly, 200 
Holman, 55 
Holme, Hulme, 113, 151*. 

223*, 224*, 225*, 220*, 

Holme, 224 
Holmes, 202, 271 
Holt on, 120 

llolway, 270 

llolyday, 204 

Hone, 202 

llonford, 89 

llonny, 202 

Honychurch, 135 

Honywood, 200, 277* 

Hooke, 249 

Hooper, 280 

Hope, 208 

Hopgood, 271 

Hopkins, 02, 272 

llopkinson, 188 

Hopley, 50 

Horbeling, dc, 75 

Horlock, 271 

Home, 50, 133, 198, 272, 

Hornele, de, 157 
Horsall, 8, 9*, 16 
Horsley, Horscley, 31-33, 

Hordci/, 31, 32 
Hort, 127, 203, 205 
Hospitallers, The, 159 
Hossard, 50 
Hoult, 90 
1 1 unit, 90 
Hoimsell, 270 
Hovoll, 105 
How, 131. 272 
Howard, 205, 284, 285 
Howard, Lord, 278 
Howell, 50 
Howsc, 132 
Hoyland, de, 74 
H udding, (14 
Hudson, 30, 38, 257 
Hindi, Karl. I, 155 
Hugli the I. ion, 100, 101* 

Hugh son of Emma, 230 
Hughes, 50, 203, 206 
Hulburt, 03 
Hull, 129 
Hulme, 151, 244 
Hulton, 18 
Humphry, 131 
Hundefot, 74 
Hunfords, 270 
Hungatc, 249* 
Hungerford, 132 
Hunt, 01, 200. 208, 209 
Hunter, 44, 247 
Huntley, 203 
Hurleston, 237 
Hurleton, do, 140, 147, 

148, 149, 150, 243 
Hurst, 208 
Husdoy, 129 

Hussey, Hussio, 50*, 130, 

Hutton, 108 
Hyde, 88, 2<>0 ; sec alio 

Uyde, 88 
Hyot, 280 
llynesley, 38 
Hynton, 04 ; sec also Hiu- 


Ickringall, 182 

Idney, 207 

Idsber, 204 

lies, 01 

Ilsley, 205 

Imber, 131 

[ngelham, do, 78 

Ingledew, 50 

[nglefeild, 265 

Insula, do, 3, 6, 161 

Ireland, 152*. 240, 241*. 

242*, 243, 245 
Irvine, 280 
Isaake, 190* 
Isely, 201 
Isley, 105, 109 
Ivo, tenant in Hardwick, 

Ivy, 127, 133 

Jackson, 227 

Jacob, 128, 207, 208, 271 

James, 50 

James I, 172 

Jameson, 129, 130 

Jaques, 105. 201 

Jardine. 50* 

Jarvis, 50, 05 ; sec aho 

Jaxon, 55 
Jay, 127 
Jeffery, 49, 200 
Jegon, 44. 258 
Jender, 58*, 59, 00* 
Jen kin, 55 
Jenkins, 270 
Jennings, 42 
Jerome, 41 
Jerrard, 209 
, Jervis, 02 

Joanes, 03, 200, 208 
Johnson, 30, 39, 43, 50*. 

54, 05, 132, 205, 200, 

205, 200, 278 
Johnson, Dr. Samuel, 2S5 
Johnston, Johnstone, 39, 

60*. 247, 248 



Jolly, 234 

Jones, 64, 127, 203, 271 ; 

see also Jon ncs 
Jordan, 50 
Jordan, parson of Lyinme, 

Jorden, 50 
Joyliffe, 130 
Joyner, 60 
Judd, 27S 
Judith, Countess, 1* 

Katherine of Aragon, 

Quoen, 142 
Kayo, 260 
Knyngham, ile, 154* 
Kchhle, 204 
Keble, 204 

Kcincti n, 61, 127, 132 
Kellaway, (il 
Kcincys-Tynte, 283 
Kemp, 199, 270 
Kenrick, Kcnwricke, 278 
Kent, 126, 133, 207 
Kent, Kails of, 141 
Ken yon, 88 
Kcrby, 2(i8 ; see also 

Koighaw, 107 
Ketelby, 2<)."i 
Kcllc, Kittel, 207 
Killingbock, 252 
Kil]iatrick, 50 
Kincaid, 20 
King, 50, 127, 128, 264, 

Kingman, 133, 2(>7 
Kingston, 132 
Kinsman, 126 
K ii by, 37 ; see nl«> Kcrby i 
Kiikliam, 275 
Kirkstead, Abbot of, 78 
Kirton, 109 
Kittain, 54* 
Knackstone, 127 
Knaplon, 128, 129, 131 
Knights Templars, 

Knoulman, 272 
Kymc, 3*. 4*, 5*, 156" 


[.niliLiii, : 
Lucy, 3. 7! 
Ladd, Oil 
Lade, 56 
Lake, 181 
Lakyn, 31 

(17, 221, 209 

Kami., Lam be, 49, 177, 
266, 269 

,ambort, 45, 2> 3, 202 
jtmborui , 61, 120 
.am by, 28 
,ainont, 20, 93, 94 
.a Rlotte, 102 
,am plough, 105 
.ancastcr, Earls of, 78, 

147, 212*. 220, 222, 

..andick, 204 
iane, 03 
ianfeire, 204 
„angdale, 41-42 
iCingdalc, 41 

..angeston, se.e Langs ton 
iivngford, 61 
.anghornc, 170* 
.nngloy, 88*. 129, 208 
Uingley, 88, 89 
Kingston, Langeslon, 1 ; » T 
jangton, 45, 185 
iangton, Stephen, 221 
^angtree, 151 
.anliam, 12!) 
iftnver, 130 
.argu, 50 
iasccHos, 280 
-asm by, 205 
.allioin, 145, 147, 148, 

149, 234, 243* 
iUugliton, 3!) 
javington, 127, 207, 209 
A\\\, 223 
^awarne, 207 
,awde, 113 
.awes, 200, 2<»7* 
jiwiic, 120 reme, 207. 271 
■inviTiison, 235* 
Jnwson, 182 
aytli, 1S1 
ayton, 40*, 71, 72 

' All/ to II, 40 

-eacroft, 50 

.eader, 50* 

,eafe, IK) 

.caver, Leaner, 01, 8!) 

Adi'cr, Leaner, 8!) 

,o Hum, 193 

,ebrun de Kieux, 193 

<edler, 50 

,oe, 50, 147, 280; see 

nl^o Legli, Leigh and 

,ceds, Leedes, 258 
.cods, Dukes of. 220 
.ocko, ISM) 
jr.sun, 50 
,egn, ile, see. Legh 
Legard, 35, 250 

Legg, Leg, 50, 65, 205, 

Lcgh, Lcga. 7*. 8* !)*, 

II, 12, Hi, 110; sec 

also Lee, Leigh and Ley 
Lajh, 87 

Legh, 1'erkin of, 14* 
Leicester, II, 17 
Leicester, 17 
Leicester, Earla of, 220, 

221* 222* 
Leicester, Honour of, 220, 

Leigh, Leighe, 7, 8*, 9, 

13*. 10, 17, 71, 87, 

110*. 117* 118*. II!), 

120, 242 ; see also Lee, 

[jCgh and Ley 
Leigh, 11!), 120 
Lcigh-Mallory, 110-120 
Leigh- Mullory, 119, 120 
Leighton, 177 
Lokchurn, de, 70* 
Kely, L.lly, 82, 83 
Lenglcis. st c English 
Let by, 180 
Levens, Lcwens, 177 
Levre, de, 147 
Leu en, 271 
Lewes, 107 

Lewis, 130*. 207, 203 
Lewknor, 212 
Lowty, 275 
Lex in ton, de, 150, 157 
Ley, 08 
Ley, Lord, 08 
Lichfield, Bishop of, 223 
Liddell, 50* 
Lie, 272 
Light foot, Lightfoote, 33, 

Limbcrgh, Adam de, 70 
Lincoln, Bishop of, 1, 74, 

77, 78, 155, 157, 224 
Lincoln, Karl of, 5, 7!), 221 
Lindley, 247 
Lindsay, Lindsey, 27, 78*, 

7!). 80*, 83, 213 
l.intall. 50 
L'IsIe, ile. 213 
Lisley, 130 
Lister, 208 
Litman, 132 
Little, 200*, 209 
Littlefield, 50 
Littleton, 18 
Uttielnn, 18 

Lleuelin. 253 

LI1131I. 272 

Lochhuic, Laird of, 29 
Locke, 2()2 
Lodor, 207 



Lodge, 117 
Lodington, 30 

Loftie, 50 
Lolley, 50 
Long, 61, 127, 131, 202, 

Longbowst ring -makers' 

Company, 21!l 
Longford, Langford, K7 
Lonjford, Lanjford, H7 
Longgam, de, 70 
Lonsdale, Karl of, 221 
Lont, del, 148 
Lord, 50 

Lome, Lord, 20, 92 
Lorymer, 107 
Loudoun, 20* 
Louis, 202 
Lound, 43 
Love, 132 
Lovell, GO, 201, 202 
Low, Lowe, 200, 207, 207 
Lowberry, 204 
Lowndes, Selby-, 215 
Lowther, Louthcr, 182 
Lucas, 133, 207, 225 
Lucy, 124, 125 
Ludlow, 287 
Ludham, 70 
Luke, 01*, 131 
Lumley, 213, 214, 261 
Lund, de, 77 
Lushington, 194 
Luson, 50 
Lutcrel, 79 
Lutton, 187 
Lye, 71, 128 
Lyford, 204 
Lyni, de, 9 
Lymbery, do, 70 
Lymni, 19 
Lyneh, 273 
Lynford, 278 
I.Vster, 204, 207 

Mc Arthur, 20 

McAulay, 30 

McCallum, 22*. 23*. 2 4 

27, 93 
MoCaueis, 24 
McDonald, 51 
McDougnll, 24 
McEvir, 20 
McGilchrist, 21*, 22*, 24, 

25* 27 
Met iowiill, 51 
Mclllphadriuk, 21 
Mclntyre, 20, 20, 29 
Mack, 205 

McKay, 25 
McKenzie, 51 

Maekoridge, 259 
Mackie, 50 
Mackinnon, 50 
Mackrell, 203 

Mackrill, 50 

Macks, 207 

MacLachlan, Maelachlan, 
MacLauchlan.20*. 24*, 
25, 51, 92, 93, 99*. 100 

McLaine, 24 

McLean, Maclean, 24*, 
51, 92 

MacNcill, McNeill, 22, 28, 
94, 99 

MacNicoll, 30 

Mcl'liune, 20 

MacTaggart, 50 

MacTavish, 28 

McThavish, McThaveis, 

Mc William, 51 

Maddison, 35 

Maddock, Madock, 62, 207 

Madoxe, 65 

Mahew, Maihewe, 05, 104 

Mailard, de, 84, 85 

Main waring, Maynwar- 
iuge, Menewarin, 84, 
138 ; see <tl*o Man- 

Mainyard, 203 

Makesag, 92 

Malbon, 05 

Malcolm, see McCallum 

Malconibe, 50 

Maleverer, Maliverer, 05*, 
00, 179 

Malevery, 05 

Mallam, 00 

Mallet, Mallet t, 00* 

Mallinson, 50 

Mallison, 252 

Mallory, Malory, 66*, 
116-120, 246 

Mallory, 110 

Main Passu, de, sec Malpas 

Malpas, de, 84*, 85* 

Malpas, Baron of, 83 

Mallby, 180 

Malt bouse, 270 

Malveisin, Malvoysin, Ma- 
vesyu, 200, 201, 211* 

Manaton, 00 

Man by, 35-37, 67 

Manby, 35 

Mandovile, 07 

Manf.-ild, 129, 131 

Man knoll, 07 

Mann, Man, 50*. 00, 105 

Manning, Mannyng, 07 

Mannings, Maningi, 200 
Mansell, 07 ; dee olio 

Mansfield, Mansfeild, 07. 

Man waring, Manwnringe, 

18, 07*. 87 ; see alio 

Mnnwariwj, Manwariiuje, 

18, 87 
Manwood, 273 
Mapes, 07 
Ma [»le, 270 
Maplesden, 54 
Mapowder, 07 
Mara, Hugo de, 83 
Marble, 07 
Marbury, 07 
Marcer, 07 

March, Marcho, 07*. 201 
Marchant, 120, 264 
Marcs, 257* 
Mares, 257 
Margettson, 07 
Margrave, 254* 
Marham, 08 
Marke, 08 
Markenfeld, Markynfeld, 

Markham, M a re k bam, 

Marcbam, 07*, 68*, 

157, 176 
Marlar, 08 
Marlborougb, Kails of, 

Marler, 08 
Marlott, 08 
Marmyon, 08* 
Marney, 09* 
Marney, Lord, 09* 
Marret, 09 
Marreys, 69 
Marriat, 09 

Marriott, Marryott, 69* 
Marrow, 09, 251 
Marry, 50 
Mars, 69 

Mars, alias Masse, 09 
Marsey, 270 

Marsh, Marshe, 62, 134* 
Marshall, 41, 09*. 115, 

127, 129, 131", 271 
Marsbalsic, Ktl 
Marshman, 209 
Marsling, 129 
Mars ton, 134 
Marten, 120, l.'U* ; sec 

also Martin and Martyn 
Marthcw, 131 
Martin, Marline, 50, 01, 

03, 04*, 05, 129*. 134*. 

203, 205, 207, 208*. 



263, 2(37, 268, 2G9. 272 ; 

sec also .Marten and 

Martindale, 225 
Martin.scroft,de, 8*. 9, 11 
Martyn, 64, 1:14, 13.".*, 

199 ; see also .Martin 

and Marten 
.Martyn, alias Hony- 

church, 135 
Marwood, 135 
Ma ryon- Wilson, 284 
Maseall, 135* 
Mascy, do, 7*, 8*. 9*, 15, 

17* ; see also Massey 
Mascy, 17 
Maseline, 127 
Maslin, 12!) 
Mason, til, 135, 136* 
Ma-soy, Massye, 130,270; 

see al«> Mascy 
Massingberd, 136 
Massingcr, 13ti 
Master, 55, 130 
Masters, 130* 
Masterson, 130 
Mather, Ricliard, 237*, 

Mathew, Mathewe, 130* 
Mattershaw, 208 
Mattes, 130 
Matthews, 50, 203 
.Maude, Mawde, 137* 
Manghen, 135 
Maukes, 01 
Mauley, do, 75 
Maunscll, 130 
Mauntell, 130 
Maurice, 235 
Mavesyn, de, see Mai- 

Mawdlv, 137 
Mawer", 137* 
Maxwell, 51 
May, Maye, 137*. 203, 

Mavcote, 137 
Mayer, 270 
Mayhcw, see Mahew 
Mayhowc, 137 
Maylord, 84 
Maynard, Maynerd, 137*, 

Maynard, Lord, 137 
Mayne, 137, 138* 
Maynye, 138 
Mayo,' 138 
Mayoli, 50 
Mayor, 01 

Mead, Meade, 138*. 2U5 
Meare, see Mere 
Meares, .see .Meeres 

Medd, 34 

Medland, 138 

Medlev, 138* 

Mecke, 253 

Meeres, Mercs, Meares, 

111), 138, 139 
Meggs, Mcggos, 138*. 139 
Mclis, 23 
Mellard, 285, 280 

Mellershe, 139 

Melton, 139* 

Mennell, 108, 139 

Menythorpe, de, 70 

Meoles, 139 

Mora, de, sec Mere 

Mercer, 139 

Mercer, alias Nashe, 139 

Mere, Mearc, Moire, 8, 9, 

Meredith, 19, 139* 
Meres, see Meeres 
Merfield, 87 
Meriwether, 03, 207 
Morring, 280 
Merston, do, 79 
Mervyn, Mervin, 139 200 
Meryton, 178, 179 
.Messenger, 271 
Metoalfo, Metealf, 45, 

139*. 193, 253, 258 
Methani, 209* 
Melt, 55 
Mottorioko, 209 
Mettriek, 209 
Metwold, 209 
Mourant, 51 
Mevorell, 209* 
Mewtas, 209 
Meynell, 209 ; see also 

Mcysey, Meysie, 209* 
Miehelhorne, 210* 
Miehell. 210* 
Miokolfoild, 210 
Mieklethwaite, Mieklolh- 

wayt, Mikelthuayte, 

250, 280 
Middell.roke, 210 
Middlemore, 279 
Middleton, Middilton, 

Midleton, Medylton, 

112, 138, 279* 
Midglcy, 279 
Midlccote, 279 
Midlewood, 279 
Milborne, 280* 
Mildonhall, do, 197 
Mildmav, 280* 
Miles, Mylos, 112, 127, 128, 

207, 270 
Milesen, 280 
Mill, Mille, 203, 280* 

Milhrd. 205, 204, 280 
Millard, alias Millott, 281 
Miller, 51, 281* 
Millos, Myites, 203, 281* ; 

see also Mills 
Millet, Millctt, 281* 
Millott, alias Millard, 281 
MHlicont, 281 
Millington, Mylyngton, 

Mylinton, 7, 8, 17 
Mills, 51*. 04. 208, 200 
Milnor, 102, 281 
Milward, 281 
Milward, alias Alexander, 

281, 282 
Mindyard, 203 
Mineyard, 203 
Mingo, Myngg, 282* 
Minshull, Mynshull, 19 
Minshull, Sly nsh nII, 19, 

Minsterohainher, 282 
Aliifiold, Mirfold, 282 
Mitchelbourne, 247 
Mitchell, 274, 282* 
Mitford, 28S* 
Mitt. ui, 282* 
Moberley, Moburley, de, 

Mody, 282 
Mchun, Mohan, 282* 
Mohun, Lord. 282 
Moigne, 282* 
Moir, 28 
Mole, 282, 283 
Moleyns, Molincs, 283* 
Molyneux, Molineux, Mol- 

lineux, 148, 231. 283 
Monceux, de, 210* 
Monk, Mounoko, 132 
Monmels, de, 210 
Montague, 51 
Montalt, Baron de, 84 
Montfort, de, 222 
Moody, 02, 127, 203 ; sec 

also Mody 
Moone, 120 
Mooneings, 124, 125, 200 

Moore, 42, 51, 52 
107*. 201 ; see 

Moure, 107 

Morang, 51 

More, 205 

More, de la, 212 

Moretou, 38 

Morgan, 207. 274* 

Morley, I80-IS7, 198 

Mod,- y, 180 

Morloy of Hlaikhiirn, 
count, 285 

Morrison, 51 




Mortaign, Count of, 156, 

Mortimer, Mortymcr, 04, 

130, 252, 269, 270 
Moseley, 170 
Motto," la, 102 
Mottershed, 208 
.Mot tram, 250* 
Mottram, 250 
Mould, 251* 
Mould, 254 
Mouncy, 34 
Mount Edgcumbe, Earls 

of, 72 
Mowbray, Moubray, Mul- 

bu\y, 2*. 75, 154, 259 
Moxon, 34 
Muggridgo, 51 
Mulbray, do, see Mowbray 
Mullens, 51 
Mulock, 280 

Mulook, Dinah Maria, 285 
Multon, tie, 212 
Mumby, de, 228 
Munday, 51 
Munrellis, de, 210 
Mura, de, 9 
Murdock, 51 
Murray, 51* 
Musgravc, 1 13 
Musprat, Musprat t, 04, 

120, 203, 204, 200* 
Myers, 280 
Myles, sec Miles 
Mylyngton, Mylinton, dc, 

see Millington 
Myton, 188 

Napier, 51 

Napton, 21 1 

Nash.Nashe, 123, 139,205 
Nnyler, 125, 201 
Nedhani, 2 lit 
Nelson, Karl, 214 
Nelson, Lord, 213 
Ncthorleigb, Nathelarg, 

Nethcrsolo, 55, 122 
Nettlotoi), 259 
Neve, u, 59 
Neveling, 51 
Nevcrs, Count of, 216 
Novill, Neville, 56, 74. 75, 

81, 100-103, 199, 230* 
Nerill, 1H 
Novill, of Holt, 18 
Nevinson, 273*. 274 
Ne we land, <le, 82 
Newell, 194 
Newlovo, 38, 192 


Newton, 15*, 17,40, 113*. 

Newton, 17 

Nioholas, 204, 209, 270 
Nicholson, 38 
Nielachlan, 20 
Nicol, 51 
Nisell, 273 
Nix, 274 
Noel, 211 
Norfolk, Dukes of, 141, 

Norley, 270 
Norman, 127, 130 
Normandy, Hollo, Duke 

of, 210' 
Norreys, le, 11, 10 
Norreytt, Norres, 10, 10 
Norrington, 200 
Norris, 207 
North, 127 
Northampton, Archdeacon 

of, 157 
Northumberland, Duke 

of, 285 
Northway, 272 
Norwich, Bishop of, 81 
Norwood, Northewood, 

123, 197, 198, 275 
Novo Hui'go, de, 73 
Noyes, 129 
Noyse, 200 
Nutter, 252 

Oatridge, 270* 

O'Brien, 51* 

Oekley, 204 

Odo balistarius, 3 

Oily, 200 

Odyarne, C>3 

Offley, 88 

Ogg, 51 

Oglethorpe, 188-190, 249 

Oglethorpe, 188 

Oliver, Olyver, 203, 272 

Oram, 120, 131, 201, 207 

Ord, 51 

O'Reilly, 51 

Orme, 110* 

Or,,,,, 110 

Ormishnwc, 234 

Orrcb;/, 10 

Drain i, 157 

Os be I'll do Arches, 1 

Oshcrn.the Uishop's clerk, 

O.sbcrn, the Karl's vassul, 

Osljern legatus regis, 1 
Osbern the priest, 1 


Osbern, son of Tesson, 155 
Osbern, tenant of the 

Countess Judith, 1 
Osbern, William's man, 1 
Osbert, son of Herbert, 

Osbert the Sheriff. 1 0, 

73-83, 153-100, 227 232 
Osbert V'csctint, 4 
Osborn, Osborne, 

Osborn the Archt 

man, 1 
Osborne, Sir Edward, 220 
O-don, 207 
Osgood, 207 
Ossury, Hi. Imp of, 287 
Othe, 04 
Otway, 257 
Ouerlabh y, de, 1 1 
Ovondeu, Ovvendcn, I0H 
Overend, 191 
Overton, 120 
Owen, 241, 203, 278 
Ower, 210 
Ownsley, 17 
Oxenden, 122*, 123, 125, 

196*. 273, 274 

Hacker, 51* 
Hadley, 113 
Page, Paige, 51, 127, 129, 

Painter, 202 
Palliser, Palleser, 178, 

Pulliser, I'ulh ter, 253 
Palmer, 03, 127, 133, 203, 

Hannell, 02, 130 
Paradise, Paradis, 120, 

Parker, 7*, 19*. 08, 187, 

198, 205, 208 
Parker, 19* 

Parker, Archbishop, 123 
Parkinson, 51 
Hamell, 02 
Parr, 234 

Parsons, 133*. 203, 207 
Pius ton, 125 
Patric, 84* 
Patterson, 51 
Pattyndine, 00 
Paty, 202 
Hauliii, 100 
Paylur, 111 
Payne, 200, 274 
Paynel, 79*. 157* 
Paynes, 219 



Payse, 205 
Peacock, Pccock, 133 
Pearce, 200*. 209 ; set 
also Pearse, Peirne, and 
Penrcy, 209 
Pearse, 205 
Pearson, 40, 51, 2f>8 ; set 

also I'ii'ison 
Pecott, 202 
Pedechen, Pcdoken, 74, 

75, 7C5 
Peine, (53, 04*, 127. 128, 
131, 2()7, 208 ; see also 
Pcaree, Pearse ami 
Peirse, 204 
Pembroke, Lord, 284 
Pembroke, Marchioness 

of, 172 
Penney, 203 
Penny, KM ward Burton, 

Pcnnyfalher, lOfi 
Pennyman, 248 
Pensax, 2(»1 
Penson, 251) 
Penstone, 204 
Pepler, 2(i(i 
Peppin, 51 
Percehay, 43-44 
Pereeluu/, 43 

Percevnll, P( rscvall, 12i)* 

Percy, Perei, 1. 3, 73*. 

74", 75, 70, 77*, 78*, 

7!»*, 81, 156, 227, 285 

Perkin, 51 

Perkins, Pirkens, 271 
Perpont, de, 147 
Perrin, 133 
Perry. 51, 205, 2(15 
Peslinll, 211 
Peterborough, Abbot of, 

Petting, 205 
l'ettit, 275* 
Pettus, 114* 
Petly, 2(52 
Phelps, I'helpes, 202, 201, 

270, 272 
Phenix, 202 
PhUippa, Queen, 124 
Philips, 51, 04, 2(57 
Phillipps, 128, 202, 203 
Phillpot, ill 
Philipson, 44 
Phipjis, 170 
Pieard, 70 
Pickengill, 48 
Piekesden, 200 
Pickfatt, 272 
Pickhaver, 204 

Pioklesden, Piekesden, 200 
Pierson, 191 ; see «/-"■» 

Piggott, 263 
Pike, 03*. 127, 128 
Pilgrim, 28(5 
Pilkington, 102, 234 
Pincerna, Daniel, 161 
Pinekny, 208 
Plantagcnet, Edmund, 

Piatt, 234 
Plaxton, l l J2 
Player, 269 
Playston, 202 
Plowden, 51 
Plnrendcn, 200* 
Pointer, 208 
Polley, 273, 274 
Pollock, Polleick, Polleik, 

Polliek, 22*. 25*, 20 
Pontardent, 52 
Poole, de la, 4(i 
Pope, 04, 133 
Popeley, 200 
Porter, 142, 143 
Port lack, 03 
Pothcary, 271 
Potter, 03, 207, 270 
Poulter, 207, 200 
Poidton, 271 
Pound, 200 
Ponntney, 05 
Powell, 203 
Power, 173*. 203* 
Power, Sir Henry, 171 
Powis, 194 
Powtrethaw, 152 
Praers, 89 
Prancker, 128 
Prater. 129 
Prondorgast, 52 
Preston, 89, 90 
Preston, DO 
I'rcstwich, 88, 8!> 
Prewdy, 205 
Prewet, 204 
Price, 177 
Pride, 01 
Priest, 52 
Prince, Prynoe 121 
Procter. 32, 52 
Proud, 54 
Proude, alias Prude, 274' 

Pryor, 04 
Pudsoy, 209 

Puis, des, 84 . 
Pullevne, 110 
Purnell, 208 
Puxton, 127 
Puylcsdon, 21' 


PybuH, 253 
Pydiam, 124 

Raikes, Kaykes, 34 
Rainsford, 280 
Raleigh, Sir Walter, 278 
Ralph of Aswardby, 5 
Ralpli the Canon, 74 
Ralph dapifcr, 1, 4*. 5* 
Ralph, son of Stephen, 74 
Ramsay, Ramsie, 125 
Kandoife, 273 
Rankin, 30, 98 
Ransceroft, 21!) 

Ralcliffe, 187 

Ratt, 127 
Raude, 113 
Ravenseroft, 132 

Raw kins, 205 

Kawls, 200 

Ray, 52, 128 

Paynes, 179-181, 274*; 

,s<e also Keynes 
Ruynes, 179 " 
Read, 52, 03, 05, 200 ; see 

also Heed and Reid 
Rebek, 128 
Kedish, 87 
Redish, 87 
Redini mi'I . 52 
Reed, 52* ; se 

and Reid 
Reeks, (i2, 127 
Reeve, 204 
Reeves, 205 
Reginald (or 
of Ni-t-11 
83*. 85 
Reid, 52 ; «■< 
and Reed 

Remington, 2 
Remnant, 20" 
Rendall, 208 

Rennison, 45 

Reynes, 273 ; 

Reynolds, 52 

Ricaby, 100 

Rich, 61 

Richard 1. 101 

Richard 11, 7 

Richard fit/. Nigell de 
Burcci, 83*. 8f, 85 

Richards, 03 

Richardson. (53, 208, 202 

Riches, 127 

Riekman, 271 

Riddiall, 204, 208 

Ridckyn, 70 

Ridley, 109 

also Read 

Ranulf), son 
de Burcei, 

,«• also Read 





Ridley, 19 

Ridley, Viscount, 284 

Ridman, 04 

Ricux, de, 193 

Rigden, 277 

Rigmaden, 87 

Rimell, 04 

Ringrose, 30 

Riou, 193* 

Ritchie, 23 

Rivers, 200, 287 

Rixton, 12, 17 

Rixtnn, 17 

Robert Clerc of Malpas, 

84, 85 
Robert fitz rlamon, 5* 
Robert fitz Hugh, Baron 

of Malpas, 83* 
Robert fitz Nigell, 84, 

Robert fitz William, 85 
Robert, son of Melisent, 

Roberts, 01*, 02, 130*, 

Robinson, Robenson, i 2, 

72, 112, 120, 131, 195, 

204, 251, 271, 275 
Roche, Abbot of, SO 
Rode, 100 
Rodestoin. do,, 113 
Rogers, 52*. 01, 108, 123, 

130, 200, 240, 200 
Roi>e, 03 
Rokcby, 87, 108 
liohbi/, S7 
Rooke, 01, 127, 194 
Rous, 9, 274 
Rooston, do, 154 
Roper, 52*. 199, 275, 270 
Rose, 52* 
Ross, 52* 
Rosse, 42, 255 
Rostall, 207 
Rousby, 39 
Rowe, 209 
Rowell, 218 
Rowlandson, 52 
Royall, 127 
Ruddle, Ruddell, 04. 128, 

Ruddock, 200 
Rudston, 115 
Ruffus, Robert de, 83 
Rum boll, 131 
Rundoll, 207 
Russell, Russel, 52*. 129, 

Rutt, 02 
Ryeroft, 234 

Rymell, 200 
Ryther, 114 

liythcr, 178 

Sabidge, 208 

Sabin, 55 

Sackler, 01, 207 

Sackville, 19S 

Sadler, 02*. 03, 202, 200, 

Saiusbury, 207, 200 
St. Davids, Lord, 284 
Sainter, 189 
St. George, 14, 223 
St. John of Jerusalem, 

Prior of, 270 
St. Leger, 199* 
St. Martin, 161 
St. Werburgh, Abbot o) 

Salisbury, Bishop of, 1M), 

132, 221 
Salisbury, Earl of, 101 
Salisbury, Marquis of, 

Salkins, 275 
Salter, 271 
Salt marsh. Ill 
S.dveyn, Salvayne, Salviu, 

77, 81, 108, 100, 1S1 
Sampson, 277 
Samuel, Samuell, 52, 129 
Sandalo, de, 80 
Sandelands, 12S 
Sandford, IS 
Sansuin, 280 
Saitcn. 132 

Sauclteusi'inara, de, 155 
Saunder, 00 
Saunders, 52 
Savage, Sauage, 10*, 11, 

Savage, 16 
Savary, 52 
Savile, 259 
Saw, 203, 208 
Say, 128 
Sayer, 207 

Scarborough, Earls of, 213 
Sea ris brick, Scares brecke, 

140*, 148, 149, 151*, 

237, 243 
Schutz, 193 
Seorey, 180 
Scotland, King of, 213 
Scotland, Queen of, 78 
Scott, Scot, 52*, 124, 208, 

205, 278* 
Scott of Scotts Hall, 198 
Scovell, 126 

Seroj)e, Scroope, 111, 147 
Scurcs, Seuris, de, 73, 

Seager, 204 
Scdgwieke, 40 
Selby-Lowndes, 215 
Selman, 04 
Sclvill, 52 
Semar, 36 
Serle, 103 
Serlys, 274 
Seymour, Seymor, 127, 

128, 132, 205 ; see alio 

Seymour, Lord, 132 
Seymour, Queen Jane, 132 
Shaddeworth, de, 79 
Shadwdl, 01 
Shagh, 10 
Shapsheire, 200 
Sharp, Sharpe, 52, 131 
Shates, 133 

Shaw, Shawe. 10, 52, 250* 
Shearman, 52 
Shearsmith, 52 
Sheffield, 114* 
Shepherd, Sheppard, 52, 

Sherfield, 270 
Sheridan. 52 
Shcrington, 234 
Shewring, 05 
Shilleto, Shillito, IH4, 

Shilleto, 251 
Shiply, 52 
Shipman, 272 
Shirley, 43, 113 
Short. 03, 200 
Shory, 05 
Shubley, 203 
Sidwell, 205 
Sieveir, 208 
Simmens, 133 
Simon, son of William de 

Hedun, 154 
Simpson, Synipson, Sim- 
son, 30, 35, 44, 52* 
Sinclair, 51 
Sisom, 03, 04 
Sitwcll, 168 
Skase, 272 
Skeat, Skeate, 202, 205. 

Skelton, 37, 45-40 
Slit lion, 45 
Skerne, 115 
Skeyles, 218 
Skinner, 248 
Slabbard, 70 
Slade, 200 
Slater, 31 



Slingar, 187-188 
Sinallo, 133 
Sniallpage, Smalepage, 

Smart, 127 
Smedmore, 61, 203 
Smelt, 235, 250 
Smith, 33, 30, 39, 52*. 

04*, 120, 127, 12«J, 132, 

107*. 170*, 203, 2O0. 

207, 201, 205. 200, 207, 

270*. 271, 272* 
Siiiithson, 40 
Smolte, 233 
Smyth. 31, 01, 120, 141), 

204*, 20."), 278* 
Snawdell, 3!) 
Snaynton, de, 80 
Suell, 185 

Snelleslund, de, 229* 
Somerset, 28;*) 
Somervill, 248 
Soimier, 204 
Southernc, 02 
Sparks, f>3 

S|)i'iieer, Spenser, 43, f>3 
Spender, 131, 272 
Spoforth, 32 
Sprat t, 208 
Spronle, 194 
Squire, 182 
Stable, 184 
Stables, 183-184 
Stable*, 183 

Stafford, ile, 150, 157* 
Stafford, Kill of, 211 
Stanford, 01 
Stanhope, 100*, 109*, 170, 

Stanley. 88, 233. 238 
Stanley, 88 
Stanley CI irke, 280 
Stanton, 272 
Stupeley, 88 

Stapleton, Stapulton, 00 
Starkey, 152, 153 
Stavclcy, 44 
Stear. Steer, 53 
Steele, 53 
Steill, 22 
Stephens, 124 
Stephenson, 135 
Stevens, 04, 127, 130. 131, 

Stevenson, IS4 
Slcvins, 129 

Stewart, 22*, 23*. 24. 20, 
27. 2'.). 30*. !I0, '.17. 98, 
100 ; sec ulw Stuart 
Stiffe, 03 
Still, 53 
Stilliugton, 249-250 

Stillingtun, 249 
Stirling, Strewling, 91* 
Stockham, 254, 271 
Stockwell, 131 

Stoke, 200 

Stokes, 205 

Stonehouse, 251 

Stopforth, 53 

Storr, 180 

Story, 180 

Stow, 277 

Strangford, Viscount, 278 

Strangways, Strangwayes, 

108, 109, 113, 194 
Street, Streete, 02, 04*, 

Stretch, 2(i7 
Strickland, 44*, 258 
Strugland, Stragland, 205 
Stuart, 50 ; sen uldO Stew- 

Stubbs, 53 

Sturridge, 203 

Style, 189 

Styles, 203 

Snnthorp, de, 74, 75 

Sutcr, 53 

Sutherland, Dukes of, 141 

Sutton, 110, 157*, 249, 
204, 271 

Swan, Swon, 53, 78 

Swift, 55*, 144 

Swinyard, 53 

Sworton, de, 7, 9 

Swynflett, 81 

Syme, 209 

Symon, 180 

Tabley, de, 7*. 8*, 9*, 
11*, 10* 

Tablet/, de, 10*, 19 

'rubor, 200 

Tnglismon, 149 

Talbot, 200 

Tauficld, 50 

Tankcrvile, The Cham- 
berlain of, 13 

Tanner, 208 

Tarboek, 243 

Tatton, 15, 19 

Taubman, 193 

Taylor, Tayler, 31, 37, 
53*. 02. 123, 127*, 170 

Tellen, 271 

Tumjicst, 90*, 282 

Tempest, 90 

'Templars. Knights. 
220-224, 230* 

'Tenant, 40 

Tenison, 185 

Tennyson, Lord, 213 

Tetlow, 53 
Thanct, Karl of, 57* 
Thatcher, 275 

Thellusson, 214 
Theobald, Thebolde, Te- 

bold, 273*. 274* 
Thistlethwayte, 208 
'Thomas, 53* 
'Thomas, clerk of Wiche- 

tona, 73 
Thompson, 35, 109, 201 
Thomson, 22, 53, 207 
Thornaby, 180 
'Thorn burgh, Thome- 
borough, 45, 131, 207 
Thorite, 133 
Thornekyn, 70 
Thornhill, 278 
'Thornton, 112, 178, 247, 

255, 203, 208 
Thorpe, Thorp, 53, 70*. 
112-115, 190 

Thorpe, 112 
Thresher, 03 

Thring, 01, 208 
'Throckmorton, 30 
Thurkclby de, 159, 100* 
'I huschct 70 
Thwaites, Thwaytes, 
Thwayts, 31, 33, 38 
Tidcombe, 120, 130 
Titcombe, 128 
Tocketts, 108-109 
Tockttts, 108 
Tod, 42 

Todeni, de, 150, 157 
Toft, de, 8, 9 
Tolson, 250 
Tom kins, 53 

Tomlinson, 238 

Too key, 128 

Topham, 111-112 

Topham, 111 

Topp, 208 

Topping, 70 

Torniant, 'Turniant, Wil- 
liam, 3*. 4*. 5 

'Torre, 219 

Tournay, 82, 83 

'Towers, 255 

Towke, 275*. 270* 

Townelande, 199, 201 

Towneley, 45 

Townsend, Townesend, 
103, 272 

To wry, 39 

Towsey, 01 

'Trafford, 88, 117, 118, 

Tratle, 180* 

Treste, 210 

Tronae, 53 



Trussel, 8 
Tuck, 203, 276 
Tucker, 203, 205 
Turkey, 208 
Tufton, 54, 55, 57* 
Tullibnrdine, Mail of, 20 
Tiirbutt, I'.")") 
Tu in i)u 11, 53 
Turner, 130, 200, 209 
Turnherd, de, 159 
Twycross, 53 
Twysleton, 182 
Tyler, Tylor, 100, 171 
Tyller, 271 
Tyntc, 283 

Tyrringham, Tirringham, 

Ughtred, 05 
Upthomas, 127 
(Jrmestone, I2S 

Usher, 203, 203 
lived ale, 137 

Valoutia, Viscount, 

Vallo, Hugh de, 3 
Van Valkiuburgh, 109 
Vavasour, 110, 1 15*. IS'.), 

Venables, de, 9 
Verdon, 190 
Verdun, do, 150, 157* 
Vere, 6 
Vere, de, 232* 
Vernon, 87, 211 
Vtrncn, 87 
Vorrior, 122 
Vincent, 03, 127, 132, 205, 

Viner, 17 
finer, 17* 
Viret, 53 
Vylet, 204 

Waggett, 191 

Wait, 205 ; see also Wayto 

Wake, 201), 284 

Walais, Wayllais, le, 147, 

Waldron, 18, 131 
Waleran, 101, 102 
Wales, Edward, Prince of, 

12. 13* 
Walford, ,vci Wo Ho id 
Walker, 53*, 171. 207, 208 
Wall, 142 



Waller, 124 

Wallis, 05, 128, 131, 133, 

Walsh, Wulshc, 53, 152 
Walton, 190 
Wausborrough, \V r a i is 1 io - 

row, 128, 204 
Warl.urton, 15*. 17 
Warburlon, 10, 17 
W&rco]>pe, 259 
Ward, Warde, 40, 53*. 

109, 135*. 170*. 201 
Wardor, 128 
Wan-, 174 
Warham, 274 
Warner, 53 
Warned, 143 
Warrall, 202 
Wane, Lord de la, 82 
Warren, Warm, 53, 124*. 

125, 103 
Warren, Marl, 
Warton, 205 

Warwick, 10 
Warwick, Kails of, 73. 213 
Warwick, Maud, Countess 

of. 73 
Wastell, 40 
Wastfield, Wastfeild, 

Water, at, 270, 277 
Waterman, 03, 

Waters, 127 
Watkins, 200 
Wat more, 202* 
Watney, 53 
Watson, 44, 53*, 
Watt, 53 
Watts, 53, 201 
Wawne, 187 
Wavn.l, 33 
Wayte, 45*. 18; 

see also Wait 
Wayte, le, 102 
Wearing, 133 
Weason, 205 
Weaver, 04 
Wehh, Webb 

128, 131. 200, 

200, 207, 203" 

207*, 270, 272 
Weeks, 127 
Weidon, 170 
VVelburn, 18!) 
Welletou, de, 70 
Wells, 53, 03. I 14, 
Welsch, 53 
Welstced, 203 
West, 03. 127, 133, 

200, 207 


04, 205, 

194, 277 


Web, 01, 
201, 204, 


Westbcero, 01, 207 
Westland, 204 
Westmorland, Karl of, 111 
Weston, 204 

Wctherhcul, 249 

Wetman, 204 

Wharton, 141, 227 ; see 

ids,, Warton 
Wharton, Barony of, 2*3 
Wharton, Lord, 283 
Wheat li, 187, 258 
Wheeler, 02, 128, 207 
Whelplcy, 132* 
Whistler, 01 
Whitaker, 205 
White, 30, 01, 131, 203, 

200, 200, 207, 209, 278 
Whiteare, 204 
Whitebread, 48 
White Imi us. The, 221* 
Whitebait, 120 
Whitehead, 270, 271 
Whitehorne, 02, 127 
Whitfield, 143 
Wliitgreve, de, 211 
Whitley, 207 
Whitmarshe, 120, 208. 

Whitmore, 17 
Whittilm, 53 
Whittv, 200 
Wibreton, de, 74. 75 
Wiekenby, Wikinkebi, 

Wikynkebi, de, 73, 22!) 
Wickham, 190 
Wicks, 53 
Wignall, 234 
Wilherfosse, 33, 190-192 
Wilbvrfuxsv, I '.10 
Wilhraham, Wilhram, 15*. 

Wilbruhnm, 17 
Wilcocks, 18 
Wilcocks, 18 
Wilford, 198, 199 
Wilkes, 114 
Wilkins, 02. 129 
Wilkinson, 183, 202,252*. 

Wilkinson, 252 
Willinds, 40 
Willford, 125 
William fit/. Nigell de 

Bureci, S3*, 85* 
William of Ely, 75 
Williams, 53* 
Williamson, 30, L92, 258 
Willinglon, 15 
Willis, IS, 12'.). 204, 205 
Wills, 03*. (il 
Wilsford, 1S2 
WUshire, 01 



Wilson, 53*. 180, 253, 2ti3 
Wilson, Rev, Thomas, 210 
Wimar tlif Chamberlain, 

Win bolt, 51 

Winchester, Bishop of,277 
Windell, 53 
Wingham, de, 100 
Winn, 53 
Winter, 272 
Witchmaych, 03 
Withers^ Wy thers, 204, 

Wodc, at, 100, 1«J7* 
Wodnoth, 18 
Wolford, 02 
Wolfthorpo, 81 
Wollesctt, 131 
Wolselcy, 211* 
Wolsey, Cardinal, 213 
Wolsthorpe, 81 
Wood, 103, 123, 125, 2 74; 

see also Wodc 

Woodchurch, tdi.ui Clarke, 

Woodhousc, de, 12 

Woodier, 133 
Woods, 128 

Worley, 269 
VVorlidge, 270 
Wormald, 280 
WOrsley, 150 
Worthington, do, 147 
Wrangham, 53, 187 
Wray, 240 
Wren, Sir Christopher, 

Wrenn, 02 
Wright, 178-170,223,252, 

Wright, 178 
Wroth, 125 
Wronghton, 201) 
Wyatt, Wyat, 132, 205, 

200, 270 
Wylderker, de, 100 

Wytham, 32 
Wylliers, see Withers 
Wy\ ill, Wyvell, Wivill.40, 
43, 4 1 

Yate, 135 
Ycrburgh, 195 

Verliiiry, 01 
Yong, 208 

York, Archbishop of, 1 

Y<»rk, Dean of, 179 
York, Duke of, 211 
Young, 53, 01, 03, 117, 

127, 129, 131, 200, 209, 

271*, 272 
Young, Archbishop, 240 
Yuill, 21, 22 ; see also 


Zole, 128 
ZuiU, 24* 

see also Vuill 



An asterisk (*) after a number denotes that the name uceur.-. more than once 

on that page. 

Abbas Combe, 70 
Aberdeen, -17, 4!), 53 
Aheruehill, 23 
Abingdon, 5 
Abingdon Abbey, 83 
Acastcr, 2, 249 
Achachromc, 20, 91, 93 
Aehadashcnaig, 29, 30*, 

97, 98, loo 
Acklam, 77, 155* 
Aekworth, 177 
Acton, Aketon (eo. York), 

Adisliain, 55, 19b* 
Adlington, 87 
Agccroft, 88 
Aghlon, see Augliton 
Agli thorfw in Covcrhum, 

111*, 112 
Agnes Burton, see Burton 

Airdphuire Castle, 24* 
Aisludt, 70 
Aisthorp, 3 
Akeld, Akeild, 288 
Aldborough (co. York), 

178, 187 
Aldbourne, Awborno, 269 
Aidlmrgli (eo. York), 247 
AMei inaston, 272 
Allord (co. Lino.), 138 
Allord (Son. I.). TO 
All Cannings, til, 127, 131, 

Alter, 70 

Allerton Grange (co. 
York), 249 

Allerton Maleverer, UU 

Allerton (Somt.), 70 

Allington (Dorset), 134 

Allington (Wilts), 04 

Almsfbrd, 70, 71 

Alton Barnes, til 

Alvaston, 104-171 

Alverstoko, 205 

Anieriea, 104, 280 ; Anna- 
polis in Maryland, 47 ; 
Baltimore, 40, 53 ; Bos- 
ton, 50, 142; .Maryland, 
47 ; .Massachusetts, 142, 
143 ; New England, 
237 ; New York, 71 ; 

Philodi Iphia, 53; Boris 

mouth, New Hants, 52 ; 

Virginia, 71* 
Anicsbury, 01, 02*, 12b, 

127, 204, 206, 208, 209, 

Antesbury .Magna, 207 
Amiens, 173 
Amotiuderncss, Wapen- 
take of, 212 
Aueaster, 33, 08 
Anderson (Dorset), 208 
Andovcr, 72*, 208, 271*. 

Angorsleigh, 70, 71 
Anglesey, 47 
Angram Grange, 109 
Ankerwyckc, 212 
An la by," 114 
Annapolis (U.S.A.), 47 
Antigua, 286 
Appleby, 33 
Appledoreficld, 123 
Appleton (co. Chest.), 8*, 

9, 11*, 12*, 14 
Appleton in le Street, 44*, 

179, lso*, LSI 
Appleton W'iske, 109 
Appleton (eo. York), 10 
Aquilainc, 13 
Arda. haslill, ill tan, 20*, 90 
Ardel'our, 91 
Ardentrive, 93 
Arderne, 70 
Ardfin, 28 
Ardiphurchastell, 22 
Ardkin glass, Ardehacyn- 

glas, 21, 91 
Ardnanmrchan, 28, 2D*, 

30, 97, loo, 10 1* 
Argyll, 20*, 21*, 22*. 23*. 

24*, 27 
Argyllshire, ',18 
Ariehonan, 28 
Ariskuodnish, Ardseoad- 
neis, 20, 21*, 23, 28, 
91, 92, 93 

A. ley, 15 

Armagh, 200 
Armathwaite, 40 
Arnall, 102, 103 

Anuliffe, 17'J 

Arn fad, 20 

Arundel, 50, 134, 210 

Arundel Castle, 284 

Ascog, 04 

Asli near Sandwich, 190* 

Ashampstcad, 204 

Ashbourne (co. Derby), 

Ashbrittlc, 70 
Ashburton, 08 
Asheott, 70 
Ashfield (Scotld.), 99 
Ashford (Kent), 200, 220 
Asldll, 70 
Ashling, East, 51 
Ashlington, 04, 126 
Ashton Keynes, 205, 200, 

Ashton, West, 204 
Ashwardhurn Wapentake, 

Asliworth (co. Lane.), 90 
Askham, 223, 224 
Askrigg, 42, 45 
As pin wall, Aspyn wale.As- 
mall, 14.".*, 147, 14'.)*, 
150, 151, 152* 153, 
233, 234*. 235, 2 10, 211, 
243*. 24 1*. 245 
Aston (co. Chest.), lb 
Aswardby, 5* 
Auchinbreck, 20* 
Augliton, Agliton (eo. 
Lane.), 38, 148* 151*, 
152, 241 
Aukborough, 183 
Ave bury, 129, 202, 204, 

203, 270 
Aveland Wapentake, 70 
Averham, 110, 24',) 
Aw borne, sci Aldbourne 
Aw re, 12 'J 
Axbridgc, 200 
Aylesbury, 138 
Aylesford, 199 
Ayr and Irvine Burghs, 

Ayton(co. Chest., ? Eaton), 

8, 9 
Ayton, Great, 105 
Ayton (co. York), 104, 105 



Bachley (? Hockley), 55 
Baddcsley Clinton, 143 
Boddow, Much, 103* 
Bainton (co. York), 36, 

Bale Stubing (co. York), 

Balnlieek, 176* 

Baltimore (U.S.A.), 49, 53 
Hainff, 51 
Bamford, 89 
Bampton (co. Westmd.), 

■2-2-2, 223, 221*. 225 
Banughar, 50 
Ban kc poor, 194 
Bannockbum, 78 
Barbados, 286-287 
Barbreck, 21, 93 
Bardney Abbey, 229 
Barford, 214 
Barford St. Martin, 26, 

126, 207 
Bargaltroof, 91 
Barham (Kent), 56, 57*, 
58, 59, 60*, 121*. 122*. 
123, 125, 197*. 198*, 
Barham, South, 122, 123 
Barichcbcyan, 26, 96 
Barking, 24;} 
Barkston, 1 
Barley (co. York), 181, 

Barlcybankc (co. Lane.), 

Barling Abboy, 74* 
Barn by near Pooklington, 

Barnliy (c<>. York), 192 
Barningham, 160 
Barnoldswiek Cotes, 250 
Burnsloy (co. York), OS, 

lsl (co. Lane.), 

Barton (co. Lane.), 89 
Barugh (co. York), 44 
Basildon, 270 
Basingstoke, 5:5, 137 
Bassingham, 228 
Bath, 48, 64, 243 
Battle, 07, 137 
Bawtry, 35, 51 
Bayham (Sussex), 142, 

I 13 
Bayloy'a Court (Sussex) 

Beall, 189*, 190* 
Beaufort West, 48, 50 
Beau lieu, Bewly, 266 
Beaumaris, 47 
Beaumes, Manor of, 213 

Bcckenham, 198 

Bee.kering, 1 

Beck House in Pickering 

Lythe, 31, 32, 33*. 192 
Bcekington, Bcckliinton, 

BeekUy, set Bachloy 

Bodale, 00 
Bedford, 194 
Bedfordshire, 48, 70, 101* 
Bedgbury (Kent), 123 
Bellinton (co. Som.), 138 
Belthorpc, Bclthrop, 261 
Bengal, 49*, 51*, 53* 
Bennand, 91 
Benniworth, 1, 3 
Bent ley (eo. York), 282 
Bere near Dover, 275, 

Berks (eo. York), 187 
Berkshire, 18, 48, (il, 03, 
64, 127, I2S, 131, 132, 
133*, 134, 130, 137, 161, 
102*, 193, 194*, 202*. 
204, 207, 213, 203, 264, 
205*, 200, 207, 208, 
270*, 271, 272*, 281 
Berwick Basset, 129,203 
Berwick St. James, 271 
Berwick on Tweed, 80 
Bcswick, Bescwikc (eo. 

York), 115 
Beverley, 36*, 37, 41*. 49, 

13',), 191, 248, 250 
Beverley Minster, 247 
Bevel-ton, 201 
Box ton, Box ton (eo. 

Chest.), 8, 14 
Biekerstalle, Beekei'stet, 

Biddenden, 69 
Middenham (Bods), 278 
Bifrons in Barking, 213 
Bilbrough, 10) 
Bilson, 49 
Binbrook, 1. 2,* 3* 
Birkenhead, 117. 119 
Birling (Kent), 275 
Birmingham, 53 
Bishop Burton, 247, 258 
Bishop's Cannings, 03, 

204, 204, 205, 207 
Bishopdykc Hall (co. 

York), 250* 
Bishop's Hatfield, see 

Bishopston (Wilts), 120, 

201, 208 
Bishopstrow, 279 
Bishop Wilton, 191, 201 
Blockarswell in White- 
parish, 101, 102 

Blackliurst (Sussex), 43 
Blackmorc (Kssex), 103 
Blackwood Hill, 2*5 

00, 10 I 

Blakebroke in Tabley, 7 

Bl.ndford, 195, 208 

Blondworth, 131 

Bloxholme, 77, 79, 82 

Bhibbeihouses (co. York), 

Bhinsdoi) St. Andrew, 03 

Boilbrokc (Devon). 134 

Bodmin, 282 

Bolton upon Dearne, 252 

Bolton (eo. Lane.), 50 

Bolton Percy, 3s* 

Bolton upon Swale, 178*. 

Bombay, 53 

Bonnington, Bimnington, 

Boscdcn(eo. York), 188 

Bossleton (V Basildon), 

Bostock, 11 

Boston (U.S.A.), 50, 142 
Bosworth, Market, 09 
Boulby, Bulcby, ISO 
Boulogne, 121 
Boulogne, Honour of, 101 
Boulton(co. Derby), 109*. 

Bourne (Kent), 54, 55 
Bowbridgo Hall (eo. York), 

Bowerehalk, 207* 
Boynton, 11*. 258 
Boythorpe, 185 
Boyton (Wilts), 208 
Braeon Ash, 70 
Bradouham, Hast, 144 
Bradfield (Berks), 204, 

Bradfield (Essex), 49 
Bradford 1'everell, 138 
Bradford (Wilts), (,1*, 03, 

120, 132, 200, 208 
Bradford (co. York), 07, 

252*, 27!) 
Bradley, Bradleigh (eo. 

Chest.), s*, 10*, 12, 138, 163 
Bramsliau, 03, 126 
Brain-lull (Haul-), 248 
Braneepvth, 111 
Brandesburton, 37 
Brandon, Honour of, 157* 
Brandsby, 188, 190 
Brax'cd, 137 
Bray, 272 



Breech, Brecho, in Bar- 
ham, 121, 122 
Brcnihill, 02, 205, 200 
Breiilford, Brahiford, Is 
Brcnzctt, Brensctt, 121* 
Brcreton, 34 

Bridge, Brigge (Kent), 59 
Bridgwater, 52, 00, 137 
Bridlington, 100* 
Bridling! < n Priory, 155 
Bridlington Quay, 100 
Bright helniestone, 210 
Briinpton (Berks), 202 
Bdnkworth, 62, 272 
Bristol, 49, 204 
Britford 130, 204, 2(53 
Broad Chalke, 204, 207 
Broad H in ton, 2(55, 209 
Broadstairs, l!)4* 
Broad Town (Wills), 2(i9 
Brockenhurst, 02, 208 
Broke, .Manor of (Kent), 

Bromham (Wilts), G2*, 03, 

131, 204, 205, 271. 272 
Bromley, Broomely 

(Kent), 12."), 278 
Brompton in Gillingham, 

Broomfield (Essex), 103 
Broughton Gifford, 270 
Browshohne, 1S7 
Bruton, 09 
Bubwith, 115 
Bucholtz, 195 
Buckingham, 157 
Buckinghamshire, 07, 0!), 

130, 138 
Buckrose, Wapentake of, 

Budworth, IS 
Bulford, 01, 2d.-) 
Bulkington, 204, 204 
Bullington, 209 
Bullington Priory, 230 
Burcombe, (il, 130 
Burdensball, Burton Ball, 

2i 13 
Burghfield, 205 
Burnbutts, 36 
Burnley, 187 
Bur.seou^h, Burscow, 147, 

149, 151, 235, 237 
Burscoiigli Priory, 1 15, 

Burstcd in Bourno, 54 
Burslwiek, 113 
Burton Agnes, 105, 100*, 

Burton, Bishop, 247, 258 
Burton, Cherry, 247, 258* 
1J irton Constable, 44 

Burton, High (eo. York) 

Burton fro. Staff.), 100 
Burton Slather, so, 249 
Bur west on ('.' Burwarton), 

Bury St. Edmunds, 107*, 

Biishton in Clyffe Pypard, 

Busliimtliorpe, 75, 77 
Butlermere (Will-), 271 

Cadbury, North, 72* 
Cadehy (eo. Line.), 1 
Cadiz, Cades, 278 
Calais, 124, 193, 201 
Calcutta, lit*, 52 
Cali'lull, 201 
Calke Abbey, 81* 
Callgarlh, 44 
Calnc, 52, 130, 132, 204 
Cal-on {■> Calstone), 210 
Calvelcy (eo. Chest.), 18 
Calverley (eo. York), 42, 

Calwich, 71 
Camber Castle, 124 
Camberwell, 135, 201* 
Camblesforth, 170*, 177* 
Cambleton, 52 
Cambridge, 0!), 200, 281 
Cambridgeshire, 30, 00*, 

Oil*. 137, 274, 281 
118, 111), 144. 105; Em- 
manuel Coll., 224 ; 
King's Coll., 100; Mag- 
dalen Coll., 194 ; Pem- 
broke Coll., 193 ; St. 
John's Coll., 100*, 107, 
108, 179, 242 ; Trinity 
Coll., 170. 18'J 
Canlins (Wilts, ? Can- 
ning), 210 
Cann, 203 
Cannington, 210 
Canterbury, 50, 54, 5C>,, 
123*, 125, 137, 100, 200, 
210, 274, 270, 277 
Cape Colony, is, 411, 50 
Capo of Good Hope, 47-53 
Capo To» n, 17, 5 1 *, 52* 
Cardiff, 130 
Carlisle, 52, 224 
Carlton, Carleton (eo. 
Line), 1, 3, 75, 70, 155, 
Carlton in Kestcvcn, 228 
Carlton in Lindsey, 228 

'urlton, Little (eo. Line). 

70, 7H, 7!) 
'arlton near Snailli, K2, 

'arlton, Carleton (eo. 

York), 247, 25!) 
larnarvon, eo., 139 
larrick. loo 
!arringlon, 31 
lassington, Hi8* 
lastle Combe (Wilts), 

'astle Lcvingtun, I7s 

'at low, 187*. 1SS 
"atsficld, an Cotcsfield 
"alton (eo. York), 190 
Javersham, 282 
)awood (co. York), 277* 
lax ton, 00 
•erne, 13 1 
'hailderton, Chatcrton, 

'halke (Wilts), 2O0 
Ihandlochlean, 20 
Jhapel Hill in Mar dale, 

223, 224*, 225*, 220* 
'hard, 210 
Jharing, 200 
Jharllon (Wilts), 62, 131*. 

200, 207, 272 
'hart. liiS, 201*. 275 
'hart , ( ireat , 275 
Ihcadle, Chedle, 11*, 10 
Ihclmsford, 103, 210, 

lielsea, 51, 220 
'he i itrcchurst (eo. Chest.), 

Iherry Burton, 247*. 258* 
'he-hum, 130 
'hesbire, 10*. 13. 14. 17, 
IS*. 1!», 34, 53, 05, 
07*. 85-90, 100, 110*, 
117*. ll'J, 139, 155,212, 
214, 250 
Chester, 7, 8*, 10, 12, 13*. 
18, II), 53, 07, 83, 88, 
131), 23!)*, 242 
Chesterfield, 40 
Chevercll, Chivcrcll, 272 
Cheverell, Great, 208, 204, 

Childwall, 240, 243. 245* 
Childwall Abbey, 213 
Chilham, 125, 197, L99, 

Clulhampton, 207- 
Chilmark, 209 
Chilton Foliat, 131, 270 
Chilton (Wilts), 200 
Chilworth, 274 
Chiuon in Touraine, 74 

Chippenham, G2, 129, 13.1, 
201,20.")*, 20(i, 207, 264, 
265, 267 

Chipping Haunt, 134 

Chipping Canijxlen, 2S1 

Chirke, L39 

Cliirton, 131, 260 

Chisclborougn, 194 

Chiscnbury, 271 

Chisledon, 127 

Chislet, 196* 

Chitteme All Saint.-. 131 

Chitterne St. .Mary, 04 

Christian Malford, 04, 271 

Christlcton, 83, 84 

Chute, 12S 

Chynnook (co. Carnar- 
von), 139 

Cirencester, 134 

Clapham (Surrey), 48 

Clarendon, 101* 

Clayton (co. York), 252 

Cleasby, 72 

Cleveland, 112, 135, 180, 

Cleverly (? Clevcrton in 
i,ea), 270 

Clieve Court in Thane t, 54 

Chile, Clytfe (co. North- 
ton), 280 

Cliffe (co. York), 247 

Clifton (co. Chest.), 10 

Glints (? Clint), 40 

Clyfle L'ypard, 203 

Coat in Bishop's Cannings, 

Coates (co. Line.), see 

Cockersand, 140 

Codding! on (en. Chost.),17 

Ciulloii'l Si. M.uv, 201, 

Cod ford St. IVler, 128 

Coggeshall, 201) 

Colchester, 137, 274 

Coleraine, 47 

Coleshili (co. Warw.), 130 

Collingbournc Kingston, 
03, 129, 207, 207 

Colonsay, 27*, 90, 99* 

Combe Nevill (co. Sur- 
rey), 100-163 

Compton Basset, 205 

Compton Chambcrlainc, 

Compton, Over, 208 

Coiiglelon, 18 

Connist hoi|K', 102 

Constantinople, 195 

Cuokhaiu, 202 

Co]imanthor pe, Copen- 
thorp, 110 


Coppull, 151* 
Corbridgc, 135 
Cornwall, (15*, G6, 07, 09*, 

72, 214*. 215, 280*, 

Corrillich, 25 
Corsham, 03, 130, 203 
Corson (? Cor at on, Somt.), 

Cotes ('! Coates co. Line.), 

Cotesfield in Sussex ('! 

Catsliekl), 201 
Cottenham, 30 
Cottingham, 258 
Coulhmuick, 91 
Coulston, 127, 200 
Coventry, 164, 105, 239*. 

Coverham, 111*, 112 
Cowbridge, 07, 136 
Cowersham (?Caversham), 

Cowton, Long, 39 
Craig, 142 
Craiginterriff, Craiginter- 

rive, 20, 24, 25 
Craignish, 96 
Craignish Castle, 20* 
Cranbornc, 129, 205 
Cranbrook, 273 
Cranswick, 30, 258* 
Crecy, 13 
Crenan, 20, 93 
Crenanbeg, 91 
Crenan mor, 91 
Crickladc, 27<>, 271 
CrickladeSt. Mary. 132 
Crickladc St. Sampson, 

tY..|l (mi. Line.). .".* 
Crouton, 152 
Ciooklmm, 194 
Crooin, Crome, 39 
Crosby llavensworth, 288 
Crowle, Croule, 2.) 1* 
Croxby, 3*, 114 
Croxton, 87 
Croydon, 07 
Cruel well, 129, 130*, 203, 

Cullerne, 129 
Culvcrthorp, 79 
Cumberland, 40, 102, 181, 

223*, 224, 251, 255 
Cunningham ( , > orks), 50 

Dalavieh, 20*. 27, 90, 101 
Dalby(co. York), 102 
Dale Abbey, 156 



Dalehead (co. Curob.), 1«1 

Dalton, South, 36 

Damerham (South), 271 

Danbury, 163* 

Dan by 'upon Wiskc, 253 

Danby (co. York), 111 

Dandelion in Thanct, 275 

Danna, 20, 28 

Danthorpe, 112, 115* 

Daresbury, Daysbury, 7. 
10*, 11 

Darleith, 24 

Darlington (? Darlton, 
Notts), 1(13 

Darneton, 109 

Darrington, 182, 259 

Dauntesy, 04 

Haven try, 108 

Deal, 54' 

Dean near Salisbury, 101 

Deane, East (Hants) 12! 

Deane (Kent) , 274 

Deane, West (Wilts), 204 

Denibleby, 70, 135 

Denbigh, 136 

Denbigh, co., 130, 139 

Denbj (co. Derby), 109 

Den ford, 232 

Denne (Kent), 55, 50 

Dennehill (Kent), 54* 

Denton (Bucks), 138 

Denton (Kent), 58 

Denton (co. Lane), 
80*. 87*, 88*. 89 

Deoli (India), 194 

Kept ford. 49, 130, 138,100 

Derby, 104*, 105, 166*. 
107*. I OS*. 109*, 17o*. 
171. 2M 

Derby, \W I, 233, 231 
Derbyshire, 40. 84, 102, 
103, 1(14-171, 209, 279, 

Dereham, East, 143 

Derwent, The, 79 

Dcssiards Farm in Chip- 
penham, 265 

Devizes, 01, 02, 03*, 04*, 
05, 127, 129, 130*, 132*, 
135, 203*. 204, 205*, 
200, 207*, 2(13*, 2(15*, 
200, 207,208,209*, 27o, 
271, 272*, 280 

Devonshire, 48, 49, 51,66, 
07*, OS*, 72. 134, 135*, 
137, 138, 203. 240 

Dewsliorne (V), 173 

Diggs Court in Rarham, 

Ditchampton, 203 





Doddington, Duddington 

(Ken I), 275*, 277 
Dodlcston, l(i, 155 
Dominica, 07 
Doncaster, ;}.'{, 251; 280 
Dongeon in Canterbury, 

270*. 277 
Donhead Lodge (Dorset), 

Donhead St. Mary, 120 
D(»niii»t,,n (,■(.. Line.), 139 
Dorchester, 134, 135, 281 
Dorit t in Chippenham, 2H5 
Dorsetshire 48, HI, H2, 05, 
12!), 131*, 134*, 135, 
130, 138, lit."), 208*, 
203*, 2(50, 208, 281, 2s:{ 
Doungaiivc, 25 
Dover, 12 1*. 125, 198,199, 

Dover Castle, 54 
Downe (Kent), 00 
Downton, 127*, 130, 205, 

Dra.x. 7!)*, 80, Si*, 82*, 

83*, 177*, 181, 231, 232 
Drayeott, 204 
Draycott < 'erne, 131 
Drillield, 258 
Driflicld, Creat, 138,258*, 

Dromon by, 2(i0 
Driundarroch, 27 
Drumuamuckloch, 93* 
Dublin, 47, 174, 287* ; 

Trinity Coll., 287 
Duddington, we Dod- 

< 1 i n <_! t < » 1 1 
1 >.iDi. 1. 1 . North, 2*, 75, 

70, 77*. SI, 15!) 
Dukiuficld, 10, S5, SO*. 

S7*. ss, on 
Dumbarton, 3D*, OS, 193 
Dununore ('/ I liinmow ). 10 
Dunad, 25*, 00 
Dunardt-ry, 28 
Dunby (? Dauby), 209 
Duneoates (eo. York). 255 
Dundee, 52 
Dunham Massey, 17 
Dunholm, 3, 74*, 7.". 
Dunkerton, 2ii. r . 
Dunnvow, 40 
Dunmow Magna, 2S1 
Dunniugton, 25H 
Duntroon, 20-30, 01-101 
Dimtroon Caslle, 01 
Durham, 10-1 
Durham, |iNhopricknf,20 I 
Durham, co., ."iO*, 4<», 

52, 102, 108, loo*, I 10*. 

1 87, 2tiO. 288 

Durnford (Wills), 72* 
Durringfon (Wills), (il 
Duttun, 87 

Earlscourl in Lam borne, 

Earlstoke, 205, 271 
Easby, Escby, 259, 200 
Easingwold, 31, 180, 181, 

2."..")*, 250* 
East Ashling, m Ashling 
Easterton in Market La- 

vinglon, 120, 132 
Eastfield (eo. York), 39 
Eastoft, Estoft, 1 14 
East on (eo. Line), 1 
Easton (Wills), I2H. 132 
Easlry (Kent), 273*, 271 
EaMry Court (Kenl), 27.'f 
Eatington, 143 
Eatoii (Beds), 48 
Eaton ((•<>. Chest.), 18; 

sci Him Ay ton 
Ebberston, 41*, 42 
Eecleston (eo. Lane), 2150 
Eckerin« (Notts), 250 
Ederline, 29 
Edinburgh, 22, 20, 29, 30, 

50, 53* 
Edinehip, 20* 
Edinglon (Wilts). 131,200, 

2n8, 207*, 271 
Edlinglon, 227. 228 
Edmonton, 53, 24.8 
Edston, 35 
Edw inlon ('.' Edmonton), 


Eland (eo. Stall), lsr> 
Eleoiiibe in Wroughtnn, 

02, li3 
Elhani, , r )9*, 122 
Ellunmackaskcn, 22. 2.'i*. 

20*, 20, OS 
Ellenhall, (eo. Stall.). 

211*. 212 
Ellerburn, 103 
Ellcrton, 24(i*, 247, 253, 

Ellington, st < Elynton 
Elmhain, North, I 0i*. 144 
Elmley, 180 
Elsham, Elsam, 3, 30* 
Elslaek, (Mi 
Elston, 1 10* 
Ely, 75 
Elynton, 77 
Enford, 05, 200, 203, 2(il, 

Engcham, Manor of 

(Kent), 100*. 200*. 201* 
Engleficld, 133, 272 

Epsom, 50 

Erdington, 130 

Eseott in Urehfont, 128 

Eseott (Wilts), 131 

Eslicr, 48 

Essex, 17*. 40*, 50, 55*. 

50, (is, 69*. 134, 137*. 

138*, 1G0, 102, 103*. 

194, 209, 229, 232*. 

24:}*, 280*, 281, 282 
Est en (co. York), 2f.o* 
Eton College, 105* 
Evcringham, ls2 
Evcrlcy, 120, 132 
Everthorpe, 2 17 
Evesham, 222 
Exeter, 47, 4s*. 51, 134. 

Exeter Castle, 135,137,138 
Eve, ti!) 

Faldingworlh, I, 3, 70, 81 
Farlington (co. York), 30 
Favershain, Feversham, 

130, 137, 200, 273 
Fawley (Hants), 200 
Ferriby (eo. York), 247 
Fethcrstonhalgh, 109 
Field (V co. Lane), 80 
Fifeshire, 40, 53 
Filield (Essex), 103 
Filiekl (Hants), 271 
Filield in Overton, 200 
Fifield (Wilt-). 130, 270 
Fijdieldean, (>•"), 131*. 207 
Filding (? Fi»heldean),131 
Finehmu, 14 1 
Fiulry, 49 
Fisherton, 272 
Fisherton Aimer, (il*. 131, 

133, 204, 200 
Fisherton Delamere, 127 
Fit t let on, 127, 131 
Flaiuborough, 14, 113 
Flanehford in Reigate, 

Flaxwell Wapentake, i> 
Flintshire, 139 
Flodden, 02 
Fochabers, .".I 
Folkestone, 55, 194 
Folkinghani, 270 
Fontroyst, 33 
Foots ('ray, 10.'}*, 104*. 

Ford in Milford (Wilts), 

Fordingbridge, 214, 204 
Fonlinglnn, 131 
Fordston {'! FaLston. 

Wilts) , 01 



Fordwicli, 275, 278 
Forscote, 208 
Foston (co. York), 178 
Fouhton, 208 
Fovant, G2 
France, 43, 70, 213 
Frenches in luigale, 198 
Friestou, 137 
Frinsted, Fresnted, 109 
Frismarsh, I II 
Frodsham, Fradcsham, 13 
Froino, 139 
Frome (Dorset), 44 
Frothingham, 111 
Fryorgarth (co. York), 

Fryston, see Monk Fry- 

ston and Water Fryston 
Full Sutton, 31*, 32*, 192 
Furnesa Abbey, 213* 

Gainford, 200 

Gales (co. York), ace 

Gamlingay, 09 
Gargravc, 250 
Garsdon, 129, 130, 202, 

203, 272 
Garston, East, 127 
Carton, 185 

Carton (in Holderness), 42 
Gascon y, 79 
Gate Helmslcy, 77 
Gawsworth, Gosworth, 87 
Gayles, Gales, 178 
Geneva, 214 
George (("ape Colony), 51, 

Germany, 195 
Gerstoiuj (co, Derby), tliCf 
Client, Gaunt, 173 
Gibraltar, 50 
Cifford's Manor (Essex), 

Gigha, 99 
Gilling, 187 
Gillingham (Dorset), 02 
Cillinghain (Kent), 51 
Gisborough, 109 
Glamorganshire, 1!), 07, 

Glandford Bridge, 130, 

139, 230 
Glasgow, 22, 50* 
Glasgow, Diocese of, 30 
Glassary, Glasrie, 20, 22*. 

24, 25, 99, 101 
Glastonshirc, 52 
Glasvar, 20* 
Glencharn, 27 
Glencbarran, 93* 


Glenorchy, 91, 92* 
Glentworth, 240* 
Gloucester, is, (it;, 

Gloucester Castle, 134 

Gloucester, Honour of, 5 

Gloucestershire, 52, 00*. 
12!), 133, I.I I*, 135, 130, 
102, 1!»5*, 202. 200,203, 
204, 205, 2S0, 2s 1 

Godinton, < loodonnton, 

Golborne, 151 

Goodnestone, 190*, 200* 

Goodonnton in Great 
Chart, ,si r Godinton 

Goole, 202 

Cordon house (Scot.), 53 

Gosport, 205 

Gotherington, 195 

Graaff Reinet, 51 

Graffoe, Wapentake of, 

Grainthorpe, 227 

Grange (co. York), 188 

Grangehouse (co. York), 

Grantham, 42,50,52,08,81 

Grappcnhall, Gropenhall, 
9, 10*. 11 

Grasby, 3 

Gravelines, (.'raveling 

Craves by, 83* 

Gravesend, 4!) 

Greasby, 85 

Greenfield Priory, 75 

Greenock, 98 

Greenwich, 104, 193 

Grcetc in Doddington 

(,'relley in IMoxhohnc 

Grille in Gucldcrland, 275 

Grimsby, 2 

Grimstead, West, 205 

Grimston, 178 

Griustead, Fast, 135,137*, 
210*, 279, 2S2 

Gritlleton, 01 

Groombridge, 124 

Gneldcrlancl, 275 

Guilden Sutton, 84 

Guisborough, 109 

Cunhy, Gunneby, 2* 

Gurneystrcct in Canning- 
ton,' 2K> 

Haecby, 2, 75, 70 
Hackney, 242* 
Hackston (Wilts), 02 
Haddlesey, West, 189 
Haddington (co. Line), 



Haddington (N.H.), 48 

Hague, Tlie, 195 
Halden, 270*, 277* 
H.dc (co. Lane), 239, 

240*, 241, 212*, 213*. 

Hale (eo. Line), 5*. 229 
Hale Hall (eo. Lane.), 

242*. 243 
Hale, Little, 229 
Hales House in Scars- 

brick, 235, 237 
Hales Place (Kent), 270*. 

Halifax, 249, 252, 282 
Hall (Wilts), (S3 

Hall,- (co. Chest.), 10 

Halsall, Manor, of, 145 

Halsham, 113 

Hampshire, 50,51,53, G8, 
72, 127, 129, 131, 137, 
139, 205, 208, 210, 214, 
205, 200*, 208, 27u*, 
271*, 2S0*, 281, 283 

Handforth, Hanford, 89 

Handley (eo. Chest.), 13 

Hankerton, 02, 209 

Hannington Week, 129 

Harden, 87, 88 

Hardres, 124 

Hardies, Magna, 122 

Hardres, Nether, 125 

Hard wick (co. York), 155 

Harlcston (Norf.), 48 

Harpliam, 185 

Harrop, Lower, 107* 

Hartham, 203 

Harthill, 31 

11 art hill Wapentake, 5, 

Hart ridge, 198 

Hartsliorne, 100* 

Haslcwood (eo. York), 189 

Haslinglon, 05 

Hastings, 72, 194 

Hatch, Last, 03 

Hat ii<ld, Bishop's, 137, 

Hatfield (co. York), 138 

Hathcrleigh, (Devon), 138 

Hatsebi (? Haceby), 2 

Haughton.East (co.York), 

Haverholme Priory, 74*, 
75*. 70, 78 

Haweswater, 223 

Hawkesbury, 203 

Haydor, 70, 79 

Hayes Court (Middx.), 281 

Hayti, 97 

Hayton.Heiton (co.York), 
0, 115 

Headlam, 200 




Headloy (co. York), 110 
Hease Court, see Hayes 

Heavitree, 48 
Hebrides, 50 
Heckington, 228 
Heddington, 208, 2G4 
Hedon, 247 
Helmsley, sec Cute Helms- 

Helshaw (co. Salop), 18 
Hemingborough, 209 
Hemsworth, 181 
Henfield, 210* 
Henley, 270 
II. P,,.' Heppa, 27!> 
Hereford, 07, 130*. 138 
Herefordshire, 07, 130*, 

138, ISO, 194, 240, 247 
Her land, 50 
Hermitage, 19 
Hertfordshire, 134, 137*, 

138*. 195, 2(12*, 204, 

224, 22(1, 250, 270, 277, 

280, 281 
Heveningham Castle, 107 
Hey bridge, 103 
Heywood in Westbury, 

Highgate, 210 ; sec also 

Hilcote (eo. Staff.), 211 
Hillfield Hall(co. YVarw.). 

Hillington, 105 
1 1 ilmai ton, 202, 266, 272 
Hilperton, 03, 127 
Hinderwcll, 187, 258 
Hindon, 270 
Hindustan, 49 
1 1 1 1 1 1 i'!i. .v, , Kroud II intoii 
llinxhill (Kent), 121* 
llitehin, 225 

Holbeek (eo. York), 31 
Holderness, 37, 39, 42, 

105, 109, 113, 154, 229, 

Holesworth (? Hols- 
worthy), 07 
Holker, Houlker, 90 
Holland, 109, 195 
llotliiighournc, 210 
Hollwellin Cranborne, 205 
Holme, 223 
Holme Cult ram, 224 
Holsworthy, 07* 
Holt (co. Leic.), 18 
Homington, til 
Hood, Hude, 45 
Horden (co. Durh.), 102 

Horlcy (co. Ozon), 153, 

155, 150*, 157*, 158, 

Hornby, 250 
Horneastle, 07*. 08, 135, 

137, 210 
Home in Appledorfield, 

123, 201) 
Homington (eo. York), 

Hornley, 87 
Hornton (eo. Oxon), 153, 

155. 150*. 157*. 158*. 

Horsham. 08, 27!) 
Morton (Dorset), 203 
Hothiield, Hotfield, 57 
Hougham, Huffam(Kent), 

Hougham (eo. Line), 

Houghton (Hants), 200 
Houghton in Sancton, 5 
Houghton (eo. York), 

Hounsiow, 257 
Houton (? Houghton), 5 
Howden, 192 
Howsham, 32 
Hubberholine, Hubberam, 

Hnddersfield, 184 

Hude (eo. York), si e Hoik] 
II initiate, Hugget, 30, 37* 
Hull, 33*, 34*, 79, 105*. 

IO0, 111', 113, 114, 185, 

I, Ml, 210 
Hulland, 168 
Hullavington, 203 
llumber, The, 79, 154* 
I lunslow Ueueon, 37 
lllilllillgdon, 00 
Hunwyko (eo. Durh.), 10S 
Hurleton, Hurk>.ston, 145, 

140* 147, 148*. 149*, 

150*, 151*, 235 
Hurst (Berks), 133 
Hurst Courtney, IS2 
Hurstmonceux, 210 
Hurstwood (eo. Lane.), 


llutt, llutle (eo. Lane.), 

152, 241, 212 
Huttoft, 3 

Hutton Bardolf, 100* 
Hutton Bus..!, ISO 
Hutton upon Darwent, 

102*, 103* 
Hutton, Little, 1ST* 
Hygate (? Highgate), 278 

lddesleigh, 66 
Idmiston, 2G7 

Ham, 20!) 
tiding (Kent), 125 
Ilininster, 194 
Inchchonnell, 20 
India, 49, 97, 158, 194* 
Indies, Last, 53 
Indies, West, 48*, 53, 98, 

280, 287 
Ingest re. I'll 

Inglefield, «•< Englefield 
Inker man, 11)4 
Innerneill, 2G 
Inner/.eldie.s, !)0 
Inveraray, 21, 23*. 20, 

27*. 28*, 30*, !)7. 98* 
Inverawe, 25, 04, 9G 
Inverlevir, 21, 22, 27, 92, 

Inverlochy, 94 
Inverlussay, 24 
Ipswich, 05, 135, 180 
Ireby, 187 
Ireland, 18, 47, 48*, 49*. 

50*, 51*, 52*, 53, 173*, 

174*, 175, 257, 200, 27«, 

Islandrie, 25 
I Isles, Diocese of the, 21 

| Jamaica, 53, 97 
Jura, 9G, 9!)*, 100* 

Kcevil, 03, 128, 203, 200 
Kegworth, 224 
Kelby, 70 
Kellield, 24!)*. 250* 
Kelhani, Kellani (co. 

York), 30 
Kellington. 189*, 190* 
KeLcy, South, 30 
Kelso, 50 
Kelston, 207 
Kemble, 04, 271 
Kendal, 259 
Kenmore, 28 
Kenncrton (? Kennard- 

ington), 200 
Kennington (Kent), 125 
Kenning ton, Kemington 

(Surrey). 13 
Kensington, 194, 220 
Kent, 48, 50*. 53*, 50, 

57, 00*, 69, 104, 121, 

122, 123, 124*, 125*. 

130*, 137*, 138, 193*. 

194*, 19G, 198*. 200*. 

201, 214. 210, 220. i>73, 

274*. 275*, 270*. 277*. 

278*. 281, 282 



Ker, 91 

Kerry, <o., 173 

Kesteven, 3, 7(i, 228 

Kettering, 6(3 

Kevington, 193 

Kexby, 191 

Kcyingham, Kayngham, 

Kilbrnndon, lol 

Kill. ride, 27, 90 

Kilchrcnan, Kilchrcnnan, 
27, 90, lol 

Kilcoinan (Inland), 18 

Kildalloig, 25 

Kilereen House (co. Kil- 
kenny). 52 

Kilfinan, 30, 93 

Kilham. 35, IS.",*, 281 

Kilkenny, co., 52 

Killehoan, 21 

K iliniirl in, 22, 23, 24*, 
25*, 27*, 28*, 93, 90, 

Kilmiehael, 22*, 21, 25*, 
27, 91, 99 

Kilniorie, 93 

Kilnhurst, 111 

Kilpin (co. York), 192 

Kil\ ington, Nortli, 209 

Kimpton House (llert.s), 

King's County, ">0 
King's Sutton, 278 
Kingston House (I. of W.), 

Kingston (Kent), 54 
Kingston (Surrey), 50, 

100, 102 
Kings-wood (Wills), 131, 

Kington St. Michael, 203, 

Kington (Wilts), 129 
Kinsalc, 17.! 
Kintbury, 204 
Kippax, 184 
Kirby Wiske, 17s, 253* 
Kirkburn, .'17 
Kirkby in Kendal, 138 
Kirkby Misperton, 43* 
Kirkby u|>on VViske ; see 

Kirby Wiske 
Kirk Ponton, 250 
Kirkhain Priory, 100 
Kirk f.,eviiigton, 288 
Kirk Merrington, 2til 
Kirks-lead, 0, 22!)* 
Kirkslead Abbey, 7:i. 7-"> 
Kirlon (co. Line), 139 
Kirlon in Holland (co. 

bine.), IK) 
Knap, 93 

Knapdale, 20 
Knapdale, North, 100 
Knapdale, South, 30, !)S 
Knapton (co. Vork), 187 
Kuarcsborougli, ii">, 015 
Knighton in BroadChalke, 

Knighton (co. York), 253 

Knotlessed (? Klllltsford), 


Knowl Hijl(Bcrks), 194 
Knutsford, Knot tesford, 
14 ; scctiLso Knotlessed 
Kydbie (co. Line.), 254* 
Kynic, Kime, 5 
Kymc, South, 5* 
Kyrkton ('.' Kirttm), 139 

Lachc (co. Chest.), 8 
Lacock, 127, 130, 200*. 

208, 270 
Lagganlochen, 94* 

Lamhornc, 204 
Lancashire, 17, 45*, 50, 

85-90, 107*. 137, 145- 153, 

149*, 152*, 187*. 188*, 

212*. 213, 233*, 231*, 

23.")*, 237, 238*, 239*, 

240*, 241*, 242*, 243*, 

244, 245, 259 
Lancaster, 53, 14(1*. 213* 
Landlord (Wilts), 203 
Langley, 117 
Langley Hun, II. 129. 207, 

271 ' 
Laimley in Kington St. 

Michael, 203, 205 
Langley Prior}', 84 
Langloftc (? ' Langtoft), 

Langtoft (co. York), 3 ( .», 

185 ; see also Langlofte 
Langton House (Dorset), 

Langt ree (co. Lane), lol* 
Lasenby (co. York), see 

La/.en by 
Lastingham, Lest inghani, 

Lathe, West, 259. 200 
Lathom, 145, I 17. LIS 
Latlon (Wilts), li.'i 
Launeestdii. <>('>, ti7, 282 
Lausanne, I!) 
La\erstoeK. 2()S 
Lavington, Market, 120, 

127, I2S, 129*. 131, 132, 

133, 2(i7*, 203, 204, 


Lavington, West, 206, 

200, 207 
Layer Marncy, 09 
Layton (eo. Durham), 39 
Layton, West (co. York), 

Lazenby, La.-enby, 40 
Lea (Wilts), 270, 272 
Leadenhnll, 102 
Leavening, 77 
Leckuarie, Km 

Ledbury, 101* 

Lee in Little Wootton (eo. 

Lane), 212 
Lee,L, 34, 00, 102, 131, 

Lsl. 2s2 

Lccwaid Lies. 280 

Legh. Leg.,, Liegh, 8, 12, 

Lei, ester. 134 

Leicestershire, IS, 50, 08, 

till. 84, 134 
Lei-ton, Lavston (Stiff.), 

Lcntworth, 1 07 
Lcrgyn, !)2 
Lestingliam, nee Lasting- 

Lev chain (? Kent), 277 
Lever, Little (eo. Lane), 

Leverston, 105 
Levington, * < Castle 


Leues, Ii7, 13."> 
Lew ishain, Kili 
Leyliui'li, La\l,unie, 4.">* 

Leyton (Essex), 55 
Lichfield, I 13. Lit 
Limber, l.iin licrgh, 7») 
Liuiburg, Duchy of, 70 
Liniliiiry, 70 

Lincoln, 1*. 2*. 3. 4*, 07, 

80, Lis, 150, 157*. 230, 


Lincoln Castle, 280 

Lincoln Cathedral. 7."). 228 

Lincolnshire, 1*, 3. 4, ti*, 

31. 33*. 30*, 42, 50, 52, 

(iti, (17*. US*, 7i», 73*. 

74*. 7.">, 7ii, 77, 7:». SO, 

SI, 1 It). I I 1*. II.",, 13."), 

13ii*, 137, 138*, 13'.)*, 

lot, I .",.",, 150*. 1. ".'.»*, 

Hi I, 102, I S3. 184, 209, 

210, 227.221). 230*. 231, 


27:i*. 28(1, 282* 

Lindsey, 2.3. (i, 154*, I.")."), 

1 50, 228 
Lisle near Luton, 104* 
Lisniore, Diocese of, HI 


Lnsington, 282* 
Lithcrland, in Aughton, 

Little bourne (Kent), 55* 
Littleton Drew, H:> 
Liverpool, Is, 17, 49, r>0, 

52*. ;.:!. i. ".:{, j 12. 235*, 

237, 'J Id, 211, 212*. 

Loehaber, 27 

Lochgilphead, 99 

Loehow, '.)1 

Lock! on, 209 

London, 12, 18, 37, 43*, 
•17*, 18*, 111*. 50*, 51*, 
52*, 53*, 54*. f>5*, 00, 
71, 102, III, 117, 111), 
1:17*. 1 12. 1 II. 103, 105, 
1 09, 171, ISO, IOC), I US*, 
213, 217*. 2 1 ',), 22o, 
221*, 240, 243, 245, 
2.",.")*, 258, 200*, 201, 
209, 277*, 278*, 2s 1*, 

London : Alienation 
Office, 258 ; All Hal 
lows Staining, 24H ; 
Ashley Gardens, 194 ; 
Baynard's Castle, 221* ; 
Bcthnal (keen, 50 ; 
Camberwell, 135, 201* ; 
Chelsea, 220 ; Chelsea 
Hospital, 51 ; Clapham, 
48 ; ( lersjy Orphan 
School, St.John'sWood, 
227 ; Clifford's Inn, 
, r >ii : Dcptford, 49, 130, 
100 ; Deptlord Strand, 
Lis ; Drury [jane Play 
[louso, 71 ; Fleet River, 
221 ; Fleet Street, 220*, 
221*; French Hospital. 
193 ; (iravcsend, 49 ; 
Cray's Inn, 54, 50, 102, 
103.' 111'. 112, 105, 
107*. I OS*, 241, 245, 
2.70 ; Greenu ieh, 193 ; 
Guildhall, 217*. 218, 
219*, 220, 2S2 ; llaek- 
ney, 242* ; Henrietta 
Street, 193* : High- 
gale, 210, 278 ; llol- 
born, 22ii*, 2s2 ; Inner 
Temple, .Ml*. I (Hi, 100, 
ISO, 2ns, 212 ; Ken- 
ning! on, 1 11 ; Kensing- 
ton, 194, 220; Lambeth 
House, 101 ; Lineoln's 
Inn, 44, 55; Manchester 
Square, 50; Marshal ea 
Prison, 103 ; Maryle- 
bone, 193, 220 ; Middle 


Temple, 105, 112 ; Mile 
End Green, 27:5 ; Mint ; 
in Tower of [jOndon, 
277 ; New Temple, 
220*, 221*. 222* ; Old 
Temple, 220*, 222 ; ; 
Oxford Chanel, 193 ; 
St. Andrew's, Hoiborn, ; 
220 ; St. Anne's, West- 
minster, 1 1 )/j ; St. 
Clement Danes, 134, 
137, 100, 220. 221, 243, 
2S1* ; St. Dunstan's 
in the West, I 13 ; St. | 
Faith the Virgin, 107, j 
171 ; St. George, eo. 
Middx., 52 : St, Giles, 
Cripptegale, 199 ; St. | 
Giles in the Fields, 

ISO, 220 ; Si. Helen's, 

Bishopsgate, 212, 245 ; 
St . James, ( 'lerUenw ell, 
107 ; St. John's, Wood, 
227* ; St. Lawrence, 
Old Jewry, 239 ; St. 
Leonard's', Shoreditch, 
212 ; St. Martin'.-, 
Westminster, 4S ; St. 
Mary's, Bethnal ( ireen, 
50 ; St. Marylebone, 
193 ; St. Mary le 
Strand, 220 : St. Paul's 
Cathedral, 193 ; St. 
Suithin's, 131 ; Salis- 
bury Court, 221 ; Savoy, 
111', 220 ; Shoredileli, 
242 ; Southwark, 05, 
137, 139, 27.".. 279* ; 
Stepney, 2.'is ; St ral h- 
inore Gardens, 194* ; 
Temple, 220*, 230 ; 
Temple I'hureh, 105, 
Uiti. 109 ; Thames, 
220* ; Tottenham, IS ; 
Tower of London, 277 ; 
Walburge Street, .",2 ; 
Wapping, 50 ; West- 
minster, IS, 49, 52, 1-17, 
103, 171, Iso, 105 ; 
Westminster Abbey, 
220, 243 ; Westminster 
School, 105 
jondonderry, 17 
■uiighridge'Doverill, 271 
jonglord, Langfonl, s7 
,on» Sirc-1 in En ford, 200 
Hinsdale, Wapentake of, 

2 1 2 
ionic, 27 

jostock G'ralam, 11 
.o~i \\ ii hiel, 155 
jOughborouidi, 50, 224 

Lollth (eo. Line), 1, 136' 


Loiltll Kskr, Wapentake 

of, 22S 
Lovaine, 249 

Lowe, The (eo. Lane), 45 
Low t her, 221 
Luddington (eo Line.), 

Ludford (co. Line ), 78, 

[55, I5H, 159 
Lund, 259 
Lup-ct, 259 
Lusitania, Is 
Luton, 104* 

Lilt Zen, 2 hi 

Lydiard Trcgose, 02, 128, 

' 132, 20(i 
Lymingc, 54 

Lymni, Ijyme (eo. Chest .). 
7, 8*, »*, 10, II*. 12, 
14*, 15 
Lyinpnc, Lymme (Kent). 

Lyneham (Wilts), 120, 

' 130, 203 
Lynn Regis, 209 

Macclesfield, Forest of, 13 
Maddington, 120, 127*. 

131, 205 
.Madras | S , 49, .71* 
Maidenhead (co. Heref .), 

Maidstone, 27.7 
Maidwell, 182 
Maldon, 09 
Malham, lso 
Malmesbury, 02, 203, 

20.7*. 2o7. 2(i3, 208, 209, 

271, 272* 
Malpas, 83-85 
Malshanger, 2(i5 
Malt by, 05, 179 
Malton, 32, 34, 37, 41, 

43, 44, 45, 102, 103* 
.Malton. Old, II*. 13, 44* 

Malton Priory, 100 
Maneliester, tit. 152, 234 
Manse!, Maunscll, 240 
Manslield, 52, 209, 2S3 
Manningford Kohun, 2ii7 
Manniugliam, 2.>2* 
Mannings Hill in Calue, 

1 31 1 
Mardale, 222 227 

M.lllleet, 111 

Margaret Marsh, 203 



Market Lavinpton, <sec La- 
v in u'( on 

Marlborough, <;!*, 03*. 
til. 120*. 127, 131*. 202, 
2(1-1*, 205, 202, 205*, 
208, 2Ut)*, 270, 272 

Marlston House (Berks), 

Marston (co. Line), 1, ,'{*, 
4*, 5*, 74*, 75*, 7C*, 
77, 7s*, 7!)*, 80*, si*, 
82*, 155*. 150, 228 

Marston Meysy, 5 

Marston Moor, 1 1 1 

.Marston (co. York), 31 

Marten, 129 

Martinique, 97 

Marten (co. York), 113 

Maryborough, Mai'ibarow, 

Maryland (U.S.A.). 47 

Marylebone, IH3, 220 

Mashain, -10* 

Massachusetts, 142, 143 

Mannby upon Swale, 2").'} 

Maurice House in Liver- 
pool, 23,"), 230 

Maxfield, Maxfild, 241,245 

Maxlield Hundred, 250 

Measand, 223, 224, 225 

Measand Bocks, 227 

Moaux Abbey, 154*, I5S 

Melford, 52 ' 

Melksham, (55, 128, 130, 
200, 205, 271, 272 

Meeds Hall, 280 

Mere (en. Chest.), 1(1*, I I 

Mere (Wills). 01, 2(10, 207, 

Meriden, 09 

Mei ionetli, en , 2S2 

.Merlon (.' Douui). 72 

Me U ytli (en. Vnrk), 187 

Mid.ileh.mi, 42* 

Middleshorough, 108 

Middlesex, IS, 49. 50, 52, 
10-1*, 134 137*. I (Hi, 
23S, 257, 273, 281*. 282 

Mid.llelon (eo, Vnrk), 35, I 
30*, 37*, 45, 40, I 10 

Middleuieh, 05 

Mildenhall (Wilts), (13. 04, 

Milehaiu, 143 

Milford (Wilts), 205 

Milford, North (co.York), 

Miilinulon, 17 

Miltnll (Norlhants). 213 

Milton (Wills), KM) 

Minims, South, 104* 

Minety, 01* 

Minstead, 127 
Milford, Manor of, 288 

Mohherley, Mol.eily, 7, 

19*, lit;*, I 17*,' lis, 

I 19* 
Moms drove (? Broms- 

grove), 52 
Moiuu liullinor, 20 
Monecanx. 208 
Monkcrode, ls.3 
Monk lYyston, 182*, 251 
Monkt on Farley, 203 
Monklon (Wilts), 203 
Moorhouse (co. Vork), 201) 
Morebath, 203 
Moreerolts Lower House 

in Scarisbriek, 235, 237 
Moreton, South, 101, 102* 
Morpeth, 27!)* 
Morthani, 10S 
Mortimer, 133, 205 
Morton (eo. Line), 22s 
Mull, 29, 30. '.is 
Mum by, 22s 

Nalinghursl in Braintree, 

Nappa, 42 
Naplon, 21 I* 
Narraehan. 22, 24 
Nassau, 1115 
Nation in l.aeoek, 02 

02, 205, 201'., 207, 20S 
Ncllierdall, 190 
Nettleton (eo. Line.), 3 
Neitlelon (Wilts), 270 
Net ton, 127 
Never*, 208* 
Newark on Trent, I 10, 

130, 190 
Ncwhiggin, 108, Is I 
New bold, I, 155 
New bold, South, 1 10* 
New lion, 224 
New Building (en. \ nrk), 

New burgh, 270 
Newbury, 128, 131, 1.30, 

1113, 207, 203, 281 
Newby super Wiskc, 253* 
Newcastle on I'yne, 53, 

108, 200 
Newington juxta Hythe, 

275 ' 
Ncwingli n (Kent), Lis, 

Newland near Hull, 154* 
New Manor (? eo. ('host.), 


Newstead Priory (co. 

Line), 155 

New ton (eo. Line.), 70 p 

Newton, North (Wilts), 

Newton upon Ousc, ISO, 

Newton, South (Wilts), 

132, 205, 209 
Newton by Toft , 3 
New Ion Tony, 02, 20S 
Newton (co. Vork), 113. 

1(50, 17s. 192, 200 
New Vork (T S.A.), 71 
Nonington (Kent), I'.iii*, 

199, 2oo 
Norliury (eo. Chest.). S« 
Norfolk", Is*, 51), 07, 70, 

82, 105. 134, 137, 143*. 

144*, 209, 282 
Normanby in Cleveland, 

ISO, 2i io 
Normandy, 72, 210 
Norinantoii (eo. Derby), 

Kiti, Hi!) 
Normanton (eo. York), 00 
Northallerton, 25.3, 250 
Northampton, 78, 130, 

157, 2S3* 
Northampton Castle, 282 
Northamptonshire, 09, mi, 

130* 139, 117. 108, 

182, 210, 2.32, 280, 282 

Norlheote (eo. Vork), 40 
Northinm, Nordoham, 5 I, 

Northumberland, 50, 51, 

5.3. 135, M()*, III, 180, 

27!'*, 28S 
Norton (eo. Some). 207 
Norw ieh, 07, 70, 105, 143 

Not (inghnm, (,7, OS, 27!) 
Nottinghamshire, 52, (i7, 

OS, I Id*. 1.30. 1.37, 138, 

102, 103* Hll, 170, 190, 

209,214, 249, 254*. 250, 

27!). 2S.3 
Nimthorpe in Cleveland 

1 35 

Oak, Last (Hants). 270 
Oaksoy (\Yilt>). 27o 
Oelcingliam, svi Woking- 

Odstnek, 03, 2G3, 272 
Oghorne St George, 207, 




Oglethorpe, 18!)* 
Oil), 21*, 28, ill, 99 
Okehampton, 282 
Okenheocl in Searisbrick, 

Olantigh, Olanty, 199 
Ollerton Glcdho, 2.72 
Olslcd, 112 
Ongar, High, I O.J* 
Orehcslon St. Ccorge, 01 
Oreheston St. Mary, 200, 

Ordsal, 25-1 
Orforil (co. Lane). 239 
Ormcs in Little Wootton 

(eo. Lane), 242 
Ormskirk, I 15*, 1 17, I IS, 

1 Hi*. 151*, 152. 233*, 

235*. 239*, 2 lt>. 21 I*, 

Orne (river), 72 
Orneford, 72 
Od bourn by, 279 
Osgodby, 43 
Ostcnli anger, see Westen- 

Otterbourne (Hants), 210 
Ottcrington, North, 2S8 
Ottringlnun, 248 
Oughtrington Hall (co. 

Chest.), 117, 11!) 
Oulton (co. Chest.), 85 
Ouse, The, 7!) 
Overton (Wilts), 12!), 207, 

Overton (co. York), 255 
O\vston,( iuston ( co. York), 

170, IS!) 
Owthorne, 115 
Oxeney, 74 
Oxford, OS. 09, I2S. lti;>*. 

Oxfordshire, 19, 53*, OS, 

09, 134, 150*, 157*, 

Kid*. 102, I OS, 195, 

2S0, L'Sl 
Oxford University, 5ti, 

117*. I 19, 233 ; All 

SouN' Coll., 5-1 : Hraze- 

nose Coll., 233, 239 ; 

Christ Church, 10i*, 

105, 107, I OS, 171 ; 

New I mi. 55 ; Queen's 

Coll.. 107, 221*. 213, 

Oxut v. Isle of, 55 
Oxled, Oxstead, 100, 101* 

Paarl, 49, 53 
Pangbnurnc, 204 

Paradise in Kelso, 50 
Paris, 72, 193 
I'.itliey, 207 

Patrington, 105*, 106, 1 1 1 

I'atterdale, 22.7 

Paul! Holme, I 13 

Peel Castle (I. of Man), 

Pendle, Forest of, 252 
Pcnnard, 00 
Penrith, 251 
Pentrwyn, 101 
IVn wurl liani, 71 
Peovcr. Over, Ii7 
Pertwood, 20(i 
Peterl) irougli, 7,'( 
I'etliain. I!I7 
Petworth, 07, 2sl 
Pculeiiir, HI 
Powsey, 208 
Philadelphia, 53 
Pickering, 40 
Pickering Lythe, 40, 192 
Pickhill, 44* 
Pill (co. Somt.), 51 
Pilhton Hall (co. Staff.), 

Pirehill Hundred, 211 
Pleshey, 17 

Plowland (co. York), 17s 
Plymouth, 48, 53 
Pocklington, 81, 192 
Poitou, 100 
Poltalloch, 22, 24, 91 
Pontebell, 77 
Pontcfract, Pomfret,17G*, 

182*, is:)*, 184*, 188, 

25 1 
Pontefraet, Honour of, 

Ponteland, 2SS* 
Poide (Wilt-). 270 
Pope, Manor of, 198 
Port field (eo, Lane .), ISS 
Purl mm. 51) 
Porlslade, 210* 
Portsmouth, 48*, III. 208, 

Portsmouth (U.S.A.), .72 
Pottcrford, 107 
Potterne, 04*, 127. 128, 

131, 203, 200*, 204, 

205, 272* 
Poidshot, 02*, 204, 200, 

Presluite, 120. 2011 
Preston jnitit Faversham, 

137, 190* 
Preston (eo. Pane). 89, 

Ki7, 148, 241 
Preston, l*>ng (in Hoi- 

derness), 39, 42 

Pucklechurch, 133 

Puriton, 202 

Purton, Pirton, 128, 200, 

208, 270 
Pillion Stoke, 271 
Putteiihani (Herts), 224* 

Quex in Thanet, 54* 
Quidham ptoii, Quidding- 

ton, 01, 05, 205 

Hildeliffe, Rmleeliff, 83 
P adstone. 283 
Ragnall, Ragenhull, 103 
Rnisthorpc, 30 
Kajpulana, 194 
Rasehoille, 21*, 22, 23, 

24*, 25* 20*, 27*, 2s* 

2ll*, 30*, 92, 93, 94, 

95*, 90*, 1)7*, lis*, HI)*, 

UK)*, 101* 
| Reading, 132, 133* 134, 

130, 202*, 203, 204, 

200, 207*. 270*. 272 
Reasby (? Reveaby). 1*. 

2, 74 
Reigate, Rigate, 198, 273 
Ren v ill (Kent), 125 
Repton, 17o, 171 
Reston, 1, :i, 7.7, 70*, 155, 

228*. 232 
Reston, North, 78, 155 
Retford, 103, 2.74 
Retford, East, 137 
Revcsby, *•< Reasby 
Richmond (eo. York). 40, 

42. 4.7, 139, 209*. 253. 

Ridge (eo. Stall.). 211 
lliggimlnle-, 224 
Rilling! on, II 
Ripon, 3S, 1 1. 08*, 2.7.7 
Ripple (Kent), .74 
Rise(eo, York). 240, 247*. 

24 S* 
Piston, ne.t Reston 
Rixton, 17 
Roche (co. York), 111 
Roche, Abliey of. so 
Rochester, 277 
Rocliford, 103 
Rockingham, 147 
Rod borne, 205, 208 
Rod borne Clieynev, 0,'J, 04 
Rode (co. Chest.), 100 
Rollslone (Wilts), 02, 127, 

1 28, 27 1 
Rolston ('.' co. York), 138 



lloinford, 277 
Roniuey Marsh, 1 12*1 
Romsey, 200, 280 
Ronton, 212* 
Rossacrc (eo. Lane), 231, 

235, 237 
Host heme, Rosthornc, ; 

sec alio Rotherston 
Kolhnham, 139, 250 
Rotherston (? Roslhcrne), 

Rothesay, 21*, 93, 95 
Rothwell (co. Northton.), 

Rouen, Roane, 173 
Roiindway (Wilts), 208, 

Rousham, Rowsham, l!) 
Rowel-, 200 
Rownden (Kent, ? Row- 

enden), 200 
Roxby, 80 
Roxwell, 103 
Royston, 159 
Rudill, IV)*, 2(1*, 27*. 28, 

30*, 98* 
Rudstone, 1<)2, 103, 100, 

Rufford, 5 
Rufforth, I 
Rushall (Wilts), til 
Itiishiii Castle (I. of .Man), 

Rusholmc, 177 
Ruston (co. York), 258 
Huston, Little (co. York), 

18:1*, 258* 
Ruston, Long, 185 
Rutland, co., 80 
Ryton in Ryodulc, 13*. 

Ryton (co. York), 35, 180 
Ryffleton, 14 

St. Albans, 137, 138 

St. ICdmundsbury, see 
Bury St. Edmunds 

St. Helena, 19, 47, 49, 50 

St. Katharine's Priory, 
Lincoln, 230 

St. .Mary's Nunnery, Ches- 
ter, 83 

St. Neotts, 4 

St. Nicholas' Hermitage, 

St. Pierre, 97 

St. Stephen's near Can- 
terbury, 54 

St. Thomas' Priory (co. 
Staff.), 211 

St. Wi'rburgh'H Abboy, 

83, si* 
Sulford, Wapentake «f, 

Salisbury, Sarum, til* 
(12*, 03*, 04*, 05, (is* 
120*, 127, 128*, 12!)* 
130*, 131*, 133, Kll 
202*, 203*, 204*, 205* 
2(1(1*. 207*, 208*, 2U2* 
203*, 204*, 2(15, 200* 
2(i7*, 208*, 2ii!i*, 270* 
271*, 272*, 281, 282 
Salisbury Cathedral, 208 
Saltagh on Humbcr, 154* 
Sancton, 5 
Sandbach, 07 
Sandford (Salop), Is 
Sandford (Somt.), 130 
Sandgo (Kent), 53 
Sandwich, 54, 190* 
Sax ton, 249* 
Scampton, 230, 231 
Scarborough, 44, 109 
Scarisbrick, 140*, 147, 
148, 149*, 150*. 151*. 
152*, 15.'}*, 21(3, 234. 
235*, 237* 
Scarisbrick Hall (co. 

Lane), 14(1 
Scon-by, I. 77 
Scotland, (1*, IS, 47*. IS*, 
49*, 5(i*, 51*, : »2*. 53*, 
73, 78, loe), llti, 147, 
Scots' Hall (Kent), 198 
Scurth in Drax, 81 
Scale in Thanct, 273* 
Scdbergh, 257* 
Srcnd. 2(i7. 2(13 
Social Row (Wilts), 209 
Scll.v, 2, 113. 154. 23U* 
Selside, Selshcad, 45 
Seringapataiu, 50 
Settrington, 103, 104*, 

Seventon (Norf.), 48 
Seyle (N.B.), 27*. 101 
Shaftesbury (Shafton), 01, 

134, 203, 207, 2S3 
Shalborne, 12S 
Shalford, 139 
Sliap, 222*, 223* 
Shavington, IS 
She (held . 51, 53 
Shelford (? Shalford), 139 
Sherborne (Dorset), 130 
Shcrburn (co. York), 27'J 
Sheriff Hutton, 1st! 
Shcrston Magna, 209 
Sherwood, 283 
Shiniield, 202, 270 

Shinglclon in < ircat Chart, 

2(1 1 

Shipley (co. York), 252 

Shirley (co. Derby), 106, 

Shirvnn, 2s 

Shocbury, 103 

ShorediU-h, 212 

Short! uid, (Kent), 280 

Shrewsbury, 209, 282 

Shrewton, 2U5, 203 

Shropshire, 18*, 105, 138, 
1(11, 2i in, 282 

Silkcotcs (co. VTork), 282 

Simons Town, 4!)*, 50, 
52. 53 

Sinnington, 4(1* 

Sittingbourne, 281 

Skeffling in Holderness, 

Skclton, 201*, 2(12* 

Sk.rne, 25S*, 25<J 

Skipton, 107, 1ST, 257 

Skirlaugh, Skyrlaw, 247, 

Skirpcnbeek, 31*, 32 

Skye, Die of, 50 

Sladchiust (Cheshire), 7 

Si lidhnin, Slcdburnc, 
loT*. 1ST*. ISS* 

Kleaiord, 27!) 

Sledlllerc, 38, 3'.)* 

Sloekvulliii, 27 

Slodchurstbrooke in Tab- 
ley, 7 

Smalbrooke (Wilts), 01 

Snicaton. Smcton, 14 

Smithdowu (co. Lane), 

Sinithlield (? Suit lerlield), 

Smyrna, 19 

Snainton, Snaynton, 39, 
41*, 42 

Snaith, S2*, S3, 170, 177, 

Snape, 147, 148, 149. 153 

Snelland. 1*, 73, 74*, 75*, 
7(1, 229* 

Snittei field, see Smith- 

Sochoehe, 20 

Sockburn, 141, 288 

Solihull, 142* 

Somerby, 70, 78 

Somerford Parva, 202 

Somerset, 51, 52*, 0(1*, 
(17, (IS. 09, 70, 72*. 120, 
129, 130, 135, 137, 13S, 
13!)*, 202, 200, 207*, 
210*, 210, 205, 200, 282 

Southampton, 142, 101 



Southampton, co., see 

South burn (co. York), 37 
Soutlircy, I 
Soulhsen, 194 
Southwark, 05, 137, I3!>, 

275, 279* 
Sowcrby, 178*. 182 
Spain, 27s 
Spaldington, 1 10 
Spaunton, Spaw ntun, 3 1*, 

Spofforth, 259 
Springfield (Essex), 103, 

Stafford, 52, 147, 209*, 

'J 1 1 , 282 
Staffordshire, IS, 49, 50, 
51, L05, 100, IS.")*, 209*, 
211. 212, 250, 282 
Staiuiield, Steynfield, 77, 

Stainton by Langworth, 1 
Stakes (co. York), 250 
Stamford Bridge, 32, 77 
Staiidiugholme, 1 15 
Stanley Abbey, 150, 157, 

Si, in ley (co. Wilts), 150 
Stanly or Giffardys ( 10s- 

sex). Manor of, 103 
Stanton St. Bernard, 127, 

Staple, 1!HI* (co. lane.), 1 
Stapleford (Wilts), 131, 

205, 207, 208, 209* 
Stalham, Stathom, 15 
Steeple Ashton, (12. til*, 

21)3, 2l)S, 202, 205 
Steeple Km-ford. 201 
Steeton, :!S. 39 
SteUenboseh, •I7*,5U*. 52* 
Stelling, 58 
Stepney, 238 
Stert, 04 

Steynfield, see Stainficld 
Stillingflcet, 250* 
Stilling, 51, 147 
Stittcnham, 141 
Stockebridgc .Meadow in 

Soarisbrick, 235, 237 
Stoekheld, 112 
Stockton (Wilts), 02, 208, 

200, 207 
Stockton (co. York). 33, 

l!il, 192 
Stodmarsh, Kit) 
Stoford in South Newton, 

Stoke Lane (co. Somt.), 

Stokeslev, KM, 108, 178, 

251), 2'lii)*, 201 
Stone (Kent), 11)7* 

Slonelield (N.B.). 27 

Slonelcigh Abbey (co. 
VVarw.), 150 

Sloreton, S3, 85 
Stouk (N.B.), 20 
Stoiiiinoul li. 55 
Stourton Oaundle, 200 
Stourton (Wilts), 208, 208, 

Stowell in Wilcot, 127 
Stratford Langthornc,134, 

137, 138, 280*, 281 
Stratford Tony, 205, 208, 

Strensall, 2ti2 
Si i ones, 2(1*, 21, 93* 
Strowdwatcr (co. Glouc), 

Studlcy in Trowbridge, 

12b, 132 
Studlcy (eo. York), 240 
St uiry, 55 

Suffani (? co. Camb.), 274 
Suffolk, 42*, 49, (15, (i'.t, 
107*, 123, 124, 135, 103, 
214, 279, 2S2 
Sulliain, 01 
Sulhainpstead Abbots, 

2 (15* 
Sulhampstcad Banister, 

Sunderland, 39, 52 
Sundcrlandwyke, 257, 258 
Surrey, 47, 48, 50*, 53, 
05, (17*, 135. 137. 131), 
UK)*, 1(12*. 198*, 257, 
273*. 27 1*. 279* 
Sussex, 13, 1 1. ">l. 54. :>:^*, 
i>7*. OS, 134, 135*. 137*, 
I 12, 1 13. 102,201, 210*, 
21 1,21(1, 274,271)*, 2S0, 
281, 282 
Sutherland, 52 
Sutttin (V), 173 
Sutton Bengcr, 121), 202, 

Sutton Bonnington, 84 
Sutton (co. Lane.), 88 
Sutton near Owston, 189 
Sutton, Pre bend of (Kinc), 

Sutton Veny, 133 
Swallowficld, 272 
Swarby, 7(i, 79 
Swaynton ( '; Swaton), 279 
Sweden, 21(1 
Swcllendaui. 4S, 49, 52, 53 

Swillington, 200 
Swindale, 223 

Swindon (Wilts), 20h, 

Swim Meet, 184 
Sn iueshead, Swynslied 

(e... Chest.), 7, !) 
Swingfield, Swinlicld, 125 
Swinkell (eo. York), 38 
Swinthorp, I, 71*, 75 
Switzerland, I'.) 

Tablcv, 7*. 9, 10, II, 12, 

14, "15*, 17*, is 
Tablcy, Netber, 10 
Tablcy, Over, II, 12, 14, 

Tnkcley, 281 
Tandridge, Hundred of, 

Tanlield, 251) 
Tankersley, 177 
Tanslnlfe, 1S15* 
Tantington, 51 
Tarbert in Gigha, 99 
Tarporley, Torporley, 8 
Tarvin, 19 
Taunton, 71 
Tavnisb, 1)4 
Tedworth, North, 207 
Teflon t, Upper, 208 
Tcnterden, 200, 27b*. 

Tewkesbury, 13 
Teybealanieh, HI) 
Teynalein, 2(1* 
Thane t, 54*. 273*. 275* 
Thanington, Tanington, 

27(1. 277* 
Tli.ilrliani. 2(17, 272 
Tlualby. 154 
Tlieale in Tilehtir.-.t, 208 
Thehvall, S. 1), 10, II*, 12, 

Thirkleby, 253 
Thirsk, Thrcske, Thusk, 

KsO, 209, 253 
Thoraldby, 31 
Thornaby, Thoraby, 111, 

Thorne (co. York), ISO 
Thorneholnie, 185 
Thorner, 249 
Thornficld (N.B.), 30 
Thornhill (eo. York), 251) 
Thornton Abbey, 155 
Thornton (co. Line.), 24s 
Thornton (eo. York), 44, 

45, 40, 100, 2G0 
Thornton House (co. 

York), -.'.I 
Thorpe (co. Line.), 230 


3 I 9 

Thorpe in Rudstono, 103 
Thoqic juxta Wclwiek, 

I l.t 
Thorpe (co. York), 1 13*. 

Ill*, 115* 
Thrcekinghani, 7(i 
Tlirintofl, -til 
Throwlej in Ham, 209* 
Thuks Codorhan, Is 
Thurlby, 1 
Tiblhorpe, 38 
Tickhill, 39 
Tidmarsh, 272 
Tilehurst. 2G8, 270, 272 
Tilligar, 22 
Tilshead, 131, 204, 207, 

203, 2U0 
Tinhead in Islington, 204, 

Ti | >| kt;i i" v, IS 
Tislmry, -13, 01 
Tiverton (<■". Chest.). 17 
Tockcnham, 201 
Tocketts in Cleveland, 

ldS*. 109* 
Tung, Tounge (eo. York). 

90, IH7 
Torblaren, 29 
Torksey Priory, 155 
Torrington,( !real(l )cvon ), 

Torrington (co. Line.), 3 
Tory ton Magna. 135 
Totelc in Lindsey (V The- 

alby), 154 
Tottenham, 18 
Tourainc, 74 
Toweester, 139 
Toxteth, 239, 241* 
Toxteth Chapel, 240, 245 
Toxteth Park, 153, 233*, 

234*, 237*, 240*. 241*, 

212 245* 
Trcales, Traylcs, 238 
Trcwornan, 214 
Troutesdale, 103 
Trowbridge, 12U*. 130, 

132*. 205, 20(5, 200 
Trowle in Bradlord( Wills), 

132, 2( Hi, 205 
Truro, 09 
Tuustall, 200 
Turnditch, 104, 109 
Tythcrley, 271 
Tylhcrton Lucas, 205 

Ugford (Wilts), 2iili 
Uitenhage, III 
Uphavcn, Upuvou, 127, 
131, 203, 204, 207 

Uploatham, 109 
Uplitherland, .Manor of, 

Uppington, 101* 
I'psall in Clcv< •l.nd. 112 
I'plmi (eo., Iii. ss 
IK lil. .Hi, 01, 03, 01. 120*, 

131, 132, 203*, 2ii I, 

2<is, 201, 205, 200* 
Uswit iii Broad llintun, 


Valkiuburgh in Holland 

Veriioux, 193 
\ ' i I It • i ■ 1 1 1 1- . 221 

N'irginia, 71* 
Vivarais, 193 

i Wadwnrth, Is;t 

( Wakeiield, 134, 137, 259, 

' Walden, Oil* 
I Waldershare, 200 
i Wales, 49, 51 
! Wales, North, 17. 101, 
Wallingford, 132, 130 
Walthiun (Kent), 274* 
Walt li mi Si . Law renee, 

2(i2*. 205 
Waltham, Soke of, 1 
Walton on the Hill, 241, 

Walton (eo. Line), 115 
Walton .ai Trent. 104 
Wan borough, 120 
Wansworth (.■,.. York), 

Wantage, 04 
Wa])ping, 50 
Warburton, 8 
Wargrnve, 133 
Warininsler, 02, 03, 204, 

271, 279 
Warrington, 12, 15, 241 
Warsop, 138 
Wartliurghinton, 133 
Warier, Wart re, 38 
Warvi ick, OS, 130, 27'.» 
Warwick Castle, 212 
Warwick (co. Vork), 52 
W'.i i \\ ick hire, OS, 0:i*, 
130*, 137, 1 38, I 12, 270, 
Water Fryalon, 190* 

\VutluKH(? Thornton Wal- 
la :), 202 
Walton A I. l-cy, 2 IS 
Walton (eo. York), 30, 37 
Wedhainpton, 208 
Wcducsbuiy. 51 
Weeke in Downlon, 205 
Weeke St. Mary (co. 

Cornw.), 280 

Weight Market, 210 

Welbeck, ITS 
Welford (Berks), 271 
Well (co. Line.), 1 
Wellington (Salop), Lis 
Wellington (So int.), 210 
WCll-, 50, 51, 70, 71 
Welton by Man m by, 78 
Wellon (eo. Line.), 70 
Welton in I lie Marsh, 3 
Welton le Wold, 4 
Welwiok, I 13*. I I l*,ll..*, 

Wesham (eo. Lane), 234, 

235 237 
Westbcre, Wcstbcere, 123 
West borough, 200 
West bury, 128, 204, 201 
West bury Lv, 03 
West Derby, Hundred of, 

233. 234 
West Derby, Wapentake 

of, 212 
Westenhanger, t >slenhun- 

ger, 278 
Wcslfordehu-diand, 2s0 
Westlebv. Westhiby, 

Wesllakeby, I*. 73*. 

7 1*. 75, 78, 155 
Westminster, Is, 1',), 52, 

147. 103. 105, 171. ISO, 

195, 220, 243 
Westmorland, I I, 45, 138 

222-227. 279 
West port (Wilts), 202, 205 

Westwood House (Essex), 

Westwood (Wilt-), 03 
Welherslicld, 103 
Wetwaug, 37*. 38*, 192 
Wexford, is, 50 
Wharram, 77, Si, 153 
Whiston (co. Lane), 234 
Whitby, 39, 4S 
Whitchurch ( Bucks), G9 
Wliiti house (eo. York), 

Whiteparisli.til, |0l, 102. 

\\ lull. \ (,,,. Chest.), 10 
Whorlton, 259*, 200* 
Wiuhctoua, 73 



Wickenby.Wikingeby, 1*, 

3, 4, 73*. 74*, 7."». 76*, 

77*, 78*, 70*. 80*, SI, 

S2*. s;t\ 1 55*, 228*, 

229*, 231, 232* 
Wiekham Brcaux, 100* 
Wickwar, 200 
Wigan, 18, lit, 150, 234* 
Wiganthorpe, 209 
Wight, [sleof, 51, 2S1 
Wigton, 191 
Wilberfoss, 33, 190*, 191*, 

I ',12* 
Wile. i, 03, 127, 203, 209 
Wildon, 02 
Willcaborough, 55 
Willcsford, 2(19 
Willingale, 163* 
Willington (co. Chest.), 15 
Willo'wtoft, Willytoft (co. 

York), 115, 249 
Wilmondisinore in Lymm, 

8, 9* 
Wilton, Bishop, 191 
Wilton (Wilts), 61*, 120, 

12S, 203, 205, 200, 266, 

207, 208*. 270 
Will on (co. York), 40* 
Wiltshire, 5, 30, 43, 48, 

52, 01-05, OS*. 72*. 

120-133, 135, 139, 150, 

101*, 202-208, 210, 

202 272, 27S, 279, 2S0, 

281, 2S2, 2S0 
Wimbledon, 193 
Wimhorno .Minster, 214 
Winehcombe, 195 
Winchelsea, 123 
Winchester, 139, 210, 

280*, 2S3 
Wingham, 190* 
Wiuiard, scv Wynyard 
Wintcrborne Basset, 129 

Winter borne Dauntesy, 

204, 208 
Winterbornc l«'arln, 208 

Win terliui ne < iiiiini'l', 127 
Winterborno Monk ton, 

Wintcrborne Stoke. 133, 

205, 207, 203, 204, 20S 
Wintcrslow, 201, 205, 20S 
Winterton, 33 
Wishford, 131, 204, 20s 
Wishford Magna, 207*, 

20S, 209 
Wistow (co. York), 250 
Wokingham, 200 
Wolseley, 211 
Womenswold, 122 
Woodborongh, 02 
Woodchestcr, 205 
Woodchuroh (Kent), 125, 

199, 200*, 201 
Woodford (Wilts), 02, 271 
Woodhani Ferrers, 103 
Woodliav, West, 18 
Woodhousein Drax, 181*, 

Wooclnesborongli, li)0* 
Woodstock, 147, 160 
Wooll, 131 
Wooton (Kent), 199 
Wootton, Little (eo. 

Line.), 242 
Wootton (co. Oxon), 195 
Worcestershire, 52, 209*. 

210*, 21 1 
Wormegay, 111. 158 
Worth (co Lane.), 89 
Worton in l'otterne, 04, 

Wotton Basset, 65, 128*, 

202, 200, 203, 205*. 

Wrangham, 187 

Wraxall, North, 130 
Writ tie, 103 
VVroiighlon, 03, 200 
Wye (Kent), 274* 
Wylye, 202, 207, 203, 209 
Wynyard, Winiard, 40 
Wythani (co. York), 32 

Yapham, 153 

Yarboroiitfh, 227 

Yarmouth (U.S.A.), 142 

Yarom (V Wharram), 81 

Yatesbury, 132 

York, 31, 33, 35, 38*, 39 
43, 51, 70, 100, 107 
10!!*, 110*, HI, 112* 
117, 106, 17!i*. ISO* 
181*, ls2*, ISO, 190 
1!)2. 24s, 249, 250* 
251*, 254*, 255*, 256 
257, 258, 201*. 202 

York Castle, 00, 07, 08 
01), 134, 135, 137, 139* 
209, 210, 281 

York in Ireland, 52 

Yorkshire, 1*, 2, 3, 4, 5 
0*, 31 40, 47*. 48*, 49* 
50,51, 52, 05*, 00*, 07* 
OS, 09, 71*, 72, 73* 
74*. 77*, 78, 79, 81 
90, 102 115, 131", 135 
130, 137*, Lis, 13'.)* 
110*, 111, 151, 155 
150*,159*. 162, 170-192 
20!)*, 210*, 223, 227 
229*, 230, 210-202 
277*. 27!)*, 280, 281 
2s2*, 288 

Youlton, 201 


2£ J 

4 X